Crossbow Trick Shots | Dude Perfect


  1. Dagger TDD

    Dagger TDD5 hours ago

    Did anyone watch nigahiga's attempt at trying to cut a watermelon with a sword mid air?

  2. Sai Thej

    Sai Thej6 hours ago

    180 wrap shot

  3. Crawford Whanau

    Crawford Whanau17 hours ago

    * One week later * Fortnite trickshots * next year * Fortnite season 20 * next century* Fortnite season 1003

  4. Het Gadhvi

    Het Gadhvi21 hour ago

    That was crossbow with 3x (pubg)🤘🤘

  5. came5001 came5001

    came5001 came500122 hours ago

    My name is Cameron you should change the name

  6. gloverelaxis

    gloverelaxis23 hours ago

    white american men were a mistake

  7. gloverelaxis

    gloverelaxis23 hours ago

    this shit is so fucking stupid

  8. raj ahmed

    raj ahmedDay ago

    this is my fvrt channel. I have a query that where your one of the most popular videos shootgun trics ?

  9. Max Benjamin Rule

    Max Benjamin RuleDay ago

    Cwc and DALLMYD are way better

  10. praisy mariam philip PHILIP

    praisy mariam philip PHILIPDay ago

    Looks like PUBG crossbow

  11. Mitchell Vaughn

    Mitchell VaughnDay ago

    Y did blizzard sponsor this? I'm mean how does crossbow trick shots have anything to do with hearthstones

  12. Andika1907 Suryass

    Andika1907 SuryassDay ago

    Your crazy man

  13. Andika1907 Suryass

    Andika1907 SuryassDay ago

    Bapak lu jagoan mana

  14. Riley McGarry

    Riley McGarryDay ago

    you stole Lieutenant Dan from Demolition Ranch and renamed him "Russel" I bet it was easy because "He ain't got no legs"

  15. Martin Navratil

    Martin Navratil2 days ago

    Věra good video

  16. Friitschii

    Friitschii2 days ago


  17. Mayur patel

    Mayur patel2 days ago

    I love your vids

  18. Homster Potatoes

    Homster Potatoes2 days ago

    I got a crossbow add lol

  19. WextheMapmaker

    WextheMapmaker2 days ago

    Robin Hood and Wilhelm Tell isn´t the same person...

  20. kasper kaspero

    kasper kaspero2 days ago


  21. Ninjathief -NINJA

    Ninjathief -NINJA2 days ago

    Fruit ninja Lance Stewart

  22. AmpleGlenYT0129

    AmpleGlenYT01293 days ago

    Pubg new only crossbow trick shot mode

  23. semih ezen

    semih ezen3 days ago

    It's not Robin Hood it's William Tell

  24. Raffi Adam

    Raffi Adam3 days ago

    The last one

  25. Daily Gamer

    Daily Gamer3 days ago

    Wait so if coby is good at trick shots then why does he not win battles

  26. itzdan _Pulverz

    itzdan _Pulverz3 days ago

    Isn't the apple on top of the head William tell? Not Robinhood

  27. オビナ

    オビナ3 days ago

    Bring back the crossbow

  28. Ryan Rocklage

    Ryan Rocklage4 days ago

    Cody is so fuckin annoying

  29. Horizon アニメ

    Horizon アニメ4 days ago

    Honestly I don't really like hearth stone I prefer Overwatch.

  30. creative master

    creative master4 days ago

    Will you remove this video also..if some American snowflakes complained.gotta save this video boss😥

  31. The_Red _Hunter21

    The_Red _Hunter214 days ago

    Crossbow bolts can skip water?

  32. Nikola Milojevic

    Nikola Milojevic4 days ago

    Kolko jadno

  33. Trent Bartholomew

    Trent Bartholomew4 days ago

    Dude perfect is the best.!!!!

  34. dwi Setyorini

    dwi Setyorini4 days ago

    kirim indonesia

  35. Isaac Kim

    Isaac Kim4 days ago

    You guys should collab with Adam Savage.

  36. widowmaker edits

    widowmaker edits4 days ago

    William tell shot an apple off someone's head. William tell. Not robin hood.

  37. Friitschii

    Friitschii2 days ago

    widowmaker edits They don't give a fuck

  38. KingdomsFallUnderMe

    KingdomsFallUnderMe4 days ago

    Sword wizards, you mean, ninjas, or knights, or Harry Potter when he needs to open a letter

  39. Nikkoben news

    Nikkoben news4 days ago


  40. SHIRO 8

    SHIRO 85 days ago

    2:25 hitmarker

  41. Matthew Brunner

    Matthew Brunner5 days ago

    Those eggs look scrambled when they exploded

  42. Michael 1523

    Michael 15235 days ago

    If I made aimbot there would be trick shot god mode trick shot and then dude perfect mode

  43. SakuraHatake

    SakuraHatake5 days ago

    1:37 nope this is the modern willhelm Tell

  44. Im_That_Monk

    Im_That_Monk5 days ago

    But imagine of the rain effected the drop of the bolt haha

  45. Im_That_Monk

    Im_That_Monk5 days ago

    They act like children lol

  46. RockonHawk

    RockonHawk5 days ago


  47. TheParkouringNoob Arham

    TheParkouringNoob Arham5 days ago


  48. Carlan Castillo

    Carlan Castillo5 days ago

    Treak??? 3:20

  49. Pomme_Playz _17

    Pomme_Playz _175 days ago

    Get your facts straight Robin Hood didn’t shoot an apple of someone’s head

  50. pang

    pang5 days ago


  51. skelly dog2

    skelly dog25 days ago


  52. Chad Bateman

    Chad Bateman6 days ago

    That white dummy you called Cameron then russel you should have left it named Cameron because that’s my name

  53. Vince Peeters

    Vince Peeters6 days ago

    Population establish plot enhance print camp length characterize precisely drift lead sodium.

  54. grade five teachers

    grade five teachers6 days ago

    nope im so much better than a year and a few years ago when I see the movie that super fun

  55. Rishan tk

    Rishan tk6 days ago

    All shot is awesome😍😍🔥🔥

  56. Leo Cahill

    Leo Cahill6 days ago

    Over the lake and near the woods was my favs

  57. FatManRonny

    FatManRonny7 days ago

    2:05 so clean cut that i thought he missed at the first point.

  58. XDuNIolaKI

    XDuNIolaKI7 days ago

    My favourite shot was my shot and quess what? I don't miss the subscribe button :D

  59. Marcelino !

    Marcelino !7 days ago

    polska kto 1248

  60. AntsUK

    AntsUK7 days ago

    are you in england it was raining yesterday

  61. JMcD216

    JMcD2167 days ago

    2:00 this new fruit ninja game looks very realistic.

  62. SuperIvanNova

    SuperIvanNova7 days ago

    WOW! Got a Hearthstone ad, b4 the vid! Coincidence? 🤔

  63. Hiam041

    Hiam0417 days ago


  64. David Erika

    David Erika7 days ago

    Your like Chad wild clay

  65. Angela Miguel

    Angela Miguel8 days ago

    Hey you guys should do a real life fruit ninja game with swords

  66. Honor Ninja

    Honor Ninja8 days ago

    Check out chad wild clay

  67. Kahau Nosatý

    Kahau Nosatý8 days ago

    Ste veselí cvoci a strieľate perfektne. Tiež strieľam kušu, ale ešte mnoho sa musím učiť. Dík za dobré video! Greetings from Slovakia!

  68. Santiago napoles

    Santiago napoles8 days ago

    Come back to fortnite crossbow please

  69. Dragon King

    Dragon King8 days ago

    2018 august anyone? Like if you are

  70. perkin perkins

    perkin perkins8 days ago



    SEBASTIAN SARTE8 days ago

    In memory of fortnite's crossbow

  72. Xavier Rios

    Xavier Rios9 days ago

    Airsoft trick shots

  73. Tou lou

    Tou lou9 days ago

    M. N

  74. sytze van gelderen

    sytze van gelderen9 days ago

    I thought Russel was Clementine


    CN GAMING VIETNAM9 days ago

    howtobasic confirmed*

  76. Golfing Plant

    Golfing Plant9 days ago

    Thats not Hood it’s Tell!

  77. Pixelvengeance33

    Pixelvengeance339 days ago

    gee I wonder who THIS video is sponsored by...


    KING CLARK10 days ago

    It’s actually called a bolt not an arrow

  79. Christina anderlie

    Christina anderlie10 days ago

    Do perfect night didn’t stick what

  80. That ALWR

    That ALWR10 days ago

    Ending was fake

  81. Russell Miller

    Russell Miller10 days ago

    Hey that's me

  82. Random Arts

    Random Arts10 days ago

    Nigahiga should have gotten those swords for his fruit ninja video

  83. Kevin Dowling

    Kevin Dowling10 days ago

    The apple shot is from William Tell’s story not Robin Hood.

  84. Farm Life- gamer boy

    Farm Life- gamer boy10 days ago


  85. Haikal Yahya

    Haikal Yahya10 days ago

    Dude can you kill fish with that crosbow???

  86. Haikal Yahya

    Haikal Yahya10 days ago

    Or samurai

  87. Haikal Yahya

    Haikal Yahya10 days ago

    Dude perfect can you cut durian with that sword

  88. Rafael De Vera

    Rafael De Vera10 days ago

    On the water skipper shot I thought that Ty shot the water but It skipped

  89. Nolan Rains

    Nolan Rains11 days ago

    Thank you i love these types of vids

  90. Bubbles RL

    Bubbles RL11 days ago

    The heck gar? "It's good when you know no one else is having a good time" that's deep.

  91. Robloxer Master

    Robloxer Master11 days ago

    2:43 not crossbow shor

  92. garbage vids

    garbage vids11 days ago

    Dude perfect: slices fruit with 2 small swords and a katana Me: flashes back to lance210 and Ryan higa

  93. Anak Desa

    Anak Desa11 days ago

    Give me the crossbow.... Haha

  94. Mr.Moofinz

    Mr.Moofinz11 days ago

    no hate but ty its a crossbow trick shot video

  95. Abdullah Mehmed

    Abdullah Mehmed11 days ago

    Nice shots dude perfect and those swords are awesome

  96. Extratic - Roblox And More

    Extratic - Roblox And More11 days ago

    i got ated! D:

  97. XxRektJumboxX Mazzatto

    XxRektJumboxX Mazzatto11 days ago

    You inspired me to make Kid Perfect

  98. Delia White

    Delia White11 days ago

    The Ricochet one

  99. Silvia Vazquez Morales

    Silvia Vazquez Morales11 days ago

    How many takes do you make per video? :o

  100. Nitro

    Nitro11 days ago

    Can vegatarians still eat animal crackers

  101. Carl Carr

    Carl Carr11 days ago

    Hey I was just wondering with my sister which twin is expecting two babies.