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Dave Matthews Band - Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) (Visualizer)


  1. NwMsc - New Music

    NwMsc - New Music8 hours ago

    "Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)" debuted at #31 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week:

  2. Anna Appleby

    Anna Appleby11 hours ago

    Hey you, that beautiful soul who calls tthemselves "somebody" you know you are, you can talk to me, you know who you are!

  3. Starr Myres

    Starr MyresDay ago

    If you want to make it yourself just look for woodprix website. There is all you need to make it :)

  4. Joseph Muir

    Joseph MuirDay ago

    New song sounds great, though sad to be hearing this just after reading in the news about Boyd Tinsley.

  5. Lucas Lima

    Lucas Lima2 days ago


  6. Gregory Bancroft

    Gregory Bancroft2 days ago

    Love it DMB!!!!

  7. TheMonkeygenius

    TheMonkeygenius2 days ago

    Anyone else see patapon?

  8. weCyCle

    weCyCle2 days ago

    4:20 oh joy begin

  9. Anna Appleby

    Anna Appleby17 hours ago

    weCyCle 420,num num

  10. med sousane

    med sousane3 days ago


  11. Urban Assault Vegan

    Urban Assault Vegan3 days ago

    Been a fan since I first heard you the very first time '94-'95 probably

  12. kevin cheely

    kevin cheely3 days ago

    So sad Boyd isn’t part of it

  13. Landon Williams

    Landon Williams4 days ago

    Amazing song!

  14. Nate J

    Nate J4 days ago

    This band does no wrong. Thanks DMB

  15. John Joo

    John Joo4 days ago

    Just got tickets for the Gorge. It's going to be beautiful.

  16. Anna Appleby

    Anna Appleby2 days ago

    John Joo oops, not Gorgia, I guess that's the gorge

  17. Anna Appleby

    Anna Appleby2 days ago

    John Joo I'm visiting Georgia right now from Oregon, can't afford to go, oh well maybe next time...have a blast!

  18. Kanaiya Mutua

    Kanaiya Mutua4 days ago

    Satisfaction at that solo 2:39

  19. Commonwealth

    Commonwealth4 days ago

    Great song makes me think of my 6 year old son. He is growing up so fast.

  20. Christopher Dyer

    Christopher Dyer4 days ago

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  21. uh0oo

    uh0oo4 days ago

    You know a song is good when it seems to only last two minutes when it is almost 5 min long.

  22. Abhishek Sharma

    Abhishek Sharma4 days ago

    those cymbals are so beautiful soundin.

  23. Thomas

    ThomasDay ago

    Abhishek Sharma and that SNARE! Always top notch.

  24. waugeyman

    waugeyman5 days ago

    So happy to finally hear a studio version of a song my wife and I have loved for the last 2 years.

  25. Ezra Van Auken

    Ezra Van Auken5 days ago

    From your neighbor in Maryland, love you DMB

  26. Jenifer Mason

    Jenifer Mason5 days ago


  27. urmailman

    urmailman5 days ago

    Im about to have my first baby and see DMB for the first time...thank you God for a wonderful world!

  28. Cory W

    Cory W5 days ago

    black magic bliss...

  29. lashram32

    lashram325 days ago

    I have been hearing Dave play this song for years and never could find the name. So glad it found its way on an album. Miss Jeff Coffin on it tho.

  30. Organic Music Deli

    Organic Music Deli5 days ago

    great! from japan i went his live in paris if you like

  31. ACEdualblade

    ACEdualblade5 days ago

    I WANT HIS HEAD ON THIS PIANO!! are you mister fuj.. Fuji.. Fujiyama?... What does Katana mean? It means Japanese sword. They call him samurai, he trained with the masters in Japan. He speaks fluent Japanese. They got burned. Oh they got burned alright, charcoal black.

  32. Lorenzo Rocca

    Lorenzo Rocca5 days ago

    Beautiful song!! Can’t wait for full album! Great Dave and The Band!! Best band over The World!! Your fan from Italy...

  33. ZWICK 6

    ZWICK 65 days ago

    So great to hear some new beats from Carter- best in the business!

  34. Anna Appleby

    Anna Appleby5 days ago


  35. Anna Appleby

    Anna Appleby5 days ago

    You guys are simply amazing

  36. lefthandtheory

    lefthandtheory5 days ago

    Cannot wait for the album release man do itttttttttttttttt

  37. Steve Lever

    Steve Lever6 days ago

    That classic DMB new album summer feeling! What a lovely track. These guys always deliver!!

  38. St. Giggles

    St. Giggles6 days ago

    the film was better

  39. Shane Watson

    Shane Watson6 days ago

    Now I'm telling these son-of-a-bitches that we respect the Japanese of this country, who are honest businessmen. And yeah, this is the land of opportunity for legitimate business, not for death merchants who distribute drugs to our children through schools and on the streets. Now I'm telling these motherfuckers that if they continue killing our children to make their precious millions that they deposit in their secret Swiss bank accounts, counselor, before your last suit even gets off the court clerk's desk, I'll have their stinking bodies in garbage bags and ship them back to Japan for fertilizer. Got it?

  40. Donnie Bridges

    Donnie Bridges6 days ago

    Glad to see dmb back. One of my favorite bands hands down.

  41. timthepainter1

    timthepainter16 days ago


  42. 2345teeth

    2345teeth6 days ago

    Looks like the direction without Boyd sounds like the album Everyday......

  43. glazedjesus

    glazedjesus6 days ago

    it's like a Tums festival

  44. urmailman

    urmailman5 days ago

    glazedjesus Rich is that you!?

  45. Annalee Poetic

    Annalee Poetic6 days ago

    Brilliant. Simple..with so much depth...

  46. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson6 days ago

    Do you know how long it took make these graphics?

  47. Tip Tig

    Tip Tig6 days ago

    like this group

  48. Odious Ktenology

    Odious Ktenology6 days ago


  49. Nathan Benton

    Nathan Benton6 days ago

    Cannot wait to hear this in concert.

  50. tamara

    tamara6 days ago

    New album, new album, new album, yay!!!! I've been waiting so long. Love this song, kinda made me teary. DMB forever......

  51. Billy Mac

    Billy Mac6 days ago

    Sounds like U2 with MUCH better chops

  52. Bonnie Adams-Cook

    Bonnie Adams-Cook6 days ago

    Can't wait til June 15th in Camden!! Tix are gifts from Husband & daughter for Mother's day & TODAY I heard "Oh Joy"! Oh Joy! Oh Joy! Oh Joy! YAY ME! LuViN me some DMB!

  53. scott gordon

    scott gordon7 days ago

    still pushin lyrical magic ...bandmates too??? thank u guys

  54. FalcorTheHinox Durmstrung

    FalcorTheHinox Durmstrung7 days ago

    Huge Dave fan. Have been since probably 96. I'm not some huge snob though but, honestly...I don't really like it. Sorry. Not my cup of tea.

  55. Anna Appleby

    Anna Appleby18 hours ago

    FalcorTheHinox Durmstrung try it again, it took me a couple of times, now I'm addicted!

  56. Gina Morse

    Gina Morse6 days ago

    FalcorTheHinox Durmstrung I don’t like it much either.

  57. David Hamilton

    David Hamilton7 days ago

    Perfection achieved again.

  58. Vincent Lievense

    Vincent Lievense7 days ago

    I heard this song for the first time yesterday and it completely blew me away ! This band keeps on surprising me with their tastefull, kind of spiritual approach. Nowadays i think it's a real art to create highly inspiring music that nevertheless reaches an audience of millions, touching their hearts.

  59. asseatinslasher

    asseatinslasher7 days ago

    I love it

  60. 3ternity

    3ternity7 days ago

    Awesome. There is no other sound like DMB.

  61. Oliver Patrick Loughnan

    Oliver Patrick Loughnan7 days ago

    10/10 . The band come roaring back. Wow.

  62. Zach Galante

    Zach Galante7 days ago

    As Dave would say "this gets you all emotional and shit" #Holmdel #camden #New Hampshire #come tomorrow

  63. stackleft

    stackleft7 days ago

    It's an ok song.

  64. Joe Riley

    Joe Riley7 days ago

    So glad he is still making music.. & just as good as it's ever been.

  65. redheadfra

    redheadfra7 days ago

    The day you came Naked, afraid Your mother screaming pushes you The day you came Oh joy begin with little thing More precious there be nothing known Oh joy begin Let's not forget these early days Remember we began the same We lose our way in fear and pain Oh joy begin First just one step One word and then With laughter single life begins First just one step Let's not forget these early days Remember we began the same We lose our way, in fear and pain Oh joy begin Innocent kiss Black magic bliss First broken bones, sudden and swift Oh innocent Let's not forget these early days Remember we begin the same We lose our way, oh fear and pain Oh joy begin Oh joy begin

  66. Lucas Hill

    Lucas Hill8 days ago

    Falls into the small category of DMB songs that sound better in the studio than it does live

  67. JeoffB

    JeoffB6 days ago

    I thought the exact same thing!

  68. Nick Briggs

    Nick Briggs8 days ago

    The people who thumbs down this song have no souls...

  69. Hall David

    Hall David8 days ago

    Great, mature music

  70. WilliamsBallMusic

    WilliamsBallMusic8 days ago

    It sounds like the solo album. Since leroi, I've moved on. Thanks DMB for the good years.

  71. Michelle Mckellar

    Michelle Mckellar8 days ago

    Through all these years, this band has helped me maintain an enduring faith in humanity and rocked my soul to peace in the darkest of hours.....Thank you sweet music men of DMB for the tunes that showed me the poetry in Being.

  72. A. Lugo

    A. Lugo8 days ago

    I didn’t know why were still around. Awesome.

  73. sully1d

    sully1d8 days ago

    Let the emotions flow

  74. Larry Lexicon

    Larry Lexicon8 days ago

    Created a new generation of DMB fans by playing this in my classroom today. Thanks, Dave!

  75. Anna Appleby

    Anna Appleby4 days ago

    Larry Lexicon thank you!

  76. Black&White&TheRainbow

    Black&White&TheRainbow8 days ago

    I listened to this over 100x now no lie. It was always a good song live but this is great.

  77. Schad Dalton

    Schad Dalton8 days ago

    58 people apparently have no hearts or souls...

  78. nashdp

    nashdp8 days ago

    He sounds a bit like Chris Cornell here.

  79. Thomas

    Thomas8 days ago

    105k views, and at least a third of those have been from me alone. I can't stop listening! Thanks, gang. I've been following you since 1995, and I'll be there to the last note! See you in Hartford and SPAC!