Do You Really Need Everything in that Backpack? | CH Shorts


  1. MANGO CAT28

    MANGO CAT282 hours ago

    Omg I thought she died but then I saw her on the end card

  2. Bert Leiger

    Bert Leiger2 days ago

    Couldn't she just give the backpack and then climb up

  3. Steve Geysman

    Steve Geysman3 days ago

    Why is there a triangle on the Harry Potter book 1:39

  4. Len Len

    Len Len3 days ago

    I enjoyed Katie and the dog's moment😂

  5. Zed Zero

    Zed Zero3 days ago

    she could've asked her to give her, her backpack then pull her up

  6. Nick Kimble

    Nick Kimble4 days ago

    why didnt she just use the magic sand?

  7. Sai Karthik Sarvepalli Venkata

    Sai Karthik Sarvepalli Venkata5 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the Illuminati sign on one of the harry potter books

  8. Amber Beyer

    Amber Beyer6 days ago

    1:40 Illuminati on the soft cover book of Harry Potter.

  9. Mogens Vesterskov

    Mogens Vesterskov6 days ago

    1:40 look at the harry potter book


    THE_GOLDEN_GAMER 17387 days ago

    Why didn’t she just through it over the top of the cliff

  11. Llamalus

    Llamalus9 days ago

    'A magic wizard said I would need this some day' Hmmm.... maybe you'll need it to throw it off a cliff to make yourself lighter..........

  12. Meme Boi

    Meme Boi9 days ago

    If this happened,i would drop her immediately

  13. Captain Cairo

    Captain Cairo9 days ago

    1:40 Illuminati confirmed

  14. mega gamer88

    mega gamer8810 days ago

    Wait why did she not put the bag up

  15. Monumental Nick

    Monumental Nick11 days ago

    I’ll literally just let go

  16. Alexander Wiklund

    Alexander Wiklund14 days ago

    no but i have it anyway

  17. Alien ._.

    Alien ._.14 days ago

    Or she could just throw the backpack onto the cliff.

  18. Josh Yu

    Josh Yu16 days ago

    90% of these comments are saying the same thing. Yes, she could've thrown it up, but it's a comedy sketch.

  19. Josh Yu

    Josh Yu16 days ago

    2:31 Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths

  20. Mizh Pai

    Mizh Pai16 days ago

    Anyone sees the illuminati on the book??

  21. RPB2001

    RPB200117 days ago

    Nobody else noticed the Illuminati on the book?

  22. Rashid Al Sharhan

    Rashid Al Sharhan17 days ago


  23. Dream

    Dream17 days ago

    I would have dropped her so quickly

  24. luke sofer

    luke sofer19 days ago

    OMFG just toss it onto the top of the cliff

  25. Animation Alsatian

    Animation Alsatian19 days ago

    Boi yeet that back on the ledge and get up

  26. TheRightestdogwhohasthecorrectopinionallthetime

    TheRightestdogwhohasthecorrectopinionallthetime22 days ago

    I was honestly waiting for her to crawl out of the backpack at the end.

  27. Baumi

    Baumi23 days ago

    Looks like a Boy

  28. Liam Patterson

    Liam Patterson25 days ago

    There is an illuminati logo on the small book at 1:40.

  29. Divya

    Divya25 days ago

    That illuminati sign at 1:39 though

  30. Amateur at Everything

    Amateur at Everything27 days ago

    wait,right she can fly in the vid about swimming?

  31. The XXSniperXXGaming

    The XXSniperXXGaming29 days ago

    wait you could use the other hand to lift the backpack but not her?

  32. Lemuel Rafael Abotanatin

    Lemuel Rafael AbotanatinMonth ago

    Own she a time lord? Cause the bag is bigger in the inside

  33. Stryker1000

    Stryker1000Month ago

    Did anyone else see the Illuminati symbol on one of the Harry Potter books


    THEJONATANMonth ago

    Why didn't she take the stuff from her backpack and toss them behind Katie?

  35. Chloe Young

    Chloe YoungMonth ago

    This is me when I'm trying to clean my room of stuff that hold a lot of meaning to me. Hard times indeed 😆🤔😝

  36. BlueSkyhawk14

    BlueSkyhawk14Month ago

    This video made me so angry I couldn't keep watching it 😂😅

  37. Jason Voorhees

    Jason VoorheesMonth ago

    Who’s voice was this 😂 2:27

  38. Ash

    AshMonth ago

    Wait, can't she fly?

  39. Galactic Turtle

    Galactic TurtleMonth ago


  40. _yay_ yay

    _yay_ yayMonth ago

    She could’ve taken stuff from her backpack and thrown it onto the cliff then climbed up

  41. ItsZero 50

    ItsZero 50Month ago


  42. jack chen

    jack chenMonth ago

    Throw every up in the mountain

  43. dottybing

    dottybingMonth ago

    this hurt me mentally and physically

  44. Damjan Mijatovic

    Damjan MijatovicMonth ago

    1:39 i see it

  45. Raphael6777

    Raphael6777Month ago

    Loved the pose when falling

  46. Milki kakao

    Milki kakaoMonth ago

    I can't believe you actually threw her off a cliff to make this sketch

  47. Ayano Yandere Yamada

    Ayano Yandere YamadaMonth ago

    Dude toss the backpack over onto the cliff if you miss who cares your life is on the line. Edit: but of course thats juST A THEORY

  48. Pixel Pudding

    Pixel PuddingMonth ago

    If Katie can hold Rehka up for 3 minutes she can pull her up

  49. Regina Tran

    Regina TranMonth ago

    Anyone else see that illuminati sign on that book for like one sec...

  50. DeQuillsta

    DeQuillstaMonth ago

    Why do I feel like this generation would actually act like this in a crisis...

  51. Kinda dumb gamer

    Kinda dumb gamerMonth ago

    Toss stuff with your extra arm up on the cliff then get up less weight and get up

  52. Soviet Raven

    Soviet RavenMonth ago

    Couldn't she just throw the backpack up

  53. Jahsiah Bowie

    Jahsiah BowieMonth ago


  54. Zynax

    ZynaxMonth ago

    why didnt u through it up there instead of below

  55. white ginger beer

    white ginger beerMonth ago

    At least she saved the puppy

  56. Alison MinXuen

    Alison MinXuenMonth ago

    why do they keep giving illuminati hints lmao

  57. Logan Beathard

    Logan BeathardMonth ago

    She could not just throw it up on the cliff no one thought of that :/

  58. Nate hundred

    Nate hundred2 months ago

    This whole problem could be solved by throwing the backpack up to Katy.

  59. KazumaTheNeet99

    KazumaTheNeet992 months ago

    Couldnt she have just yeeted her backpack onto the actual cliff

  60. Cynthia Uhlemann

    Cynthia Uhlemann2 months ago

    just throw the bag over the cliff and hoist yourself up.

  61. Mudkip909

    Mudkip9092 months ago

    why did she have weights

  62. StarCress 21

    StarCress 212 months ago

    I would honestly do that 😂👍

  63. Bima Jagoan Papa

    Bima Jagoan Papa2 months ago

    Why didn't she just toss the stuff up?

  64. Vance Rubert

    Vance Rubert2 months ago

    She could’ve just tossed the stuff up onto the ledge so Katie could pull her up and she’s still have all her stuff

  65. Pixel Pudding

    Pixel Pudding2 months ago

    Her backpack is so heavy because there’s a lot of Free Crap in it

  66. TristanPasse

    TristanPasse2 months ago

    I thought the couple pills that fell out would make her light enough

  67. R Wilkinson

    R Wilkinson2 months ago

    All the time she spent hanging there.... could have tossed them up. Lighter and you keep your stuff

  68. Cup of tae with a suga kookie

    Cup of tae with a suga kookie2 months ago


  69. Nathan Tao

    Nathan Tao2 months ago

    cant she throw her stuff up

  70. justarandom girlhere

    justarandom girlhere2 months ago

    Don't want to sound mean but I died when she fell 😂😂😂😂

  71. justarandom girlhere

    justarandom girlhere2 months ago

    Why doesn't she just throw her backpack up or gives it to Katie's other hand 😂😂

  72. Derek Beatty

    Derek Beatty2 months ago

    Throw the bag up onto the ledge

  73. Pillowet Sleeper

    Pillowet Sleeper2 months ago

    Couldn’t she have just grabbed the bag with one hand and then got Rehka?

  74. Rowan

    Rowan2 months ago

    I feel called out

  75. Chez Sticks

    Chez Sticks2 months ago

    But you can always pick it up afterwards.

  76. ThePrimeGameProtector

    ThePrimeGameProtector2 months ago

    I love finding the Illumimati in each video.

  77. Killershark  .

    Killershark .2 months ago

    Or throw the backpack up

  78. Epick Gospodinov

    Epick Gospodinov2 months ago

    The illuminati on the book.

  79. Krishna Venugopal

    Krishna Venugopal2 months ago

    She should have just dropped

  80. JawaSniper

    JawaSniper2 months ago

    I got a lube and condom ad before this

  81. Leon Video

    Leon Video2 months ago

    Couldn’t she have just tossed the shit one by one on to the top of the cliff and get up?!

  82. k_y

    k_y2 months ago

    Is that my bag

  83. victory kid

    victory kid2 months ago

    I will help you

  84. I Hug Strangers

    I Hug Strangers2 months ago

    I guess you could say she didn't HANDle that very wwll

  85. gaming godess

    gaming godess2 months ago

    Am I the only person who thought raika could just give her stuff to katie

  86. Molly Mondrowski

    Molly Mondrowski2 months ago

    Why doesn’t she just throw it up the cliff

  87. Joseph Russel Timpug Ison

    Joseph Russel Timpug Ison2 months ago

    We like bringing our cabinets (cum bags) and never clean them :)

  88. Dino Tuck

    Dino Tuck2 months ago

    Just throw the stuff up on the cliff

  89. tyrel68

    tyrel682 months ago

    when holding onto a friendship just aint worth it anymore

  90. Kaira Allen

    Kaira Allen2 months ago

    This passes the Bechdel test. Cool..?

  91. Brian Lim

    Brian Lim2 months ago

    Why doesn't she just toss the stuff up there one at a time

  92. IExist

    IExist2 months ago

    Why didn't she just throw the backpack up

  93. Mattias Westby

    Mattias Westby2 months ago

    "You can't toss a puppy off a cliff!" "He's dumb, though. He can't even sing."

  94. Els likes the Tea

    Els likes the Tea2 months ago

    Why didn't she throw the backpack up to Katie ?

  95. Soi

    Soi2 months ago

    Can't she just throw the stuff up onto the cliff?

  96. Tom Muggeridge

    Tom Muggeridge2 months ago

    Why doesn't she just give her the bag then she pulls her up

  97. Blocky Gamer

    Blocky Gamer2 months ago

    Why not throw the backpack up

  98. YoloMaster Sherr

    YoloMaster Sherr2 months ago

    Its a pucnh card from a coffee shop in my hometown. Do you wanna go there after? (Not if she falls off a cliff)

  99. Juice Goose

    Juice Goose2 months ago

    She could have chucked them up one by one onto the cliff, but it wouldn’t be comedy if she had.

  100. MuzicStarz

    MuzicStarz2 months ago

    Magic sand. . . ummm