Crossbow Trick Shots | Dude Perfect


  1. Kyle Bauernfreund

    Kyle Bauernfreund3 hours ago

    but your using a scope. No wonder.

  2. Alice Courselle

    Alice Courselle3 hours ago

    Do more fruit ninja

  3. Masu Goupil

    Masu Goupil8 hours ago

    It's william tell, not Robin hood

  4. Max Fumeaux

    Max Fumeaux9 hours ago

    Where can I find that katana?

  5. Bader AlBanna

    Bader AlBanna15 hours ago

    Hey guys dude perfect are the best

  6. SYCO 77

    SYCO 77Day ago

    If I were to have anyone shoot an apple of my head it would be them

  7. igna96gamer 2006

    igna96gamer 2006Day ago

    Like dude perfect trick shots

  8. Rachid Dihcar

    Rachid DihcarDay ago


  9. Minxy Minxy

    Minxy Minxy2 days ago

    Its this sword trick shots

  10. Jack 2winx

    Jack 2winx2 days ago


  11. Robert Breen

    Robert Breen2 days ago

    Did anyone see Tyler dancing in the background

  12. PikachuGaming 52

    PikachuGaming 522 days ago

    He's lieutenant Dan not Russell

  13. Lauren Arnold

    Lauren Arnold2 days ago

    You have the best tricks ever.😎✌✌✌✌🤙🤙🤙👍👍👍👍😅

  14. Bolormaa Norovjav

    Bolormaa Norovjav2 days ago

    what's crossbow brand

  15. Henry Fryer

    Henry Fryer3 days ago

    Hey I think they might have been sponsered by Hearthstone!

  16. Kecil Gamer

    Kecil Gamer3 days ago

    The golf cart knife sticker had nothing to do with crossbow trick shots. But it was still sick

  17. Neha Garg

    Neha Garg3 days ago

    2019 anyone?????

  18. John Ross

    John Ross4 days ago

    The knife didn’t stick into the wood

  19. Анастасия Матвеева

    Анастасия Матвеева4 days ago


  20. Samuel Colt

    Samuel Colt4 days ago

    I’m just trying to get in on some archery stuff with y’all. I mean y’all kill it every time lol

  21. Jason Foulks

    Jason Foulks5 days ago

    Damn, must be nice to have money

  22. Joe Scott

    Joe Scott5 days ago

    why did cody eat Me?

  23. Wolf D.

    Wolf D.5 days ago

    Brooo my first name is RUSSELL 😆😆😆😀😁

  24. Phantom4Flyer

    Phantom4Flyer6 days ago

    Collar with Demolition Ranch

  25. Rob Galbreath

    Rob Galbreath6 days ago

    old Dude Perfect was better

  26. Nic Duarte

    Nic Duarte6 days ago

    Any one see that the knife did it stick in the knife shot it just hit it

  27. Abhigyan Ashutosh

    Abhigyan Ashutosh6 days ago

    See Behind Dancer 🕺🕺 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂 See 4:58 😂. Behind


    DAKOTA KRIER6 days ago

    Over the river and near the woods.

  29. Haktan Meyilli

    Haktan Meyilli6 days ago

    I love this video's turkish translater

  30. Kingof 7

    Kingof 76 days ago

    What crossbow are they using?

  31. Sidney Price

    Sidney Price7 days ago

    *egg dab*

  32. Calen Beer  (STUDENT)

    Calen Beer (STUDENT)7 days ago


  33. Draft Party

    Draft Party7 days ago

    This channel is slowly turnning people gay little by little

  34. Levi Hillukka

    Levi Hillukka7 days ago

    is the gong red instead of orange across the lake i meant

  35. Levi Hillukka

    Levi Hillukka7 days ago

    is it just me or is the gong? (im not color blind)

  36. Ethan Savage

    Ethan Savage8 days ago

    1885 anyone

  37. Shreyas V

    Shreyas V8 days ago

    4:53 you just did a dab

  38. ownerboi _

    ownerboi _8 days ago

    If u couldn’t tell this video was sponsored by heartstone

  39. Mrs Abdullah

    Mrs Abdullah9 days ago

    Do a basketball trick shots

  40. Богдан Стреляный

    Богдан Стреляный9 days ago

    Я не американец я Япошка

  41. neptun1star

    neptun1star15 hours ago


  42. RaduX Game

    RaduX Game9 days ago

    Sunt abonat

  43. Shelley K

    Shelley K9 days ago

    That intro

  44. JawaLP

    JawaLP9 days ago

    1:37 its the mobile Wilhelm Tell

  45. Prica-VN Game

    Prica-VN Game9 days ago

    *Chocotaco is better than them :))*

  46. todd jensen

    todd jensen10 days ago

    No mobile William tell get your history correct

  47. Abby Aguilar

    Abby Aguilar10 days ago

    mans straight up played fruit ninja

  48. D.A.A

    D.A.A10 days ago

    What THE buy crosbow?

  49. Skitt3n_ YT

    Skitt3n_ YT10 days ago

    Dude those swords were sick 😂

  50. Luke Blackmon

    Luke Blackmon10 days ago

    Why does it always seem like ty and Cody hate each other

  51. Salvador Gomez

    Salvador Gomez10 days ago

    Yo no hablo ingles

  52. Renee Ebel

    Renee Ebel10 days ago

    I like stereotypes

  53. jatin raj

    jatin raj10 days ago

    Apply for Olympics

  54. Pabrosof Gousparl

    Pabrosof Gousparl11 days ago

    The triple ricochet look like it went straight when ty first shot it and then in slowing mo it did ricochet off the 3 pcs of wood

  55. Eben Chan

    Eben Chan11 days ago

    2019? Any one?

  56. Tejasvi MILAN CRAFTS

    Tejasvi MILAN CRAFTS11 days ago

    Who loves Tyler hit the like button 👇

  57. Tejasvi MILAN CRAFTS

    Tejasvi MILAN CRAFTS11 days ago

    Who likes overtime hit the like button👇

  58. Tejasvi MILAN CRAFTS

    Tejasvi MILAN CRAFTS11 days ago

    When is your next overtime

  59. Tejasvi MILAN CRAFTS

    Tejasvi MILAN CRAFTS11 days ago

    Nice juggling Tyler

  60. VietCong 666

    VietCong 66611 days ago

    Tuyệt vời 😍

  61. Imanuel Lahagu

    Imanuel Lahagu12 days ago

    Where is coby, cory, and garret?? Why they not playing???

  62. Devon Wingard

    Devon Wingard10 days ago

    they are?

  63. Kylan Fowler

    Kylan Fowler12 days ago

    This was the best video of all time can y'all do another one please 😭😭😭😭😭

  64. clint hulsey

    clint hulsey12 days ago

    These city slickers think they big an bad cause they wear Bass pro shop hats hahahaha hell if I had everything give to me I could do everything they do.

  65. Baikunth Charan Roul

    Baikunth Charan Roul12 days ago

    They are thinking that they were god

  66. Jennifer Roberts

    Jennifer Roberts12 days ago

    January 2019 anyone

  67. E_Skill

    E_Skill12 days ago

    January 2019 someone!?

  68. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump4 days ago

    E_Skill me

  69. Illusion_Chaos

    Illusion_Chaos4 days ago

    E_Skill m e

  70. PixelBit420

    PixelBit4206 days ago

    right here with ya!

  71. AW Darkside

    AW Darkside9 days ago


  72. William Gaming

    William Gaming12 days ago

    Fruit ninja makes me rhink about Lance 210

  73. Jordan Bearse

    Jordan Bearse12 days ago

    How much are those sorwds

  74. deya who

    deya who12 days ago

    de ce e titlul in romana? ador

  75. Novax G

    Novax G12 days ago

    1:19 i tough his name is Clementine.

  76. Trooll Men

    Trooll Men13 days ago

    Sant roman

  77. Spiffy Pictures

    Spiffy Pictures13 days ago

    The 1st one is the BEAST.

  78. Waddup peeps

    Waddup peeps13 days ago

    egg dab

  79. Eden Wu

    Eden Wu13 days ago


  80. bryan d bottle flip

    bryan d bottle flip14 days ago


  81. Tyler Helfrick

    Tyler Helfrick14 days ago

    To weak to pull back a real bow

  82. inkezz

    inkezz14 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  83. Fill Inm

    Fill Inm14 days ago

    Any one watching 2019

  84. Emanuel Crut

    Emanuel Crut14 days ago

    Știți română?

  85. Emanuel Crut

    Emanuel Crut14 days ago


  86. คิว คิว

    คิว คิว14 days ago


  87. Boy Gamer

    Boy Gamer14 days ago

    The Golf Knife stiker

  88. SAUDS سعودس

    SAUDS سعودس14 days ago


  89. Abhimanyu Singh

    Abhimanyu Singh15 days ago

    Why don't you shoot in front of the public At least we know that it is in one or two takes of shooting

  90. Kyle Harris

    Kyle Harris15 days ago

    What haha? Where’d the swords randomly come from in the crossbow video.

  91. Just Gaming boi

    Just Gaming boi15 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  92. Simran kaur

    Simran kaur15 days ago

    the last one the best

  93. Maximilian Frank

    Maximilian Frank15 days ago


  94. Brayam Núñez

    Brayam Núñez16 days ago

    Hey at least you didn’t cut your nose because of that watermelon

  95. Garrett Richardson

    Garrett Richardson16 days ago

    2:39 the knife didnt stick

  96. R2S7 Gamer

    R2S7 Gamer16 days ago

    Their fruit ninja went better than NigaHigas. No one got hurt

  97. Harshad Jackson

    Harshad Jackson16 days ago

    “Time to shoot some skeet” 😂

  98. JDizaster

    JDizaster16 days ago

    I want to see DP vs. How Ridiculous.

  99. นนทพัทธ์ สุวรรณโรจน์

    นนทพัทธ์ สุวรรณโรจน์16 days ago

    all shots very amaing

  100. Jiahao Gamerr

    Jiahao Gamerr16 days ago

    No sabrán cuántas veces lo han intentado xd

  101. Rl Santos

    Rl Santos16 days ago


  102. slipperysammy_c

    slipperysammy_c16 days ago

    I like the shot were you said bye subscribe!! 😂

  103. Rahmat Saifudin

    Rahmat Saifudin16 days ago


  104. constantin dumitru

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  105. constantin dumitru

    constantin dumitru17 days ago

    Video de la dude perfect, in romana

  106. Panxhaj TV

    Panxhaj TV17 days ago

    Sa te budallem