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Dave Matthews Band - Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin) (Visualizer)


  1. Tanya Brown

    Tanya Brown6 days ago

    The drums...I'm shook

  2. Maria Navarro

    Maria Navarro6 days ago

    I wish I could attend at least one concert of this wonderful band.

  3. guitarstuffs123

    guitarstuffs1234 days ago

    You won't regret it - they put on the best shows & you'll hopefully get to hear the classics that made them popular in the first place!

  4. Maria Bargon

    Maria Bargon10 days ago

    Amazing Song!! Greetings from Mexico.

  5. Joe Tetu

    Joe Tetu12 days ago

    It’s so easy to get lost in the melody and not even grasp the message of the lyrics. It’s such a beautiful mix of both. And it is just perfect for his voice. I was hesitant why it was the first song on the latest release but the more you listen to it especially after hearing it only live for years you understand why.

  6. Arthur Aguirre

    Arthur Aguirre16 days ago

    Song has nothing to do with the film of same name, 0/5 stars.

  7. Arthur King

    Arthur King20 days ago

    I heard the NPR Music tiny desk version first and that's my favorite.

  8. Justin Vill

    Justin Vill23 days ago

    Shoot! SHOOT HIM! Oh wait, wrong MReporter clip.

  9. Drew Ostaszewski

    Drew Ostaszewski24 days ago

    Dave Matthews is on the verge of being snubbed again for the Hall of zFame. His albums have beat Ms shits Gold Celine Dion, not to mention rappers like Kayne West, DMB fans shouldn’t stand for this horse-shit. I love Pearl Jam but Dave killed him both critically and commercial. There is no reason Dave shouldn’t be in the Hall. It sickens me to see a band that saved the music industry by showing them a model to make money without CD sales is being punished.

  10. guitarstuffs123

    guitarstuffs12310 days ago

    Drew Ostaszewski I’m pretty sure he isn’t even eligible until this year. Isn’t 25 years since first release the requirement?

  11. Tom Bonaroo

    Tom Bonaroo26 days ago

    420 long dog

  12. Lori Pfadt

    Lori Pfadt27 days ago

    Pure Awesomeness One cannot top perfection...♥️♥️ I did not realize that I could love a song so much...

  13. Jimmy Hostetter

    Jimmy HostetterMonth ago

    Just Dave and the boys..genius

  14. Joey Garcia

    Joey GarciaMonth ago

    This guy’s voice sounds like the late Chris Cornell.. makes me emotional every time I listen to it

  15. Dallas Kinard

    Dallas KinardMonth ago

    Love the Baritone guitar tracks!

  16. tulllguy

    tulllguyMonth ago

    terrible song.

  17. cdodd218

    cdodd218Month ago

    Damn these guys are good!! Nuf said.

  18. schallrd1

    schallrd1Month ago

    This song is awesome in all ways.

  19. Tyler Asher

    Tyler AsherMonth ago

    Love this song and the live versions too. Proud of DMB throughout the years. They have evolved their music and are still my all time favorite band.

  20. Ryan Dominello

    Ryan DominelloMonth ago

    Such a wonderful song. My family are huge dm fans and my mom changed this to her mother son wedding dance at the last second when it was released

  21. Mark S.

    Mark S.Month ago

    Instantly Historic

  22. Robert Rose

    Robert RoseMonth ago

    Does anyone know if that's Brandi Carlile saying "Hello" at the end?

  23. guitarstuffs123

    guitarstuffs12310 days ago

    Robert Rose it’s very possible...

  24. Alexander D. Gonzalez

    Alexander D. GonzalezMonth ago

    Anyone else get a pearl jam vibe?

  25. Greysonmusic Official

    Greysonmusic OfficialMonth ago

    Anyone else getting king of leon vibes ?

  26. Jack Goddard

    Jack GoddardMonth ago

    such powerful lyrics enough to bring a tear to the eye. we love you dave and company never stop making the best of what’s around

  27. Nick R.

    Nick R.2 months ago

    Keep on rocking Dave!!!

  28. Alex The Valex

    Alex The Valex2 months ago

    Why isnt this more popular?

  29. chris black

    chris black2 months ago

    the same

  30. matt indoe

    matt indoe2 months ago

    Heard this on the radio and i could not believe what i was hearing 👀

  31. Ryan Harrison

    Ryan Harrison2 months ago

    Lo amo.

  32. susie grant

    susie grant2 months ago

    This song sucks

  33. Queen Bee

    Queen Bee2 months ago

    love this song

  34. Little Gator Farm

    Little Gator Farm2 months ago

    The version he did on Howard Stern is actually better than this cheesy studio version

  35. Paula Hunt

    Paula Hunt2 months ago

    Of course I’ve heard DMB throughout the years but this is the first time I’ve been moved by one of their songs.

  36. guitarstuffs123

    guitarstuffs12310 days ago

    Paula Hunt You’ve got it. The albums Under the Table and Dreaming, Crash, and Before These Crowded Streets are what are considered the “big three” and they are all excellent. If you have the time, you should listen to them ;) But if not, I have a few more song suggestions that are classics: #41 Warehouse Dancing Nancies The Best of What’s Around Satellite Tripping Billies Typical Situation Say Goodbye Two Step Rapunzel ;)

  37. Paula Hunt

    Paula Hunt10 days ago

    JakeGuitarist I have’t heard the songs you mention but now based on your recommendation I will check them out, thank you. I love to discover new artists/tunes.

  38. guitarstuffs123

    guitarstuffs12310 days ago

    Paula Hunt You should dive into their deeper cuts / non-radio-hits then. That’s where their best stuff is. Have you heard the song “Crush”? Or “Lover Lay Down”?

  39. skylark183

    skylark1832 months ago

    Beautiful lyrics and melody. Carter and Tim brings the song to a higher level

  40. BirdOfPrey12

    BirdOfPrey122 months ago

    I woke up with this song in my head this morning after having a bizarre dream.

  41. ryne davis

    ryne davis2 months ago

    I get lost in this song. Beautiful

  42. TC Nance

    TC Nance2 months ago

    Oh Joy !! 🙂

  43. A Aceto

    A Aceto2 months ago

    Cant wait to hear this song live and all the others tonight... DMB kinda weekend!!!

  44. J. Blackthorn

    J. Blackthorn2 months ago

    See you at the Gorge this August !!!!

  45. Jr Smith

    Jr Smith2 months ago

    we went to the show at riverbend and a week later they sent us this CD thanks Dave

  46. Paul Stettler

    Paul Stettler2 months ago

    Maybe dave can bring rock back...

  47. RICH F

    RICH F2 months ago

    very talented!

  48. Paul N Tube

    Paul N Tube2 months ago

    I like this style more! Listen to the Temper Trap they have a slight similarity to the electric guitar plucks . Keep it up guys and it could be revival of DMB.

  49. Paul N Tube

    Paul N Tube10 days ago

    Memorable story but I was lucky enough to speak with Tim Reynolds over the phone, last I knew him residing in New Mexico, and it was over tips on guitar exercises. Even spoke briefly to his wife, both were very kind and genuine people. They eventually hooked up a comped ticket for myself and a friend when I was in Highschool. Couldn’t believe it! But I had the opportunity to attend Dave and Tim Reynolds show at an Arizona show. Thank u!

  50. Christine Luciano

    Christine Luciano2 months ago

    Sounds like something Kings of Leon would do

  51. L. Rae Burch

    L. Rae Burch2 months ago

    Falling in love with the new album. It's a beautiful and dirty sound. Thank you DMB!

  52. patrick jaroch

    patrick jaroch2 months ago

    i first heard DMB in 92 i said ,finally music has something new ....unlike any one who ever came before

  53. Leigh Anne Reynolds

    Leigh Anne Reynolds2 months ago

    I'm so very pleased! I knew it would be amazing and it is!! I put it on number one and just let it ride...Great job, guys!! ♥ I love you all! #DMBfolife

  54. 913bungles

    913bungles2 months ago

    Performance on Jimmy Fallon is Amazing!!

  55. eder feder

    eder feder2 months ago

    FINALLY getting some AIRPLAY in ALBERTA . YAY #CKUA , streamed worldwide , community funded radio

  56. Rhett Heyward

    Rhett Heyward2 months ago

    Clearly copied off me multiple times. It makes me feel hopeless someone I idolize and someone who said I was like capitalized off me.

  57. guitarstuffs123

    guitarstuffs12310 days ago

    Rhett Heyward ?

  58. Them Planetz

    Them Planetz2 months ago


  59. TheTuningFactory

    TheTuningFactory2 months ago

    Current classic, Carter is getting it!!

  60. Yolanda Edwards

    Yolanda Edwards2 months ago

    This song is more than awesome! Saw them on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Epic performance ❤️

  61. breedanyiel

    breedanyiel3 months ago

    Can't get enough of this song, but I MUST stop letting it make me cry before I see it live! New mom probs. hahaha

  62. TheTruthiest

    TheTruthiest3 months ago

    I like it better when it's sped up. Play it at 1.25x speed and it is more enjoyable.


    NDFOOTBALL3 months ago

    I have seen dmb over 50 times. This album is pure and total garbage. I also stopped going to his shows because of his liberal bs politics. Typical liberal Boyd accused of sexual gay abuse. Leroy is dead. As far as I am concerned this band is way past over. Dave should tour solo because the band sucks.

  64. Colorsof Avon

    Colorsof Avon3 months ago

    This is the DBM I love! RIP Leroi.

  65. chad carroll

    chad carroll3 months ago

    Great fucking song. God i dig his lyrics

  66. John D

    John D3 months ago

    Love this song

  67. MarciasMeadow

    MarciasMeadow3 months ago

    There isn’t a song that touches my heart brings me back to the days my sons were born. I can feel the emotions all over again of first meeting them. Love u Jay and Hunt...what a wonderful journey! Thank you Dave for the beautiful music! Saw this live in Pa and Ohio. So touching! See you tomorrow in NH!

  68. Crazy Cam

    Crazy Cam3 months ago

    This song was on in my dads car and I know every word

  69. Crazy Cam

    Crazy Cam3 months ago

    Best yet

  70. movycram

    movycram3 months ago

    This song has been in my head for a few days and it doesn’t get old.

  71. Dan Eggert Møller

    Dan Eggert Møller3 months ago

    Literally crying. Thank you, thank you, thank you, DMB 🙏🏽

  72. Tip Kingsley

    Tip Kingsley3 months ago

    Who is spending Labor Dave Weekend at The Gorge???

  73. Ruby/ルビー

    Ruby/ルビー3 months ago

    If another Samurai Cop movie is made, this should be the theme song of it.

  74. KoeyJovach

    KoeyJovach3 months ago

    What a beautiful song. I smile every time I hear it!

  75. Miguel Capelo

    Miguel Capelo3 months ago

    One of the best songs I have ever heard. That voice! Those drums! This band! Mad brainworm instilled. Woke up this morning with this gnawing through my head...

  76. TwilightMidna

    TwilightMidna3 months ago

    I love this song. Especially the lines remember we begin the same we lose our way on fear and pain.

  77. Alan Tovar

    Alan Tovar3 months ago

    Just bought the album. AMAZING! 😃

  78. Johan Stubbs

    Johan Stubbs3 months ago

    Not a big DMB fan, but this is a good song.

  79. Digital Boost

    Digital Boost3 months ago

    So i listened through the album only once but the 4 songs that resonated with me were “Do You Remember”, “Come on Come on”, “Black and Blue Bird” and “Again and again”

  80. Senorgusanos

    Senorgusanos3 months ago

    Pure genius...been a fan for 24 years and this band has never failed to amaze me...bravo gentlemen and God bless you for sharing your artistry with the world.

  81. Seth Schiller

    Seth Schiller3 months ago

    Welcome back DMB this is a really good song the Dave Matthew's band has a unique sound which explains why they are so popular

  82. Mário Paulo

    Mário Paulo3 months ago

    Espectacular esta música !!! É mesmo soft para ouvir no Verão ou, em qualquer altura e lugar.

  83. Mr.Alien from mars

    Mr.Alien from mars3 months ago

    Why does he sounds like Chris Cornell?

  84. Jason Utt

    Jason Utt3 months ago

    Sounds like they are not keeping up with the tempo. Feels like the song is lagging.

  85. Kevin Thomas

    Kevin Thomas3 months ago

    New album is going to be tits can’t wait for Friday

  86. PTC King

    PTC King3 months ago

    download the leaked album -

  87. Matt Fryar

    Matt Fryar3 months ago

    Just love his clever lyrics. Not just this song but most of them. Love DMB

  88. JosephandElissa Flores

    JosephandElissa Flores3 months ago

    This I dig!

  89. Audrey M

    Audrey M3 months ago

    Sounds like King of leon !!!

  90. Dragan Trnavac

    Dragan Trnavac3 months ago

    Oh joy begin!!!

  91. Sheila Barron

    Sheila Barron3 months ago

    ♥️ this the more I listen to it♥️

  92. Amy Crisco

    Amy Crisco3 months ago

    Obsessed...and Clever 4:20. Keep them coming! 💙💙💙

  93. defialpro

    defialpro3 months ago

    sounds like pearl jam.

  94. Fátima Roussado

    Fátima Roussado3 months ago

    These beautiful lyrics...

  95. Sophie Atkinson

    Sophie Atkinson3 months ago

    Being a new mother at the age of 19, this song really means so much to me. My childhood was really hard, and I can’t remember much of the good times. I won’t forget her early days.

  96. General Wolfe

    General Wolfe3 months ago

    very nice

  97. Ĥ є ჯ є Ņ

    Ĥ є ჯ є Ņ3 months ago

    It's strange when a song that technically hasn't even been released yet has memories inside of it, past 2 years have been some incredible DMB/D&T shows with some special people... can't wait for this summer

  98. s a b o t e u Я

    s a b o t e u Я3 months ago

    God this is so good... Syracuse, SPAC, Darien Lake, CMAC... c ya this summer!!!

  99. Aninag Productions

    Aninag Productions3 months ago

    is it just me or this song is way better than their previous ones? not that its bad, but there's something with this song that is so unforgettable.

  100. talktopaige

    talktopaige3 months ago


  101. Michael Beck

    Michael Beck3 months ago

    kara walker on art direction on this vid? let me know, thx. beautiful.

  102. TheLebowski5

    TheLebowski53 months ago

    This drummer is fucking awesome, what a groove!

  103. Greg Zyhowski

    Greg Zyhowski3 months ago

    This and Idea of You will get radio play. Idea of you if they did it right in studio should be a top 40 hit

  104. Braeden Brown

    Braeden Brown3 months ago

    Dave made this video 4:20 long.... hmmmm 🤔🙂

  105. Keith Park

    Keith Park3 months ago

    Carter is brilliant.

  106. The Viz

    The Viz3 months ago

    My wife and I are both old school Dave fans. Recently been in our baby years having one that is 3 and another at 1. All we do is say we can’t “forget these days”. So much chaos and joy day to day lol. Heard this and now it’s our anthem to how we’re feeling. Dave never seems to fail. This song fell right “in the pocket” of our thoughts and feelings. Will be one of my new faves from now on. Thank you DMB... thank you.

  107. Tre Waddy

    Tre Waddy3 months ago

    Can we just....get it a little early?

  108. John Rosalez

    John Rosalez3 months ago

    I like this song