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  2. Tiffany Song

    Tiffany SongMonth ago

    80 USD for 100iu HGH ( No brand , you know what i mean )

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    Dennis HP3 months ago


  4. Aravind Barath

    Aravind Barath3 months ago

    Give your thoughts on One Day A Meal diet

  5. Artur D

    Artur D3 months ago

    Hey Jeff! I am really interested what would be your advice (or a plan) how to prepare for workout in terms of warming up and dynamic streching. Can you refer to the video of this guy:? I think it is a major stuff for all us out there trying to push hard but still stay out of injuries. Cheers!

  6. Adetokunbo ADEKOYA

    Adetokunbo ADEKOYA3 months ago

    Hi Jeff, I just want to ask about the pull up bar you use at home( the one that is in one of your videos ). I would like to know where you got it from.

  7. GangGreen80

    GangGreen803 days ago

    So long story short do hip thrusts to avoid leaning forward during squats

  8. Mitchell

    Mitchell8 days ago

    Key: The bar travels straight up and down.

  9. angelo lopez

    angelo lopez8 days ago

    Is doing squats in the smith machine helpful?

  10. Eric Kramer

    Eric Kramer9 days ago

    Jeff....would a squat thruster help train proper form. I could see someone dropping the dumbbells if they lean forward due to gluteal inaction....

  11. Rodger Quinn

    Rodger Quinn11 days ago

    This is EXACTLY what I do as I get more tired during squats.

  12. FromBeToReality

    FromBeToReality13 days ago

    "don't make it a big deal." THAT'S EXACTLY what i've been doing AND NOT warming up the knee. been more of a mental/neurological issue than anything else. thought it was not good going all the way down. feared it. didn't want injury. THANKS FOR REMOVING MY FEAR THROUGH EDUCATING ME ...

  13. FromBeToReality

    FromBeToReality13 days ago

    "don't make it a big deal." THAT'S EXACTLY what i've been doing AND NOT warming up the knee. been more of a mental/neurological issue than anything else. thought it was not good going all the way down. feared it. didn't want injury. THANKS FOR REMOVING MY FEAR THROUGH EDUCATING ME ...

  14. Bilb Ono

    Bilb Ono15 days ago

    when a dude named Jeff on youtube tells me to do something in the gym, I do it

  15. Iron Warrior

    Iron Warrior16 days ago

    I always do walking lunges and stiff legged deadlifts before squatting. And it’s improved my mobility and strength. It’s also been very successful for 90% of my clients.

  16. Andy Evans

    Andy Evans17 days ago

    You can't activate your glutes without good ankle mobility

  17. Joshua Lemire

    Joshua Lemire17 days ago

    One thing I like to do warming up the squat and feeling the right range of motion is to unrack the bar and walk it to the back of the rack so the bar is pressing the back columns. Since the path is supposed to be vertical, I like to get a feel of a perfect vertical range of motion with the bar sliding the back of the rack (hardly any force though, just enough to know it is touching the back rack)

  18. João Paulo Moura Leite

    João Paulo Moura Leite18 days ago

    I feel a pinch in the squat-hip insertion... What warm up should I do?

  19. Sami

    Sami18 days ago

    Hey Jeff. I had a surgery to the right ankle (reconstruction after 2 ripped ligament and multiple fractures, damn soccer...) and I have now more stability, but don’t have as much flexibility than before. Barely can get my knee to my toes level... I definitely can’t get that low without opening the right foot to the exterior or getting my knee going inside (valgus I think)... How would you suggest me to adapt the squat knowing my limitation? Thanks!!! 👌


    1WINDSHEAR18 days ago

    RIP your nuts...

  21. David Farnsworth

    David Farnsworth20 days ago

    Your a legend Jeff I have had injuries on both my knees and have avoided doing squats

  22. Suman Mishra

    Suman Mishra20 days ago

    Been struggling with squats. Such an aha moment! Love it when someone can explain things simply yet scientifically. Jeff's work is gold.


    TURUNCU BARAKA20 days ago

    I’m going to show you one thing you need to do before any squat that will instantly help you decrease knee discomfort and put more weight on the bar as you realize your true strength.

  24. Kirkowirko

    Kirkowirko20 days ago

    Can I use the leg curl machine to substitute for those hip thrusts? In case it’s not available

  25. Insomniac Owl

    Insomniac Owl20 days ago

    Lmao how much do you squat 😂

  26. 1961lindmikea

    1961lindmikea20 days ago

    Squat with or without your Orthopedic knee brace

  27. Human Error

    Human Error20 days ago

    Let your ass lead the way,got it.I'd do this but that means I have to change the weight and take the bar down and then back to the squat rack.. Too much work.

  28. David Butt

    David Butt22 days ago

    I usually do kettlebell thrusts. I'll have to try this next time.

  29. shadow19831

    shadow1983123 days ago

    I clicked to know why i must make that cringey ass face in the thumbnail every time i squat.

  30. D Bechtel

    D Bechtel24 days ago

    Thumbnail= Felt cute, might squat later, I dunno

  31. Tabitha's dumb-dumbs

    Tabitha's dumb-dumbs21 day ago

    Might face pull later i dunno... no wait I'm definitely doing face pulls later

  32. Pharmathlete

    Pharmathlete24 days ago

    I have no issues Squating in my hips or knee flexion but I'll definitely try it looks amazing like warm up 👍🏽 appreciated the video

  33. Peter Finfrock

    Peter Finfrock26 days ago

    Interesting tip. Will try this at my next squat workout

  34. risspartan117

    risspartan11726 days ago

    Next question, how do I stop the bar from squashing my balls when doing hip thrusts? No, seriously...

  35. ScepticMatt

    ScepticMatt26 days ago

    Use a bar pad, ideally one with a notch where your balls would be

  36. Nicholas Bowen

    Nicholas Bowen28 days ago

    Why is this I’m squatting 405 rn and I’m 180 but whenever I go down it’s harder for me then going up why is that ik my legs r strong enough to get 445 but I can’t go down all the way on 445

  37. Teacher Phill

    Teacher PhillMonth ago

    There is definitely a reason why this is the biggest fitness channel on MReporter. Thanks for all the good stuff!

  38. Billy

    BillyMonth ago

    Your videos are awesome, helping a lot with my correct mechanics as well as passing the correct knowledge and not bro science!

  39. renata brogno

    renata brognoMonth ago

    Very very helpful, THKS

  40. Marissa Sanchez

    Marissa SanchezMonth ago

    Hey!. I did thrusters today!!

  41. Erik Joosten

    Erik JoostenMonth ago

    As a cyclist I found out many years ago that when I concentrate on my gluts within pedal rotation I had a lot more power. It's basically the same, this is the first time I see some one explain why this is important.

  42. perviguana

    perviguanaMonth ago


  43. m0untainw0lf

    m0untainw0lfMonth ago

    That is exactly what I did wrong. Thank u so much

  44. Avik Chandra

    Avik ChandraMonth ago

    Excellent! I cycle before squatting. And also a bit of treadmill. I will try this from tomorrow 👍

  45. WBFbySteefen

    WBFbySteefenMonth ago

    People should not have flat hamstrings, people should have some rise, right? Leg curl machines give you rise? ? ? ! ! !

  46. O Paz

    O PazMonth ago

    Looks like it can build some serious penile caluses.

  47. Cradle the balls, swallow the gravy

    Cradle the balls, swallow the gravyMonth ago

    Just before Leg Day! 🙏👍

  48. Jyi Dorne

    Jyi DorneMonth ago

    Gotta show this video to a friend of mine who refuses to do glute bridges because "it's a ball buster move". :D

  49. Harris Axer

    Harris AxerMonth ago

    Jeff can you analyse the differences between front squat and back squat and the benefits of each for the olympic lifts?

  50. Nishan Singh - Dating and Relationship Coach

    Nishan Singh - Dating and Relationship CoachMonth ago

    Thanks Jeff, I did the hip exercise before I did squats today. It made a huge difference!!! I actually was to get a bit lower than usual when I was squatting and the intensity of the workout increased substantially. Seems I was doing the squat wrong for the past 20 years. Thanks, this advice is a Game Changer!

  51. Eddy Jimenez

    Eddy JimenezMonth ago

    Wow! Ive always been concerned with squats due to really painful kneed, im really hoping i can do a proper squat now, thanx Jeff!


    MERK RETROMonth ago

    Those are dope shoes.

  53. Roberto Smith

    Roberto SmithMonth ago

    I was supposed to go do squats tonight but I had a bowl of ice cream while watching this video. Not gonna make the gains with that routine.

  54. Bboy Arcane

    Bboy ArcaneMonth ago

    Make video DISPELLING ELECTRONIC ab stimulators

  55. jason uttley

    jason uttleyMonth ago

    tHANKS FOR explaining "how & why."

  56. Kalle Sandberg

    Kalle SandbergMonth ago

    Jeff, I have a problem. when i try this before my squatting sessions i only feel this exercise in my quads and my lower back.. Can you answer why this happens to me? im using about max 85-110 lbs in the hip thrust.

  57. ADRIAN G

    ADRIAN GMonth ago

    Awesome. I'm certainly going to try this.