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  1. Alesso Vermudi Galán

    Alesso Vermudi Galán14 days ago

    Deadpool 😍🔥😍

  2. ミスナオ

    ミスナオ27 days ago

    I don’t get the crocs one

  3. Dr. nightshade

    Dr. nightshade28 days ago


  4. Jason Too

    Jason Too28 days ago

    Still, nobody finds Stan Lee

  5. Quentin Lefebvre

    Quentin Lefebvre27 days ago

    We were a group of 4 to go see it, I was the only one to spot him.

  6. ren7a8ero

    ren7a8ero28 days ago

    Downvoted for being sold to disney.

  7. SuddenlyGrapes

    SuddenlyGrapes28 days ago

    Cut the hate breaks, Thanos.

  8. Khumbuzile Matsenjwa

    Khumbuzile Matsenjwa28 days ago

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  9. Khumbuzile Matsenjwa

    Khumbuzile Matsenjwa28 days ago

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  10. Apex Thief

    Apex Thief29 days ago

    Here's my thing, considering after Deadpool lost his legs to juggernaut, his new legs came out to be so smooth and not scared, don't you think after deadpool has had many accidents where he loses many parts of himself, so at this point his whole body is smooth without scars, and only his face is fucked up, which he could fix too...???

  11. queerdaniel21

    queerdaniel2129 days ago

    "Deadpool is not cured of his cancer. When he gets his healing factor, so does his cancer, becoming super cancer. His healing factor fights it at an accelerated rate, but neither wins. Hence his face. And anti-telepathic brain. And insanity. The cancer is just mutations in normal cells. Wade is genetically predisposed to it, so the healing factor can't stop it from happening. And since the cancer has his DNA, it has the new healing factor too. He can't just cut out the cancer, as new cancer cells spontaneously mutate everywhere. His skin, like all his other internal organs, including his brain, constantly get cancer, which the healing factor fights off before they can become fatal. It changes how his skin looks often, and how his brain is wired. Since his brain isn't normal, and constantly changes, it causes him to be immune to telepaths."

  12. Emilio Estrada

    Emilio Estrada29 days ago

    The cure for blindness was probably the funniest

  13. Jonathan J Hammersticks

    Jonathan J Hammersticks29 days ago

    Will these be on Disney's channel in a year?

  14. funtime Kevin the animator

    funtime Kevin the animator29 days ago

    What is the password for the rio amino plz

  15. Zombie Hunter

    Zombie Hunter29 days ago

    Ready Gunters

  16. Zachary G. Breland

    Zachary G. Breland29 days ago

    A video about Easter Eggs and they don’t point out a single one.

  17. Quentin Lefebvre

    Quentin Lefebvre27 days ago

    They also say it's up to you to find them :)

  18. mkvasan manavalan

    mkvasan manavalan29 days ago

    1:14 sequel

  19. Rahardian Fajar

    Rahardian Fajar29 days ago

    Donde esta la biblioteca?

  20. Berry .H

    Berry .HMonth ago

    1:07 When I tried to win over an arguement

  21. Khemrin Soeun

    Khemrin SoeunMonth ago

    Avengers 4 title leaked 😮😮 “ Avengers vs X-Force” Thanos join Avenger and fight with Cable 😍 . . . Let’s it happen please!!! 😂😂

  22. H3 Shield

    H3 ShieldMonth ago

    1:04 the I laughed so hard 😂😂😂

  23. Wastelander G

    Wastelander GMonth ago

    Cure for Blindness ? Well, Good for Blind AL

  24. Pun Gent.

    Pun Gent.Month ago

    I was really frustrated by many (liberal) reviews of Deadpool 2; many people slander the sequel because they didn't see the hidden jokes.

  25. Devin Brown

    Devin BrownMonth ago

    Challenge accepted deadpool too guy

  26. aj place

    aj placeMonth ago

    I'm batman

  27. koolerpure

    koolerpureMonth ago

    zip it thanos and the cut joke about captain america are my favorites

  28. Relix Nova

    Relix NovaMonth ago

    The best Easter egg was no stan lee cameo but hey I petition that Deadpool be the new cameo in place of Stan lee

  29. Rajesh Kale

    Rajesh KaleMonth ago

    Anybody noticed at the End that Juggernaut was *Alive* ???!!!

  30. Lil Tree

    Lil TreeMonth ago

    Am I the only one who rarely catch Easter Eggs in movies

  31. Natalie G

    Natalie GMonth ago

    Lol why are his baby legs smooth?

  32. sunith supremacy

    sunith supremacyMonth ago

    Deadpool trailer views kanna Sri Reddy video's ki ekkuva views unnai Ra baboi......Telugu people know this after watching Deadpool 2😀😁😁😁

  33. M khan

    M khanMonth ago

    basically they want you to rewatch so they can earn extra cash

  34. Ryan Bitam

    Ryan BitamMonth ago

    M khan Streaming ;)

  35. Mr. Stark

    Mr. StarkMonth ago

    Watch out for cable and get this man a shield

  36. zameer shaikh

    zameer shaikhMonth ago

    Good Marketing Strategy 👍

  37. v1d300

    v1d300Month ago

    Please add in me in that email chain. Thank you.

  38. beto bautista

    beto bautistaMonth ago

    Is Great !

  39. MrHelpmeoprah

    MrHelpmeoprahMonth ago

    But this one goes to eleven

  40. Maaru

    MaaruMonth ago

    Best movie ♥

  41. Michael Brent

    Michael BrentMonth ago

    Deadpool v Freakazoid (Dexter Douglas ).

  42. Alesso Vermudi Galán

    Alesso Vermudi GalánMonth ago

    Deadpool 😍🔥😍

  43. CraZe

    CraZeMonth ago

    baby hitler scene tho xDDD

  44. Crzy Snkeman

    Crzy SnkemanMonth ago


  45. Crzy Snkeman

    Crzy SnkemanMonth ago


  46. Crzy Snkeman

    Crzy SnkemanMonth ago


  47. Crzy Snkeman

    Crzy SnkemanMonth ago


  48. Chris Atherton

    Chris AthertonMonth ago


  49. greyman003

    greyman003Month ago

    My favourite Easter eggs are the hollow chocolate variety with other sweets inside.

  50. Get LIT

    Get LITMonth ago

    This is how you sell more blu rays

  51. J L

    J LMonth ago

    My favorite was the cocaine next to the cure for blindness lol.

  52. Md Shariful Islam 1604064

    Md Shariful Islam 160406428 days ago

    ELVIStheDotA, oh. And I was expecting something metaphorical.

  53. ELVIStheDotA

    ELVIStheDotA28 days ago

    In the first movie, I think it was while preparing for the final battle in their home, Deadpool said to the blind black lady that he stashed a lot of cocaine next to the cure for blindness.

  54. Md Shariful Islam 1604064

    Md Shariful Islam 1604064Month ago

    J L, can you explain this one to me? (I mean what it means)

  55. The the real paul

    The the real paulMonth ago

    How many is there

  56. mkleejr34

    mkleejr34Month ago


  57. Malwontae

    MalwontaeMonth ago

    Gotta Find 'Em All!



    Wonderful movie💖💖💖

  59. ZeroB4NG

    ZeroB4NGMonth ago

    will the movie start to smell if we don't find them all?

  60. Jonathan Parker

    Jonathan ParkerMonth ago

    This is why that was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.

  61. SwaggitySwooty

    SwaggitySwootyMonth ago

    Someone please leak those easter egg emails

  62. AR Studios

    AR StudiosMonth ago

    You’re welcome Canada.

  63. Wina lexi

    Wina lexi22 days ago

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  64. Paul Hazel

    Paul Hazel29 days ago

    He killed himself to stop himself from starring in green lantern. It was just a joke but you get the picture

  65. AR Studios

    AR StudiosMonth ago

    Murder Bong I don’t know, ask Deadpool

  66. Murder Bong

    Murder BongMonth ago

    FOR WHAT? ...

  67. Robert George

    Robert GeorgeMonth ago

    easter will happen next year!

  68. RL Mediaworkz

    RL MediaworkzMonth ago

    We need help in kerala floods pls help

  69. Denver 96

    Denver 96Month ago

    That Christopher Plummer Easter Egg is just gold. Whoever thought of that deserves an award. Absolutely brilliant.

  70. Bio Kimistry

    Bio KimistryMonth ago

    Denver 96 ugh. If only

  71. Niklas Termansen

    Niklas TermansenMonth ago

    If You guys haven seen it well Wtf Are You dowing

  72. Pewdiepie's Hot Dog Boss

    Pewdiepie's Hot Dog BossMonth ago

    1:06 Me dealing with criticism.

  73. sanketh s

    sanketh sMonth ago

    21st comment 😛

  74. Rebel Timelady

    Rebel TimeladyMonth ago

    I noticed the Alpha Flight reference first viewing in theatre, lol.

  75. Rebel Timelady

    Rebel TimeladyMonth ago

    On the marquee on top of the cab, near the end of the movie.

  76. mkleejr34

    mkleejr34Month ago

    Rebel Timelady Really where was it?

  77. Carlos Atausupa

    Carlos AtausupaMonth ago

    Thank you Deadpool for the kills Ryan Reynolds for the movie Green Lantern!! 1:04 Thanks You Deadpool. 😉😃

  78. Rune King Thor

    Rune King ThorMonth ago

    Carlos Atausupa English?

  79. arvinth kumar

    arvinth kumarMonth ago

    Carlos Atausupa Yeah ,yeah! Im happy that he aint GL

  80. cameronjr8

    cameronjr8Month ago

    My favorite Easter Egg is Josh Brolin

  81. Wina lexi

    Wina lexi22 days ago

    *Deadpool 2 (2018)* Film #NOW Available :

  82. Rafly Rivaldi

    Rafly RivaldiMonth ago

    Zip it Thanos actually

  83. tse kaying

    tse kayingMonth ago

    cameronjr8 shut up thanos

  84. Saad Khan

    Saad KhanMonth ago

    O Jesus 😍

  85. 833time

    833timeMonth ago

    Green Lantern LOL

  86. Ðeepak Kumar

    Ðeepak KumarMonth ago


  87. Mordecai 38

    Mordecai 38Month ago


  88. Trevor Perry

    Trevor PerryMonth ago

    What if Deadpool was in Infinity war?

  89. Sachin T

    Sachin T29 days ago

    He will be searching for Hawkeye so they can beat Thanos together

  90. Mixman

    MixmanMonth ago

    My name is Thanos, I am here for the kid

  91. Adriel Ferdianto

    Adriel FerdiantoMonth ago

    "Cable! Why are you so big, and purple??"

  92. Mr. Stark

    Mr. StarkMonth ago

    Then the whole movie will get funny

  93. Gayan Wickramasinghe

    Gayan WickramasingheMonth ago


  94. OGMillyMillz Vs Anybody

    OGMillyMillz Vs AnybodyMonth ago

    This movie disappointed me.

  95. Jonathan J Hammersticks

    Jonathan J Hammersticks29 days ago

    It seemed uneventful even though things happened. Its weird.

  96. Twitchy

    TwitchyMonth ago

    GreatfulGert I just assumed that you'll think that it's for the angry Deadpool fanboy. Sorry common mistake. '-'

  97. DigiBradChannel

    DigiBradChannelMonth ago

    MG16NCP shut up someone is allowed to have a opinion "fanboy"

  98. GreatfulGert

    GreatfulGertMonth ago

    Twitchy Then why did you tag me?

  99. Bio Kimistry

    Bio KimistryMonth ago

    You're taste in Deadpool movies disappoints me.

  100. BuKaPro *

    BuKaPro *Month ago

    Wow easter eggs ;) nice

  101. TOUET AHB

    TOUET AHBMonth ago

    BuKaPro * what is meant by easter eggs here?

  102. an mon

    an monMonth ago


  103. eshmehar singh

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  104. Christian  Bowens

    Christian BowensMonth ago

    First commenter