DIY MASTER EP 3: Boho Shibori Tie Dye


  1. Beauty with a Cutie

    Beauty with a Cutie29 minutes ago

    You obviously NAILED IT!!!!!

  2. Brooke Charity

    Brooke Charity17 hours ago

    Dont worry you said it right

  3. Anupama Vajpeyee

    Anupama Vajpeyee18 hours ago

    THIS video should be on trending!

  4. Courtney Backus

    Courtney BackusDay ago


  5. norikhsan anuar

    norikhsan anuarDay ago

    Do a galaxy lava lamp

  6. Cha Kea

    Cha KeaDay ago

    Lauren you are a daredevil because you are doing a messy DIY with a WHITE shirt!!!!!

  7. Tia Sanker

    Tia Sanker3 days ago

    who else votes for diy master ep 7???? likes for votes

  8. Neive O'Dwyer

    Neive O'Dwyer3 days ago

    Who is mat?! EDIT: nailed it

  9. Luke Chino

    Luke Chino5 days ago

    How is she so good at everything?

  10. Alicia L

    Alicia L6 days ago

    Nailed it and can you make a squishy.

  11. ForeverRoblox

    ForeverRoblox6 days ago

    Who else is watching this after the breakup

  12. Grace the dancing queen

    Grace the dancing queen6 days ago

    I love the blanket

  13. Gabs martinez

    Gabs martinez6 days ago

    Who else ships the camera man and Lauren

  14. Madalynn Laffin

    Madalynn Laffin6 days ago


  15. Rachel Grane

    Rachel Grane6 days ago

    Anyone else binge watching DIY MASTER or is it just me?

  16. #T Time

    #T Time7 days ago

    Your so post to die them inside out

  17. Taijana Tijuana

    Taijana Tijuana9 days ago

    Shut tf up and explain how you folded it! Jesus she annoys the shit out of me how does she have so many subscribers

  18. Shayne Arnold

    Shayne Arnold10 days ago

    Someone was in the background at 9:05

  19. sasha samaroo

    sasha samaroo11 days ago

    Her hair always looks CUTE❤️

  20. Julia Doyle

    Julia Doyle12 days ago

    9:04 who was that creepy guy in the back like if you agree

  21. Denise Smith

    Denise Smith12 days ago


  22. Desiree Reiman

    Desiree Reiman12 days ago

    I think this is just my Siri but when she says really Siri my Siri went off

  23. abraham odiase

    abraham odiase13 days ago

    (LaurDIY : okay guys, if you want to try these at home, please ask an Adult!) ( Me : Oooo I can make cute room decor ) 10 seconds later... ( me : *falls asleep and wakes up the next day*

  24. Maddie Mitchell

    Maddie Mitchell14 days ago


  25. ordinary girl

    ordinary girl14 days ago

    she posted this on my birthday June 10 ohhhh I didn't know that

  26. Emma Jackson

    Emma Jackson14 days ago

    You nailed it

  27. Bryce Rhodes

    Bryce Rhodes15 days ago

    Nailed it

  28. Katie Clarke

    Katie Clarke15 days ago

    No 💍🙁💍😁⛄️🎂🐹🤡👄⛄️⛄️👿👾🥳🤑🤑🐶🐶🐶🤑☹️😆😁☃️💩🥳🥳👍⛄️🤑🤑🤑🐶

  29. ForEver Family

    ForEver Family16 days ago

    I tiy diy at my school at the end of the year before

  30. Alexis Anderson

    Alexis Anderson16 days ago

    Nailed it


    PAKOU CHANG16 days ago


  32. Luz Maria Morales

    Luz Maria Morales16 days ago

    11:57 when i get low on wifi

  33. DIY Freak

    DIY Freak17 days ago

    6:54-7:10, THAT SOUNDS LIKE “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS” FROM QUEEN!!!!! Of course it’s about poo but.... still similar

  34. 25Anna Colville

    25Anna Colville17 days ago

    You should a rainbow loom

  35. Alexjunior Filipino girl

    Alexjunior Filipino girl17 days ago

    U should paint Alex and make a dress for moose

  36. Kish-Shawna Grant

    Kish-Shawna Grant17 days ago

    NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  37. Mikhaela McKenzie

    Mikhaela McKenzie18 days ago

    OHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD. I JUST WATCHED TWAIMZ'S ROLL CALL SONG AND CAME BACK HERE AFTER WATCHING THIS LIKE EIGHTEEN TIMES JUST TO COMMENT ABOUT YOUR REFERENCE! by the way, total nail. no one could call that a fail and those people who disliked this vid are just jealous of how great you are at this.

  38. Cora Riggs

    Cora Riggs18 days ago

    2019??? Anyone???

  39. Didier Methot

    Didier Methot18 days ago


  40. Jewell Asare

    Jewell Asare18 days ago

    Nailed it

  41. Kimberly Boland

    Kimberly Boland19 days ago

    nailed it, at first

  42. Sparkle Princess

    Sparkle Princess21 day ago

    nailed it

  43. Mariah Pahona

    Mariah Pahona21 day ago

    On the inside out pillow cases, you should just add lace or ribbon to the edges 😊

  44. William Amerson

    William Amerson21 day ago

    I LOVE the shirt

  45. Chrissi Stribling

    Chrissi Stribling21 day ago

    2:51 I like that hair on you 🤩

  46. Tracy Thao

    Tracy Thao23 days ago

    Is it weird that Matt films with Alex and Lauren soo cool

  47. Bri L

    Bri L23 days ago

    would love to see you tackle the Cricut!

  48. MakeupByJulia

    MakeupByJulia24 days ago

    I think that you nailed it

  49. Eljae santos

    Eljae santos25 days ago

    Im your new subscriber from phillipines 😊hope you'll notice me❤️

  50. Julia Jernigan

    Julia Jernigan25 days ago

    Nailed it

  51. ellie herley

    ellie herley25 days ago

    nail it

  52. Sophia Diaz

    Sophia Diaz26 days ago

    you nailed it

  53. skyler nadeem

    skyler nadeem26 days ago

    Nailed it

  54. Gacha boii

    Gacha boii26 days ago

    Omg when she said “muscles” it reminded me of Alex but she gets to live her life

  55. Crystal Daniels

    Crystal Daniels27 days ago

    The one on the left on the table looks like strobe lights

  56. Nica Siqturashvili

    Nica Siqturashvili27 days ago


  57. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki27 days ago

    Nailed it

  58. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki27 days ago

    Nailed it

  59. Roxy XoX

    Roxy XoX27 days ago


  60. Andy Sosa

    Andy Sosa27 days ago

    There was someone in the back with a black hoddie 9:06

  61. Insider Outsider

    Insider Outsider27 days ago

    “Shibori dying” Me:Yay we gunna die!!!

  62. Rylie Jones

    Rylie Jones28 days ago

    To me you are the diy master

  63. Kayla Truter

    Kayla Truter28 days ago

    NOTHING WAS A FAIL!!!!!! u never fail

  64. G. Donuts

    G. Donuts28 days ago


  65. Ellaine Mae Dulalas

    Ellaine Mae Dulalas29 days ago

    you nailed for always everything was just great and I didnt find anything awful

  66. 89mnegale

    89mnegaleMonth ago

    The pillow cases inside out just makes them better.

  67. Harley&More :p

    Harley&More :pMonth ago

    Why u so cute?!

  68. Elham Bazouz

    Elham BazouzMonth ago


  69. KayleeDaGamer

    KayleeDaGamerMonth ago

    Am I the only one who doesnt like how shibori looks?

  70. Roxy XoX

    Roxy XoX27 days ago

    KayleeDaGamer u and me both sister

  71. Anime Life

    Anime LifeMonth ago

    3:07 Lauren:child mode activated throws rubber bands everywhere Me:being a mom & hoping she doesn't hit her face while throwing rubber bands up & down😂🤣😂🤣

  72. Liliana Ramirez

    Liliana RamirezMonth ago

    Of course she nailed it

  73. Jessica Brown

    Jessica BrownMonth ago

    I know this is late but,if Alex and Lauren broke up,and Lauren still has Alex's part of the office then wat is going too happen

  74. Shadow anime

    Shadow animeMonth ago

    Looks amazing

  75. Emma Mardos

    Emma MardosMonth ago

    Nailed it

  76. Sarah M

    Sarah MMonth ago

    Try and make a mini house for your next one Like so LaurDIY can see

  77. sharwin sese

    sharwin seseMonth ago

    make rattan bag it's from Philippines

  78. Arieana Rose

    Arieana RoseMonth ago

    ok i dont think this is a word but i rate it a fanail

  79. Helen Wolfe

    Helen WolfeMonth ago

    You know you should do a galaxy mirror cake or a dress for one of your friends


    JOLIE'S LIFE'SMonth ago

    who's behind you??09:05

  81. Zayda Patterson

    Zayda PattersonMonth ago

    I wanna see you make some type of woodwork project!!!☺️

  82. Marley Malone

    Marley MaloneMonth ago

    She nailed it! Like always!

  83. Marley Malone

    Marley MaloneMonth ago

    One question....... How does she do these beautiful diy’s with those beautiful long nails??

  84. ashliehouser

    ashliehouserMonth ago

    Nailed it!

  85. Blossoms Vlogs

    Blossoms VlogsMonth ago

    The shirt was my fav

  86. GIna Threet

    GIna ThreetMonth ago

    Wait friendship hint before you told us you broke up with Alex

  87. Chad Allman

    Chad AllmanMonth ago

    mostly nailed it

  88. Katharine Campbell

    Katharine CampbellMonth ago

    soooooo cool

  89. Misha Panganiban

    Misha PanganibanMonth ago

    I love craft,s

  90. Godwin Agius

    Godwin AgiusMonth ago

    You nailed it but seriously your good at everything

  91. Natasha Ashley

    Natasha AshleyMonth ago


  92. Julie Fanucchi

    Julie FanucchiMonth ago

    you inspire me to do more diys more often

  93. Got no Jams

    Got no JamsMonth ago

    Anyone knows where Laur gets her bracelets from, there so cute

  94. Katelyn Odajima

    Katelyn OdajimaMonth ago

    NAIL 👍👍

  95. Mariana Martinez

    Mariana MartinezMonth ago

    Nailed it

  96. samara R

    samara RMonth ago

    9:05 who was the guy in the background

  97. Adalina joy scott

    Adalina joy scottMonth ago

    At 6: 53 Lauren singing queen we are the champions but we are the poopions

  98. Abigail and Madelyn

    Abigail and MadelynMonth ago

    Nailed it

  99. Life With Juliana

    Life With JulianaMonth ago

    what fabric do you need to use

  100. cutecupcakes1234 cuteies163

    cutecupcakes1234 cuteies163Month ago

    are you and alex gonna get back together

  101. Kate TheGreat

    Kate TheGreatMonth ago

    Why so gooooodddddddd and tip put it inside out before you tiy diy it.