Do All Cheaters Think The Same?


  1. Diandra Phua

    Diandra Phua9 minutes ago

    she hit the whoa

  2. Omar Arreola

    Omar Arreola24 minutes ago

    Wtf this era people trying normalize this destructive behavior

  3. kimberly

    kimberly42 minutes ago

    12:50 eye

  4. K B

    K B43 minutes ago

    I would like to see this with a few older people and maybe a couple more men. Most of them seem very young and immature. Guessing that's why some of their answers are just trying to justify their actions.

  5. AyEsJay

    AyEsJay46 minutes ago

    These People Are So Deluded

  6. Fayxinas

    FayxinasHour ago

    *The comments section is toxic monogamy in a nutshell*

  7. JonniesMusica

    JonniesMusicaHour ago

    A lot of self-righteousness in this comment section. Guess everyone on here is an angel.

  8. Uriel Canales

    Uriel CanalesHour ago

    Cheaters are the worst because they not only break their partners' trust, but they might expose them to STDs.

  9. Юля Тен

    Юля ТенHour ago

    I liked there are 4 girls and one man so, no one would rub into my face that men cheat cuz they are polygamous by nature and it is totally normal, while women should defend their virtue by all means cuz we are born to devote to one and only man. I was told so by so many men and women here in my country. Once i biology scientist was trying to convince me that cheating is a totally normal innate quality of men." I tell you this as a scientist". So, i asked him how about european countries where women cheat as often as men. And he said: thats a different culture. So, if you say science-based fuckts what da fuck culture is doing with that? It is just easier for muslim men to justify their fornication and still judge women doing the same thing

  10. Catalina Lebedina

    Catalina LebedinaHour ago

    9:10 interesting

  11. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian RodriguezHour ago

    I wasn't surprised about those girls being cheaters at all lol

  12. Pyrae

    Pyrae2 hours ago

    "Cheating on someone because they're toxic is a good excuse" No hun, thats like saying you robbed a bank because you're poor...

  13. Mel Tee

    Mel Tee2 hours ago

    I feel like some of these people would benefit from polyamory. Monogamy is fine and all, but if you AND your partner are open and willing to a poly relationship, I feel like they might find themselves much happier. There's a lot of social pressure to be monogamous, but times are changing.

  14. Tiny Tot

    Tiny Tot2 hours ago

    The fact that they owned up to cheating 😂😂 I cant!!

  15. Erik Petersson

    Erik Petersson4 hours ago

    All of these people are honestly disgusting 🤢

  16. XCV

    XCV4 hours ago

    Cheating is ALWAYS wrong.

  17. Scary Pumpkin

    Scary Pumpkin4 hours ago

    I don't think there is anything wrong with enjoying your time with multiple people at a time, but that's only if there is consent among all parties. A polyamorous/open relationship is something very different from going behind someone's back to cheat on them and then lie to their face about it. It's fine if you can't commit to one person, but why smash the other person't feelings along with it in the process? If you hold any kind of love or respect for them as a person, you shouldn't do that.

  18. Igor

    Igor4 hours ago

    I feel like cheating is an addiction of sorts. You do it, because you´re currently unhappy or you´re just lost and you want to try something new and it´s definitely exciting at first, but as time progresses it gains power over you and it becomes such heavy burden both on your mind and your soul. It´s so difficult to get out of your system and it can cost you your closest people. The last thing you need is to be left alone with this, but that´s what mostly happens, because it´s difficult to deal with such person. It also never completely leaves you, it will always be somewhere hidden at the back of your head, which is why if you want to fight it you´ll try to prevent yourself from getting truly close to somebody. Does anyone relate to this analogy?

  19. Mawrk TV

    Mawrk TV5 hours ago

    it's sad to know that most girls cheat.

  20. Absoon 99

    Absoon 995 hours ago

    Aaah, now that’s some quality bunch of A-HOLES.

  21. Luaise Airis

    Luaise Airis7 hours ago

    Clicked to see if cheaters had something to say that could somewhat justify what they did, guess notttttt. I just don't get how some people expect you to be okay with cheating because 'it happens all the time so man up'

  22. Yasmine Kamel

    Yasmine Kamel8 hours ago

    All these people need help

  23. Katelyn Elizabeth

    Katelyn Elizabeth8 hours ago

    They should be ashamed they sound proud

  24. Katelyn Elizabeth

    Katelyn Elizabeth8 hours ago

    Cheating is never okay you all suck

  25. Regular Commentator

    Regular Commentator9 hours ago

    Ew..... And this is coming from me.

  26. Ruth Gonzalez

    Ruth Gonzalez9 hours ago

    1, 2, cheaters! LMAO

  27. A Different Shade of Purple

    A Different Shade of Purple10 hours ago

    Women cheat the most. Duh.

  28. Carla S.M

    Carla S.M10 hours ago

    I sometimes feel like people who cheat constantly are just not made for monogamy, they should try an open relationship or polygamy instead

  29. Gat Sharon

    Gat Sharon10 hours ago

    They funny

  30. LBuddy

    LBuddy10 hours ago

    Y'all some sensitivity snowflakes godamn

  31. Lisa

    Lisa10 hours ago

    This video is to educate and express the point of view from a “cheater” and try to understand their perspective. Yet everyone in the comments is just skipping through the video, not listening and still holding their opinion so close to their chest.

  32. Lisa

    Lisa11 hours ago

    * polygamy has left the chat *

  33. indesomniac

    indesomniac11 hours ago

    i feel for hayley - i’m glad she’s out of her abusive relationship now and i hope she’s doing better

  34. Wow Wow

    Wow Wow11 hours ago

    The guys smugness and proudness gets under my skin so much.

  35. Joyana x

    Joyana x12 hours ago

    Been with the same man for literally 10 years, married for 2.5 years and found out he was cheating for over 1.5 years. Immediately kicked him out when I found out and filed for divorce. I am now divorced and so so glad I’m no longer living with a double-faced liar. Cheating is never ever ever okay or excusable. It’s selfish, hurtful and exploitative.

  36. PWDMaximum -

    PWDMaximum -12 hours ago

    you can tell just by how they look. smh.

  37. PWDMaximum -

    PWDMaximum -12 hours ago

    every response they had just pissed me off. These people are crazy and by far my least favorite episode.

  38. Jess Barroga

    Jess Barroga13 hours ago

    ..... I was curious about this video... but I could not get through this video without getting mad... I mean yeah don’t beat yourself up about it but don’t accept it ...and know what you did ... it’s wrong to cheat regardless of the situation.

  39. Nikkiious

    Nikkiious13 hours ago

    With the exception of one or two of them I actually admire their honestly and their ability to own up and discuss their mistakes. Don’t understand why everyone is so pressed about something that doesn’t concern them.

  40. Hologriham

    Hologriham14 hours ago

    I’ve cheated twice. Once was with an online relationship which I didn’t take very seriously because I figured we’d never meet in person anyway. I used an alias with this person and pretended to be someone I wasn’t. One of his friends grew suspicious of me out of jealousy and found my Facebook account. In the end, he found out but forgave me anyway. Our relationship has never been the same but we still talk as friends here and there. The second time was with a guy who loved me very deeply. Though, I did not feel the same about him, I didn’t wish to hurt his feelings and turn him down so I went out with him. I thought I was doing him a favor yet only managed to make things worse for the both of us. I had sex with a guy I had a huge crush on but the feelings weren’t mutual and he threw me off to the side like I meant nothing to him. I realized how much pain it is to realize he never loved me so I decided to confront the guy I cheated on and tell him the truth about everything. He also found some way to forgive me and we remain friends. I’ve learned my lesson sense then and I’m happily married to my one true love of 3 years and have a son. Point is, if you don’t think that relationship is right for you, don’t continue to hold that person back from finding THEIR one true love as well as your own. It’s selfish. Break it off properly before you go searching for another partner.

  41. Rvrtll

    Rvrtll14 hours ago

    This whole video made me see the mind of a cheater it still didn’t change my mind about them they’re still ding dongs who have no empathy for anybody else if you don’t like the person LEAVE THEM end of story

  42. Aryanna Rose

    Aryanna Rose14 hours ago

    I'm sorry but the girl w/ the pink hair BOTHERS me, like she talks about how she holds grudges from people who cheat but then she has cheated on 75% of her tf.

  43. incog cheeto

    incog cheeto14 hours ago

    In other words, don't date any of these people.

  44. Dbar

    Dbar14 hours ago

    "Oh yeah if they're toxic then you can legit cheat on them" No...that.... it justifies leaving them

  45. The Darkfrost

    The Darkfrost14 hours ago

    I like how most of them are women

  46. phuong Nguyen

    phuong Nguyen15 hours ago

    in my view, I consider cheating like crime. Cant believe it, these people r super proud of themselves. Send my empathy to all their ex!

  47. Elidia Weber

    Elidia Weber15 hours ago

    I’m sorry but what, why did they all go to agree when it said you can be in love and still cheat WTAF, if you are in love with someone you would have never ever cheated or thought about cheating in the first place and instead of cheating, if you thought some things were wrong in the relationship you could just discuss the problems with your partner and work it out with them NOT cheat if you were truly in love. Seriously can’t believe these people, if your actually in love you would not have the desire to cheat on them and hurt them like that.

  48. Baby Ghoul

    Baby Ghoul15 hours ago

    I think there is something mentally different with how cereal cheaters and zero tolerance people think. Cause people who are zero tolerance are really aggressive, more then I can understand why.

  49. Jean Edouard

    Jean Edouard15 hours ago

    I feel like even if you’re “talking” to multiple people it’s basically considered “cheating” in a way. Especially if tht person is only talking to you.

  50. shannon

    shannon16 hours ago

    i hate how there so PROUD of themselves for bad things.

  51. Shido 17

    Shido 1716 hours ago

    She said they went to counseling and are more open and honest like it was his fault she cheated...

  52. Zuzu Límon

    Zuzu Límon16 hours ago

    jubilee should do a middle ground on this cheaters vs ppl that have been cheated on

  53. shannon

    shannon16 hours ago

    these ppl are so selfish especially the girl with the pink hair i HATED her she was saying how she wouldn’t forgive somebody but SHE was pretty much saying it was okay that SHE cheated or how she was saying that it’s not true how ONCE a CHEATER always a CHEATER isn’t true when it is because iv noticed so many times that once ppl cheat they just do it again it’s in them to do that if ur willing to do it to somebody u love once ur willing to do it AGAIN that’s what i think anyways but there all a bunch of hypocrites saying they WOULDNT forgive but it’s OKAY if they cheat and ADMITTING they enjoyed it disgusting.

  54. Amanda Fernandes

    Amanda Fernandes17 hours ago

    RIP to this guy's love life

  55. Shamaya Lee

    Shamaya Lee17 hours ago

    I love the fact that it’s 4 women and one man like wtf 🙄

  56. Cosmic Centaur

    Cosmic Centaur17 hours ago

    imo Leah is probably gonna end up divorced

  57. Cosmic Centaur

    Cosmic Centaur17 hours ago

    No sympathy for cheaters, especially for people like this who treat what they did like it was a joke haha so funny. You literally broke somebody's heart, you don't deserve them anymore. Not their trust, or their love.

  58. Skyline BIT H.

    Skyline BIT H.17 hours ago

    This is genuinely hard to watch without stopping and pausing.

  59. Amaris Cohen

    Amaris Cohen17 hours ago

    “My boyfriend was 2000 miles away, but my friends cousin was right here so...” you knew what you were getting into getting into a long distance relationship. Smh 🙄

  60. Alison Calle

    Alison Calle17 hours ago

    I know this is never gonna happen but, I really wanna see “do all Kardashians think the same?”

  61. FR Studio

    FR Studio18 hours ago

    I strongly disagree with cheaters. I know everyone has their own opinion, mine being that trust is hard to get back, and by forgiving the person, it can sometimes encourage the person to keep doing the same mistake. My ex cheated on me 3 times, each time i forgave her