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  1. Death THunder Studios

    Death THunder StudiosMonth ago

    I just wanted this for the first time last night, and it's 100% Perfect!

  2. Strider Stryker

    Strider StrykerMonth ago

    Yippee-Kai-yay, motherf****r!


    HUGO KASTILLOMonth ago

    Si a new mutans y x men fenix

  4. katasiapa

    katasiapaMonth ago


  5. Joe King Joe

    Joe King JoeMonth ago

    This is what the trailer would be like if this movie came out now. Revealing the whole story.

  6. Rushyrl

    RushyrlMonth ago

    The best of is the whole movie. Could have just uploaded that.

  7. SpareChange

    SpareChangeMonth ago

    A Christmas Classic!

  8. Combat Co

    Combat CoMonth ago

    Great video ^_^

  9. Ami

    AmiMonth ago

    The first movie I watched in the cinema...when I was 6 years old! Man my parents are too liberal sometimes lol

  10. TheGzillaman

    TheGzillamanMonth ago

    Used to like him till i found out he's just another Trumptard..

  11. Hubert Lopez

    Hubert LopezMonth ago

    Best Christmas movie ever

  12. Vicent Vna

    Vicent VnaMonth ago

    Un clásico de clásicos

  13. MOM’s Kitchen

    MOM’s KitchenMonth ago

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  14. MixBox tube

    MixBox tubeMonth ago

    I am still remember that moment when i watched this movie for first time, it was great action movie at that time, umm "unforgettable memories" 😊

  15. All Kina Ting

    All Kina TingMonth ago


  16. Manish Singh

    Manish SinghMonth ago

    Just finish all 5 parts 2 days before ... Waiting for the next part...

  17. JFomo

    JFomoMonth ago

    Come to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs.

  18. Michael Midnight

    Michael MidnightMonth ago

    I just watched this! Really cool movie with bruce willis!



    Yippee-ki-yay, motherf*cker!

  20. Karsten Voß

    Karsten VoßMonth ago

    Part One is the best .

  21. Laughing Colours

    Laughing ColoursMonth ago

    *This was the awesome movie at that time*

  22. Reborn8303

    Reborn8303Month ago

    and Still is



    Wonderful Movie👍👌☕📺💖👌👍☕📺💖👌👍☕📺💖👌.

  24. Misho Papava

    Misho PapavaMonth ago

    The legendary film !!!!!!

  25. Pranav Km

    Pranav KmMonth ago

    Great actor..😍

  26. Lules W

    Lules WMonth ago

    Yippie-ki-yay motherfucker. I had to do it.

  27. AtomicBroly

    AtomicBrolyMonth ago

    This is a badass movie

  28. Marcus Vinicius Batman Singeorzan

    Marcus Vinicius Batman SingeorzanMonth ago


  29. Hell Arrow Noe

    Hell Arrow NoeMonth ago


  30. Silvia Karina Díaz

    Silvia Karina DíazMonth ago

    Great movie

  31. 833time

    833timeMonth ago

    You know what's great about this movie? Everything!!! Along with your greatest corporation building. LIKE!!!

  32. Alesso Vermudi Galán

    Alesso Vermudi GalánMonth ago


  33. hoda madyan

    hoda madyanMonth ago

    Hey from egypt 😉

  34. MixBox tube

    MixBox tubeMonth ago

    Greeting to Egypt 😀

  35. Shaswat Shivam

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  36. Amit Orko

    Amit OrkoMonth ago

    God i miss alan rickman

  37. Balthazar Brat

    Balthazar BratMonth ago

    U didn't know him

  38. Fadhli Akhmad Sadar

    Fadhli Akhmad SadarMonth ago

    even from his voice, the memory of severus snape is pop out of my head.

  39. everything store house

    everything store houseMonth ago

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  40. Chavo Cast!

    Chavo Cast!Month ago

    Lo mejor!

  41. Spino's Gaming Channel

    Spino's Gaming ChannelMonth ago

    Wow i forgot it's been 30 years since this movie came out.

  42. riversio YT

    riversio YTMonth ago


  43. everything store house

    everything store houseMonth ago

    Hey yo

  44. Thomas Gordon

    Thomas GordonMonth ago

    First like

  45. SlayerPlayz

    SlayerPlayzMonth ago