Deadpool 2 - The First 10 Years


  1. Plague Produkshuns

    Plague Produkshuns7 months ago

    2018: Once Upon A Deadpool

  2. Douglas Snyder

    Douglas Snyder9 months ago

    I'm not sure if Wade Wilson/Deadpool would have made a cameo appearance at the ending of the first Wolverine movie; I am not counting the X-Men Origins: Wolverine one. I'm talking about an 'actual' Wolverine origin movie if it was made the right way.

  3. The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man10 months ago

    Phase 2 for DeadVerse is Phase 4 for the MCU

  4. Dan Lesnar

    Dan Lesnar10 months ago

    Marvel jokes

  5. GUYVER grimlock

    GUYVER grimlock10 months ago

    saw this earlier , DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY MARROW AND SIRYN ARE NOT LISTED IN DP 2 ( 53:45 ) AKA the prison break out scene

  6. GUYVER grimlock

    GUYVER grimlock10 months ago

    STILL A BETTER PLOT THAN infinity cry OR week of ultron

  7. Game freak

    Game freak10 months ago

    And phase two would be Deadpool in the mcu like if you agree

  8. Baba Yaga

    Baba Yaga10 months ago

    Love it.

  9. LuigiMakerDeluxe

    LuigiMakerDeluxeYear ago

    The Deadpool Cinematic Universe

  10. Nintendofanboy

    Nintendofanboy10 months ago

    That1Plush Guy DCU

  11. CarzyGon GD

    CarzyGon GDYear ago

    10|10 And Next Is Venom

  12. CarzyGon GD

    CarzyGon GDYear ago

    This is Great movie saw it 6 times

  13. Nasrin Akhter

    Nasrin AkhterYear ago

    amazing movie.

  14. Eric Weiser

    Eric WeiserYear ago

    Was that true FOX says no about Deadpool?

  15. frank skalski

    frank skalskiYear ago

    Funny that the rent Deadpool option on this video says that the movie is science fiction

  16. Bruno Ferreira

    Bruno FerreiraYear ago

    Hheugeiel uuwu3 ikeudteg the uhwgwunnndhe jjwb

  17. Redcr33per Productions

    Redcr33per ProductionsYear ago

    He was in XMen?! How’d I miss that?!

  18. Sarah Smajstrla

    Sarah SmajstrlaYear ago

    It was an extremely watered down version of him. And by extremely watered down, I mean Deadpool was pretty much nonexistent in that movie. Wade was introduced,but the "Deadpool" they turned him in to was absolutely nothing like Deadpool.

  19. Famous TV

    Famous TVYear ago

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  20. Anonyme User

    Anonyme UserYear ago

    *I think Deadpool is everybody's favorite* xD

  21. Kenan Can

    Kenan CanYear ago

    Can you add Turkish subtitles?

  22. Foo Kelevra

    Foo KelevraYear ago

    Deadpool guardians crossover

  23. Kriss Kross

    Kriss KrossYear ago

    We gotta save something for phase 2.

  24. Otaku Sentai

    Otaku SentaiYear ago

    The Deadpool franchise is much better than the MCU! XD

  25. klloyd plata

    klloyd plataYear ago

    Best 10 years of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Deadpool

  26. Anthony Mitchell Saavedra

    Anthony Mitchell SaavedraYear ago

    And Blade Trinity?

  27. Carlos Galindo

    Carlos GalindoYear ago

    Don’t tease me Deadpool with phase 2. Just have Ryan Reynolds show up as your sidekick in the next installment

  28. marioishere.

    marioishere.Year ago

    2009 was funny

  29. Oblithian

    OblithianYear ago

    I am glad I read the description.

  30. The Last Ghost

    The Last GhostYear ago

    The funny thing is Ryan Reynolds leaked the footage lul

  31. chayse Castillo

    chayse CastilloYear ago

    omg they are so godly at marketing

  32. Admin- 24199

    Admin- 24199Year ago

    "Low-level X-Men" *Negasonic flips him off*

  33. TitanPlay's 17

    TitanPlay's 17Year ago

    They go the music from the Titanfall 2 meet the Titans trailer

  34. kroll reptiloide

    kroll reptiloideYear ago

    I understand that reference


    COMMENTYear ago

    Check the deadpool shirt here

  36. Metty Dewi

    Metty DewiYear ago


  37. TheDragonKing

    TheDragonKingYear ago

    Honestly,I liked the X Men origins one better

  38. Rashed Elamin

    Rashed ElaminYear ago

    If you told me that 1 move would spawn an EXPANSIVE 2 universe movie


    LUKAS DANIELYear ago


  40. TheVandrell

    TheVandrellYear ago

    Phase 2 - Bring it on X-Force!!!!

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    Movie ClipsYear ago

    very nice

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  45. kdoty

    kdotyYear ago

    0:30 one of the greatest​ "accidents" in superhero movie history 😂

  46. Rune

    RuneYear ago

    kdoty24 Ryan was the one who leaked it, only 4 people had access to that footage and he said they planned on someone leaking it just to see what happens and in pretty sure it was Ryan who ended up leaking it.

  47. Axel Morales

    Axel MoralesYear ago

    X-FORCE! 🙅

  48. Only Dubya

    Only DubyaYear ago

    “Expanisve 2 movie universe”😂😂

  49. Christopher Sebastian

    Christopher SebastianYear ago

  50. Christopher Sebastian

    Christopher SebastianYear ago

  51. Christopher Sebastian

    Christopher SebastianYear ago

  52. kond doidão

    kond doidãoYear ago

    Olhe meu canal

  53. RimSaragih

    RimSaragihYear ago

    Hahha cant wait for deadpool3