Deadpool 2 | "Inside the X-Mansion" Super Duper Cut Deleted Scene | 20th Century FOX


  1. László Juhász

    László JuhászDay ago

    this is not deleted screens this is the movie extended version I watched and that is a differend movie

  2. The64v

    The64vDay ago

    "Back off, NTW." LOL sexism.

  3. Carlos E Murillo

    Carlos E MurilloDay ago


  4. Sapphire Maple Hayden

    Sapphire Maple HaydenDay ago

    "Historically, Mischief has been my mistress" - so, Loki is Deadpool's side hoe?

  5. Miki Domeny

    Miki Domeny2 days ago

    the fxck, am I the only one? she is like the most adorable thing in the whole universe

  6. pseudoriginaI

    pseudoriginaI2 days ago

    0:07 : Is that a split focus shot like Brian De Palma was doing ?

  7. fun times with Tom

    fun times with Tom2 days ago

    I think the Super Duper Cut was the best version of the movie BUT changing the songs from the original version ruined it.

  8. Logan Brezenoff

    Logan Brezenoff3 days ago

    This wasn't deleted, pretty sure I saw it on the original Netflix release

  9. Greg Rohs

    Greg Rohs3 days ago

    Lol it made the jerking off in the soap dispenser line so much better.

  10. Gustav Gnöttgen

    Gustav Gnöttgen3 days ago

    -Ryan Reynolds- -Rya- -Deadp- Ryan Reynolds and the girls are such a cute bunch

  11. Nguyen Dang Hung Anh

    Nguyen Dang Hung Anh4 days ago

    Why does colossus do exercise. Metal doesnt grow muscle?

  12. Nguyen Dang Hung Anh

    Nguyen Dang Hung Anh3 days ago

    Thx for the information

  13. Tetsamaru

    Tetsamaru3 days ago

    his power is actually amplified by his normal body. Also his power is that his body turns to metal. That's it. So he still needs to train stamina and reflexes otherwise, he'd be useless even with his powers. He's not like Wolverine who is always in peak physical condition cause of healing factor.

  14. Joe Humpston

    Joe Humpston5 days ago

    “Make love to a soap dispenser a hero

  15. Lee Ballington

    Lee Ballington6 days ago

    Sarcasm might be the lowest form of wit, but in the right hands you laugh so hard, noise stops coming out. Ryan was born to play Deadpool.

  16. LegitMan335

    LegitMan3356 days ago

    Hehehehehehe ^^ Why didn’t that make the cut in Deadpool 2? The real Deadpool 2, not Once Upon A Deadpool !

  17. It4y

    It4y11 days ago

    i dont think is deleted scene

  18. It4y

    It4y11 days ago


  19. KrossoverGod

    KrossoverGod13 days ago

    0:13 Charles -> 0:19 Wheels

  20. SoulessGingerCarlos

    SoulessGingerCarlosMonth ago

    This is from Once upon a Deadpool lol

  21. TheGreatGeekDetective

    TheGreatGeekDetectiveMonth ago

    We all know what’s in the lotion..

  22. G-man lives

    G-man livesMonth ago

    What's ceviche?

  23. Signore Colomma

    Signore Colomma2 months ago

    Deadpool2 is the most disappoint movie of the year: -Deadpool 1 --> 10/10 -Deadpool 2--> 5 /10

  24. Ian Whalen

    Ian Whalen2 months ago


  25. A.C. B. ART

    A.C. B. ART2 months ago

    NTW looks like Early Twenties Boxbumper ....

  26. Arturo Soto

    Arturo Soto2 months ago

    Ponlo en español

  27. 朱传颖

    朱传颖3 months ago

    Click here for Deadpool/Natural

  28. Ήλιος태양

    Ήλιος태양3 months ago

    Please add subtitles

  29. Quin-Lord Dark Matter

    Quin-Lord Dark Matter3 months ago

    Did you know that Shiori Kutsuna (the actress who plays Yukio) is half Japanese and half Australian?

  30. Adam Crawford

    Adam Crawford3 months ago

    "Not... Working... Out... At... All. Masking tape is no friend to chilled aluminum" 😂😂😂

  31. KrishnaSameer Kandada

    KrishnaSameer Kandada3 months ago

    ejaculate into a soap dispenser a hero

  32. JadenBrossGamin Playz

    JadenBrossGamin Playz3 months ago

    *wheres “polverine”*


    RAYNOSOROUS3 months ago

    This wasn't deleted when I watched it

  34. Timéo Rampazzi

    Timéo Rampazzi3 months ago


  35. Joseph Gonzales

    Joseph Gonzales3 months ago

    So the Mansion has only 3 people living there?

  36. Saddam Hussain

    Saddam Hussain3 months ago

    0:53 I’m with her => Hahahahahahahaha

  37. Erica Gonzales

    Erica Gonzales3 months ago

    Wade’s childhood yukio

  38. I Gede Asrianta

    I Gede Asrianta3 months ago

    I'm not sure whether this happen before or after Logan film. Where are the rest of the X-Men?

  39. B/B 17

    B/B 1729 days ago

    Hiding from Deadpool

  40. B- Y

    B- Y3 months ago

    I just now realized Deadpool looks like General Deathshead from Wolfenstein

  41. AND S

    AND S3 months ago

    I like how Deadpool goes from not fitting in with the X Men in Deadpool 1 to barely fitting in with the X Men in Deadpool 2. “Not. Working. At all” is correct

  42. N N

    N N3 months ago

    There are comics where he got very serious he can be both serious and sadistic funny

  43. ChrisCa1601

    ChrisCa16014 months ago

    I saw this scene when watching Deadpool 2 on HBO.

  44. mik mik

    mik mik4 months ago

    I feel arouse everytime i see her... Dunno why thooooooo..........

  45. napus nap

    napus nap4 months ago

    Lesbian 🤢🤮🤮

  46. wolvie45

    wolvie455 months ago

    Did he fill the soap dispenser with semen?

  47. Storm Panther

    Storm Panther4 months ago


  48. Lewis Lawrence

    Lewis Lawrence5 months ago

    Funny fact.collossus was his dogs name on van wilder

  49. Zarasuto

    Zarasuto5 months ago

    At least deadpool is politically correct , he says x person not x men

  50. Daniel Latty

    Daniel Latty5 months ago

    Anyone else think this was an eastenders clip of Phil Mitchell?

  51. Herman Simms

    Herman Simms5 months ago

    This film is trying to be clever .

  52. rob bi

    rob bi5 months ago

    this is not a cut scene... it was shown, in europe at least

  53. Shashank Kushwaha

    Shashank Kushwaha5 months ago


  54. NieMonD

    NieMonD5 months ago

    Is that the same Yukio wolverine met?

  55. GloriousPotato 3

    GloriousPotato 35 months ago

    Wait, if this was a cut scene, why did I see it in the movie? I am confusion.

  56. GoldenYuri

    GoldenYuri3 months ago

    I saw it too

  57. _jr007_

    _jr007_5 months ago