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  1. Lorraine Luther

    Lorraine Luther4 hours ago

    Me:*sees salt baker* Me:*u salty bro*

  2. SkeleMaster

    SkeleMaster11 hours ago

    This might sound crazy, but hear me out, what if, Cuphead was revealed for Smash, and his release date in Smash would also be this DLC's release date, that way, Cuphead would be popular again when he joined Smash, it would be smart marketing, and everyone would love it! This may just be weird midnight thinking, but this idea just came to mind, and right now, it seems believable enough, so crazy it might be true kinda thing

  3. Jake Lawless

    Jake Lawless13 hours ago

    Whens it coming out

  4. SquareFive

    SquareFive15 hours ago

    Me: I finally beat Cuphead. It's over! Studio MDHR: Delicious Last Course!!! Me: Aw shit, here we go again.

  5. William

    William20 hours ago

    can the DLC be out for the switch I have cuphead on the switch so it would be nice to have the DLC on the switch

  6. KashTony1

    KashTony1Day ago

    I just beat Cuphead for the first time today and I already can’t wait for the DLC. I do wish they would say what month though...

  7. Uratheboi 1

    Uratheboi 1Day ago

    YAY I LOVE HAVING BROKEN CONTROLLERS.... gonna be soooo fucking fun *Sarcasm* (Before yall hate me i love this game but fuck it)

  8. FilmBucket

    FilmBucketDay ago

    Coming out in 2023!

  9. Kaitlyn Clemen

    Kaitlyn ClemenDay ago

    this better come to switch

  10. Mustache Pikachu

    Mustache PikachuDay ago

    My only question is that is it a new area in Cuphead: don’t deal with the devil, or is it a whole new game of itself?

  11. Meister Socke

    Meister Socke21 hour ago

    I think it is a new story so it happens after don't deal with the devil

  12. Lord Moldy Butt

    Lord Moldy ButtDay ago

    1.4 k ppl have switch

  13. Dabber 53

    Dabber 53Day ago

    Somebody kill me

  14. TDB705YT

    TDB705YT2 days ago

    I wonder what kind of torture and pain and destruction and social loss this DLC will bring? Please ease it down yall

  15. Anthony Serrano

    Anthony Serrano2 days ago

    The delicious last course as an acarnim is DLC. I just realized this too.

  16. Ben Jakab

    Ben Jakab2 days ago

    Well it's 2019...

  17. Bendy The Devil

    Bendy The Devil2 days ago

    It's already 2019 hmmmm

  18. Carl's mobile gaming

    Carl's mobile gaming2 days ago

    I thought this was cuphead 2 for some reason

  19. Puzzle League central

    Puzzle League central2 days ago

    when in 2019

  20. Kyle O'Reilly Jr.

    Kyle O'Reilly Jr.2 days ago


  21. GrungaGroongy

    GrungaGroongy2 days ago

    Will this be a free DLC or paid DLC, i'm hoping it's free that'd be awesome!

  22. turtlesqaud908

    turtlesqaud9083 days ago


  23. Lauri Jones

    Lauri Jones3 days ago

    Ms. Chalice: *exists* Rule 34 artists: * puts hand on shoulder * *Hey*

  24. Britt Wicklund

    Britt Wicklund3 days ago

    Almost a year later... It’s still not out.


    RISTAR DA HEADDY MAN3 days ago


  26. Rainbow Quartz 2.0

    Rainbow Quartz 2.03 days ago

    Still waiting......

  27. Ailette Vidal

    Ailette Vidal3 days ago

    It’s already 2019

  28. Ryu Hacco!

    Ryu Hacco!3 days ago

    Mugman, what the fuck is up with you right now? You high or something?

  29. dish_king

    dish_king3 days ago

    Will it be for switch too?

  30. Kanetix gaming

    Kanetix gaming3 days ago

    When in 2019

  31. Lost In Lucidity

    Lost In Lucidity4 days ago

    I remember her from the Mousesolumes

  32. Ethan Cook90132

    Ethan Cook901324 days ago

    It’s almost been a year where is it

  33. ThePowerHoster

    ThePowerHoster4 days ago

    Finally beat the game....My hands are numb

  34. ryan y

    ryan y4 days ago

    1,400 butthurt Sony fanboys. Lol. The salt is real.

  35. SonikkuBlaze

    SonikkuBlaze4 days ago

    Ah shoot, **gets pumped up** Here we go AGAIN!!!

  36. Arisuvi

    Arisuvi4 days ago

    We're still waiting MDHR....

  37. paco ramon

    paco ramon4 days ago

    2019 my ass.

  38. Filip Kročil

    Filip Kročil4 days ago

    And what nintendo switch


    TARA EBENSTEIN5 days ago

    Wait a second, “A brawl is surely brewing!” .......... *Cuphead confir*

  40. Joshiegreat MC

    Joshiegreat MC5 days ago

    Been on this vid for 11 months Still nothing

  41. Cindy Stooksbury

    Cindy Stooksbury5 days ago

    Where is my dlc

  42. Tomas Rodriguez

    Tomas Rodriguez5 days ago

    Double jumpin punks

  43. matilde perea moreno

    matilde perea moreno5 days ago

    omg yessss cuphed

  44. MuchYoutubersYT2 //// Doritos man who plays games

    MuchYoutubersYT2 //// Doritos man who plays games5 days ago

    DLC! Coming in another 1000000 years

  45. Samuel Dalton

    Samuel Dalton5 days ago

    all Cuphead switch owners: *I'll wait*

  46. Sadia Ali Aadan

    Sadia Ali Aadan5 days ago

    I just wanted to say to you make PS4 cuphead please

  47. that one guy

    that one guy5 days ago

    0:21 When your teacher checked you test paper wrong and got a highet score

  48. Little Sans 1235 Little tale

    Little Sans 1235 Little tale3 days ago

    Pssh i got better grades in cuphead thsn my actual grades 😎 A d + :D

  49. pookiewood

    pookiewood5 days ago

    Been playing this on Switch. Love this game!

  50. Abonne Toi

    Abonne Toi5 days ago

    And Nintendo switch, no ?

  51. Grayson Wells

    Grayson Wells6 days ago

    I see what you did there: Chef Salt Baker = Chef Salt Shaker

  52. Grayson Wells

    Grayson Wells3 days ago

    Little Sans 1235 Little tale: He’s a salt shaker, but his job is being a Baker. Like, salt shaker so they made the pun salt “baker”.

  53. Little Sans 1235 Little tale

    Little Sans 1235 Little tale3 days ago

    I dont get it

  54. Why Not?

    Why Not?6 days ago

    It's Been ALMOST a Year and it's Still not Here

  55. sailor cristal vs plants y zombies. héroes Landaeta

    sailor cristal vs plants y zombies. héroes Landaeta6 days ago

    Todo sienten las puertas y ventanas por qué el fantasma viene


    WOOPY CLOWN6 days ago

    No hate but at 0:32 Their still dancing while they are scared? Again. NO HATE

  57. Walelelo The Reviewer

    Walelelo The Reviewer6 days ago

    People be patient for this. Paper animation is hard you know. They still have to code stuff, play test, pay for the game, fix bugs, think of music and make it and more animating! So don't rush Studio MDHR

  58. Walelelo The Reviewer

    Walelelo The Reviewer6 days ago

    The creators say that the dlc comes this fall!

  59. Mr X

    Mr X6 days ago

    What are company thinking when they realase games on Xbox instead of ps4 duhh

  60. Ditto 73

    Ditto 736 days ago

    When they revealed a new isle I was sold!

  61. nanomachine

    nanomachine6 days ago

    dat double jump...

  62. Pewds UwU

    Pewds UwU6 days ago


  63. Son Goku SSB

    Son Goku SSB6 days ago

    ahhh i see what you did there said 2019 and not exact date so we won't be able to complain "IT'S STILL 2019 WAIT AND SHUT UP"

  64. Dusty Crophopper

    Dusty Crophopper6 days ago

    I have a feeling that it'll come out in 31.12.19

  65. Jai Mc

    Jai Mc7 days ago

    It’s been nearly a year and we still know nearly nothing

  66. lency miskin

    lency miskin7 days ago

    She can double jump omg

  67. Rank Frame

    Rank Frame7 days ago

    Anyone notice that her Toto is rocking blue (idk what kind of dress that is but don’t think I’m fucking dumb)

  68. Rank Frame

    Rank Frame7 days ago

    Idk what kind of drug they are having but I meant fucking

  69. Tavi Spencer

    Tavi Spencer7 days ago

    Double jump?

  70. Oshawott 16

    Oshawott 167 days ago

    Do you know the song used here is called "The Airship"? Its an unused song

  71. Abdurrahman Ihthisham

    Abdurrahman Ihthisham7 days ago

    When is this coming

  72. pepr 69

    pepr 697 days ago

    This was a year ago

  73. chidy boy

    chidy boy8 days ago

    Wth!!! When

  74. nengsih susanti

    nengsih susanti8 days ago

    Bang kapan adanya

  75. CubicleCircle

    CubicleCircle8 days ago

    Chef Saltbaker is probably going to be a shop owner *not a boss*

  76. Sir Guinea Pig

    Sir Guinea Pig8 days ago

    Wait so chalice wont have parry, cool.

  77. guilherme cunha

    guilherme cunha8 days ago

    Was that a double jump at the end?????


    PLUSHY CRAFTERS8 days ago

    This is the future: is this going to be DLC for the nintendo switch version too...I really hope so

  79. NerdyGaminYT

    NerdyGaminYT8 days ago


  80. MarcProGamer 317

    MarcProGamer 3178 days ago

    DLC:*Exist* Me:Time to destroy my wallet again!

  81. Inácia Júlia Prestes

    Inácia Júlia Prestes8 days ago

    Esse novo jogo do cuphead tem uma menina e dois meninos

  82. im just a guy

    im just a guy8 days ago

    cuphead in the DLC(Delicious Last Course) . smart move mdhr

  83. Game Fox

    Game Fox8 days ago

    Wait did miss chalice double jump!

  84. Paolo el pinwi Kawaii

    Paolo el pinwi Kawaii8 days ago

    *11 meses/months*


    MAKAYLA LOWERY8 days ago

    definition of rule 34: if anything exists or in the making there is porn. ms chalice: exist/ in the making rule 34: you are now fuckable

  86. Julian Salcedo

    Julian Salcedo9 days ago

    Is there going to be DLC in the switch version

  87. Matiantrax33 Super Sonic

    Matiantrax33 Super Sonic9 days ago

    Cuando sale el dlc

  88. Janith Agana

    Janith Agana9 days ago

    Stop memeing plz is it a joke the game is fake stop 😠

  89. Bendy Flix

    Bendy Flix9 days ago

    pls you said 2019 and im still waiting so long

  90. A person Who needs food

    A person Who needs food9 days ago


  91. Maria Eduarda Diamond Butterfly

    Maria Eduarda Diamond Butterfly9 days ago

    May, 2019 WHERE'S DLC?!

  92. Walelelo The Reviewer

    Walelelo The Reviewer6 days ago

    They say it will come in fall!

  93. Tavi Spencer

    Tavi Spencer7 days ago

    Do true

  94. the ripper

    the ripper9 days ago

    Time to check what rule 34 has to offer...

  95. sonicfan 3354

    sonicfan 335410 days ago

    Delicious Last Course =DLC

  96. Bippø

    Bippø10 days ago

    I think the colors of cuphead should be customizable like if I wanted green or purple instead of red ya know?


    LukaNoANIMATIONS10 days ago

    Make Cuphead relevant again

  98. DjGamer #AC

    DjGamer #AC10 days ago

    Need mobile version


    NOAM_ WEINSTEIN10 days ago

    when dis is coming

  100. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin10 days ago


  101. Jaden Gayle

    Jaden Gayle11 days ago

    *Looks at watch* They aren't late but cutting it real close

  102. Tiago Lepore

    Tiago Lepore11 days ago

    this music is of the airship

  103. beybladeburst turbo fan

    beybladeburst turbo fan11 days ago

    Hey studio mdhr you havent anything about the dlc when is it gonna come out

  104. Kyle Hulse

    Kyle Hulse11 days ago

    well... i guess their adding double jump.... maybe it will be a charm or something i dunno.

  105. Dub! ·JSAB OC·

    Dub! ·JSAB OC·8 days ago

    Sit the fuq down m8

  106. 6Ø7

    6Ø711 days ago

    What the f*ck is Mugman doing with his hands there? Is he riding a motorcycle?? Cause like wtf

  107. Awesome Alex

    Awesome Alex11 days ago

    Were is the game its been a year

  108. KrazyKoalaKings

    KrazyKoalaKings8 days ago

    Alex's Gaming Adventure it’s been 5 months wait a bit

  109. Fedde Kootstra

    Fedde Kootstra11 days ago

    oh shit, realy 3 players? who is the new boss? the devil again?