Daniel Bryan's heart is set on SmackDown LIVE: Exclusive, April 16, 2018


  1. Rozheffie Hamdan

    Rozheffie Hamdan6 months ago

    My idol(daniel bryan)

  2. Reyco Mojares

    Reyco Mojares11 months ago

    Smackdown os Good bec its shuffle stars hopefully that Miss Universe Title stays To Raw

  3. Jack G

    Jack GYear ago

    I'm a Raw guy I personally did not want him on Raw ha ha so glad he stayed.

  4. James Donaldson

    James DonaldsonYear ago

    I see people sayn DB buried the Universal title.. Can we all be honest here and realise that belt was buried its debut nite..... ITS TRASH and Brock having it makes it even more trash and destroyed its credibility.. I feel sorry for who ever purchased one..

  5. Gaurav R

    Gaurav RYear ago

    Question : How many f*cks does Daniel Bryan still give? Answer : *0*

  6. michelle j

    michelle jYear ago

    Please keep daniel on team blue

  7. Jorge Aragon

    Jorge AragonYear ago


  8. Daniel J

    Daniel JYear ago

    Ya can tell he is happy now

  9. Henrique Quintas

    Henrique QuintasYear ago

    Although i prefer Raw, i think SmackDown is the right brand for him

  10. jake the snake

    jake the snakeYear ago

    Team hell no reunion conferred

  11. mikeklassic78

    mikeklassic78Year ago

    He'll crack his lil skull again an disappear forever hopefully nxt time....pretty sure im gonna upset the Daniel Bryan funboy club that has DB's lil balls bangin against their chins upset by saying that but oh well...

  12. Jimmy Roe Jr

    Jimmy Roe JrYear ago

    Still a B+ Player

  13. andrew Sulfaro

    andrew SulfaroYear ago

    Future Hall of famer right there

  14. Varmando Varuso

    Varmando VarusoYear ago

    I would prefer Bryan on 205 Live as Cruiserweight champ... having a feud with Kenta and TJP.

  15. John Wick

    John WickYear ago

    Say it clearly u cant keep up with the likes of roman brock seth braun

  16. Gatot Januar Eriyanto

    Gatot Januar EriyantoYear ago

    the moment after DB running away from Mike Tom and the song starts with "stop running" really gets me...

  17. efreet schneid

    efreet schneidYear ago

    look at Daniel he is so happy to be back in wrestling condition again!

  18. Varun Sagar Theegala

    Varun Sagar TheegalaYear ago

    Daniel's wish was granted !!!! Styles nakamura bryan orton hardy benjamin Joe Almas and Miz all on 1 brand . Cant stop thinking about the possible future rivalries we could get

  19. SwishDish720

    SwishDish720Year ago

    Bryan stays on SD!!! god bless ...I'm so happy about that

  20. Nova deva Brhma

    Nova deva BrhmaYear ago

    smackdown live much do 3 hour show....

  21. Abhimanyu Chauhan

    Abhimanyu ChauhanYear ago

    only thanos can beat lesnar for universal champioship

  22. Salva E

    Salva EYear ago

    Glad to see him so happy

  23. ApolloMagnus

    ApolloMagnusYear ago

    TBH I don't like how Bryan buries the Universal Championship every time he can... yeah, it is not the best concept for a championship, but feels disrespectful to the ones who won it.

  24. Michael Jiménez

    Michael JiménezYear ago


  25. Alan Kan

    Alan KanYear ago

    I like D Bry's new gimmick

  26. Kaz Zarian

    Kaz ZarianYear ago

    And that is why Daniel Bryan is awesome.

  27. michael edwards

    michael edwardsYear ago

    miz and daniel bryan rivalry of the year

  28. Ryan Howell

    Ryan HowellYear ago

    Let Daniel Bryan stay on team blue

  29. Manuel Ortiz

    Manuel OrtizYear ago

    Daniel giving 0 f’s again

  30. SirCrash17

    SirCrash17Year ago

    Way to bury your universal title......

  31. Jeff Malinoff

    Jeff MalinoffYear ago

    We have to have a miz Bryan feud

  32. Ronda rousey true fans

    Ronda rousey true fansYear ago

    Stipid Daniel brayn suck and his fans are suck I love my hero Roman reing

  33. Muhammad Usman Rauf

    Muhammad Usman RaufYear ago

    I love smackdown live its my fvrt show and best show

  34. tehleoness

    tehleonessYear ago

    His promos are pure gold.

  35. Delsin Moxley

    Delsin MoxleyYear ago

    Look at him, he's so happy

  36. Lunchbox Goes With Everything

    Lunchbox Goes With EverythingYear ago

    I love his freedom of speech about the title 's name!

  37. TrippifiedTrips

    TrippifiedTripsYear ago

    You can genuinely see how much happier he is ever since he was able to wrestle again and it make's me happy for him being happy

  38. Random human Yep

    Random human YepYear ago

    That acting was so bad I laughed

  39. Maria Anto

    Maria AntoYear ago

    Monster handling

  40. Maria Anto

    Maria AntoYear ago

    How about Braun strowman

  41. Maria Anto

    Maria AntoYear ago

    Raw is best


    SAURABH DANGYear ago

    mixzVs dainel brayan the feud of the year

  43. Ricardo Castro

    Ricardo CastroYear ago

    Haha I agree with the whole universal thin. The wee universal title is a joke

  44. Jaylin Lawson

    Jaylin LawsonYear ago

    Daniel Needs To Stay.

  45. Septimus Heap

    Septimus HeapYear ago

    I like wrestler Daniel Bryan-he's crazier!

  46. Chanz

    ChanzYear ago

    Daniel bryan heel turn confirmed

  47. Joy Dutta

    Joy DuttaYear ago

    He just funnily disrespected the universe championship.

  48. Doug Unfunny

    Doug UnfunnyYear ago

    LOL the way daniel left.

  49. Saqlain Mukhtar

    Saqlain MukhtarYear ago

    Yes smack down yes

  50. King Que

    King QueYear ago

    Daniel Bryan is the true face of WWE