Die Hard | 30th Anniversary Trailer | 20th Century FOX


  1. bigd business

    bigd businessMonth ago

    If this is their idea of Christmas, I gotta be here for New Year's

  2. Mitch Boileau

    Mitch Boileau2 months ago

    what was the song they used in this

  3. Ali Adoul

    Ali Adoul2 months ago

    This Reminds Me So Much Of Olympus Has Fallen The Resemblance Is Uncanny XD

  4. citygi

    citygi2 months ago

    Like all modern trailers, this one does a good job of spoiling a lot of the movie.

  5. Vincent Ly

    Vincent Ly3 months ago

    Yippe ki yay, Mr. Frosty!

  6. Béatrice Danièle Hervé-Berthelage

    Béatrice Danièle Hervé-Berthelage3 months ago

    Super film

  7. Milton Jenkins

    Milton Jenkins3 months ago

    The best movie of its genre. And Christmas too.

  8. Luis Oliveros

    Luis Oliveros4 months ago

    y cito: las mejores son las 2 primeras, las demás solo las hicieron para seguir explotando la franquicia, pero pasaron prácticamente desapercibidas, oh es verdad, es la dura verdad

  9. McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

    McGannahan Skyjellyfetti5 months ago

    John McCain's limo driver tried to STEAL Ray Charles' guitar...

  10. Ray Vega

    Ray Vega6 months ago

    RIP,Alan Rickman.

  11. Ray Vega

    Ray Vega6 months ago

    Yippee kai yay,mother-----r!

  12. Henry Townshed

    Henry Townshed6 months ago

    Back when movies were good

  13. Banditøs Clique

    Banditøs Clique7 months ago

    strong movie

  14. Aaron Colas

    Aaron Colas7 months ago

    Still badass

  15. Zantagiro7

    Zantagiro77 months ago

    love this movie! hate cowards!

  16. Purefoldnz

    Purefoldnz7 months ago

    Cut his heart out with a spoon! Oh wait wrong movie.

  17. Michael :v

    Michael :v7 months ago

    Classic man it's a classic

  18. Nisarg Patel

    Nisarg Patel7 months ago

    Yippy kai ye other buckets!

  19. KazCade

    KazCade7 months ago

    Am I the only one has never seen this movie? My father very loves this film and somehow current pop culture influencing me to watch this...should I?

  20. Jesus Sotelo

    Jesus Sotelo6 months ago

    KazCade _ make your dad proud watch this movie

  21. blaze084

    blaze0847 months ago

    I had a vhs copy I would watch over and over... Gosh! I'm old...

  22. Aashish Khakha

    Aashish Khakha7 months ago

    Back when movies were cool.

  23. Kori D.

    Kori D.7 months ago

    What more can be said. I mean really. Wow.

  24. Another View

    Another View7 months ago

    I forgot just how much I adore this movie.... 😍 A masterpiece of an action movie..!! One of the greatest of all time !!😍

  25. 麻痺する

    麻痺する7 months ago

    ❤ R.I.P Alan Rickman (1946-2016) ❤

  26. Milton Jenkins

    Milton Jenkins3 months ago

    The best screen villain ever.

  27. Ľubor Fabian

    Ľubor Fabian7 months ago

    Today movie are for gay😥😕,old good classic for real MAN 😋😎

  28. Action Jackson

    Action Jackson7 months ago

    what's with the audio, sound echoey

  29. The SuperRocxz

    The SuperRocxz7 months ago

    Yippee ki yay. MotherFuc***

  30. Ryu博

    Ryu博7 months ago

    a great action film

  31. Андрей Колесов

    Андрей Колесов7 months ago


  32. SledgeNE

    SledgeNE7 months ago

    I was 7 years old. I like the Videogame for PC and on PlayStation. :-)

  33. Jim Pink

    Jim Pink7 months ago

    Bruce Willis' ComedyCentral Roast is July 29th #iseebaldpeople

  34. Miss Connie

    Miss Connie7 months ago

    Alan Rickman.......such a wonderful actor.

  35. Kamran Malik

    Kamran Malik7 months ago

    It was 30 years ago today!

  36. Foureyes

    Foureyes7 months ago

    more better than Skyscraper

  37. Karim Labbée

    Karim Labbée7 months ago

    Scyscraper will never top this.

  38. Elvin Ferrell, Jr.

    Elvin Ferrell, Jr.7 months ago

    I liked Huey Lewis' character in this movie. 😀😄😄

  39. Pradeep Arumugam

    Pradeep Arumugam7 months ago


  40. Karim Labbée

    Karim Labbée7 months ago

    The best in the franchise and best action movie PERIOD Yippee ki yay motherfucker.

  41. T-Future Burke

    T-Future Burke7 months ago

    RIP Alan Rickman, Professor Snapes and Hans Gruber

  42. jared nelums

    jared nelums7 months ago

    One of the best movies of all time

  43. Aby Yesudasan

    Aby Yesudasan7 months ago

    Spawned it's own freaking Genre.

  44. Martin VR

    Martin VR7 months ago

    One of the best action movies of all time.

  45. Just some Person

    Just some Person7 months ago

    I have the 4k blu ray

  46. Malwontae

    Malwontae7 months ago

    Glad to see them celebrate the anniversary with a re-release in the cinemas this week. Although I'm not sure on the changes they made, John looks a bit too big and muscly.

  47. winkyhorsley

    winkyhorsley2 months ago

    malwontae,, what changes have they made ?

  48. MrJJuK

    MrJJuK7 months ago

    still one of the greatest action films ever made.

  49. Carlo 309

    Carlo 3097 months ago

    Peraltat approve this video

  50. unisonproductions123

    unisonproductions1237 months ago

    Love Bruce! His last 15 movies were shyte tho.....

  51. SilverShion

    SilverShion7 months ago

    Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho

  52. AngryNerds100

    AngryNerds1007 months ago

    Another reason to never watch Skyscraper

  53. Jonathan Sim: Magic

    Jonathan Sim: Magic2 months ago

    Watched it. Average and forgettable.

  54. Edward George

    Edward George7 months ago

    Bet people are starting to feel old!

  55. Chris

    Chris7 months ago

    I watch this more or less every Christmas. Such a classic!!

  56. SystemeDprodFilms

    SystemeDprodFilms7 months ago

    Culte ; de la Bombe 😚👌

  57. Charles Garber

    Charles Garber7 months ago

    Hans! Buby!

  58. MovieFanobi

    MovieFanobi7 months ago

    Still a fantastic movie. Blows Skyscraper away.

  59. Robert George

    Robert George7 months ago

    love it!

  60. Neo Payne

    Neo Payne7 months ago


  61. Rami Al Ahmad

    Rami Al Ahmad7 months ago

    today's movies can never replicate these kind of masterpieces....

  62. Christopher C

    Christopher C7 months ago

    I know I've got the DVD, but if I could go back in time to 1988 and see this in the theater, I'd do it in an instant.

  63. rhino3784

    rhino37847 months ago

    They're replaying it at the theater near my home in November. I'll definitely be there.

  64. Dis_ Inferno

    Dis_ Inferno7 months ago


  65. dustysnoop

    dustysnoop7 months ago

    First two good rest crap xxx

  66. Steve Tucker

    Steve Tucker7 months ago

    Nothing says holiday spirit like John McLean vs Scumbags

  67. Alexander Olofsson

    Alexander Olofsson7 months ago

    This is not just an action movie this is a fu..ing masterpiece 😎

  68. A World Of Pure Imagination

    A World Of Pure Imagination7 months ago

    Is this a recently made trailer or is it simply 're released?

  69. Virender Singh

    Virender Singh7 months ago


  70. Josh C

    Josh C7 months ago

    Jake Peralta must be very excited!

  71. Damian Howard

    Damian Howard7 months ago

    And Lt. Melanie Hawkins..

  72. Carlo 309

    Carlo 3097 months ago

    J C i understood that reference

  73. Gladwin Gracias

    Gladwin Gracias7 months ago


  74. TheKatherineWheel -

    TheKatherineWheel -7 months ago

    Imagine seeing it for the first time! To anyone new, WELCOME TO THE PARTY PAL!

  75. Pro Movie Kino

    Pro Movie Kino7 months ago

    Action Cult Classic. I love it

  76. Christopher C

    Christopher C7 months ago

    Pro Movie Kino Action Classic. *CORRECTED*

  77. SecretTarg

    SecretTarg7 months ago


  78. Animated Glitch

    Animated Glitch7 months ago

    Skyscraper is out this weekend

  79. Pennywise the Dancing Clown

    Pennywise the Dancing Clown7 months ago

    How old were you when this movie came out?

  80. Darryl Lazakar

    Darryl Lazakar7 months ago

    Come to the coast. We'll get together. Have a few laughs. - John McClane

  81. Bald Bearded Bloke

    Bald Bearded Bloke4 months ago

    +Gir the Robot me too.

  82. Gir the Robot

    Gir the Robot4 months ago

    Now I know what a tv dinner feels like

  83. Bald Bearded Bloke

    Bald Bearded Bloke7 months ago

    Darryl Lazakar hello

  84. Darryl Lazakar

    Darryl Lazakar7 months ago


  85. Bill R.S

    Bill R.S7 months ago

    Um dos melhores filmes de Natal de tds os tmps

  86. Luke B

    Luke B7 months ago

    Coool cool cool cool cool - JP

  87. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader7 months ago

    Yippee ki yay motherfucker!

  88. silenjoker 45

    silenjoker 453 months ago

    +Vincent Ly yep my alan rest in peace.

  89. Vincent Ly

    Vincent Ly3 months ago

    +silenjoker 45 rest in peace

  90. silenjoker 45

    silenjoker 457 months ago

    Darth Vader Happy trails Hans

  91. Fan Te Dan Edits

    Fan Te Dan Edits7 months ago

    Wait... Professor Snape was in this movie...!!!

  92. Lyle L.J. Plummer Jr.

    Lyle L.J. Plummer Jr.7 months ago

    Welcome to the party, pal!

  93. Jose Luis Rebollo Romo

    Jose Luis Rebollo Romo7 months ago

    Such a classic

  94. Lyle L.J. Plummer Jr.

    Lyle L.J. Plummer Jr.7 months ago

    Yippie Ki Yay!

  95. Neesa Kutty

    Neesa Kutty7 months ago


  96. SS 43

    SS 437 months ago

    Wow. Goosebumps. Thank you for this.

  97. J Klau

    J Klau7 months ago

    Bruce Willis.. *-*

  98. Johan Firmansyah

    Johan Firmansyah7 months ago

    My hero when I was a kid

  99. Fan Te Dan Edits

    Fan Te Dan Edits7 months ago


  100. Andrew Cuello

    Andrew Cuello7 months ago

    Jake Peralta

  101. rogerskolney

    rogerskolney7 months ago

    Welcome to the party, pal!

  102. Johnathon Barker

    Johnathon Barker7 months ago

    Awesome! :)

  103. PowahSlap Entertainmint

    PowahSlap Entertainmint7 months ago

    I prefer to live soft.

  104. Golam, In Brackets

    Golam, In Brackets7 months ago

    Michael Scott.

  105. Death THunder Studios

    Death THunder Studios7 months ago

    I've never seen this movie before, and I know parts of the story.

  106. mubariz salim

    mubariz salim7 months ago


  107. Meet Shah

    Meet Shah7 months ago


  108. JogBird

    JogBird7 months ago

    best xmas movie of all time

  109. Moise Picard

    Moise Picard6 months ago

    JogBird After Home Alone.

  110. PlagasX

    PlagasX7 months ago

    Here we go again... It's not a Christmas movie..

  111. SkS PCP

    SkS PCP7 months ago

    JogBird and hopfully it will be for years to come 🙋🏻‍♂️😏

  112. Igor Gabriel Socorro

    Igor Gabriel Socorro7 months ago

    Yes ❤

  113. dante carpenter

    dante carpenter7 months ago

    Yippee ki yay.

  114. gokinsmen

    gokinsmen7 months ago

    ....Mister Falcon.

  115. Hollywood and games

    Hollywood and games7 months ago

    I am big fan

  116. Abid Ahmed Rafi

    Abid Ahmed Rafi7 months ago