1. HellthyJunkFood

    HellthyJunkFood7 months ago

    What other favorite junk food should we super size??!! 🍗🥪🌭🌮🌯🥩 🥗...

  2. Potato Chan Playz

    Potato Chan Playz9 days ago

    HellthyJunkFood Make.Giant.Ramen,Noodles! 🍜

  3. Majestic Uni1

    Majestic Uni110 days ago

    Giant sushi 😂

  4. Essynce Lewis

    Essynce LewisMonth ago

    Corn dog

  5. jaysha always lit Leturio

    jaysha always lit LeturioMonth ago

    Giant Oreo cookie

  6. xRobuxIsMyThingx_v2

    xRobuxIsMyThingx_v22 months ago

    500th Comment!

  7. Ha Truong

    Ha TruongHour ago


  8. Shaunta Thomas

    Shaunta Thomas2 hours ago

    Jp wins

  9. Bridget_manrap123

    Bridget_manrap1234 hours ago

    Just smash all of the McDonalds hash browns and make the mold

  10. Archie Kendall-Holland

    Archie Kendall-Holland5 hours ago

    Who has ketchup on a hash brown

  11. Nico Conejero

    Nico Conejero8 hours ago


  12. Melanie Peters

    Melanie Peters15 hours ago

    Hot coco

  13. Raphael Tabah

    Raphael Tabah15 hours ago


  14. Priscilla Zhong

    Priscilla Zhong23 hours ago

    I love your vids

  15. Juan Florez

    Juan FlorezDay ago

    U are sexy u look like da chick from napoleon dynamite

  16. tammy culver

    tammy culverDay ago


  17. Destiny Nation

    Destiny NationDay ago


  18. Kai Tiahmo

    Kai TiahmoDay ago

    3:25 we get it your trying to sound smart

  19. Kai Tiahmo

    Kai TiahmoDay ago

    i would make JPs because it doesn't included corn syrup

  20. Y.maged .21

    Y.maged .21Day ago

    Lol I heard Julia say porn syrup not corn syrup

  21. Sean Dgzmn

    Sean DgzmnDay ago

    4:00 "wow looks kinda thick" lol

  22. richard murphy

    richard murphyDay ago

    The girl wins

  23. Jazza Gazza

    Jazza GazzaDay ago

    Yea the good thing is it didn’t break apart just don’t care if anyone got hurt

  24. Savannah Price

    Savannah Price2 days ago


  25. NanoCraft

    NanoCraft2 days ago

    jp knows dam well he’s asian with all this dam math shit

  26. Nathaniel Gonzales

    Nathaniel Gonzales2 days ago

    Healthy junk food can you make a giant gummy bear

  27. GixxerKing Jimmerson

    GixxerKing Jimmerson2 days ago

    Ice cream

  28. -_i like space_-

    -_i like space_-3 days ago



    D'ANGELO BOSSY3 days ago

    giant takis!!!

  30. proudsquares gaming

    proudsquares gaming3 days ago

    (Sponsored by Davehax)

  31. Idanaso Yalcinkaya

    Idanaso Yalcinkaya3 days ago

    Do gaint sushi

  32. Little Phoebe

    Little Phoebe3 days ago

    1:10 she kinda looked like Miranda “when it’s grated”

  33. Theshadowfire Wolf

    Theshadowfire Wolf4 days ago

    i both like jp's and jullia's, i dont know who win.

  34. Aneliy Rios

    Aneliy Rios5 days ago


  35. Charlotte Groves

    Charlotte Groves5 days ago

    Juliagools ftw for the win

  36. عب ود

    عب ود7 days ago

    زبي يفوز

  37. Esmeralda Escalante

    Esmeralda Escalante8 days ago

    You should make a big speed

  38. Mahyar Faa

    Mahyar Faa8 days ago

    Plz make giant BIG MAC

  39. Audry 18

    Audry 188 days ago

    I like julia better

  40. Kaycee Stewart

    Kaycee Stewart9 days ago

    make a restaurant healthyjunkfood

  41. Sara Laimeche

    Sara Laimeche9 days ago

    Jp always wins

  42. king idris

    king idris9 days ago

    make a large pizza with 12 slices

  43. Brooklyn Justice

    Brooklyn Justice10 days ago

    To be honest I think Julia won but gp lost

  44. Bethany's bizarre Channel

    Bethany's bizarre Channel10 days ago

    know I just need some starbuks

  45. cream cheese

    cream cheese10 days ago

    I think julia won bc JP's probably just taste like fried mashed potatoes bc he boiled it first

  46. Wu Bingji

    Wu Bingji12 days ago

    You should make giant ice cream

  47. Kai Was

    Kai Was13 days ago

    I eat them mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  48. BigEnderTroll Zockt

    BigEnderTroll Zockt13 days ago

    In germany we call it: Kartoffelpuffer

  49. Maxemilio Matterful

    Maxemilio Matterful13 days ago

    Jp will win

  50. Julianne Claudio

    Julianne Claudio13 days ago

    Damn ur so good at calculations

  51. Luis Ramirez

    Luis Ramirez13 days ago

    i think julia is mad sexy

  52. Steep

    Steep13 days ago

    give that to me RIGHT NOW

  53. Kahnsha Thao

    Kahnsha Thao13 days ago

    Mr pig when Julia was pouring the corn syrup

  54. Trenton Vaughn Jr.

    Trenton Vaughn Jr.14 days ago

    It looks so awesome

  55. Mr Awesome

    Mr Awesome14 days ago


  56. DjDrgon Wolf

    DjDrgon Wolf14 days ago


  57. Kimberly Bee

    Kimberly Bee14 days ago

    Who tf ruins a mcdonalds hashbrown with ketchup????

  58. W endy

    W endy14 days ago

    Make giant candy cane plz

  59. Sadiah Ahmad

    Sadiah Ahmad15 days ago


  60. Traker W

    Traker W16 days ago

    Julia is holding JP hashbrown

  61. Chill Games

    Chill Games17 days ago


  62. Gerald Preza

    Gerald Preza17 days ago

    I will do it Julia’s way because math is not my thing

  63. Izzy Thao

    Izzy Thao17 days ago

    JP is Asian and he's good at math😂

  64. Hannah Burton

    Hannah Burton17 days ago

    I just discovered this channel and I had to subscribe right away! I absolutely love your videos!!

  65. TSM FaZe Ninja

    TSM FaZe Ninja17 days ago

    Intro had me cringing

  66. Christian Butler

    Christian Butler18 days ago

    He finally won against julliia

  67. Sophia Martin

    Sophia Martin18 days ago


  68. Karissa Rodriguez

    Karissa Rodriguez18 days ago

    #JPers how you peeing today😅😂😂

  69. Renegade raider 1Mart

    Renegade raider 1Mart18 days ago

    I like how JP dose math to cook noice.

  70. Olivia Olivia

    Olivia Olivia19 days ago

    McDonald’s: no Chick-fil-A:no STIR: hell ya

  71. The gaming king

    The gaming king19 days ago

    Julia looks like Miranda sings like if you agree

  72. Saul Lupercio

    Saul Lupercio20 days ago

    Win jp

  73. Hannah Hajduk

    Hannah Hajduk21 day ago

    yeah why does it say they have 62 m subscribers a 46

  74. Jaylee's amazing videos jaylee

    Jaylee's amazing videos jaylee21 day ago

    Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich

  75. Arian Tari

    Arian Tari21 day ago

    Pause at 0:46 do you see a difference???

  76. Shirley LeMaster

    Shirley LeMaster21 day ago

    A giant hot dog!!! Plzzzz!!!

  77. Quinton Jackson

    Quinton Jackson21 day ago

    What is he doing

  78. Grant Sharp

    Grant Sharp21 day ago

    Why does she look like maranda sings

  79. Faced Rocket League

    Faced Rocket League22 days ago

    Hi welcome to Chillis Ba ba baba bum

  80. Dustin Garcia

    Dustin Garcia22 days ago

    you should make a giant skittle

  81. Yasmine Jackson

    Yasmine Jackson22 days ago

    make a giant popsicle popcorn or dun dun dun corn dog

  82. Diego Dominguez

    Diego Dominguez22 days ago

    PJ Will win

  83. Victoria Viveros

    Victoria Viveros22 days ago

    J.P made my brain hurt with the math

  84. Rana Malek

    Rana Malek22 days ago



    CUPCAKE_SKETCHES 0823 days ago


  86. Music R us

    Music R us23 days ago

    She reminds me of Miranda sings

  87. Addy Kennedy

    Addy Kennedy23 days ago

    Pause at 1:31 i think julia

  88. Reyner Animates

    Reyner Animates23 days ago

    4:50 what's the music name Pls answer, no Darude - Sandstorm crap

  89. Jennifer faello

    Jennifer faello24 days ago

    Giant ice cream 🍕🍦pizza

  90. Melissa Monroe

    Melissa Monroe24 days ago

    Can u take a bath in salt and vinegar chips

  91. Damion McNeil

    Damion McNeil24 days ago


  92. Squidipus

    Squidipus24 days ago


  93. Christian Noriega

    Christian Noriega25 days ago

    That hashbrown was on point . i liked how it turned out and that restaurant that let you fry is deserves alot of respect because mcdonalds wore some haters when they could have looked like heros . very cool idea .

  94. Cute Llama

    Cute Llama25 days ago

    Im voting for jp

  95. Cute Llama

    Cute Llama25 days ago


  96. Luke Rodriguez

    Luke Rodriguez25 days ago

    Who else is craving McDonald's hash browns now

  97. Madeline Whitehead

    Madeline Whitehead26 days ago


  98. Madison Snipes

    Madison Snipes26 days ago

    You should make a giant humongous Pizza

  99. Anna Fields

    Anna Fields26 days ago

    Boy I don’t want you doing boy I really want the hashbrowns and eat that hash brown boy I don’t want to play I don’t know what you’re doing socoming to get my mother in my gum when you doing so you can get the arrow and go so you can getGo to school so I can just get that hash brown and go to school again so you need to go inside me

  100. Little Fly

    Little Fly26 days ago

    You should of taken it back to McDonald’s and shown it to them. “This is what you could of been involved with but no, you didn’t let us deep fry it.”

  101. Katie J

    Katie J26 days ago

    Heathyjunkfood make a giant sweet potato fry!!!

  102. mark brown

    mark brown26 days ago

    eating healthy, i dont understand why americans are so fat, must be genetics

  103. SupperGirlGamin ROBLOX

    SupperGirlGamin ROBLOX26 days ago

    Can I get a like if I trick you Read more

  104. Daniel Ugboko

    Daniel Ugboko26 days ago

    you should make a giant MC flurrie

  105. Ashley Webster

    Ashley Webster27 days ago

    I remember when mcDonalds hashbrowns were two for a dollar