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DJ Khaled - No Brainer (Official Video) ft. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, Quavo


  1. nahin nahian

    nahin nahian7 minutes ago

    You are great justin

  2. Jessica Eyman

    Jessica Eyman2 hours ago

    Quavo and Chance the Rapper made this song....and the producer of this song

  3. Dre

    Dre2 hours ago

    Im afraid if they play this in the Nickelodeon kids choice awards.

  4. kallil Martins

    kallil Martins3 hours ago

    Que bosta de música

  5. Roaster Rockstar

    Roaster Rockstar3 hours ago

    Press like if u ❤ with this song like me ✌

  6. ak technical point

    ak technical point6 hours ago

    You idiot and mad person I will put dodo bumbu in your ganf

  7. Dril Vieira

    Dril Vieira6 hours ago

    0:36 Florentina, Florentina...

  8. Marilen Laggui

    Marilen Laggui6 hours ago


  9. Angie Medina

    Angie Medina9 hours ago

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  10. Its Anele Maze

    Its Anele Maze9 hours ago

    When DJ Khaled and Asahd came back home, his wife asked the boy: - How was your day with your daddy? Then Asahd answered: - I saw a lot of boobies..

  11. Gabriel Lima

    Gabriel Lima10 hours ago

    Objective: to be straight Obstacle: Justin Bieber

  12. Kiddies Art TV

    Kiddies Art TV10 hours ago

    Our son loves to dance to this song 😍

  13. Beauty Khatun

    Beauty Khatun11 hours ago

    JB please make your own songs again

  14. BIT- 2

    BIT- 211 hours ago

    What Khalid is doin there

  15. Samduef knack

    Samduef knack13 hours ago

  16. Samuel Mendes

    Samuel Mendes13 hours ago

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  17. --에너지드링크

    --에너지드링크13 hours ago

    시발 노래 존나 질만들었네.,

  18. HOUTH

    HOUTH13 hours ago

    Jb look like a dad

  19. Lala Life

    Lala Life16 hours ago

    Everyone subscribe to my channel

  20. Bijay Bhusal

    Bijay Bhusal16 hours ago

    Who's here on march 22

  21. Adam Oskar

    Adam Oskar16 hours ago

    It s the best music

  22. Joshua Tan

    Joshua Tan17 hours ago

    I like this soug 👌🤘✌👍🖑

  23. Marcus Armstrong

    Marcus Armstrong18 hours ago

    Quavo killed it

  24. Hengky lie

    Hengky lie18 hours ago

    another one wkwkwkwkwkw

  25. Social Trendz

    Social Trendz20 hours ago

    Chance the rapper wahat r u painting 🤣🤣

  26. Christina Depree

    Christina Depree20 hours ago

    Quavo and chance part was so ass 🤦🏽‍♀️ Justin literally makes the song 🔥

  27. Hot/FreeFire #yotube

    Hot/FreeFire #yotube20 hours ago

    Justin tu my love



    I like if you hate justin bieber

  29. Richard Burns arthur

    Richard Burns arthur22 hours ago

    First question is DJ Khalid beard real lol

  30. Eduarda Santos

    Eduarda Santos22 hours ago


  31. Sophie Dawson

    Sophie Dawson22 hours ago

    Chance looking so confused

  32. Suzanna Dias

    Suzanna Dias23 hours ago


  33. Beatriz Salas

    Beatriz Salas23 hours ago

    OH MY GOD I love justin bieber😍😍😍

  34. Santix TrexRM

    Santix TrexRM23 hours ago

    Justin Bieber us the best

  35. Guilherme _123

    Guilherme _123Day ago

    I love Justin💎💎

  36. Alperen Çerçi

    Alperen ÇerçiDay ago

    justin you dont hand some the movement 2019

  37. Danial Saeedi

    Danial SaeediDay ago

    God i hate that guy! He has no talent. His musics are really trash.

  38. M.K xoxo

    M.K xoxoDay ago

    love that song❤

  39. reza maulana putra

    reza maulana putraDay ago

    Dj Khaled > Audio Jungle

  40. marge simpson

    marge simpsonDay ago

    Justin the Trucker can sing too whoops

  41. marek pompa gaming and reacting

    marek pompa gaming and reactingDay ago

    2012=pants all the way down 2018=pants all the way up

  42. elibiebs Mendes

    elibiebs MendesDay ago


  43. Quang Huy - KID

    Quang Huy - KIDDay ago

    So cool

  44. G.W.T

    G.W.TDay ago

    Dj Khaled: where is JB trucker boi? Justin Bieber: It's a No Brainer ...

  45. Kevin Gomes

    Kevin GomesDay ago

    Just eu sou seu fã vem pro Brasil vai se legal

  46. Hayabusa Shadow

    Hayabusa ShadowDay ago

    Justin in 2020 will be justin in 2010 simply he will back

  47. Jodel Ntswo

    Jodel NtswoDay ago

    yes dj khaled



    Another 1 like if u are reading this ❤️

  49. Jishnu Vu

    Jishnu VuDay ago

    Justin only

  50. Funny video &song

    Funny video &songDay ago

    You puta

  51. Funny video &song

    Funny video &songDay ago

    Stupid bitch

  52. Funny video &song

    Funny video &songDay ago

    Fuck you Justin

  53. Harun adane

    Harun adaneDay ago

    who else is seeing with amharic subtitile

  54. Girl 2008

    Girl 2008Day ago

    justin hate you!!!!! Fuuuuu Meeee Beee👎

  55. hakimuddin hakimuddin

    hakimuddin hakimuddinDay ago

    Dj.khâlìd best in Justin bieber

  56. V vida

    V vidaDay ago

    Why ain’t they hit me up for this song 😑😑😑

  57. Suplementos Deportivos Empire

    Suplementos Deportivos EmpireDay ago

  58. xGrYn BRx

    xGrYn BRxDay ago

    Paul its you??

  59. Ann Howard

    Ann HowardDay ago

    Yeah because you need to clarify if you physically blew someone’s brains out

  60. Jitu Anota

    Jitu AnotaDay ago

    Why are you so mean to people that are short l USF to be a big fan but when I saw a video of you being so mean and now I hate you

  61. MrFish Fingers

    MrFish FingersDay ago


  62. Kaike Escobar

    Kaike EscobarDay ago


  63. Ojan Baka

    Ojan BakaDay ago


  64. Liz

    LizDay ago

    amazing dj khaled

  65. Particle_Acceleration

    Particle_AccelerationDay ago

    Bro, Trevor Noah looks really good in this video

  66. NonStop Soundz NonStoppuhSounds

    NonStop Soundz NonStoppuhSoundsDay ago


  67. Francos Fun

    Francos FunDay ago

    still love you to the moon and back though

  68. Francos Fun

    Francos FunDay ago

    he looks so better in 2010 well btw justin you need a small haircut but not a buzz cut or bald!Oh also just do some shaving on the mustashe!

  69. Abba's

    Abba'sDay ago


  70. Bryan GamerH

    Bryan GamerHDay ago

    Chance the rapper is the Best

  71. Julian Ramirez

    Julian RamirezDay ago

    Justin really let himself go

  72. Darcklighting

    DarcklightingDay ago

    Where is a Lil Wayne ? Gims ft Lil Wayne and french Montana (corazon)

  73. Excel titaN

    Excel titaN2 days ago

    March 2019 anyone??

  74. Electro IND

    Electro IND2 days ago

    love for India JB Support me

  75. Amer Mzara

    Amer Mzara2 days ago

    Chance is like what the fuck am doing here

  76. my tube

    my tube2 days ago

    Great talent but that look is 🤮

  77. Ggdjfjcj Jlgjgv

    Ggdjfjcj Jlgjgv2 days ago

    Cine e roman sa dea like la com

  78. DOO DOO

    DOO DOO2 days ago 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

  79. cattax s

    cattax s2 days ago

    Eww that look doesn't suit Justin

  80. Marcelo Legend

    Marcelo Legend2 days ago

    This song reminds me of summer and hapinness

  81. The Tattler

    The Tattler2 days ago

    Justin looks not cute anymore. But he still looks ummm diferent🤔🤔🙄🙄🤐

  82. PUBmemes BR

    PUBmemes BR2 days ago

    0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 0:40 aaaaa replay costs= 1 like

  83. RyLuckyOfficial

    RyLuckyOfficial2 days ago

    catchiest song ever. people say our music is alike. I'm next. thumbs up if you piss on the side of the water in the toilet so it doesn't make noise


    THE LEARNER2 days ago

    Am i the only who thinks he looks kind of good ??

  85. يوسف احمد

    يوسف احمد2 days ago


  86. Fortnite ha

    Fortnite ha2 days ago

    I hate u so so much

  87. Nehal Pawar

    Nehal Pawar2 days ago

    Justin bebier 🎶🎶 nice

  88. Sharukh Aansari

    Sharukh Aansari2 days ago

  89. mayank yogu

    mayank yogu2 days ago

    Marcus and martinus is best

  90. David Pulido

    David Pulido2 days ago


  91. Sathyamani Srujan

    Sathyamani Srujan2 days ago

    justin if you really watch my comment just keep a love symbol to my comment.

  92. Mato Boyo

    Mato Boyo2 days ago

    Justin bieber is like a gas station guy

  93. kayquemit8421

    kayquemit84212 days ago

    quem e br

  94. Cloudboi

    Cloudboi2 days ago

    Yo chance, you dont got ye baseball cap on. 02:07

  95. Oskar Aagaard

    Oskar Aagaard2 days ago

    No Brainer > Im The One

  96. nima barzani11

    nima barzani112 days ago

    Go bxho

  97. Mr Koushik

    Mr Koushik2 days ago

    Any one now 2k19 ?

  98. amar amat

    amar amat2 days ago

    اكو عرب بالطياره 😂😂

  99. dhruv bharadva

    dhruv bharadva2 days ago

    I really miss jb....a die hard fan of himm....he should start making music..

  100. Im 20 Nigga

    Im 20 Nigga2 days ago

    Chance the rapper love love to you

  101. Matty Healy Af

    Matty Healy Af2 days ago

    No nip slip this time? I approve 👍🏻