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DJ Snake, Lauv - A Different Way


  1. suga stole my wig .

    suga stole my wig .Hour ago

    *I used to be obsessed with this song*

  2. OH Yeah Yeah

    OH Yeah Yeah14 hours ago

    This song is so much better than most songs, it's just that it doesn't have boobs so not as many views It's facts

  3. Maadhav Sharma

    Maadhav Sharma18 hours ago

    Can’t get over this song! 2019 anyone??

  4. Amitabh Rao Events

    Amitabh Rao EventsDay ago

    1:33 best part

  5. Akash Singh

    Akash SinghDay ago

    Anyone after me??

  6. Rajani Raman Srivastava

    Rajani Raman SrivastavaDay ago

    This kind of music gives me a inner peace & satisfaction.we Indians are great fan of yours wonderful musics and beats. so always make such type of videos for your fans

  7. TV머니머니해도

    TV머니머니해도Day ago

    what does the red balloon blue balloon mean?? Please let me know

  8. Hein Min

    Hein MinDay ago

    u wanna dance ? after watching this video?

  9. Siddharth Iyer

    Siddharth IyerDay ago

    This is easily on my "all-time favourites" list. This song is so under-rated, would love if more people knew about it.

  10. Aqsha Mustaqim

    Aqsha MustaqimDay ago


  11. SamFootball

    SamFootballDay ago

    February 2019!! Anyone still watching this

  12. Shyhigh Mabaho

    Shyhigh Mabaho2 days ago

    If you listen to songs for a lots of times awhile reading, playing or doing anything it''ll remind you of it this i was playing sims freeplay on mobile and it reminds me of sims

  13. mayar aljanaby

    mayar aljanaby2 days ago

    2:30 Is that lauv or not?

  14. Anurag Gautam

    Anurag Gautam2 days ago

    If this song had released now. I m pretty sure it would hve broke 1B views definitely. So much better than taki taki

  15. SaysFood Consultant

    SaysFood Consultant2 days ago

    Who is that boy? What is his name? His movement was amazing!

  16. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer2 days ago

    This song is so much better than dj snake's other songs, but has so less views This just shows us about our society

  17. Christopher Ocker

    Christopher OckerDay ago

    Wtf it's just you're opinion. The drop is trash, there's nothing with our society

  18. Gurudev Patil

    Gurudev Patil2 days ago

    Anyone still listening in 2019..

  19. Pa Roh

    Pa Roh2 days ago

    Majority like

  20. Skaggs girl

    Skaggs girl2 days ago

    Love thi Song This so this so coll

  21. Vendetta

    Vendetta2 days ago

    kinda sad how ur video starts on hate for mr

  22. Britt Vø

    Britt Vø2 days ago

    thank you for being ethnically inclusive

  23. Quickie Drops

    Quickie Drops3 days ago

    2:35 bust down thotiana 😂

  24. Quickie Drops

    Quickie Drops3 days ago

    Y u guys making this poor kid wear a turtle neck?!😭

  25. Laura GG

    Laura GG3 days ago

    the video is rellay cute :) Those dance moves where on point, and the asian vibe killed it

  26. Inder Kumar

    Inder Kumar3 days ago

    Amitabh Bachpan at 3.05

  27. Inder Kumar

    Inder Kumar3 days ago

    That beautiful Indian dance just won my heart, thanks DJ snake for this wonderful video

  28. Tanvir Ahmed Tazim

    Tanvir Ahmed Tazim3 days ago


  29. ClayZandroTV Jesmer Bryan

    ClayZandroTV Jesmer Bryan3 days ago

    isnt this kid a student of matt steffanina? (dancer) well the kid is good at dancing so ya maybe.

  30. Yan officiel

    Yan officiel3 days ago


  31. Lovee Teddy

    Lovee Teddy3 days ago

    Everybody says, " I'll love you in a different way" but nobody actually does..😐😕😟

  32. Aris Yoga

    Aris Yoga3 days ago

    lagu nya bagus kimak

  33. Md Rajib

    Md Rajib3 days ago


  34. Ashraful Ayon

    Ashraful Ayon3 days ago


  35. Salohy Y

    Salohy Y4 days ago

    I think its one of the most beautiful song in the world

  36. Amy Slowik Grossman

    Amy Slowik Grossman4 days ago

    Thanks, DJ Snake! This song and video are just so amazing and uplifting, 🙂

  37. dani blink merry e once sad

    dani blink merry e once sad4 days ago


  38. Chulinkulinchunflay

    Chulinkulinchunflay4 days ago

    Snake did it again

  39. Avila Sangtam

    Avila Sangtam4 days ago

    Still 2019 .... ❤❤❤ this song should have more viewers and dance covers than taki taki and 7 rings ❤❤❤

  40. Warlord 360

    Warlord 3604 days ago


  41. krushna koshatwar

    krushna koshatwar5 days ago

    Location ????

  42. Tharaka Perera

    Tharaka Perera5 days ago

    Wow nice meaning

  43. Muaaza 143

    Muaaza 1435 days ago

    30 likes and I'll post a cover of this on my channel. 😛 - Aaaaand GO! 🔥

  44. thanos gaming pro

    thanos gaming pro5 days ago

    Valentines is here and I’m feeling tho song

  45. KwitzPh Gaming

    KwitzPh Gaming5 days ago

    Bagay nga sla ng babae mag jowa nayan sgurado

  46. Gayandi Jayalath

    Gayandi Jayalath5 days ago

    awesome 😀😀

  47. Jawira777

    Jawira7775 days ago


  48. Manu pandey

    Manu pandey5 days ago

    It is Awsmm .

  49. Paul Garza

    Paul Garza6 days ago

    Just like the movie "it"!🙂

  50. Md. Jahidul

    Md. Jahidul6 days ago


  51. Adriane Bohanon

    Adriane Bohanon6 days ago

    Eliana Walmsey?!?!?!?!?!?

  52. Dolores Fernandez

    Dolores Fernandez6 days ago

    on georgie he knows that the balloon came from pennywise that boy didnt when you seea red balloon flying to you play with it PENNYWISE IS GONNA GET YOU

  53. Mahender kumar

    Mahender kumar6 days ago

    Wow that's awesome

  54. Booty Eater

    Booty Eater7 days ago

    Georgie after It chapter 1

  55. Aniko Baranski

    Aniko Baranski7 days ago


  56. Sidharth guleria

    Sidharth guleria7 days ago

    2:29 and there is Lauv sitting there

  57. J94gameuse

    J94gameuse7 days ago

    Love that song ❤️💕still the best music of 2018/2019. dj snake, you're amazing👍 kiss from Paris

  58. L.cover

    L.cover7 days ago

    Alguém sabe o nome do garoto ? Dança muito

  59. martha g

    martha g7 days ago

    It's a different song

  60. anonymgirl

    anonymgirl7 days ago

    Top 💙

  61. Tatizinha Sz

    Tatizinha Sz7 days ago

    Balãozinho do It a coisa lsskskskeksk

  62. Manipur video's explorer

    Manipur video's explorer7 days ago

    Best song ever for me

  63. Kamila Šimková

    Kamila Šimková7 days ago

    Prostě není den, abych si jí neposlechla .. strašně krásná

  64. July Esmeralda Villalobos Navia

    July Esmeralda Villalobos Navia8 days ago

    Alguno español

  65. Pravin Rao

    Pravin Rao8 days ago

    I don't know why? But Lauv song's are really Love!!

  66. bruce Ashiteye

    bruce Ashiteye8 days ago


  67. angel v

    angel v9 days ago

    2019????? Anybody 😭😍❤😿

  68. Sophia Coutinho

    Sophia Coutinho9 days ago


  69. Andro Gamer

    Andro Gamer10 days ago

    Balon boy

  70. fabiana 170490

    fabiana 17049010 days ago


  71. BANG TAN

    BANG TAN10 days ago

    Luv ya SHEADEN😍😘


    TAWSIF'S ACC10 days ago


  73. NooB ExecutioneR

    NooB ExecutioneR10 days ago

    /\(*-*)/\ (0) (0) / \ / \

  74. ProgyAsekHD_

    ProgyAsekHD_10 days ago

    *Taxi 5 Film ??*

  75. venkata suresh

    venkata suresh10 days ago

    DJ always bang's

  76. TropicalTrapFire 03

    TropicalTrapFire 0311 days ago

    "Want another balloon for 2019 Gorgie?" 🤡

  77. yoga susila

    yoga susila11 days ago

    Suscribe free plis

  78. Manish Hansda

    Manish Hansda11 days ago

    So nice song and dance

  79. aji ma

    aji ma11 days ago


  80. Linda Y

    Linda Y11 days ago


  81. creaive mahin

    creaive mahin11 days ago

    Way better than turn for what.

  82. Vaishnav Bhardwaj

    Vaishnav Bhardwaj12 days ago

    Thank you for this song ; this song gives me motivation

  83. Rosaline Blackwood

    Rosaline Blackwood12 days ago

    He looks like a young Alex aiono😍

  84. Unusual Entertain Me

    Unusual Entertain Me12 days ago

    IT: Coming soon...

  85. sonis76

    sonis7612 days ago


  86. sonis76

    sonis7612 days ago


  87. El Maestro67

    El Maestro6712 days ago

    « IT 2 official trailer »

  88. Spook Esam

    Spook Esam9 days ago


  89. UnderRated

    UnderRated12 days ago

    Who all thought of Pennywise?😂

  90. swadeep sharma

    swadeep sharma12 days ago

    Awesome song specially 2:10 wow when indian group comes it looks more awesome.

  91. Suvam Paul

    Suvam Paul12 days ago

    Woah 1M 🙌🔥

  92. Gitana Cepeniene

    Gitana Cepeniene13 days ago


  93. Gitana Cepeniene

    Gitana Cepeniene13 days ago


  94. burak ciftci

    burak ciftci13 days ago

    Bu neydi yani

  95. Bk Alif

    Bk Alif13 days ago


  96. Joel Peña Calvo

    Joel Peña Calvo12 days ago


  97. व क

    व क13 days ago

    l love you Dj snake

  98. Nusaiba Tabassum

    Nusaiba Tabassum13 days ago

    This is the most beautiful song I have ever heard..honestly ❤

  99. Jimmy Wyatt

    Jimmy Wyatt13 days ago

    2:29 lauv

  100. __rishi__

    __rishi__13 days ago

    At 1.10 why 2 girls appear ??

  101. shabz sheri

    shabz sheri14 days ago

    Love it... Falling fr dj snake🤩

  102. iBuyPower MGL

    iBuyPower MGL14 days ago


  103. Barim Timung

    Barim Timung14 days ago

    Still my favorite

  104. Marc Pongpamorn

    Marc Pongpamorn14 days ago

    What a cool video!