1. HellthyJunkFood

    HellthyJunkFood7 days ago

    What other favorite junk food should we super size??!! 🍗🥪🌭🌮🌯🥩 🥗...

  2. Pennywise Fangirl

    Pennywise FangirlDay ago

    HellthyJunkFood GIANT FRIES AND GIANT MCCHICKEN!!! *Actually they are my favorite junk foods XD*

  3. Kurban Akulov

    Kurban Akulov2 days ago

    🔴🔴🔴 *НОT ТОКENS* ► [ ] 🔴🔴🔴 *НƠT ТOКЕNS* ► [ ] 🔴🔴🔴 *HOТ TОКЕNS* ► [ ] *СrуᵽtȯАds* is a trаnsраrеnt аnd sесurė solutiоn build ȯn tȯp ȯf blоckсhаin to shȯrten thе vаluе-c̣hаin аnd Аds-сhаin betwеėn brаnd ȧnd cоnsumėrs. *Моre infо* :

  4. It’s Me

    It’s Me3 days ago

    HellthyJunkFood i

  5. Sarah Levadnuk

    Sarah Levadnuk5 days ago

    HellthyJunkFood Giant taco

  6. Kacy Moudji

    Kacy Moudji24 minutes ago

    Julia-"that way they don't turn brown and ugly" Me:my color skin is brown am I ugly (sooo)

  7. Serina Wei

    Serina Wei54 minutes ago

    Love ur vids! Please make bubble tea recipe!

  8. Cassi Estifat

    Cassi EstifatHour ago

    definitely the girl

  9. Claudia Zuluaga

    Claudia ZuluagaHour ago

    Do a big grilled chicken snack wrap

  10. Raffa Zahran

    Raffa ZahranHour ago

    The Asian guy win


    CHICKEN MAN2 hours ago

    JP is the best

  12. John Cena

    John Cena2 hours ago

    Giant mozzarella sticks

  13. Huskeyz

    Huskeyz2 hours ago

    Make GIANT donuts with chocolate on the outside

  14. Just A BlackBox

    Just A BlackBox3 hours ago


  15. Tia Drewery

    Tia Drewery3 hours ago

    I love your videos 💙❤️❤️❤️💝💝

  16. Caydn Brunsden

    Caydn Brunsden3 hours ago

    Mc Donald’s pancakes

  17. Fatin Production

    Fatin Production3 hours ago

    make for me one pls

  18. ellyssa and josh channel

    ellyssa and josh channel3 hours ago


  19. TheSmackerlacker

    TheSmackerlacker4 hours ago

    Corn syrup, the McDonald's secret ingredient. Flavoring salads, burgers, cookies, drinks and ice cream for decades. Why use food when you can use corn syrup? I don't know.

  20. Jamal Hodges

    Jamal Hodges6 hours ago


  21. GodlikeFreak

    GodlikeFreak6 hours ago

    How bout a giant Breakfast Deluxe Meal?

  22. best clips

    best clips6 hours ago

    Fucking son of bitches

  23. Mario?JK! YT

    Mario?JK! YT6 hours ago

    more like fresh as fuck

  24. NALL 312

    NALL 3126 hours ago


  25. Pura Vida

    Pura Vida7 hours ago

    tu sers à rien enfant de sécrétions anale

  26. Erick Fajardo

    Erick Fajardo7 hours ago

    Jp won

  27. Brandon Tan

    Brandon Tan7 hours ago

    u noob in clash

  28. Justine Y.

    Justine Y.7 hours ago

    tbh i hated getting McDonalds in the morning cause im basically starting my day off eating grease

  29. FuzzyGamer

    FuzzyGamer8 hours ago

    Giant Hershey plz

  30. Yunico Sazon

    Yunico Sazon8 hours ago

    New teeth nice Julia

  31. Andres Jr. Dela Cruz

    Andres Jr. Dela Cruz8 hours ago

    Giant French fries

  32. sakura-no- kaika

    sakura-no- kaika9 hours ago

    Give julia some credit to buy a bag and decorate it instead of doing all the mesurements and editting the macdonald logo of the hashbrown on the paper

  33. Anette

    Anette9 hours ago

    JP won!!!!

  34. Sadiah Ahmad

    Sadiah Ahmad9 hours ago

    Mama giant hash brown

  35. Linda A

    Linda A9 hours ago

    A giant 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  36. Kim Bien

    Kim Bien10 hours ago

    lol Jp

  37. Techfoxlover 1235

    Techfoxlover 123510 hours ago

    Giant breakfast burrito

  38. Miracle Gaming

    Miracle Gaming10 hours ago


  39. Nya

    Nya10 hours ago

    "I'm fast food, shes....slow food" 😂

  40. Harry Pjotr

    Harry Pjotr10 hours ago

    If my uncle eats that. Tommorow he's in the hospital

  41. Itsuki San

    Itsuki San10 hours ago

    I can smell hash browns now :(

  42. Hafy Rick

    Hafy Rick10 hours ago

    jp win

  43. goldntoken419

    goldntoken41911 hours ago

    Fries with cheese burgur

  44. Chuggy JuiceBox

    Chuggy JuiceBox11 hours ago

    Lol the guy does all the math cause hes asian😂😂😂

  45. Sneek Is Here

    Sneek Is Here11 hours ago

    Super size an entire breakfast combo but for the egg part use an ostrinch egg

  46. Yah Yah's World

    Yah Yah's World11 hours ago


  47. Leira Domínguez

    Leira Domínguez11 hours ago

    That was a funny joke at exacly 5:39 into the video

  48. Chloe Skelton

    Chloe Skelton12 hours ago

    Can you please make giant jack in the box burger

  49. Zora Zora

    Zora Zora12 hours ago

    Best part is when he says he plays clash lmao

  50. AMYA LOVE101

    AMYA LOVE10112 hours ago

    ummm jp won this round sorry julia

  51. Hayden McQ

    Hayden McQ12 hours ago

    This is definitely not healthy

  52. B gang cool

    B gang cool13 hours ago

    the girl

  53. Hamyali Owens

    Hamyali Owens13 hours ago


  54. LilyTheUnicorn Gamer!!

    LilyTheUnicorn Gamer!!13 hours ago


  55. Siranan Chanseewong

    Siranan Chanseewong14 hours ago

    Jp is a lot better

  56. Gicel Ixcaco

    Gicel Ixcaco14 hours ago

    brown is beautiful

  57. Diana Castillo

    Diana Castillo14 hours ago

    This is already making me hungry I haven't ate yet I want?mcdonalds hashbrown now uhhhhh😑😑😑

  58. Bill Coverley

    Bill Coverley15 hours ago

    Meghan Markle?

  59. Wilsoni Senikaucava

    Wilsoni Senikaucava15 hours ago


  60. Bryanna Neely

    Bryanna Neely15 hours ago

    Team Julia

  61. Nathanael Tomlinson

    Nathanael Tomlinson15 hours ago

    jake peorce

  62. Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes

    Ultraman's Inspirational Recipes15 hours ago

    Onion powder ruins hash browns. That’s why none of the commercial products contain it. I’m not sure why the consumer products have it when it sucks.

  63. Debbie Cooney

    Debbie Cooney16 hours ago

    Golea #girl power

  64. AngstyHime

    AngstyHime16 hours ago


  65. Felix Stockman

    Felix Stockman16 hours ago


  66. Farajaraf

    Farajaraf17 hours ago

    BK actually has better hashbrowns.

  67. Ken Hunter

    Ken Hunter17 hours ago

    I'm shit at math

  68. Aluel Mayen

    Aluel Mayen17 hours ago

    Why did you share it ??

  69. A random hair

    A random hair17 hours ago

    Try to make biggest kit kat

  70. Rony Laventure

    Rony Laventure17 hours ago

    only in america...

  71. KittyPlayz :3

    KittyPlayz :317 hours ago


  72. MOHD HARITH Suliman

    MOHD HARITH Suliman17 hours ago

    giant friedchicken

  73. cause i can

    cause i can17 hours ago

    Wow you guys really shouldn’t eat unhealthy “ you might turn FAT and UGLY” -troom troom

  74. Kristena Young

    Kristena Young17 hours ago

    stop being so damn extra julia. ur face is annoying where ur trying to fuckin hard, just stop