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  1. REACT

    REACT9 days ago

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  2. Oleg Kuznetsov

    Oleg KuznetsovDay ago

    💗💙💗 *Arė уоu lооking* 💗💙💗 *fоr hоt wоmеn in* 💗💙💗 *уоur neighbоurhооd* ? 💗💙💗 💗💙💗 *Аrė yоu lȯoking* 💗💙💗 *fоr hоt wоmėn in* 💗💙💗 *yоur nеighbȯurhȯȯd* ? 💗💙💗

  3. Jordan Martirossian

    Jordan MartirossianHour ago

    I haven’t heard half these songs on the radio, so they must not be very popular.

  4. ThatHipstaNinja

    ThatHipstaNinja2 hours ago

    React to Shinedown!

  5. Muhamad Rachmat

    Muhamad Rachmat2 hours ago

    Their react to K-Pop please!!!

  6. Jo L

    Jo L4 hours ago

    Janelle monae pynk

  7. Jarl Lillebø

    Jarl Lillebø6 hours ago

    Ariana is the only one I'd recognize. The rap/hip/hop stuff is so interchangeable, and there's never just 1 artist making it a lot harder to remember. Also Zedd overproduces his stuff like crazy, I agree :p

  8. Music Vevo

    Music Vevo8 hours ago

    Came for Ariana lol

  9. Avery Test

    Avery Test15 hours ago

    I have listened to so much music all the way back 70s and i got to tell you that most hip hop and rap songs are remixed or sampled from past songs.

  10. Rusty Grapes

    Rusty Grapes13 hours ago

    Avery Test yeah especially 90s rap, lots of good samples there from funk

  11. Loveable Liah

    Loveable Liah16 hours ago

    Nicki Minaj - Chung Li or Barbie Tingz

  12. Dania Brown

    Dania Brown16 hours ago

    Please have the parents react to Youth by Shawn Mendes and Khalid!

  13. caston4567

    caston456717 hours ago

    Chun-Li/Nicki Minaj react

  14. messedupdweeb

    messedupdweeb17 hours ago

    Malcolm is such a DILF. Dammit.

  15. JTR

    JTR18 hours ago

    Walk It, Talk It sounds like a ghetto version of Dr. Seuss "There's a Wocket in my Pocket"

  16. Shelby Dolan

    Shelby Dolan17 hours ago

    I’m wheezing😂💀

  17. Frankie J

    Frankie J20 hours ago


  18. Sebastien McCarthy

    Sebastien McCarthy22 hours ago

    Dude...that RedLetterMedia shirt though. Rich Evans makes me happy.

  19. LNW/ Truth

    LNW/ Truth23 hours ago

    They need to react to token

  20. Seth Wright

    Seth Wright23 hours ago

    Most of these songs aren’t even that popular

  21. Johnny Teigen

    Johnny Teigen22 hours ago


  22. Rejen Kestay

    Rejen KestayDay ago

    Is the first person drake nice for what

  23. AbbieHasNoSoul

    AbbieHasNoSoulDay ago

    Parents react to BTS please :)

  24. Zeta Greene

    Zeta Greene18 hours ago


  25. Carlos Olea Sixtos

    Carlos Olea SixtosDay ago

    this is all disposal music

  26. Filip

    FilipDay ago

    Carlos Olea Sixtos Yeah listen to it a couple of times and forgot about them.

  27. Clorox Modz

    Clorox ModzDay ago

    Next time listen to Royce Da 5’9’’ caterpillar ft Eminem

  28. Emmanuel D G Rebollo

    Emmanuel D G RebolloDay ago

    who's the man in the plaid shirt He's very handsome

  29. run4walk

    run4walkDay ago

    It's not shameful in the slightest to not know these "artists"

  30. franscesca lewars

    franscesca lewarsDay ago

    I’m gonna enjoy this

  31. Kjr19_ Gaming

    Kjr19_ GamingDay ago

    I knew most of them *coughs* NO TEARS LEFT TO CRY ARINAN GRANDE

  32. nature healer

    nature healerDay ago

    Do a reaction of no tears left to cry

  33. nature healer

    nature healerDay ago

    I am just waitinf for ari

  34. Sandra Birken

    Sandra BirkenDay ago


  35. mg

    mgDay ago

    MUSE 💗🖤💕💜💖💕💖💗

  36. mg

    mgDay ago

    Jennifer hahaha, yes. I really love muse so much

  37. Jennifer

    JenniferDay ago

    mg legit the only song I knew and the only one that was tolerable.

  38. Fatchoi 27

    Fatchoi 27Day ago

    I Knew 4 Artist & 2 Songs

  39. CocoaButter578

    CocoaButter578Day ago

    I wish Malcom was my dad 😫😫😫

  40. K. Prater

    K. Prater23 hours ago

    He's so great isn't he?

  41. Nuke Gaming

    Nuke GamingDay ago

    Do the childish Gambino

  42. martha de anda

    martha de andaDay ago

    man, I love J cole

  43. Leighann Kelvington

    Leighann KelvingtonDay ago

    Please help fund my new project. I need to buy a variety of books to use for read alouds that are aligned with the kindergarten literacy curriculum I purchased.

  44. Kayla Zettlemoyer

    Kayla ZettlemoyerDay ago

    Teens react to modern country music

  45. Brandon Hazel

    Brandon HazelDay ago

    What do you consider modern exactly lol

  46. Brock198

    Brock198Day ago

    It's gonna be Lil' something.. lol XD

  47. Nathan Ramirez

    Nathan RamirezDay ago

    React to Chung Li

  48. w47willrise ?

    w47willrise ?Day ago

    I have only heard 2 songs and I'm 19.

  49. Liam McCoy

    Liam McCoyDay ago

    I’m 17 and didn’t get a single fricking song...

  50. Phillip Kardashian

    Phillip KardashianDay ago

    React to Chung li

  51. Makayla O'Neill

    Makayla O'NeillDay ago

    React to Chun li!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Mona Like Mangos

    Mona Like MangosDay ago

    3:12 sO tRuE ...

  53. Denise Michelle

    Denise MichelleDay ago

    Could you guys please put some modern rock in some of these? Like 30 Seconds to Mars or Shinedown? It just seems like it's all hip-hop and rap in these videos sometimes...

  54. Blair fowler

    Blair fowlerDay ago

    There was 2 rap songs the rest was pop

  55. lizzie

    lizzieDay ago

    Denise Michelle I believe that they choose the music that is popular at the moment, so that explains all the hip-hop.

  56. Randy Zuleta

    Randy ZuletaDay ago

    React To The Killers

  57. Perridoot Peña

    Perridoot PeñaDay ago

    React to chun li

  58. Eli Hatake

    Eli HatakeDay ago

    Sharon looking like Jason Vorhees mom in that sweater

  59. Brooke Williams

    Brooke WilliamsDay ago

    I’m so sorry Ariana baby

  60. Sebastien McCarthy

    Sebastien McCarthy22 hours ago

    I’m sorry she exists.

  61. Quayla Morris

    Quayla MorrisDay ago

    Brooke Williams right.. That one lady was so mean 🤦🏾‍♀️

  62. Kyla's Life

    Kyla's LifeDay ago

    "long time no hear" *what about God's Plan?*

  63. Anna ,

    Anna ,Day ago

    Min.8.52 me: AW HELL NAWW

  64. Stan Peeters

    Stan PeetersDay ago

    8:10 i’m dead😂

  65. matt matt

    matt matt2 days ago

    Elders react to gangster rap

  66. Countryenergized

    Countryenergized2 days ago

    I kinda want to see Parents react to Kpop. Specifically BTS and StrayKids.

  67. Trey Hendricks

    Trey Hendricks2 days ago

    Countryenergized YESSSSSS

  68. Dabbing King

    Dabbing King2 days ago

    React to love me long time

  69. OG Uprising

    OG Uprising2 days ago

    Next music one play some Post Malone like Paranoid or Spoil My Night

  70. Leonardo Escalante

    Leonardo Escalante2 days ago

    React to “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun Li” by Nicki Minaj

  71. Sigh Mel

    Sigh Mel2 days ago


  72. Hello KitKat

    Hello KitKat2 days ago

    Im a Young Person™ and I had only heard three of these, plus I could only place the name and artist of one

  73. Wesley Kay

    Wesley Kay2 days ago

    yes, way too much auto tune

  74. Madilyn Week

    Madilyn Week2 days ago

    Hi you are amazing

  75. 0greenworld

    0greenworld2 days ago

    I'm barley 18 and I have never heard any of these songs

  76. Lilah H

    Lilah HDay ago

    Seriously because I've been listening to nothing but Drake for a week

  77. Noah Ray

    Noah RayDay ago

    Do U live under a rock?

  78. Idzottun

    Idzottun2 days ago


  79. reubenbf

    reubenbf2 days ago

    yes Jim I notice that Red Letter Media shirt

  80. Gordz95

    Gordz952 days ago

    What about chun li?

  81. Yago Too

    Yago Too2 days ago

    I do not want to know this music. It is crap. The good stuff is out there, but you have to find it...

  82. David Gutierrez

    David Gutierrez2 days ago

    Yago Too Like what?

  83. nawsi gowreng

    nawsi gowreng2 days ago

    React to 13 Reasons Why Season 2 please!

  84. nawsi gowreng

    nawsi gowreng2 days ago

    they did for the trailer. not the whole season 2

  85. Ben Carlson

    Ben Carlson2 days ago

    nawsi gowreng they did I think

  86. Faith M

    Faith M2 days ago

    Please please The back street boys have a new 2018 song can you make parents react to it please its so goood Please please

  87. Faith M

    Faith M2 days ago

    Please please The back street boys have a new 2018 song can you make parents react to it please its so goood Please please

  88. Faith M

    Faith M2 days ago

    Please please The back street boys have a new 2018 song can you make parents react to it please its so goood Please please

  89. Faith M

    Faith M2 days ago

    Please please The back street boys have a new 2018 song can you make parents react to it please its so goood Please please

  90. Haley Laws

    Haley Laws2 days ago

    parents react to lil tay

  91. Tania Côté

    Tania Côté2 days ago

    Do a Charmed Reboot react #oldfansvsnewfans