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  1. marquesjrthiago Carvalho

    marquesjrthiago Carvalho2 hours ago


  2. RJ reviews

    RJ reviews4 hours ago

    Man the original game fucked me sooo hard.... And i can't wait to return for more!

  3. Danil Gameplays

    Danil Gameplays4 hours ago

    *see's ms.chalice* *looking in rule 34* Me:wth

  4. GamingJesse s

    GamingJesse s5 hours ago

    D-elicous L-ast C-ourse Stands for DLC

  5. 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Vids

    10,000 Subscribers Without Any Vids7 hours ago

    Cuphead Switch port plz?

  6. Eduardo Orozco

    Eduardo Orozco8 hours ago

    Studio MDHR Cuphead definitive edition in XBOX ONE, please!!!!!!!! 💔❤💔❤💔 in physical format please!!!!

  7. sonic 512

    sonic 51210 hours ago

    In 2019......¿¡STUDIO MDHR ARE YOU FU·%&# CRAZY?!

  8. Johnny Jim

    Johnny Jim11 hours ago

    welp looks like cuphead and mugman went into a kitchen and someone tryin drink dem and they have to escape with food bosses lol

  9. Edinete Leão

    Edinete Leão17 hours ago


  10. hope stooksbury

    hope stooksbury19 hours ago

    Can you put the demon bat and the spider and toast in the dlc

  11. xXSenpaiWolfXx 123

    xXSenpaiWolfXx 12322 hours ago

    Coin op bop?

  12. милашка броо !

    милашка броо !Day ago

    0:22 holy sh*t wtf is with mugman🤨

  13. Евгений Красовский

    Евгений КрасовскийDay ago

    А будет мистер паук желейный осьминог Починка☺

  14. Julien Wong juin rey

    Julien Wong juin reyDay ago

    2019 is next year

  15. sirsoniccd 20

    sirsoniccd 20Day ago

    ms. chalice hmm look good in 2019 OMG OMFG dancing

  16. sirsoniccd 20

    sirsoniccd 20Day ago

    ooooh im so scared

  17. Adam-Spil

    Adam-SpilDay ago

    Rule 34

  18. MissMash !

    MissMash !Day ago

    Salty. Of course. I get it

  19. gamer smuzie

    gamer smuzie2 days ago

    were soo close

  20. Mother Fan

    Mother FanDay ago

    Probably December 2019 lol

  21. dat dere communist waddle dee

    dat dere communist waddle dee2 days ago

    I don't get the "use of alchohol and tobacco" warning

  22. guevara argota

    guevara argota2 days ago

    oh omg omg yes yes wow cuphead dlc bitch cupped dlc

  23. Fluffy_funtimes glitchhead_team

    Fluffy_funtimes glitchhead_team2 days ago

    Chalice looks so cute

  24. Isra Randoom

    Isra Randoom2 days ago

    its free?

  25. likingthrower yaaa

    likingthrower yaaa2 days ago

    Make cuphead for the Nintendo switch

  26. Mother Fan

    Mother FanDay ago

    Microsoft exclusive

  27. Mr. Gold

    Mr. Gold2 days ago

    I can’t wait for this game !! well … for me cup head was an enjoyable game but for some it might not .. but still I really love this game !!😄

  28. SalamanderPickle

    SalamanderPickle2 days ago

    **waits to see if King Dice and Devil are in this**

  29. Slicemo Lo

    Slicemo Lo2 days ago

    Are you ever gonna bring Cuphead to Nintendo Switch? Just Asking

  30. Mother Fan

    Mother FanDay ago

    Microsoft exclusive

  31. Brianda Lakeram

    Brianda Lakeram2 days ago

    1.Look at the graphics of this game!Amazing! 2.I HATE THIS GAME IT TRASH REEEEE

  32. Brianda Lakeram

    Brianda Lakeram2 days ago

    This will get 1 view

  33. Brianda Lakeram

    Brianda Lakeram2 days ago

    Me want likes

  34. Cupcake Lover

    Cupcake Lover2 days ago

    WY 2019 at least it's almost there

  35. Mother Fan

    Mother FanDay ago

    Or probably December 2019...

  36. stefan zdravkovic

    stefan zdravkovic3 days ago


  37. Memed up Gamer

    Memed up Gamer3 days ago

    This game makes me rage And I love it

  38. Memed up Gamer

    Memed up Gamer3 days ago

    How much salt will chef saltbaker bring

  39. Tip Alexander

    Tip Alexander3 days ago

    0:17 When I was Young,I thought anyone that can wiggle their fingers while moving side to side is relatives from cartoons

  40. cuphead 87

    cuphead 873 days ago

    I know I'm late but here we go again

  41. youtubeguy 567973 channel 8431

    youtubeguy 567973 channel 84313 days ago

    Please bring coin op bop back

  42. jaydenkid 9000 / jayden x the hedgehog

    jaydenkid 9000 / jayden x the hedgehog3 days ago

    0:45 she the only one that do that she op

  43. Mother Fan

    Mother FanDay ago

    That probably a charm

  44. MitjSoul

    MitjSoul3 days ago

    Hmm does it mean we're having the forgotten character like the bat and more?

  45. Analis Nalley

    Analis Nalley3 days ago

    Make another one please me and my friend love cuphead please

  46. lolthegames

    lolthegames3 days ago

    MA MAN!

  47. lolthegames

    lolthegames3 days ago

    MY MAN!

  48. Nour Playz! The youtuber

    Nour Playz! The youtuber3 days ago


  49. Cleocatgaming /daisy talks

    Cleocatgaming /daisy talks3 days ago

    Time for more throwing and breaking controllers

  50. ???????

    ???????4 days ago

    Wait the last course last last it is the last game bum bum bummmmmmm

  51. Oz Haz

    Oz Haz4 days ago

    I can't believe

  52. Waddle Dee

    Waddle Dee4 days ago

    Did she just double jump

  53. Samuel TheGreat

    Samuel TheGreat4 days ago

    0:45 did she just double jump?

  54. aizuddin GAmEr

    aizuddin GAmEr4 days ago

    can you add cuphead to Android/ps3?

  55. Καλαμάρης πλοκάμιας ✔

    Καλαμάρης πλοκάμιας ✔4 days ago


  56. Jesus Guadalupe

    Jesus Guadalupe4 days ago

    woow double jump

  57. Spoker 99

    Spoker 994 days ago

    Cuphead in ps4 & switch is confirmed in 2700 by EA

  58. sonic nexo

    sonic nexo4 days ago

    This is last course? :(

  59. DatBoiKirby

    DatBoiKirby4 days ago

    Rule 34 approching

  60. ThatOneBoi87

    ThatOneBoi874 days ago

    these people have unleashed the porn all hope is lost

  61. TyIsRandom But #2

    TyIsRandom But #25 days ago

    Oh boy time to collect more souls

  62. Tom Gurney#LegiãoBySpeed

    Tom Gurney#LegiãoBySpeed5 days ago


  63. Enzo Gabriel

    Enzo Gabriel5 days ago


  64. Funtime Foxy GamingChannel

    Funtime Foxy GamingChannel5 days ago

    3 player is gonna make it a lot easier! 😂😂😂😂

  65. Mother Fan

    Mother Fan4 days ago

    Are you retarded ? You know when you play 2 player the boss get 2× of his normal health? Means with 3 players the boss will have 3× of his normal health...

  66. Sebas

    Sebas5 days ago

    Hey: The D - Delicious L - Last C - Course Did you miss it? ;)

  67. Madeline Carroll

    Madeline Carroll5 days ago


  68. Maddbear 057

    Maddbear 0575 days ago

    I'm crying with joy.

  69. Christian Gervasio

    Christian Gervasio5 days ago

    So happy beat the game I've done every thing got 200 % on it can't wait to break more stuff🤣🤣☺😍

  70. Angelics

    Angelics5 days ago


  71. Canal do Vini

    Canal do Vini5 days ago

    and in ps4 please please pleeeeeeaaaaase

  72. Mother Fan

    Mother Fan4 days ago

    It's a Microsoft exclusive

  73. Jaja Gosing

    Jaja Gosing6 days ago


  74. Sane a esqueleta artista

    Sane a esqueleta artista6 days ago

    Omg i really want to play this

  75. Hugo Z313

    Hugo Z3136 days ago

    What do you want to come out, will come texts in Spanish with this DLCI?

  76. Author404

    Author4046 days ago

    I think people got a BiT tooO exCitED

  77. FluffyKitty 543

    FluffyKitty 5437 days ago

    I want it now I’m hyped

  78. JuantoFinnElHumano 10

    JuantoFinnElHumano 107 days ago

    I hate ms chalice Rule 34 ;)

  79. Cristina Almeida Sousa

    Cristina Almeida Sousa7 days ago

    Add everything that was unused in cuphead

  80. Ezekiel Gunsett,Juegos,dibujos y mas!!!!

    Ezekiel Gunsett,Juegos,dibujos y mas!!!!7 days ago

    Let's wait 7 years more for this!

  81. Sweet_ Tooth003

    Sweet_ Tooth0037 days ago

    I like mugman dance

  82. -Arbyboi-

    -Arbyboi-8 days ago

    Normal people: Nice! A new wholesome content! Shadman: *Lens flare intensifies*

  83. TomElOjitosNegritos :v

    TomElOjitosNegritos :v8 days ago

    R U L E. 3 4. W I N F U C K

  84. useful cat

    useful cat8 days ago

    Cheff SALTY baker.... Oh god....the salt

  85. Tiago Sousa

    Tiago Sousa8 days ago

    Chef Salt Baker remove k remove r Salt Bae I see what you did there

  86. Pikachu Power

    Pikachu Power8 days ago

    Like if cuphead should be on switch

  87. Giannis P.

    Giannis P.3 days ago


  88. Zach ary

    Zach ary9 days ago

    Rule 34

  89. James Howlett

    James Howlett9 days ago

    I'ma be triggered if i find out that i gotta buy it

  90. samandmrcheese

    samandmrcheese9 days ago

    Mugman looks like one of the robots from Futurama with that face.

  91. I draw And animate

    I draw And animate9 days ago

    Wo ho mo ho ho WHAT!!!!! =0 =)

  92. Gaming Dino

    Gaming Dino9 days ago


  93. Артем Дан

    Артем Дан9 days ago

    New cuphead yay!

  94. Mother Fan

    Mother Fan4 days ago

    It's a DLC

  95. Unikitty loves bendy

    Unikitty loves bendy9 days ago


  96. Sl7therin

    Sl7therin9 days ago


  97. Grace Bodine

    Grace Bodine9 days ago

    0:20 OH GOD PLEASE NO!

  98. Mustapha Mazouzi

    Mustapha Mazouzi9 days ago


  99. zuzia LPS MLP Spore i inne gry

    zuzia LPS MLP Spore i inne gry10 days ago

    Wow a new but i like part Dont Deal whit devil

  100. Mommy Panda

    Mommy Panda10 days ago

    New playable character=3 characters

  101. Mommy Panda

    Mommy Panda10 days ago

    D=delicious L=Last C=course DLC=delicious last coruse WoW amazing!!!!

  102. Atomicbomb345 :-D

    Atomicbomb345 :-D10 days ago

    Ok. 3 months ago I told the MDHR crew to maybe add the scraped bosses and then I realized... If this is going to be released next year, does that mean 2021, I'm not joking, think about it, if cuphead said originally that it will be released in 2014 then it was released 3 years later.

  103. Avery Silva

    Avery Silva10 days ago

    Can you make the characters actually speak in the new game? If you can, can cuphead speak like a teenage boy and mugman speak kinda like Oswald the lucky rabbit?

  104. SuperOONz

    SuperOONz10 days ago

    0:20 once you try to do the orange justice!

  105. Jacob Attacks!

    Jacob Attacks!10 days ago

    I’m a fan of cuphead it makes me a game like this I will one day

  106. Tamara Zepeda

    Tamara Zepeda10 days ago

    Wait so that means we get to be three players

  107. TheGamer Noob

    TheGamer Noob10 days ago

    Pls make this Game FOR Ps4 And iMac! Plllllls

  108. Alessandro Soares

    Alessandro Soares10 days ago

    You guys stuck at boss 'x' ? I lost my save file twice.

  109. Hazardous_Gamer 329

    Hazardous_Gamer 32910 days ago

    2019! Here We Come!

  110. Abood Ali

    Abood Ali10 days ago

    Pls put this game for ps4

  111. Abood Ali

    Abood Ali7 days ago

    +Bunnyman 458 thanks :D

  112. Bunnyman 458

    Bunnyman 4587 days ago

    I wish you get to play it

  113. Simrri González

    Simrri González11 days ago

    Take out for Xbox 360 sorry

  114. Dominick Fornaso

    Dominick Fornaso11 days ago