1. Wynn Bogren

    Wynn Bogren23 hours ago

    Looking at this so happy now they break. Up

  2. Gaminglifekiki Riepma

    Gaminglifekiki RiepmaDay ago

    Lookin at this title now they broke up

  3. Lailah Harrison

    Lailah HarrisonDay ago

    lauren said she wanted a private proposal.

  4. Nashrifa Alim

    Nashrifa Alim2 days ago

    sad to say that they just broke up 😭😔

  5. Bereniz Castro

    Bereniz Castro2 days ago

    They broke up

  6. Soph LoveableStudios

    Soph LoveableStudios5 days ago

    1:02 *WuHaT?*

  7. Jasmin Sadr

    Jasmin Sadr7 days ago

    Please get married

  8. gianxd 10

    gianxd 102 days ago

    Welllllll they wont anymore

  9. Michelle Hart

    Michelle Hart10 days ago

    It was very romantic and they got a very cute picture!

  10. Michelle Hart

    Michelle Hart10 days ago

    My sisters fiancé purposes on a bridge in the rain!

  11. max Ben-Ner

    max Ben-Ner10 days ago

    Soooooooo cute

  12. max Ben-Ner

    max Ben-Ner10 days ago

    I just what to hug mouse he is sooooooooooo cut

  13. Grace O'Loan

    Grace O'Loan10 days ago

    Get married ALREADY!!!!

  14. Nicolle Santillana

    Nicolle Santillana14 days ago

    i love lauren

  15. Stay Peachy

    Stay Peachy14 days ago


  16. DIY Is life

    DIY Is life15 days ago

    Pls get married you will be he cutest couple ever

  17. Lousy G

    Lousy G15 days ago


  18. Lousy G

    Lousy G15 days ago


  19. Geovanni Jimenez

    Geovanni Jimenez15 days ago


  20. Slime Ostriches

    Slime Ostriches18 days ago

    wachobi needs to propose nnnnnnnooooooowwwwwwww

  21. Jennifer Hackney

    Jennifer Hackney20 days ago

    i know this is really weird but did anyone else notice how soft Alex's hair looked is this vlog?

  22. Patricia beal

    Patricia beal23 days ago


  23. ReAnhna Hong

    ReAnhna Hong27 days ago


  24. Box Fort builders HQ

    Box Fort builders HQ28 days ago

    Can you please make him a stitch sweater

  25. Johan Harding

    Johan Harding29 days ago

    Are you in Florida?

  26. Mya MP

    Mya MP29 days ago

    what time did he purpose

  27. Abby Ventura

    Abby Ventura29 days ago

    I had went to Disneyland this summer and it was a blast

  28. Kait Andro

    Kait Andro29 days ago

    Omg just get married

  29. Madi

    MadiMonth ago

    ill take swoozie plz lol

  30. Sarrah Cubberly

    Sarrah CubberlyMonth ago

    Going to Disneyland in fall

  31. PinkMarshmallow123

    PinkMarshmallow123Month ago

    2:48 those guys in the background XD

  32. Caroline Bruins

    Caroline BruinsMonth ago

    whats up world

  33. Brenda Figueroa

    Brenda FigueroaMonth ago

    I went to Disneyland yesterday

  34. Ellyana Schoenberger

    Ellyana SchoenbergerMonth ago


  35. Yackie Zavala82

    Yackie Zavala82Month ago

    U should go to universal studios

  36. Crown Sweetie

    Crown SweetieMonth ago

    What if he did a flash mod but you wanted to get married would you still say no.........

  37. Jacquie Chiu

    Jacquie ChiuMonth ago

    lana is the cutest person ever omg “let’s friggin do this!”

  38. Je T’aime

    Je T’aimeMonth ago


  39. Golden WolfPuppy

    Golden WolfPuppyMonth ago


  40. Golden WolfPuppy

    Golden WolfPuppyMonth ago


  41. GigiGirlMe

    GigiGirlMeMonth ago

    Honestly why are MReporterrs like always sick?

  42. The Blessing Family

    The Blessing FamilyMonth ago

    They should really make Dogoland for dogs maybe a dog version of disneyland so moose can be Happy 😃

  43. Ella Archer

    Ella ArcherMonth ago

    I saw a momma duck and her baby ducks 🦆 waddling right behind her it was so cute and she went though the fence and then I helped two of them to get over the fence

  44. Purple Puppy

    Purple PuppyMonth ago

    SO TRUE!!! They just need a few more dogs( more like 1 million )

  45. Averie Bleier

    Averie BleierMonth ago

    I miss DisneyLand😢 I was there spring break, but I still need more!!!!

  46. Corynn Sehulster

    Corynn SehulsterMonth ago

    6:47 Alfred in the background

  47. Crystal Leonard

    Crystal LeonardMonth ago

    Also so sorry I didn't say this earlier

  48. Crystal Leonard

    Crystal LeonardMonth ago

    I hope y'all feel better

  49. Gatcha Gatcha

    Gatcha GatchaMonth ago

    When mam hot lol

  50. Zara Fraser

    Zara FraserMonth ago

    Which DisneyLand u at tho Epcot??

  51. Emily Biwer

    Emily BiwerMonth ago

    I named her after moose

  52. Emily Biwer

    Emily BiwerMonth ago

    I named my dog Mosiemoomoo

  53. Lazy Guy

    Lazy GuyMonth ago

    Alex wachabi behind YOU!!

  54. Rachel Earle

    Rachel EarleMonth ago

    Is it weird that I'm wearing my stitch shirt right now😂

  55. Maya Alemayehu

    Maya AlemayehuMonth ago

    I frigging can’t wait Alex proposes

  56. Maya Alemayehu

    Maya AlemayehuMonth ago


  57. XxKawaiiGamerxX

    XxKawaiiGamerxXMonth ago

    2:49 That cast member though lmao

  58. i like food

    i like foodMonth ago

    Lauren why do u and Alex always scare us like this

  59. Syndia Iglesias

    Syndia IglesiasMonth ago

    Am i the only one that noticed Alex get a little down after she said she would say no in front of ppl...?

  60. Olalekan OYEFUGA

    Olalekan OYEFUGAMonth ago

    Hi swoozie

  61. Hayden Hishaw

    Hayden HishawMonth ago

    Alfred is so extra 🤣

  62. Andrea Trujillo

    Andrea TrujilloMonth ago

    2:50 lmao the guy in the back

  63. Stella Smile

    Stella SmileMonth ago

    Your eye lash is falling off

  64. IAmCookoo27

    IAmCookoo27Month ago

    *wHaTs uP wOrLd*

  65. andrea jovel

    andrea jovelMonth ago

    loren is on netflix project mc sqeare ep. bye bye birdy part 2: ep. 5

  66. Angle Girl

    Angle GirlMonth ago

    Can anyone find the 3 hidden Naruto? The stitch is SOOOO CUTE

  67. Plant Rose

    Plant RoseMonth ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I fell for the title and I love Lauren too!

  68. Grizzlee Plays

    Grizzlee PlaysMonth ago

    Indiana Jones and Pirates of the Caribbean are my fav rides 😊❤️

  69. Jobo Life

    Jobo LifeMonth ago

    A few *HUNDRED* dogs LOL 😂

  70. Purple Stars

    Purple StarsMonth ago

    I have those Star Wars light up Mickey mouse headband

  71. Ella-Grace Rodriguez

    Ella-Grace RodriguezMonth ago

    You need to go to kings dominion

  72. Purple SKY

    Purple SKYMonth ago

    I don’t why I’m correcting this but the castle In Disneyland is Sleeping Beauty

  73. Copeland Diol

    Copeland Diol2 months ago

    5:18 it is sleeping beauty's castle haha i always get mixed up with that

  74. Wally Wally Wally Head

    Wally Wally Wally Head2 months ago

    When Alex asks Lauren who would make her say yes, she should have said bear bear

  75. Emma’s journey

    Emma’s journey2 months ago

    2:50 there’s a photobomber

  76. Yoshi Quinonez

    Yoshi Quinonez2 months ago

    I LOVE STICK 💙💙💟💟💙💙💟💟like if you agree

  77. Animegabe productions

    Animegabe productions2 months ago

    Aaron in I see ur NARUTO shirt #anime and #laurdiy

  78. Lily May Fishpool

    Lily May Fishpool2 months ago

    OMG that pug is so cute

  79. Koshka Leada

    Koshka Leada2 months ago

    *eye* *weave*

  80. Simisoluwa Awolowo

    Simisoluwa Awolowo2 months ago

    i thought he was actually proposing

  81. Morgan Adcock

    Morgan Adcock2 months ago

    YOOOOOOOOOOO no joke when ever i go on fast rides, rides the drop me, or rides the flip me upside down i swear so badly we went on this school field trip to and amusement park and i was on a ride with my teacher that dropped me me 150 feet i was swearing so badly my teacher just laughed

  82. Cupcake Kitten

    Cupcake Kitten2 months ago

    I thought the little boy was Alex at the fire works

  83. Celia Aceves

    Celia Aceves2 months ago

    12:07 🤪🤪

  84. Savage Unicorn

    Savage Unicorn2 months ago

    Lauren you have the perfect name for almost everything

  85. Carly Music

    Carly Music2 months ago

    I have the same stitch sweater!

  86. Talia De Pinto

    Talia De Pinto2 months ago

    Get married and have a happy family Plz

  87. Annie Bee

    Annie Bee2 months ago

    That random guy at 2:49....

  88. Kristen555

    Kristen5552 months ago

    I live in Australia so we don’t have a Disneyland but I hope I will visit somewhere that has one anyway love you Lauren 😍

  89. Lara Screen

    Lara Screen2 months ago

    Omg I lowkey love Alfred I think he’s so funny

  90. Sophia Levy

    Sophia Levy2 months ago

    You guys would be the cutest married couple on MReporter!!! If you ever got married

  91. Guada G

    Guada G2 months ago

    "Future husband" ALEX get ready

  92. blue wolf #1

    blue wolf #12 months ago

    8:18 is the time you will thank me later

  93. DarkSakura

    DarkSakura2 months ago


  94. Cats4life 10

    Cats4life 102 months ago

    “ I don’t like being being the center of attention “ ( I don’t remember the exact words ) But my job is to entertain people

  95. alexa gaming channel

    alexa gaming channel2 months ago

    Omg when I saw alex down their i THO he was but he was sitting XD everyone looked so surprised lol

  96. Samalia Williams

    Samalia Williams2 months ago

    He has a nuarto sweater

  97. Nicole Shu

    Nicole Shu2 months ago

    Would anybody kill me if I said I've been afraid of fireworks since I was born?

  98. Sadie Dolphin

    Sadie Dolphin2 months ago

    LOL pause it at 1:47

  99. Megan Lenhart

    Megan Lenhart2 months ago

    If he proposed that day it would of been on my birthday

  100. Plant Rose

    Plant Rose2 months ago

    WHATS UP WORLD?! 😂🤣 🔥👌💯💯🔥👌🔥💯👌 “eye weaves”

  101. #BossTime

    #BossTime2 months ago

    Of this is hard go to busch gardens in tampa Florida