Do You Really Need Everything in that Backpack?


  1. Nin10

    Nin106 hours ago

    I was expecting a parachute to come out

  2. Kiera Costello

    Kiera Costello19 hours ago

    Now I know how I'm going to die.

  3. Vysair

    Vysair23 hours ago

    Solution that will make both party happy: Throw the bag to Katy by building up momentum on the bag then toss it.

  4. Vysair

    Vysair23 hours ago

    If this was real, you need to use the other hand to prevent yourself from falling, you need to grip on something so if you let that hand you then you will meet your doom with her too.

  5. Jenshie 02

    Jenshie 02Day ago

    She made the right choice or just throw the puppies bagpack dumbass

  6. Eva Roy

    Eva RoyDay ago

    Kiss leave ours award view expectation belly.

  7. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name2 days ago

    Or you know, you could throw the bag up to where Katie is... But of course, you can't do that, can you?

  8. Aiman Syahmi Dzulkhairy

    Aiman Syahmi Dzulkhairy3 days ago

    Why don't she throw her stuff up the cliff so it would be lighter.

  9. AZNnarutoXnoobSLAYER

    AZNnarutoXnoobSLAYER3 days ago

    What's with the half second of Illuminati on the Harry Potter book?

  10. Tobi Anthony

    Tobi Anthony3 days ago

    this is me with browser tabs!

  11. Savage Soul

    Savage Soul3 days ago

    Rekha is clearly the weakest member fo college humor, she needs to improve or be sacked IMO

  12. mudpie Njune

    mudpie Njune4 days ago

    I would been let her hand go, Lol

  13. AtibaVV

    AtibaVV4 days ago

    Just throw the stuff up...

  14. Cat Gamerzz

    Cat Gamerzz4 days ago

    Why not toss the things or the bag upward

  15. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow4 days ago

    Then Throw it Up 2 her

  16. wickandde

    wickandde4 days ago

    College humor seems like a dangerous place to work, so many deaths. HR should really look into this

  17. abhay mathur

    abhay mathur4 days ago

    Loved it!

  18. Bart D

    Bart D4 days ago

    we dont really do gifts in my family haha that killed me

  19. aaa whyy

    aaa whyy5 days ago


  20. Unyielding Monotony

    Unyielding Monotony5 days ago

    Why not just throw it up onto the ledge?

  21. Ami Sakie

    Ami Sakie5 days ago

    Or yanno, vault that soup up if ur gonna shake it.

  22. my name surname

    my name surname5 days ago


  23. KittySparkles

    KittySparkles5 days ago

    I feel personally attacked



    Okay here's the solution hand her everything in your bag to her free hand

  25. Superdarkcloud666

    Superdarkcloud6665 days ago

    Why not just throw the backpack over Katie's shoulder onto the cliff and then get pulled up?

  26. barbaryn PK

    barbaryn PK5 days ago

    Just throw the bag over the ledge

  27. Nalexinamiiza Sijiang

    Nalexinamiiza Sijiang5 days ago

    College humour has dropped some serious levels lately. That was straight up boring.

  28. Randoman35

    Randoman355 days ago

    I was looking for the illuminati symbol but I was too distracted by the skit

  29. Jacob Knight

    Jacob Knight6 days ago


  30. The Kosen one

    The Kosen one6 days ago


  31. Totaljackass

    Totaljackass6 days ago

    Just throw the stuff on the cliff

  32. Carter Animations

    Carter Animations6 days ago

    Harry Potter is sacred you can't throw it off

  33. MCNT052

    MCNT0526 days ago

    "It can't even sing..."

  34. Stephen Dong

    Stephen Dong6 days ago

    Couldn’t rekha fly?

  35. Samy Sonata

    Samy Sonata6 days ago

    que bosta

  36. Kevin Dias

    Kevin Dias6 days ago

    rekha hahaha

  37. You Me

    You Me6 days ago

    I love Rheka more vids please :)

  38. Ian Wong

    Ian Wong6 days ago

    Just let her go

  39. Brian J. Wnek

    Brian J. Wnek6 days ago

    reminds me of tracys junk

  40. AgentAssassin14

    AgentAssassin146 days ago

    Just sell it on let go

  41. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher6 days ago

    I don’t understand why she couldn’t throw one of the things to Katie that way she would still have all of her stuff when she gets pulled up

  42. Derrick cushshon

    Derrick cushshon6 days ago

    she could of just tossed the bag on top of the ledge...

  43. Noah Mac

    Noah Mac6 days ago

    why didnt she just throw the backpack up

  44. Isabela Catarino

    Isabela Catarino6 days ago

    She could just throw stuff up

  45. Joy Harper

    Joy Harper6 days ago

    I would let go

  46. Hank the Great

    Hank the Great6 days ago

    Just hand the backpack to Katie, and get helped up... Come on ladies 😐

  47. Zarina A113

    Zarina A1136 days ago

    Cliffhanger! Hanging from a cliff!! And that's why she's called cliffhanger!!!

  48. LynxAttack

    LynxAttack6 days ago

    Just throw it on the cliff.

  49. Christian Corpus

    Christian Corpus6 days ago

    Anybody else think she looks like Brandon Calvillo in the thumbnail?

  50. Danny Boiy

    Danny Boiy6 days ago

    Katie could've solved it by promising to reorder the weights

  51. Dwight Turner

    Dwight Turner7 days ago

    The sad irony is that this is the way some millennials think.

  52. naci akpınar

    naci akpınar7 days ago

    why there is an illuminati symbol at 1.39 ?

  53. Soph •

    Soph •7 days ago

    Just throw the stuff up

  54. Molten Fuse

    Molten Fuse7 days ago

    bro! just take things out 1 by one and throw them up

  55. Gregory Gillespie

    Gregory Gillespie7 days ago

    Wait.....does this not take place in the office?.....could it be?

  56. Ender's Games

    Ender's Games7 days ago

    Toss the bag onto the ledge. Problem solved.

  57. Daniel Sheldon

    Daniel Sheldon7 days ago

    The book had illuminati on it...

  58. TropicalPlaties2017

    TropicalPlaties20177 days ago

    Gilmore girls flashback lol. Rory packed a huge backpack full and said it’s too small lol.

  59. Its His Fault

    Its His Fault7 days ago

    just thrown the stuff over the clip one by one.

  60. Solly123ify

    Solly123ify7 days ago

    use your free arm to swing the bag up if it misses katie could use her other arm to catch it problem solved

  61. Cooper VanTassel

    Cooper VanTassel7 days ago

    He is a girl and has pink nails

  62. Abel Binyam

    Abel Binyam7 days ago

    She could just throw some of the stuff up there

  63. Joey Benton

    Joey Benton7 days ago

    Wait, but can't Rekha fly?

  64. Rift Arr0w

    Rift Arr0w7 days ago

    Couldn’t she have just thrower her bag up?

  65. Jyessi Terriaynt

    Jyessi Terriaynt7 days ago

    Throw the fucking bag up

  66. M0T06 ID:443677852

    M0T06 ID:4436778527 days ago

    you know... she could have just threw stuff over

  67. Marta W

    Marta W7 days ago

    This is so me ha ha everything except the kitchen sink in my purse and i could only imagine what i would have in my backpack besides my little dog that seems to weigh a ton now lol.....

  68. RRW

    RRW7 days ago

    Can't just throw them on top of the cliff?

  69. MajinGohan

    MajinGohan7 days ago

    I would let go instantly


    ANIME FREAK7 days ago

    Ya know she can just throw them all up

  71. Glassy Star

    Glassy Star7 days ago

    Toss her that would make it lighter

  72. Ice Paradox

    Ice Paradox7 days ago

    She got just one hand?

  73. kinya t. mcdowell

    kinya t. mcdowell7 days ago

    I would have thrown the backpack behind katie

  74. Stuart Celestine

    Stuart Celestine7 days ago


  75. The Youtubing Kid Productions

    The Youtubing Kid Productions7 days ago


  76. ZebraAndTheZombies

    ZebraAndTheZombies7 days ago

    So that's where my backpack went

  77. jdude just a youtube fan

    jdude just a youtube fan7 days ago

    ok that is kinda funny not the best not the worst as long as they dont use a joke that isnt funny its good

  78. Jeff Stumpf

    Jeff Stumpf7 days ago

    That's was funny. Too bad the kid looks like David Hogg. That changes the meaning of the whole bit.

  79. Bloody Smile

    Bloody Smile7 days ago


  80. Jacob Stilin

    Jacob Stilin stilinj@gmail.com7 days ago

    has college humor ever made a funny video

  81. the knight, Dark

    the knight, Dark7 days ago

    Use both hands

  82. joshua moe

    joshua moe8 days ago

    Just throw the backpack up on the cliff.

  83. oh shit waddup

    oh shit waddup8 days ago

    Just throw the bag up and then you can livs and keep the bag

  84. Waterhurts Enderman

    Waterhurts Enderman8 days ago

    This is like deciding what to throw out in a video game with inventory management.

  85. Elouj Time Reaver

    Elouj Time Reaver8 days ago

    Just pass the backpack to her, then have her pull you up. Are you afraid she will steal it?

  86. Mahas Ahmed

    Mahas Ahmed8 days ago

    He Just WANNA Die

  87. OwlHour

    OwlHour8 days ago

    Loving the Hugh Jackman cosplay, Rehka.

  88. SizzleBerry

    SizzleBerry8 days ago

    I would’ve just dropped the book bag n fetch it later when I’m alive

  89. Eli The Braixen

    Eli The Braixen8 days ago

    for some reason i tho she would be in the backpack

  90. Mistah J

    Mistah J8 days ago

    You can really see someone's real comedy talent when they can make clean skits. Great job. You both should make your own movie.

  91. Colin Campbell

    Colin Campbell8 days ago

    I would've dropped her the second she said she needed to keep the medicine

  92. Compulsive Screamer

    Compulsive Screamer8 days ago

    Why dont you just swing then throw the stuff onto safety then save the girl afterwards

  93. Qd Fg

    Qd Fg8 days ago

    So this is what trending in usa ? Why don't we nuke those retards and make the world a better place?

  94. itsThatTime

    itsThatTime8 days ago

    She should have used the Heavy Magic Sand.

  95. jpe2ny

    jpe2ny8 days ago

    Is this what life is now? ......I'm done

  96. D. Diaz

    D. Diaz8 days ago

    Wow,.....women ARE funny. These two were hilarious. Good for them. ;)

  97. High Ground

    High Ground8 days ago

    Is it a man or woman?

  98. CyanFierceGaming

    CyanFierceGaming8 days ago

    This is stupid, they could have pulled up the backpack with one hand, put it down and then pull her up

  99. Limepig Stuff

    Limepig Stuff8 days ago

    i think their roles should have been switched

  100. pyrall

    pyrall8 days ago

    Whoa this is literally me

  101. Sage Markham

    Sage Markham8 days ago

    I’ve never seen Katie acting as a reasonable character in my life.