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Croatia v Nigeria - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 8


  1. Carlos Alberto Candia Samudio

    Carlos Alberto Candia SamudioDay ago

    Mbappe crak😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  2. James Allen

    James Allen2 days ago

    That is super cool. I really like it. Check me sometime.

  3. Saad Maha

    Saad Maha3 days ago

    Well done CROTIA from PAKISTAN

  4. Andrew Ilevbare

    Andrew Ilevbare5 days ago

    I. Love 💖.

  5. Andrew Ilevbare

    Andrew Ilevbare5 days ago

    I love 💖. Musa💪🏻💪🏻🤐💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🤚🏽💪🏻💪🏻🤙🏾💍💍💍💍💍💍💍. Married. Me

  6. Muhammad Arslan

    Muhammad Arslan7 days ago

    Magical Modric

  7. Kyle Walker

    Kyle Walker7 days ago

    Go luka

  8. Nom Nom

    Nom Nom8 days ago

    🇭🇷Croatia vs 🇳🇬Nigeria

  9. 동전TV

    동전TV10 days ago


  10. Zinet Durmic

    Zinet Durmic10 days ago

    I love you cro

  11. taha rahul

    taha rahul11 days ago

    perisic manzukiic!!!!! goods

  12. Manu Games

    Manu Games11 days ago

    watch Mandzukic's hands (one at the bottom of the screen) at 1:05

  13. Ema Mešanović

    Ema Mešanović12 days ago


  14. Sebastián mejiax

    Sebastián mejiax13 days ago

    Etebo (og) , modricu , (ningún gol metió Croacia)

  15. Sebastián mejiax

    Sebastián mejiax13 days ago

    No es modricu es Modric

  16. lucky luck

    lucky luck13 days ago

    I'live in croatia thank you

  17. Lucas Moreau

    Lucas Moreau14 days ago

    Nigeria Goalkeeper has 400 PING

  18. vannia Villamayor

    vannia Villamayor16 days ago


  19. Joya Lodhi

    Joya Lodhi17 days ago


  20. Love Slime

    Love Slime17 days ago

    Manđukić my love

  21. Talha Khan

    Talha Khan19 days ago


  22. Marija Matkovic

    Marija Matkovic19 days ago

    Luka modric

  23. Marija Matkovic

    Marija Matkovic19 days ago


  24. Venge Ance

    Venge Ance20 days ago

    I was so pissed that Nigeria did not pass, as a Croat I rooted for my team, of course, but after poor performance of Argentina, Nigeria deserved to pass the group with us, not Argentina. However, what happened happened.

  25. Saji Nair Of Nycania

    Saji Nair Of Nycania15 days ago

    Venge Ance I really wanted Nigeria to get put of the group stage , they could've been an inspiration for the rest of the African teams in the future WCs. However , even if they made it to the knockout stage , they would face France and they would lose.

  26. Venge Ance

    Venge Ance16 days ago

    I agree, they deserved it more than Argentina, Iceland and Nigeria both.

  27. Saji Nair Of Nycania

    Saji Nair Of Nycania16 days ago

    Venge Ance Friggin Iceland deserved the Knockout stage than Argentina

  28. thin phamviet

    thin phamviet20 days ago


  29. Mariaeduarda Brito

    Mariaeduarda Brito20 days ago

    The little Luka is the best❤

  30. Tien Dung Pham

    Tien Dung Pham21 day ago

    Tôi yêu luka modric


    ALI DREAMS23 days ago


  32. hannah abir

    hannah abir24 days ago



    HANNAH KUYATEH27 days ago


  34. bigrobux300 RBLX

    bigrobux300 RBLX28 days ago

    Good luck by Nigeria!!

  35. AU Au

    AU AuMonth ago

    2sc goal is gift from referee isn't penalty : )

  36. Venge Ance

    Venge Ance20 days ago

    Come on, i'm a wrestler, and that would have been a legal move in my sport, not in bloody football where you have to play with white gloves...

  37. leonard leti

    leonard letiMonth ago

    😧1 . .mmxvllz

  38. Šimun Novaković

    Šimun NovakovićMonth ago


  39. shafayater nur

    shafayater nurMonth ago

    that day who knew Croatia would be the 2nd best team in the tournament winning billions of hearts

  40. Fadil Xhemaili

    Fadil XhemailiMonth ago

    kroaci ma e mira je nbot brravo pershendetje nga kosova

  41. Katarzyna Bratkowska

    Katarzyna BratkowskaMonth ago

    Congratulation for Croatia 🇭🇷from Poland

  42. Sonu Di Gregorio

    Sonu Di GregorioMonth ago

    Good match 😍😘😘😘

  43. minh quan ngo

    minh quan ngoMonth ago

    Croatia defeat nigeria and top ther Group d

  44. mohd faizal samsudin

    mohd faizal samsudinMonth ago

    who names commentator for this games?

  45. samuel garcia

    samuel garciaMonth ago

    Croacia 2 (Etebo AG, Modric GP) - Nigeria 0.

  46. Tsogoo B

    Tsogoo BMonth ago


  47. Nhi Trịnh

    Nhi TrịnhMonth ago

    Hay quá coatia

  48. Pinky Sawant

    Pinky SawantMonth ago

    Hope they win the final today

  49. Тепло без газа

    Тепло без газаMonth ago

    Хорватия - красавцы!!!

  50. Junior Molina

    Junior MolinaMonth ago

    SON LOS MEJORES CROACIA CAMPEÓN👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎇🎇🎇🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆😄😄😄😄😄🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

  51. Sophie Thomas

    Sophie ThomasMonth ago


  52. TOM TOM

    TOM TOMMonth ago


  53. HT Chen

    HT ChenMonth ago

    a great team, great lady president!




  55. DDTPhoenix 12

    DDTPhoenix 12Month ago

    Congratulations to Croatia, you guys have done so well in this entire tournament

  56. Ibrica Slickrick

    Ibrica SlickrickMonth ago

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  57. jan youtubehater

    jan youtubehaterMonth ago

    The numer 18, Radic: a disgusting eastern europe fascist!

  58. Андрей Пу

    Андрей ПуMonth ago


  59. dwi nugroho

    dwi nugrohoMonth ago


  60. Toni Đuzel

    Toni ĐuzelMonth ago

    Ajde rebiću

  61. oceej0

    oceej0Month ago

    Well done Croatia, they deserved the win. As for Nigeria, the level of football in the country has stagnated. Whatever approach they are using to formulate a national squad needs to be scrapped and something that move the game forward needs to be sought out. All those in charge of NFA and it's hangers on need to 'go'.

  62. NanyBabyCandy PiaBelen

    NanyBabyCandy PiaBelenMonth ago


  63. Adip Ahmed

    Adip AhmedMonth ago

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  64. matthew

    matthewMonth ago

    Croatia will win the WC

  65. cool gril

    cool grilMonth ago

    ajmo vatreni

  66. Sparity

    SparityMonth ago

    can someone tell me about the 32m goal how was that an own goal, the man that head butted it was the man that scored it at the right goal and they weren't disapointed

  67. cardinia1

    cardinia1Month ago

    i love croat cakes

  68. Tea tejci jopo

    Tea tejci jopoMonth ago

    Modric is a genius

  69. FIxt00l

    FIxt00lMonth ago

    Kramaric takes the credit ? Lol, KARMA-rich! Greetings from Bulgaria.

  70. Massimiliano Ellero

    Massimiliano ElleroMonth ago

    FORZA CROAZIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. loki lud

    loki ludMonth ago

    Croatia will win WC no doubt... CROATIA-ARGENTINA - 3:0 CROATIA-NIGERIA - 2:0 CROATIA-ICELAND - 2:1 And tonight CROATIAvsDENMARK (Croatia wins and goes to QuarterFinals) This year Croatian team is outstanding! Fingers crossed for Croatia :)


    WAJAH JAKARTAMonth ago

    Amazing skill ♥♥♥♥ very love it...brazil is winner 🙌🙌🙌


    MAJESTICMonth ago

    Très bonne équipe Croate, les joueurs ont intérêt à éviter de provoquer des pénalty bêtement comme l'a fait le joueur Nigérien, surtout avec la nouvelle réglementation des caméras vidéo à l’appui

  74. Beth

    BethMonth ago

    How come there are no comments from England congratulating Croatia, well I'll be the first 😊 Congratulations Croatia from England ❤️ You're are the second team I'm rooting to win the world cup played extremely well only country doing consistently good.

  75. Were wolf

    Were wolfMonth ago

    English narration is not exciting at all, I feel like sleepy all the time

  76. netweed09

    netweed09Month ago

    omG - just HOW many set-pisses this world cup????!?!!!!!!!!??

  77. CHR

    CHRMonth ago

    Get shitted on!!!

  78. Красный Статист

    Красный СтатистMonth ago

    Croatia you won this match deservedly

  79. Diamant Gashi

    Diamant GashiMonth ago


  80. TheSimsCovers

    TheSimsCoversMonth ago

    Croatia might win. Plus they all aree hot

  81. Alessandro Pilia

    Alessandro PiliaMonth ago


  82. IBrokeMyLimit

    IBrokeMyLimitMonth ago

    Man, Nigeria vs Bosnia FIFA WORLD CUP 2014!

  83. Eastok

    EastokMonth ago

    comentator lame dude... viva la croatia

  84. Usamah Mohd JAmil

    Usamah Mohd JAmilMonth ago


  85. Jaset

    JasetMonth ago

    If Croatians and Serbs played as Yugoslavia ,they would have won WC 2018 easily.

  86. Gustavo Pomar

    Gustavo PomarMonth ago

    I like Croatia! I guess I found my favorite team to support.

  87. Olivier Gruner

    Olivier GrunerMonth ago

    Congratulations Croatia . Pozdrovienia from Poland



    Courage Nigeria

  89. budak cemomoi

    budak cemomoiMonth ago


  90. kuliner sederhana

    kuliner sederhanaMonth ago


  91. Ifeanyi Duru

    Ifeanyi DuruMonth ago

    Nigeria didn’t play with the same vigor as first game!

  92. NaruHina TV+

    NaruHina TV+Month ago

    great effort by Croatia.....and what a bad luck by Etebo and Nigeria, hope they get recovered for their upcoming matches!

  93. Alex Szymczyk

    Alex SzymczykMonth ago

    Everyone end name is ick

  94. itaykoh1

    itaykoh1Month ago

    who is the commentator ?

  95. YouTube Fun

    YouTube FunMonth ago

    #_congratulations Croatia from Bangladesh

  96. Felix Yoo

    Felix YooMonth ago

    Nigeria is lousy country. What a shameful play! How could come to World-cup. Don't do dirty play any more... They will be beaten 5:0 by Japan (from Japan) lol


    DAMIR LEJOMonth ago

    Bravo!Croatia in final vs french.congratilaitions

  98. Blanka Puljanka

    Blanka PuljankaMonth ago

    wow great start to team that can easily beat nigers

  99. Amazing Movie - Nittó Destiny

    Amazing Movie - Nittó DestinyMonth ago



    BẮC NINH KINH BĂCMonth ago

    Congratulations croatia from việt nam

  101. borna latsch

    borna latschMonth ago

    Koliko Hrvata gleda ovo

  102. Joe

    JoeMonth ago

    Niggeria did not look good in this game.

  103. Philip Bruchman

    Philip BruchmanMonth ago

    This IS the best sport in the world. It took moving to Latin America to really get hooked but now I can't get enough of it. No wonder it's huge everywhere except USA. I like baseball and basketball but daaamn! This is the most exciting sport there is.

  104. Philip Bruchman

    Philip BruchmanMonth ago

    BlitzkriegRap you guys played with class and ferocity. Accurate as hell too. I was impressed. Messi needed his ass kicked!

  105. BlitzkriegRap

    BlitzkriegRapMonth ago

    I'm glad to hear that! Cheers from Croatia.

  106. selem kids

    selem kidsMonth ago

    Hope u win the next time Nigeria ♡ From Tunisia ❤

  107. Samsung C9 PRO

    Samsung C9 PROMonth ago

    God bless Croasia team 👍🏽