Deadpool 2 - The First 10 Years



    LEGOBRICK STUDIOS3 hours ago

    2018: Once Upon A Deadpool

  2. Douglas Snyder

    Douglas SnyderMonth ago

    I'm not sure if Wade Wilson/Deadpool would have made a cameo appearance at the ending of the first Wolverine movie; I am not counting the X-Men Origins: Wolverine one. I'm talking about an 'actual' Wolverine origin movie if it was made the right way.

  3. Jose Delgado

    Jose Delgado2 months ago

    Phase 2 for DeadVerse is Phase 4 for the MCU

  4. Dan Lesnar

    Dan Lesnar2 months ago

    Marvel jokes

  5. GUYVER grimlock

    GUYVER grimlock2 months ago

    saw this earlier , DOES ANYONE KNOW WHY MARROW AND SIRYN ARE NOT LISTED IN DP 2 ( 53:45 ) AKA the prison break out scene

  6. GUYVER grimlock

    GUYVER grimlock2 months ago

    STILL A BETTER PLOT THAN infinity cry OR week of ultron

  7. Game Freak

    Game Freak2 months ago

    And phase two would be Deadpool in the mcu like if you agree

  8. Wade Ilson

    Wade Ilson2 months ago

    Love it.

  9. Super Maker

    Super Maker4 months ago

    The Deadpool Cinematic Universe

  10. Nintendofanboy

    Nintendofanboy3 months ago

    That1Plush Guy DCU

  11. CarzyGon GD

    CarzyGon GD4 months ago

    10|10 And Next Is Venom

  12. CarzyGon GD

    CarzyGon GD4 months ago

    This is Great movie saw it 6 times

  13. Nasrin Akhter

    Nasrin Akhter5 months ago

    amazing movie.

  14. Eric Weiser

    Eric Weiser5 months ago

    Was that true FOX says no about Deadpool?

  15. frank skalski

    frank skalski5 months ago

    Funny that the rent Deadpool option on this video says that the movie is science fiction

  16. Bruno Ferreira

    Bruno Ferreira5 months ago

    Hheugeiel uuwu3 ikeudteg the uhwgwunnndhe jjwb

  17. Redcr33per Productions

    Redcr33per Productions5 months ago

    He was in XMen?! How’d I miss that?!

  18. Sarah Smajstrla

    Sarah Smajstrla5 months ago

    It was an extremely watered down version of him. And by extremely watered down, I mean Deadpool was pretty much nonexistent in that movie. Wade was introduced,but the "Deadpool" they turned him in to was absolutely nothing like Deadpool.

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  20. Anonyme User

    Anonyme User5 months ago

    *I think Deadpool is everybody's favorite* xD

  21. Kenan Can

    Kenan Can5 months ago

    Can you add Turkish subtitles?

  22. Foo Kelevra

    Foo Kelevra5 months ago

    Deadpool guardians crossover

  23. Kriss Kross

    Kriss Kross5 months ago

    We gotta save something for phase 2.

  24. Otaku Sentai

    Otaku Sentai5 months ago

    The Deadpool franchise is much better than the MCU! XD

  25. XtremeSapphire

    XtremeSapphire5 months ago

    Would it be weird if i said this is actually kinda touching for me

  26. klloyd plata

    klloyd plata5 months ago

    Best 10 years of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Deadpool

  27. Anthony Mitchell Saavedra

    Anthony Mitchell Saavedra5 months ago

    And Blade Trinity?

  28. Carlos Galindo

    Carlos Galindo5 months ago

    Don’t tease me Deadpool with phase 2. Just have Ryan Reynolds show up as your sidekick in the next installment

  29. Mario is Here

    Mario is Here5 months ago

    2009 was funny

  30. Oblithian

    Oblithian5 months ago

    I am glad I read the description.

  31. The Last Ghost

    The Last Ghost5 months ago

    The funny thing is Ryan Reynolds leaked the footage lul

  32. chayse Castillo

    chayse Castillo5 months ago

    omg they are so godly at marketing

  33. Admin- 24199

    Admin- 241996 months ago

    "Low-level X-Men" *Negasonic flips him off*

  34. TitanPlay's 17

    TitanPlay's 176 months ago

    They go the music from the Titanfall 2 meet the Titans trailer

  35. kroll reptiloide

    kroll reptiloide6 months ago

    I understand that reference


    COMMENT6 months ago

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  37. Metty Dewi

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  38. TheDragonKing

    TheDragonKing6 months ago

    Honestly,I liked the X Men origins one better

  39. Thisisnotmyname

    Thisisnotmyname6 months ago

    Colossus is a pretty important X-Men if u ask me.

  40. Rashed Elamin

    Rashed Elamin6 months ago

    If you told me that 1 move would spawn an EXPANSIVE 2 universe movie


    LUKAS DANIEL6 months ago


  42. TheVandrell

    TheVandrell6 months ago

    Phase 2 - Bring it on X-Force!!!!

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  47. kdotybrawls

    kdotybrawls6 months ago

    0:30 one of the greatest​ "accidents" in superhero movie history 😂

  48. Rune

    Rune6 months ago

    kdoty24 Ryan was the one who leaked it, only 4 people had access to that footage and he said they planned on someone leaking it just to see what happens and in pretty sure it was Ryan who ended up leaking it.

  49. Axel Morales

    Axel Morales6 months ago

    X-FORCE! 🙅

  50. Only Dubya

    Only Dubya6 months ago

    “Expanisve 2 movie universe”😂😂

  51. Christopher Sebastian

    Christopher Sebastian6 months ago

  52. Christopher Sebastian

    Christopher Sebastian6 months ago

  53. Christopher Sebastian

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    Olhe meu canal

  55. RimSaragih

    RimSaragih6 months ago

    Hahha cant wait for deadpool3

  56. Dami_ 09

    Dami_ 096 months ago

    I LOVE Marvel, IS the BEST company of comics

  57. Graved Guy Sumin

    Graved Guy Sumin6 months ago

    Deadpool literally looks like marvel and dc heroes parody movie

  58. keith burtt

    keith burtt6 months ago

    I just hope now that Disney has bought fox they dont try and change it as it good just as it is i want more

  59. Троль Тролович

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  60. Navneet

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  61. Joey Rozic

    Joey Rozic6 months ago

    "Two movie universe."

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  63. MrJohnnyJohnster

    MrJohnnyJohnster6 months ago

    Let's face it, it was that video game with Nolan North that REALLY kicked it off.

  64. numai conteaza

    numai conteaza6 months ago

    please remove this guy video he posted all the end scenes

  65. turan kayadibi

    turan kayadibi6 months ago

    Gittim ama begenmedim

  66. Jessica Reyes

    Jessica Reyes6 months ago

    Oh my god, mcu? Really? 😂 LOL

  67. Walter Gregg

    Walter Gregg6 months ago

    After seeing the spectacle that was Deadpool 2, I can honestly say the trailers lived up to the hype. Just the trailers, not the movie. The movie was great, but Infinity War(s) ruined it. Deapool knew it would. The foreknowledge made the movie great. They owned me.

  68. thejus sankar

    thejus sankar6 months ago

    Deadpool 2 spoiler after the credit scene there is fight between peter and dhurpinder . Dhurpinder lost the fight and decides to take revenge on peter . Deadpool 3 revenge of dhurpinder

  69. Scotch_ OnRocks

    Scotch_ OnRocks6 months ago

    Literally perfect, lucky to have such a good representation of the character

  70. Princess Leia Darth Vader's daughter organa

    Princess Leia Darth Vader's daughter organa6 months ago

    I love you DeadPool an awful lot

  71. Jet Pack

    Jet Pack6 months ago

    the movie was outstanding, just from the theatre

  72. Adam Arellano

    Adam Arellano6 months ago

    Didn't The Deadpool Test Footage Leak In 2014 Not 2015

  73. Rohan

    Rohan6 months ago

    Spoiler Aleart ! I'm Batman

  74. Michael Kello

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    🔴 *DEADPOOL 2 |FULL~HD ☛ *** ~ Les gens trouvent la vraie chose avec une bonne qualité, c'est le lien!

  75. L3murL0rd

    L3murL0rd6 months ago

    saw the 2nd today IT WAS AMAZING!

  76. Maria Georgiou

    Maria Georgiou6 months ago

    I love him he is so cutie and funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍😍😍 i want him to take me with him 😍😍😍😂😂😂 this man is just WOW 😍😍😍

  77. ibliot_

    ibliot_6 months ago

    Papa can you hear me

  78. Soham Naha

    Soham Naha6 months ago

    "The Momentum" ~ Deadpool

  79. Official Leotique.

    Official Leotique.6 months ago

    He is the Kevin Feige of DPCU

  80. Xsource Sanchez

    Xsource Sanchez6 months ago

    Daedpool when he died in the movie he should have said Mr Stark I don't feel so good

  81. Tom McBraffin

    Tom McBraffin6 months ago

    Saw Deadpool 2 yesterday! It was amazing, mind. Blown.

  82. Tom McBraffin

    Tom McBraffin6 months ago

    We should Get a Deadpool 3, It's happening, with Macaulay Culkin as Mad Cap, Rory Culkin as Slapstick, & Kieran Culkin as Stingray or Matthew Lillard as Stingray. Along with Stephen Ferrell Farrelly (Sheamus) or Brian Gleeson as James Bourne aka Solo and Banshee, also what about a cameo from Tobey Maguire as Spiderman? Or have Scott Eastwood cameo as spiderman

  83. SJGamingZ

    SJGamingZ6 months ago

    Dumbest dubbing in Hindi Loved the movie though

  84. The Captain Helper

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  85. StellarShelbia

    StellarShelbia6 months ago

  86. Aditya Pandey

    Aditya Pandey6 months ago

    When Deadpool 3 realise plz tell us

  87. Markamanic

    Markamanic6 months ago

    Watch out Marvel Studios! You're about to get DP'd

  88. erccool

    erccool6 months ago

    The description of the video is the best

  89. Q-Media

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    🔴 *_DEADPOOL 2_ * FULL~HD ☛ [ ] 🔵 Les gens trouvent la vraie chose avec une bonne qualité, c'est le lie

  90. Kamil Khan

    Kamil Khan6 months ago

    💩 Bad hindi Dubbing ( Deadpool Hindi voice and Dialog is like that 💩potty💩 on top of the movie)

  91. Earning Attorney

    Earning Attorney6 months ago

    Teasing 3 already

  92. Sam Arfin

    Sam Arfin6 months ago

    No no no watch!!!!

  93. PiirSAZILJY Joyyamyamlar

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  94. GeekCollector 43

    GeekCollector 436 months ago

    What’s it referencing

  95. Enrico

    Enrico6 months ago

    This is hilarious 😂😂😂

  96. MOS13

    MOS136 months ago

    Well if you watched the movie, than you know that there’s %100 going to be a Deadpool 3. They have been on a role with both of the movies and I hope they don’t overdo this one but I’m excited. Who else thinks Deadpool 2 was fuckin awesome 👌

  97. batista6242

    batista62426 months ago

    Deadpool ❤️

  98. Elvin Garcia

    Elvin Garcia6 months ago

    From The Studio That Brought You THE AVENGERS

  99. T TCH4RLYS12

    T TCH4RLYS126 months ago

    já assitin e ta fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tem o f4nª58çõ

  100. Juneau Faulkner

    Juneau Faulkner6 months ago

    This Promo is brilliant😂😂

  101. Anudeep Katikala

    Anudeep Katikala6 months ago

    *spoiler alert* This video kind of kills the Post credit scenes

  102. Ryan Huynh

    Ryan Huynh6 months ago

    Came for Deadpool... stayed for Peter

  103. Imad Zia

    Imad Zia6 months ago

    Watch full movie here