Daniel Cormier Broke The CONAN UFC Curse - CONAN on TBS


  1. Silverback

    Silverback9 days ago

    I don't care for any of you NPC late night hosts but DC is THE MAN! I just wanted to send my support for the CHAMP CHAMP!

  2. Weston 1878

    Weston 187811 days ago

    My father DC doing bits

  3. Rafael Oliveira

    Rafael Oliveira11 days ago

    And still!

  4. blkbelt203

    blkbelt20312 days ago

    Best Mma fighter ever for sure.

  5. Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Legend Gotta Catch Em All13 days ago

    Team Lesnar

  6. sanjid arefin

    sanjid arefin14 days ago

    Then came conor and put the curse again

  7. Preevin Naidoo

    Preevin Naidoo16 days ago

    Brock Lesnar is going to Smash your Boy, He's going to smash your Boy!

  8. Ramon Briones

    Ramon Briones17 days ago

    natty 🐐

  9. Shrikant Ramkrishan

    Shrikant Ramkrishan17 days ago

    Dc is champ of d champ...I admit no one near him. Not even d drug addict jones

  10. bluesss 149nsss

    bluesss 149nsss18 days ago

    Hey conan why don't you meet khabib nurmagomedov it will be fun.

  11. Kalaanidhi

    Kalaanidhi19 days ago

    Such a nice guy unlike the sociopath that is Jon Jones

  12. Jay

    Jay21 day ago

    DC is such a nice guy, very humble and is at the best gym in the world AKA, where they train and laugh as a family.

  13. someone need a butcher

    someone need a butcher22 days ago

    he can interview conor and daniel but not khabib because as soon conon see khabib he know he will get smash

  14. jeremy steiner

    jeremy steiner26 days ago

    Let's see if Conan invites khabib.

  15. Shubham Sharma

    Shubham Sharma28 days ago

    In your dream dc Brock's gonna kick ur ass

  16. tjpm

    tjpmMonth ago

    DC is a hero.

  17. free quench

    free quenchMonth ago

    Dc the goat

  18. Yax

    YaxMonth ago

    DC is made for TV

  19. Eduardo Chavez

    Eduardo ChavezMonth ago

    Wrong! The black beast going to be his next opponent

  20. Miguel Alejandro Soliz Quiroz

    Miguel Alejandro Soliz QuirozMonth ago

    Jon Jones called, he wants his belts back...ggg...OR he'll beat the crap out of u like always 😉

  21. wanlum japang

    wanlum japangMonth ago

    dc fake

  22. Cyberdyne Systems

    Cyberdyne SystemsMonth ago

    Cormier looking jacked. Good looking out homie, congrats.

  23. bobby agile

    bobby agileMonth ago

    Dc is going to smash Brock! If he makes it to the octagon. Always a DC fan and will be . My real hero and role model

  24. Let It Happen

    Let It HappenMonth ago

    To bad Jones gonna break DC's back.

  25. Zedaso

    ZedasoMonth ago

    What a nice guy. Isnt Brock known to be on steroids though? Son of a bitch better not cheat in their fight.

  26. Wesley A.

    Wesley A.Month ago

    Conor McGregor lost after he went to you show so nahh its not broken

  27. ThereWasMore TWM

    ThereWasMore TWMMonth ago

    Who is the black guy? WWF wrestler? Care home i am in has poor internet connection. It Ultimate Warrioring, it Brett the Hit Man Heartining

  28. Christian Merasty

    Christian MerastyMonth ago



    THE NOTORIOUSMonth ago


  30. Brandon Lee

    Brandon LeeMonth ago

    Conor brought it back again 😂

  31. cool dudes 23

    cool dudes 23Month ago


  32. Tim Mit

    Tim MitMonth ago

    UFC is a circus !!

  33. Mr Tariq

    Mr TariqMonth ago

    DC is Cool

  34. Dime 666

    Dime 666Month ago

    lol his poking hand got broken

  35. Mike G

    Mike GMonth ago

    Now hes fighting Derrick Lewis in November next month. Hope to see him soon on the show.

  36. Sasuke Uchiwa

    Sasuke UchiwaMonth ago

    Didn't work for Conor tho

  37. Andy Brown

    Andy BrownMonth ago

    Dammit Conor re-established the curse

  38. Malik

    MalikMonth ago

    Mcgregor came on and we know what happened there

  39. Draggy654

    Draggy654Month ago

    Brian shaw would make lesner look like a child

  40. Jordan Anthony

    Jordan AnthonyMonth ago

    lesnar is gonna sleep him hands down!

  41. min H

    min HMonth ago

    I think people are slowly starting to appreciate DC.. way to go buddy

  42. icon 008

    icon 008Month ago

    Lesner is just 6.2. he isn't a taller wrestler like undertaker and kane.

  43. Ale Pk

    Ale PkMonth ago

    DC keeping keyfabe alive

  44. Rizky Arifin

    Rizky ArifinMonth ago

    If Conor Watch This, He's going to capture AGAIN The Lightweight Champion from Khabib Nurmagomedov

  45. KaiserViking

    KaiserVikingMonth ago

    DC is the best in the world!!! Greatest fighter of the moment!!! And for sure, among the Gods of mma!!!

  46. Zack Dawson

    Zack DawsonMonth ago

    I love dc.

  47. Ivan Novak

    Ivan NovakMonth ago

    this dude won against stipe ? such a joke

  48. zikos cfc

    zikos cfc2 months ago

    That fake laugh tho 😫

  49. Mike Custer

    Mike Custer2 months ago

    conan always has to make this about himself. Dude you ain't funny

  50. ricky roach

    ricky roachMonth ago

    what? He barely talked. and when he was using self deprecating comedy and was hilarious as always.

  51. The Life & Swag Times - Vlogs & 'How To' Videos

    The Life & Swag Times - Vlogs & 'How To' Videos2 months ago

    Love it. Great guy

  52. Imtiaj Yafi

    Imtiaj Yafi2 months ago

    jon jones will beat dc anyday .....jon jones is g.o.a.t

  53. Mrigank Gurudatt

    Mrigank Gurudatt2 months ago

    DC = 🐐🐐 , Brock = 💩💩, Jones = 💉💉

  54. Christian Delgado

    Christian Delgado2 months ago

    Champ looking Thich AF !!

  55. Lassii

    Lassii2 months ago

    Such a nice guy, love him :D

  56. 24BIGDYL

    24BIGDYL2 months ago

    Daniel "Eye poke to win" Cormier

  57. kun aguero

    kun aguero2 months ago

    I love stipe I was sad when he lost but on the other hand you cant hate DC he is amazing guy, after he crushes Lesnar I hope stipe gets his rematch.

  58. Miles Middleton

    Miles Middleton2 months ago

    Brock Lesnar will annihilate DC. Hands down. He's an absolute monster

  59. Mike G

    Mike G2 months ago

    Ugh Maryl Streep would be sickended by the promotion of these so called "Arts".

  60. Ravi Pillay

    Ravi Pillay2 months ago

    You got love DC. I use to not like him back than when I was an ass hole.

  61. Muhammad Kautzar

    Muhammad Kautzar2 months ago

    Because you know I’m all about that cake ‘Bout that cake and chicken I’m all about that cake ‘Bout that cake and chicken I’m all about that cake ‘Bout that cake and chicken I’m all about that cake ‘Bout that cake New favorite fighter 🕺

  62. Showtime123

    Showtime1232 months ago

    God this shits cringey

  63. jroll0410

    jroll04103 months ago

    WWE is fake. did you guys know?

  64. Rafa aka TheBootyWhisperer

    Rafa aka TheBootyWhisperer3 months ago

    UFC 230 Cormier vs Jones 3. Thank me later.

  65. Scott Thomas

    Scott Thomas21 day ago



    SAVINI JASON3 months ago

    Brock Lesnar gonna whoop that ass

  67. Never Fail

    Never Fail3 months ago

    The real curse is that metro pcs commercial. Stipe, Cody, and DJ all lost even though they were all confident they would win

  68. Kyle Sanders

    Kyle Sanders3 months ago

    Mcgregor won after being on Conan

  69. Sayed Najibullah Hashimi

    Sayed Najibullah Hashimi3 months ago

    Cormier is awesome, such a humble guy. Where is peds now?

  70. Andre Marques

    Andre Marques3 months ago

    Its such a shame such a nice guy will have jon jones over his head for the rest of his life

  71. William Kehoe

    William Kehoe3 months ago

    It was easy Conan! I just poked him in the eye!

  72. Don't Fear The Reaper

    Don't Fear The Reaper3 months ago

    Daniel please don't mention WWE in front of casuals and newbies, they're going to think MMA is fake too

  73. Bluecode

    Bluecode3 months ago

    DC is the right champion. Really good role model, and it's good to see him knock Stipe of his throne. He thought he was invincible, but you can't count out DC, so therefore he got put to sleep. Night night, sleep tight Stipe.

  74. Lewis Maher

    Lewis Maher3 months ago

    Dc won by eye poke

  75. Kyle Thompson

    Kyle Thompson3 months ago

    In the first round in his bout against Brock Lesnar, he will stun Brock Lesnar with a hard right hand, take him down with one or two of those badass powerslams he is known for, and finish him off with ground and pound strikes Prediction: Winner and STILL UFC Heavyweight Champion Of The World... Daniel Cormier

  76. Luis Ruiz Beza

    Luis Ruiz Beza3 months ago

    Do americans realize how fake their tv sound/look?

  77. IHAB SB

    IHAB SB3 months ago

    Even if I'm a big wwe fan , I'm rooting for DC

  78. Paul Davis

    Paul Davis3 months ago

    How can anyone not love DC? Amazing fighter, and a funny guy with a great upbeat personality. The guy will always be remembered as a legend and one of the greatest of all time.

  79. Josh K

    Josh K3 months ago

    Nothing but Respect for this guy

  80. J J

    J J3 months ago

    Did he beat Jon Jones? None of you have answered the question... bahahaha I love how all of you dance around that. Blah blah blah boohoo steroids this steroids that.. 😆

  81. chocmilkshake24

    chocmilkshake243 months ago

    I don’t know who this guy is, but I’m so happy for him!

  82. Jeff Z

    Jeff Z3 months ago

    This dude is old too which makes more amazing.

  83. Mohit Pal

    Mohit Pal3 months ago

    Brock kick your ass

  84. Box Entertainment

    Box Entertainment3 months ago

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  85. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson3 months ago

    Natty goat

  86. OG BamBam GO

    OG BamBam GO3 months ago

    Brock “6’5 300lbs” Lesnar

  87. Silver Heart

    Silver Heart3 months ago

    notice how he didnt say UNIVERSAL

  88. Max Payne

    Max Payne3 months ago

    Paper champ.. he can't beat Jon Jones.

  89. Max Payne

    Max Payne3 months ago

    Oh please.. Jones could beat DC while just taking Flintstones vitamins.

  90. Et Immortalem

    Et Immortalem3 months ago

    Jon is ped champ

  91. Phraydoe

    Phraydoe3 months ago

    Daniel Cheater, DC, couldn't have won without cheating and poking Stipe in the eye. #AndStill

  92. sam jid

    sam jid3 months ago

    Brock Lesnar will probably win the their fight THE SECOND CONAN INTERVIEW IS THE CURSE!!!

  93. villevn

    villevn3 months ago

    DC's the man. Congrats!

  94. AcciónMega

    AcciónMega3 months ago


  95. Pete Olivarez

    Pete Olivarez3 months ago

    they need to do clueless gamer with other people besides McGregor or football players. Get fighters like Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson on there!

  96. Raibor Syiem

    Raibor Syiem3 months ago

    Your the best champ DC

  97. caged lion

    caged lion3 months ago

    Rat bait brocks got your ticket

  98. Viktor Vincent

    Viktor Vincent3 months ago

    May as well enjoy that last bit of praise well you can eh DC .. Tic toc tic toc lol

  99. Ashok Thakkalla

    Ashok Thakkalla3 months ago

    when this match

  100. Ashok Thakkalla

    Ashok Thakkalla3 months ago

    it's very very long

  101. Lightbringer

    Lightbringer3 months ago

    in january

  102. creed boy

    creed boy3 months ago

    This guy is versing Brock lessnar

  103. NIc K

    NIc K3 months ago


  104. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf3 months ago

    fight a real opponent. Brock is a cheater who isnt even relevant to a title shot.

  105. Dave Twardy

    Dave Twardy3 months ago

    I may be wrong but I think Conan owns a piece of the UFC. IF someone knows comment.

  106. Jaime Browzki

    Jaime Browzki3 months ago

    Do the world a favor and put him to sleep, dc!

  107. Punk1019

    Punk10193 months ago

    Daniel will destroy Lesnar

  108. Lightbringer

    Lightbringer3 months ago

    mma beginner..