Dolan Twins House Makeover! | OMG We're Coming Over


  1. Mr. Kate

    Mr. Kate7 months ago

    Two of our best reactions ever!!!! 😱😱 What do you #CreativeWeirdos think???

  2. Constantina Tomaras

    Constantina Tomaras2 days ago

    I think it was amazing

  3. Cutie Thunder

    Cutie Thunder29 days ago

    Mr. Kate yes!

  4. Gwyneth Nutsova

    Gwyneth NutsovaMonth ago

    Mr. Kate is awesome. You guys make the world a better place, you put a smile on everyone's faces.


    INEEDWIFI !!Month ago

    It was amazing!! Great work

  6. MMLBP uwu

    MMLBP uwuMonth ago

    Mr. Kate what about Liza Koshy?I think her reaction was better 💜

  7. I   love corcoran

    I love corcoran7 hours ago

    Do the Norris nuts plzzzz

  8. Sonia Gonzalez

    Sonia Gonzalez11 hours ago

    Please change the intro😖😖😨🤢

  9. Trishneet Buttar

    Trishneet Buttar8 hours ago

    Sonia Gonzalez same I’m not hating but I absolutely HATE their intro I skip it all the time

  10. Chloe B

    Chloe BDay ago

    You should do an office for Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams!!!!! :)

  11. CutiePlays

    CutiePlaysDay ago

    I’ve never seen two people get soo excited over chairs 😂😂😂 That’s why I love them

  12. Littleface

    Littleface2 days ago

    Ethan: aw, I can’t look at some of these.. Gray: yeah, Ethan has trypophobia. Me: So then why did you buy a shirt with holes....?

  13. iiiLaxyiii ii

    iiiLaxyiii ii2 days ago

    This was posted 4 days after my birthday .

  14. Nathia Nolet

    Nathia Nolet2 days ago

    Grayson is sooooooooooooooo hot!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😘😘😏😏😏😏😏

  15. Rajaa Al Ali

    Rajaa Al Ali3 days ago

    Their reaction was so cute😍😍 Also 35:33 wtf😍😍

  16. AbzyCat

    AbzyCat3 days ago

    Ethan: what are they wizards?! Me: no they're interior designers.

  17. madelin Copenhaver

    madelin Copenhaver4 days ago

    Ethan probobly had some ballet I died 😂😂😂

  18. The Sam and Eden show H

    The Sam and Eden show H4 days ago

    When I saw the yellow chairs I thought ethen would be scared

  19. xliu717 TM

    xliu717 TM4 days ago

    This surprised the ...sweat out of me... Was that really what you were gonna say... Lol

  20. Aquiel Womble

    Aquiel Womble4 days ago

    Hopefully the chairs don't trigger E's trypophobia, because they definitely triggered mine lol I LOVE the painting on the wall, and the frame is soooo cool. I didn't know what to expect before I saw it but that is definitely my favorite part of this whole thing

  21. Cindy SNS

    Cindy SNS4 days ago

    Is anyone going to comment about Graysons shirt color changing

  22. Samarai Spartan

    Samarai Spartan5 days ago

    Can you please come over to my house I mean I might not be a celebrity but my mom would really appreciate it I llove you

  23. Alessandra

    Alessandra6 days ago

    Lol she said it was a piccolo

  24. Not So Daily Vlogs By Aubrie

    Not So Daily Vlogs By Aubrie8 days ago

    ok twin telepathy much lmao am i the only one that noticed they both moved their right legs (our left. their right) at the exact same time in the exact same way at 34:57

  25. Constantina Hall

    Constantina Hall9 days ago

    mr kate this is my first youtube vid from your channel and im not really impressed. sorry :(

  26. Trishneet Buttar

    Trishneet Buttar7 hours ago

    Constantina Hall of ur not impressed then don’t comment about it just watch the video and move along besides it’s not fit for YOUR personality it’s decorated to fit the DOLAN TWINS personality

  27. Mikaela Mason

    Mikaela Mason9 days ago

    You should do were coming over with emma chamberlain she is really cool and in her vid she said I need help!

  28. Katherine Pion Matias

    Katherine Pion Matias9 days ago

    This was not my favorite but they look really humble. ‘Cause Mr. Kate usually do better. But, this place has more potential.

  29. kenny body

    kenny body9 days ago

    girl:hey bebe we need to place the rug boy:(ki$$) after 5 mins starts fucking in the rug like is this a kissing show

  30. kenny body

    kenny body9 days ago

    luv ya dt

  31. ava r mack

    ava r mack10 days ago

    9:58 *what weirdo put LUBE in paint*

  32. Karatheya Roxan

    Karatheya Roxan10 days ago

    There reactions are so sweet and funny. They now have a space that is gorgeous just like them!

  33. Aurora Pierce

    Aurora Pierce10 days ago

    I love how supportive the twins are of each other. They're very "I've got your back" type bind with one another, and that's great! It's always nice to have someone like that in your life; to have that type of relationship with someone. Whether it be your boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship or family. Very cool haha

  34. Nora ROBLOX God

    Nora ROBLOX God11 days ago

    Note to self: Send the Dolan twins chairs it makes them happy 😃

  35. layla patata

    layla patata11 days ago

    I have trypophobia (idk how to spell it) and the egg seat and the chairs got me triggerrrred

  36. Cara Anderson

    Cara Anderson11 days ago

    Who is the cutest twin? What do u think? Comment bellow!

  37. Roni Maria

    Roni Maria11 days ago

    You guys suck and your videos!

  38. Trishneet Buttar

    Trishneet Buttar7 hours ago

    Roni Maria if u think that then keep it private

  39. Tien Tran

    Tien Tran12 days ago

    i like how Ethan has trypophobia but there are holes in his shirt haha

  40. Fatima Shoaib

    Fatima Shoaib13 days ago

    The twins are over reacting

  41. Lourdes Cortes

    Lourdes Cortes14 days ago

    I really admire mr kate hope u take a vacation here at the Philippines 😙😙😙

  42. Tuana Gehna

    Tuana Gehna14 days ago

    The loudest people on Earth: 1. Dolans in this video 2. JoJo Siwa. I sure wouldn't want to see her reactions here lolz

  43. Hi welcome To Chilies

    Hi welcome To Chilies15 days ago

    I’ve never laughed so much

  44. Chesnie Weidner

    Chesnie Weidner15 days ago

    Ethan & Grayson at the same time: Oh, Thank You! 34:34 !!! :) haha

  45. summon_the _luminaries

    summon_the _luminaries15 days ago

    The Dolan twins are the dumb best friends from American pie but cuter. Between the two of them they almost have one developed vocabulary. I wonder what these two are like when they're on their own.

  46. 5 Doggos

    5 Doggos16 days ago

    Shane Dawson please

  47. Mattie Olson

    Mattie Olson16 days ago

    34:20 🤣🤣🤣

  48. Bailee Nicole

    Bailee Nicole17 days ago

    You can buy a house when your 18 but you can’t book a hotel America Explain

  49. _avamzibby _

    _avamzibby _17 days ago

    logan pauls house

  50. angela baity

    angela baity18 days ago

    -I have a fear of small points near each other *brings pointed hollowed out chairs*

  51. Oxoiana Nunez

    Oxoiana Nunez19 days ago


  52. Sarah Lisa

    Sarah Lisa19 days ago

    21:13 did he just spank the leg

  53. Dylan Wileman-Burke

    Dylan Wileman-Burke19 days ago

    Do you only do you tubers 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️ seriously your amazing all of your stuff is amazing

  54. charlize soto

    charlize soto19 days ago


  55. Break Downs

    Break Downs19 days ago

    omg so i just the what my asthetic quiz and i'm 50% quirky whimsical 20% Glam 10% industrial 10% traditional 10% Bohemian uhh COOL!

  56. sassy stacy

    sassy stacy20 days ago

    I was dead wean he said im not puting my grandma in the floor:)

  57. peyton harris

    peyton harris20 days ago

    At 6:47 did anyone realise TAPE MAN

  58. Bengi 72

    Bengi 7220 days ago

    They are SO adorable

  59. Grace Gregg

    Grace Gregg22 days ago

    What about tripa fobia ?

  60. SuperKilynn

    SuperKilynn22 days ago

    You are supposed to use resin from a local craft store not silicone

  61. Shin

    Shin22 days ago

    Can you do Logan Paul next

  62. Constantina Tomaras

    Constantina Tomaras23 days ago

    Wow I love what you did wit the Dolan twins. You guys are amazing!!!

  63. Aevyn Newberry

    Aevyn Newberry24 days ago

    almost went through the vid without cursing


    ARIANNA ORLANDO24 days ago

    35:32 Why does Grayson look so hot omg

  65. Alexandra Sardeng

    Alexandra Sardeng25 days ago

    it honestly made me so happy to see them so happy bout this😂❤️ this is like my 5th time watching it and i smile every single time

  66. Maddy Holt

    Maddy Holt25 days ago

    Please do the why don’t we boys house

  67. Anshika Gautam

    Anshika Gautam25 days ago


  68. Ashley Zappe

    Ashley Zappe25 days ago

    I love summer storms!!!

  69. Ayesha Munir

    Ayesha Munir26 days ago

    you love greyy

  70. Gregor A

    Gregor A26 days ago

    21:13 joey; my favourite part is dem legs

  71. Charli Haynes

    Charli Haynes27 days ago

    Kate I love your hair it's so pretty 💖

  72. Rebecca blah

    Rebecca blah27 days ago


  73. someone

    someone27 days ago

    i'm just sitting here wondering why the hotel wouldn't let them rent a room

  74. Trista Stupke

    Trista Stupke28 days ago

    Graysons hot pink shirt tho 😍

  75. Trista Stupke

    Trista Stupke28 days ago

    My only question What do they smell like (Not being weird)

  76. Katie Kemkes

    Katie Kemkes28 days ago

    When the Dolan twins get there house redone AHHHHHHH I’m sooooooo impressed while the other two are like yep

  77. Angelina Forstall

    Angelina Forstall28 days ago

    i have trypophobia also so, ya

  78. Hannah Ryan

    Hannah Ryan28 days ago


  79. Hannah Ryan

    Hannah Ryan28 days ago


  80. Cutie Thunder

    Cutie Thunder29 days ago

    Please merrel twins!!!

  81. Emy Robin

    Emy Robin29 days ago

    I literally don't even know who the Dolan Twins are so uhhh which one is which 😂

  82. Cassidy Girouard

    Cassidy Girouard29 days ago

    Joey is beautiful omg

  83. Unicorn_loving_ savege

    Unicorn_loving_ savege29 days ago

    Why do they only have 3.3 mil????!!??!?

  84. Richie Lee

    Richie Lee29 days ago

    Please can you do this video jake paul

  85. Honain Mushtaq

    Honain Mushtaq29 days ago

    Do the youtubers pay you guys

  86. Soil :3

    Soil :329 days ago

    Never trust an edited comment.

  87. Sophia Snell

    Sophia SnellMonth ago

    Awh I love seeing them so happy !!

  88. peyton burke

    peyton burkeMonth ago


  89. elle dol

    elle dolMonth ago

    35:33 jinx

  90. Elizabeth Cardenas

    Elizabeth CardenasMonth ago

    Time for Emma's turn:D

  91. Life with Amber

    Life with AmberMonth ago

    Who came here because of the Dolan Twins ps 2019?

  92. Balanced & Blissful

    Balanced & BlissfulMonth ago

    How does Ethan not get triggered by his black holey shirt he was wearing at the beginning?🤔

  93. Wierd Unknown Person

    Wierd Unknown PersonMonth ago

    Omg kate called joey nolan llloooll Ps u wood understand if u watch the twins

  94. M MacMahon

    M MacMahonMonth ago

    anyone else vexed by the toothpaste of grays shirt

  95. Maeve TrASh-CaN

    Maeve TrASh-CaNMonth ago

    If you stayed till the end u would have heard *I USED TO BE A GROUPIE* LMAO

  96. Maeve TrASh-CaN

    Maeve TrASh-CaNMonth ago

    Oml i was ridiculous singing the intro and my mom hit me with her CHANCLA...

  97. Kayyggeee

    KayyggeeeMonth ago

    Adding color chaning lights to the backyard would've been so perfect for them!

  98. Lillian Harger

    Lillian HargerMonth ago

    17:33 cracked me up, "ooh that was a slimy kiss"

  99. Junior Venegas

    Junior VenegasMonth ago

    Do james charels he loves the word sisters

  100. Lily Preiss

    Lily PreissMonth ago

    anyone else notice that mysterious stain on Gray's shirt?

  101. Sophia Sandoval

    Sophia SandovalMonth ago

    I think u got to many things with holes in it

  102. Boat Addo

    Boat AddoMonth ago

    Me:* sees Dolan Twins in title * Also me: **clicks**

  103. Blaizeria

    BlaizeriaMonth ago

    They’re too loud.....

  104. Ghost

    GhostMonth ago

    At the start What the fuck does he mean by 'little brothers' Bitch stfu u look the smallest and the youngest

  105. Damian Marlowe

    Damian MarloweMonth ago

    7:20 is my favorite part because of Grayson’s voice and how he looked when he said it. He seemed happy and excited over it almost like how a little kid would act. It’s amazing.

  106. Maddie Helton

    Maddie HeltonMonth ago

    I subscribed! Can you please redo my room if you ever have time? Thank you Mr. Kate

  107. Sahana M.

    Sahana M.Month ago

    i feel like i’m watching HGTV

  108. helena j

    helena jMonth ago

    What are they wizards