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Daniel Bryan's heart is set on SmackDown LIVE: Exclusive, April 16, 2018


  1. Reyco Mojares

    Reyco Mojares2 months ago

    Smackdown os Good bec its shuffle stars hopefully that Miss Universe Title stays To Raw

  2. 49 degreez

    49 degreez2 months ago

    I'm a Raw guy I personally did not want him on Raw ha ha so glad he stayed.

  3. James Donaldson

    James Donaldson4 months ago

    I see people sayn DB buried the Universal title.. Can we all be honest here and realise that belt was buried its debut nite..... ITS TRASH and Brock having it makes it even more trash and destroyed its credibility.. I feel sorry for who ever purchased one..

  4. Gaurav R

    Gaurav R4 months ago

    Question : How many f*cks does Daniel Bryan still give? Answer : *0*

  5. michelle j

    michelle j5 months ago

    Please keep daniel on team blue

  6. Jorge Aragon

    Jorge Aragon5 months ago


  7. Tefuya J

    Tefuya J5 months ago

    Ya can tell he is happy now

  8. Henrique Quintas

    Henrique Quintas5 months ago

    Although i prefer Raw, i think SmackDown is the right brand for him

  9. jake the snake

    jake the snake5 months ago

    Team hell no reunion conferred

  10. mikeklassic78

    mikeklassic785 months ago

    He'll crack his lil skull again an disappear forever hopefully nxt time....pretty sure im gonna upset the Daniel Bryan funboy club that has DB's lil balls bangin against their chins upset by saying that but oh well...

  11. Jimmy Roe Jr

    Jimmy Roe Jr5 months ago

    Still a B+ Player

  12. andrew Sulfaro

    andrew Sulfaro5 months ago

    Future Hall of famer right there

  13. Varmando Varuso

    Varmando Varuso5 months ago

    I would prefer Bryan on 205 Live as Cruiserweight champ... having a feud with Kenta and TJP.

  14. Subhan Shahzad

    Subhan Shahzad5 months ago

    Say it clearly u cant keep up with the likes of roman brock seth braun

  15. Gatot Januar

    Gatot Januar5 months ago

    the moment after DB running away from Mike Tom and the song starts with "stop running" really gets me...

  16. efreet schneid

    efreet schneid5 months ago

    look at Daniel he is so happy to be back in wrestling condition again!

  17. varun sagar

    varun sagar5 months ago

    Daniel's wish was granted !!!! Styles nakamura bryan orton hardy benjamin Joe Almas and Miz all on 1 brand . Cant stop thinking about the possible future rivalries we could get

  18. SwishDish720

    SwishDish7205 months ago

    Bryan stays on SD!!! god bless ...I'm so happy about that

  19. Nova deva Brhma

    Nova deva Brhma5 months ago

    smackdown live much do 3 hour show....

  20. snappy hook

    snappy hook5 months ago

    only thanos can beat lesnar for universal champioship

  21. Salva E

    Salva E5 months ago

    Glad to see him so happy

  22. ApolloMagnus

    ApolloMagnus5 months ago

    TBH I don't like how Bryan buries the Universal Championship every time he can... yeah, it is not the best concept for a championship, but feels disrespectful to the ones who won it.

  23. Michael Jiménez

    Michael Jiménez5 months ago


  24. Alan Kan

    Alan Kan5 months ago

    I like D Bry's new gimmick

  25. Kaz Zarian

    Kaz Zarian5 months ago

    And that is why Daniel Bryan is awesome.

  26. michael edwards

    michael edwards5 months ago

    miz and daniel bryan rivalry of the year

  27. Ryan Howell

    Ryan Howell5 months ago

    Let Daniel Bryan stay on team blue

  28. Manuel Ortiz

    Manuel Ortiz5 months ago

    Daniel giving 0 f’s again

  29. SirCrash17

    SirCrash175 months ago

    Way to bury your universal title......

  30. Jeff Malinoff

    Jeff Malinoff5 months ago

    We have to have a miz Bryan feud

  31. Rounda rousey

    Rounda rousey5 months ago

    Stipid Daniel brayn suck and his fans are suck I love my hero Roman reing

  32. Muhammad Usman Rauf

    Muhammad Usman Rauf5 months ago

    I love smackdown live its my fvrt show and best show

  33. tehleoness

    tehleoness5 months ago

    His promos are pure gold.

  34. Delsin Moxley

    Delsin Moxley5 months ago

    Look at him, he's so happy

  35. Lunchbox Goes With Everything

    Lunchbox Goes With Everything5 months ago

    I love his freedom of speech about the title 's name!

  36. TrippifiedTrips

    TrippifiedTrips5 months ago

    You can genuinely see how much happier he is ever since he was able to wrestle again and it make's me happy for him being happy

  37. Random human Yep

    Random human Yep5 months ago

    That acting was so bad I laughed

  38. Maria Anto

    Maria Anto5 months ago

    Monster handling

  39. Maria Anto

    Maria Anto5 months ago

    How about Braun strowman

  40. Maria Anto

    Maria Anto5 months ago

    Raw is best


    SAURABH DANG5 months ago

    mixzVs dainel brayan the feud of the year

  42. Ricardo Castro

    Ricardo Castro5 months ago

    Haha I agree with the whole universal thin. The wee universal title is a joke

  43. Jaylin Lawson

    Jaylin Lawson5 months ago

    Daniel Needs To Stay.

  44. Septimus Heap

    Septimus Heap5 months ago

    I like wrestler Daniel Bryan-he's crazier!

  45. AbdeluuX

    AbdeluuX5 months ago

    Daniel bryan heel turn confirmed

  46. Joy Dutta

    Joy Dutta5 months ago

    He just funnily disrespected the universe championship.

  47. Doug Unfunny

    Doug Unfunny5 months ago

    LOL the way daniel left.

  48. Saqlain Mukhtar

    Saqlain Mukhtar5 months ago

    Yes smack down yes

  49. King Que

    King Que5 months ago

    Daniel Bryan is the true face of WWE

  50. Dominique Burton

    Dominique Burton5 months ago

    So happy Daniel is back

  51. Krispy Kreme

    Krispy Kreme5 months ago

    Was that an inside reference to Kevin Steen's Champion of the Universe promo?

  52. thehmph1

    thehmph15 months ago

    No thank YOU! *puts him in the Yes lock*

  53. Zack V

    Zack V5 months ago

    Team Blue Forever Everyone


    FBT BLOGS5 months ago

    Yes yes yes!

  55. Robert Morgan

    Robert Morgan5 months ago

    He just buried the universal championship haha

  56. Norton Mcd

    Norton Mcd5 months ago

    Daniel Bryan has left a lot of wonderful memories as General Manager on Smackdown and has only just returned to in-ring action. Please keep him on Smackdown Lives

  57. real world

    real world5 months ago

    Daniel Bryan's SDLIVE

  58. Taylar Tupou

    Taylar Tupou5 months ago

    Samoa Joe vs Daniel Bryan on Smackdown Live?

  59. seanghong sok

    seanghong sok5 months ago

    Don't forget Seth and Finn are coming to Smackdown.


    RAM PAIGE5 months ago

    Team Blue!!

  61. MAGMALORD360

    MAGMALORD3605 months ago

    You wanna bleed blue huh well I hope the Miz makes you bleed for making him leave Raw the A Show.

  62. sarala thapa

    sarala thapa5 months ago


  63. Andre Ernest

    Andre Ernest5 months ago

    Hit the miz so hard

  64. Hamzah Iftikhar

    Hamzah Iftikhar5 months ago

    he is better on the blue side anyway

  65. Greatezt Productions

    Greatezt Productions5 months ago

    He buried the Universal Championship 💀💀💀

  66. Carlos Acevedo

    Carlos Acevedo5 months ago


  67. TippinMehLady

    TippinMehLady5 months ago

    He’s just buried the Inter galactic champion of the worlds title

  68. Owl - Lion

    Owl - Lion5 months ago


  69. Brent Mason

    Brent Mason5 months ago

    Daniel Bryan is one ugly dude

  70. Ronaldo Whytehead

    Ronaldo Whytehead5 months ago

    If Daniel had moved to Raw I would stop watch wrestling because Monday night Raw is so unfair there general manager have little to no talk see what happen with sami zayn and Kevin owens I hate those two guys Aj styles vs Nakamura vs Daniel Bryan imagine that

  71. Gambhir

    Gambhir5 months ago

    Smack down >>>>>raw

  72. Jason Williams

    Jason Williams5 months ago

    Daniel gonna get in trouble with Vince mcmahon making fun of the universal title


    THE WRESTLING FAN5 months ago

    Just because you can't beat Brock Lesnar.

  74. gokubelmont

    gokubelmont5 months ago

    What an amazing wrestler

  75. AJ Ward

    AJ Ward5 months ago

    Change the outro music and keep Daniel Bryan on Smackdown

  76. KOTheWorld

    KOTheWorld5 months ago

    We all know Daniel Bryan wants to battle The Miz more than any other Superstar.


    NAGA VERSE5 months ago

    Brock lesnar.. roasted

  78. Giamdak Mengnia

    Giamdak Mengnia5 months ago

    Dont like danieal...i like randy

  79. Baron Corbin

    Baron Corbin5 months ago

    Push Baron Corbin

  80. Angel Guerra

    Angel Guerra5 months ago

    Daniel Bryan, is a great wrestler. I remember when he was, in the nxt, fighting for his dream. And, now he's in a huge spot light.

  81. Jonny Martell

    Jonny Martell5 months ago

    Imagine how awkward it'll be if he gets drafted after he said all that

  82. キングトロン-No.1-

    キングトロン-No.1-5 months ago

    How cute! He thinks that he'd be inserted into the Universal Championship picture. We all know his ceiling on Raw would be the Intercontinental Championship, just like Finn Balor.

  83. mephi manulua

    mephi manulua5 months ago

    Yes Yes Yes Yes

  84. Mohammad Jishan

    Mohammad Jishan5 months ago

    Thank You😂❤

  85. The Phenomenal One

    The Phenomenal One5 months ago

    Mohammad Jishan dafa hoja

  86. Jotusz

    Jotusz5 months ago

    That's right!

  87. SupremeChaos918

    SupremeChaos9185 months ago

    What's up with Daniel Bryan's attitude? Is he trying to reinvent his character or something?

  88. Melanie Mercado

    Melanie Mercado5 months ago

    SDLive should pick him first just so that RAW doesn’t pull out any tricks

  89. The phenomenal T-G-K

    The phenomenal T-G-K5 months ago

    DANIEl Bryan literally just said that the universal title is stupid and I agree with him

  90. Chris Webster

    Chris Webster5 months ago

    Good on him fr. He knows all of our dream matches lol, AJ and Shinsuke, damn right. I’ve always been a bigger fan of smackdown than raw lol

  91. Dave2801epic

    Dave2801epic5 months ago

    I want Bryan to wrestle a bear again

  92. aditya dahal

    aditya dahal5 months ago

    champion of the universe.... Lol LOL Lol

  93. Jericho holic

    Jericho holic5 months ago

    He took a shot at the universal title , that's awesome. Fantastic Bryan, unlike others he is very honest and concerned to be on SmackDown because SmackDown is the perfect show for Bryan . I want Bryan to have more success and an awesome 2nd run and that happens only if he is in SmackDown . If he goes to RAW the WWE would screw him up and make him feud on the mid card , something that I don't want to see. He is a main eventer.

  94. sca13

    sca135 months ago


  95. Thunder Venom

    Thunder Venom5 months ago

    DONT GO TO SMACKDOWN , SHINSUKE IS A HEEL SO WE DONT NEED TO SEE SHINSUKE VS DANIEL BRYAN IT WILL BE BORING!!! And even if daniel is in smackdown,smackdown will still be boring!!

  96. Thunder Venom

    Thunder Venom5 months ago

    daniel should go to raw, hes better in RAW!!!

  97. Ronaldo Whytehead

    Ronaldo Whytehead5 months ago

    Thunder Bolt Are you stupid or something you haven't watch wrestling in a while cause you must be living on a car to not know Daniel will get buried on Raw cause they are focus on Roman Reigns

  98. Shiv Pandey

    Shiv Pandey5 months ago

    RIP smackdown 😖

  99. Lamont King

    Lamont King5 months ago

    Loyal to smackdown💯

  100. Miftahud Diaz F

    Miftahud Diaz F5 months ago

    thank you

  101. Sergio Contreras

    Sergio Contreras5 months ago


  102. Skyler Blades

    Skyler Blades5 months ago

    😂😂😂 *Daniel Bryan runs away* Outro music: “Stop running…”

  103. Voidsus

    Voidsus5 months ago

    Skyler Blades IKR LOL