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Diplo - Color Blind (feat. Lil Xan) (Official Music Video)


  1. The Crazys Br

    The Crazys BrHour ago

    Só agora q percebi q ele escreveu uma letra de cada em quatro dedos de uma mao: Peep ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  2. l love anime l love anime

    l love anime l love anime2 hours ago

    i was born color blind

  3. This is my Name ツ

    This is my Name ツ2 hours ago

    Love lil xan

  4. Caleb Baldwin

    Caleb Baldwin2 hours ago

    Y recommended

  5. Taymoni Sanders

    Taymoni Sanders2 hours ago

    Your awesome🤙

  6. mac mak

    mac mak3 hours ago

    90s rappers must b embarrassed by dis this aint hip hop wtf is dis somebody tell me somebody lyrics r weak no bars

  7. mac mak

    mac mak3 hours ago

    90s rappers come bk dis wack

  8. _Void [Thumbmaker]_

    _Void [Thumbmaker]_5 hours ago


  9. xxlilmatrix el pro

    xxlilmatrix el pro7 hours ago


  10. paul !

    paul !8 hours ago

    lol at least zedd doesn't do collabs with talentless dbags to gain views

  11. God OF Rome

    God OF Rome9 hours ago


  12. Rodrigo Diaz

    Rodrigo Diaz9 hours ago

    Aunque no entiendo nada es mi favorita

  13. Bad Fortnite Player

    Bad Fortnite Player11 hours ago

    I love this song, I love Lil Xan’s rapping style. Tbh it sorta sounds like he is sort of talk singing, like how Kesha does sometimes.

  14. Christopher Jan Valmores

    Christopher Jan Valmores12 hours ago


  15. ycat BR

    ycat BR12 hours ago

    Am brazil

  16. Nathalia fofa

    Nathalia fofa13 hours ago

    Love trep ❤❤😍

  17. ycat BR

    ycat BR12 hours ago

    Brasilera falando imgles errado oq é trep e certo é trap

  18. indian jhones

    indian jhones13 hours ago

    0.75 and ;oooo

  19. firenz shah

    firenz shah15 hours ago

    I come here to dislike and say killyoursel lil xan

  20. crazyscreamfan2

    crazyscreamfan216 hours ago

    alexander the great. fuck the deep state we will rule one day

  21. Cheez Whiz

    Cheez Whiz20 hours ago

    Ugh I cant get it fucking out of my head, and I'm not saying it's a bad thing tbh lmao

  22. ArClCh MP

    ArClCh MP22 hours ago

    Rap autista..

  23. choi liz

    choi liz23 hours ago

    me he traumado con esta cancion desde que la escuche por primera vez y ni siquiera sabia que el existia

  24. diego robles

    diego robles23 hours ago

    yo tambien me llamo diego

  25. DEAD ØG

    DEAD ØGDay ago

    Pfv man n desista da sua carreira!!!

  26. Jacob South

    Jacob SouthDay ago

    I can listen to this 100 times and I would still be listening

  27. BR†ーブラジャー†

    BR†ーブラジャー†Day ago

    *C A N D Y ♡*

  28. Clover_ Edits_Aj_

    Clover_ Edits_Aj_Day ago

    Can someone please explain to me why Lil xan is so cute. ᴏʜ ɢᴏᴅ ʜᴇʟᴘ

  29. XxWUCLAXx

    XxWUCLAXxDay ago

    Lil xan barley mumbles, it's just the way he talks

  30. K4wClixz

    K4wClixzDay ago

    This song was ruined because you let this lesbian dike ft. On it.

  31. Mike Jones

    Mike JonesDay ago

    I will drag you 2 hell for hate

  32. Mike Jones

    Mike JonesDay ago

    Thats my job

  33. Wasyl 82

    Wasyl 82Day ago


  34. josue barriga

    josue barrigaDay ago

    15 years old lookin ass

  35. Pri nz

    Pri nzDay ago

    I have been so color blind 😍

  36. enzo sanichanh

    enzo sanichanhDay ago

    theres always a girl touching lil xan, but lets be honest, hes ugly af, with his fake high attitude

  37. Money Trick

    Money TrickDay ago

    bla bla bla fucking mumble rapers

  38. Matthew Lee

    Matthew LeeDay ago

    Lil Xan: Tupac is boring *listens to his music* Lil Xan: I've been so colorblind

  39. Sabin Wilson

    Sabin WilsonDay ago

    White boy rick looking fuck . White boy xan

  40. George Marmolejo

    George MarmolejoDay ago

    He sucks

  41. Afk Zsa

    Afk ZsaDay ago

    My opinion. Sick beat but.... why him? The song sucks, he doesn't fit that style.Why not Logic,Future,Lil Uzi, Joyner Lucas, Ryhana,Eminem. Even that one dude "Lil Pump" or somthing. I love diplo but this is something else..... He doesn't even respect the legends. He's one of those guys that don't need to be rappers. MY OPINION!!

  42. El Hijo de Jiren

    El Hijo de JirenDay ago

    Ai ben sein color blaind qe vuen tema weon♪♪


    KIKI IXLONGDay ago

    Latino e olho do cu de vcs aqui e BR buceta do cavalo do bandido

  44. adam wilson

    adam wilsonDay ago

    and this kid said 2 pacs music is boring.

  45. Mike Oxlong

    Mike OxlongDay ago

    this was b@ck when lil xan was popular

  46. Sez B

    Sez BDay ago

    Skinny ugly white dude here. Just checked out this "Lil Xan". I didn't realise all I needed was a face tattoo to make myself instantly not look a bitch. Like what the absolute fuck? Lil Xan looks like a fucking 16yr old Incel playing at being a hiphop artist. Guy looks like he smokes weed in the bedroom of his mom's house and his step dad ignores him. Looks like he plays Call of Duty and wanks 5x a day. He looks like the type of guy who starts smoking just so people assume there is at least something slightly Edgy and interesting about him. #realniggasdontneedfacetatoos

  47. Ana Paula Trindade

    Ana Paula TrindadeDay ago

    Top amo essa música *-*

  48. athena abarca

    athena abarcaDay ago

    Who else liked it when Diego had red hair

  49. mohammed youssef

    mohammed youssefDay ago

    xaan ur face is so goddamn ugly mofucker !!

  50. thatguy

    thatguyDay ago

    lsd + lil xan = best day of my life

  51. Uriel Gomez

    Uriel GomezDay ago

    Esta Cancion Transmite una sensacion de sentirte (Valga al rebundancia) Medio Viajado y se siente chido :)

  52. N\H/L

    N\H/LDay ago

    color blind.. ©©

  53. Lolli Rot

    Lolli RotDay ago

    I've been so color blind And I've been so color blind (haha, yeah) Ay, trips to the mall, I just stripped in the fall I think I might really be the one after all, yeah The one to rule them all, I'm the chosen one, the savior But all these triple six, yeah Make it look like I was up to no good At least that's what my momma said, yeah Now I'm the one givin' momma bread Done with the pain, I'm just so heartless I've been so color blind And I've been so color blind (I said) (I said) Love don't cost a thing, yeah So all my girls need diamond ring, yeah, yo, yo Text that I sent that you never ever read Got me feelin' like you never ever ever really cared, yeah But that's okay though I hope you feel okay though They used to call me Diego My favorite drink is Faygo I've been so so so... (I said) (I said) I've been so color blind I've been so color blind I've been so color blind And I've been so color blind

  54. thiago Farias

    thiago FariasDay ago

    Dislike si sos umano

  55. Mason Andrews

    Mason Andrews2 days ago

    Did Logan paul produce this

  56. valentino ferreyra

    valentino ferreyra2 days ago check this out

  57. Nadia J-W

    Nadia J-W2 days ago

    This ain't bad

  58. TheoxitoYT YT

    TheoxitoYT YT2 days ago

    Algún Argentino🔥❤? Like Si La Pones A Tope De Pawer Aguante Argentina

  59. alan amarilla

    alan amarillaHour ago

    +Ufo TZ5 sali de aca brasilero rancio

  60. xevas sampa

    xevas sampaHour ago

    miralo al pibe de la army

  61. Ufo TZ5

    Ufo TZ511 hours ago

    Brasil porra huehue

  62. Leandro skate

    Leandro skate19 hours ago

    Yo bro🔥❤

  63. alan amarilla

    alan amarilla22 hours ago


  64. ツGhouldanGamesBRツ

    ツGhouldanGamesBRツ2 days ago

    Essa musica é da intro do smurfzineo QUEM VIU A INTRO DO SMURF DA LIKE

  65. Kauanne Oliveira

    Kauanne Oliveira2 days ago

    2090? 💔 HAHAHA

  66. Julio Cesar Tavares Filho

    Julio Cesar Tavares Filho2 days ago

    Nice music men

  67. Edaly Velasco

    Edaly Velasco2 days ago

    Como amo esta canción no me canso de escucharla aparte de que Lil está guapo

  68. Edaly Velasco

    Edaly Velasco2 days ago

    +Osvaldo Carrillo por eso digo que está guapo 7u7

  69. Edaly Velasco

    Edaly Velasco2 days ago

    +Osvaldo Carrillo soy mujer :v

  70. Osvaldo Carrillo

    Osvaldo Carrillo2 days ago

    que puto jajaja

  71. Jeffrey Diaz

    Jeffrey Diaz2 days ago

    No homo but lil xan look fine af in this

  72. v. maxi.

    v. maxi.2 days ago

    como se llama esta cancion?

  73. Peter Piccolo

    Peter Piccolo2 days ago

    lil xan brush ur fukkin yellow ass looking teef

  74. gabby Lopez

    gabby Lopez2 days ago

    Creepy mezmo clown

  75. •fox bass•

    •fox bass•2 days ago

    it's amazing how 2 styles can create a style that's super.

  76. gabby Lopez

    gabby Lopez2 days ago

    Angel 123

  77. gabby Lopez

    gabby Lopez2 days ago

    Milo Lopez flose

  78. yungtiide

    yungtiide2 days ago

    anyone speak english here?

  79. xxxtentacion rest in peace

    xxxtentacion rest in peace2 days ago

    Amo mi puto lil xan💞💞💞

  80. Ripon singha

    Ripon singha2 days ago

    auto tune auto tune auto tune

  81. Prof Erik

    Prof Erik2 days ago


  82. Liberalism is a Mental illness

    Liberalism is a Mental illness2 days ago

    he so high he has no clue what the hell he is signing lol

  83. Paloma Jimemez Gutierres

    Paloma Jimemez Gutierres2 days ago

    Te amoooo lil xan

  84. The Moment

    The Moment2 days ago

    2018 brasil?

  85. Jeremiah Carter

    Jeremiah Carter2 days ago

    You crazy if you liked this video electricity was better than this and it got less views and like this nigga is trash a gonna call tupac music boring I don't even why trynna rap someone need to end he's career dua Lila better than his ugly you are color blind if you like this and who ever wrote this was to this nigga barely has any talent

  86. Bisu

    Bisu2 days ago

    szkoda ze nie zdechl

  87. Ebonie Noelle

    Ebonie Noelle2 days ago

    this is a joke right?

  88. NeedsXD Gaming

    NeedsXD Gaming2 days ago

    Leh ugha lu ehsan, he was Carl from shameless

  89. Alla bozhenko

    Alla bozhenko2 days ago

    Gebo dagaz 34 канале подписчиков

  90. Alla bozhenko

    Alla bozhenko2 days ago


  91. 野蛮人F o l a _ A K

    野蛮人F o l a _ A K2 days ago

    Lmfaooo I'm watching this right on 3 am

  92. Daniel Vítek

    Daniel Vítek2 days ago

    I am sorry but this kids so ugly it hurts.. :/

  93. Scelo Sindane

    Scelo Sindane2 days ago

    mumble rap anarchy

  94. ツElectroBoost

    ツElectroBoost2 days ago

    Perfect intro song...thanks bro!

  95. Sebastian Pinto

    Sebastian Pinto2 days ago

    Cada vez que fumo la escucho 🚬🔥

  96. Pluto V2

    Pluto V22 days ago

    Aye Don’t Quit Music Your A God At Rapping, Don’t Let Those V I R G I N S Talk Smack :)

  97. socorro olga garcia castañeda

    socorro olga garcia castañeda2 days ago

    Es lo mejor 😍😘👌👌

  98. Will

    Will2 days ago


  99. Kayli Millard

    Kayli Millard2 days ago

    September 2018 anyone??

  100. Artu M Reyes

    Artu M Reyes2 days ago

    Color Ciego, me encantaaaa¡¡¡¡

  101. Teddy Leger

    Teddy Leger3 days ago

    "they used to call me Diego, my favorite drink is Faygo" lol I love him 😄❤️💔

  102. Xitlalli Murillo

    Xitlalli Murillo3 days ago

    Esta mas hermosa que mi vida :3


    MARVIK WILSON3 days ago

    So fu*ing good i played it so many times


    MARVIK WILSON3 days ago


  105. 1

    13 days ago

    This is fucking garbage. This is so bad.

  106. Phantomhive

    Phantomhive3 days ago

    This guy must be so fucked up.

  107. LilWokeVEVO

    LilWokeVEVO3 days ago

    Recorded with a potato

  108. Sahil Dongre

    Sahil Dongre3 days ago


  109. gilman solano

    gilman solano3 days ago

    color blind

  110. Raquel Lopes

    Raquel Lopes3 days ago

    *BR* ?

  111. Francisca Barría :v alv

    Francisca Barría :v alv3 days ago