Dolan Twins House Makeover! | OMG We're Coming Over


  1. Mr. Kate

    Mr. Kate2 months ago

    Two of our best reactions ever!!!! 😱😱 What do you #CreativeWeirdos think???

  2. Isabel Gonzalez

    Isabel Gonzalez12 days ago

    Mr. Kate I wanted to know how much does it cost for u to come over

  3. Kelsey Middleton

    Kelsey Middleton20 days ago

    you guys should do James Charles' new house!

  4. J2F

    J2F25 days ago

    Mr. Kate do the sidemen house

  5. I’m A weirdo

    I’m A weirdo26 days ago

    Mr. Kate do Shane Dawsons house

  6. Presley Lavertu

    Presley Lavertu26 days ago

    I wont you to do my room so bad

  7. 3 _MineBLOX_ 3

    3 _MineBLOX_ 316 hours ago

    12:45 they say Ethan has trypophobia, but his shirt has holes on them haha. 💞💕💞

  8. Lilly Wilson

    Lilly WilsonDay ago

    Grayson: *Looks at the D* “THIS IS LIKE FROM CVS OR SOMETHIN *realizes his mistake* “CVS DOESNT HAVE A D IN IT 🤣”

  9. A little bit of Dufresne

    A little bit of DufresneDay ago

    Rip Ethan😭

  10. Cloey Baker

    Cloey BakerDay ago

    Wouldn’t the chairs trigger his tripophobia???? 😂😂😂

  11. Cloey Baker

    Cloey BakerDay ago

    And the lava rocks, and the egg chair 😂

  12. Renzia van der Walt

    Renzia van der Walt2 days ago

    honest opinion: loved what they did, excellent taste, great vibe, but they sound sooo mentally exhausting and draining to be around.... i like the style, but i dont think i could actually spend any length of time with them

  13. renze leander

    renze leander2 days ago

    Do emma chamberlain

  14. Grecia Munoz

    Grecia Munoz3 days ago

    Omg finally

  15. Natasha DBryan

    Natasha DBryan3 days ago

    I just know they're eighteen 😂

  16. Emilia Argall

    Emilia Argall4 days ago

    6:48 the video where E got duct taped and they kept the suit It’s behind the table

  17. Tatianna Diaz

    Tatianna Diaz4 days ago

    How much do I need to pay you for you to do my room it’s a mess and no one ever wants to come over it’s so cludered

  18. Mateus Mello

    Mateus Mello4 days ago


  19. Heily Contreras

    Heily Contreras4 days ago

    Do Shane Dawson house please!!!!!!!

  20. Heily Contreras

    Heily Contreras4 days ago


  21. Heily Contreras

    Heily Contreras4 days ago

    Laure livie that's true

  22. Queen Celine

    Queen Celine4 days ago

    That slow-mo thooo. :o

  23. Queen Celine

    Queen Celine4 days ago

    Oh Ethan, sweat shorts for a collab haha love it

  24. Yastika Maharaj

    Yastika Maharaj4 days ago

    damn, they dumb

  25. Laura Møller

    Laura Møller4 days ago

    fuck i thought kate was 19

  26. gowri geethika

    gowri geethika4 days ago

    Can you do sofie dossi's room please

  27. Elena Roberts

    Elena Roberts5 days ago

    What is your phone number I love dogs 🐶🐶🐶🐶

  28. odette elchiek

    odette elchiek5 days ago

    I need you please come over to my house😂😂😂

  29. Aimee Redford

    Aimee Redford5 days ago

    Lol 15:06 when Grayson was holding Ethan as he cut the wood 😂

  30. Heily Contreras

    Heily Contreras5 days ago


  31. Lubaina Hassanalli

    Lubaina Hassanalli6 days ago

    the height difference omg its so cute also ily guys

  32. Deziree Jayleen

    Deziree Jayleen6 days ago

    Hahahhaha omg my family and I watch there shows on the tv 😂😂

  33. Wait_itz _MADINA

    Wait_itz _MADINA6 days ago

    I'm confused is this for free cuz if it is can you come over

  34. Ana Vladic

    Ana Vladic6 days ago

    21:18 juxtaposition

  35. sarah day

    sarah day7 days ago

    not gonna lie i think there lounge room needed doing more :) lol

  36. Casakeelanor

    Casakeelanor7 days ago

    They just look so bored. I really like the colour. I love the colour. I’m glad it’s not teal, now.

  37. Jordan Mabry

    Jordan Mabry7 days ago

    I’m. A FAN

  38. Jordan Mabry

    Jordan Mabry7 days ago


  39. Keri D.

    Keri D.7 days ago

    Omfg their reactions were the cutest thing!!!

  40. Hams Playz

    Hams Playz7 days ago

    I have Trypophobia to

  41. Hams Playz

    Hams Playz7 days ago

    Your videos are awesome I love them so much 🤩🤑😇👧👍🦄🧜

  42. Wassabi Wassabi

    Wassabi Wassabi7 days ago

    if their do a squad 4 of them, im love it more than sister squad

  43. Venice V

    Venice V7 days ago

    Can you come and do my room???!!!

  44. Allison Lewis

    Allison Lewis8 days ago

    Omg their reactions were so adorable 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  45. Nikky Ayala

    Nikky Ayala8 days ago

    I have freakin tripaphobia as well I cringed so hard!😂 It grosses me out❤️😂 I kept cringing during painting time

  46. Milan Van Deusen

    Milan Van Deusen8 days ago

    Wouldn’t Ethan get set of by the yellow chairs

  47. larson k

    larson k8 days ago

    please do james charles’ new house!!!!!

  48. Abbey Kelly

    Abbey Kelly8 days ago

    James Charles plsss he got a new house!!!!

  49. Abbey Kelly

    Abbey Kelly8 days ago

    James Charles plsss he got a new house!!!!

  50. Abbey Kelly

    Abbey Kelly8 days ago

    James Charles plsss he got a new house!!!!

  51. Silvy Giragosian

    Silvy Giragosian8 days ago

    pls do Shane Dawson plsssss and Emma chamberlain



    ethan: has tripophobia but is wearing a shirt with holes on it lmaooo

  53. Janet Caterina

    Janet Caterina8 days ago

    those guys were so funny

  54. SpoopyWoolf

    SpoopyWoolf9 days ago


  55. The Carlie and Izzy Show

    The Carlie and Izzy Show9 days ago

    Grayson is hot

  56. MooMooPiggyWOW

    MooMooPiggyWOW9 days ago

    I did the diy and it turned out great! I only put paint in the cups layering it and it still came out great 👍 but I just would add glue and some water to stop it cracking!

  57. Angela Kaskabas

    Angela Kaskabas9 days ago

    this is one of my favorite videos! like so cool!

  58. Emily Courtemanche

    Emily Courtemanche9 days ago

    OMG YOU GUYS DID A DIRTY POUR!! Theyre so fun!!

  59. Leah Zinicola

    Leah Zinicola9 days ago


  60. ReeceCarmello

    ReeceCarmello10 days ago

    Voice echoing through Ethan’s head: And there’s 8 of them!

  61. Cheeky Monkey

    Cheeky Monkey10 days ago

    0:09 me with my brother 😂

  62. Skylar and Hyoyo

    Skylar and Hyoyo10 days ago

    I’m a twin tooooooooo!!! !!!

  63. Åvä Łiceaga

    Åvä Łiceaga10 days ago


  64. Shahina Shupti

    Shahina Shupti11 days ago


  65. 0xsepticx0 0xdylostilesx0

    0xsepticx0 0xdylostilesx011 days ago

    Mr. Kate: *gives new things and stuffs to Dolan twins* Dolan Twins: *deepvoiced manly screaming*

  66. charlotte

    charlotte12 days ago

    Please do Emma chamberlain and James Charles come on sister squad !!!!

  67. Michael Barnes

    Michael Barnes12 days ago


  68. Michael Barnes

    Michael Barnes12 days ago

    Remove the chairs

  69. Michael Barnes

    Michael Barnes12 days ago

    Twin has it

  70. Krista Humphreys

    Krista Humphreys12 days ago

    that montage of the dolan twins at the end thoooooo OMMGGGGG

  71. ramoni Williams

    ramoni Williams12 days ago

    Joe is so funny and wired

  72. Silvio Radman

    Silvio Radman12 days ago

    where did you get the egg chairs from? I am thinking to get one for my new bedroom!

  73. Samera Pierre

    Samera Pierre12 days ago

    We are moving to a new house soon

  74. Samera Pierre

    Samera Pierre12 days ago

    Hey me Kate can u come over I want u to decorate me and my sister gena and Lauryn please

  75. Susie Peaches

    Susie Peaches12 days ago

    25:31 I have a 2 chairs like that in my backyard

  76. Valery Brooke

    Valery Brooke12 days ago

    Wouldn’t the yellow chairs trigger Ethan’s tripaphobia

  77. Karlie Delmenico

    Karlie Delmenico12 days ago

    OMG I did that painting at school and it looked so cool

  78. Ella Stosic

    Ella Stosic13 days ago

    you should to emma chamberlains apartment

  79. Ellen Comanescu

    Ellen Comanescu13 days ago


  80. Summer Rowsell

    Summer Rowsell13 days ago

    I live in New Zealand and my room needs a major makeover! I need tips and tricks on how to make it the perfect room for a twelve year old girl like myself.

  81. Ayuri Webber

    Ayuri Webber13 days ago

    Do Emma chamberlain ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  82. Harriet Kenworthy

    Harriet Kenworthy13 days ago

    For some reason I don't think Kate likes kissing on camera

  83. Kiara Farias

    Kiara Farias13 days ago

    E: THERES A FIRE PLACE .. I - I DIDNT KNOW YOU COULD JUST MAKE A FIREPLACE APPEAR WHAT ARE THEY WIZARDS G: *questions if his brother really knows that they can just have just bought a fireplace* ME: DIES OF LAUGHTER WHEN SEEING THE LOOK ON GRAYSONS FACE 💀💀💀💀💀 32:46

  84. raspberry lemonade

    raspberry lemonade14 days ago

    *that chop saw has met more famous people than i’lil ever meet in my entire life*

  85. Selam Ghebrelibanos

    Selam Ghebrelibanos14 days ago

    Could you pls do wengie

  86. TalesFromLiL DC

    TalesFromLiL DC14 days ago

    Love it !!! I wonder if the yellow chairs set off his trypophobia lol

  87. Jasmine Patanjali

    Jasmine Patanjali14 days ago

    please do this with james charles new house emma chamberlains or shane dawson

  88. Infinite Dolan

    Infinite Dolan14 days ago

    Lol I’m only here for the Dolans


    FOXICA FOR LIFE14 days ago

    How does Nolan feel?

  90. GamingWith Liyah

    GamingWith Liyah14 days ago

    Ethan’s shirt has HOLES

  91. Prince Kye

    Prince Kye14 days ago


  92. Pokepal999

    Pokepal99914 days ago

    G: "He's attracted to shiny things."E: "Yeah ... like your forehead.."

  93. Hannah CAIRNS

    Hannah CAIRNS14 days ago

    Do the odd1s out plz

  94. Ari Maree

    Ari Maree14 days ago

    So amazing!

  95. Amelie Pearce

    Amelie Pearce14 days ago

    RIP headphone users...

  96. Masheda Miah

    Masheda Miah14 days ago

    Do the people have to pay of mr Kate

  97. Tcam Cam

    Tcam Cam16 days ago

    I was legitimately watching the ending with my mouth ajar from adoration and I said, “they’re wizards” and then of the Dolan twins said, “what are they wizards?”. 😂

  98. Amber J

    Amber J16 days ago

    Grayson in slo-mo fucking hell lol


    EMPEROR PENGUIN16 days ago

    The holey hanging chair and dining room chairs rip

  100. Viv Steinberg

    Viv Steinberg16 days ago

    32:42 “I didn’t know you could just make a fireplace apear... what are they wizards” That part had me dying omg I love them so much 😂💛💛

  101. AC sketcher

    AC sketcher16 days ago

    do shanes and emmas apartments

  102. Jãdqüåłįtÿ Gãmęš

    Jãdqüåłįtÿ Gãmęš16 days ago


  103. its meh sina

    its meh sina16 days ago

    32:43 I think Ethan was light headed and gray looked lost 😂😂😂

  104. its meh sina

    its meh sina16 days ago

    G: he's attracted to.. Like sucking things E: uh yea Me: UM WHAT 😂 wrong usage of words gray 😂😂

  105. Bharti Shishodia

    Bharti Shishodia16 days ago

    Wait... What happened to the Trampoline??

  106. Azhana Izzah

    Azhana Izzah17 days ago

    How to ask Mr Kate come to my house 😂

  107. Kkbeauty101

    Kkbeauty10117 days ago

    I feel like those chairs are going to trigger Ethan's trypophobia

  108. Mina Daa

    Mina Daa17 days ago

    Do shane dawson!!!