CRS-14 Mission


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    Uh oh... flat earthers are gonna have a field day with 27:35

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    Blue Origin Though... :D

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    WE KNOW THE EARTH IS FLAT. Jesus saves

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    This young moderator is really cool

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    I want that.

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    cant wait for mars

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    Necesito subtítulos en Español plis :'v

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    wake up the world at 23 minutes we show you a supposed rocket covered with what seems to me of the aluminum paper which file at more than 10 thousand kilometers and the paper creases hardly .. you will try you to leave your head by the window of your car at 100 klm hours ... from Holly Wood Cinema

  12. Alex Siemers

    Alex Siemers6 months ago

    1.) there's very little air resistance 100km up 2.) that aluminum is just the skin, and doesn't reflect the strength of the whole spacecraft

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    Nose cone Falling off back into space? Earth you mean? 😂I mean I guess it's not wrong buttttttt

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    23:30 Falling back to space ?!? lol

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    RIP stage one, you served us well.

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    what happens to the second stage after deployment?

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    Sorry for the comment but why on the channel there isn't the nasa tess video?

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    I'm just 30 and I've seen so much aerospacial tech progress, I cannot wait another 30 to have commercial vehicles for family that leave and return to earth like normal cars. :0

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    When are going to talk about nibiru

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    *Please enable comments for live stream*

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    What about the first stage? It landed?

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    29:39 cubicles next...

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    19:50 blast off

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    UFOs AT 25:44 ! Just after that, camera switch, wierd no ? What do u think about it guys ?! 💪😎

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    Here comes the flat earthers

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    Video starts at 5:55

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    Where can i find the music of the beginning?

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    juan david reyes lopez

  31. Drenwickification

    Drenwickification7 months ago

    why didn't they attempt to recover first stage? Is there a particular reason for this as it seems like a waste of money?

  32. Alex Siemers

    Alex Siemers6 months ago

    So far, the landings have been more for testing and pushing the limits of what the F9 first stage can do. Starting May 4th, they'll be using what they call "Block 5" boosters, which are made with rapid recovery and turnaround time in mind. They ditch the older (Block 3/4) to get warehouse space for B5 boosters.

  33. M G

    M G7 months ago

    The film shows that eventually the engines are switched off in 208 km orbit at 27090 km/h (7,525 m/s). However, my calculations indicate that the first cosmic velocity for this altitude should be about 28 050 km / h (7.79 m / s). Can anyone explain to me why such a disagreement ?? The fact that the load was probably supposed to hit the ISS or 400km. Who will explain why the engines have been turned off at this speed? I apologize for the mistakes, I explain using Google Translator

  34. Yad .A

    Yad .A7 months ago

    The camra shaking at lift-off gives you an idea of how powerful this thing is ;-;

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    6:32 LC-39A? Kennedy Space Center??????

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    In the next video use the Interstellar Theme song pls

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    no landing no fun

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    Watch the next launches in a few days, on April 16th and -April 24th- May 4th. (edited to reflect delay to launch date)

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    Pense que acababa de pasar por una transmision en vivo

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    Wait, in the corner it said “Launch Complex 39A” but the guy had said SLC 40? I know it is SLC 40 bc of those lightning towers. Just sayin

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    Dear Elon Musk. You should take a break from the rocket production. You should starting to produce a brain chip. Waiting already 40,5 million order from Turkey.

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    This video is comedy.

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    Brandon Lukaszewski Your theory is comedy.

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    Was this dragon version 2?

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    Nel alv de que es la pinshi misión :v

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    I only want to see it break out the earth's atmosphere. Only to See how cool that would look

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    @22:19 that's it

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    CRS is a good mission

  53. Chuck S

    Chuck S7 months ago

    Question, does these rockets disturb/destroy any of the atmospheric layers? Since NASA only launched one every 6-8 months and Space X lunches much more frequently I was just wondering...

  54. FutureMartian97

    FutureMartian977 months ago

    NASA hasn't launched rockets since the shuttle. ULA does.

  55. Chuck S

    Chuck S7 months ago

    Thank you for the response!

  56. How Does it Really Work

    How Does it Really Work7 months ago

    The magnitude of disturbances in other launches was much smaller. With FORMOSAT the flight path through the ionosphere was more vertical, which was apparently responsible for the unusually strong shock waves. I do not think most people would have predicted that.

  57. Gooscar

    Gooscar7 months ago

    Well I'm wrong as fuck. Never mind.

  58. How Does it Really Work

    How Does it Really Work7 months ago

    All launches require environmental assessment before they are approved. The impact from even the giant and dirty burning (lots of chlorine!) solid fuel boosters of Space Shuttle were measured to be relatively minor. Kerosene or natural gas burning rockets would be even less problematic. (A large power plant burns a trainload of coal daily. The fuel even in the largest rocket is a small fraction of that.) It was recently observed that rocket launches can cause dramatic disturbances to the upper atmosphere. This can interfere with the GPS signals, and cause slightly reduced GPS accuracy over vast territory. The phenomenon had been observed during the recent FORMOSAT‐5 launch. (Google _"Gigantic Circular Shock Acoustic Waves in the Ionosphere Triggered by the Launch of FORMOSAT‐5 Satellite"_)

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    CRS.. can’t remember shit lols

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    Me encanta deleitarme como la gente es manipulada por la Ciencia, y llenarse de lleno de especulaciones generadas....INCREÍBLE !!

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    what is next work ...i need info 24 Apr 2018

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    SpaceX gets to space "x."

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    This is like 100th on Trending and this Nygard chick is 5th. SpaceX should join and then leave Buzzfeed methinks.

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    488 flat earthers disliked the video.

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    I love Space

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    please make a suprise to us, go to moon or something in the next video

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    question, was this a manned mission? or was the dragon just there to resupply the station?

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    what about spacex being space excavation.

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    what are those 32:07 ???

  77. Marvis Hayden

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    i thought they are space dust

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    Getting rid of excess fuel. It's called "venting".

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    Fuck NOAA!

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    32:07 spaace x running at 70mph or what?

  81. ann onn

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    What do you mean - because the fuel moves away slowly? There's almost no air resistance in space, so if you throw something out when you're doing 17,000mph, then that thing is also doing 17,000mph. It hardly moves, relative to you. It's the same as the weightlessness effects you see in the ISS, or if you drop something in a moving car - it doesn't shoot off backwards at 70mph.

  82. KiloOneThree

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    Why does NOAA restrict live feeds?

  83. ann onn

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    You need a licence to broadcast from space. They didn't get it in time for the previous launch, but they got it before this one. So it's no longer a problem.

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    Remember SpaceX is its own company and unlike NASA, it doesn’t rely of funding from the government, which has been funding NASA less and less since the 70’s. SpaceX is also incredibly rich too.

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    Wow another V2 like launch. Rudimentary technology!

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    artificial gravity? WHAT!?

  90. ann onn

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    Oh, OK, that. It's a centrifuge - it spins things around. It's for cell cultures (petri dishes). If you spin stuff around fast, you can 'simulate gravity'. Like in a fairground ride.

  91. acarriere30

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    its at 15:55

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    What are you referring to? Where was artificial gravity mentioned?

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    No. This is the truth. I can't believe people, in this day and age, are this stupid.

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    Oh look CGI! youre all fools! Sheep

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    Liftoff at 19:50

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    I don't know much about this topic or Space X, but the sheer amount of rockets they launch seems to be creating a lot of litter around space and our earth. Can't we just stick to destroying our own planet and not others for now?

  114. FutureMartian97

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    SpaceX is basically the only one that de-orbits there stages. For LEO missions they de-orbit in a few hours. For GTO missions they de-orbit within a year.

  115. ann onn

    ann onn7 months ago

    To be fair, SpaceX are working very hard to make their rockets reusable. In this instance yes, it's a great shame,, that the Stage 1 could not be recovered; but these are early experimental test flights. They did attempt (unsuccessfully) to recover the nose-cone. But sometimes the huge costs of recovering things does more damage to the environment than not doing - it's better to spend all that money on improving reusability in future launches. These engines are the 4th version of the Falcon, called "Block 4". They can only be used a few times; the Stage 1 (big bottom part) and the Dragon (top part) have both been used before this mission. On 24 April, they start using the next generation "Block 5", and it's hoped that those can be re-used, maybe 100 times or more. And after Block 5, they are developing an entirely new rocket, the BFR, which it's hoped will be FULLY reusable. SpaceX was the first private company to reach orbit and recover the ship (in 2010), and the first to reuse a rocket that's been into orbit (in 2017).

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    Here you go Flat-Earthers

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    FutureMartian97 it's not

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    You must be really stupid if you can't tell this is CGI...

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    Anybody, what's the music playing at the nearly last minute ?

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    nice fish eye lenses at different angles warping the shape of the edge lool

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    are you going around the earth or are you in low earth orbit.........Yea because you have obviously created an illusion through bunk algorithms and false gps satellite data your space shoots haven't gone through the firmament and your rocket sat is probably in an equilateral circle above head not literally going around the whole earth and if we find out this is true suka ...... Your going to be stuck in that big dinosaur sized turd you have stepped in ......mars really? .....not until you break earth firmament suka

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    Bravo Zulu SpaceX

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    Funny as it says Florida, Earth at 6:31 near bottom lol in probably 3 year or so we will see ‘(location on mars), mars!

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