1. REACT

    REACT11 months ago

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  2. justin mendoza

    justin mendoza11 months ago

    REACT: React to Lil Skies!!!

  3. Pe-Te

    Pe-Te11 months ago

    I wanna see SCOTT's comments to George Michael. Rip.

  4. Mansour Saliba

    Mansour Saliba11 months ago


  5. Charlotte Neumann

    Charlotte Neumann11 months ago

    Please please please do a teens or college kids react to The Hillywood Show. Their Suicide Squad Parody is amazing and they're doing such a great job making these videos and puts a lot of effort into it. It's so worth watching!

  6. Rosanna Croes

    Rosanna Croes11 months ago

    React to 5 seconds of summer!!! Again!!

  7. jraclark

    jraclark11 months ago

    Yessss Next To Me - Imagine Dragons ❤❤ that actuall made my day ✌

  8. Astrid Adames

    Astrid Adames11 months ago

    Adults react to bazzi album cosmic

  9. Duy Gu

    Duy Gu11 months ago

    LOL I only knew Mine 😂

  10. Simon Görlinger

    Simon Görlinger11 months ago

    Please let them react to german music!

  11. house

    house11 months ago

    Pieces of Korn 😂. Also digging the Love Activist shirt.

  12. Àlëx Jàmës Àçëvëdø

    Àlëx Jàmës Àçëvëdø11 months ago

    Who else started screaming the lyrics to say Amen 😍😍 by Panic!

  13. Meghan Miller

    Meghan Miller11 months ago

    This just made me realize I'm a parent

  14. sergejisd

    sergejisd11 months ago

    Adults, teens and FBE staff react to le president francais Emmanuel Macron's speech to the US congress. I am not French.

  15. Andres Ramírez

    Andres Ramírez11 months ago

    React to lil tay

  16. Andres Ramírez

    Andres Ramírez11 months ago

    Guy wearing world cup usa kit😂😂😂

  17. Amirah Jones

    Amirah Jones11 months ago

    Parents react to J. Cole’s new album KOD !!

  18. FormaAlert

    FormaAlert11 months ago

    lmao 6ix9ine

  19. Jordan Frost

    Jordan Frost11 months ago

    when he said rex Orange County I peeed

  20. Elizabeth Albarran

    Elizabeth Albarran11 months ago

    Delicate Taylor swift and in my blood Shawn mendes

  21. claudia claudia

    claudia claudia11 months ago

    React:Avicii. That would be nice

  22. TøP Fanatic

    TøP Fanatic11 months ago

    I only knew “meant to be” By FGL & BeBeRehxa and “Mine” By Bazzi and im 17 I LIVE IN THIS MODERN MUSIC ERA WHY WAS THIS SO HARD?

  23. May

    May11 months ago

    Tøp Fanatic clique 🕶

  24. Timothy Brown

    Timothy Brown11 months ago

    People make their own playlist instead listening to the radio, no is to blame.

  25. InTrenchimnøtAløne

    InTrenchimnøtAløne11 months ago

    Tøp Fanatic Hi |-/

  26. riley stevenson

    riley stevenson11 months ago

    Tøp Fanatic I KNOW ME TOO

  27. elton Gordon

    elton Gordon11 months ago

    Well to be honest i've never heard most of these songs

  28. TøP Fanatic

    TøP Fanatic11 months ago

    elton Gordon me either i knew 2 and im 17

  29. Moinmoin

    Moinmoin11 months ago

    can you put Harry Styles or anyone else from 1D in here? like you've literally never showed them any of their songs except one time. Please, i think they would like their music, especially Harry

  30. Lil z3k Official

    Lil z3k Official11 months ago


  31. Scott Orr

    Scott Orr11 months ago

    Only heard of one artist, and the songs are all generic sounding bland crap that I've never heard before. Yep, I'm old.

  32. Just run

    Just run11 months ago

    I know two songs, seems we listen to other music in Germany xD

  33. assouma labidi

    assouma labidi11 months ago

    I only know 2😑btw i am 23

  34. Sharnie Gujjar

    Sharnie Gujjar11 months ago

    I'm 26 and i only knew 2 of them. The rest have never played in the Uk. Songs like that seriously chart in the US. And people say if you make it in the US music-wise you make it everywhere. Totally untrue.

  35. letebrhan gobezy

    letebrhan gobezy11 months ago

    I’m 13 and I know none of these songs...

  36. kaden dsouza

    kaden dsouza11 months ago

    Do you live in a hut?

  37. Tory Cox

    Tory Cox11 months ago

    SCOTT IS A TRUE BABY!!! Y’cuda? Y’advertising? Helping Daddy back up the Brinks truck?

  38. Chris Bledsoe

    Chris Bledsoe11 months ago

    The only one I knew was “What it is” it’s been on the Big Un’s countdown like the last month and half

  39. alexa torres

    alexa torres11 months ago


  40. jules

    jules11 months ago

    Screamed when Panic came on whoops🤷🏻‍♀️

  41. RadioTrashMeme

    RadioTrashMeme11 months ago

    react to lilTAY

  42. Angel Cole

    Angel Cole11 months ago

    Nicki minaj

  43. Angel Cole

    Angel Cole11 months ago

    Chun li

  44. Angel Cole

    Angel Cole11 months ago

    React Chun li

  45. npent numbanine

    npent numbanine11 months ago


  46. Mam 14

    Mam 1411 months ago

    Haven't heard most of these

  47. Lennon Turner

    Lennon Turner11 months ago

    React to Lil Xan PLEASEEEEE

  48. Matthew Przybyla

    Matthew Przybyla11 months ago

    Where did Jason get his Iron Giant tee shirt?

  49. Mikayla Behm

    Mikayla Behm11 months ago


  50. Rebecca Leonard

    Rebecca Leonard11 months ago

    I'm 19, and I use these videos to stay updated with modern music.

  51. Joshua López

    Joshua López11 months ago


  52. Matthew Przybyla

    Matthew Przybyla11 months ago

    Me too. But I'm 25.

  53. Kristoffer Flaglien

    Kristoffer Flaglien11 months ago

    Haha same. The early 2000's music is more my deal.

  54. Brittney Lopez

    Brittney Lopez11 months ago

    Adults react to 6ix9ine😂❗️

  55. Jadine Leggett

    Jadine Leggett11 months ago

    Bazzi 😍😍😍👌

  56. sherah95

    sherah9511 months ago

    i'm 22 and i only knew the last three songs. wtf. I thought i was on top of things....

  57. Betsy Dominguez

    Betsy Dominguez11 months ago


  58. Flebby

    Flebby11 months ago

    Adults React To Cummo

  59. Flebby

    Flebby11 months ago

    I see a Black Women I click

  60. Sarah Sarah

    Sarah Sarah11 months ago

    Flebby nice to know

  61. Flebby

    Flebby11 months ago

    Adults React To Human Flesh

  62. Daniel Loacker

    Daniel Loacker11 months ago

    *Brendon Urie* !!!!!

  63. killjxy

    killjxy11 months ago


  64. Walker Schlott

    Walker Schlott11 months ago

    I mean they are both pop punk bands with lead vocalists with extremely large vocal ranges

  65. killjxy

    killjxy11 months ago

    I see Brendon Urie, I click

  66. R. P. Neh

    R. P. Neh11 months ago

    and that's why FBE uses his face lmao

  67. Natalie Fletcher

    Natalie Fletcher11 months ago


  68. Habso

    Habso11 months ago

    Yall really started with Imagine Dragons' NEXT TO ME and the waterworks done started over here. I love them AND that song. Solid choice FBE.

  69. Japanar

    Japanar11 months ago

    when he guessed kid cudi on the 69 i literally yelled at my monitor

  70. Avianey Gaming

    Avianey Gaming11 months ago

    When I see Brendon Urie I click

  71. HarvardLaw22'

    HarvardLaw22'11 months ago

    When you’re 17 and only know a few of them

  72. Stone Tussey

    Stone Tussey11 months ago

    Please react to imagine Dragons. I’ve been waiting so long

  73. Kermittera

    Kermittera11 months ago

    i only knew brendon! at the urie oof

  74. SmashTheBandicoot

    SmashTheBandicoot11 months ago

    React to The Struts or the Band Avatar

  75. Chris Bledsoe

    Chris Bledsoe11 months ago

    SmashTheBandicoot Avatar is amazing🙌🏻🙌🏻

  76. Kendra Williams

    Kendra Williams11 months ago

    I saw Brendon and I CLICKED

  77. Ruby Red

    Ruby Red11 months ago


  78. Carlie Does Everything

    Carlie Does Everything11 months ago

    me too

  79. Hannah Wasserman

    Hannah Wasserman11 months ago

    When u roast me in the comments just be a little nice hahahahahaha 😊

  80. Angel Cole

    Angel Cole11 months ago

    Barbie tingz

  81. Angel Cole

    Angel Cole11 months ago

    React to nicki Minaj

  82. Angel Cole

    Angel Cole11 months ago

    React to chun Li

  83. 줄리 Juli

    줄리 Juli11 months ago

    JANELLE ! So happy she's there

  84. Simran Pachnanda

    Simran Pachnanda11 months ago

    Elders and Music related videos PLEASE!

  85. Sydnee Chesley

    Sydnee Chesley11 months ago

    I'm 22 and Idk any of these songs. 😂

  86. Livi Sullivan

    Livi Sullivan11 months ago

    I’m 13 I New literally 2 songs 🤦🏼‍♀️

  87. riley stevenson

    riley stevenson11 months ago

    i’m seventeen and i literally only knew one song...

  88. Moth Nibba

    Moth Nibba11 months ago


  89. Kevin2HD

    Kevin2HD11 months ago

    kid cudi...

  90. grace Sidney

    grace Sidney11 months ago


  91. aye

    aye11 months ago

    LMAO SAME i love them tho

  92. Johanna Allegra

    Johanna Allegra11 months ago

    omg i literally only knew Panic at the disco and then the weird smile meme song

  93. mikhail gleeson

    mikhail gleeson11 months ago

    I want that Iron Giant shirt

  94. Alex McCree

    Alex McCree11 months ago

    Hey! Imagine Dragons!

  95. Jade Hansen

    Jade Hansen11 months ago

    I am a mom but I’m only 28 & literally only knew one song. Which was the Florida Georgia line. Didn’t even know that song but recognized the voices. Guess I’m becoming my parents already 😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  96. hellowhitty

    hellowhitty11 months ago

    Wow Jonathan Davis did that. Hated Korn, but I loved that track.

  97. Dr XXXSTAN

    Dr XXXSTAN11 months ago

    Got all of them right I'm proud of myself bc I'm 12 y/o

  98. GamerTagTomHD

    GamerTagTomHD11 months ago

    That is nothing to be proud of...

  99. N Y

    N Y11 months ago


  100. Jennifer White

    Jennifer White11 months ago

    React to Sza!!

  101. Jessica Hawks

    Jessica Hawks11 months ago

    I'm ancient I know but I will never not know Jonathan Davis!!!!!!! Korn was my band and will always be my band

  102. meeuh

    meeuh11 months ago



    MASKIL CROW11 months ago

    Yeesss, Jonathan Davis♥

  104. kensley

    kensley11 months ago


  105. c f

    c f11 months ago


  106. Oscar Zarate

    Oscar Zarate11 months ago

    Could y’all bring Mike Shinoda back for his new album? 🙏🏽

  107. Vanessa A.

    Vanessa A.11 months ago

    I literally only knew Janelle's and Panic! At the Disco😂😂😂😂

  108. Unicorn Master

    Unicorn Master11 months ago


  109. GeT oUt My RoOm, I'm PlAyInG MiNeCrAfT! !

    GeT oUt My RoOm, I'm PlAyInG MiNeCrAfT! !11 months ago

    Zephyr Gale257 Can't argue

  110. Zephyr Gale257

    Zephyr Gale25711 months ago

    Unicorn Master ME TO FRIEND. It’s the only reason I clicked on it

  111. Melissa Pannone

    Melissa Pannone11 months ago


  112. a person.

    a person.11 months ago

    8:50 honestly as a huge fan of both fob and patd I can't get mad at the guy for mixing the 2 up, they do have similar voices

  113. Simran Chadha

    Simran Chadha11 months ago

    OML The parents face during Gummo PRICELE$$$$$$$$$$$$

  114. Mae Al Issawi

    Mae Al Issawi11 months ago

    Simran Chadha

  115. IamMissRuby

    IamMissRuby11 months ago

    Of course, you had to hit me with that song right off the bat

  116. sang woo

    sang woo11 months ago

    I'm going to the panic at the disco consert in Aug

  117. Dwight Schrute

    Dwight Schrute11 months ago

    Same!! I’m so excited!!

  118. Cindy Rodriguez

    Cindy Rodriguez11 months ago


  119. Ruby Red

    Ruby Red11 months ago


  120. Kendra Schuster

    Kendra Schuster11 months ago

    I'm going to the one in July

  121. Hailey Alice

    Hailey Alice11 months ago

    you lucky! have fun!

  122. Beebo! at the Urie _

    Beebo! at the Urie _11 months ago

    I saw brendon and clicked so fast

  123. Zephyr Gale257

    Zephyr Gale25711 months ago

    Haha me too

  124. sang woo

    sang woo11 months ago

    Eazy! at the Urie MEEEEEE

  125. Deja Coldiron

    Deja Coldiron11 months ago

    React to hobo Johnson Romeo and Juliet

  126. Jody Boettinger

    Jody Boettinger11 months ago

    dang my ears were hurting, true story..not for me(music) jmo

  127. Purely Imperfection

    Purely Imperfection11 months ago

    I don't even know half of the songs...and I am a

  128. LilManJJ57

    LilManJJ5711 months ago

    i knew korn and P!atd. im 14 lol.

  129. Masaki Posey

    Masaki Posey11 months ago

    Yeah. they picked a few songs that aren't really popular

  130. OneDamnBoy

    OneDamnBoy11 months ago

    Omg Jason is a dilf

  131. Devon Quintana

    Devon Quintana11 months ago

    OneDamnBoy honestly I only watch parents and adults react if he’s on it!!

  132. Sascha Hofman

    Sascha Hofman11 months ago

    More Rock Music Please.

  133. citrusmeme

    citrusmeme11 months ago


  134. vincent •

    vincent •11 months ago

    Im seeing him in august

  135. Katie Ramont

    Katie Ramont11 months ago

    Madison B have fun!! I’m jealous (:

  136. alex dani

    alex dani11 months ago

    gummo by 6ix9ine and say amen by brendon urie 😍😍,, all i knew lmfao edit: + mine by bazzi

  137. Sarah Shepardas

    Sarah Shepardas11 months ago

    I knew make me feel, mine, gummo and meant to be

  138. RoseGoldASMR

    RoseGoldASMR11 months ago


  139. nikki

    nikki11 months ago

    Im a very simple human being, I see Brendon Urie, I click

  140. Brianna Hegarty

    Brianna Hegarty11 months ago

    "Meant to be" is probably the LEAST country song out there right now. If this song comes out right after a Drake song on the same station then its very much not a country song

  141. Nguyen Bao Viet

    Nguyen Bao Viet11 months ago