CRS-8 Dragon Hosted Webcast


  1. Simak Santana

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  2. TheNoobyNoob 61

    TheNoobyNoob 61Month ago

    it has been 2 years since this, Me: **watches the landing** Me:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA **runs around the house shouting "SPACEX IS THE BEST"**

  3. SkyCraft Plays

    SkyCraft PlaysMonth ago

    SpaceX is a good thing

  4. Titas Bartaska

    Titas BartaskaMonth ago

    USA,USA,USA,USA,USA!!!! im emotionally crying rn,even tho this was 2 years ago,im literally shouting

  5. cakepie

    cakepieMonth ago

    two years late but i still shat myself

  6. Turtler bionic

    Turtler bionic2 months ago

    This is what makes America great. Not being afraid of facing challenges, keep innovating, developing, and aiming for the highest and the best. Pure class. Good job USA.

  7. stephanie broussard

    stephanie broussard3 months ago

    28:38 now THIS Is what makes America great again.

  8. stephanie broussard

    stephanie broussard3 months ago

    27:34 for the landing

  9. New Antarctictangle

    New Antarctictangle4 months ago

    27:12 thank me later

  10. Kumquat Lord

    Kumquat Lord5 months ago

    Launch starts at 19:00

  11. Yo Llama

    Yo Llama5 months ago

    KSP graphics have really become amazing

  12. Nick Chan

    Nick Chan6 months ago

    28:42 USA! USA! USA!

  13. Satwik Singh

    Satwik Singh7 months ago

    It all started here, the future.

  14. Finn Tiedböhl

    Finn Tiedböhl7 months ago

    who could dislike one of the biggest steps towards us beeing a muliplanitary species

  15. firexgodx980

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  16. Eaten By Black Hole

    Eaten By Black Hole9 months ago

    This landing was awesome

  17. Vectorize

    Vectorize9 months ago

    You can see how excited everyone is by the way they mess up their words. :D

  18. 2jedismom

    2jedismom10 months ago

    Seriously...the Super Bowl is nothing compared to this.

  19. Cookie Mite

    Cookie Mite10 months ago

    2 years later, first falcon heavy flight, 2nd one coming up next, 7th mission done so far in this year 8th one comin next. New version of falcon 9 is coming later this month that each booster can be reused up to 100 times with refurbishment, 10 times without it. Landings 22 in a row sucessful. SO MUCH HAS BEEN DONE

  20. Ultimate Steve

    Ultimate Steve10 months ago

    2 year anniversary, anyone?

  21. FutureMartian97

    FutureMartian9710 months ago

    To years ago today this happened. It's amazing what SpaceX has accomplished in these two years!

  22. Christian Nilsson

    Christian Nilsson10 months ago

    Rewatching this before today's launch of CRS-14. Can't believe it has been two years and now the same Dragon capsule is going up again. On a flight-proven booster at that. This SpaceX "mind blown"-stuff is addictive...

  23. ItzAtomic

    ItzAtomic11 months ago

    2 years ago this happened. Now, we had an almost complete success of the Falcon Heavy.

  24. Asef Jamil Ajwad

    Asef Jamil Ajwad11 months ago

    27:27 History has been written

  25. sonder

    sonder11 months ago

    Not just elon is my hero, but all of the employees that help make this happen regularly now. Came back to watch this after binge watching rocket videos

  26. Adam Bryant

    Adam BryantYear ago

    I imagine that the pilots were like "what... what......... whaaaaaaaat....... wtf"

  27. Meateor Man

    Meateor ManYear ago

    The good stuff is at 19:00

  28. Terraplanista por la gloria de Dios

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  29. Jordi Pakey-Rodriguez

    Jordi Pakey-RodriguezYear ago

    Anyone else cry when they see it touch down?

  30. Francis Ben Lleve

    Francis Ben LleveYear ago

    24:35 wow they calculated well the exact time of touchdown.

  31. Francis Ben Lleve

    Francis Ben LleveYear ago

    7:20 SpaceX plans to send astronauts to ISS starting 2017, but it's now 2018. Any news when they will proceed this program?

  32. Keklord

    KeklordYear ago

    I still get nervous whenever i watch this, Like, if it dosen't land, But i know it does, and i just can't get over that fact.

  33. bikerfreak714

    bikerfreak714Year ago

    27:30 I cried and I don't know why

  34. stephanie broussard

    stephanie broussardYear ago

    This serves as throwback thursday.

  35. alexey4r3

    alexey4r3Year ago

    anyone could explain me - is this - really big saving, when we get back a piece of iron? Technology of landing is really great achievement- yeah. But at the same time it's - useless in modern conditions. Why? Because - preparing new launch vehicle from that piece of iron will not be cheaper than building a new launch vehicle . In some cases, that could be more expensive and less secure ...

  36. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim VoldsethYear ago

    The first refurbishment and relaunch for the SES-10 mission was done in half the cost of a new one which is a significant cost reduction. Recently they have been reflying stages that was flown not that long ago. The next version of the Falcon 9 the block 5 will be able to be reflown with less than 24 hours of minor refurbishment

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  39. 김선종

    김선종Year ago

    that so legendary ... wrote history

  40. Bige Lee

    Bige LeeYear ago

    *smoke clears* Falcon 9: "I'M ON A MOTHERFUCKING BOAT!"

  41. xPokeyyy

    xPokeyyyYear ago

    hate that when it lands, typical Americans start chanting USA. like, fuck off

  42. ijustinhk

    ijustinhkYear ago

    27:18 watching it again after a year, I still wanna cry.

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  45. ZimZamFlimFlam

    ZimZamFlimFlamYear ago

    people too busy bitching over whether the commie, orange, or criminal will get into office meanwhile everybody ignores shit like this that will actually further humanity by some measurable metric smh this is why we're all doomed anyway.

  46. Kyle Denny

    Kyle DennyYear ago

    Who's excited for this week when this very same first stage launches again!

  47. Mastacheifa 118

    Mastacheifa 118Year ago

    Anyone here just for the landing?

  48. Hey Now

    Hey Now2 years ago

    The book "Elon Musk" is amazing BTW

  49. David Murphy

    David Murphy2 years ago

    I find it hard to believe how much of a great job you do, at making this video one of the biggest pieces of shit i have ever seen. The use of a fish eye lens is a great move, it allows us to see the Earth in all of its wonderful forms 25:42 Globe (round), 26:40 Plane (flat) and finally 27:09 FishBowl (concave). No matter your belief of the place we live, the evidence is right here. Great job.

  50. MrTagnan

    MrTagnanYear ago

    David Murphy I'm confused. Are you saying these are fake? I've seen some launches and others (including myself soon) have seen it land

  51. Land Rover Addict

    Land Rover Addict2 years ago

    Wow, outstanding, now I believe I may live to see humans on Mars. Landing on a ship in a less than calm ocean just took my breath away. Just to echo sparkss4 sentiment, Trump, don't build a wall go to Mars, the world will remember you forever!

  52. Vijay Visweswaran

    Vijay Visweswaran2 years ago

    Just amazing. Wish I could work at SpaceX

  53. MGTOW warrior

    MGTOW warrior2 years ago

    Has SpaceX figured out how to get through the Van Allen belts? I heard those are some awesome but dangerous plasma radiation? I've been researching this.

  54. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim VoldsethYear ago

    Not an issue. No one stays in the van allen belts for long.

  55. fi5mvKsW3M

    fi5mvKsW3MYear ago

    Christophers Bible Studies NASA figured it out with the Apollo missions. I'm sure SpaceX will use a similar approach.

  56. MGTOW warrior

    MGTOW warrior2 years ago

    I see the fire creeping up the bottom above the engines, is that bad?

  57. swee abn

    swee abn2 years ago

    when do they expect to send folks to Mars?

  58. Lou Jr

    Lou Jr2 years ago

    25:10_ 25:20 whats with the two lense?one side of earth is round and the other flat.

  59. Quazar501

    Quazar5012 years ago

    They clearly use a MechJeb Plugin!

  60. Alex Landherr

    Alex Landherr2 years ago

    Thank you for making this video, i really appreciate the effort.

  61. Mike Holmes

    Mike Holmes2 years ago

    I just applied to this company, I hope to get the opportunity to be part of this amazing company, Onward and Upward

  62. Fayenwolf

    Fayenwolf2 years ago

    History was made today. Privatized development is our modern renaissance. A big thank you to Elon Musk and team.

  63. NO. 1

    NO. 12 years ago

    t-10: 18:50

  64. On My Way For SpaceX

    On My Way For SpaceX2 years ago

    After the 1 stage landing, stop talking we dont ear you xD

  65. Michael McDonald

    Michael McDonald2 years ago

    SpaceX has done two incredible things that will change humanity forever. 1) It has brought space access closer to the public than any other institution. 2) It has that bad ass timeline thing in this video. I mean, what a good idea. They just time stamp a timeline in the video itself. Musk is a true genius.

  66. kariboo84

    kariboo842 years ago

    OMG can't help hearing " SPAY SEX "

  67. Jake Kennedy

    Jake Kennedy2 years ago

    FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Сергей

    Сергей2 years ago

    What does it mean when the money goes where it is necessary and not to someone in Corman

  69. Dave

    Dave2 years ago

    I don't understand what's keeping NASA from developing a rocket and ship to resupply the ISS?

  70. Dave

    Dave2 years ago

    +SgtBaker16 Thank you, I was aware of Space X but not of Boeing being involved. I was also aware of the Orion space craft. Is the SLS a rocket system that will propel the Orion? I guess what baffled me most was trying to figure out why NASA should even have to look outside of it's organization for help. The use of the Russian Soyuz to get to the ISS for instance seems to me like saying we don't have enough funds or support to get this done so ya can you help us? I don't get it. I always thought of NASA as being at the pinnacle of innovation concerning space exploration and study. I guess times are changing.

  71. SgtBaker16

    SgtBaker162 years ago

    with the shuttle retired it's difficult. NASA contracted Boeing and SpaceX to both develop vehicles that can bring astronauts back to the ISS. SpaceX's Dragon 2 is being developed as is Boeing's CST-100. Plus NASA is focusing on building the SLS and Orion craft to go to deep space and Mars.

  72. M Hilmy Fauzi

    M Hilmy Fauzi2 years ago

    Of Course I Still Love You

  73. Suhosin

    Suhosin2 years ago

    27:06 you're welcome :)

  74. Cody Blaze Jackson

    Cody Blaze Jackson2 years ago

    Just awesome

  75. MotoMatt

    MotoMatt2 years ago

    Not gonna lie, it was very moving when the Falcon 9 landed back onto the platform

  76. theallyluche

    theallyluche2 years ago

    MotoMatt I cried

  77. Marian-Remus Gurgu

    Marian-Remus Gurgu2 years ago

    MotoMatt the reporters couldn't even talk over the cheering crowd anymore :))

  78. Mars Volta

    Mars Volta2 years ago

    why does she keep saying of course I still love you ??

  79. FeepingCreature

    FeepingCreature2 years ago

    Note: The names are references to the late Iain M. Banks' _Culture_ series of science fiction books, whose sentient spaceships are known for their irreverent choice of names.

  80. Mars Volta

    Mars Volta2 years ago

    Mike Holmes that be fuckin amazing

  81. Mike Holmes

    Mike Holmes2 years ago

    i love their sense of Humor the name are awesome ! i just applied to be part of the recovery team for Falcon, I really hope I get that call

  82. fi5mvKsW3M

    fi5mvKsW3M2 years ago

    There are 2 droneships, Of Course I Still Love You and Just Read The Instructions. OCISLY is harboured in Florida for launches over the Atlantic and JRTI in California for launches over the Pacific.

  83. Lavithan

    Lavithan2 years ago

    Thats the name of the droneship

  84. Netherman56

    Netherman562 years ago

    Gotta get supplies up into space, am I right?

  85. Robert Gardner

    Robert Gardner2 years ago

    Oh the first stage separated let me jiz my pants now!

  86. Robert Gardner

    Robert Gardner2 years ago

    Put your telemetry in US standard units you are in the US!

  87. Matthew Ducker

    Matthew Ducker2 years ago

    Robert Gardner Except that most of the world uses metric, including all of the sciences... of which rocket science is most definitely a part.

  88. Nicky N

    Nicky N2 years ago

    I smell bullshit...

  89. Nicky N

    Nicky N2 years ago

    +WhyDidIJustEatThat No, ur momma's assh*le!

  90. WhyDidIJustEatThat

    WhyDidIJustEatThat2 years ago

    Just your head in your ass, I'm afraid :(

  91. EvPanda

    EvPanda2 years ago

    A day I will always remember!

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  93. Napoleonic Yat

    Napoleonic Yat2 years ago

    ya serious?lol

  94. JOHAN _VA

    JOHAN _VA2 years ago

    Popular youtuber uploads video: 4 millions views instantly Mankind makes history: 1.5 million subs in months

  95. JOHAN _VA

    JOHAN _VA2 years ago

    I mean 1.5 million views lol

  96. Disembowell

    Disembowell2 years ago

    You're probably here for 27:04. Majestic.

  97. Pesok

    Pesok2 years ago

    "where are my dragons?" GoT got to space!

  98. Lucky89999

    Lucky899992 years ago

    Elon musk at christmas: NOW LAND THE 2ND STAGE Elon musk in early 2017: LAND THE FAIRINGS

  99. Lucky89999

    Lucky899992 years ago

    UPDATE: Elon musk at the fall of 2017: Elon: Land the fragments! A rocket engineer: Umm thats way smal... Elon: JUST MAKE IT LAND M8 Meanwhile at the assembly room A SpaceX employee: WTF IS ELON MUSK CRAZY!? A SpaceX designer: Ummm... I have no idea by the way why would I design a nanorocket for a "possible-to-be-a-debris" tho..

  100. Lucky89999

    Lucky899992 years ago

    lel :)

  101. Hodoss

    Hodoss2 years ago

    Lol that was funny 😄

  102. m3rob7

    m3rob72 years ago

    UFO at 22:25 then they cut camera.

  103. Joey Reynolds

    Joey Reynolds2 years ago

    That was the nosecone of the Dragon capsule separating from the rocket

  104. Deadz Eyz

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  105. soaringman

    soaringman2 years ago

    it must take just as much fuel to launch as it does to land

  106. Keelar

    Keelar2 years ago

    Not to mention the rocket is *much* lighter after the second stage separates.

  107. Hodoss

    Hodoss2 years ago

    +soaringman At launch the rocket has to "fight" Earth's gravity and air resistance, at landing it's rather "riding" them. It only has to use fuel for braking before entering the dense atmosphere to avoid burning up, and braking just before landing to avoid crashing. There is a SpaceX video from an onboard camera showing the procedures I described if you want to verify it with your own eyes.

  108. soaringman

    soaringman2 years ago

    +Avidh Bavkar , your comment make no sense , the rocket is not free falling to the ground

  109. soaringman

    soaringman2 years ago

    +Avidh Bavkar , your comment make no sense , the rocket is not free falling to the ground

  110. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller2 years ago

    I can't believe people are actually buying this. The rocket starts curving down at 20:45, then they cut away to a different shot. They have so many different cameras yet never provide the full footage from one camera.

  111. Doug Miller

    Doug Miller2 years ago

    Yup. No one said space travel was a lie. But anyone with half a brain can see they are hiding something.

  112. Tobias Edwards

    Tobias Edwards2 years ago

    Instead of always asking for someone to explain why for you, look at the information yourself and use your brain for once.

  113. Raiguard

    Raiguard2 years ago

    I can't believe you're so dim-witted as to believe that space travel is a lie. Why would they go through so much trouble to fake all of this? Actually, never mind, don't reply. I don't want to take the time to try to pound common sense into your skull. Good day.

  114. JOHAN _VA

    JOHAN _VA2 years ago


  115. tonykidv2

    tonykidv22 years ago

    you do know that all rockets that go up in space don't go straight up, don't you?

  116. Leonardo Solla

    Leonardo Solla2 years ago

    Why don't you show us the UFO on the last stage?

  117. Sebastian 'Skittz' Körner

    Sebastian 'Skittz' Körner2 years ago

    Not all Falcons launched from SLC-40 as that guy at Cape Canaveral said.

  118. Blake B

    Blake B2 years ago

    I don't know how I missed this! Just busy I guess...but this was f'n awesome. Elon and everyone that works there are amazing. I can't wait til they go to Mars.

  119. Martin Ombura Jr.

    Martin Ombura Jr.2 years ago

    4:21 Am I the only one who noticed the address of Hawthorne California? "Hawthorne, California, Earth" like just in case we forget which planet it's on.

  120. Peter Berryman

    Peter Berryman2 years ago

    Landing at 27:25

  121. TheSpeedyPatriot

    TheSpeedyPatriot2 years ago

    I can't believe it 😮

  122. TheSpeedyPatriot

    TheSpeedyPatriot2 years ago

    Amazing 😃

  123. stephanie broussard

    stephanie broussard2 years ago

    look out for all those memes XD

  124. Seriouspatt

    Seriouspatt2 years ago

    Wow, this is so great.. have tears in my eyes.

  125. Maxyy40

    Maxyy402 years ago

    I feel like Space X is putting attractive and intelligent college grads to get people to watch... It works. I'm now a science nerd

  126. Thomas Brosinski

    Thomas Brosinski2 years ago

    Thank you...

  127. Michael H

    Michael H2 years ago

    Unbeleivably good designs coming in from Space-X. Very nice to see the private sector taking a significant lead in this arena.

  128. Fermifire

    Fermifire2 years ago

    Elon Musk, the people's champion!

  129. Tom Richter

    Tom Richter2 years ago

    Live it

  130. Emil Akhundov

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  131. Lyndon Yamane

    Lyndon Yamane2 years ago

    So amazing .....thanks for making this video not just informative but exciting. I was just amazed with the landing of droneship. Epic!

  132. Hudson Rodrigues

    Hudson Rodrigues2 years ago

    Eu ainda vou trabalhar como físico na SpaceX

  133. benjamin tenorio

    benjamin tenorio2 years ago

    ¡Increíble #SpaceX !

  134. Marc Abelha

    Marc Abelha2 years ago

    A great feat to the USA. And a lesson, too. Why USA is trying to compete with China for clothes or routers products? USA has the knowledge, to thrive it just have to do what it makes best: technology. Mining minerals 3000 meters below the ocean, lead the energy production (Thorium and Tokamak), high speed transport,... This is the way to provide employment for all the nation.

  135. JG

    JG2 years ago

    career goals!