CRS-11 Hosted Webcast


  1. David Brackin

    David Brackin10 months ago

    why are the cameras pointing down instead of up?

  2. tesla guy

    tesla guy10 months ago

    21:20 The most beautiful rocket launch scene ever.

  3. LunaticLab

    LunaticLabYear ago

    BRAC Onnesha?

  4. Benjamin Jacobson

    Benjamin JacobsonYear ago


  5. Silber7

    Silber7Year ago

    That was a perticulary beautiful one! See you again tomorrow :)

  6. Paul Davis

    Paul DavisYear ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the escape velocity 40,000 km/h meaning that you would have to go at that speed to get into outer space?

  7. MrTagnan

    MrTagnanYear ago

    Paul Davis no, escape velocity is how fast you have to go to exit the SOI (sphere of influence)

  8. catoomch

    catoomchYear ago

    What's the sound at 27:28?

  9. catoomch

    catoomchYear ago

    That would make sense. It passes through the speed of sound at 27:05 at an altitude of 5.8km. This means it takes 23 seconds for the sound to get to the microphone, giving a direct distance of 7.9km and a horizontal distance of 5.36km. That horizontal distance is roughly the distance the camera is from the launch pad anyway, so it all fits.

  10. MrTagnan

    MrTagnanYear ago

    catoomch nope, I've heard them before. They're the sonic booms, the booms are delayed though. If you watch other videos of the landings they specifically call out the sonic booms

  11. catoomch

    catoomchYear ago

    It's only going at 442km/h at that stage. I suspect it might be the release mechanism for the legs.

  12. MrTagnan

    MrTagnanYear ago

    The twin sonic booms from the F9

  13. Daniel Mezhiborsky

    Daniel MezhiborskyYear ago

    27:35 bug flies for its life

  14. LBCBassKings

    LBCBassKingsYear ago

    27:12 that's a gorgeous shot!

  15. rjminar1980

    rjminar1980Year ago

    30:22 a pair of calipers floats away. FOD control anyone?

  16. Max Voodoo

    Max VoodooYear ago


  17. william Greene

    william GreeneYear ago

    If you look back through history it usually takes only one person to catalyze a huge jump forward. We, who love space flight, have had to wait almost 50 years for that person. I'm so happy he came along in my lifetime.

  18. Jan-Robert Nergård

    Jan-Robert NergårdYear ago

    They realy needs to put some wipers on the cameras, and also put 2 of them in paralell, so we can get a stereo (depth) image. Hopfully in even higher quality. Also get a 360 camera on the top, that is extended out of the top, after it is separated from the stage 2 rocket.

  19. EvRGrN EvRGrN

    EvRGrN EvRGrNYear ago

    NASA an SpaceX are brother companies of a Masonic CULT ... there is NO Space!! it's all a LIE 2 Decieve the Masses!!

  20. EvRGrN EvRGrN

    EvRGrN EvRGrNYear ago

    MrTagnan ... Nope, just aware of the current Manufactured Reality.

  21. MrTagnan

    MrTagnanYear ago

    EvRGrN EvRGrN are you stupid


    DJ VENDETTAYear ago

    do they still use the soyuz to take things to the iss or is it all space x now

  23. David Baker

    David BakerYear ago

    Anyone know what the noise is at 27:28?

  24. David Baker

    David BakerYear ago

    Joachim Voldseth Thank u!

  25. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim VoldsethYear ago

    Its the twin sonic booms of the first stage returning.

  26. Limonaduz

    LimonaduzYear ago

    i hope RASSIAN will become a spacepower . I RASSIAN

  27. Luis Suescum

    Luis SuescumYear ago

    24:57 GLITCH IN THE MATRIX. Keep trying Elon.

  28. Raven Estrella

    Raven EstrellaYear ago

    There are absolutely no words to describe the sense of awe I have at seeing this, and I didn't even have the opportunity to watch it live...

  29. Sacred Baloney

    Sacred BaloneyYear ago

    Why does the boostback reduce speed to only 1,700 km/h instead of 0? Then the speed increases and goes up (to 4,500 km/h)? This while the altitude does not change when going to 1700 and reversing back up? Is this because the rocket is falling and thus getting closer to the landing site? How can it fall so fast without altitude changing? Why not change the sign of the speed so direction is established? This is crazy and makes no sense. Is this a CAD simulation with a goofy software? Separate the vertical speed with the speed to/from the launch point and use negative signs, for heaven's sake. Why insult our intelligence?

  30. Kevin Lu WX

    Kevin Lu WXYear ago

    As I said it is going in a trajectory that is causing this. Rocket launch is not as simple as you think kid...They don't go straight up and down, they travel in a curve. Please also keep in mind that velocity = distance/time. It is doesn't just mean vertical speed. - When the 1st stage cut off, of course it is still rising in altitude due to the initial vector of velocity going up . - It then starts slowing down after engine cut off due to gravity and air resistance. - At around 110-120 km, it reaches the top of the parabola and starts going down. That means the 1700km/h is the horizontal velocity. - After that it starts free falling and accelerating again to 4500km/h - Then it does the entry burn at 50km slowing it down to 3400km/h - At about 20km it starts slowing down again due to increasing air resistance. Eventually slowing down to 1500km/h - At about 6km, it does the landing burn.

  31. Sacred Baloney

    Sacred BaloneyYear ago

    No. Look at the telemetry, it does not say that. When the 1st stage reaches 110 km altitude, the speed is dropping from 3000 kph to 1700 kph. So it is slowing down, while its altitude does not change and remains about 110 km. So how come the horizontal speed does not drop from 1700 kph to 0 kph and reverse? The speed never goes below 1700 kph, even when the altitude does not change. So the 1st Stage is not changing direction, it is continuing to go away from the landing site at 1700 kph, but then it shows it is landing! Is this a photoshop? (BTW I know the answer, but do you know?)

  32. Kevin Lu WX

    Kevin Lu WXYear ago

    The falcon 9 first stage lands in a trajectory. Right after first stage cut off, the 1st stage is still going up, and then there is a period when it is going horizontally (altitude doesn't change), then it starts going down

  33. Ис тины путь

    Ис тины путьYear ago

    хахаха какая ракета влетает а какая садится)))) ито взорволась пришлось монтировать графику

  34. Danickas0

    Danickas0Year ago


  35. Cheez And Wine

    Cheez And WineYear ago

    what happens to the second stage after Dragon deployment and what happens to Dragon after they've offload all the cargo?

  36. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityYear ago

    You're right, I'm pissed off that you're lying to us.

  37. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityYear ago

    The second stage turns around and burns for a few seconds to burn up over the oceans. Almost all of the debris vaporizes, but in case anything remains, it falls into the ocean.



    If you think this looks fake visit the FLAT EARTH UNDERGROUND

  39. Oscar Leonel

    Oscar LeonelYear ago

    Acelera tudo ae moçada esta demorando heim

  40. Zbigniew Bauwan

    Zbigniew BauwanYear ago

    What are the weird blinks in the atmosphere from 24:22 ??? are these storms? or something else..

  41. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim VoldsethYear ago

    Its the plume from the nitrogen RCS thrusters on the first stage

  42. Search 4Truth

    Search 4TruthYear ago

    BlimpX dropping off a load of nothing again... LMAO!

  43. Ryan On The Radio

    Ryan On The RadioYear ago

    That guys t-shirt. "Prayers given : 0"

  44. MizaT11

    MizaT11Year ago

    Left camera at 26:01 what the hell was that flying past the rocket? XD

  45. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim VoldsethYear ago

    Debris from the rocket falling off. Probably ice or a piece of the base heat shield or something like that.

  46. Abrams Vids

    Abrams VidsYear ago

    Better than NASA.

  47. A.C D.C

    A.C D.CYear ago

    Beautiful XD

  48. John irwin

    John irwinYear ago

    What is this NASA don't put it out there not a clear picture.

  49. dannalbob

    dannalbobYear ago

    chills... everytime

  50. Alec Martin

    Alec MartinYear ago

    Does anyone know what flew past the rocket at 26:02?

  51. piranha031091

    piranha031091Year ago

    Some material that detached from the bottom of the rocket, probably some thermal insulation.

  52. Pintuxo

    PintuxoYear ago

    To SpaceX: You should post the videos from CRS-7 and Amos-6 because even being considered failures they are part of the learning process and part of your History. Good luck for the 15th of June.

  53. The Stoney Gamers

    The Stoney GamersYear ago

    What is this noise at 32:10? Scared the crap outta me.

  54. Antonia Warner

    Antonia WarnerYear ago

    ...but the calipers.

  55. Ambient Morality

    Ambient MoralityYear ago

    Whoops! Some people think it's ice for some reason. That'd be basically impossible (unless like 1/3 of all the water vapor in the entire trunk condensed onto the exact same spot).

  56. jony lkc

    jony lkcYear ago


  57. Claudio Costerni

    Claudio CosterniYear ago

    To the MON? No. You mean on the moon? Yes, will be possible, even to take some picture only. Probably sooner or later someone will go there, but now there is going to be something like an organized race among some private engineering groups, not to take back to Earth the lunar footprints of Apollo astronauts or the first one by Neil Amstrong, but to go also there. I hope you'll be satisfied enough with this news, mortal man ... search for "Google Lunar X Prize" to know more about it.


    WEKRAYSYear ago

    Giant bugs invasion!!! 27:51

  59. Themiya Meemaduma

    Themiya MeemadumaYear ago

    God of Space

  60. RonJohn63

    RonJohn63Year ago

    Nothing but a Jewish Conspiracy!!! #sarcasm

  61. LockeRobster

    LockeRobsterYear ago

    Man They're testing new sensors for tracking ships throughout the solar system. This shit is happening, we're actually (finally) becoming an interstellar race. Thank you Elon! Thank you SpaceX!

  62. Faux Fox

    Faux FoxYear ago

    Could you release the uncut footage from from the camera @ 22:20?

  63. thought patrol

    thought patrolYear ago

    21:09 "we're about to reach supersonic speed" you're 200km/h late, moron.

  64. User Igor Игорь

    User Igor ИгорьYear ago

    диктор чмо какое-то, фу неприяьно смоьреть на морду эту

  65. Дмитрий Гужеля

    Дмитрий ГужеляYear ago


  66. Xaltotun Great

    Xaltotun GreatYear ago

    Great video, a lot of useful information, even more than usual. It is really sad that this is becoming routine. Very soon (1-2 years) they will launch, land and launch again all this stuff like planes. Most likely the last innovative webcast will feature Falcon Heavy.

  67. Fabian Carlos

    Fabian CarlosYear ago

    Love it, watched 6 times already!

  68. Pintuxo

    PintuxoYear ago

    The best of the video was watching Brian's face during the stage separation. :-) So focused, paying attention to every detail, hoping for the best and knowing perfectly what was happening at every second. It was fun.

  69. bane banely

    bane banelyYear ago

    So they brought back stage 1 and the way the anchor said it it sounded like they were going to land stage 2 after about a month of being docked to the ISS. Is that right or did he mean something else?

  70. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim VoldsethYear ago

    The Dragon Spacecraft has always landed. It lands with parachutes in the pacific. Returning science and precious payloads from the ISS. Dragon 2 which is in development will in the future be able to land propulsively like stage 1 does.

  71. bane banely

    bane banelyYear ago

    So the capsule that is docked to the ISS will return the same way stage 1 did? Have they ever re-landed a second stage capsule before? If so, is there video footage of it? Im just having a hard time imagining the small capsule landing like stage 1. Thank you!

  72. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim VoldsethYear ago

    The Dragon spacecraft will be at the station for about a month and then return. The second stage has already been deorbited.

  73. positron underVolt

    positron underVoltYear ago

    F**k I hate the hosted webcast........ Sounds like a bunch of drunk f**kwits watching football.

  74. positron underVolt

    positron underVoltYear ago

    True, true.. But still, *GO THE BLUE ORIGIN!!!* ;p You wouldn't get the double reference there if your not from East Coast Australia; We have a big yearly Rugby League competition called the 'State of Origin' between Queensland (the Maroons) & New South Wales (the Blues). It's about the only NRL stuff I bother to watch, as it is less restrictive than the other club matches in the NRL tournament, so you get a more proper game.... I am from NSW, so naturally I go for the Blues in the State of Origin.. ;p Regardless, I much prefer the Technical Webcast. It reminds me more of the older NASA launches.. If you like the Hosted Webcast, that's great.... I was just a little miffed that they hadn't posted the technical one as they typically have in the past.

  75. Motokid600

    Motokid600Year ago

    positron underVolt I love it. I hate sports so when my friends blast football and scream in my face I do the same to them with this : p And it's good to cheer for something that actually matters.

  76. James Miolli

    James MiolliYear ago

    May have just been because of LZ one instead of "of course I still love you", but I felt like this was one of their cleanest landings yet. 👌

  77. SpaceFish

    SpaceFishYear ago

    WHAT A YUGE PILE OF BULLSHIT !! You got to be kidding me !! LOLOLOL

  78. Motokid600

    Motokid600Year ago

    SpaceFish "bullshit" prove it.

  79. SpaceFish

    SpaceFishYear ago

    And what was the "UFO" doing at 29:54 going and 29:56 headed back doing ? Oh thats right its the Reynolds wrap drone bringing them some replacement foil.. You people are sick in the head if you believe this crap !! Go Libtards !!

  80. Dinal Abay

    Dinal AbayYear ago

    SpaceX are absolutely amazing. Not only is their engineering the best, their filming and camera setup is superb - NASA doesn't come close.



    At T+ 6:03 (or 26:03 in the video), what did we see that almost hit the rocket? sure not a bird at a 58 km altitude! The women that comment give us an "Ho" but no explanation! Thank you



    piranha031091 yeah, I watch in slow motion and effectively it came from the bottom, at the speed the rocket come down at this time, it is the only option anyway !

  83. piranha031091

    piranha031091Year ago

    Some material that detached from the bottom of the rocket, probably some thermal insulation.

  84. Jim Connelley

    Jim ConnelleyYear ago

    Can you increase the audio levels please?

  85. VenatusUK

    VenatusUKYear ago

    The fact that we skip the LAUNCH to watch the landing! How times have changed.

  86. Tucker

    TuckerYear ago

    When I think of Spacex, I think of a company filled with talented, young, engineers pushing the boundaries of space-flight. When I think of ULA, I think of a company filled with boring, old, has-beens whose primary motivation is money. While the former may be true, I think I have ULA wrong. Why? Because they are not greedy assholes, they are just a company that has forgotten its own mission, and lost its heart. And its amazing to me that a whole company can keep going and not realize this. If I went and talked to 99% of the engineers at ULA, they would honestly believe they were innovating and at the pinnacle of the space industry (maybe not now but definitely before spacex). But the truth of the matter, is that ULA is a warning for NASA, Spacex, even Microsoft, Apple, or any other company that is the largest in its field. Past innovation may be lucrative for today, and it may be what brought you success yesterday, but only continual innovation will keep any company relevant for tomorrow. ULA was too comfortable, and did not realize that they had fallen asleep. A whole company had fallen asleep and was being left behind. Think about it. They go to work for a day, and they are another day behind. Wow! So do I think they are bad people? No. I think that they are a prime example of a company that does not realize that they have failed in their mission statement. That they had faltered from the stars, and were too busy playing with sand in the mud.

  87. Len Kop

    Len KopYear ago


  88. David Muñoz

    David MuñozYear ago

    30:22 somthing like a caliper get out of service module ?

  89. retainers4life

    retainers4lifeYear ago

    @ 27:10 and on, I go from goosebumbs, to almost crying, to absolute pride...then I suck it up and hold the tears in. Im so proud of this.

  90. Number Six

    Number SixYear ago


  91. Hanson Ma

    Hanson MaYear ago

    27:35 BUGGG

  92. Kevin Lakin

    Kevin LakinYear ago

    That is so god damn incredible

  93. mark Draco

    mark DracoYear ago

    At 26.01 what was the object going faster than 4270 kmh ?

  94. ARed0cean

    ARed0ceanYear ago

    Has SpaceX launched a crew on a falcon 9 yet? I know they are planning a manned moon orbit mission in the near future...

  95. Mike's Garage

    Mike's GarageYear ago

    What flew by the camera at 26:02? kinda looked like a dead bird? but at that velocity and altitude? did it fall off the falcon 9?

  96. Valentin Grand

    Valentin GrandYear ago

    Probably thermic isolation from the engines of the rocket ( excuse me if I don't speak correctly english, i'm french )

  97. BEN ZED

    BEN ZEDYear ago


  98. Aleš Kotásek

    Aleš KotásekYear ago

    22:27 It's a good thing for the moderator. cocaine? :D

  99. etlam262

    etlam262Year ago

    Why don't you show the second stage/dragon telemetry after the first stage landing?

  100. Mark Lee

    Mark LeeYear ago

    anyone else found that the volume is very low on this webcast

  101. Matthew Alexander Kendrick

    Matthew Alexander KendrickYear ago

    UFO @24:46 left side

  102. Рентген

    РентгенYear ago

    Неплохо! Привет из России ;)

  103. Juneao Alfred

    Juneao AlfredYear ago

    by the way,.. the super sonic speed is great..

  104. Nikola Bijeliti

    Nikola BijelitiYear ago

    Black people are the overwhelming majority of most African countries, Asians are the overwhelming majority of most Asian countries, and both will continue to be so in the foreseeable future, So when you hear that White people are projected to be a minority in ALL White countries within decades, what does that mean to you? Massive non-White immigration is occurring in ALL White countries and ONLY in White countries. This is part of a program of genocide against White children. They say it's anti-racist, but it's simply anti-White. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  105. A Phillips

    A PhillipsYear ago

    Please show the demographic info suggesting white minority in all western countries. I'll wait.

  106. TheCah13

    TheCah13Year ago

    Oh, shut up.

  107. Gregory Duplessie

    Gregory DuplessieYear ago

    Anyone else notice the mystery object at 26:03 ?

  108. Stacie45

    Stacie45Year ago

    I thought CRS stood for "Can't Remember Shit."


    ZFK_VISUALSYear ago


  110. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad PhotographyYear ago

    congratulations on another successful launch SpaceX Dragon 11 is now on its way to the station.

  111. FirebugPlays

    FirebugPlaysYear ago

    26:02 looks like batman doesnt like spaceX very much

  112. starraider25

    starraider25Year ago

    They should show the other side of the FLAT earth. Maybe there are some people living there too :-)

  113. sonicwifi40

    sonicwifi40Year ago

    They forgot to switch telemetry on the top right.

  114. William Campbell

    William CampbellYear ago

    I think there may be a hornets nest near the stage one landing site, could be hazardous

  115. DeadCatBounce

    DeadCatBounceYear ago

    Elon Musk...America gives you the opportunity to live your dreams. Please listen to what Trump said about China, India & Russia not paying their fair share. Why do us "citizens" have to pay the bill for nation building? Celsius gained is only 0.01% in 100 years of USA. paying Trillions!!! why don't you fit the bill? You're living your dream on our grounds!!! We love you bro but, please don't be a damn fool! Very selfish person...Take care

  116. A Phillips

    A PhillipsYear ago

    It's actually closer to 8% or 0.151 degrees of the 2 degrees we're all trying to avoid. It's not a good idea to trust anything that comes from Trump's mouth, he lies so often that the few nuggets of truth he emits are probably by accident.

  117. Mark Lawrence

    Mark LawrenceYear ago

    Well, ULA can suck it. They need to step it up or they will go away sooner than they think they will.

  118. robert hoagland

    robert hoaglandYear ago

    rock on SPACE X ! Good job, indeed!

  119. 洋葱Onions

    洋葱OnionsYear ago

    360P?? seriously!?

  120. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim VoldsethYear ago

    Your probably came here to early. It is 1080p now

  121. Trilliante

    TrillianteYear ago

    Is the 2nd stage left in a decaying orbit, or is there a deorbit burn? Hopefully they are avoiding leaving space junk in orbit when possible.

  122. Hayden Oliver

    Hayden OliverYear ago

    The second stage typically does a de-orbit maneuver where it will burn up over the ocean.

  123. Person

    PersonYear ago

    I like the first woman, she's very fluid and natural. Great job!

  124. TheAtom

    TheAtomYear ago

    Glad the launch went well. Also very exited to see significant progress being made on the reusable launch systems development. A much better & safer approach than the Space Shuttle. I hear they have plans to test a recoverable 2nd stage within the decade which might fly on the Falcon Heavy demo flight. I wonder if a reusable service module will ever be possible.

  125. ben Sella

    ben SellaYear ago

    27:53: i for once would like to welcome our new lords the giants bugs! that was one dramatic and awsome launch and land!! so very inspiring!

  126. Pablo A. Rossi

    Pablo A. RossiYear ago

    will stage 2 rocket be reusable?

  127. Joachim Voldseth

    Joachim VoldsethYear ago

    They are working on it. But it will probably be a while before that happens

  128. wesspecial101

    wesspecial101Year ago

    Is this A big Joke . Fakers

  129. Michael Hunter

    Michael HunterYear ago

    wesspecial101 yeah prove it dumbass

  130. David Adenuga

    David AdenugaYear ago

    wesspecial101 proof?

  131. Firepants20

    Firepants20Year ago

    What was the object that flew past the camera on the landing module at 26:02 ?

  132. Make-Trix

    Make-TrixYear ago


  133. Luke Worthington

    Luke WorthingtonYear ago

    26:02 wtf was that?

  134. Daniel Zhou

    Daniel ZhouYear ago

    Wtf was that at 26:01

  135. LJFTW

    LJFTWYear ago

    28:00 the bugs on the camera...

  136. Taun-Chi Gaming

    Taun-Chi GamingYear ago

    You could provide some lower quality resolutions for those that don't have the bandwidth capability to support 1080p playback..

  137. cikho

    cikhoYear ago

    look at the space wasps!

  138. Owen Greene

    Owen GreeneYear ago

    27:30 is fucking artwork 😍😍