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  1. Electric Snake HUN

    Electric Snake HUN28 minutes ago

    Trio op (3 player co op?)??

  2. Coktail

    Coktail3 hours ago

    They need to draw all of these so we need to wait to 2019 xD

  3. cheat god

    cheat god5 hours ago


  4. Marbel Ramirez Bello

    Marbel Ramirez Bello5 hours ago

    cuphead Delicious last course for Android please ❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Mc. Stickmans

    Mc. Stickmans7 hours ago

    2019?????????????? How fast

  6. xshadow mcpc

    xshadow mcpc11 hours ago

    Super good game

  7. purple pancake

    purple pancake18 hours ago

    Every body do the mugman

  8. Alec ShannonB

    Alec ShannonB19 hours ago

    Now my dad and my mom can play😃

  9. Jayden Skellington

    Jayden Skellington20 hours ago

    Knowing this game it’ll probably come out on December 31 11:59 in 2019

  10. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas

    Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas23 hours ago

    2 cups 1 girl

  11. Squash' Em Soup

    Squash' Em SoupDay ago

    I thought this would have more views.

  12. lucky plays roblox

    lucky plays robloxDay ago

    why no windows 7

  13. EEYM

    EEYMDay ago

    0:06 That was... sudden... Also, it's a little too early to announce this, don't you think?

  14. hero gaming and more channel 2

    hero gaming and more channel 2Day ago

    Oh no I'm getting a stiffy.

  15. masmas12124

    masmas12124Day ago

    the question is in which month of 2019 they take out the dlc

  16. SonaCz

    SonaCzDay ago

    beutiful :_:

  17. Daniel Recio

    Daniel RecioDay ago

    What did they mortgage this time?

  18. Johanna Hague

    Johanna HagueDay ago

    I say I can dance well but i dance like mugman

  19. Cedrick gaming productions 1.0

    Cedrick gaming productions 1.0Day ago

    So did they gamble again or they lost in a cooking show

  20. Tristan Video

    Tristan VideoDay ago

    Release it from Android please

  21. Stefan Miodragovic

    Stefan MiodragovicDay ago

    Please release it on ps4 please

  22. Simao Espanha

    Simao Espanha2 days ago

    cuphead for Android

  23. Deezturbed GT

    Deezturbed GT2 days ago

    Boi im excited when it release straight to the game stop or more game store

  24. Wyalex 01

    Wyalex 012 days ago

    Hey MDHR, will you add a Popeye reference, like a pipe and Spinach?

  25. Death Lord666

    Death Lord6662 days ago

    Is it dlc because you need to pay to get or is it because of the initials

  26. Bad bunny Savage2ø7

    Bad bunny Savage2ø72 days ago

    Noooooo there is a lot a disgusting fanart of miss chalice

  27. yaelbrou rodriguez macías

    yaelbrou rodriguez macías3 days ago

    Cuphead 2

  28. Justin Garcia

    Justin Garcia3 days ago

    Please make cuphead for PS4

  29. lesley-anne agalabia

    lesley-anne agalabia3 days ago

    Is that cuphead thats nice


    ANTEHOOD ANTONI19873 days ago

    Haha extra :D

  31. Ringo 27

    Ringo 273 days ago

    Why you always salty why you always salty ooh oh my god STOP BEING SALTY -> 0:37

  32. Cesardroiid xD xn7

    Cesardroiid xD xn73 days ago

    Cuphead for android 2019?

  33. The Mario who's the sempai doesn't noticed

    The Mario who's the sempai doesn't noticed3 days ago

    I wonder if the double jump will be a ability for Ms. Chalice, or a charm

  34. RiperDroid RD

    RiperDroid RD4 days ago

    Please MDHR studio if you take cuphead the delicious last course make cuphead dont deal with the devil is free as there are many children who want to play it costs 20.00 dollars and my father does not have a credit or debit card and did not take it out for ps4 and nintendo switch

  35. Wendy Jansma

    Wendy Jansma4 days ago

    I cant wait for this dlc oh wait it's goming out in 2019 :(

  36. Ethan Mcgowan

    Ethan Mcgowan4 days ago


  37. WHITE BABY 197

    WHITE BABY 1974 days ago

    I don't feel like I can trust the jolly chef salt baker. Or maybe I could be wrong but we'll find out in 2019

  38. Jennifer Jones

    Jennifer Jones4 days ago

    Rated E for everything about this is so cool 😁😁😁😁😁

  39. Link

    Link4 days ago

    0:20 Mugman?? Are you ok buddy??

  40. timimomo

    timimomo4 days ago

    Weird, i was Watching SSSniperwolf, this wasnt up next at all! And it randomly comes on! Either way, so excited for the game! No matter what my father says!

  41. Erlinda Ruiz

    Erlinda Ruiz4 days ago

    Mugmans dance though big fan of cuphaed😄👉👉🎲

  42. Sandra Aquino

    Sandra Aquino4 days ago

    I have an idea for StudioMDHR all of October the bosses has costumes like Hilda Berg as a witch

  43. RappaRapper

    RappaRapper5 days ago

    Oh no, I have a stiffy.

  44. Super Boy TV

    Super Boy TV5 days ago

    Will Cuphead Come Out On PS4?

  45. Mr. Charmander

    Mr. Charmander4 days ago

    Super Boy TV no its only on PC and Xbox One. Because Microsoft funded the game

  46. Bendy The dancing demon

    Bendy The dancing demon5 days ago

    Genie : I’ll grant u 1 wish Me: more cuphead Genie: k Genie : 0:00

  47. Memory AEBDC

    Memory AEBDC5 days ago

    When this comes out everyone is about to put there Rage Face On! Including me!

  48. Ask Inky Edits 1000

    Ask Inky Edits 10005 days ago

    Yup I have a Xbox one too!

  49. Parkdum

    Parkdum5 days ago

    oh no *4CHAN STOP*

  50. Virginia MacRill

    Virginia MacRill5 days ago

    Can't wait!!!

  51. Mariajosé Pino Benavides

    Mariajosé Pino Benavides5 days ago


  52. Jonathan Avery

    Jonathan Avery5 days ago

    I can’t not wait for this 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  53. HappyHaleyplays

    HappyHaleyplays6 days ago


  54. HappyHaleyplays

    HappyHaleyplays6 days ago


  55. HappyHaleyplays

    HappyHaleyplays6 days ago


  56. Qwerty Is My Name

    Qwerty Is My Name6 days ago

    So Legendary Chalice’s mole moved to the other side of her face when she turned into Ms. Chalice. *Seems legit.*

  57. AwesomeBeast

    AwesomeBeast6 days ago

    New levels to get pissed off for and more reviews for people to complain that it's too hard and we can't forget FANFICS!

  58. STBill

    STBill6 days ago

    I'm 12 and what's a rule 34???

  59. Jorge Padilla

    Jorge Padilla2 days ago

    Google Blue Waffles and you will get your answer.

  60. Mr.Animate R

    Mr.Animate R3 days ago

    I’m sorry you don’t know this it’s better to not search it up...

  61. The Mugman and Foxy channel

    The Mugman and Foxy channel3 days ago

    I 9 I already know rule 34 how cum u don't

  62. Scoutpandapal

    Scoutpandapal5 days ago


  63. Dom's Review's

    Dom's Review's6 days ago

    Can they make this into an animated series?

  64. Chrisasideus Darth

    Chrisasideus Darth6 days ago

    Ps4 plz

  65. Jorge Padilla

    Jorge Padilla2 days ago

    This game would feel out of place on the PS4...maybe the Switch. PS4 players love third person games with cinematics vibes ala God of War, Horizon Dawn, Days Gone, The Last of Us 2, get my point.

  66. Death Lord666

    Death Lord6662 days ago

    Xbox doesn't give away exclusives

  67. Arturo Villadelgado

    Arturo Villadelgado6 days ago


  68. Ahmed ._.

    Ahmed ._.6 days ago

    coming in 2568*

  69. MrTotart

    MrTotart6 days ago

    I’m really exited but I’m just a little sad that it’s releasing in 2019 just my opinion

  70. FakhriYT

    FakhriYT6 days ago

    so, you can now play Cuphead 3 players?

  71. Jose Simbulan

    Jose Simbulan6 days ago

    can’t wait. take my money!

  72. Miriam Gomez

    Miriam Gomez6 days ago

    The rule34’s of this though


    BRYAN GAMER XLP26 days ago


  74. Super Star games

    Super Star games6 days ago

    Back then when everyone had Pac-Man eyes those were the days

  75. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.7 days ago

    At least the cuphead porn ain't gay anymore.

  76. Latrell Life

    Latrell Life7 days ago

    I agree with Harrison

  77. Luis Llumiugsi Quispe

    Luis Llumiugsi Quispe7 days ago

    Ya 2 no me lo puedo creer chupead 2 😰😰😰

  78. Luis Llumiugsi Quispe

    Luis Llumiugsi Quispe7 days ago

    Pero que alucinante 😱😱😱😱

  79. Luis Llumiugsi Quispe

    Luis Llumiugsi Quispe7 days ago

    Nose ingles 🙃🙃🙃

  80. Oscar 150

    Oscar 1502 days ago

    Luis Llumiugsi Quispe you lied to me

  81. Cyril Gamer

    Cyril Gamer7 days ago

    why did you release it in 2019 :-(

  82. Greenie! :D

    Greenie! :D7 days ago

    fuck in 2019

  83. E E E E E EE E E E E E E

    E E E E E EE E E E E E E8 days ago

    Please make a mobile game

  84. Music gamer

    Music gamer8 days ago

    OMG THIS GOING TO BE SOO COOL LOVE YOU CUPHEAD (Btw i haven't finished the original cuphead 😭😭😭-_-)

  85. Solstice Games

    Solstice Games8 days ago

    Who wants to wait another year

  86. tek87

    tek878 days ago

    2019 is a bit far for DLC. Sounds like a whole sequel. Then again, the game is hand drawn so...

  87. LIAMYT

    LIAMYT8 days ago

    They have to change the song or make a new one

  88. Adam Evans

    Adam Evans8 days ago

    double jump is for all characters, not just chalice. devs wanted to clear that up.

  89. Odji Ramirez

    Odji Ramirez8 days ago

    Yeeaaah...., cool 👍. i can't wait ⌚ ! it's a original game and i love the concept old school hand. Must have !

  90. Denali Master

    Denali Master8 days ago


  91. foxcraft

    foxcraft8 days ago

    I don't even care that it takes a year to make! that's totally worth the wait!!!

  92. Joe Ferri

    Joe Ferri8 days ago

    Does this mean that Cuphead can now have 3 players playing at once

  93. sansy kawai

    sansy kawai9 days ago

    Yeah ☕☕🔫🔫

  94. Wesly Rosales

    Wesly Rosales9 days ago

    Can't wait for this..

  95. Vladimir Lestrad

    Vladimir Lestrad9 days ago

    And remember children: If you cry, the communists win!

  96. loli fefaink

    loli fefaink9 days ago

    Le quitaron el protagonismo a cuphead :"U

  97. cats are cool

    cats are cool9 days ago

    I swear if this is a lie I'm gonna rage. But if it's not then I wanna play

  98. Ringo 27

    Ringo 2710 days ago


  99. jacob Plays RB

    jacob Plays RB10 days ago

    when does it realease

  100. Zane The Gamer

    Zane The Gamer9 days ago


  101. Гоцо Даалсд

    Гоцо Даалсд10 days ago

    Сделайте в новой игры выбор за кого ты будеш играть в одиночнрй игре

  102. Marcos Cassiano

    Marcos Cassiano10 days ago

    Mr.Chalice? ... Rip 2018-2018 Reason: Fandom :D

  103. inbar shelef

    inbar shelef10 days ago

    cant wait.

  104. temmie chang

    temmie chang10 days ago

    Mugmen. ....😢😢😢😢

  105. JustsomeGuy YT

    JustsomeGuy YT10 days ago

    I'm guessing that since Mrs.Chalice can double jump but she can't parry

  106. The creeper of Cool

    The creeper of Cool11 days ago

    Ahhhh mug man is the best

  107. Blake Hartong

    Blake Hartong11 days ago


  108. Zane The Gamer

    Zane The Gamer9 days ago

    Yes! Probably.

  109. Gabriel Android Crafter

    Gabriel Android Crafter11 days ago


  110. Eko thegamer

    Eko thegamer11 days ago

    hope the cringe will stop

  111. Zane The Gamer

    Zane The Gamer9 days ago