Dolan Twins House Makeover! | OMG We're Coming Over


  1. Mr. Kate

    Mr. Kate17 days ago

    Two of our best reactions ever!!!! 😱😱 What do you #CreativeWeirdos think???

  2. Anna wilkinson

    Anna wilkinson4 days ago

    Mr. Kate hey could you do my room

  3. Arianna Koutrias

    Arianna Koutrias4 days ago

    Mr. Kate

  4. Jade Wong1

    Jade Wong15 days ago

    Mr. Kate I love it! This creation is amazing!!!

  5. Casey Keith

    Casey Keith6 days ago


  6. Aisha Rahman

    Aisha Rahman2 hours ago

    I really like the paint😍😍 I want it in my room now😩

  7. Laura Masias

    Laura Masias2 hours ago

    I watch the Dolan twins

  8. Queen Lia

    Queen Lia2 hours ago

    please do Shane Dawson's house or Emma Chamberlain's apartment!

  9. Samantha Eury

    Samantha Eury2 hours ago

    The rug matches your shirts

  10. Gizelle Durowoju

    Gizelle Durowoju2 hours ago

    Do Shane Dawson please please

  11. Steve Nash

    Steve Nash4 hours ago

    The intro is a little cringe no disrespect

  12. Bea Bevilacqua

    Bea Bevilacqua5 hours ago

    those yellow chairs are pleasing to the eye, but i cant help cringing at the thought of the marks on the back of your bare legs after a while of sitting down... love this design though!

  13. Sophia Giacona

    Sophia Giacona6 hours ago

    it’s so cute cause you know they’re beyond grateful for it

  14. Pernilla S

    Pernilla S6 hours ago

    That painting frame is epic!!!

  15. Lxst.Sxul

    Lxst.Sxul6 hours ago

    The Dolan twins’ reaction were freaking adorable I love this channel and the Dolan twins ❤️❤️

  16. Mariah Diaz

    Mariah Diaz9 hours ago

    Do Emma Chamberlains apartment‼️

  17. amp Paz

    amp Paz9 hours ago

    incredible! xo

  18. Lili Braverman

    Lili Braverman9 hours ago


  19. Emily Jonson

    Emily Jonson10 hours ago

    Joey has an ear pierced? I dident no that lol like if agree 🤣

  20. Jamiah Mackenzie

    Jamiah Mackenzie11 hours ago


  21. Jenna’s Slime Shopp

    Jenna’s Slime Shopp11 hours ago

    Wait guys why does it seem like their relationship isn’t working..

  22. Tsarah August

    Tsarah August11 hours ago

    Their excitement really rubs off of the watchers tho, they're like puppies touring their new home

  23. Lolo Belle

    Lolo Belle12 hours ago

    Best reaction yet!! ♥️😂👌

  24. Yolanda Valentin

    Yolanda Valentin13 hours ago

    Just amazing! Perfect style and arrangement in furniture and decor. Love that art work!

  25. Lindsay Langthasa

    Lindsay Langthasa15 hours ago

    I just realized that i have tripophobia

  26. zahra khan

    zahra khan16 hours ago

    I wish I lived in America and see u❤ I LIVE IN ENGLAND😢

  27. zahra khan

    zahra khan16 hours ago

    ❤ ALL 4 of u guys

  28. zahra khan

    zahra khan16 hours ago

    They really don't know their house. 😂

  29. Ling Shen

    Ling Shen17 hours ago


  30. My World

    My World17 hours ago

    Please do Why Don’t We’s house!

  31. Jessie P

    Jessie P19 hours ago

    Which ever twin is standing on the right side scream

  32. Kimberly Hobson

    Kimberly Hobson20 hours ago


  33. Kimberly Hobson

    Kimberly Hobson21 hour ago


  34. OBJ DIY

    OBJ DIY21 hour ago

    Why is this not an HTV show?

  35. PePpA PiG

    PePpA PiG23 hours ago


  36. _darianflow

    _darianflowDay ago

    Katie, what r ur shoes? They honestly look so comfortable😍 (like the bottom was inflatable looking)

  37. Mannequin Pro dancer

    Mannequin Pro dancerDay ago

    Do it with sofie dossi

  38. andréa b

    andréa bDay ago

    So I watched the video on the 31th... loved it, discovered the Dolans (I'm late oupsy), binge-watched all their videos (like litterally ALL OF THEM!) And now I'm back again enjoying the video at its fullest

  39. newyorkfashionista

    newyorkfashionistaDay ago


  40. Kadius Moccasin

    Kadius MoccasinDay ago

    Ethan:"I don't want to put my grandma on the floor" me:Ethan what a gentleman 😂

  41. Prince55!!! Fragile

    Prince55!!! FragileDay ago

    I love the Dolan Twins❤️

  42. Grace Franklin

    Grace FranklinDay ago

    (Them at the end) HOLY MOTHER OF MUSCLES

  43. VVS

    VVSDay ago

    Do u makeover houses in bay area?

  44. JesterAssassin99

    JesterAssassin99Day ago

    I would take both of the twins at the same time in a literal heartbeat,

  45. Baylee Dawson

    Baylee DawsonDay ago

    Do you go to Canada to decorate

  46. Hana Nabibaksh

    Hana NabibakshDay ago


  47. Truly Me Tube

    Truly Me TubeDay ago

    I think I would like the yellow chairs better if they were black lol

  48. CCS and Sons Workshop

    CCS and Sons WorkshopDay ago

    I made a farmhouse style bed that would go great in that house! Check it out here:

  49. Jordan Feidt

    Jordan FeidtDay ago

    You guys did an AMAZING job on the Dolan Twins' house! But now, we all can agree that Emma Chamberlain needs your help next. Her apartment is completely empty and she's having so much trouble trying to move in. Please send her some help!!!

  50. Lonnie Campbell

    Lonnie CampbellDay ago

    did anyone else notice that at 4:42 the GUCCI FLIP FLOPS lolllllll

  51. Ashleigh Blair

    Ashleigh BlairDay ago

    "You guys get uhh crafty?"

  52. Jelly

    JellyDay ago


  53. Daizy Santos Valdez

    Daizy Santos ValdezDay ago

    You guys should do Brooklyn and bailey new dorm/apartment

  54. Emmy Emmy

    Emmy EmmyDay ago

    Why do they have beards and look like they are 50 on the picture but on the show they are fire as fuck

  55. Cristina Trujillo

    Cristina TrujilloDay ago

    Do you and Joe we should switch lives here where are you girls you were his

  56. bored bubble J.

    bored bubble J.Day ago

    ethan and grayson are my spirit animals xD!

  57. Courtney Vaughn

    Courtney VaughnDay ago

    Can you do a make over for my room😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  58. Sejal Jannu

    Sejal JannuDay ago

    They’re 18?! They look 21 lmao. I’m 19 and I feel way younger than them YIKES

  59. Alexandra Huguez

    Alexandra HuguezDay ago


  60. Starstruck Sky

    Starstruck SkyDay ago

    Please do one with James Charles all sisters like

  61. xAddiTheCorgiLoverx

    xAddiTheCorgiLoverxDay ago

    My room has a rare display of my empty soda cans :)

  62. Katie Singer

    Katie Singer2 days ago


  63. Katie Singer

    Katie Singer2 days ago

    If he hates multiple repetitive holes next to each other, than why didn’t those yellow chairs bother him?

  64. Priscilla Vanilla

    Priscilla Vanilla2 days ago

    SHISHER SHAKE - james charles house alsooooo

  65. Leoca

    Leoca2 days ago

    Amazing transformation. The frame around the diy art is over the top fabulous!

  66. PetynnML

    PetynnML2 days ago

    There so precious

  67. Sandra Buechner

    Sandra Buechner2 days ago

    Great reactions! I love that art piece. So fun to make and it turned out awesome. I really love watching your videos!!!!

  68. ThePink MSP

    ThePink MSP2 days ago

    12:25 Grayson:ethan is it bothering you Ethan:yeah a little bit AHHHH I LOVE THEM !

  69. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose Gonzalez2 days ago

    For loo outside lighting i look for a nice solar powered lights and if i don't find any i make my own

  70. Natalie K.

    Natalie K.2 days ago

    someone please tell me where that sign junk yard is where they got the Ds and Ts

  71. Anahi Moreno

    Anahi Moreno2 days ago

    when they were hugging bye all i could think of was “look at that ass”

  72. Isabella Rios

    Isabella Rios2 days ago

    11:22 me at school

  73. Delaney Savo

    Delaney Savo2 days ago

    do shane dawson please

  74. Svava Rún Snorradóttir

    Svava Rún Snorradóttir2 days ago

    Do emma chamberlain house next!!

  75. It’s ya girl AA Love

    It’s ya girl AA Love2 days ago

    Ethan has “XXX” on he’s leg

  76. MissA

    MissA2 days ago

    I have triplphobia it gives me the shivers once i was swimming in a reef and tyere was a bunch of coral and I got so creeped out omg I had to swim back

  77. Bianka ._.Breezy

    Bianka ._.Breezy2 days ago


  78. Bianka ._.Breezy

    Bianka ._.Breezy2 days ago

    21:54 someone isn’t going to like those holes

  79. Melina Idalia

    Melina Idalia2 days ago

    Do Emma's apartment next!

  80. Devora Organic

    Devora Organic2 days ago

    do emma chamberlains now🤘😬👍👍👍

  81. Daisy

    Daisy2 days ago

    I like the dolans but damn they’re extra and somewhat fake hyped

  82. john kennedy

    john kennedy2 days ago

    rupaul's contestnts are less extra then the dolan twins

  83. Aris Jamison

    Aris Jamison2 days ago

    Please do Emma chamberlains new house

  84. Cecile Amanda

    Cecile Amanda2 days ago

    Love that Grayson’s shirt keeps changing colors

  85. Alicia Laverty

    Alicia Laverty2 days ago

    their reaction is at 28:22

  86. CorExDraconem

    CorExDraconem2 days ago

    Joey, are you in any way related to the MReporterr Alex Clark?

  87. Green_ Panda ._.

    Green_ Panda ._.2 days ago

    Why were the dolan twins so awkward

  88. Faith Hang

    Faith Hang2 days ago

    The egg chair and the dinning room chairs made me think “doesnt E have tryphobia ??” But like 🤷‍♀️


    BASIC TRASH2 days ago

    *-Daydreaming-* Teacher: so trash what’s 2+2 Me: 11:22

  90. hello

    hello2 days ago

    can you go to garrett's house???

  91. Annie An

    Annie An2 days ago

    when I saw the yellow chairs I thought "Oh no,Ethan...His phobia😂"

  92. Isabella Rios

    Isabella Rios2 days ago

    Annie An i have the same phobia as ethan and i couldn't see the chair for one more second

  93. Mindy Torre

    Mindy Torre2 days ago

    When u showed the pineapple i started to cry because im in love with pineapples i think like there cute im crying right know lol

  94. Sophie Megan

    Sophie Megan3 days ago

    Oh no, the yellow chairs

  95. Esme Jt

    Esme Jt3 days ago

    Do a loft bedroom/ conversion!! Xx

  96. Monse Nolasco

    Monse Nolasco3 days ago

    Men I wish you guys can come alway were I live and help me with my room because since I'm getting order I want my room to be different. Plus you guys are the best at decorating other people's places. 😁🇺🇸😁 Sincerely A Subscriber

  97. Pickle Rick

    Pickle Rick3 days ago

    The Dolan Twins are literally me

  98. Priya Guerra

    Priya Guerra3 days ago

    love how the dolan twins dont know anything about there house lol

  99. WDW Wisher

    WDW Wisher3 days ago

    You should do Sam and Colby

  100. Priya Guerra

    Priya Guerra3 days ago

    love ur channel both

  101. Elvy de Groot

    Elvy de Groot3 days ago

    But... what happend with the trampoline?

  102. Adeela E

    Adeela E3 days ago

    These guys are so hilarious 😂

  103. judy baker

    judy baker3 days ago

    Hi my name is Madison this is my mom's phone and me and my family live in our care and I live in Santa Rosa California and when we get a modderhome we would love fire you to decorate it and I watch your vids and there is 4 people in my family my mom Judy, my dad Darren, me Madison and my brother Jarren he is Down syndrome and we are twins we are 9 can't what to talk to you

  104. judy baker

    judy baker3 days ago

    And hiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

  105. Saad Qadar

    Saad Qadar3 days ago

    Love you who else huh

  106. Mary Martinez

    Mary Martinez3 days ago

    Plz 😀😃