Daniel Cormier Broke The CONAN UFC Curse - CONAN on TBS


  1. jroll0410

    jroll04106 days ago

    WWE is fake. did you guys know?

  2. Rafa aka TheBootyWhisperer

    Rafa aka TheBootyWhisperer9 days ago

    UFC 230 Cormier vs Jones 3. Thank me later.


    SAVINI JASON10 days ago

    Brock Lesnar gonna whoop that ass

  4. Never Fail

    Never Fail11 days ago

    The real curse is that metro pcs commercial. Stipe, Cody, and DJ all lost even though they were all confident they would win

  5. username

    username11 days ago

    he slumps while he sits. really bad manners

  6. Kyle Sanders

    Kyle Sanders12 days ago

    Mcgregor won after being on Conan

  7. Sayed Najibullah Hashimi

    Sayed Najibullah Hashimi12 days ago

    Cormier is awesome, such a humble guy. Where is peds now?

  8. Andre Marques

    Andre Marques13 days ago

    Its such a shame such a nice guy will have jon jones over his head for the rest of his life

  9. William

    William14 days ago

    It was easy Conan! I just poked him in the eye!

  10. Don't Fear The Reaper

    Don't Fear The Reaper15 days ago

    Daniel please don't mention WWE in front of casuals and newbies, they're going to think MMA is fake too

  11. Bluecode

    Bluecode16 days ago

    DC is the right champion. Really good role model, and it's good to see him knock Stipe of his throne. He thought he was invincible, but you can't count out DC, so therefore he got put to sleep. Night night, sleep tight Stipe.

  12. Lewis Maher

    Lewis Maher17 days ago

    Dc won by eye poke

  13. Kyle Thompson

    Kyle Thompson17 days ago

    In the first round in his bout against Brock Lesnar, he will stun Brock Lesnar with a hard right hand, take him down with one or two of those badass powerslams he is known for, and finish him off with ground and pound strikes Prediction: Winner and STILL UFC Heavyweight Champion Of The World... Daniel Cormier

  14. Luis Ruiz Beza

    Luis Ruiz Beza18 days ago

    Do americans realize how fake their tv sound/look?

  15. IHAB SB

    IHAB SB18 days ago

    Even if I'm a big wwe fan , I'm rooting for DC

  16. Paul Davis

    Paul Davis20 days ago

    How can anyone not love DC? Amazing fighter, and a funny guy with a great upbeat personality. The guy will always be remembered as a legend and one of the greatest of all time.

  17. Josh K

    Josh K21 day ago

    Nothing but Respect for this guy

  18. J J

    J J21 day ago

    Did he beat Jon Jones? None of you have answered the question... bahahaha I love how all of you dance around that. Blah blah blah boohoo steroids this steroids that.. 😆

  19. chocmilkshake24

    chocmilkshake2422 days ago

    I don’t know who this guy is, but I’m so happy for him!

  20. Jeff Z

    Jeff Z22 days ago

    This dude is old too which makes more amazing.

  21. Mohit Pal

    Mohit Pal22 days ago

    Brock kick your ass

  22. Box Entertainment

    Box Entertainment22 days ago

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  23. Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson22 days ago

    Natty goat

  24. OG BamBam GO

    OG BamBam GO22 days ago

    Brock “6’5 300lbs” Lesnar

  25. Silver Heart

    Silver Heart22 days ago

    notice how he didnt say UNIVERSAL

  26. Max Payne

    Max Payne22 days ago

    Paper champ.. he can't beat Jon Jones.

  27. Max Payne

    Max Payne18 days ago

    Oh please.. Jones could beat DC while just taking Flintstones vitamins.

  28. Et Immortalem

    Et Immortalem21 day ago

    Jon is ped champ

  29. Phraydoe

    Phraydoe23 days ago

    Daniel Cheater, DC, couldn't have won without cheating and poking Stipe in the eye. #AndStill

  30. sam jid

    sam jid23 days ago

    Brock Lesnar will probably win the their fight THE SECOND CONAN INTERVIEW IS THE CURSE!!!

  31. villevn

    villevn23 days ago

    DC's the man. Congrats!

  32. Deathstroke OG

    Deathstroke OG24 days ago

    Only the true GOAT can break the Conan curse. He's all about the belt's, No steroids.

  33. AcciónMega

    AcciónMega24 days ago


  34. Pete Olivarez

    Pete Olivarez24 days ago

    they need to do clueless gamer with other people besides McGregor or football players. Get fighters like Demetrious Mighty Mouse Johnson on there!

  35. Raibor Syiem

    Raibor Syiem25 days ago

    Your the best champ DC

  36. caged lion

    caged lion25 days ago

    Rat bait brocks got your ticket

  37. Viktor Vincent

    Viktor Vincent25 days ago

    May as well enjoy that last bit of praise well you can eh DC .. Tic toc tic toc lol

  38. Ashok Thakkalla

    Ashok Thakkalla25 days ago

    when this match

  39. Ashok Thakkalla

    Ashok Thakkalla21 day ago

    it's very very long

  40. Lightbringer

    Lightbringer21 day ago

    in january

  41. creed boy

    creed boy26 days ago

    This guy is versing Brock lessnar

  42. NI CK

    NI CK26 days ago


  43. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf26 days ago

    fight a real opponent. Brock is a cheater who isnt even relevant to a title shot.

  44. Dave Twardy

    Dave Twardy26 days ago

    I may be wrong but I think Conan owns a piece of the UFC. IF someone knows comment.

  45. Jaime Browzki

    Jaime Browzki26 days ago

    Do the world a favor and put him to sleep, dc!

  46. Punk1019

    Punk101927 days ago

    Daniel will destroy Lesnar

  47. Lightbringer

    Lightbringer21 day ago

    mma beginner..

  48. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans27 days ago

    idk what your doing brock lmao

  49. bs1820

    bs182027 days ago

    How can you not like DC ?

  50. Daniel Purdy

    Daniel Purdy28 days ago

    His hand isn’t broke

  51. drew jenn

    drew jenn28 days ago

    Some please talk Jones of the ledge. He looks serious this time.

  52. Anthony Lopez

    Anthony Lopez28 days ago

    Fake fights that is all.

  53. Aseem

    Aseem29 days ago

    This man cheated with all those eye pokes. But nobody wants to talk about that

  54. Akeem cage Jackson

    Akeem cage Jackson29 days ago

    Brock's going to beat the living hell out of him

  55. Shaggy mofo

    Shaggy mofo29 days ago

    Man I underestimated Cormier because I thought stipe would win because he beat that African dude who's buff asf while he got knock out by fatty cormier

  56. Steve Wall

    Steve Wall29 days ago

    lol the Picture of conan at the end Always gets me.

  57. lukaszg74

    lukaszg7429 days ago

    Hi was cheating during this fight with eye poke many times

  58. joseph chang

    joseph changMonth ago

    U mean to say plus 160 not minus.. Minus is favorites my guy not underdog lol

  59. deny73

    deny73Month ago

    Make that money DC Sell sell sell

  60. B Reel

    B ReelMonth ago

    I like D.C but all my friends who watch more UFC than me dont, they pull for the Jon Jones and GPS, and Conors but how can you not like D.C, ....just because he loses to a Jones twice, who tested positive for peds teice

  61. MBC1975

    MBC1975Month ago

    Right now Brock is watching this video with a needle stuck in his ass..

  62. The notorious

    The notoriousMonth ago


  63. mickey dickey

    mickey dickeyMonth ago

    Dc right now is making mcgregor look even worse haha

  64. Harry PAnnU !

    Harry PAnnU !Month ago

    its all become business and marketing propaganda

  65. Deniboj -

    Deniboj -Month ago

    Every UFC champion should only fight the top contender everytime. Going up against a steroid abusing "professional wrestler" is not a legitimate defense regardless of what any fighter thinks they deserve.

  66. captainn dank

    captainn dankMonth ago

    the goat vs the beast 🐐vs🦇

  67. Victr Silva

    Victr SilvaMonth ago

    Jon Jones whooped his ass twice

  68. Etern4l Saiy4n

    Etern4l Saiy4nMonth ago

    1:24 strongest? Lol he literally said that to hype the fight, more like roidest man walking on Earth lmao

  69. cola00000

    cola00000Month ago

    It just sucks for him IF he loses and people watch this again. In my opinion, it's not smart to make claims like that. Even if he knew without a doubt he would beat Brock (which is definitely not the case), it would be smart to say you know Brock is a good fighter and we're going to both give it our best and see what happens. Humility is a likable trait, win or lose.

  70. Waldemar Rodriguez

    Waldemar RodriguezMonth ago

    Nah stipe was on metro pcs that’s y

  71. Dragon Hunter

    Dragon HunterMonth ago

    daniel cormier nice guy

  72. goose Evans

    goose EvansMonth ago

    - 160 underdog? That doesnt make sense

  73. stratusedge2k7

    stratusedge2k7Month ago

    he said lesnar was wwe champ, actually its AJ styles

  74. You're An Idiot

    You're An IdiotMonth ago

    Holy hell at DC’s swollen hand.

  75. You're An Idiot

    You're An IdiotMonth ago

    Any fans of UFC know how big a heart DC really has. Jon Jones really helped him flourish. Especially after you see how Jones really is.

  76. Bobby Haryanto

    Bobby HaryantoMonth ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-UnhAaB4ti5w.html we can see he was very clearly he licked his own spit

  77. DallasAg _

    DallasAg _Month ago

    Love me some DC and Conan

  78. R

    RMonth ago

    The people champ is the real deal

  79. Joey Steele

    Joey SteeleMonth ago

    Daniel CRINGE Cormier

  80. Chris H

    Chris HMonth ago

    *how can you not like DC?* *CHAMP CHAMP*

  81. Marcos Solorzano

    Marcos SolorzanoMonth ago

    Hes missing a tooth?

  82. Scott Gomez

    Scott GomezMonth ago

    The real question here is y was brock wearin his boots tucked in

  83. Baniaishanlang Wahlang

    Baniaishanlang WahlangMonth ago

    When jones return you better prepared😎

  84. Big A

    Big AMonth ago

    What a great dude. Humble and we'll spoken......and a killer of men. Bravo

  85. Caliboss Nelson

    Caliboss NelsonMonth ago


  86. Bin Marohombsar

    Bin MarohombsarMonth ago

    DC deserved it more championship for this guy

  87. David Wood

    David WoodMonth ago

    DC what a great guy

  88. fighting falcon 10

    fighting falcon 10Month ago

    Conan should ride in the back seat of either the Thunderbirds or Blue Angels

  89. Emmanuel Niyo

    Emmanuel NiyoMonth ago

    I hope he embarrass brock lesnar

  90. Ceelow

    CeelowMonth ago

    Brock's 6'2

  91. محمد علي

    محمد عليMonth ago

    I hope daniel win

  92. Alex Vivanco

    Alex VivancoMonth ago

    Does Conan eat ass?

  93. Jack jackson

    Jack jacksonMonth ago

    John Jones makes you cry

  94. Tavarisas

    TavarisasMonth ago

    Dc will b cryin again😒

  95. Tavarisas

    TavarisasMonth ago

    Smh imagine if that was jon jones.

  96. Jones

    JonesMonth ago

    The right hands broken but I use it as a sledgehammer. S A V A G E

  97. Chi Wai Tran

    Chi Wai TranMonth ago

    More MMA guys need to be as well spoken as DC, Conor, hell... maybe even Sage Northcutt lol

  98. steven

    stevenMonth ago

    DC... bringing turning UFC in to the WWE 🤦🏻‍♂️

  99. Free Bee

    Free BeeMonth ago

    Lesnar isnt 6,3

  100. J w

    J wMonth ago

    eyepoke champ

  101. Anderson Daspider Silva

    Anderson Daspider SilvaMonth ago

    Jon jones 🐐🐐🐐

  102. 최가람

    최가람Month ago

    Popeyes Cormier

  103. Francis 'Cardio Machine' Ngannou

    Francis 'Cardio Machine' NgannouMonth ago

    Well done DC unfortunately you will always be in the shadow of Jon Jones

  104. MystiCalBEING89

    MystiCalBEING89Month ago

    the best, JJ who?

  105. Jerod Dudgeon

    Jerod DudgeonMonth ago

    I like how a trained killer can look like such a kid in his eyes during all this. Hes living a dream and really seems to deserve it.