DIY MASTER EP 3: Boho Shibori Tie Dye


  1. Brookelin Ahders

    Brookelin Ahders6 minutes ago

    Maybe you were supposed to turn them inside out Idk

  2. ItzAliz

    ItzAliz56 minutes ago

    and then they are like good luck with ur life lol i was dying

  3. Ellen Lewis

    Ellen LewisHour ago

    you should make a tepi for like you to read or maby a protective area for your plushies from Alex

  4. Sofi Ivinskaite

    Sofi IvinskaiteHour ago

    Nailed it

  5. Jessica Kellam

    Jessica KellamHour ago

    You NALED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. rose marie

    rose marie2 hours ago

    nailed it

  7. birthstone

    birthstone2 hours ago

    nailed it... but... the tiniest bit failed it.

  8. Ruby Chan

    Ruby Chan2 hours ago

    Im love with that hair 😍😍

  9. rocio rico

    rocio rico4 hours ago

    nailed it!!

  10. Michelle Baltazar

    Michelle Baltazar4 hours ago

    Why does 5:20 sound like a squeaky door😂😂

  11. Gamer Twins 99

    Gamer Twins 995 hours ago

    Nailed it

  12. Sam Goetz

    Sam Goetz7 hours ago

    for the pillow cases you were probably supposed to have it inside out so it's sick on the outside

  13. silvia The Wolf.

    silvia The Wolf.7 hours ago

    Nailed it!

  14. Ritika Samajder

    Ritika Samajder8 hours ago

    nailed iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  15. unicornios squad

    unicornios squad12 hours ago

    When she said shubori roll call i was Like Omg cuz they sang that at me sience camp but they didn't say shubori

  16. Alex Wolf

    Alex Wolf12 hours ago

    Did anyone else here the music in the back, in the intro? It sounded like a ice-cream truck!🍦

  17. Gabriela Gutierrez

    Gabriela Gutierrez13 hours ago

    Next time you should do it inside out

  18. peach qveen

    peach qveen13 hours ago

    All some❤❤💙

  19. Lea Zuniga

    Lea Zuniga13 hours ago

    That shirt is really cute what are you talking about

  20. Saleita Smith

    Saleita Smith15 hours ago

    I love the way you editor your video on MReporter and I love watching your video on MReporter and you make amazing video on MReporter

  21. chloe botelho

    chloe botelho18 hours ago

    naild it

  22. Laura Cooper

    Laura Cooper20 hours ago

    Nailed it

  23. Dorothy Li

    Dorothy Li20 hours ago

    Nailed it

  24. Jadelyne Draws

    Jadelyne Draws22 hours ago

    Shibori shi shi shinier ROCALL-Laurdiy 2018.. BTW FAVORITE BRING IT ON!

  25. Addison Doherty

    Addison Doherty22 hours ago

    Nailed it

  26. Addison Doherty

    Addison Doherty22 hours ago

    I think you should do a DIY giant teddy bear

  27. Debbie Lombardi

    Debbie Lombardi22 hours ago

    You should try to make a sequence pillow

  28. Aly Byrum

    Aly Byrum23 hours ago

    nailed it!!!

  29. navi edsinger

    navi edsinger23 hours ago

    and blanket and pillow cases

  30. navi edsinger

    navi edsinger23 hours ago

    i even had that same shirt

  31. navi edsinger

    navi edsinger23 hours ago

    and i legit did all of this

  32. navi edsinger

    navi edsinger23 hours ago

    we booth nailed it

  33. navi edsinger

    navi edsinger23 hours ago

    i was doing this diy when i was watching the video

  34. Curtis sink

    Curtis sinkDay ago

    make a unicorn onesie!

  35. The_Amazing _Rye

    The_Amazing _RyeDay ago

    Nailed it

  36. Georgia :3

    Georgia :3Day ago


  37. Aliana DIY

    Aliana DIYDay ago

    U was just looking like that u r frying clothes in the color. Hahaha😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Emily Penguin

    Emily PenguinDay ago

    Do you just wash those things like normal new things?

  39. Save the Ellie’s #Ellies singing

    Save the Ellie’s #Ellies singingDay ago


  40. Vaijayanti Belgaumkar

    Vaijayanti BelgaumkarDay ago

    2:45 😂😂 lauren😘

  41. Haley Warren

    Haley WarrenDay ago

    I made this dress that way it was a strapless dress

  42. DragoxWof Vang

    DragoxWof VangDay ago

    :3 I love it 😍😍😙

  43. Nic Garcia

    Nic GarciaDay ago

    And I think your an amazing DIY queen

  44. Nic Garcia

    Nic GarciaDay ago


  45. Donna Thomas

    Donna ThomasDay ago

    Again u nailed it , i dont think u could fail at any diy your good at it or good at everything u do

  46. Nic Garcia

    Nic GarciaDay ago

    I LOVE you Lauren, you know sometimes I want to be Alex so I can be your bf

  47. newblue03 W

    newblue03 WDay ago

    Nailed it😊

  48. Tomas Salas

    Tomas SalasDay ago

    Love your hair!!!!💁🏽💁🏽

  49. Uni Squishy

    Uni SquishyDay ago

    “Eh yewlew”😂

  50. Eliza that one girl

    Eliza that one girlDay ago

    Is it me or does Lauren look pregnant is thumbnail

  51. Lynlea Acuff

    Lynlea AcuffDay ago

    What is your favorite color

  52. Pandalover 101 Prater

    Pandalover 101 PraterDay ago

    I love you so much your so creative and fun and you always make things work what really throws me off is when you say cute please CAN I PLEASE HAVE A SHOUTOUT!!!!!!!!! Omg moose in the back

  53. Ann Jones

    Ann JonesDay ago

    turn Alexes hair into🦄 hair!!

  54. Anna Fratto

    Anna FrattoDay ago


  55. awesomesupercat A.

    awesomesupercat A.Day ago

    New subscriber!!! (Me)

  56. Starkissed Bangtan

    Starkissed BangtanDay ago

    Ya NAILED it gurl 😊😊😉

  57. Random Videos

    Random VideosDay ago

    Is the ending song your rap you made? It sounds very very good.

  58. Jill Abel

    Jill AbelDay ago

    you should melt crayons on a canvos

  59. Ayana cuevas

    Ayana cuevasDay ago

    Who was there at 9:30 in the left corner.

  60. Autumn Mckinstry

    Autumn MckinstryDay ago

    nailed it

  61. Grace Green

    Grace GreenDay ago

    Did anyone else see that persons head pop out at 9:06

  62. ashley YouTubes

    ashley YouTubesDay ago

    Your setup behind is literally perfection ❤💛💜💚💙🖤💟

  63. Jessica Olie

    Jessica OlieDay ago

    Nailed it

  64. Nevaeh Miranda

    Nevaeh MirandaDay ago

    Nailed it that is so cute

  65. DIY'S with Elena

    DIY'S with ElenaDay ago

    Nailed it

  66. 1animal Luvr

    1animal LuvrDay ago

    You help me make diys thank you

  67. Abigail Ryan

    Abigail RyanDay ago

    You nailed it

  68. Gabrielle Solis

    Gabrielle Solis2 days ago

    You nailed it

  69. Terra Barnes 2025

    Terra Barnes 20252 days ago

    nailed it

  70. E and E J and H

    E and E J and H2 days ago

    Nailed it

  71. Ciera D

    Ciera D2 days ago

    Nailed it

  72. Jas Monge

    Jas Monge2 days ago

    You have to turn it INSIDE out when it drys/when you wash it.

  73. Dance kids Bendyfnafgirl

    Dance kids Bendyfnafgirl2 days ago


  74. Carmen Garduno

    Carmen Garduno2 days ago

    guava juice

  75. UniPugs Xox

    UniPugs Xox2 days ago


  76. Bleach ;o

    Bleach ;o2 days ago

    The Intro Is GOALS

  77. Patricia Manawis

    Patricia Manawis2 days ago

    Lauren protect your nailes because you need to nailed it 😁😁😁😁😄😅

  78. Andrea Nieto

    Andrea Nieto2 days ago

    You nailed that

  79. Dataenia Simi

    Dataenia Simi2 days ago

    LaurDIY do u woch da ACE FAMILYYY

  80. Jennie kim

    Jennie kim2 days ago

    It should be the colerd hot water

  81. Megan Grey

    Megan Grey2 days ago

    Nailed it!!!😃😃😃

  82. Holly G

    Holly G2 days ago

    U definitely nailed it

  83. Bryan Jordan

    Bryan Jordan2 days ago

    U and Alex Still Together?

  84. Katelyn Odegard

    Katelyn Odegard2 days ago

    tbh i miss the lauren with pink hair😩

  85. Victoria Mensah

    Victoria Mensah2 days ago

    You definitely nailed it

  86. Jessica r

    Jessica r2 days ago

    BTW, the background in the end was just AMAZING!!!!!!!

  87. Jessica r

    Jessica r2 days ago

    Ok, so defently, NAILED IT!!!

  88. Julianna S.

    Julianna S.2 days ago

    you naild it

  89. Daisy Rabourn

    Daisy Rabourn2 days ago

    I commented this on the first episode of DIY Master, but I doubt that you saw it, but... I am trying to do a cheap bohemian minimalist room makeover and this is perfect!!!!!! So far, this series has shown me the best ideas for my room!!!!!!!!!

  90. Jayna Singh

    Jayna Singh2 days ago


  91. Girl Gamer

    Girl Gamer2 days ago


  92. Hannah Brooke

    Hannah Brooke2 days ago

    Nail:90% Fail:10%

  93. Sof Tastic

    Sof Tastic2 days ago

    Nailed It!!!

  94. Priscila Perez

    Priscila Perez2 days ago

    I Love you pleeeeeeaaaaase like this, you are my inspiration♥️♥️😘😘😘

  95. Gianna Hernandez

    Gianna Hernandez2 days ago


  96. Lexi_The _Panda

    Lexi_The _Panda2 days ago

    Nailed it

  97. Catherine C.

    Catherine C.2 days ago

    Nailed it

  98. Erin Abarquez

    Erin Abarquez2 days ago

    i tried this and i ruined my best of the shoulder top white and im trying to fix it

  99. Kyndall Kieszkowski

    Kyndall Kieszkowski2 days ago

    NAILED IT! ;D Me wants every ITEM! ;D

  100. Brey The Bozo

    Brey The Bozo2 days ago

    I love these videos