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Denmark v France - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 37


  1. João Pedro Delsin

    João Pedro Delsin3 hours ago

    this game its the most shit game ever

  2. Airzae 3RD

    Airzae 3RD8 hours ago

    Denmark shoulda gone through more this world cup

  3. Dark Wizard

    Dark Wizard2 days ago

    Watch this match is a good way to sleep

  4. Princesse deLaTerre

    Princesse deLaTerre2 days ago


  5. Moises Mejía Moreto

    Moises Mejía Moreto2 days ago

    Quiero ver una revancha de Perú con Dinamarca en un amistoso, también con Francia.saludos

  6. Eisha Riaz

    Eisha Riaz3 days ago

    everyone having a go at england cos apparenrly they played 'shit teams' when they played columbia, belgium, swedan yet look at who france played until the end.

  7. Im_djstars stars

    Im_djstars stars3 days ago

    Omg Schmeichel is very good but where is lloris

  8. Buster Dahlsgaard Andreasen

    Buster Dahlsgaard Andreasen3 days ago

    Comment sections, 1 dumb people who says its the worst match ever, 2 good people thats satisfied 3 people talking about defenders 4 spectators

  9. Muhammad Arslan

    Muhammad Arslan5 days ago

    Giroud was horrible in this world cup

  10. Anónima ???

    Anónima ???5 days ago

    Eu queria dar um abraço ao Griezmann,ao Mbappé,ao Umtiti,ao Pavard e ao Giroud!(Ps o doutor está me a levar para a casa mortuária)!

  11. Jaguar Master

    Jaguar Master5 days ago

    Where was Lloris?

  12. taha rahul

    taha rahul8 days ago

    denmark vs france denmark is winnnnnnnnner

  13. taha rahul

    taha rahul8 days ago

    congralations from demark

  14. Mouad moulou_ معاد مولوع

    Mouad moulou_ معاد مولوع10 days ago


  15. Sebastián mejiax

    Sebastián mejiax10 days ago

    (ningún gol metió Francia) , (ningún gol metió Dinamarca)

  16. Football Travellers

    Football Travellers10 days ago

    This was my first ever FIFA world Cup match. I wouldn't say I was a bit disappointed. But the electric environment of Luzhniki Stadium negated the only goalless draw of the tournament.

  17. Exelom Grand

    Exelom Grand10 days ago

    Someone saw the futur

  18. Aurélie DURAND

    Aurélie DURAND10 days ago


  19. Aurélie DURAND

    Aurélie DURAND10 days ago

    Pardon OL ET PSG

  20. TROBLOXNoob

    TROBLOXNoob11 days ago

    Kante is strong!

  21. Bastien Renaud

    Bastien Renaud15 days ago

    Petit hommage au sélectionneur dannois qui a dit avant la coupe du monde que la France était nul Mais bon ya un pays que deux étoiles et pas l'autre

  22. brocalfur

    brocalfur16 days ago

    sheer tactical of the highlights of the WC 2018

  23. Filmmaker

    Filmmaker17 days ago

    honestly, those are the best looking soccer uniforms I’ve ever seen.

  24. Azer Efendizade

    Azer Efendizade17 days ago

    Wow Schmeichel is just like his dad

  25. gaoxuesong86

    gaoxuesong8618 days ago

  26. skull pirates

    skull pirates19 days ago

    Where is Lorris

  27. Nick Frederic Toller

    Nick Frederic Toller19 days ago


  28. Ivana Radovani

    Ivana Radovani20 days ago


  29. Ibrahim Zulfiquar

    Ibrahim Zulfiquar20 days ago

    Lame match

  30. Palvinder Singh

    Palvinder Singh21 day ago

    Only single goalless match in world cup 2018... From goalless to the World Champion... 😊😊

  31. Gustavo Mendoza Rodriguez

    Gustavo Mendoza Rodriguez22 days ago

    this was a friendly match more than the world cup.

  32. El Herman

    El Herman22 days ago

    Danemark is the most boring team in the world

  33. Joaquín Aragón

    Joaquín Aragón23 days ago

    The most stupid Match of Russia 2018

  34. channel for cyclings

    channel for cyclings23 days ago

    Very intersting match

  35. Jarumi Tovar Rodriguez Zuricata :3

    Jarumi Tovar Rodriguez Zuricata :327 days ago

    No es que estuvo aburrido, sino que FRA y DEN se pusieron de acuerdo. Bahh

  36. Calum J17

    Calum J1727 days ago

    Why did they even upload this?

  37. Nod Nuaj

    Nod Nuaj25 days ago

    😂 they probably wondered what moments they should upload

  38. Lazar Sreckovic

    Lazar Sreckovic28 days ago

    After the cup ended it turns out this remained the only goalless match. If they had only scored 3 goals here this could have been the world cup with most goals.

  39. R A

    R A29 days ago

    Borig match France never deserve, Croatia best team and love to Croatia match

  40. Dark Wizard

    Dark Wizard2 days ago

    R A in football you win or you lose. That's all

  41. 3m kmc

    3m kmc12 days ago

    4-2 and we don't deserve it mais ta gueule t'a juste le seum

  42. Satan Shameer

    Satan Shameer29 days ago

    R A even Croatia dived near France penalty box. But they couldn't convert it into a goal

  43. R A

    R A29 days ago

    Satan Shameer dude Croatia strength no one can play back to back 130 three matches with penalty ,only Croatia can do that ,french Griezmann cheat dive

  44. Barzi 7777

    Barzi 7777Month ago

    WTH 0 - 0

  45. Le Sckeew

    Le SckeewMonth ago

    En attendant c'est la seule équipe à pas avoir perdu contre la France durant cette coupe du monde !

  46. Nod Nuaj

    Nod Nuaj25 days ago

    Bien vu. C'est pas passé loin, tir au but contre les croates.. à peu de choses près le destin de l'équipe danoise dans cette coupe aurait pu être très différent... Ils vont peut être nous surprendre lors de l euro 2020

  47. vlad costin staicu

    vlad costin staicuMonth ago

    Oh my god this was sooooo boring

  48. minh quan ngo

    minh quan ngoMonth ago

    Denmark called draw against France



    and there is no freekick to Denmark



    see In this match also done dirty game claiming freekick by mbappe

  51. Imtiaz Nafeez

    Imtiaz NafeezMonth ago

    boring match of this tournament....

  52. Elvis Cerda

    Elvis CerdaMonth ago

    Dinamarca fue el único equipo que no los salió a cazar y los esperaba en su propio terreno para esperar contras... Así Francia no marcaba ni uno xD

  53. Ralius

    RaliusMonth ago

    bye bye france.... croatia is coming.

  54. 3m kmc

    3m kmc12 days ago

    Xd la blague t'as cru quoi

  55. LeYoshi Vénère

    LeYoshi VénèreMonth ago

    Ralius HAHAHA WHAT A JOKE 🇫🇷⭐⭐

  56. OursR10

    OursR10Month ago

    Ralius so...good bye Croatia :)

  57. tianjing

    tianjingMonth ago


  58. A. Lana

    A. LanaMonth ago

    Least watched video of the 2018 WC on FIFATV

  59. carlos villares

    carlos villaresMonth ago

    France wasnt even trying to win this game just trying to help denmark

  60. Nod Nuaj

    Nod Nuaj25 days ago

    It was not the same french players than in the other matches. No Pogba, no Mbappe, no Lloris... Deschamps didnt give a fuck about this match. It was just an opportunity for the main 11 to rest.

  61. Igor Rocha

    Igor RochaMonth ago


  62. Airzae 3RD

    Airzae 3RDMonth ago

    This is the least viewed 2018 World Cup video on this channel

  63. PeRuViAnRoNaLdO

    PeRuViAnRoNaLdOMonth ago

    France didn't use their starting lineup this game, they used a backup goalie and didn't have Pogba or Umtiti, I feel that since they already had enough points to qualify,they tried to experiment without Pogba and see how France plays, but surely France would of won if they had their original lineup.

  64. Nod Nuaj

    Nod Nuaj25 days ago

    Yes it was almost only subsitutes. Mbappe wasnt here till the end neither.

  65. Kate Haha

    Kate HahaMonth ago

    zato je hrvatska protiv danske bila napeta :D

  66. eduard turcan

    eduard turcanMonth ago

    scary match...cardiac...:)))

  67. tronzz

    tronzzMonth ago

    si alguien se da cuenta francia no jugo con sus verdaderos jugadores osea se rebajo al nivel de dinamarca :v

  68. kaz9781

    kaz9781Month ago

    Most boring match of the world cup?

  69. Montasim Bin Mahfuz

    Montasim Bin MahfuzMonth ago

    Munthar Bin Mahfuz

  70. Anna Smith

    Anna SmithMonth ago

    Proper shit game

  71. Moto  Gp

    Moto GpMonth ago

    France and Denmark is goin final is France x Argentina Croatia x Denmark

  72. Moto  Gp

    Moto GpMonth ago

    1: France win because is found cup 2:Denmark win of Peru se vê gols 1 0

  73. Thiago Azevedo

    Thiago AzevedoMonth ago

    O jogo está difícil

  74. Emperor Palpatine

    Emperor PalpatineMonth ago

    This match is boring cause Denmark are inferior than France that why they play very defensive

  75. Akhona Wakie

    Akhona WakieMonth ago


  76. Hercule55

    Hercule55Month ago

    Fuck french team

  77. ShinKuy24

    ShinKuy2428 days ago

    Hercule55 Fuck you haters 🖕 France win this cup 😂☺️😂 EASILY

  78. Byon Garre

    Byon GarreMonth ago

    Wow 0-0

  79. Johnson George

    Johnson GeorgeMonth ago

    Chances!! They can play again in another match. But once you miss eternity, no more chances!! Turn to God’s offer of salvation in Christ... there is no other way to go to heaven!

  80. giancarlo36366

    giancarlo36366Month ago

    Still don’t know how Denmark made out stage of groups with this such boring style of playing, Peru should of advance but no luck for the South Americans

  81. Aleria LPS

    Aleria LPSMonth ago


  82. Le Jambon

    Le JambonMonth ago

    Hey guys relax.. Count just how many Danemark players were in front of the goal.. Yeah you got it.. 11 Both team were selected and Danemark didn't plan to finish 1st of placements so.. No match..

  83. Babyng168

    Babyng168Month ago

    2teams are stuntmen! Cheers.

  84. Trâm Anh Phạm Hoàng

    Trâm Anh Phạm HoàngMonth ago

    People in the comment cannot tell a difference between a competition and an entertainment leauge. You play the game to win by all cost, using skills, technique, and intelligence, not to entertain people. This is like UFC, not WWE.

  85. Raptor

    RaptorMonth ago

    this is football commentator lol

  86. Wendy Morales

    Wendy MoralesMonth ago

    Frances are wining

  87. Clashing Mc

    Clashing McMonth ago

    Conclusion of match: MATCH FIXED

  88. ben vas

    ben vasMonth ago

    jesus xt died n arose saved u trust him

  89. JinZuS

    JinZuSMonth ago

    French team all blacks lol

  90. Leslie Mcburger

    Leslie McburgerMonth ago

    As a french person, I think that this game was really boring and that all the teams knew that they were qualified so agreed to stay at 0-0 until the end. Dissapointed, but it makes sense...

  91. IAmGod

    IAmGodMonth ago

    Denmark 🇩🇰

  92. CHR

    CHRMonth ago

    I hope Denmark is prepared to get shitted on and sent home by Croatia today😀

  93. Ide v

    Ide vDay ago

    CHR the country itself isn't shit

  94. CHR

    CHRMonth ago

    Just as I said, they got shitted on by Croatia. Shit team deserves to go home to their shit country. Easy game for Croatia.

  95. Mads Frandsen

    Mads FrandsenMonth ago

    OMG France could Wins over Argentina but not Denmark psycially

  96. Rasheed Rashid Al Qalil Al-Adab /Adab Siz

    Rasheed Rashid Al Qalil Al-Adab /Adab SizMonth ago

    Argentina needed Schmeichel in their goal today.

  97. Aniello

    AnielloMonth ago

    Nice machy Nice macht🔊📯📯📯

  98. terence w

    terence wMonth ago

    dembele + umtiti = dem titties

  99. terence w

    terence wMonth ago

    pogba + dembele = pork belly

  100. PS4 60

    PS4 60Month ago

    Bring in some Berserkers instead of swordmans running with heavy armor.

  101. Ferdion Timothy

    Ferdion TimothyMonth ago

    i hope the commentator for the final is Peter drury

  102. Ftibor7

    Ftibor7Month ago

    Shit game of wc. The money sucks wanted not play.

  103. New Metha

    New MethaMonth ago

    Сборная франции - одни арабы и негры)))

  104. Eric Sorensen

    Eric SorensenMonth ago

    Denmark had better wake up, can't defend or sit back for the knockout rounds. Speed, pace and ball control was rare to see in the group stage..they were lucky to beat Peru who outplayed Denmark in the second half.

  105. Yanis GHOUMID

    Yanis GHOUMIDMonth ago


  106. zora qochih

    zora qochihMonth ago

    Et puis il vont nous faire quoi contre l agentine

  107. Robert Hanbury

    Robert HanburyMonth ago

    France vs Argentina better be better!


    WAJAH JAKARTAMonth ago

    Amazing skill ♥♥♥♥ very love it...brazil is winner 🙌🙌🙌

  109. Gerardo Caceres

    Gerardo CaceresMonth ago

    You know people, the soccer-haters, AKA American football fans, use results like this one to justify their dislike for 'real football': Both teams play for more than 2 hours just to score one single goal or being unable to open the score. I'm glad I'm not one of those haters. Come on! Like if it's easy to score goals in 'real football', unless a team is playing against a very weak one.

  110. Legend27 Koké

    Legend27 KokéMonth ago

    This is a segunda division game lmao.

  111. Wade Lee

    Wade LeeMonth ago


  112. Swedish House Mafia @ Ultra Music Festival 2013

    Swedish House Mafia @ Ultra Music Festival 2013Month ago


  113. ChromaESC

    ChromaESCMonth ago

    Vous n'avez pas compris ! Ce match était peut être ennuyant , oui , mais je vous prévient que les deux équipes étaient déjà qualifiés pour les 8e de final ! Ils ont pas énormément jouer car , je pense , ils ne voulaient pas se blesser ! :)

  114. MasterPro Games

    MasterPro GamesMonth ago

    I would say that was a bad match. Great video!

  115. Ionut Dima

    Ionut DimaMonth ago

    It is a good result. Both teams are strong!!