CRS-12 Launch Webcast


  1. Ben Cris2bal

    Ben Cris2balMonth ago

    A year later, SpaceX used the capsule on this very mission for CRS-17.

  2. tesla guy

    tesla guy10 months ago

    21:20 They ABSOLUTELY creamed the landing there...

  3. Commander Salamanders

    Commander SalamandersYear ago

    Still the prettiest SpaceX launch, hands down . . .

  4. NascarFan1795

    NascarFan1795Year ago

    Im sorry to say this but i hate this man's commetary because he is so quiet and sounds like he doesn't care

  5. 李明宗

    李明宗Year ago


  6. TopHypes

    TopHypesYear ago

    10 sec countdown to launch. 13:25

  7. atheling26

    atheling26Year ago

    This whole landing, and landing burn are so unreal.

  8. Taboo Public

    Taboo PublicYear ago

    OMG - does anyone dabble in VFX or CGI and Compositing. I was pretty convinced until Falcon 9 went behind clouds at 20:44, dispersed from fame 20:55. 21:01 cuts to a wide (VFX) then cuts again 21:23 the VFX/CGI post production team need to be sacked. I have seen better work from the big post production houses for Hollywood that was more believable then that POOR POOR POOR work. If your gonna spend millions on this SpaceX project at lease allocate $1,000,0000 for 50 seconds of perfection to the budget so that the VFX team can get from frame 21:01and 21:23 looking right.....

  9. Leonard Matheson

    Leonard MathesonYear ago

    The precision landing is breathtaking!

  10. Kevin C

    Kevin CYear ago

    this was pretty incredible to watch.

  11. Danny

    DannyYear ago

    Hmm, a brown cloud of dust rises from the landing pad as the 1st stage lands. Has the internet cinnamon challenge been taken to an entirely new level? 21:22 :)

  12. I'm Theonly

    I'm TheonlyYear ago

    Watching that tech land makes my hairs stand on end, well done SpaceX!

  13. Luciano Carstens

    Luciano CarstensYear ago


  14. HWG

    HWGYear ago

    I'm so glad that they used "km" rather than "mile" to show the telemetric information

  15. Pro Labs

    Pro LabsYear ago


  16. Ryan H

    Ryan HYear ago


  17. waffielz

    waffielzYear ago

    i'm gonna work there one day ;-;

  18. Hero16552 Raw chicken

    Hero16552 Raw chickenYear ago

    I missed it by a day😩

  19. Davi Carleial

    Davi CarleialYear ago

    It's so amazing that the commentator chokes at 21:34.

  20. dewey Dan

    dewey DanYear ago


  21. Sean Hasling

    Sean HaslingYear ago

    F**k yeah!

  22. RedsBoneStuff

    RedsBoneStuffYear ago

    10:49 That wasn't very professional :P Though I agree, there was so much noise I could not understand some of the less common words he spoke.

  23. J P

    J PYear ago

    So beautiful. Can't get rid of the grin on my face.

  24. HS Y

    HS YYear ago

    Im so honored to live in this age

  25. in heaven

    in heavenYear ago

    Do they land second stage engine too? Or is it wasted?

  26. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    They burn it up for now.

  27. Herman Wilén

    Herman WilénYear ago

    Coolest company in the world

  28. Tiago Toledo Faria

    Tiago Toledo FariaYear ago

    Simplesmente sensacional! Como diria meu pai um espetáculo da natureza.

  29. Coolkid2415 H

    Coolkid2415 HYear ago

    SpaceX is so cool

  30. Tony_The_G

    Tony_The_GYear ago

    That narrator guy is cute af

  31. Michael Ankhz

    Michael AnkhzYear ago

    Landing rockets is what kicks humanities space exploration into overdrive!

  32. Liar Dilaurentis

    Liar DilaurentisYear ago

    I don't know why but i'm cried when rocket get in the earth

  33. Matty

    MattyYear ago

    Another awesome landing! Now a commentator that knows what he is talking about.

  34. Bill Haltom

    Bill HaltomYear ago

    OK I just want to make sure! We went to the moon sixty years ago, and today a private company in California can launch a rocket into orbit, but North Korea can't produce a rocket that can go past Guam?

  35. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Bill Haltom Economy plays a huge factor on those things.

  36. Shirley Herbert

    Shirley HerbertYear ago

    My daughter is a 6th grade teacher and her class (5 girls of it) have an experiment on the rocket. We are praying for a successful recovery when the capsule returns to earth.

  37. Luiz Augusto Brasil

    Luiz Augusto BrasilYear ago

    Thanks god for something like that happening on earth. From Brazil, a fresh of breath air in our mankind...there´s hope!

  38. Luiz Augusto Brasil

    Luiz Augusto BrasilYear ago

    sempre to acompanhando esse tipo de noticia meu caro rsrsrs.

  39. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Luiz Augusto Brasil Não esperava achar outro BR aqui.

  40. Kazuking

    KazukingYear ago

    What an accomplishment! Good work Elon and SpaceX Keep up the space endeavors

  41. Carlos Sepulveda

    Carlos SepulvedaYear ago

    SpaceX its a great, fantastic, awesome, incredible, extraordinary.............. science fiction movie!!!!!!. Nasa lies and USA too!!!!!

  42. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Carlos Sepulveda Proof?

  43. oiante obs

    oiante obsYear ago

    Amazing work of engineering! ♥

  44. egli Zota

    egli ZotaYear ago

    Steve Bannon for president of USA 2018... impeach Trump and initiate a new presidential race 2018...

  45. Che Deho

    Che DehoYear ago

    and retards say the earth is flat (sigh)

  46. cooldude333

    cooldude333Year ago

    Next launch is on the 24th of August, who else is hyped?

  47. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    cooldude333 I'm.


    JUNT FACTORYYear ago

    this shit is FAKE AS FUUUUUUUCK

  49. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Huh? Yup. Any evidence?

  50. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    prove it

  51. Stratotes Phoenix

    Stratotes PhoenixYear ago

    This was cgi?

  52. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago


  53. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago


  54. Metalman

    MetalmanYear ago

    This dudes great and all but If Sir David Attenborough narrated this I would cum so hard!!!!

  55. Justin Crediblename

    Justin CrediblenameYear ago

    what's going on with the gas spurt at 9:30?

  56. Moustapha Diallo

    Moustapha DialloYear ago

    Elon Musk is nothing but another corrupt liar helping perpetuate the manking can go into space bullshit. He must be jailed immediately and forced to cough up the bribes he took for spreading his lies.

  57. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    Moustapha Diallo You claim it's truth without any decent claims.

  58. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Moustapha Diallo Stop acting like a snowflake.

  59. Moustapha Diallo

    Moustapha DialloYear ago

    Davi Bavaro Stop replying idiot. You are too stupid to comprehend any truth i provide for you.

  60. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Moustapha Diallo Proof?

  61. EyesOpen ToTruth

    EyesOpen ToTruthYear ago

    It curves, turns and heads right down back to the ocean....because why?? DO YOUR RESEARCH

  62. Trocher

    TrocherYear ago

    Eyes Wide Open Humanitarian Launch pads are near the ocean to prevent casualties if there's an accident. Rockets are ridiculously dangerous.

  63. Trocher

    TrocherYear ago

    Eyes Wide Open Humanitarian if you want to go all technical remember the formula for parabolic movement, max distance = v^2*sin 2 theta/g. If you're travelling vertical it will gives sin 180 which is equal to 0, you'll return to your initial state. But I believe you don't have the comprehension for basic physics, so why don't try this yourself. Throw a ball vertically vs a ball that's thrown from a degree and see which one travel further.

  64. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Eyes Wide Open Humanitarian Still no proof?

  65. EyesOpen ToTruth

    EyesOpen ToTruthYear ago

    Sulthan Rafi why are launch pads near the ocean ONLY???

  66. EyesOpen ToTruth

    EyesOpen ToTruthYear ago

    Sulthan Rafi No need to delete, I stand in truth. Wasnt me.

  67. EyesOpen ToTruth

    EyesOpen ToTruthYear ago

    Another attempt to break through the firmament I see...FAIL

  68. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    dadaw dawdawdawd that's the problem with trolls like you, what's the point of even trying if you'll just call all of the evidence fake and cgi?

  69. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    dadaw dawdawdawd Yet your FE fails in every way imaginable to match reality.

  70. dadaw dawdawdawd

    dadaw dawdawdawdYear ago

    there are no curves on earth, show me any evidence AND no CGI or Fisheyelens if u provide proof.

  71. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    The research seems to indicate that you're suffering from delusions.

  72. EyesOpen ToTruth

    EyesOpen ToTruthYear ago

    BadWolf HS all in time. Take all of it you need to do to research before you respond again. Proof. Where is it??? Believe your TV. Its called programming for a reason. They call it DrAgon??? Satanistic in itself.

  73. englisheast india

    englisheast indiaYear ago


  74. Tek_Lynx

    Tek_LynxYear ago

    Get your rockets done and build a damn space elevator and shipyard in orbit. Its a waist sending combustion rockets through the atmosphere. I'd like to actually see are solar system start to develop in my lifetime.

  75. Nathan Ribaudo

    Nathan RibaudoYear ago

    so far a space elevator is an insanely unrealistic goal, maybe we should test it on the moon first

  76. EqualLandFreePeople

    EqualLandFreePeopleYear ago

    Quit playing around supplying a government run space station go to moon and bore a tunnel and look for gold.

  77. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    Supplying the ISS will get them money and public approval to do so!

  78. 5Step Mantis

    5Step MantisYear ago

    Let me put it another way, he was a cumquat just like you, go away man.

  79. Nico 9138

    Nico 9138Year ago

    There's something I missed: does the stage 2 land or not ? Stage 1 does land at Cap Canaveral and the Dragon gets caught by the ISS, but what about Stage 2 ?

  80. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Nico 9138 It stays in orbit for a few months and then falls down again because of the extremely low orbit.

  81. Marquez Daurell

    Marquez DaurellYear ago

    space is water

  82. Marquez Daurell

    Marquez DaurellYear ago

    NASA fucks with us everyday

  83. Marquez Daurell

    Marquez DaurellYear ago

    true lol

  84. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Marquez Daurell Your brain is water.

  85. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    any evidence?

  86. thatbluekid

    thatbluekidYear ago

    13:36 for lift off

  87. rc quadcopters and drones

    rc quadcopters and dronesYear ago


  88. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    no they are not

  89. John Doe

    John DoeYear ago

    damn now it's too clean as a video, it looks like CGI

  90. John Doe

    John DoeYear ago

    it was, of course, sarcastic ;)

  91. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Kindred's Kaiser Good thing it's not.

  92. Josh Linder

    Josh LinderYear ago

    So, this rocket landed itself without a parachute? That brings a tear to my eye... thats so beautiful..


    NOOTIIIYear ago

    Sure the payload made it to its destination! Yay! But I am still blown away by the first stage landing back on the launch pad! A M A Z I N G !! Congrats Space X!

  94. Douglas James

    Douglas JamesYear ago

    Beyond brilliant is a paltry statement for this. Hats off. Science that approaches music.

  95. 5Step Mantis

    5Step MantisYear ago

    sure, astronauts to the moon.. watch the cone heads skit from an old snl. George Carlin calls them nassholes. I like Nasa Nots, get it, take care

  96. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    Don't drag George Carlin's good name into your nonsense

  97. Derome2005

    Derome2005Year ago

    This was perfect everything the calculations for the flight and landing nearly brought tears 😭 this is great thank you

  98. Kristaps Ozolins

    Kristaps OzolinsYear ago

    SpaceX, good luck! Hopefully ape president won`t mess things up for you!

  99. The Monarchist

    The MonarchistYear ago

    Kristaps Ozolins Even if he could I doubt he would do anything. He said he supports space programs.

  100. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    They're private. Doubt that could happen.

  101. Baxter

    BaxterYear ago

    Dragon looks like an egg.

  102. Nigel Wright

    Nigel WrightYear ago

    Great stuff people great stuff

  103. SunSon29

    SunSon29Year ago

    I really want to know the reasons of dislike.

  104. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago


  105. Projects Electrifying Weekends

    Projects Electrifying WeekendsYear ago

    The good thing about SpaceX is that they never clickbait

  106. MARK Musta

    MARK MustaYear ago

    TRUMP'S MAFIA MACHINE , LIGHT COMES OUT OF DARK MATTER AND EARTH IS FLAT, TRUMP KNOWS THAT GOD IS REAL AND SPACE IS FAKE NEWS, NASA IS GOING DOWN, FAKE SpaceX NASAASS A JOKE, IF YOU THINK SPACE IS REAL YOU LOST YOUR MIND and your money space is fake we live under The Firmament made by god earth is Flat Earth Proof: The Bible repeatedly describes the #Earth as Immovable (Stationary), Geocentric, and Enclosed in a solid dome structure called the #firmament All images of the #Earth from #space are admitted to be computer generated We're able too see objects such as land, buildings, and boats that are supposed to be behind the curve The North Star, Polaris, never moves and the constellations have never changed Horizon always rises to eye level Water is always level and it makes up 71% of our #earth The heliocentric model was created by Freemasonic Occultists All the space agencies share the same vector logo Astronaut almost drowning in #space Water bubbles & Scuba tank viewed in #space Density, buoyancy, & Electromagnetism are better explanations for gravity GoPro lenses used to fake the curve of #Earth No observable proof of evolution Sun rays come down in angles and not parallel Super zoom cameras show that boats do not go over any curve The United Nation's logo is a #FlatEarth map Flight paths make much more sense on a Flat #Earth All but one challenger crew members are proven to still be alive today No genuine #24hourlivefeed of the #Earthfromspace No real pics of #Earth from #Space No actual photos of Satellites in #Space Sun dogs and Sun Hot spots Antarctic Treaty Admiral Byrd said that there is more land The Michelson-Morley experiment proved the #Earth is stationary Rockets never go straight up Bedford Level Experiment Our own senses tell us that the #earthisflat and stationary The Sun & Moon appear as the same size No one has ever circumnavigated the #earth from north to south The Antikythera Sun dials Gyroscopes Astrolabes No parallax with the stars Time lapse Star Trails shows the stars makings perfect circuits around the North Star Bolivian Salt Flats missing curvature Sun shrinks smaller as it sets Architects, Excavators, and Railroad Engineers don't account for the curve Air planes fly level and don't account for the curve The Selenelion Lunar Eclipse The Analemma Time Lapse of the Sun Empirical Evidence supports the fixed Flat Earth. #ResearchFlatEarth & not on wikipedia or the flat earth society website

  107. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Mike Musta Nice ctrl-c ctrl-v, but where is your proof?

  108. Spencer Kraisler

    Spencer KraislerYear ago


  109. Tristan Riggi

    Tristan RiggiYear ago

    Fake, the Earth is flat, NASA is working with SpaceX to produce the rendering of this space launch and the image of Earth.

  110. vacuumedtube

    vacuumedtubeYear ago

    Wow your not seriously in belief of your own words are you??

  111. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Tristan Riggi Proof?

  112. th3 j35t3r

    th3 j35t3rYear ago


  113. Hook 'Em High

    Hook 'Em HighYear ago

    so much for that flat earth crap. GREAT VIDEO

  114. Ruan pansegrouw

    Ruan pansegrouwYear ago

    Your stuff seems a bit faked.

  115. vacuumedtube

    vacuumedtubeYear ago

    WOW Dude, grab a Go Pro and watch a launch then. Can't get any more in your face then that!

  116. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    Your comment seems a bit faked

  117. Tyler Morgan

    Tyler MorganYear ago

    is there a reason why they will not put a camera facing up on any of the rockets ever? lol. what are they afraid of seeing or showing the public? oh, the video of the booster on the right with the green screen behind it looks kinda cool. but obviously rigged up. come on man.

  118. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    Nothing to see up there, all the action happens pointing downward.

  119. jose jesus amayz

    jose jesus amayzYear ago

    exelente video, exelente

  120. Kurt Reber

    Kurt ReberYear ago

    Why is nobody complaining? They once again waited until after the landing to show a closeup. I miss the good ol' days of watching the landing itself CLOSEUP on the ground.

  121. Jake Meek

    Jake MeekYear ago

    Fanboys keep on believing. Space travel for everyone is just around the corner. Maybe next year, who knows? Let me make a prediction- not in your lifetime. 😂

  122. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    One lifetime ago, there was no such thing as commercial airplane travel.

  123. Obi Don Kenobii

    Obi Don KenobiiYear ago

    Just too cool

  124. Mary Perez

    Mary PerezYear ago

    This 🚢 look really futuristic compared to the movies and cartoons we watched when we where young 🔭🎉

  125. Cold Cafe

    Cold CafeYear ago

    I read it like spasex

  126. Yalin Z

    Yalin ZYear ago


  127. Shawnaldo75

    Shawnaldo75Year ago

    How much does Space-X charge to launch stuff into space. For example, if someone wanted to launch 1 metric ton of Flat Earthers into space, what would it cost?

  128. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    Around 60-100M is the average cost for a Falcon 9 launch.

  129. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Shawnaldo75 In the ideal world? It would be for free.

  130. Little Star

    Little StarYear ago

    These are fascinating, but any chance of also speaking in metric?

  131. vacuumedtube

    vacuumedtubeYear ago

    Don't confuse us !!

  132. Debra Green

    Debra GreenYear ago

    great job very interesting

  133. bo feng

    bo fengYear ago


  134. Lee Brewer

    Lee BrewerYear ago

    Great job America - great job Space-X, great job NASA. obama's attempt to kill the US space program by getting rid of our space shuttles - thereby making us dependent on other countries to get into space has been officially killed by... Yankee Ingenuity!

  135. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    Who fed you that story?

  136. Magical Spain

    Magical SpainYear ago

    Congrats on this Space X! Best from our Madrid, Spain Private Travel HQ

  137. Fei Wang

    Fei WangYear ago


  138. Moustapha Diallo

    Moustapha DialloYear ago

    This video is faker than Trump's hair.

  139. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Moustapha Diallo Still no proof?

  140. Moustapha Diallo

    Moustapha DialloYear ago

    Davi Bavaro Shut up idiot.

  141. Davi Bavaro

    Davi BavaroYear ago

    Moustapha Diallo Proof?

  142. Plan Shet

    Plan ShetYear ago


  143. Jonathan Alienfella

    Jonathan AlienfellaYear ago

    Wooohooo fossil fuel!!!!

  144. The Beaver Daily

    The Beaver DailyYear ago

    Filing a complaint as we speak. Why does does the rocket contain so few color pigments? We live in a society where all colors should be equality represented and portrayed. Please paint the rocket a darker tone next time. Thank you¡

  145. XxFroz3nAcidxX

    XxFroz3nAcidxXYear ago

    I was luck enough to be standing on Playalinda beach just a few miles from where this all happened. Probably the best thing I have ever seen live. Life goal complete.

  146. Marco M

    Marco MYear ago

    So he's gonna use up all the fuel for his rockets witch will leave the earth without oil forcing everyone to buy his Tesla . He's a smart dude

  147. The Ultimate Reductionist

    The Ultimate ReductionistYear ago

    Still a stupid waste of money and labor.

  148. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    Because spending 33x as much on military is a much better use of it!

  149. 5Step Mantis

    5Step MantisYear ago

    Firebat341 feel free to explain how cameras work in space vs on earth.. that's what they taught you after the famous three came back and at their press conference how they didn't see a single star in space. Motokid600 never mentioned any nasanots aboard, payload or so called manned, what's the diff?

  150. Motokid600

    Motokid600Year ago

    A whole thread just for lil' ole me?! Well shucks mister.

  151. BadWolf HS

    BadWolf HSYear ago

    You spelled "astronauts" wrong.

  152. David Adenuga

    David AdenugaYear ago

    5Step Mantis when did they say that? Sources?

  153. 13%Commit50%OfAll MURDERSinUSA

    13%Commit50%OfAll MURDERSinUSAYear ago

    How can anyone dislike this? Are they that stupid to not understand how important these launches are?

  154. DJXtrem28

    DJXtrem28Year ago


  155. Doogie N.D.

    Doogie N.D.Year ago

    Wtf. Did they film this next to the kitchen?

  156. Jack killed john FACT

    Jack killed john FACTYear ago


  157. Astronomy Live

    Astronomy LiveYear ago

    Nathan Klok wrong. watch?v=C3j2HjI82mI

  158. Alex Siemers

    Alex SiemersYear ago

    Or probably because the heat and exhaust force would obscure/break the camera.