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DNCE - Kissing Strangers ft. Nicki Minaj


  1. Kai Mabon

    Kai MabonHour ago

    Honestly Joe's voice is so dead like he sings like he's waking up or something

  2. Kaspar

    Kaspar18 hours ago

    anyone today?

  3. Pokesmile

    Pokesmile19 hours ago

    I don´t like kissing strangers but i love this song

  4. Jessica

    Jessica23 hours ago

    He was ready for that kiss hahahaha

  5. Franlicious Delicious

    Franlicious DeliciousDay ago


  6. Pepa Sua

    Pepa SuaDay ago

    Joe sounds better without the other brothers lol 🎶 🔥

  7. ashley playz roblox and more

    ashley playz roblox and moreDay ago


  8. eyyy Hola

    eyyy HolaDay ago

    Like si lo ves por swidok 😍😍😍😍

  9. Ashkan Babaeizadeh

    Ashkan BabaeizadehDay ago

    Nananananananaananananannaannananaannanaananannana Hello, and welcome to Pinewood Resorts. My name is Jack. How may I help you on this wonderful day?

  10. Saph R

    Saph RDay ago

    1.25x. Gold.

  11. diane abi

    diane abiDay ago

    Written by Lil Wayn

  12. Gamer Kitty

    Gamer Kitty2 days ago


  13. Michael Folino

    Michael Folino2 days ago

    Why did this not get played on the radio more? If I hear Katy Perry again I'm going to take a pencil to my ears!

  14. Armando Ramirez

    Armando Ramirez2 days ago

    Added to favorite songs

  15. Garcia Tapia

    Garcia Tapia2 days ago


  16. EmChronicle

    EmChronicle2 days ago

    Damn .. Joe makes good ass music! :)

  17. Syeda Shahnaaz Jaffri

    Syeda Shahnaaz Jaffri2 days ago

    Kiss stranger really that's truth

  18. Chase Wright

    Chase Wright3 days ago

    How a female and a male could share a relationship with each other.

  19. Alrich Hills

    Alrich Hills8 hours ago

    That's how you are here

  20. Cj Robson

    Cj Robson3 days ago


  21. Aino Suominen

    Aino Suominen3 days ago

    Good song's 😘🙊

  22. Roman Zenin

    Roman Zenin3 days ago

    Like a boss

  23. mrs play

    mrs play3 days ago

    anuma alv

  24. silvina pereyra

    silvina pereyra3 days ago

    La musica

  25. silvina pereyra

    silvina pereyra3 days ago

    Me gusta

  26. madlen marinova

    madlen marinova4 days ago


  27. Ian Ayala

    Ian Ayala4 days ago

    Does nicki not look like nicki to anyone else? No, just me?

  28. Girl Fights

    Girl Fights3 days ago

    Ian Ayala it’s because she has less makeup on that usual. I love it when she looks like this

  29. Kevin Mihalko

    Kevin Mihalko4 days ago

    Ilove La

  30. kalef el gamer Fuentes

    kalef el gamer Fuentes4 days ago


  31. the Pink Kitty

    the Pink Kitty4 days ago

    The baseline in this song is so good!!

  32. jorge antonio juarez valverde

    jorge antonio juarez valverde4 days ago

    jajajaja minute 0:55

  33. Lenny Queen21

    Lenny Queen214 days ago

    Like si vienes por srtar luly

  34. Virginia Brownings

    Virginia Brownings4 days ago

    cake by the ocean...

  35. Andrés Landa

    Andrés Landa4 days ago

    Hell I'm fucking in love with JinJoo Lee she's so hot

  36. reia a

    reia a4 days ago

    2:19 is nicki’s part!

  37. Ameya shrivastava

    Ameya shrivastava5 days ago


  38. BarbieS2girl

    BarbieS2girl5 days ago

    JINJOO Hamster so cute

  39. Random Ness

    Random Ness5 days ago

    Choke me daddy fuuuuuckkk 👌😩👌

  40. Chas Trosper

    Chas Trosper5 days ago

    Joe Joans

  41. Valeria Arias

    Valeria Arias5 days ago

    Líke si vienes por starluly

  42. Markéta Mácová

    Markéta Mácová6 days ago

    isnt it the oldest guy from Jonas brothers? xD

  43. otrosmun

    otrosmun6 days ago


  44. Виктория Булавка. парень.

    Виктория Булавка. парень.7 days ago


  45. Flumpy6spoty

    Flumpy6spoty7 days ago

    Why haven’t I seen this

  46. Andrea MM

    Andrea MM7 days ago

    jaja me hubiera gustado ver un beso de verdad en el video

  47. Matheus Paixão

    Matheus Paixão7 days ago

    Que musica maravilhosa❤️

  48. London Smith

    London Smith7 days ago

    *Ebola has entered the chat* to all the people this is how to simply get ebola

  49. Cj Robson

    Cj Robson7 days ago

    Till I find someone I trust

  50. Cj Robson

    Cj Robson7 days ago

    N.a. na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

  51. Cj Robson

    Cj Robson7 days ago

    Find someone I love

  52. Cj Robson

    Cj Robson7 days ago

    Kissing strangers

  53. Mariana Arriaga Roman

    Mariana Arriaga Roman8 days ago

    Mencata 😄😍😍😍😍

  54. Carmen urbina

    Carmen urbina8 days ago

    Aaahh love

  55. Nilda Almada

    Nilda Almada8 days ago

    Me encanta esta canción la escuchó todos los días

  56. Rpa Ralte

    Rpa Ralte9 days ago

    Nicki Minaj is on fire!! Wooooo!

  57. jose luis turra flores

    jose luis turra flores9 days ago

    like si eres latino qe ve comentarios

  58. Ellie Annabelle

    Ellie Annabelle10 days ago

    Till I find someone I love Kissing strangers Till I find someone I trust ..kissing strangers I think those are good reasons to kiss strangers 😂😂

  59. Amancay756 ت

    Amancay756 ت10 days ago

    Like por la intro de srtaluly

  60. Kooper Keegan

    Kooper Keegan10 days ago

    I love joe Jonas because nick Jonas and joe jonAs are brothers that’s why I like joe Jonas and nick jons

  61. ANGIE Rodriguez

    ANGIE Rodriguez10 days ago

    Vengo por la intro de starluly y me encanta la musica

  62. Лида Лида

    Лида Лида10 days ago

    👍👍👍👍наконец то нашла

  63. Piero Arquíñigo Quiroz

    Piero Arquíñigo Quiroz10 days ago


  64. Piero Arquíñigo Quiroz

    Piero Arquíñigo Quiroz10 days ago

    lolololololol your song are too amazing and beautiful like you

  65. Amina A

    Amina A10 days ago

    This sounds so much like cake by the ocean

  66. Omar Alberto Mendivi Cortez

    Omar Alberto Mendivi Cortez11 days ago

    Song id?? Please

  67. The Doctor

    The Doctor11 days ago

    Who's the dancer at 2:49???

  68. Dancing Feet

    Dancing Feet11 days ago

    I felt that friction with Nick and Nicki 😩😍💋🤧

  69. Darwin Shawn

    Darwin Shawn12 days ago

    Nicki verse here is a bomb

  70. Erick Macias

    Erick Macias12 days ago

    The best band ever😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😗😗😘😍😍😍😍😏😏🌷🌷🌷🎼🎼🎼🎼🎸🎸🎸🎸🎤🎤🎤

  71. Criisstian Fulgueraa

    Criisstian Fulgueraa12 days ago


  72. shiineey

    shiineey12 days ago

    I don’t know why but this song reminds me of ghost busters and stranger things

  73. Alexiagatitalaa11 YT

    Alexiagatitalaa11 YT12 days ago

    Like si te gustan las canciones en inglés pero no las entiendes 🔥🔥🎶🎵

  74. Lighter ST

    Lighter ST12 days ago


  75. Adorable Cupcake

    Adorable Cupcake13 days ago

    2:45 he was like >////

  76. Nightcore Invasion

    Nightcore Invasion13 days ago

    Kissing Stranger Nightcore

  77. Ja'Nae Lindsey

    Ja'Nae Lindsey13 days ago

    When you see Lovelyti2002 2:37

  78. Melu soga

    Melu soga13 days ago

    Like si lo escucharon de la intro de Luly

  79. leo dubla

    leo dubla13 days ago

    Beijando estranhos

  80. Matej Eisenkolb

    Matej Eisenkolb14 days ago


  81. Honey Savage

    Honey Savage14 days ago

    Nicki verse should have been longer

  82. the-pug-nerd

    the-pug-nerd14 days ago


  83. Sharkitimus

    Sharkitimus14 days ago


  84. Bir Slime Yapsak Senle

    Bir Slime Yapsak Senle15 days ago

    Turkcell reklamından gelenler skejdıjdjeje

  85. Fuck Lxfe

    Fuck Lxfe15 days ago

    Only came here for Tweek x Craig

  86. ElGoku Que te hara un golpe de risa

    ElGoku Que te hara un golpe de risa15 days ago


  87. Bay Faruk

    Bay Faruk15 days ago


  88. WAYerz

    WAYerz15 days ago

    Trynna hit young Nick like a Quick Pick. *Runs to the connivence store for a Powerball ticket*

  89. Maya Hanks

    Maya Hanks15 days ago

    Nicki is on FIRE



    Anyone listening 2 this song on labor day weekend??

  91. aviskar parhi

    aviskar parhi16 days ago

    Why it got less views ? I don't get it.

  92. Lakyra Pryor

    Lakyra Pryor16 days ago

    Living for this song and nicki part

  93. Mauricio Rodrigues

    Mauricio Rodrigues16 days ago


  94. Yonit Keysy

    Yonit Keysy16 days ago

    "Heyyy" me : screams 😍

  95. Luna Romero

    Luna Romero16 days ago

    Quien vino x la intro de srtaluly? V": 2018

  96. ad Melody

    ad Melody16 days ago

    Anyone in 2018 - 2019?

  97. aniya danae

    aniya danae17 days ago

    2:18 Nicki part

  98. lucila cornara

    lucila cornara17 days ago

    que trukazo no? XD

  99. I'm so Puggly

    I'm so Puggly17 days ago

    who else knows nkis bit of by heart

  100. Sure•Ly Tune

    Sure•Ly Tune17 days ago

    Cake 🍰 By The Ocean 2.0 ft. Nicki Minaj 😍😘😂 🌊🏄

  101. Kirsty Kentfield

    Kirsty Kentfield17 days ago

    nicki saved this song loved her from beening little and am 27 now

  102. Максумов Камран

    Максумов Камран17 days ago

    Без ебучий Ники минаж лучше было б