DIY MASTER EP 3: Boho Shibori Tie Dye


  1. Laneyboo Haverloo

    Laneyboo Haverloo2 days ago

    1:25 _laurdiy, death by _*_shibori_*

  2. Leydi Cervantes

    Leydi Cervantes4 days ago

    Hey guys im the "diy KWeeNN" i paint pencils for every season!! ;)))

  3. Leah Hudock

    Leah Hudock5 days ago

    Ok the word sick is a no.

  4. Alden Jernigan Bff

    Alden Jernigan Bff6 days ago

    Who else thought that in the thumbnail Lauren was holding her stomach like she’s pregnant

  5. keep smiling with jess

    keep smiling with jess7 days ago

    I watched this exactly a year after it was published by accident I am shook omg

  6. keep smiling with jess

    keep smiling with jess4 days ago

    @Lucky_charm 123 ikr

  7. Lucky_charm 123

    Lucky_charm 1235 days ago

    keep smiling with jess omg i just checked thats so cool.

  8. Ava&Addy Haynes

    Ava&Addy Haynes14 days ago

    You nailed everything especially that shirt

  9. Ashley Edit

    Ashley Edit16 days ago

    nailed it

  10. Sophia Pierre

    Sophia Pierre16 days ago

    2019? Hehe...

  11. Daisy Kemp

    Daisy Kemp16 days ago

    you nailed it

  12. Selah Linton

    Selah Linton19 days ago

    your so BEAUTIFUL, love you so much

  13. Clara Arsenault

    Clara Arsenault20 days ago

    Did anyone see the hanging chair in the background? I want one!💎💎💎

  14. taylor works

    taylor works21 day ago

    new hair? 😂😂

  15. Alaysia Marea

    Alaysia Marea22 days ago

    Can I use the same techniques with tiedie though

  16. Gacha_demon531xx

    Gacha_demon531xx23 days ago


  17. Aimee w

    Aimee w29 days ago

    that shirt tho!!!

  18. HYLS

    HYLSMonth ago

    You 100% Nailed it🙂🙂🤗🤗🤗

  19. HYLS

    HYLSMonth ago

    You 100%Nailed it

  20. HYLS

    HYLSMonth ago

    I agree

  21. XxMidnightWolfxX

    XxMidnightWolfxXMonth ago

    Challenge: Make a dog house for moose!

  22. Haileeboo2010 Sept0900

    Haileeboo2010 Sept0900Month ago

    I recognize that room that room is the room that mr Kate made

  23. Ana Guerrero

    Ana GuerreroMonth ago

    Count how many times she says yolo

  24. Susan O Sullivan

    Susan O SullivanMonth ago

    I agree on dog house for mouse......I made one for my dog

  25. scott acquisto

    scott acquistoMonth ago

    I think you are ssssssoooooooo good at diys and I think you totally NAILED IT

  26. Nella Shear

    Nella ShearMonth ago

    You should make a Japanese foil ball

  27. Gacha Family

    Gacha FamilyMonth ago

    Nailed it 👌👍👌

  28. Bff Forever

    Bff ForeverMonth ago

    Win win

  29. Kevin Tran

    Kevin TranMonth ago

    Nail it

  30. Arch Michael

    Arch MichaelMonth ago

    The pronounce of shibori is SHYbori yeahh.. (sorry for meh english)

  31. Sara C.D.

    Sara C.D.Month ago

    Nailed it!!!!

  32. Lipgloss 2000

    Lipgloss 2000Month ago

    Can you wash it in a washing machine?

  33. Chloe Baigrie

    Chloe BaigrieMonth ago

    You should make cute dorm room blast bots

  34. Josie Lee

    Josie LeeMonth ago

    diy back pack😊😊😊😊

  35. Sofia Cavacini

    Sofia CavaciniMonth ago


  36. Jackson Parker

    Jackson ParkerMonth ago


  37. Esperanza Torres

    Esperanza TorresMonth ago

    Nailed it

  38. Taylor Ryan

    Taylor RyanMonth ago

    I'm here after breakup

  39. Sarah Gimbel

    Sarah GimbelMonth ago

    maybe next time dye them inside out so the outside will look good

  40. Mia S

    Mia S2 months ago

    Nailed it

  41. Unicorn Gummybears

    Unicorn Gummybears2 months ago

    You should do a video called trying competition cheerleading 🎉

  42. cica

    cica2 months ago

    I want your shirt, is dyed one!!!!

  43. Sara Schipper

    Sara Schipper2 months ago

    Nailed it

  44. Madison Lovesvids18

    Madison Lovesvids182 months ago

    Laur- omg omg omg moose moose chemicals get of the bench moose. Both- moose Laur- if this turns blue this is magic. Do you think this is a sink situation. Makes slipping sounds. Moose jumps on bench. Laur- moos..... cuts of

  45. Ella May Cudds

    Ella May Cudds2 months ago

    This was just a compilation of Lauren saying poo 😂

  46. hunnymamaof7

    hunnymamaof72 months ago

    you did sooooo good they looked amazing!!

  47. Elle Raftery

    Elle Raftery2 months ago

    You should DIY the shirt like make it a crop top

  48. Tatiana Navarro

    Tatiana Navarro2 months ago

    Where did you get it?!!! I am like looking every where on online shopping

  49. Layla Sanchez

    Layla Sanchez2 months ago

    Who else watched this without knowing what Shibor was

  50. Joaquin Ashley

    Joaquin Ashley2 months ago

    Any 2019?

  51. Tanya Hogeveen

    Tanya Hogeveen2 months ago

    I subscribed.

  52. Sohalia J

    Sohalia J2 months ago

    I love you. Your videos are awesome

  53. Adeera Schreiber

    Adeera Schreiber2 months ago

    4:49 i legit did that at school and dont know if its gonna work now

  54. valery Anthony garcia

    valery Anthony garcia2 months ago

    Is that queen for the beat of your song

  55. LIVVY_GLITTER Buckheister

    LIVVY_GLITTER Buckheister2 months ago


  56. Little Miss Pocket Channel

    Little Miss Pocket Channel2 months ago

    14:18 it landed at the perfect time

  57. PuppyHeart25

    PuppyHeart252 months ago

    I’ve literally being watching your vids since 6:00 am and it’s now 3:00pm 😂

  58. Eriona Dudley

    Eriona Dudley2 months ago


  59. Pablo_The_Greatest person

    Pablo_The_Greatest person2 months ago

    9:44 omg I love when it cuts like that it's so funny😂... MOOO!!!

  60. mariah smith

    mariah smith2 months ago

    Nailed It 💓💓💓💓💓💓💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💝💜

  61. Julia Augustine

    Julia Augustine2 months ago

    You say it sha-bor-y

  62. Jason Papini

    Jason Papini2 months ago

    Nailed it

  63. Anamika Saikia

    Anamika Saikia2 months ago

    Your title sutes you,"DIY QUEEN"

  64. Tallulah Biendurry

    Tallulah Biendurry2 months ago

    I did this at school one time in grade four. Like if you live in Australia

  65. Catherine Cooper

    Catherine Cooper2 months ago


  66. Jill LaVine

    Jill LaVine2 months ago

    go to 9:44 and pause it's hilarious!

  67. Laura Telljohann

    Laura Telljohann2 months ago


  68. Alexis Goodchild

    Alexis Goodchild3 months ago


  69. Melody Styles

    Melody Styles3 months ago

    I lowkey ship Lauren and Markiplier

  70. Leah Gales

    Leah Gales3 months ago

    If u wanna make it so u don’t have to turn it inside out, dye them inside out and dry them inside out then flip them

  71. Molly Te Grotenhuis

    Molly Te Grotenhuis3 months ago

    who was that in the background at 9:05

  72. emma crow

    emma crow3 months ago

    you need to try a bob ross painting

  73. emma crow

    emma crow2 months ago

    I know I saw it rite after I watched that vidio

  74. Trixie Martinez

    Trixie Martinez3 months ago

    She has done it. And it was so good 🎨

  75. Indiana_ Hyde

    Indiana_ Hyde3 months ago

    Nailed it


    EVA PANTA3 months ago

    seriously what was that "oxidise"...🤣

  77. Life with Arielle Is crazzy

    Life with Arielle Is crazzy3 months ago

    Who is in 2019

  78. Kate Melvin

    Kate Melvin3 months ago

    still what's shibori?

  79. Kate Melvin

    Kate Melvin3 months ago

    nailed it (still haven't seen the end)

  80. Thazin Khaing

    Thazin Khaing3 months ago

    9:32 and 9:45 lol

  81. Pirie’spinkargylesweater

    Pirie’spinkargylesweater3 months ago

    Then that means you need to dip it reverse side out

  82. Mangatayaru Manepalli

    Mangatayaru Manepalli3 months ago

    Your hair is soo pretty !!! You are the best

  83. Baylei Aslakson

    Baylei Aslakson3 months ago

    The pillows would look so good next to your Chunky Knit Blanket

  84. Madeline Goodbaudy

    Madeline Goodbaudy3 months ago

    The inside out pillowcases give it kind of a boho hippieish repurposed look and it really compliments the rest of your house

  85. Babygirl Brooks

    Babygirl Brooks3 months ago

    That shirt is sooo cute

  86. Emma Sanford

    Emma Sanford3 months ago

    Maybe you’re supposed to dye them inside out

  87. Ana Oliveira

    Ana Oliveira3 months ago

    I have the Ana shirt lol

  88. Shehzeen Zahra

    Shehzeen Zahra3 months ago

    If This isn't a nail I don't know what it is like seriously .... IT IS PRETTTY

  89. emma scott

    emma scott3 months ago

    If you do it again just was them inside out then the right side will be sick

  90. TEAM HIA

    TEAM HIA3 months ago

    6:09 my fave part🤣🤣😂

  91. Wendy Borchetti

    Wendy Borchetti3 months ago


  92. Katherine Rosas

    Katherine Rosas3 months ago

    Lauren: ohh ohh ohhhhhhhh Me: I can’t feel my face when I’m with you

  93. Bell Kaye

    Bell Kaye3 months ago

    Love how the shirt turned out

  94. k poop

    k poop3 months ago

    Nail it

  95. Isabel N

    Isabel N3 months ago

    Wow this came out on my birthday, that’s cool

  96. Sophie’s World

    Sophie’s World3 months ago

    Anyone else watching in 2019?????

  97. Maya Sofia

    Maya Sofia3 months ago

    You are so pretty!❤️❤️❤️ love the DIY’s

  98. Hina turner

    Hina turner3 months ago

    nailed it!!! i love Laurdiy

  99. Gayle Golomb

    Gayle Golomb3 months ago

    you nailed it!

  100. Evie Lancaster

    Evie Lancaster3 months ago

    Plz do slime

  101. David Dowds

    David Dowds3 months ago

    Lauren give a shut out to MOOSE thx

  102. Taekook

    Taekook3 months ago

    That shirt is hella CUTEE!!! ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHERS!!😭💜👌

  103. Lucia Inserra

    Lucia Inserra3 months ago

    All the things she made are so nice

  104. Katelyn Hvidsten

    Katelyn Hvidsten3 months ago

    *doing this in school*

  105. Liyah Sunshine

    Liyah Sunshine3 months ago

    you nailed it!