Do You Really Need Everything in that Backpack? | CH Shorts


  1. Erin Philyaw

    Erin PhilyawDay ago


  2. Tucker Tooley

    Tucker Tooley2 days ago

    Use two hands

  3. Jovana Bosiljcic

    Jovana Bosiljcic3 days ago

    At 1:40 there are those 2 books and one of them had a iluminati stiker on it and than it disappeared.

  4. Nikoloz Sulakauri

    Nikoloz Sulakauri5 days ago

    Just throw up the things and then collect them

  5. Puppiesilysm

    Puppiesilysm9 days ago

    Who cares about Rehka? SAVE HARRY POTTER

  6. Americanfutureguy 7

    Americanfutureguy 711 days ago

    She could've just thrown something UP ON TO THE LEDGE

  7. Amadou Cisse

    Amadou Cisse13 days ago

    I would just let her fall after a while.

  8. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain18 days ago

    Holy shit throw this up onto the mountain

  9. Kash Hand

    Kash Hand20 days ago


  10. Justin Mora

    Justin Mora20 days ago

    Your traped In here because of *****

  11. Joshua I want to see trains Wilkinson

    Joshua I want to see trains Wilkinson21 day ago

    Illuminate is real the Harry Potter book this is a illuminati symbole

  12. Lizete Berzina

    Lizete Berzina23 days ago

    1:39 look at the little hary potter book it has a iluminatī triangel

  13. Cringe Master69

    Cringe Master6923 days ago


  14. Kķn_D :

    Kķn_D :25 days ago

    just toss everything up to the cliff

  15. Martin Leong

    Martin Leong27 days ago

    Cant you toss the stuff upward

  16. Lauren

    LaurenMonth ago

    This made me so stressed

  17. Andrew Mcginty

    Andrew McgintyMonth ago

    Illuminati on one of the books at 1:39

  18. Domancave

    DomancaveMonth ago

    Illuminati on the Harry Potter cover 😂

  19. Michael Cultraro

    Michael CultraroMonth ago

    Reka sucks

  20. luke sosa

    luke sosaMonth ago

    Anyone noticed the Illuminati in the Harry Potter book

  21. The ultimate Wolf pack

    The ultimate Wolf packMonth ago

    She could’ve just thrown the back pack upwards on the cliff

  22. Hailey Ryan

    Hailey RyanMonth ago

    Throw the bag on the cliff edge?

  23. Afro Queen two

    Afro Queen twoMonth ago

    Does anyone else ever notice how they put triangles with eyes on every book featured on the channel fir like two seconds????

  24. David Gankin

    David GankinMonth ago

    Why is the illuminati always in their videos

  25. Benjamin Bock

    Benjamin BockMonth ago

    Maybe she should use the magic powder now.

  26. Zez0

    Zez0Month ago

    what is this symbol that appears every time a book shows up on a sketch?

  27. KyanJ.

    KyanJ.Month ago

    Use the freaking magic Use the magic to teleport to top of the cliff

  28. emma moscoso

    emma moscosoMonth ago

    1:40 uUuuUuuuUuhhhHhhHh Illuminati

  29. Crying in L.A.

    Crying in L.A.Month ago

    Couldn’t Katie have just grabbed her back

  30. Aaron Smith

    Aaron SmithMonth ago

    1:39 illumminati confirmed

  31. Flaming Croatan

    Flaming CroatanMonth ago

    Ditch it bitch

  32. Why are you here ?

    Why are you here ?Month ago

    First Pat was killed by Trapp, then Cynthia was killed by Katie now Rehka killing herself, man.

  33. Maddie 1028

    Maddie 1028Month ago

    but... katie has two hands

  34. crystalguardian

    crystalguardianMonth ago

    At 1:40 you can see a ilumanati sign on the smaller book

  35. Aseem Gauri

    Aseem Gauri2 months ago

    Look at the book at 1:40

  36. Kayonna Bullock

    Kayonna Bullock2 months ago

    I would've dropped her

  37. PonyoNoodles

    PonyoNoodles2 months ago

    Why didn't she just throw the stuff from the backpack onto the cliff that Katie was on?

  38. Chapmangl7

    Chapmangl72 months ago

    If this ain’t me...

  39. emilis zvikas

    emilis zvikas2 months ago

    1:40 illuminati

  40. Yoshi

    Yoshi2 months ago

    OR, you could've just thrown those items up at the cliff. It's not like it'll help or anything...

  41. Dgstowe

    Dgstowe2 months ago

    Why didn't she throw it up to the cliff?

  42. Sir squrtil

    Sir squrtil2 months ago

    Illuminati on the book

  43. Tyten Mitchell

    Tyten Mitchell2 months ago

    Topical indecisive woman who can’t make up their mind about shit 🤦🏽‍♂️

  44. Cinnamon Mist

    Cinnamon Mist2 months ago

    Ha ha I got a CH add

  45. Erif The fox

    Erif The fox2 months ago

    Take the items and put them on the rock. Pull yourself up and put those stuff back in the bag.

  46. justin thompson

    justin thompson2 months ago

    Instead of getting rid of things, this is literally how long it takes me to decide on something to watch on Netflix.

  47. Captain J-Mow

    Captain J-Mow2 months ago

    Illuminati confirmed

  48. Mark S

    Mark S2 months ago

    1:40 all seeing eye on the Harry Potter book.

  49. Ron Kosta

    Ron Kosta3 months ago

    She could have just thrown something heavy up onto the mountain.

  50. Danny 9876

    Danny 98763 months ago

    This would have been so much more believable if it was katie that was hanging down

  51. ChaoswarriorX

    ChaoswarriorX3 months ago

    Katie must be really strong if she can hold that person and everything in that bag

  52. Lilitu

    Lilitu3 months ago

    I'm her, I need to shed stuff soooo badly

  53. NWAWskeptic

    NWAWskeptic3 months ago

    I wonder what the decision would have been if she was carrying Katie's drugs

  54. The Pizza Sloth

    The Pizza Sloth3 months ago


  55. Sider Ham

    Sider Ham3 months ago


  56. Poe Soul

    Poe Soul3 months ago

    I would've tossed them both, bag and all.

  57. Lel 01

    Lel 013 months ago

    1:40 iluminati sign on the book

  58. ThatKat KrazyKid

    ThatKat KrazyKid4 months ago

    Throw it *back over the cliff*

  59. Wasaavi

    Wasaavi4 months ago

    Why didn’t she use both of her hands to help her up?

  60. squiddy tourmaline

    squiddy tourmaline4 months ago

    Throw it over the cliff.. you will keep it without carrying it

  61. Darren Dofelmier

    Darren Dofelmier4 months ago

    1:39 one of the books had the illuminati sign

  62. Yo_imabillieeilishfan 123

    Yo_imabillieeilishfan 1234 months ago

    How did they get there

  63. Badmoth242 Xl

    Badmoth242 Xl4 months ago


  64. Kleinsorge Stephanie

    Kleinsorge Stephanie4 months ago

    “A puppy? No!” “He’s dumb, he can’t even sing.” 😂😂😂

  65. Brandon Soya

    Brandon Soya4 months ago


  66. British Empire

    British Empire4 months ago

    1:39 illuminati confirmed

  67. British Empire

    British Empire4 months ago

    Look at the book

  68. Revilo oliveR

    Revilo oliveR4 months ago

    She could have kicked off her shoes

  69. CoolCat 73370

    CoolCat 733704 months ago

    1 39 illuminati symbol

  70. robot

    robot4 months ago

    she could have just thrown the stuff up lmao

  71. Blue Blood

    Blue Blood4 months ago

    Just throw it up the cliff

  72. Ivensen I

    Ivensen I5 months ago

    Why is it an Illuminati in evey video

  73. Peter Bard

    Peter Bard5 months ago

    Hey Peter Bard here still never gonna subscribe but I'd really appreciate it if you'd let that funny girl out of the video

  74. Dasa Games Brawl Stars

    Dasa Games Brawl Stars5 months ago

    Girls would do that in This situation So... Yeah

  75. Candace Mung

    Candace Mung5 months ago

    Every asian mom

  76. Happy

    Happy5 months ago

    Tfw you think about how terrifying this situation is.

  77. Keith Venable

    Keith Venable5 months ago

    Nice illuminati sticker on the Harry Potter books

  78. Kimmery Kim

    Kimmery Kim5 months ago

    1:39 illuminati

  79. Priyen Ratnam

    Priyen Ratnam5 months ago

    throw it up there and pull her up

  80. YSQ

    YSQ5 months ago

    Wtf just throw the things up there

  81. Corey Caine-madkins

    Corey Caine-madkins5 months ago

    *Mommy please*

  82. Captain Doomsday

    Captain Doomsday5 months ago

    Everyone talking about throwing the bag's contents up, but I just love that Katie's weight capacity is inventory slot-based, rather than weight-based. Yes, throwing away that punch card would've done the trick.

  83. Dank Scientologist

    Dank Scientologist6 months ago


  84. fatdudewh33lchair

    fatdudewh33lchair6 months ago

    Use the fuckin’ magic sand to save yourself, dammit!

  85. IncognEmu

    IncognEmu6 months ago

    “An old wizard gave me this sand and said I’d need it someday.” Wait, what if she needed the sand because she needed to throw it off the cliff to save herself? That would’ve solved both the prophecy and the problem of almost maybe possibly dying. Huh.

  86. Hue Lu

    Hue Lu6 months ago

    I mean, that “briefcase” now is nothing...

  87. Kristen Broughton

    Kristen Broughton6 months ago

    Thought the magic sand was going to help

  88. Arthur Li

    Arthur Li6 months ago


  89. MANGO CAT28

    MANGO CAT286 months ago

    Omg I thought she died but then I saw her on the end card

  90. Bert Leiger

    Bert Leiger6 months ago

    Couldn't she just give the backpack and then climb up

  91. Steve Geysman

    Steve Geysman6 months ago

    Why is there a triangle on the Harry Potter book 1:39

  92. Len Len

    Len Len6 months ago

    I enjoyed Katie and the dog's moment😂

  93. RaiZero _

    RaiZero _6 months ago

    she could've asked her to give her, her backpack then pull her up

  94. Nick Kimble

    Nick Kimble6 months ago

    why didnt she just use the magic sand?

  95. Karthik Sarvepalli

    Karthik Sarvepalli6 months ago

    Did anyone else notice the Illuminati sign on one of the harry potter books

  96. Amber Beyer

    Amber Beyer6 months ago

    1:40 Illuminati on the soft cover book of Harry Potter.

  97. Mogens Vesterskov

    Mogens Vesterskov6 months ago

    1:40 look at the harry potter book


    THE_GOLDEN_GAMER 17386 months ago

    Why didn’t she just through it over the top of the cliff

  99. Llamalus

    Llamalus6 months ago

    'A magic wizard said I would need this some day' Hmmm.... maybe you'll need it to throw it off a cliff to make yourself lighter..........

  100. What Is this?

    What Is this?6 months ago

    If this happened,i would drop her immediately

  101. Captain Cairo

    Captain Cairo6 months ago

    1:40 Illuminati confirmed