Disneyland FOOD REVIEW! Best & Worst Foods


  1. Odette Moronez-L

    Odette Moronez-L20 minutes ago

    Thanks for that trip to try some of their food but I agree with you Mikey, last but not least was the best because all that other junk in the trunk was not the healthiest!😂🤦‍♂️🍗💸💡good job... first video I viewed and I really enjoyed watching you in action at thee "alleged" happiest place on🌍..... get the people walking happy so when they come out of that place they come out broken 💰&unhappy🙄☺😅😂🤔 Thanks visiting and trying some of their food cuz I don't plan on visiting anytime soon!🙄😉😁

  2. A Caldera

    A Caldera56 minutes ago

    Mike! you should come to Universal Studios Hollywood for their food! lol. Dm me, if you're ever down.

  3. david williams

    david williams57 minutes ago

    You know Mike, you could try contacting Disney PR and see if they can hook you up with some behind-the-scenes food access.

  4. 28kb

    28kb2 hours ago

    holy crap food is expensive

  5. Desmet Quentin

    Desmet Quentin3 hours ago

    so expensive

  6. Magz M

    Magz M5 hours ago

    We need to buy his merch so we can help him pay for more food

  7. meshuggah life

    meshuggah life6 hours ago

    He is going to have massive shits later!

  8. meshuggah life

    meshuggah life6 hours ago

    Dude can eat!

  9. Skully

    Skully7 hours ago

    The Chinese didn't invent the fork.

  10. Born Bred 113% Hollywood Local

    Born Bred 113% Hollywood Local7 hours ago

    Hey Mike are you still living in that big haunted house? I remember the day you moved in and the first night you stayed there I was scared as hell because when I watched it I felt like I stayed there too. So I'm just wondering have you experienced any paranormal activity?

  11. Crooked cat

    Crooked cat7 hours ago

    I think i'll just try the dole whip and that beef bugogi

  12. Felix Juwono

    Felix Juwono8 hours ago

    i like the fluency and expression on how you speak and describe things in EVERY of your video. :D keep uploading Mike !

  13. SeikiBrian

    SeikiBrian8 hours ago

    My sister, nephew, and I were there in October. We were told we needed a reservation for the Blue Bayou, but we checked back a few times, and the third time was the charm as they'd had a no-show. I'm jealous of my brother, though; his wife's company has a Club 33 membership and the two of them got to go there a couple of years ago.

  14. Ivan Jimenez

    Ivan Jimenez5 minutes ago

    What secrets are in there? How's the food and drinks?


    FENRIR-ART9 hours ago

    More like the most ripoff place on Earth. Rather be at Six Flags having fun with the DC heroes and Looney Tunes.


    FENRIR-ART8 hours ago

    Good thing you did not stumble into the underground zone where they keep enslaved children at and torment them to further empower their products.

  17. Aye Maw Swe

    Aye Maw Swe9 hours ago

    Omg I love this channel always makes my day and makes me hungry

  18. Kamilla Gutierrez

    Kamilla Gutierrez9 hours ago

    The corndogs Rhett and Link had looked way better than that

  19. Kamilla Gutierrez

    Kamilla Gutierrez9 hours ago

    I really wanted to see people eat Disney food out of nowhere and then I see this. It was meant to be

  20. Joey Carlyle

    Joey Carlyle10 hours ago

    You should have gone to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival in Orlando.

  21. reaaliaa

    reaaliaa11 hours ago

    i was there just a week before you /:

  22. franchised1

    franchised112 hours ago

    Disneyland, ..... NOT Disneyworld, YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!

  23. Chris Cramer

    Chris Cramer13 hours ago

    Repping St Louis let's go!

  24. Haydez

    Haydez14 hours ago

    How do you eat so much dang food lmao

  25. Dameshia Parker

    Dameshia Parker14 hours ago

    That's the exact reason why people buy and make their own food when at Disneyland. Definitely not worth the ridiculous price lol

  26. fiveainone

    fiveainone14 hours ago

    Dude that’s probably over 15,000 mg of sodium in one day. Daily recommendation is about 1,600 mg. You’re gonna some organ failure if you keep doing this

  27. Cece

    Cece15 hours ago

    Wow pricy!

  28. Matthew Nuugen

    Matthew Nuugen17 hours ago

    Mike is the type of guy who would break into a highly protected prison just to try the prison lunches

  29. Matthew Nuugen

    Matthew Nuugen17 hours ago

    Try Disneyworld and compare both places

  30. theandroids

    theandroids17 hours ago

    dude how big is your stomach lol where is that food going.

  31. &&

    &&17 hours ago

    Woah he’s a harsh critic

  32. Clarissa Escalante

    Clarissa Escalante17 hours ago

    Thank you for your honesty

  33. Maria Durnford

    Maria Durnford17 hours ago

    Oml, I wish I was in ur shoes!! 👞 👟 👠

  34. ShmDaMagic

    ShmDaMagic17 hours ago

    I bet he ate the Turkey leg at six flags

  35. silasninja2007

    silasninja200717 hours ago

    2:25 wth is that a dick?

  36. westvalleynow

    westvalleynow18 hours ago

    California adventures definitely has better food, you should try it out.

  37. SnipEDude3

    SnipEDude319 hours ago

    the food is priced like x3 more than it should be

  38. Kristina Johnson

    Kristina Johnson20 hours ago

    You definitely don't go to DisneyLand for the cuisine, hahaha! Great video Mike, it was fun! Churros are always a win though. Pretty much the only one, even if they are overpriced.

  39. lilykep

    lilykep20 hours ago

    That pickle looked amazing, so crunchy!

  40. Edward Lorn

    Edward Lorn10 hours ago

    Looked fresh too

  41. Ash

    Ash20 hours ago

    Damn everything so expensive. Imagine going there with 4kids smh

  42. Rose L.

    Rose L.20 hours ago

    Sorry Disneyland is the HAPPIEST PLACE 4 KIDS. Unfortunately, 4 ADULTS IT'S THE BROKEST PLACE 4 US. Everything is too expensive

  43. Gaby Gibson

    Gaby Gibson21 hour ago

    I had the gumbo at Cafe Orleans. Man, was it good!

  44. Anthony

    Anthony21 hour ago

    This dude is slanty eye sh*t eater.

  45. LeakenaDoll

    LeakenaDoll22 hours ago

    “This thing is sweeter than my mom” nothing is ever sweeter than my mom 😄🙄

  46. Alex H

    Alex H23 hours ago

    1:11 for peeping tom

  47. Aria Miyamoto

    Aria MiyamotoDay ago

    go to epcot for disney food... I won't say it's the best but honestly it looked better than the main park food :I

  48. whiteflame09

    whiteflame09Day ago

    Please tell me you did the Corn Nugget Challenge 2019

  49. Pianissimo Fortissimo

    Pianissimo FortissimoDay ago

    What is Jackie Chan doing at Disneyland?

  50. leafster

    leafsterDay ago

    your turkey leg mustve been from a bad batch

  51. Jorge Big Boi Escobedo

    Jorge Big Boi EscobedoDay ago

    I don't think I would pay 6 bucks for a beef filled bun....

  52. Emmanuel Ko

    Emmanuel KoDay ago

    Damn Mikey Chen going to Disneyland just for food.... THIS IS WHY WE ALL LOVE HIM

  53. Calvin Yap

    Calvin YapDay ago

    Mike, do come to Singapore again.. 😀

  54. TUUK2006

    TUUK2006Day ago

    Man, STOP filming and driving!

  55. GG Stan

    GG StanDay ago

    That's not a lumpia. Tf is that

  56. Euphoric Kookie

    Euphoric KookieDay ago

    I don't think Mike was laughing cuz that dessert was heavy 😂😂

  57. Alisha Thomas

    Alisha ThomasDay ago

    15:52 this thing is sweeter than my mom lmaoo

  58. Alicia Savitskoff

    Alicia SavitskoffDay ago

    The big chicken or turkey legs there are really bad. They smell delicious but my whole family hated them.

  59. Matej K

    Matej KDay ago

    so basically overpriced food which taste pretty bad

  60. Fangschrecke

    FangschreckeDay ago

    Chopsticks superior? lol.

  61. Lauren Dile

    Lauren DileDay ago

    "Its almost like eatin a hot dog inside of crunchy cornbread" literally what a corndog is lol

  62. Nancy Diaz

    Nancy DiazDay ago

    When did you go? Doesnt seem too busy. My kind of Disneyland day!

  63. Ang H

    Ang HDay ago

    Thank you for the honest review as always! Your food review videos are definitely the best! I wish I had your appetite 😭

  64. Chris Shaw

    Chris ShawDay ago

    How many sheets did you take in the park that day??

  65. Kathleen Dwyer

    Kathleen DwyerDay ago

    Went to Disney world,ordered 1 hotdog and 1small soda,$14.25.The roll was stale.Forgot this,donuts-$5.00. They will give you a break on a dozen for only $45.00. Lousy to mediocre food.

  66. Octavia Thompson

    Octavia ThompsonDay ago

    Omg everything is so expensive 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄n a I appreciate your honesty seems just not good hell everything should b magically delicious geesh

  67. Josh B39

    Josh B39Day ago

    yes, the food at disney is expensive.

  68. Daniel Li

    Daniel LiDay ago

    def some quality alone time man :D

  69. Cinq Von Herbis

    Cinq Von HerbisDay ago

    Its covered with- its - *sigh - Its purple. My favorite part of this video.

  70. Cinq Von Herbis

    Cinq Von HerbisDay ago

    That pineapple sauce looks vile.

  71. Arnisha Trycina

    Arnisha TrycinaDay ago

    You should try competitive eating!


    DJ MORGANDay ago

    You were in six flags

  73. Kyle Barnes

    Kyle BarnesDay ago

    Last time I had a giant turkey leg it was at a renaissance faire. Got the worst food poisoning, never again.

  74. Hanna Hein

    Hanna HeinDay ago

    You should go to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival!

  75. chen shiping

    chen shipingDay ago

    I still cannot believe you can eat that many foods for one day. Especially, the dinner, so many foods during the one meal.

  76. Justin1n23

    Justin1n23Day ago

    Disneyland is going to become mikeyland

  77. Natalia Jayakoddy

    Natalia JayakoddyDay ago

    I went to Disneyland a few times before: 2003 at 11, 2013 at 21, 2015 at 23, and 2017 to celebrate my 25th birthday. The rides had long lines but were worth the wait. The parents with children having to deal with temper tantrums are just 😑 😫😩😒. The temperature is really hot during the day but when it’s nighttime the weather is cold. Always wear track shoes like Nike, Puma, Reebok and New Balance when you walk all day at the amusement park. I walked in my sneakers from F21 and I got blisters on my foot. If you want to use your phone to take pictures, bring a case with a built in charger. The food is tricky to get because you can’t bring in outside food for other reasons yet the food inside the park is pricey. I would buy one meal for a day and just munch on something to get through the day. I like the Dole Whip, turkey leg, beignets, gumbo with cornbread, Mint Julep and the churros with chocolate sauce. I want to try the fried chicken, Monte Cristo sandwich, and the coconut mountain cookie with the white chocolate on top some other time. By the way, what you said at 15:54 is savage 😈

  78. Phillip Oukh

    Phillip OukhDay ago

    6 dollars for a bun hell nah

  79. Malissie Wade

    Malissie WadeDay ago

    13:04 the big guy in the red and sunglasses must be undercover security. He was looking very hard😂😂😂


    KISS BEAUTYDay ago

    Oh no! If you want some real beignets then you need to come to NOLA and get some from Cafe Du Monte! Oh and they have really good restaurants in the Quarter.

  81. Judy Wong

    Judy WongDay ago

    Anyone notice the lady in a yellow top? She showed up a few times and was pretty much with Mikey the entire time 😉😉😉😉

  82. Paul Rivers

    Paul RiversDay ago

    pedophile land I don't think so

  83. NotboxCaptian Pancho

    NotboxCaptian PanchoDay ago

    You should do universal studio Hollywood

  84. Stewart Antony

    Stewart AntonyDay ago

    Boy you made me laugh, fun video, but i couldn't eat all that

  85. Kiki

    KikiDay ago

    You are the grumpiest man I've ever seen at Disney.

  86. Fatie Estrada

    Fatie EstradaDay ago

    I can already tell that Mike’s a person you’ll love hanging out with :>

  87. besighyawn

    besighyawnDay ago

    Turkey legs are the only things I crave and love there. Everything else is just too expensive and small in portions

  88. Bagel Cat

    Bagel CatDay ago

    The corn dog looks like its going to eat you

  89. Rosalinda Astorga

    Rosalinda AstorgaDay ago

    Disney California Adventure Park food is better than Disneyland and it just looks like you got screwed with your turkey leg every time we go ours are super moist and tender.

  90. Jesus Carrizales

    Jesus CarrizalesDay ago

    The end restaurant made this video

  91. victoria X

    victoria XDay ago

    I feel like California adventures has better food but that’s just me I still love Disneyland food but I have a Plebeian palate

  92. Seth Tamwood

    Seth TamwoodDay ago

    'Nobody ever called me smart.' I call you food smart. I love watching you try stuff, and I'd love to see more Disney stuff.

  93. sonjabertha

    sonjaberthaDay ago

    Your reaction to that fried chicken was mine as well! SO MANY people told me how great it was that I honestly felt bad for them that they loved it so much. It's okay, but nothing special. And the biscuit with it is just bad. And I know this isn't a "tips for visiting Disneyland" video, but I thought I'd point out that despite what a lot of commenters might think, you absolutely CAN bring food into Disneyland/California Adventure. As long as it's pre-made it's perfectly fine. When I go with my nieces/nephews we've got a backpack filled with food (homemade kimbap is pretty much the best amusement park food) because they need to eat CONSTANTLY. We normally have 1 actual sit-down meal at Lamplight Lounge (because it's comfy and the views are so nice), and maybe a sweet treat at some point, but that's about it for buying food at Disneyland.

  94. its_aduuhlene

    its_aduuhleneDay ago

    Over $100 on food....for one person?? Yeahhh I'm just gonna pack snacks lmao


    FENRIR-ART8 hours ago

    Glad to not return to that place after knowing the craziness that goes on there. Plus, being super expensive does not make it the happiest place on Earth. Parks with nice settings and fun colorful plazas in pretty cities are happier places. LOL. Good idea to pack snacks. :)

  96. bibou Plays

    bibou PlaysDay ago

    All the pineapple stuff looked so appetizing

  97. Namhart Elkor

    Namhart ElkorDay ago

    Would love to see you come to the Texas Renaissance Festival (biggest Ren Fest in the country) and try the food. Turkey leg is always a classic!

  98. Cesaire Chase

    Cesaire ChaseDay ago

    I'm loving the Disneyland theme music!

  99. jay sullivan

    jay sullivanDay ago

    Do people watch this pessimist? ‘It’s okay.’ ‘It’s hard to mess this up; it’s alright.’ ‘It’s not bad. It’s the best thing I’ve had all day.’ Wow, great compliments!

  100. linda yi

    linda yiDay ago

    This was a legit Disneyland food review! Thank you!

  101. Hanah Henderson

    Hanah HendersonDay ago

    Can you try out the food in epcot (for authenticity)?

  102. rachel schemel

    rachel schemelDay ago

    Pickle and Turkey leg, I think you're pregnant.

  103. Yo-Fam

    Yo-FamDay ago

    Disneyland is a scam

  104. Austin Lewis

    Austin LewisDay ago