1. HellthyJunkFood

    HellthyJunkFood4 months ago

    What other favorite junk food should we super size??!! 🍗🥪🌭🌮🌯🥩 🥗...

  2. KAI fire

    KAI fireMonth ago

    HellthyJunkFood crab

  3. Aaron Cruz

    Aaron Cruz2 months ago

    HellthyJunkFood 🍙

  4. Delilah Linderman

    Delilah Linderman2 months ago


  5. marie gowdie

    marie gowdie2 months ago

    can u please do a KFC go bucket popcorn chicken

  6. a scopolamine addict

    a scopolamine addict3 months ago

    HellthyJunkFood I’m the 500th reply damn

  7. fonzo2525

    fonzo252521 minute ago

    slow grater??,i was killin food with a box grater since moby dick was a sardine,it's all hands on deck,elbow grease from the heart food prep 101,when we heard things getting killed in the grater we knew it was going to be epic eats,lol

  8. shadow star

    shadow star21 minute ago

    The guy win the size but the girl win taste

  9. Brandondlr08 De los reyes

    Brandondlr08 De los reyes2 hours ago

    Holy I play clash royal lol it’s one of my favorite games nobody can stop me from playing it

  10. liamy _117

    liamy _1175 hours ago

    I don't need it..... I don't need it..... I don't need it..... I NEEEEEED IIIIIIIIT!!!!!!

  11. ivona batinic

    ivona batinic13 hours ago


  12. Jacquelynn Tahmasian

    Jacquelynn Tahmasian13 hours ago

    Julie won!!!

  13. Jacquelynn Tahmasian

    Jacquelynn Tahmasian13 hours ago


  14. Jacquelynn Tahmasian

    Jacquelynn Tahmasian13 hours ago


  15. itz flipen ben

    itz flipen benDay ago

    Hot as balls

  16. fluddergirl 1

    fluddergirl 1Day ago

    great I want a has brown now! WHYYYYY!

  17. Mor Knight

    Mor KnightDay ago


  18. SicklerBuck

    SicklerBuckDay ago

    6:40 That portrait tho

  19. Gaming Master

    Gaming MasterDay ago

    I thought the beginning was a ad

  20. Jamyiah itsboosie

    Jamyiah itsboosieDay ago


  21. Brenda Hernandez

    Brenda HernandezDay ago

    U look like Meagan markle

  22. 97 yen

    97 yenDay ago

    Next video: How to make ur homework small

  23. Kasar vlogs / gaming

    Kasar vlogs / gamingDay ago


  24. Dylan Medders

    Dylan Medders2 days ago

    I'm going to do that now and have a delicious yummy hash brown

  25. Neff

    Neff2 days ago

    h]who won

  26. zatin thlawi

    zatin thlawi2 days ago

    How about a gin@@

  27. Samaya Ramirez

    Samaya Ramirez2 days ago

    I donate like a mofo

  28. 69,420 sub no video challenge

    69,420 sub no video challenge2 days ago

    Those people who said no to deep fry that thing Missed out

  29. Mech- X4

    Mech- X42 days ago

    Giant French Fries and Chickenugets

  30. Росен Стефaнов

    Росен Стефaнов3 days ago

    The mini McDonald's thing has double the amount calories than the big one

  31. J. Simone Williams

    J. Simone Williams3 days ago


  32. J. Simone Williams

    J. Simone Williams3 days ago

    Did anyone see that lady’s Vite at 8:00

  33. Cindy Nwachukwu

    Cindy Nwachukwu3 days ago

    I tried doing this recipe but it didn't work bit I am a fan

  34. Bunnybrawlerfan 80

    Bunnybrawlerfan 803 days ago

    Make a giant tater tot!!!!!!!!🥔🍟

  35. fritzleeshan delacruz

    fritzleeshan delacruz3 days ago

    Giant burger

  36. Herince Sagmit

    Herince Sagmit3 days ago


  37. Herince Sagmit

    Herince Sagmit3 days ago

    Is JP really smart???

  38. The Official Wolfgamesxx

    The Official Wolfgamesxx3 days ago

    Giant Fortnite Pumpkin.

  39. MEC Tennessee TN2016

    MEC Tennessee TN20163 days ago

    is it just me or does jp look like justin who covers k pop dances but in a funny way

  40. Seized Vanoss

    Seized Vanoss3 days ago

    Have a quest weres the microwave😂😂

  41. Big LesleyL.Chara

    Big LesleyL.Chara4 days ago

    00:25 it is frisk

  42. Boys and Girls Madness

    Boys and Girls Madness4 days ago

    V for jp

  43. DeivAxXx

    DeivAxXx4 days ago

    Jps math is on point

  44. Mikaella Ashlene

    Mikaella Ashlene4 days ago

    How are we going to vote if we have not tasted it?

  45. Allynia Wells

    Allynia Wells4 days ago

    do a big HUGE TALKIE

  46. Allynia Wells

    Allynia Wells4 days ago

    you both won to be honest

  47. annoying orange cartoon network movies and shows

    annoying orange cartoon network movies and shows5 days ago

    i like jp's better

  48. geminie timoteo

    geminie timoteo5 days ago

    wow yame i want to eat et

  49. Sam Adrian Cacayuran

    Sam Adrian Cacayuran5 days ago

    Who turned on the captions and saw {ew math} I mean like I luv math it's easy look 1+1= 3 see it's easy

  50. Tucky Gaming

    Tucky Gaming5 days ago

    Big mac

  51. One with Euan/ Naturix

    One with Euan/ Naturix5 days ago

    Can I get a shoutout cuz I got chosen for the *Math wizard* contest in our school? *GREAT* Math skills JP

  52. Mar Gal

    Mar Gal5 days ago

    Who else watches this but never make it


    TAEHYUNG’S WIFU6 days ago

    Giant Fortune cookie

  54. Littlecookie 170

    Littlecookie 1706 days ago

    Julian better

  55. kay smedley

    kay smedley6 days ago

    Don't take the lord's name in vain

  56. Dragon Gaming Unlimited

    Dragon Gaming Unlimited6 days ago

    Why would you clean the potatoe if you're just gonna peel the part you cleaned off

  57. My Home - Jen's & Partner Cozy ShortStay

    My Home - Jen's & Partner Cozy ShortStay6 days ago

    McDonald's flaryers

  58. S Sierra

    S Sierra6 days ago

    This chanel is shit

  59. Junior Porcayo

    Junior Porcayo6 days ago

    Nobody got times for that

  60. Hey it’s Me C

    Hey it’s Me C7 days ago

    Julia’s hash brown looks like a chicken nugget

  61. gregory spears

    gregory spears7 days ago

    Julia won that challenge

  62. Noah Morales

    Noah Morales7 days ago

    Can you plz make a skittles icecream

  63. XStrymis

    XStrymis7 days ago

    Somtime i really hate watching this Because u just want to stuff that in ur mouth Uggghhhhh

  64. Matthew Chen

    Matthew Chen7 days ago

    xXx not trying to be easier but the Asian does math, the other doesn't, very typical Asian style

  65. Matthew Chen

    Matthew Chen7 days ago

    I think the 🍟s are gonna win

  66. harjanto fan

    harjanto fan7 days ago

    Jp your the winner

  67. OCTNT

    OCTNT8 days ago

    i like the boys

  68. Mika Francisco

    Mika Francisco8 days ago

    Julias hashbrown is like a tim hortons hashbrown. BTW tim hortons is only in canada

  69. Ali H

    Ali H8 days ago

    Giant bacon

  70. Nancy Her Emily Her and Aliee Her

    Nancy Her Emily Her and Aliee Her8 days ago

    I think Julia win but PJ I think you did a really good job

  71. meghan Martinez the fox wolf

    meghan Martinez the fox wolf8 days ago

    Hashbrowns are my fav McDonald's breakfast.....I NOW WANT ONE LIKE THIS

  72. Rhaflondy Sapra

    Rhaflondy Sapra9 days ago

    Or just make a omega macaroni and cheese

  73. Rhaflondy Sapra

    Rhaflondy Sapra9 days ago

    Make a XXL ham

  74. Fredvaldo wot m8

    Fredvaldo wot m89 days ago

    JP 2018 - ''They're as hot as balls'' xD

  75. Darwin Gu

    Darwin Gu9 days ago

    1:18 im Asian but that racist maim.

  76. Harley forever And beyond

    Harley forever And beyond9 days ago

    You should make a giant hotdog

  77. chrisk and fara

    chrisk and fara9 days ago

    Howz bout u give it 2 meh

  78. chrisk and fara

    chrisk and fara9 days ago

    Im gonna GRATE you an A+

  79. StevenCanDAB

    StevenCanDAB9 days ago

    1:16 RASCIST!!!!

  80. Carlmarx Molina

    Carlmarx Molina9 days ago

    make milk sheck

  81. ximena Ocotitla

    ximena Ocotitla9 days ago

    Julia try’s to hard

  82. elite cat

    elite cat9 days ago

    first video I'm watching from u guys I live in Orlando 2 btw

  83. Spanky

    Spanky10 days ago


  84. Hamudi

    Hamudi10 days ago

    At mc Donald's I deep hashbrown in my pancake syrup and it taste delicious

  85. Koala pepe Hey I like Hashbrowns

    Koala pepe Hey I like Hashbrowns5 days ago


  86. cool_dude_98 98

    cool_dude_98 988 days ago

    +Lapis Lazuli you don't need the comma before "and"

  87. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli8 days ago

    Grammar Nazi here! Thot has many mistakes: At McDonald’s, I dip my hash brown in my hot cake syrup, and it tastes delicious! Total mistakes: 5 Sentence: Pancake syrup

  88. Julia Dang

    Julia Dang10 days ago

    Go JuliaGoolia!!

  89. Camila Fernandez

    Camila Fernandez10 days ago

    giant chip

  90. Marny Soriano

    Marny Soriano10 days ago

    lol not cool

  91. Savannah Sharp

    Savannah Sharp10 days ago

    you should make a giant Toca chalupa from taco Bell pls

  92. Ryan Qin

    Ryan Qin10 days ago

    oooof that bronze clash royale clan

  93. KATAiE

    KATAiE10 days ago

    what the fuck is a hasbrown

  94. Christian Somontan

    Christian Somontan10 days ago

    I say JULIA wins


    ICE_BEAR25 GAMING10 days ago

    That Hash brown is *T H I C C*

  96. Yeontan

    Yeontan10 days ago

    I think Julia's has brown is better because it has that crisp and crunch sound

  97. kogila Vaani

    kogila Vaani10 days ago

    a giant sofa made of pizza

  98. kogila Vaani

    kogila Vaani10 days ago

    a live size cake of pig logo

  99. Brandon Male

    Brandon Male10 days ago

    Make a giant breakfast wrap

  100. Joel Velela

    Joel Velela10 days ago

    A big fat donut

  101. Joel Velela

    Joel Velela10 days ago

    A large hot dog can you make that

  102. Caleb Daly

    Caleb Daly10 days ago

    Isn't it funny considering JP went from freeform and uncalculated to calculated and precise

  103. Abigail Bingham

    Abigail Bingham10 days ago

    if u give that too my mom it will take her three days to eat it

  104. Timothy Diep

    Timothy Diep10 days ago

    Julia eon

  105. Trinity Aberin

    Trinity Aberin10 days ago

    JP won #HellthyJunkFood

  106. PGTL Extream

    PGTL Extream11 days ago

    Julia's hash brown looks like chicken

  107. Mary Cris Donguines

    Mary Cris Donguines11 days ago

    Jp has the best

  108. Nico Opina

    Nico Opina11 days ago

    Team jp