DIY MASTER EP 3: Boho Shibori Tie Dye



    JOELLE TAN3 hours ago


  2. Victoria Do

    Victoria Do8 hours ago

    Do a wig like if you agree

  3. Bloom Gospel

    Bloom GospelDay ago

    Who's in the background????

  4. Madilyn Garcia

    Madilyn GarciaDay ago

    NAILED IT 100000% !

  5. Hilda Sauceda

    Hilda SaucedaDay ago

    normal tie die

  6. amber guyton

    amber guyton2 days ago

    So why doesn't she tell us what she is doing? Isn't that the point of a DIY channel? It's entertaining but literally no directions.

  7. Abriyana Walker

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  8. Eric Hill

    Eric Hill2 days ago

    Ok so my daughter was watching this and when you said the stuff looked better once turned inside out would it be better if you started that way instead.

  9. Angeli Lachica

    Angeli Lachica2 days ago

    Hey I have those tongs

  10. InFiReSMaN

    InFiReSMaN2 days ago

    This proves that beauty comes from within

  11. space_unicorns_ :p

    space_unicorns_ :p3 days ago

    Love your vids!!! I would do all of theses DIYS but ain’t nobody got time for dat 😂😂😂

  12. irena Avatessian

    irena Avatessian3 days ago

    that guys name is yand because she said'' you smell like poo to me and yand'' sooooooooooooo

  13. Irene Lopez

    Irene Lopez3 days ago

    9:43 Moose: HI MOOOOMMM!!!

  14. MPG Pantano

    MPG Pantano3 days ago

    nail nail nail such a nail thats awesome and ligit

  15. Huyu Binch

    Huyu Binch4 days ago

    Denim vibes

  16. Sienna Moscatelli

    Sienna Moscatelli4 days ago

    I think you nail every diy you do Lauren!!💖💛💖💛🦄

  17. Kelli Cottle

    Kelli Cottle4 days ago

    I love this series, I am making a piece of paper of galaxy while watching this series

  18. Nila Rahman

    Nila Rahman4 days ago

    I😍 Lauren

  19. Nila Rahman

    Nila Rahman4 days ago

    You did more than nailed it you did super super duper duper amazing

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  21. Hallie Bulkeley

    Hallie Bulkeley5 days ago

    You nailed it!!

  22. Victoria Reza

    Victoria Reza5 days ago

    At 9:06 someone is in the back round

  23. Precious Garma

    Precious Garma5 days ago

    you did this on my birthday I turned 10

  24. Jaylyn England

    Jaylyn England5 days ago

    You nailed it 😜GOOD JOB!

  25. Michelle Fernandes

    Michelle Fernandes5 days ago

    Lauren, the outside is only the way tgat it is because tou probably hung it outside in the sun and the sun made the colour fade

  26. Bella Escaño

    Bella Escaño5 days ago

    Nailed it

  27. Graceful One

    Graceful One6 days ago

    Did anyone else see the person in the back add 9:06

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  30. JL HD

    JL HD6 days ago

    Nailed it

  31. ammy goldfish

    ammy goldfish7 days ago

    only lauren can make a shirt with huge white squares look good

  32. olajumokedauda

    olajumokedauda7 days ago

    nailed it

  33. ava cox

    ava cox7 days ago

    You definitely nailed it 100%

  34. Dorothy Vinod

    Dorothy Vinod8 days ago

    next timetry and do it the pillow case inside out when dying

  35. Kam’s World

    Kam’s World8 days ago

    Kinda NAILED......Kinda FAILED🤣😍

  36. brittani downs

    brittani downs8 days ago

    Nailed it

  37. Megan Rumore

    Megan Rumore8 days ago

    "Lets mother tricking do this!" - LaurDIY 2018

  38. Megan Rumore

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  39. Unicorn Poop

    Unicorn Poop8 days ago

    You problem was that you had to flip it inside out

  40. Megan Lowes

    Megan Lowes8 days ago

    you should add some cute white rope tassels around the edges of the pillow cases to hide the seams!!

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  43. Maeve O'boyle

    Maeve O'boyle8 days ago

    nail lets get to 3 likes I know 3 hole likes wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  44. Gracie Robertson

    Gracie Robertson8 days ago

    I am proud of Lauren for getting through the whole thing because I did it and it took 4 days and in the end I quit. 😂😂😂😂

  45. Happy hour8

    Happy hour89 days ago

    They are so good

  46. Molly Morris

    Molly Morris9 days ago

    9:29 oh mi god oh mi god oh moose chemicals.. CHEMICALS GET OFF THE BENCH MOOSE XD 9:43 MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE

  47. nochu_ comethru

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  48. Olivia Snively

    Olivia Snively11 days ago

    10:56 moment of OWWWWWWWWWWWWW truth

  49. Katherine Soto

    Katherine Soto13 days ago

    I love ❤️ your channel you are amazing and very nice,funny. LOVE YOUR DOG!your the best and beautiful. 🤤🍍🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  50. Gigi Jacob

    Gigi Jacob13 days ago

    Omg she looks sooo asian in the thumbnail

  51. lissy and cleo bartram

    lissy and cleo bartram13 days ago

    definitely nailed

  52. ralphie boots

    ralphie boots14 days ago

    i think if you did it again but before you dye it turn it inside out

  53. Mia Garris

    Mia Garris14 days ago

    Who else noticed either glitter or water 💦 falling from the ceiling

  54. Cam Cam Roblox

    Cam Cam Roblox15 days ago

    That song at the end is the best!!😋😋😂😂

  55. Savvy Tube

    Savvy Tube15 days ago

    This is such a cool diy. Ugh I'm so jealous you're great at everything. Even the music is really catchy. I'm proud to be a #prettylittlelaur

  56. Matt Shields

    Matt Shields15 days ago

    you nailed it

  57. Matt Shields

    Matt Shields15 days ago

    I've seen people do it before

  58. DelancySi Vlogs

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    Nailed lit

  59. Amni Slime Channel

    Amni Slime Channel15 days ago

    laur do 3 marker challenge

  60. Sian Lily

    Sian Lily16 days ago

    Nailed it

  61. Sophie the Fire breathing gummy bear

    Sophie the Fire breathing gummy bear16 days ago

    Did anyone else see the person in the mirror walk by when she was undoing everything

  62. Pixel IT!!!

    Pixel IT!!!17 days ago

    My mom does that everyday and it only takes like 50 or 20 minutes she already has it all prepared so I see why it took longer for u

  63. Ella Dinn

    Ella Dinn17 days ago

    You nailed it

  64. Kathy Fan

    Kathy Fan18 days ago

    You nailed it.

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  66. Brooklynn Kennedy

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    Nailed it for sure! ♡

  67. seeak chi

    seeak chi20 days ago

    OMG! Are you still with Alex or no?

  68. Ally Rasmussen

    Ally Rasmussen17 days ago

    seeak chi I am sad to but sadly no

  69. Kendall's Korner

    Kendall's Korner20 days ago

    Honestly Lauren, I really.................. LOVE THOSE!!! all of them! I think they were a nail!

  70. annz_10 Wright

    annz_10 Wright21 day ago

    Nailed ittttttt

  71. Georgios Kouzas

    Georgios Kouzas22 days ago

    Hi Thanks for checking in... I'm still a piece of garbage

  72. Reireikorn

    Reireikorn24 days ago

    I actually did this in Japan on Tokushima island where it originated. I learned the history of this dye and even went in the house of the person who created it. It was fun but the smell killed my nose. Also I doubted the color until I let it dry and it came out so good.

  73. frog fanacy fjolie

    frog fanacy fjolie24 days ago

    Naled it

  74. frog fanacy fjolie

    frog fanacy fjolie24 days ago

    That is epic

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    NAILED ITTT!!😋😁👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼💙💙😱😱🤪

  76. Noorsyaznizan Zaini

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    Shibori shishi shibori roll called GAHAHAHAH QUEEN

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  79. Allie Bailey

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    Nailed it 😝

  80. Unicorn Cutie

    Unicorn Cutie28 days ago

    My mom didn't fail

  81. Unicorn Cutie

    Unicorn Cutie28 days ago

    actually my mom already did that in different shapes

  82. Tiffany Ogbuewu

    Tiffany Ogbuewu29 days ago

    I think you did good! ❤️ My favorite thing was the blanket.

  83. Olivia Freet

    Olivia Freet29 days ago

    apparently it"s pronounced shy - bori

  84. Benjamin Leveque (Student)

    Benjamin Leveque (Student)29 days ago

    nailed it

  85. A Rayov

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    Nailed it!

  86. Lillie Moreno

    Lillie MorenoMonth ago

    Nailed it

  87. Nala Science Girl 2009

    Nala Science Girl 2009Month ago

    Did anyone else realize that Lauren' s hair looks red?

  88. Living_Life_With_Ashlyn

    Living_Life_With_AshlynMonth ago

    Who is watching after LAUREX broke up!!!!!!! IM SOOOOO SAD 😔😭😭😭😭😭

  89. Ariana Lol

    Ariana LolMonth ago

    Oh my gosh that was amazing but can u try to actually fail sometime soon

  90. Pancake Kingdom

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    👁 💖 laurdiy

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    Niabe it

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  93. Isobella Brown

    Isobella BrownMonth ago

    UHH I did that in third class... It's easy u will be fine

  94. zoey erickson

    zoey ericksonMonth ago

    nailed it except the shirt.

  95. Sydney M

    Sydney MMonth ago

    Nailed it

  96. Janely Cabrera

    Janely CabreraMonth ago

    I think you fnailed it

  97. Ravinaashetty

    RavinaashettyMonth ago

    u didn’t nail it but u didn’t fail u sailed through it❤️❤️

  98. Franny Newton

    Franny NewtonMonth ago

    OMG you are the cutest person ever and you are the best. Like if you would want to be BFF's with that angel

  99. Natalie Unsworth

    Natalie UnsworthMonth ago

    Amazing though

  100. Natalie Unsworth

    Natalie UnsworthMonth ago

    You should of turned them inside. Out first

  101. Shaili Patel

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    She's so good at everything