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Dan + Shay - Speechless (Wedding Video)


  1. amaya falgout

    amaya falgout6 hours ago

    this song gives me CHILLSS omg it’s so sweet

  2. Olin Barham

    Olin Barham10 hours ago

    Play just breath by fAith hill

  3. Chrissy Perry

    Chrissy Perry10 hours ago

    i love the song it is so cool that they used both thier weddings to make a video

  4. Anna

    Anna16 hours ago

    love the song but it's so annoying that the color grading for the two stories are different. arg.

  5. Elizabeth Frey

    Elizabeth FreyDay ago


  6. Jerry and Joey sosebee

    Jerry and Joey sosebeeDay ago

    If we

  7. Addy Willet

    Addy WilletDay ago

    Shay, My cousin Chrissy Parmenter and I were talking about you and we found out we are cousins. I am Reed Payton's cousin on his moms side and that relates us

  8. Spotted Dog

    Spotted DogDay ago


  9. manday cohill

    manday cohill2 days ago

    πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“i love this song so much gonna play this at my wedding πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  10. Edwardo Jefferson

    Edwardo Jefferson2 days ago

    So amazing man cant wait to sing this to my special someone, by the way CONGRATS to you my idols. :)

  11. Kim Wynne

    Kim Wynne2 days ago

    I'm getting married in September and HAD a song picked lol it has now been changed!

  12. Owen Green

    Owen Green2 days ago

    Ok I’m glad this clarifies that they aren’t butt buddies

  13. GiGi Daniels Joanna G.

    GiGi Daniels Joanna G.3 days ago

    This is fake, computer generated singers, woo hoo I can do this in my sleep. I promise to Allah I can sing just like the computer and everyone else in the, "music industry", including all the legends. Just ask my Dad. Joanna Gilbert

  14. Keziah Gen Asilom

    Keziah Gen Asilom3 days ago

    I'm speechless

  15. Tessa Cartwright

    Tessa Cartwright3 days ago

    This song is just perfect, I need an acoustic cover just for my wedding 😍😍😍😍

  16. Satemo McGee

    Satemo McGee3 days ago

    some good to me and I will be a good day to you and your family are all the time but I don't know if you have any questions about the same time as I will be a good time to get a chance to get the same time as I will be a good time to get the same time as I will be a good time for you by

  17. shore thing excavating landscaping

    shore thing excavating landscaping3 days ago

    You and me lisa Marie burns

  18. Alison Duffield

    Alison Duffield4 days ago

    my daughter's future wedding song

  19. Vernon Smith

    Vernon Smith4 days ago

    You must go to Facebook and listen to the amazing new single by BUEATIFULMESS called tumbling down

  20. Ethan Smith

    Ethan Smith4 days ago

    I wonder if she thinks about me as much as I think about her when I listen to this πŸ˜”πŸ’”

  21. Adalberto Tapia

    Adalberto Tapia4 days ago

    you guys rock

  22. Batnasan Jamiyansuren

    Batnasan Jamiyansuren4 days ago

    So cute

  23. Kaylee Phillips

    Kaylee Phillips4 days ago

    I want to play this at my wedding hopefully this is what husband would say

  24. Video Express

    Video Express5 days ago

    Beautiful song for the Pop charts I love it but not as Country as that is not what it is, but nice as Pop

  25. Philip StΓΆbe

    Philip StΓΆbe5 days ago

    Hey! AWesome song, can i use this song for a wedding video if i credit you?

  26. iris san miguel

    iris san miguel5 days ago

    Absolute perfection!!!! ❀❀❀❀

  27. Daniel Walker

    Daniel Walker5 days ago

    This song is just.. speechless!! Every time after work I listen to it, when I paint I listen to this, when I tattoo I'm listening to the "Dan and shay playlist" I can't explain what this song means to me and thank you for making an amazing piece of art !!

  28. Kiana Kamminga

    Kiana Kamminga5 days ago

    This is sooo cute

  29. Bike Life Motovlogs

    Bike Life Motovlogs6 days ago

    This is gonna be me and my girlfriends wedding song! :)

  30. lawtonokieguy

    lawtonokieguy6 days ago

    I swear just thinking that in less than two years, I will be married. I simply can't wrap my head around that. It's like dream that I am afraid to wake up from. Cause then I would have to try and find her. But if I had to spend another 20 years to finally find her, I would in a heartbeat.

  31. TheChosenOne

    TheChosenOne6 days ago

    It's always magical and beautiful in the beginning. Just give it a couple of years and a Tinder account.'ll be speechless to know how to ends.

  32. Brittney Swindle

    Brittney Swindle6 days ago

    Seriously you guys can't write a bad song. Every single song that you guys have written has been amazing, just waiting for the new album to come out so I can get it. I seriously love your guy's music like you have no idea. You guys are my favorite artists ever and I absolutely adore how you guys feel about your wives and made it into a song. Good job guys keep up the good work. ❀

  33. Sky bear

    Sky bear6 days ago

    I love you guys

  34. Stephany Julian

    Stephany Julian7 days ago

    This song is so awesome πŸ’™

  35. Jenny Krajkowski

    Jenny Krajkowski7 days ago

    OBSESSED. Can't wait to see you guys at the Cherry Festival this summer!

  36. Alli Edmondson

    Alli Edmondson7 days ago

    I wish they sang this at the concert I went to 😭😭😭 it was a recent concert too!!!! Like after this song came out

  37. Daiane Amorim

    Daiane Amorim7 days ago


  38. i luv my yorkie

    i luv my yorkie8 days ago

    I love Dan and shay they are so fricken amazing they can't write a bad song this will be my song for my wedding I'm speechless I love it so beautiful for them to think about there wife's

  39. Stephanie Long

    Stephanie Long8 days ago

    whoa change the speed to 1.25 it sounds amazing

  40. Mason & Carlyn

    Mason & Carlyn8 days ago

    Dan and Shay, I hope that y'all see this Y'all are my first favorite country singers I am obsessed with tequila (the song) y'all are great!! Once I heard this song it amazes me and I listen to it it makes me so happy:)Thanks

  41. Korie Fox

    Korie Fox8 days ago

    Their songs take me to a place out of this world. A happy place

  42. Dayna Rox

    Dayna Rox8 days ago

    this is my biggest dream with my fiance. I love him so much that if I lost him id be losing everything. he saved me from a life of negativity and hatred. he keeps me safe from everything and takes care of me. I love him so much and I don't ever want to lose him. I love you so much Lane. ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  43. sweet ethereal

    sweet ethereal8 days ago

    Thank you Demi for talking about this song. I’m in love with it nowπŸ’—

  44. Alice Hebert

    Alice Hebert9 days ago

    This will be my wedding song. Not even one doubt about it.

  45. Janice Angeles Pactao-in

    Janice Angeles Pactao-in9 days ago

    πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› love this

  46. Morgan Gibson

    Morgan Gibson9 days ago

    Is this footage from y'all's weddings?????

  47. Carla Edwards

    Carla Edwards9 days ago

    I wanna know who disliked this!!! It’s such a beautiful song and an amazing video!

  48. Candace Berry

    Candace Berry9 days ago

    I love this song

  49. Khai Le

    Khai Le10 days ago

    Ahhhhh am I able to license this anywhere??? So beautiful...

  50. Linda James

    Linda James10 days ago

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    STRODE GAMING10 days ago

    I cant show my son daddys big day..and our daughter on the way!

  52. Cindy Hunter

    Cindy Hunter10 days ago

    Speechless. Soooo romantic!

  53. Brylee Davis

    Brylee Davis10 days ago

    I cried

  54. Jessica-Lyn Sweet

    Jessica-Lyn Sweet10 days ago

    omg this is omg just so me like where have they been like omg this is just so me ;'}

  55. Kayte Barker

    Kayte Barker10 days ago

    Makes me want to get married lol. And I've already been divorced twice. Crazy how powerful music can be.

  56. John Paul San Luis

    John Paul San Luis11 days ago

    Slacks so tight they lookin like skinny jeans to a wedding

  57. Samantha B

    Samantha B11 days ago

    02292020 Trying to find a song for our wedding date

  58. Taylor Lynne

    Taylor Lynne11 days ago

    This is so beautiful!

  59. Jorja Lee

    Jorja Lee11 days ago

    And people wonder why divorce is so frequent and fewer men want to get married. Video translation: the wedding, the marriage is all about the woman and the man is such a cuck all he can do is stand there... speechless Dudes, just know this - the girls who love the idea of this song are going to want you speechless and in awe of them for the rest of your life... and if you are not - god help you

  60. Taelor Boyce

    Taelor Boyce11 days ago

    Beautiful song! Beautiful brides! Beautiful moments captured!! Wow stunning!

  61. My Channel

    My Channel11 days ago

    I’m not crying, you are

  62. Duong Pham

    Duong Pham11 days ago

    How do people dislike this video??

  63. demi .mp3

    demi .mp311 days ago



    HANS DE GUZMAN12 days ago


  65. Michael Tull

    Michael Tull12 days ago

    Dan and shay good luck to your future. I'm married 6 years to my wife her name shalayne and ppl can't say her name call her shay.

  66. Kim A.

    Kim A.12 days ago

    I'm in love 😍

  67. Jjmoose

    Jjmoose12 days ago

    One day.

  68. BigOcean 5685

    BigOcean 568512 days ago

    I love this song

  69. Gabrielle Misek

    Gabrielle Misek12 days ago

    This is such a beautiful song, the video fits so well, and I'm so happy that they are with the loves of their lives now

  70. Patrick Angel

    Patrick Angel12 days ago

    I can’t stop replaying this song. Such beautiful lyrics from start to finish. The day I get married, I want to use this as the newlywed first dance

  71. Robert VanAssen

    Robert VanAssen12 days ago


  72. summer perotti

    summer perotti12 days ago

    This song is absolutely beautiful and gave me chills!! Keep up the amazing work!!

  73. Madison Burchett

    Madison Burchett12 days ago

    I cannot believe Hannah went to my high school!!😱😱 she’s so beautiful 😍

  74. Madison Burchett

    Madison Burchett8 days ago

    Morgan Gibson ikr!!❀️😭

  75. Morgan Gibson

    Morgan Gibson8 days ago

    That is so cool. I love Oleta SOOOOOOOO much!! She is the sweetest ever!!

  76. Madison Burchett

    Madison Burchett9 days ago

    Cool, my mom and her mom knew eachother. It’s actually kinda funny, my mom ran away from home and her mom oleta took her back home πŸ˜‚

  77. Morgan Gibson

    Morgan Gibson9 days ago

    a few years ago i saw Hannah in a Walmart

  78. chris melton

    chris melton13 days ago

    Fucking amazing

  79. Bobby Grant

    Bobby Grant13 days ago

    Because love is something I honestly didn't believe in until I ran into a girl that means the world to me I would die for this girl I would do anything to protect her and to provide for her because I truly love this girl

  80. Bobby Grant

    Bobby Grant13 days ago

    Luckily I found you I love you Morgan lail

  81. Bobby Grant

    Bobby Grant13 days ago

    But whenever you find true love you just can't let it go because only one in a million will experience it

  82. Bobby Grant

    Bobby Grant13 days ago

    Sometimes love can be a deadly weapon that kills you're life and sometimes it can be the stitches that puts you're life back together

  83. Angelius Lowman

    Angelius Lowman13 days ago

    she liked it and so do I

  84. Angelius Lowman

    Angelius Lowman13 days ago

    Hey I showed my girl this song her names Kayla and I was wanting to see if y'all can make a song for us we are 13

  85. Analis Menendez

    Analis Menendez13 days ago

    I want to look at me like that.

  86. Alyssa Jade

    Alyssa Jade13 days ago

    So happy for you that you found THE girl they both look like prince's

  87. vee bee

    vee bee13 days ago

    God bless me with someone as considerate and amazing ❀️❀️

  88. Alexandra Jane Macuha

    Alexandra Jane Macuha14 days ago

    coz of demi😁

  89. Myeshia Hall

    Myeshia Hall14 days ago

    😍😍😍I love this

  90. Sarah G

    Sarah G14 days ago


  91. Bella E

    Bella E14 days ago

    Is that really their wife’s???

  92. Jessica Milsom

    Jessica Milsom14 days ago

    she still dose now

  93. dellapj1

    dellapj114 days ago

    Not sure how these two can be the biggest duo in country music but still underrated. These two make beautiful music and Shay’s voice is gold.

  94. Alyssa Jade

    Alyssa Jade14 days ago

    I know the hole sang I love this song

  95. itschrisstine

    itschrisstine14 days ago

    This is honestly so sweet

  96. Living4 DREAM

    Living4 DREAM14 days ago


  97. mark christian brinoza

    mark christian brinoza15 days ago

    when i get married i will definitely play this song

  98. brittany Hyde

    brittany Hyde15 days ago

    I get married in November and we Had our first dance song picked, but this song gives me goosebumps and I can’t help but think of my fiancΓ©. We may be changing it β€οΈπŸ’

  99. Sharen Emanuella

    Sharen Emanuella15 days ago

    find yourself a man who willing to sing this on your wedding day XD

  100. CrownedKutie 421

    CrownedKutie 42115 days ago

    I would have used this song on my wedding day! My wedding day was May 19th ❀️

  101. Maddy Enos

    Maddy Enos15 days ago

    I love you this song so much 😍😘😍😘

  102. Liz Wippel

    Liz Wippel15 days ago

    I #LOVE this #Song so much you can probably see you all are my most played song well one of the new ones and my #NewFavoriteCountryMusicGroup I hope I can see you and #RascalFlatts in #Riverbend #CincinnatiOH that's all I want for my birthday this May 21 I never got to enjoy

  103. NΓ₯ DΓ―nΓ«

    NΓ₯ DΓ―nΓ«15 days ago

    Amazing πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  104. Ody 96f

    Ody 96f15 days ago

    Love this one ❀