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  2. The MK Show

    The MK Show7 months ago

    REACT vv

  3. jimmin jungkook

    jimmin jungkook7 months ago

    Please react to this bts performance

  4. Emo A.R.M.Y

    Emo A.R.M.Y7 months ago

    Adults react to sleeping with sirens

  5. Dania Martinez Lara

    Dania Martinez Lara7 months ago

    Elders react to Me rehusó by Dany Ocean 😭😭

  6. alive in a freaking world

    alive in a freaking world7 months ago

    Hi! Can you PLEASE do more of (Kpop) like "try not to cry challenge kpop versiom" "try not to laugh challenge" or others, PLEASE.....????

  7. A.R.M.Y Pain Buddy Pain CHOICE Pain

    A.R.M.Y Pain Buddy Pain CHOICE Pain7 months ago

    Saw RM, click right away.

  8. Vian Kuti

    Vian Kuti7 months ago

    I saw namjoon I click😍

  9. Nochu

    Nochu7 months ago

    _I see Beebo and RM, I click_

  10. ירין חזן

    ירין חזן7 months ago

    React to SARA LANCE

  11. izzy

    izzy7 months ago

    i want malcolm's tee

  12. bessi pantina

    bessi pantina7 months ago

    Bebe Rexha im a mess

  13. J Alexineee P

    J Alexineee P7 months ago

    "I can't help but smile when i hear his voice" Same, girl. Amen to that.

  14. Alex yo

    Alex yo7 months ago

    THEY USE NAMJOON 4 👀 i Saw NAMJOON and i clicked

  15. Stacy Vlogs

    Stacy Vlogs7 months ago


  16. Aiden N

    Aiden N7 months ago

    I saw RM and clicked as fast as I can

  17. jhopeslove heart

    jhopeslove heart7 months ago

    Suga Kookie same I see bts I click

  18. Alex yo

    Alex yo7 months ago

    Suga Kookie same

  19. Triumphant Min

    Triumphant Min7 months ago

    Suga Kookie SAME!

  20. Aiden N

    Aiden N7 months ago


  21. Aiden N

    Aiden N7 months ago


  22. Aiden N

    Aiden N7 months ago


  23. Tiffany Huang

    Tiffany Huang7 months ago

    who else saw namjoon and clicked???

  24. jhopeslove heart

    jhopeslove heart7 months ago

    Tiffany Huang me

  25. Stacy Vlogs

    Stacy Vlogs7 months ago


  26. Midnight Chan

    Midnight Chan7 months ago

    Tiffany Huang Me

  27. Aiden N

    Aiden N7 months ago

    Tiffany Huang me

  28. Charity E.

    Charity E.7 months ago

    That enemies shirt is great 😂

  29. Scott Huber

    Scott Huber7 months ago

    0:49 who tf if Adam Lavine. Is it the knockoff Adam Levine?

  30. Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles7 months ago


  31. ew ronnie

    ew ronnie7 months ago

    BTS a N d pAnIc??? y e s

  32. Skylar paige

    Skylar paige7 months ago

    the way she said adam levine😂😂😂

  33. Andrea Morales

    Andrea Morales7 months ago

    Que sed, nadie conocía a los bities :'''v

  34. Hollye Wright torrealba

    Hollye Wright torrealba7 months ago

    Start again

  35. Stephanie Stephenson

    Stephanie Stephenson7 months ago

    Sharon is forever my favorite

  36. Stephanie Stephenson

    Stephanie Stephenson7 months ago

    Cortney She's seriously the best 😭

  37. Cortney

    Cortney7 months ago

    Stephanie Stephenson she’s my hero 😍

  38. Bleh122602

    Bleh1226027 months ago


  39. Bleh122602

    Bleh1226027 months ago

    I saw my queen, my king, and my monster>>>>>*click*

  40. Zoya A

    Zoya A7 months ago


  41. Ernesto Ricardo

    Ernesto Ricardo7 months ago

    Zoya A BTS

  42. beeba stunner

    beeba stunner7 months ago

    I don't even know atleast half of these songs ......... . Wow I need a life

  43. Amanda De la puente pino

    Amanda De la puente pino7 months ago

    It's very simple. I see Namjoon, I click the video. Easy as that

  44. Jung Hoseok

    Jung Hoseok7 months ago

    I saw Namjoon and Brendon sooo

  45. carys newman

    carys newman7 months ago

    Idk y people like BTS so much, they’re not that good

  46. Natalia Cruz

    Natalia Cruz7 months ago

    Yesssss, their songs are pretty average, they have better choreography tho lol

  47. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY7 months ago

    carys newman just wanna say one day u'll regret saying this lol

  48. Oumaima Amri

    Oumaima Amri7 months ago

    I said that first thing when I start watching them .. trust me I changed my mind after that

  49. Cate lawrence

    Cate lawrence7 months ago


  50. A multifandom trash That lives for kpop memes

    A multifandom trash That lives for kpop memes7 months ago

    It's fine honestly it's your opinion not gonna judge anyway have a great day and I'm sorry for behalf of the other armies who will try to bash you💜

  51. Yoongi's Milkshake

    Yoongi's Milkshake7 months ago

    *"A lot of people in the world love k-pop"* FAXXXXX 👌

  52. A

    A7 months ago

    That enemies shirt 💚



    I saw namjoon so...

  54. KawaiiKoala

    KawaiiKoala7 months ago

    Who else was raging when the adults couldn't figure out the song by BTS

  55. Anthony a45678

    Anthony a456787 months ago

    Teens or adults react to SAD! Music video

  56. fatuma abdi

    fatuma abdi7 months ago

    I see BTS, I click

  57. Alex yo

    Alex yo7 months ago

    ChristianD.O.Official SAME ARMY 4 LIFE

  58. TheGrimReaper 101

    TheGrimReaper 1017 months ago

    ChristianD.O.Official SAME

  59. kpopthings •

    kpopthings •7 months ago


  60. louiseA stanley3

    louiseA stanley37 months ago

    Is he wearing a rocket racoon top (gardians of the galaxy )

  61. Jasmine

    Jasmine7 months ago

    6:00 "my daughters gonna be mad at me" LMAOO

  62. Its AriDits

    Its AriDits7 months ago

    Me: **sees RM** **clicks damn fast**

  63. KawaiiKoala

    KawaiiKoala7 months ago


  64. Virginia Ingles

    Virginia Ingles7 months ago

    life with Arianne I know sammeee I’m an army

  65. Maria Cruz

    Maria Cruz7 months ago

    Me too.. I see namjoon from BTS❤ y CLIK!!!

  66. Yasmin M

    Yasmin M7 months ago

    "i saw ___ and i clicked so fast" ok we get it now what

  67. Olivia Martin

    Olivia Martin7 months ago



    BTSX ARMY7 months ago

    I JUst realize they listen to bts lmao

  69. kaitlyn slagle

    kaitlyn slagle7 months ago

    im a simple human. i see brendon and bts, i click

  70. ew ronnie

    ew ronnie7 months ago

    gracen same

  71. salgadinha

    salgadinha7 months ago

    gracen I came to the comments to find that comment

  72. Arshi 25

    Arshi 257 months ago

    Most of us are here for Brendon and Namjoon. Admit it 😂💜

  73. ew ronnie

    ew ronnie7 months ago


  74. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY7 months ago

    Arshi 25 I'm for namjoon ;)

  75. Cate lawrence

    Cate lawrence7 months ago


  76. Alex

    Alex7 months ago

    Arshi 25 I’m not

  77. DamnJoseChill

    DamnJoseChill7 months ago

    Do you all just Stan Cardi B or something? Have them react to Nicki’s new stuff!

  78. Jemma Morrison

    Jemma Morrison7 months ago

    Why is this my exact Spotify playlist 😂😂😂

  79. yuna ur hope ur angel

    yuna ur hope ur angel7 months ago

    I see smthng bts related i click :'( i would like my parents to react to these songs too lmao

  80. Monkeh

    Monkeh7 months ago

    I like how all of army is just here for bts, I clicked at the speed of light when I saw brendon 😂

  81. chizuru takano

    chizuru takano7 months ago

    i see Brendon i clicked lol

  82. ew ronnie

    ew ronnie7 months ago


  83. Bread Jinie

    Bread Jinie7 months ago

    How do they not know BTS

  84. Bread Jinie

    Bread Jinie7 months ago

    juanita tu hermana la kawaii im not saying they had to or anything but BTS is everywhere now in days

  85. Bread Jinie

    Bread Jinie7 months ago

    Raven Maniates true

  86. Raven Maniates

    Raven Maniates7 months ago

    Elizabeth Likke ikr like you can't go your life without hearing about them.

  87. Virginia Ingles

    Virginia Ingles7 months ago

    U know bts-suga

  88. juanita tu hermana la kawaii

    juanita tu hermana la kawaii7 months ago

    Not everyone likes bts girl

  89. Bread Jinie

    Bread Jinie7 months ago

    Just came because of BTS


    CLARY BTW7 months ago

    Elizabeth Likke Same

  91. Itzel Montalvo

    Itzel Montalvo7 months ago

    I see anything related to BTS * I CLICK*

  92. Virginia Ingles

    Virginia Ingles7 months ago

    Itzel Montalvo army infires man

  93. BTS spreading love and life

    BTS spreading love and life7 months ago

    I see Kim Namjoon * I click*

  94. Giovanni Piccione

    Giovanni Piccione7 months ago

    Panic at the disco concert in 2 weeks!!!!!

  95. Magaly x kpop

    Magaly x kpop7 months ago



    MEME EXPERT7 months ago



    CLARY BTW7 months ago


  98. Robert Burton

    Robert Burton7 months ago

    I literally clicked on the video because I saw Brendon😂

  99. Sheccid Larios

    Sheccid Larios7 months ago

    i saw namjoon and clicked so fast

  100. CLARY BTW

    CLARY BTW7 months ago

    Sei Sei Same

  101. Aaliyah Chothia

    Aaliyah Chothia7 months ago

    K pop and panic's new album? By far my favourite episode

  102. Rana A.

    Rana A.7 months ago


  103. Volgs With Shakaekay

    Volgs With Shakaekay7 months ago

    Bts my favorite band

  104. Robert Adams

    Robert Adams7 months ago

    Tyler called Beyoncé generic. Where he at? I just wanna talk.

  105. Anel Perez

    Anel Perez7 months ago


  106. Justin Felderhof

    Justin Felderhof7 months ago

    Anel Perez yassssss

  107. iluxxchim C

    iluxxchim C7 months ago

    “What is he saying” that’s rasicts bruh

  108. Kiara Roper

    Kiara Roper7 months ago

    Elizabeth Castellanos Not really considering he thought he was listening to English music. And some of the lyrics are in English so he would have assumed it was all but it isn't. It's ignorance but not rasicm.

  109. Kim Namjoon For President

    Kim Namjoon For President7 months ago

    I came for BTS cuz i saw ma boi Namjoon

  110. Sina Faber

    Sina Faber7 months ago

    React to Hollywood Undead! :)

  111. Sister Seoul

    Sister Seoul7 months ago


  112. Anan Baban

    Anan Baban7 months ago

    "It really makes me sad that i like a Taylor Swift song" LOL

  113. Andrew Esau

    Andrew Esau7 months ago

    I knew..... None of these.... I'm 19..... That's ok I also liked none of them.

  114. GodAlex

    GodAlex7 months ago

    Adam Lavine 😂

  115. Cristina Freire

    Cristina Freire7 months ago


  116. Levy-lee Landus

    Levy-lee Landus7 months ago

    “Cardi b but that’s not who it is” had me dead🤣

  117. Alexis/ Lexus101

    Alexis/ Lexus1017 months ago

    Cardi B, BTS, Beyonce, Jay Z, Dua Lipa like yassss my people👏❤

  118. Alexis/ Lexus101

    Alexis/ Lexus1017 months ago

    I love it

  119. lapeachMC

    lapeachMC7 months ago

    I dont really get why people constantly mistake FOB and P!ATD... Sorry but Brendon has FAR better vocals and less effects on his voice.

  120. The Lucky Nine

    The Lucky Nine7 months ago

    Labrinth, Sia, Diplo - Genius

  121. María Araceli Montalván Aranda

    María Araceli Montalván Aranda7 months ago

    Bueno. Por lo.menos les hicieron escuchar a BTS

  122. Tomas Garcia Salazar

    Tomas Garcia Salazar7 months ago

    5:59 *gasps* my daughters gonna be so mad at me 😂😂😂😂

  123. Evi Bezemer

    Evi Bezemer7 months ago

    I love Tyler's shirt

  124. Hibaq

    Hibaq7 months ago

    React to god is a women by Ariana Grande!!!!!

  125. fairyfeller

    fairyfeller7 months ago

    i love panic! at the disco so much

  126. Lê Phong

    Lê Phong7 months ago

    React to Bohemian Rhapsody trailer, please!!!!! PLEASSSSSSSSE!!!

  127. Sujoy Kumar Shinde

    Sujoy Kumar Shinde7 months ago Peabo Bryson

  128. ArmyGalaxy

    ArmyGalaxy7 months ago

    My boy Namjoon 💕💕💕💕

  129. Yousef Siddiq

    Yousef Siddiq7 months ago

    Bye bts kpop

  130. Janica Diwa

    Janica Diwa7 months ago

    I saw RM I clicked 😂✌

  131. hottiehamid *on ig*

    hottiehamid *on ig*7 months ago

    Haha sameeeee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  132. Esk Etit

    Esk Etit7 months ago

    Janica Diwa who?

  133. CarolinesConcertVids

    CarolinesConcertVids7 months ago

    Haha my dad always get confused between Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy as well

  134. Flower Queen

    Flower Queen7 months ago

    " I don't mean to toot my own horn, but beep beep"

  135. JP Eloff

    JP Eloff7 months ago

    Got all of them yay!

  136. forgotten_ _serenity

    forgotten_ _serenity7 months ago

    Love this 💕

  137. BRUNO B

    BRUNO B7 months ago

    I come her for my boy RM

  138. Chi Quynh

    Chi Quynh7 months ago

    Same lmao I see bts I click

  139. BRUNO B

    BRUNO B7 months ago

    This nice ...

  140. yeanli gonzalez

    yeanli gonzalez7 months ago

    rap walker same

  141. Addisyn

    Addisyn7 months ago

    Do Why don’t We In the next video!!!

  142. LOVEitNoTOvEr I

    LOVEitNoTOvEr I7 months ago

    I see RM I click this

  143. YoonMin Kim

    YoonMin Kim7 months ago

    Mom shookt! 😂😂 "MY DAUGHTER 'S GONNA BE MAD AT ME "

  144. Ari

    Ari7 months ago

    I literally screamed when Panic! At The Disco came on

  145. Awsome Kid

    Awsome Kid7 months ago

    Panic at the disco

  146. min x yoongi

    min x yoongi7 months ago

    I saw RM sooooo here I am

  147. Jerid Smith

    Jerid Smith7 months ago

    so many girl songs.

  148. H Barton

    H Barton7 months ago

    I screamed outload when BTS played, no joke