1. katie's video art

    katie's video art2 months ago

    He looks like captain hook . Lol.

  2. Toni Wright

    Toni Wright4 months ago

    He looks like the younger Dracula that courts Mina in Bram Stockers Dracula!

  3. Carol Lynette

    Carol Lynette4 months ago

    "Giga Pet" is the one where u could feed it, take it to the dr, play games, etc. :)

  4. Sarah Lindh

    Sarah Lindh4 months ago

    16:08 dog man looks like the lion after he goes to emerald city :)

  5. ScreamQueen

    ScreamQueen5 months ago

    Those tamogotchis only live like a week no matter how well you take care of them

  6. Corrine Magee

    Corrine Magee6 months ago

    You and dog man would be matching if you glued his cut of hair to your face hahaha

  7. RedFox_072 8

    RedFox_072 86 months ago

    Blue and green

  8. Cheryl Rowe

    Cheryl Rowe6 months ago


  9. S.Gene

    S.Gene6 months ago

    when your hair looks like crap compared to Dogmans and want to crawl inside a cave. good bye everyone!!

  10. angela manning

    angela manning7 months ago

    I love your hair its classic. Dogman's hair looks healthy now.

  11. angela manning

    angela manning7 months ago

    Definitely the guy on the card. Just live your life, and do a video when you have time to.

  12. Elizabeth Ann ferrario

    Elizabeth Ann ferrario7 months ago

    Hi bunny no doubt you will have got feed back from members of the public, but from what I have read just be aware the comments are coming your way. Take care love Liz x

  13. Jess Greatorex

    Jess Greatorex7 months ago

    Yes! Dogman has the best hair!

  14. Emily F

    Emily F7 months ago

    Straight hair lol

  15. Amy Minch

    Amy Minch7 months ago

    Dogman's new hair with the waves are beautiful

  16. Michelle Partridge

    Michelle Partridge8 months ago

    Orange and blue, for sure!

  17. Jesenia Garcia

    Jesenia Garcia8 months ago

    Bunny you are perfect just the way you are

  18. Ashley Serrano

    Ashley Serrano8 months ago

    Omg, you should get a reborn made with Dogman's hair

  19. Manuel Branco

    Manuel Branco8 months ago

    sheez - dogman is one hairy dude. GHOST HUNTER - you guys is a riot!

  20. Manuel Branco

    Manuel Branco8 months ago

  21. Rachel Bonitz Knits

    Rachel Bonitz Knits8 months ago

    Dog man looked awesome! I like your hair too.

  22. Kristine Yu

    Kristine Yu8 months ago

    dogman has better hair than me :(

  23. Zoe Nunan

    Zoe Nunan8 months ago

    You're amazing Bunny 🐰

  24. Ty Lane Robbins Mason

    Ty Lane Robbins Mason8 months ago

    Yes I would love to see your hair journey

  25. Candice and Mackenzie

    Candice and Mackenzie8 months ago

    I totally love these videos every single one of them. I want more of everything lol.

  26. Nicki LovesDogs

    Nicki LovesDogs9 months ago

    I remember your boyfriend from some time during 2007 when he made videos about Plato. I think he is one of the known atheists on MReporter.

  27. Desi Pfander

    Desi Pfander9 months ago

    Awwwww his hair looks beautiful now

  28. Commentator541

    Commentator5419 months ago

    I can't watch this, look at those cheeks, look at those eyes, look at those pecs, and he is funny I mean come on.

  29. Commentator541

    Commentator5419 months ago

    Omg the HOT HOT HOT hairdresser is back! My god he is hoooot!

  30. beachwriter8

    beachwriter89 months ago

    He grows beautiful hair

  31. Lily Xero

    Lily Xero9 months ago

    That is some virgin hair for sure!

  32. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ9 months ago

    Dogman is the true Jesus

  33. Bad banana Shay

    Bad banana Shay9 months ago

    Guy Tang: how about above the shoulders. Bunny NOO

  34. Jenny King

    Jenny King10 months ago

    Bunny I would love to hang out with you but I'm in England😥

  35. youveronicatube

    youveronicatube10 months ago

    Bring back guy I love him

  36. Sarah Marie

    Sarah Marie10 months ago

    When she said “the man in the water” my first thought was Old Greg😂😂

  37. stevnated

    stevnated10 months ago

    OMG his hair is so beautiful, I'm so glad they didn't cut it short.

  38. Lola Lalo

    Lola Lalo10 months ago

    Funny Bunny at 2:25. Ha!

  39. Jessica Mcgreevy

    Jessica Mcgreevy10 months ago

    Idk what it is about u Bunny, but it really helps my anxiety to watch you. Its like we r friends even though we have never met. I just discovered you a few weeks ago and I cant stop watching! You are AWESOME. So when u have dark days, try and remember that. I prob sound so stupid right now im sorry... i just started watching MReporter around March this year and I fell in love with makeup! I kept hearing ppl mention you but i never knew who they were talking about (good things only lol), and when i finally found you i was SO excited! I will stop rambling now or this will b a 10page comment LOL. Love ya Bun!! Thanks for keeping me company in darker times...(my mom just passed away), and also on good days too! It means a lot. Maybe that sounds silly but it is what it is. GodBless. Xoxo

  40. just kelly

    just kelly10 months ago

    Looks like a young Bob Seger (Night Moves album) Very Handsome :) your hair like this!

  41. ENVY ME

    ENVY ME10 months ago

    I will follow any where that you tell me too

  42. Angela Mckeown

    Angela Mckeown10 months ago

    DAMN SUPERMAN! Your butt could hold a teacup!

  43. Emily Moisant

    Emily Moisant10 months ago

    I get sick if I don't sleep too

  44. Scary_pixiechrissy13 Tarafa

    Scary_pixiechrissy13 Tarafa10 months ago

    Dogman needs a MReporter channel

  45. Jennifer Shakur

    Jennifer Shakur11 months ago

    I love the timestamps!! I haven't personally watched anyone do that. Regardless, I always watch your whole video, but that's cool as hell!! ❤️💋

  46. BRAD Smith

    BRAD Smith11 months ago

    DogMan one strip left right ambre orange blue.

  47. sharon nelson

    sharon nelson11 months ago

    I love his length and the waves of curls

  48. Hippy Redleaf

    Hippy Redleaf11 months ago

    OMG @ 12:46 that look, sexy hot beautiful . drool

  49. Christina Brand

    Christina BrandYear ago

    Omg 😮 so handsome good loik

  50. Christina Brand

    Christina BrandYear ago


  51. Christina Brand

    Christina BrandYear ago

    I think he should do black and dark blue would look good on dogman i went to Beauty school and I know it would look 👀 good on him bunny