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DNCE - Kissing Strangers ft. Nicki Minaj


  1. Juanmaiki Delgadoo

    Juanmaiki Delgadoo34 minutes ago

    Kissing Stranger oh lalala

  2. Soledad Saquelan

    Soledad SaquelanHour ago


  3. Jessica .

    Jessica .3 hours ago

    Nicki looks so good here!! This song🔥🔥

  4. Pablo d T

    Pablo d T16 hours ago

    Brothers Jonas come back like a first time😂

  5. Luis Alfonso Navarrete Chávez

    Luis Alfonso Navarrete ChávezDay ago

    Canción intro de srta Luly

  6. Malia Tate

    Malia TateDay ago

    Todo estaba perfecto hasta que llegó nicki minaj

  7. Dominoscandy Pizza

    Dominoscandy PizzaDay ago

    2019 happy king Martin jr.

  8. Dominoscandy Pizza

    Dominoscandy PizzaDay ago

    Cool song is it a .

  9. Wax Clone

    Wax CloneDay ago

    This song belongs in the 🗑

  10. Júnior play

    Júnior play2 days ago


  11. Babuş Spastik

    Babuş Spastik2 days ago

    Rasher Babaaaa

  12. Haydi Ossoss

    Haydi Ossoss2 days ago

    Nicki was the only good singer Dnce sucked!

  13. Juliet Johanndon

    Juliet Johanndon2 days ago

    I am here from Love Island🔥❤️😎😊

  14. c a r m e n o

    c a r m e n o2 days ago


  15. DinahSlaaays x

    DinahSlaaays x2 days ago


  16. Aminamimi Lemu

    Aminamimi Lemu2 days ago

    2019 ???

  17. ninjamurai

    ninjamurai2 days ago

    Nickis verse was literally like 23 seconds wtf soo short

  18. BaronGavnon

    BaronGavnon3 days ago


  19. Ameya shrivastava

    Ameya shrivastava3 days ago

    watch this on 1.25 x

  20. Nayah

    Nayah3 days ago

    Nicki is so versatile, she can adapt to any genre 💕💕

  21. Fajri Agama

    Fajri Agama3 days ago


  22. Alexa Mejia

    Alexa Mejia3 days ago

    It was two years ago but still is “the bomb I think iam gonna call it dynamite” hahahaha not fun- u don’t get i-never mind

  23. Daniel Budik

    Daniel Budik3 days ago

    It flopped terribly though and the views are surprisingly underwhelming

  24. AidenDaBossGamer

    AidenDaBossGamer3 days ago

    omg I would never do dat $h!t

  25. MarbzLaPariahh

    MarbzLaPariahh4 days ago

    I’m here bc cardio’s outfit in her thotiana remix vid reminded me of nickis outifit here ❤️

  26. Computadora08 CIR

    Computadora08 CIR4 days ago

    yo vine por Menos 13

  27. Eri Tv

    Eri Tv4 days ago


  28. Daniel Budik

    Daniel Budik3 days ago


  29. Uma UNI De outro Mundo

    Uma UNI De outro Mundo5 days ago


  30. Leonardo Boscagli

    Leonardo Boscagli5 days ago

    Nikj and BTS

  31. mejo perry

    mejo perry5 days ago

    This song is great.... But wait Nicki is here we have to underrate it... F fake industry

  32. Left Eye Was A Queen

    Left Eye Was A Queen5 days ago

    Why is nicki so pretty in this did she change her makeup ?

  33. Mc DerpEyes

    Mc DerpEyes6 days ago

    Overly Sarcastic Productions brought me here! XD

  34. Javier Ramos López

    Javier Ramos López6 days ago

    That bassline is very similar to Jamiroqai's song "Little L"

  35. KeischCoversPH

    KeischCoversPH7 days ago

    is it wrong that I saw the mv just now? HAHA

  36. Jenny Baby

    Jenny Baby7 days ago

    That don’t even look like her the power of Hollywood Cameras 🎥

  37. Alex Dunham

    Alex Dunham7 days ago

    The only good song featuring Nicki

  38. Squidy

    Squidy7 days ago

    This song is so catchy!

  39. Lia Howl

    Lia Howl7 days ago

    Nicki was the BEST

  40. I Like Turtles

    I Like Turtles8 days ago

    Kissing strangers Til I get arrested

  41. Mochi Mochi

    Mochi Mochi8 days ago

    Anyone try the number at 4:28?

  42. ❤TwightHeart❤

    ❤TwightHeart❤8 days ago

    I just realize now that both Nick and Joe did a song with Nicki Manji that’s probably why I prefer her over Cardi B

  43. Kayra5138

    Kayra51389 days ago

    Rasher’dan geldim xd

  44. Tess Temmen

    Tess Temmen9 days ago

    anyone at valentines day?

  45. Youssef Ghdami

    Youssef Ghdami9 days ago



    MIKERO MOCHI9 days ago

    Alguien español-castellano¿?♡

  47. El Huachicolero

    El Huachicolero9 days ago


  48. Carmen Parada

    Carmen Parada9 days ago

    Man, Nicki and DNCE are so cool

  49. jam kenny bernardo

    jam kenny bernardo10 days ago


  50. shubhi

    shubhi10 days ago

    Joe don't be kissing strangers

  51. Ricardo da Silva

    Ricardo da Silva10 days ago

    Hino injustiçado

  52. Khaabirr L

    Khaabirr L11 days ago


  53. bbwxyz

    bbwxyz11 days ago


  54. SoulStick _24/Mikasa

    SoulStick _24/Mikasa11 days ago

    I listened to this song a year ago I think from a radio in a car, and now I'm back bEaChEs still love this.

  55. M Rofiq

    M Rofiq11 days ago

    Who's here after Grammys?

  56. ItzYoGirl Sarah

    ItzYoGirl Sarah11 days ago

    I literally just found this SONG!! I loveee

  57. toxic babe

    toxic babe12 days ago


  58. Lubos Puchy

    Lubos Puchy13 days ago

    she should blow him....a kiss

  59. Rahmi Ariesty

    Rahmi Ariesty13 days ago

    Dinar candy hendro lupi seli santy dia nak fenny gedrowo

  60. Sans The skeleton

    Sans The skeleton13 days ago

    Mr bean

  61. Joshua JR

    Joshua JR13 days ago

    Niki part at 2:18

  62. La_mamychula Nahomy

    La_mamychula Nahomy13 days ago

    LOVe NICKY LOOK still 2019 😍

  63. Laura Mychelle

    Laura Mychelle13 days ago

    Why is Nicki SO gorgeous in this video

  64. Infinity Gauntlet

    Infinity Gauntlet13 days ago

    Does anyone keep going back to the old dude dancing

  65. Leigh Nananii

    Leigh Nananii14 days ago

    2:16 if you came 4 Nicki

  66. Stephan Sadovyak

    Stephan Sadovyak14 days ago

    DNCE - Молодці пацани! Super!

  67. Flower In Disguise

    Flower In Disguise14 days ago

    When Nicki grabbed Joe, he was like This ain't what you want. Like he was ready to lay it down.🤣😭😭

  68. F Á T Ī M A a

    F Á T Ī M A a14 days ago

    😍😍😍 omg loveee!!!!! 2019

  69. F Á T Ī M A a

    F Á T Ī M A a14 days ago


  70. depression

    depression14 days ago

    Feb 2019 anyone?

  71. evad17 delas alas

    evad17 delas alas14 days ago

    2:46 nicki minaj : "later"


    ONLY TRUE14 days ago

    2016 ?

  73. Angel Abel

    Angel Abel15 days ago


  74. ᴄʜᴏᴄᴏʟᴀᴛᴇ ʟᴇᴍᴏɴ

    ᴄʜᴏᴄᴏʟᴀᴛᴇ ʟᴇᴍᴏɴ15 days ago

    February 2019? *Cause I'm lonely af*

  75. ana Pérez

    ana Pérez16 days ago

    eu loco que me vas a pasar por atrás?

  76. ʏᴜᴠᴀʟ sᴇɴɪᴏʀ

    ʏᴜᴠᴀʟ sᴇɴɪᴏʀ16 days ago


  77. Rahmi Ariesty

    Rahmi Ariesty16 days ago

    Ud 36

  78. Rahmi Ariesty

    Rahmi Ariesty16 days ago


  79. Rahmi Ariesty

    Rahmi Ariesty16 days ago

    Apa ya iya ya gmn ni ktnya gt tp klo uda brs gatau nih.

  80. Bayanmı kadın diceksin

    Bayanmı kadın diceksin17 days ago

    2045 ???

  81. Berkay Cabacı

    Berkay Cabacı11 days ago


  82. Bayanmı kadın diceksin

    Bayanmı kadın diceksin12 days ago

    +Berkay Cabacı yabancılar dedim türkler yabancımı kardeşim.

  83. Berkay Cabacı

    Berkay Cabacı12 days ago

    DÖNEN YARRAK SALDIRISI başka Türk yok mu aq

  84. Bayanmı kadın diceksin

    Bayanmı kadın diceksin12 days ago

    +Berkay Cabacı şuan yabancılar bizim yorumumuza bakıp anlamıyorlar:)

  85. Berkay Cabacı

    Berkay Cabacı12 days ago

    DÖNEN YARRAK SALDIRISI yok aq hemen fesata bağlamayın söylemesi çok hoşuma gitti

  86. Forever Young

    Forever Young17 days ago

    Now is 2019, Joe's haircut still looks like a Japanese man.

  87. Faleatua Afoa

    Faleatua Afoa17 days ago

    ATTENTION BARBS!!!! YT has started to randomly dislike Nicki videos and features on people’s account... I was surprised when I found out that I didn’t “like” this one, Super Bass, I’m Out, Side to Side, Chun Li and Rake it Up... and yet I watch these almost every day. YT is on a whole new level of cheating... WATCH OUT BARBS!!!

  88. Unnie Ananda

    Unnie Ananda17 days ago


  89. Kendy Ramon

    Kendy Ramon17 days ago

    2019 🇩🇴

  90. Paris Seidner

    Paris Seidner18 days ago

    I loved this

  91. Pablo Carvalho

    Pablo Carvalho18 days ago

    After Kissing strangers, herpes in life Hahahahahahahaha

  92. Pablo Carvalho

    Pablo Carvalho9 hours ago

    Awanda Melta Aderito Mavie i do not Mind ???????????

  93. Awanda Melta Aderito Mavie

    Awanda Melta Aderito MavieDay ago


  94. pett arevalo

    pett arevalo18 days ago

    Whats Jinjoo doin in DNCE?

  95. Iasmin Cardoso

    Iasmin Cardoso18 days ago


  96. kallistratos. sgr

    kallistratos. sgr18 days ago

    Only Nicki queen of rap👑👑💕

  97. Natalia Tobiasz

    Natalia Tobiasz19 days ago

    2019 anybody ?

  98. Alexcake:3

    Alexcake:319 days ago

    This is what I do for a living kissing strangers

  99. Suki Cookie

    Suki Cookie20 days ago

    I am blessed to have this come out on my birthday lmao

  100. silokiereslosubo F

    silokiereslosubo F20 days ago

    Kissing Strangers nananana

  101. edwin el noob adrian

    edwin el noob adrian20 days ago

    The song is super cool

  102. Omkar Govekar

    Omkar Govekar21 day ago

    This song is just so amazing. Can't stop listening to this. Even in 2019!!!

  103. Sorrito

    Sorrito21 day ago


  104. karol sevilia

    karol sevilia21 day ago

    💜 Te. Amoor 💖

  105. Ali Güneş

    Ali Güneş21 day ago

    bu şarkıyı duyunca aklıma turkcell geliyo

  106. Angie Singer

    Angie Singer22 days ago

    i didnt realize that i woul be enjoying and taking into account this song. I heard the lyrics and I heard it, and approve of it, (u know what i mean, me, cuz im on iffy about things but also exploring seeing if i change). I also thought of how Joe Jonas is cute when he looks at Nicki when she pulls him. The main thing about the song is the "open heart open mind never know what youll find" part because of the sound.

  107. Ali

    Ali22 days ago

    if I say God, how many people would like

  108. Kenny Storck

    Kenny Storck22 days ago

    Very underrated

  109. a m

    a m23 days ago

    Sometimes I just NEED to hear this song!! Then I'm good to go for another few hours! ;-)