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DJ Snake, Lauv - A Different Way


  1. Pravesh BK9

    Pravesh BK9Hour ago

    It should me the most viewed song on youtube

  2. Laila Estavillo

    Laila EstavilloHour ago

    2018 anyone? ^ v ^) lauv this song

  3. Salvador Millan

    Salvador Millan7 hours ago


  4. Karla America Cuellar Cansino

    Karla America Cuellar Cansino10 hours ago

    IT la película

  5. Vysakh P V

    Vysakh P V12 hours ago

    Theres always something Indian in a 🐍 song.thanks for that man

  6. zLost I

    zLost I16 hours ago


  7. Peggy Malakai

    Peggy Malakai19 hours ago


  8. Terina Kaipo

    Terina Kaipo20 hours ago

    The Indian woman dancing are really beautiful

  9. Jai Singh

    Jai Singh23 hours ago

    Lauv lauv lauv

  10. Sahil Kumar

    Sahil KumarDay ago

    Ur amazing

  11. Rakesh kumar Pendo

    Rakesh kumar PendoDay ago

    Rakesh kumar

  12. Winnie Mor

    Winnie MorDay ago

    😚😚just perfect. My number one😊

  13. Blanchard Evens

    Blanchard EvensDay ago

    je n avais jamais su que DJ Snake ètait français

  14. Tu Nguyen

    Tu NguyenDay ago

    this is the most generic 2017 song whole year

  15. Mohamed Amine Rasso

    Mohamed Amine RassoDay ago

    I loved the Indian girls dance

  16. Mustafa Kamil

    Mustafa Kamil2 days ago


  17. Black Suit that stole my heart

    Black Suit that stole my heart2 days ago


  18. TheCreator

    TheCreator2 days ago

    I don't know why, i start loving this song.

  19. Andres Felipe Rodríguez

    Andres Felipe Rodríguez2 days ago

    me too

  20. Krish Morbiya

    Krish Morbiya2 days ago

    Guess who grew up to become pennywise?

  21. Boom Shiva

    Boom Shiva2 days ago

    nice track n choreography for sure

  22. Mustafa Kamil

    Mustafa Kamil2 days ago

    This boy is cute

  23. Shayan Khan

    Shayan Khan2 days ago

    No Good

  24. Haguss HERE

    Haguss HERE2 days ago

    Aransemen yang sangat bagus.from INDONESIA 🇮🇩

  25. love woman

    love woman3 days ago

    2018 still listening

  26. Naman Gupta

    Naman Gupta3 days ago

    Super dance kakaaa

  27. ediellson silvva

    ediellson silvva3 days ago

    caraca o moleque dança

  28. Moglin Mp

    Moglin Mp3 days ago

    OMG did the balloon got into the sewer and then he cases after it. Why did they reveal the next IT movie?!?!?

  29. ariel loja

    ariel loja3 days ago

    el video es chevere

  30. Nor Houda

    Nor Houda3 days ago

    It's one about the best song i heard

  31. Ayus Mal

    Ayus Mal3 days ago

    DJ snake

  32. ganesh hardyal

    ganesh hardyal4 days ago

    best saHH

  33. Blue Hung

    Blue Hung4 days ago

    What’s the boy’s name?

  34. Jason Bacon

    Jason Bacon4 days ago

    wow what dancing

  35. k saili

    k saili4 days ago

    Nyc song... Loved it

  36. a2 music

    a2 music5 days ago

    it's a inspiration

  37. Eevee is love

    Eevee is love5 days ago

    Dancing IT balloon balloon🎈

  38. TeachCLUB教育部

    TeachCLUB教育部5 days ago


  39. Jason Heidenfelder

    Jason Heidenfelder5 days ago

    114 Mio. Clicks and just 950.000 likes

  40. trabelsi Rimes

    trabelsi Rimes5 days ago


  41. Da Asian

    Da Asian5 days ago

    this is Ten's child from NCT

  42. Da Asian

    Da Asian5 days ago

    oh it's that good dancing Asian Boy , respect him :))

  43. Clarence Colita

    Clarence Colita21 hour ago

    Da Asian i was felt super proud.

  44. theridery parkour

    theridery parkour6 days ago

    It confirm


    YBKRN MUSIC6 days ago

    very beautiful music video.

  46. Annie Pyron

    Annie Pyron6 days ago

    My son is Japanese, I am French American, and I greatly appreciate this music video, beyond words!!!!

  47. Jemily Hulangoo

    Jemily Hulangoo6 days ago


  48. Jemily Hulangoo

    Jemily Hulangoo6 days ago


  49. FeathersOfA Dinasour

    FeathersOfA Dinasour6 days ago

    If only the world was that friendly

  50. Sanjeev Agarwal

    Sanjeev Agarwal6 days ago

    2:47 DJ Snake for u

  51. ꧂ ꧁

    ꧂ ꧁6 days ago


  52. Asif Kassar

    Asif Kassar6 days ago

    Bad kar pagli piyar ho jayga

  53. Tristan Feisthauer

    Tristan Feisthauer6 days ago

    1:28 best moment

  54. Wellborn Nonglang

    Wellborn Nonglang7 days ago

    Dj snake is playing snake block😍😍

  55. Lindcey Cordero

    Lindcey Cordero7 days ago


  56. Shanza Ansari

    Shanza Ansari7 days ago

    I'm totally obsessed with this song 👌

  57. Cyber Wulf

    Cyber Wulf7 days ago

    Like how all the nations are combined in one song

  58. Qillaa Ziya

    Qillaa Ziya7 days ago

    The sound like me want to try do beatbox😂

  59. Rakesh Verma

    Rakesh Verma8 days ago

  60. songs hunter

    songs hunter8 days ago

    Such a beautiful song

  61. Angela Andrew

    Angela Andrew8 days ago

    So nice...

  62. Roumaissa zidane

    Roumaissa zidane8 days ago


  63. Seeema Agarwal

    Seeema Agarwal8 days ago

    The Indian Dance..Love u DJ Snake

  64. shaan meets world

    shaan meets world8 days ago

    I love Lauv's voice and Dj snake's music and this song brought it together still listening to this song even after months like if you're Lauv fan

  65. kata montoya

    kata montoya9 days ago

    I love

  66. Stefan Rasic Bondzic

    Stefan Rasic Bondzic9 days ago

    this Georgie knows how to dance


    MC CREATIONZ9 days ago


  68. Aaliyah Brooks

    Aaliyah Brooks9 days ago

    I love this song.

  69. Alfarizal Derli

    Alfarizal Derli9 days ago

    I like the song and the ending good 👍👍👍👍

  70. Umer Khan

    Umer Khan9 days ago

    We all float

  71. chantal dupont

    chantal dupont9 days ago

    oui les céfrancs sont là, beau clip et belle musique

  72. Habibur  Rahman

    Habibur Rahman10 days ago

    hi dj snake,I am your subscriber from bangladesh...

  73. rifa aghina

    rifa aghina10 days ago

    Ciee..ujung2nya dapet jodo

  74. Nour Frikha

    Nour Frikha10 days ago


  75. F.M.L 80

    F.M.L 8010 days ago


  76. dhmhtrhs iwannidis

    dhmhtrhs iwannidis10 days ago

    Great song I like it

  77. Liliana Silva

    Liliana Silva11 days ago

    My favorite song 💖💓


    VISHAL PATIL11 days ago


  79. Charles Wynn

    Charles Wynn11 days ago

    Is that the boy from tempo Chris Brown video

  80. JoKoasd

    JoKoasd11 days ago

    Taxi 5!!!

  81. Marcin Wietecki

    Marcin Wietecki11 days ago

    Very nice 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱🙂

  82. zven Youtube

    zven Youtube11 days ago


  83. NixTrix Music

    NixTrix Music11 days ago


  84. KönigstiGerhart

    KönigstiGerhart11 days ago

    is dat Lana Condor (the girl)????

  85. Shashvat Narindra

    Shashvat Narindra11 days ago

    Today's music. Can't understand the Shit chorus. Views 110m

  86. chorvagee

    chorvagee11 days ago

    kid looks like a Filipino

  87. The Psychopath

    The Psychopath11 days ago

    If I'm not wrong that's Montana Tucker at 3:04 ❤❤🔥🔥

  88. Calicia edwards

    Calicia edwards12 days ago


  89. Chafik belouadah

    Chafik belouadah12 days ago

    Dz 💪💪

  90. Veronika Michlerova

    Veronika Michlerova12 days ago


  91. Neil Pandey

    Neil Pandey12 days ago

    the kids dance is awesome .

  92. Toxin GD

    Toxin GD12 days ago

    DJ snake i LOVE you

  93. DJ imon

    DJ imon13 days ago

    hi Dj snake

  94. Panjabi in Germany

    Panjabi in Germany13 days ago

    Even A Broken Heart Can Beat Again 💔💕

  95. Chris Ritter

    Chris Ritter13 days ago

    This kid has moves

  96. roberta matos

    roberta matos13 days ago

    I love this song. This is so beautiful.❤

  97. Vitor Hugo Ferreira

    Vitor Hugo Ferreira13 days ago

    essa música corresponde a vida que eu deveria ter deliciando passeando ao ar livre kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkk putaqipariu

  98. Margo Rozymowa

    Margo Rozymowa13 days ago

    Nicole Laeno💟

  99. Nedelka Hernández

    Nedelka Hernández13 days ago

    Me encanta esta cancion y su video .

  100. saran altaf

    saran altaf13 days ago

    i swear i love u in a diferant

  101. Trisha Garcia

    Trisha Garcia13 days ago

    2:15-2:27 😍 my cousin Ashley brought me here!

  102. Abha Pra

    Abha Pra13 days ago

    we will need