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Denmark v France - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 37


  1. Der Fußball Experte

    Der Fußball Experte5 days ago

    Watching this game was a waste of time

  2. Malthe Hjulmand

    Malthe Hjulmand5 days ago

    I come from Denmark:-)Jeg kommer fra Danmark

  3. Apoorv Nigam

    Apoorv Nigam8 days ago

    The Indian flag at 1:07. Hope India makes to the FIFA WC someday. Jai Hind.

  4. Ivann Zavala

    Ivann Zavala11 days ago

    Do you know that i went to Russia to see the World Cup

  5. mekdim zemene

    mekdim zemene17 days ago

    Mbappe runs fast.

  6. Nick Kruger

    Nick Kruger20 days ago

    This match was boring.

  7. Gaming For A Day

    Gaming For A Day20 days ago

    99% = boring match 1% = talking about France

  8. RaymanGamers08

    RaymanGamers0822 days ago

    C'était la purge du siècle ce match mdrrr Jamais je n'aurais crû que l'on finirait champion du monde après un match pourri pareil

  9. Kleber Porta

    Kleber Porta22 days ago

    01:17 uma bandeira do flamengo do lado da bandeira da Alemanha se não me engando, 01:35 uma bandeira do Cruzeiro

  10. Bangladeshi Ligend

    Bangladeshi Ligend25 days ago

    This match is like a flashback of West Germany - Austria match of the World Cup 1982

  11. Abdul Raffi

    Abdul Raffi25 days ago

    Hanya Denmark yg bisa menahan imbang Perancis, From Indonesia

  12. Lasø'

    Lasø'26 days ago

    we people from denmark are happy about the draw lol

  13. Jesus Yanez

    Jesus Yanez27 days ago

    This game was a real snoozer 😴

  14. 사람

    사람27 days ago

  15. Khaled Yusef

    Khaled YusefMonth ago

    I hate Cristiano ronaldo

  16. bandamx 17

    bandamx 17Month ago

    At least Denmark can say that they haven't been beated by the 2018 world cup champions.

  17. con cho dương minh tuyền

    con cho dương minh tuyềnMonth ago

    Ai vn

  18. Multi Stuff

    Multi StuffMonth ago

    The only team that didn’t lose to France

  19. Multi Stuff

    Multi StuffMonth ago

    The only team that didn’t lose to France

  20. Siddharth Verma

    Siddharth VermaMonth ago

    I was hoping they take the cup back from France because of this match

  21. Alivia Chaudhuri

    Alivia ChaudhuriMonth ago

    Can you please do a game when France and Brazil go against each other

  22. Arthur Lemee

    Arthur LemeeMonth ago

    Champions du monde

  23. Fabrício Emílio

    Fabrício EmílioMonth ago

    To me this was a complete lack of profissionalism...

  24. Vidal Hugo

    Vidal HugoMonth ago

    Best match of the World Cup

  25. Franco Sebastian Robles Arteaga

    Franco Sebastian Robles ArteagaMonth ago

    If Peru was playing with France in that way, both could qualified and Denmark - Australia are eliminated. Greetings from a Peruvian in France 🇵🇪🇫🇷

  26. Der Fußball Experte

    Der Fußball ExperteMonth ago

    Who's the man of the match?

  27. Arthur Lemee

    Arthur LemeeMonth ago

    Kante or Kimpembe

  28. William Tsunku

    William Tsunku2 months ago


  29. Jose Mor

    Jose Mor2 months ago

    What a disgrace of football

  30. Danish Mapper

    Danish Mapper2 months ago

    This is the Best result vs france XD

  31. Vana Moon

    Vana Moon2 months ago

    As boring as the Teen Titans Go To The Movies

  32. Vana Moon

    Vana Moon2 months ago


  33. Katia Soulere

    Katia Soulere2 months ago

    pourquoi c’est Steven Mandanda le gardien de but normalement c’est Hugo Lloris

  34. brocalfur

    brocalfur2 months ago

    tactical masterpiece...could watch it for days

  35. Kiranpal Singh

    Kiranpal Singh2 months ago


  36. Stéphane Menanteau

    Stéphane Menanteau2 months ago

    un moment il devrait il y avoir touche

  37. Anthony Grif

    Anthony Grif2 months ago

    The only scoreless game of the wc! In 2014 there were so many more!

  38. Anthony Grif

    Anthony Grif15 days ago

    True, there were so many chances in the scoreless games in 2014

  39. tulip store

    tulip store15 days ago

    But it was not sooooo boring like this game...

  40. AdamTheTiger

    AdamTheTiger2 months ago

    If you are reading this, YOU ARE AWESOME 😎 don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😊 your friend AdamTheTiger 🐯

  41. kaafir

    kaafir2 months ago


  42. magnificentiPod

    magnificentiPod2 months ago

    They agreed to tie so they would both advance

  43. Zineb Benrahou

    Zineb Benrahou2 months ago

    Mandanda was perfect

  44. Yamcha Ultra Instinto

    Yamcha Ultra Instinto2 months ago

    como olvidar cuando union africana y dinamarca protagonizaron el partido más aburrido del mundial :v

  45. Naufal Ramadhan

    Naufal Ramadhan2 months ago


  46. laburnie

    laburnie2 months ago


  47. Monkey Ass HD

    Monkey Ass HD2 months ago

    I was in Russia at this time and i watched the match! I know it may have seemed boring, but if you were at the stadion then it was NOT boring. The atmosphere was WILD. From DK love you Russia

  48. Ghino The God

    Ghino The God2 months ago

    Ahz match

  49. Vidal Hugo

    Vidal Hugo3 months ago

    The best game of this World Cup ! Maybe the best game in World Cup history 😍🔥 What a cracker that was ! Goosebumps

  50. tylko Rafonix

    tylko Rafonix3 months ago

    Polska biało czerwoni

  51. Harun Rashid

    Harun Rashid3 months ago

    only nill nill match! !!

  52. loOps Chongthu

    loOps Chongthu3 months ago

    I'm bored

  53. Arthur Veltmeyer

    Arthur Veltmeyer3 months ago

    Worst match in the WC

  54. Khánh Linh Nguyễn

    Khánh Linh Nguyễn3 months ago


  55. Quỷ đỏ Manchester United là bất bại

    Quỷ đỏ Manchester United là bất bại3 months ago

    2018 Fifa world cup's most boring match

  56. jeannick sikpa

    jeannick sikpa3 months ago

    Boo Boo. 0-0 sucks

  57. Lavard 1131

    Lavard 11313 months ago

    Basically an African team playing

  58. Sanat Barua

    Sanat Barua3 months ago

    Pistol image in wife the world to speak in English tac house of the world is most boring best ever in the world on est à côté dublet af dubletter isi 12,3 tulah Rizky Bali ora Sida Sida Sida Sida konsultasi Waduk Saguling kita tu harus kita harus kita harus tahun atau tanpa sekolah Sukhi Sukhi Roti made of Urvashi Dholakia sasu maa Sadit

  59. Rơm ML/mc

    Rơm ML/mc3 months ago

    France is the champion now!!

  60. ツSombry11

    ツSombry113 months ago

    1:36 quem achou a bandeira do cruzeiro?

  61. João parado23

    João parado233 months ago

    tambem achei meu cruzeirao cabuloso

  62. Tobler One

    Tobler One3 months ago

    Legit the worst game at any world cup

  63. 17 10

    17 103 months ago

    The most boring Football match of the World cup

  64. Ishaan Jhamb

    Ishaan Jhamb4 months ago

    I went to watch the WC and watched this fuckin piece of shit. No further expression needed i guess😤😤😤🖕🖕

  65. Perform VR

    Perform VR4 months ago

    danois vs francais

  66. BroaderPro

    BroaderPro4 months ago

    Que partido más chafa, el único 0-0 de Rusia 2018

  67. 김 승규

    김 승규4 months ago

    Japan vs Poland was a worst game... France vs Denmark was a trash game...

  68. LookatIanPnow

    LookatIanPnow4 months ago

    Japan vs Poland was not a bad game at all until the last 10 minutes. Poland created some chances and Japan had everything to play for. This was just a shocking game overall with nothing really on the line.

  69. الكرة السورية

    الكرة السورية4 months ago

    do you have this match complete thanks

  70. Mr Krabs in Mall

    Mr Krabs in Mall4 months ago

    Only game that ended 0:0,all about "champion". France scores just 3 goals in group and 7 points,not 9 lol

  71. Poperdoper2016 Yt

    Poperdoper2016 Yt4 months ago

    Australia did more better then france Australia vs Denmark 1-1 France vs Denmark 0-0

  72. Kiranpal Singh

    Kiranpal Singh4 months ago


  73. Gabriel

    Gabriel4 months ago

    France did the most boring and the most exiting match of this world cup

  74. Myrian Noe Echeverria Are

    Myrian Noe Echeverria Are4 months ago

    Denmark 0 France 0

  75. Tomi Karaman

    Tomi Karaman4 months ago

    Denmark could of bet Africa easily shame.


    ARAÑA RICO4 months ago

    francia en todos sus partidos jugo con uniformes diferentes

  77. Some Guy

    Some Guy4 months ago

    This was the only game in the entire world cup that ended 0 - 0...

  78. Omega

    Omega4 months ago


  79. watermelon

    watermelon4 months ago

    2002 - France v Uruguay 0 - 0 2006 - France v Switzerland 0 - 0 2010 - France v Uruguay 0 - 0 2014 - France v Ecuador 0 - 0 2018 - France v Denmark 0 - 0

  80. Daniyal Shah

    Daniyal Shah4 months ago

    Am I the only one who enjoyed the highlights?

  81. Hossein Kariminia

    Hossein Kariminia5 months ago

    The ref probably could have slept during this game.

  82. JandregVevo

    JandregVevo5 months ago

    The commentator started crying at the end how the game went nowhere

  83. Bruno Lucas

    Bruno Lucas5 months ago

    This game was a disgrace, and i am French, the most boring game of this WC, after that who would have thought France would go on and win the thing? Not me but its when they beat Argentina that we started to believe it could be our time!

  84. Sameena Boghani

    Sameena Boghani5 months ago

    Denmark played well

  85. PProGames 54

    PProGames 545 months ago

    À oublier x)

  86. Carlos Barton

    Carlos Barton5 months ago

    Mandanda kept more clean sheets in this World Cup than Neuer...

  87. _ L3on848_

    _ L3on848_5 months ago

    WC 2014: France 0:0 Ecuador EURO 2016: France 0:0 Switzerland WC 2018: France 0:0 Denmark Coincidence? I think not!

  88. Pas d'idée de pseudo

    Pas d'idée de pseudo4 months ago

    France Switzerland was less boring

  89. Steven E.M.

    Steven E.M.5 months ago

    De cueva

  90. jean herve tafegue nidjeu

    jean herve tafegue nidjeu5 months ago


  91. kirat kirat

    kirat kirat5 months ago

    Happy lee : Boring match Indeed. But they're a hundreds matches you've never seen to tell that

  92. Thaer F. Ali

    Thaer F. Ali5 months ago

    What a game :-) :-) :-) :-)

  93. Manu Dobles Porcel

    Manu Dobles Porcel5 months ago

    2:35 didnt u see me?

  94. Manu Dobles Porcel

    Manu Dobles Porcel5 months ago


  95. Manu Dobles Porcel

    Manu Dobles Porcel5 months ago


  96. raychu85

    raychu855 months ago

    I was sitting behind the net, supposed to be excited, but this match really upset me

  97. un_ ravelled

    un_ ravelled5 months ago

    France deserves shit

  98. Jainulabideen Syed Mohamed Mubarack

    Jainulabideen Syed Mohamed Mubarack6 months ago

    hey FRANCE is super team

  99. miguel Ponce Paredes

    miguel Ponce Paredes6 months ago

    Ja como dinamarka tiene a smeichel el arquero se an salvado si no les goleaba francia

  100. Raihan ahmed

    Raihan ahmed6 months ago


  101. Crazy Rides

    Crazy Rides6 months ago

    The only team that didn’t lose to France 👏👏👏

  102. Family Chows

    Family Chows6 months ago

    it was shock of france cant win

  103. Nodi

    Nodi6 months ago

    This was boring even when you are a dane

  104. Anonimann Anonimann

    Anonimann Anonimann6 months ago

    b o r i n k

  105. Behnaz Negin

    Behnaz Negin6 months ago

    France vs Denmark evolutions 17 -1 to 0-0

  106. Rajani Shakya

    Rajani Shakya6 months ago

    World,s boring match

  107. Nayeli Garcia

    Nayeli Garcia6 months ago

    xnz .zbro

  108. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana6 months ago

    France allemage