Deadpool 2 | "Super Duper Cut with 15 Minutes of Unrated Goodies" TV Commercial | 20th Century FOX


  1. Deadpool Rocks

    Deadpool Rocks3 months ago

    I need a Deadpool 3!!!!

  2. Justin Curtis

    Justin Curtis3 months ago


  3. Ryan Chili flakes

    Ryan Chili flakes4 months ago

    'What is digital?'-Ryan's mom

  4. Vitex2002

    Vitex20025 months ago

    Song name?

  5. Chuchi

    Chuchi5 months ago

    0:17 & 0:20 are my favorite scenes.

  6. CrazyDoggo 98

    CrazyDoggo 985 months ago

    El Super Duper Cut me hizo saber donde esta la bibloteca (en latino)

  7. Kevin Gamarra

    Kevin Gamarra5 months ago


  8. ArtzFemale

    ArtzFemale6 months ago

    DEADPOOL 3. PLOT SUMMARY (1): The film is rumored to involve another popular group in the X-Men mythos, X-Force. -Annoymous Ryan Reynolds, Rob Liefeld-character, Fabian Nicieza-character

  9. Shade's Insane Chamber

    Shade's Insane Chamber6 months ago


  10. Gemna Cariño Iman

    Gemna Cariño Iman6 months ago

    I have watched it and I didn't even know when I first watcher it! Its worth it. Super Duper *!$# Cut is great! Alternate gags,music,more action scenes.

  11. Jazzy Singh

    Jazzy Singh6 months ago

    I enjoyed watching the super duper cut but they should've kept the part where he says "hello powers'. That was an epic line for getting the powers back

  12. Em

    Em6 months ago

    Ryan Reynolds should be the next Wolverine! Who is with me?

  13. Dead- Awaker21

    Dead- Awaker216 months ago

    Hijos de perra en mi cuenta acababa de subir un vídeo que nadie subió de la película de Deadpool 2 ( por qué me lo bloquean!!!!!?) Si les estoy.dando créditos maldita sea!!!

  14. Diego Noel

    Diego Noel6 months ago

    Che loco pero cuando sale

  15. No One6

    No One66 months ago

    Nope. Watched both. There is nothing different. They literally have the same running time. Total scam.

  16. Brendan Milburn

    Brendan Milburn6 months ago

    No One6 I saw the theatrical cut in theaters twice and I saw the Super Duper Cut twice. There are several changes.

  17. No One6

    No One66 months ago

    I even remember seeing it in the theaters and there was no change. The super duper cut is the theatrical release. I watched both...they are the same...

  18. No One6

    No One66 months ago

    Wrong! I have both! Both are 2 hrs 13 min 57 sec! So stfu!

  19. Brendan Milburn

    Brendan Milburn6 months ago

    No One6 Wrong, Super Duper Cut is 2 hours and 13 minutes long. Theatrical cut is 1 hour and 59 minutes long.

  20. Alesso Vermudi Galán

    Alesso Vermudi Galán6 months ago

    Deadpool 🔥😍🔥

  21. Vengatesh vegetio

    Vengatesh vegetio6 months ago

    What's digital ? - Ryan's mom Well that cracks me up😂

  22. Garage Band Gamers

    Garage Band Gamers6 months ago

    It's a bit underwhelming

  23. Dalle Smalhals

    Dalle Smalhals6 months ago

    I MISS: "Ripley! From Alien3" Hair TO long!

  24. Seaque

    Seaque6 months ago

    IT'S SOOOOOOO BIG -Blake Lively

  25. HowlingHyena 14

    HowlingHyena 146 months ago

    Ryan's Mom: What's digital? lol

  26. Mr Critical

    Mr Critical6 months ago

    Too bad the U.K. doesn’t get it till September

  27. Mr Critical

    Mr Critical6 months ago

    I don’t do that I find it immoral

  28. Basir Turabi

    Basir Turabi6 months ago

    But the movie is already released online dude just watched online becasue why go to The cinema When its free online hahaha !!!!

  29. chaosfan 44

    chaosfan 446 months ago

    Warum gibt es kein deadpool 3

  30. Muhmd Diab

    Muhmd Diab6 months ago

  31. Exile

    Exile6 months ago

    those accolades are not biased at all

  32. yami sy

    yami sy6 months ago

    I like thes

  33. Exptea

    Exptea6 months ago

    *its soooo big* *-blake lively*

  34. Bítch Pudding

    Bítch Pudding6 months ago

    I have already watched this 3 times and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it.

  35. demontrent10653

    demontrent106536 months ago


  36. Claudia Angela Da Silva

    Claudia Angela Da Silva6 months ago

    Very Good ❤'

  37. Jordan Wheeler

    Jordan Wheeler6 months ago

    You know what else is better than jerking off to the sun set... El cancer.

  38. AMTOPM

    AMTOPM6 months ago

    [ 20TH C]

  39. HaikkalHedrion

    HaikkalHedrion6 months ago

    That's not my hand

  40. Maaru

    Maaru6 months ago

    Best movie♥

  41. Filiz Şahin

    Filiz Şahin6 months ago


  42. naughts'an Kcrosses

    naughts'an Kcrosses6 months ago

    Dudpuck,,,,,, what about the duper duper duper curling footage..........HAHAHAHAH........

  43. Joe Snaffer

    Joe Snaffer6 months ago

    Its nice that they still haven’t spoiled Deadpool 2 for people who haven’t seen it, unlike another marvel movie that came out this spring.... *cough* Infinity War *cough cough*

  44. Rune

    Rune6 months ago

    But who hasn't seen infinity war? There was a whole meme for it, it's not possible to not have been spoiled of it.

  45. jonatan solo

    jonatan solo6 months ago

    Can't wait too watch the super duper #@&@ing cut!

  46. Abdo Elaydi

    Abdo Elaydi6 months ago


  47. jamie fletcher

    jamie fletcher6 months ago

    One of the best sequels ever made!

  48. emre karahan

    emre karahan6 months ago

    What's digital? - Ryan's mom

  49. NightVale_Intern

    NightVale_Intern6 months ago

    Someone buy this for me, I’m broke

  50. spartan ghost

    spartan ghost6 months ago

    Is this Super Duper Cut good ?

  51. MixSona Productions

    MixSona Productions6 months ago

    spartan ghost It doesn't have "Take On Me" like the cinema version.. some music were replaced

  52. JRA Tu Amigo

    JRA Tu Amigo6 months ago


  53. Adini Morgan

    Adini Morgan6 months ago

    *Deadpool 2 (2018) film **#NOW** Available :*

  54. Amit Orko

    Amit Orko6 months ago

    It’s soooo big ~blake lively

  55. Justin Curtis

    Justin Curtis3 months ago


  56. Deadsilver 2099

    Deadsilver 20996 months ago

    muthafuka jones sure😂

  57. muthafuka jones

    muthafuka jones6 months ago

    I guess that's what she said !

  58. Karishma H NiazKilam

    Karishma H NiazKilam6 months ago

    Amit Orko 😂

  59. Zambie Explained.

    Zambie Explained.6 months ago

    Why your head so tiny That's not my hand That's was nice for me

  60. Bat Spam101

    Bat Spam1016 months ago

    Zambie Explained you mean hand* not head

  61. Mr. Stark

    Mr. Stark6 months ago

    It's not my hand but it was nice for me


    MURALI MANOHAR6 months ago

    Waiting for deadpool 3 ❤❤❤❤

  63. Rush1991

    Rush19914 months ago

    sadly its not gonna happen :(

  64. ArtzFemale

    ArtzFemale6 months ago

    INDIAN GamerZ Like I said in another Thread on this or another Video. Disney said that "The Nightmare before Christmas Movie" Was "Too Scary" For Kids!! So Tim Burton went to Touchstone Pictures. (I don't know if T.P is still around), So whatever Company took it's place... Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool would go there instead. (For some reason, Miramax comes to mind).

  65. ArtzFemale

    ArtzFemale6 months ago

    Rex Xodia Well, How many Funny, (A.F.) CANADIAN COMEDIANS Does Dsiney have??. From what I know. Ryan, But I have a feeling he'll say "FU ALL!!." If they don't pay him well enough. Am I right? #RyanReynolds ??.

  66. Nazrat84

    Nazrat846 months ago

    +INDIAN GamerZ Disney won't officially own Fox until the middle or end of 2019, for now Fox has to continue operating as it usual does.

  67. ArtzFemale

    ArtzFemale6 months ago

    INDIAN GamerZ I was right! #Disney Cannot handle Deadpools Jokes!!.

  68. Hash Bro

    Hash Bro6 months ago

    Why is your hand so tiny

  69. Joshua Prieto

    Joshua Prieto6 months ago

    I've just finished watching this super duper fcking cut and i regretted nothing

  70. Kania Rusadi

    Kania Rusadi6 months ago

    *Deadpool 2 film (2018) **#NOW** Available :*

  71. Hrithik Prakasan

    Hrithik Prakasan6 months ago

    Link please


    COLOR RED6 months ago

    Family movie!!!!

  73. Anoop Yadav

    Anoop Yadav6 months ago

    How long the movie gonna be now??

  74. Brendan Milburn

    Brendan Milburn6 months ago

    Anoop Yadav 2hr and 13 minutes.

  75. Rune

    Rune6 months ago

    Anoop Yadav 15mins longer

  76. Rociio Coronel

    Rociio Coronel6 months ago

    :'v a mi me hizo llorar lo cual es como WTF! Es deadpool! *_DEADPOOL_* !!!!!!

  77. RAMALAX 0700

    RAMALAX 07006 months ago

    Al: Why is your hand so tiny Wade: Thats not my hand Al: Oh! Wade: *That was nice for me*

  78. LyricalGenes

    LyricalGenes6 months ago

    *Let's watch*

  79. John Croft

    John Croft6 months ago

    Love this movie, glad i got the Super Duper Cut

  80. Cøøpers X

    Cøøpers X6 months ago

    Y para cuando deadpool 3?

  81. Fűturè

    Fűturè6 months ago


  82. moviegirl

    moviegirl6 months ago

    Somebody quick! Give Ryan Reynolds another movie to do!

  83. Jatata :D

    Jatata :D2 months ago

    Detective Pikachu's voice.

  84. Raul Hernandez

    Raul Hernandez6 months ago

    He's currently playing Pikachu in the upcoming live action Detective Pikachu movie!

  85. Kania Rusadi

    Kania Rusadi6 months ago

    *Deadpool 2 film (2018) **#NOW** Available :*

  86. Brendan Milburn

    Brendan Milburn6 months ago

    moviegirl He'll be the star of Sam Raimi's Bermuda Triangle movie. He'll be going against sharks, Vikings, and Nazis that were lost in the Triangle.

  87. tommy blade

    tommy blade6 months ago

    moviegirl green lantern 2?


    Tk ENTERTAINMENT6 months ago

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  89. Ellen Page

    Ellen Page6 months ago

    We want the Dark Phoenix trailer!

  90. Donny_Donn_Donn

    Donny_Donn_Donn6 months ago

    Ellen Page its delayed..

  91. Sahil Khalifa

    Sahil Khalifa6 months ago

    So Hello ☺️ Marvel Fan Here it's your dream *The Avengers Infinity War Game* All Marvel Fan Dream It's True Now

  92. All is well

    All is well6 months ago

    Deadpol is awsome

  93. Thomas Gordon

    Thomas Gordon6 months ago

    Dang 2nd

  94. GamerGuy

    GamerGuy6 months ago


  95. Bruce Alrighty

    Bruce Alrighty6 months ago

    Seems like it gave you a case of ALL CAPS TOURETTES though.

  96. KAS

    KAS6 months ago

    Good 4 u

  97. spartan ghost

    spartan ghost6 months ago

    GamerGuy 😂😂😂😂