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Croatia v England - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 62


  1. eight bbosh

    eight bbosh17 hours ago

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  2. Amazing FOOTBALL

    Amazing FOOTBALL17 hours ago

    2018 october anyone??

  3. Sawan Gaba

    Sawan GabaDay ago

    0:40sec harry kane can score and can claim victory if he not focusing playing on fortnite😂😂

  4. Yahya Sherif

    Yahya SherifDay ago

    What a glorious goal 🥅 from Trippeer🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟⚽️6🏆🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏟🏟🏟🏟🏟🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  5. Gorkhmaz Huseynov

    Gorkhmaz HuseynovDay ago

    The best player in the world us Marcus Rashford. Hahahaha what a joke he is. Really

  6. Sara Tomić

    Sara TomićDay ago

    Engleski golman je madži reko kad je ono pao Diži se glupane A ja ti si glupan 😜😜😜😜😜😜

  7. Chris Somerville

    Chris SomervilleDay ago

    That first goal is dangerous

  8. Boi

    BoiDay ago

    England should’ve never made it to the semis because of the game vs Colombia it should’ve Croatia v Colombia

  9. Sophrodos

    SophrodosDay ago


  10. swag aye

    swag aye2 days ago

    i love england my country

  11. Arad Shirazi

    Arad Shirazi2 days ago

    England could of won this if they didint miss so many chances damn

  12. Miner902 Gaming

    Miner902 Gaming2 days ago

    Kane's little clap at the end

  13. Miner902 Gaming

    Miner902 Gaming2 days ago

    It's what pickford gets for insulting one of the players ahahahahhahahahaha fuck off England

  14. Katie x x Xox

    Katie x x Xox2 days ago

    I still support England no matter what 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England till I die❤️

  15. Daaim Rehman

    Daaim Rehman2 days ago

    Mandzukic saved the world from English fans🔥

  16. Matej Čavlović

    Matej Čavlović2 days ago

    Nakon 2 mjeseca opet sam zaplakao

  17. Mateo Horvat

    Mateo Horvat2 days ago

    Matej Čavlović :)

  18. Matej Čavlović

    Matej Čavlović2 days ago

    Nadam se jer je bilo prejebeno :) Mi smo skakali u kaficu, pjevali vristali :)

  19. Mateo Horvat

    Mateo Horvat2 days ago

    Matej Čavlović vjeruj mi hoce jednom i opet cemo onako slaviti

  20. Matej Čavlović

    Matej Čavlović2 days ago

    Pogotovo zato sto nam se ovaj uspjeh nece desiti narednih 25 god :(

  21. Mateo Horvat

    Mateo Horvat2 days ago

    i ja

  22. Union King

    Union King2 days ago

    It is impossible to beleave croatia will be w champs the reason is they have not win their last 3 game in 90 minute and france win their last 3 without extratime . Who is deserve to win of course ftance 🇫🇷 logic respected

  23. Prince Deano

    Prince Deano2 days ago

    Watching this back thinking.... Kane why didn’t you square it to sterling 🙃

  24. Dina Din

    Dina Din2 days ago

    I will support the Croatian team. Wooiooooooooooo

  25. Ruby Gaming

    Ruby Gaming3 days ago


  26. V R

    V R3 days ago


  27. Cecil Morgan

    Cecil Morgan3 days ago

    I always thought Stones' various little errors in matches would cost his country dear. And at the highest stage too. A spectator in his own penalty area. Southgate's no great shakes as a coach and doesn't have the best material to work with. National euphoria over the youth of his squad, winning a penalty shootout, his frigging waistcoats (for chrissakes!) notwithstanding, this is a false dawn for this England team, who've achieved the best they're going to.20-30 years ago, with the luck the team had, England would have won the Cup in Russia. Fact is, England are barely second-rate now. No one fears them any longer. Ironically now that they try so desperately to be 'technical' their players are less gifted on the ball than previous generations. Trying to be calm and thoughtful on the ball, like some poor man's Beckenbauer, and they end up with a John Stones. Alf Ramsey was criticised in 1970 for saying there was nothing England could learn from Brazil. In the correct context he was absolutely right. Lifestyle, intensity and national temperament is completely different. Ramsey found a way that England could win: it called for Spartan discipline, strict military obedience and supernatural fitness and conditioning. When working in teams this is what the English do well, as any military historian will tell you. Individualism has its uses, but here they are limited. That's the English conception of teamwork. Now they're trying to play like they have ten Socrates out there. It makes them weaker, not stronger. England need to do some hard thinking, to find their national identity, if they ever again want success on the football pitch.

  28. szsmix

    szsmix3 days ago

    The last England Semi-Final for at least 20 years.

  29. William Darko

    William Darko4 days ago

    who's still angry at Harry Kane for missing that opportunity?!

  30. Luka Džinev

    Luka Džinev4 days ago

    Anyone notice how Pickford shouted something at Madzukic at 1:30 while he was down? He shouldn't, because karma took its place at 1:40

  31. JanCroHero _

    JanCroHero _5 days ago

    Its coming home! Its coming home! England is coming home! Btw i still love to watch this

  32. JanCroHero _

    JanCroHero _5 days ago

    Friday Cro vs Eng Croatia will win and show this wasnt an accident

  33. Game Of Thrones

    Game Of Thrones2 days ago

    JanCroHero _ draw

  34. EpicRobloxGuy08 YT

    EpicRobloxGuy08 YT5 days ago

    0:25 even Kane was impressed

  35. gabi gergs

    gabi gergs5 days ago

    england make alot of good progress

  36. Magic Yo-yo

    Magic Yo-yo6 days ago

    Perisic kicked Kyle Walker in the bloody head. And Pickford could have easily got the ball when mandzukic scored.

  37. JanCroHero _

    JanCroHero _5 days ago

    Bruh go play roblox ball was down where is allowed to play with a leg

  38. Zam

    Zam6 days ago

    If only England won, we might of had a half decent final. :( Worst WC final in history!

  39. Issa Kralj

    Issa Kralj6 days ago

    Predivna asistencija vrsaljka perišiću predivnaaa najljepsa citava ta akcija je predivna bila

  40. Massimiliano Allegri

    Massimiliano Allegri6 days ago

    I was supporting Croatia, but feel quiet sad for England.

  41. Hamdog

    Hamdog7 days ago

    I'll say it now and I'll say it a million times, England should have won and Croatia cheated their way to the final

  42. R OTS

    R OTS5 days ago

    Croatia did look like they were short of ideas up until the goal. But fair play to Croatia for digging in and once they equalized they could see England were afraid. They smelled blood and went in for the kill. totally deserved. England are spineless and have no plan B.

  43. Toni Jadrejcic

    Toni Jadrejcic7 days ago

    +Hamdog I watched it, and only England fans were salty, no one else.

  44. Hamdog

    Hamdog7 days ago

    +Toni Jadrejcic Watch the match

  45. Toni Jadrejcic

    Toni Jadrejcic7 days ago

    How did Croatia cheat? England had 1 shot on target while Croatia had 7.Totally deserved victory.

  46. benvolio mozart

    benvolio mozart8 days ago

    I dont understand Why England supprters say "it is going home". It is impossible for england to say "it is going home" as far as the World Cup is concerned, just because the World Cup is french. It was created by Jules Rimet. But ironnically the english supporters were right : the World Cup indeed came home !!

  47. Danny2675 R

    Danny2675 R8 days ago

    Stones fell asleep otherwise penalty shootout

  48. LIAM XD

    LIAM XD9 days ago

    I love 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  49. monu insomniac

    monu insomniac10 days ago

    Who is the commentator who calls manchuchik name?

  50. 17 10

    17 1010 days ago

    Being in the right place at the right time 01:22

  51. lincoln motta

    lincoln motta5 days ago

    Not for Stones though, for Croatia's second goal lol.

  52. areyouafruit

    areyouafruit10 days ago

    This still hurts to watch

  53. JanCroHero _

    JanCroHero _7 days ago

    No its really nice to watch england go home

  54. Anna Marcic

    Anna Marcic10 days ago

    Croatia, as a Slovenian/Croatian/american you lifted my little heart this summer

  55. miroslav gardilcic

    miroslav gardilcic10 days ago


  56. Faker Anonimo

    Faker Anonimo11 days ago

    Everytime I feel sad or demotivated I remember the “it’s coming home” trending thingy, I watch this match and I feel recovered!

  57. 17 10

    17 1012 days ago

    That's the Spirit CROATIA

  58. another way

    another way13 days ago

    This was an excellent day watching the UK head home.xx

  59. JakePrior2005 YT

    JakePrior2005 YT13 days ago

    It’s Kieran Trippier... IT’S IN!!!

  60. The.Real.Myuran

    The.Real.Myuran13 days ago

    England’s World Cup wanted list: 2010 : Wayne Rooney 2014 : Luís Suárez 2018 : Mario Mandzukic

  61. Muhammed Rasik

    Muhammed Rasik13 days ago

    Croatia good playing

  62. DarkVinardKnight

    DarkVinardKnight13 days ago

    It is delicious

  63. Vale 94

    Vale 9413 days ago

    "Coming home"😂😂😂😂

  64. Morrisseyyy 911

    Morrisseyyy 91114 days ago

    8.3k angry poms

  65. Hossein Kariminiaae

    Hossein Kariminiaae14 days ago

    It's going away It's going away

  66. ッTheJabon

    ッTheJabon15 days ago

    Why is rakitic in the crowd?

  67. FrezzeDiamond Gaming

    FrezzeDiamond Gaming15 days ago

    What the commentarry says in 0:22 minute

  68. Faith Connors

    Faith Connors16 days ago

    How Harry Kane? How 😳

  69. tam nguyen

    tam nguyen16 days ago

    Did you seen vietnamese flag

  70. Shaheer Khan

    Shaheer Khan16 days ago


  71. vato loco

    vato loco16 days ago

    01:30... typical english... dickhead

  72. Harvester

    Harvester16 days ago

    England could've won this. The problem with them is that they get complacent when they get a 1 goal lead. If they had scored later, they wouldn't have got so cocky. If they had pushed harder after getting the 1st goal and got a 2nd, England would've won.

  73. Harvester

    Harvester7 days ago

    +benvolio mozart They are though. Sweden beat Spain. A really good team. They would've beat us if we didn't have Pickford. If Hart was playing, it would've been over. And the strongest clearly don't always win. Look at Germany. Pathetic excuse for a world cup for them. Stop shitting on other people's happiness. In 2022 I'll say your countries team is shit. Do we not have a right to be happy? To support put country? After how badly we played in 2014, people are happy we performed well.

  74. benvolio mozart

    benvolio mozart8 days ago

    +Harvester that's wrong ! England are not better than before ! When you say everybody, you mean English supporters and politics has nothing to do with football. In football the strongest always win !!

  75. Harvester

    Harvester8 days ago

    +benvolio mozart Your not seeing the point. Everybody is so happy about our performance becuase we are so much better than before. We used to be awful, but now we're getting there. Plus, you cannot say 'much better teams deserved it'. By that logic, 'Hillary deserved to win over Trump becuase she's a nicer person,'.

  76. benvolio mozart

    benvolio mozart8 days ago

    it is not relevant. England did not deserve to be in the semi. Belgium, Brazil, Uruguay even Portugal were better than them. Look at them ! Kane is a disaster . He cant even score with an empty goal. They were pedestrians. They were beaten twice by Belgium. They are not a team, they behave like they are scared to death ! I dont understand why they are so weak. Croatia should have won comfortably ! I think it is time for England to change radically their management and their style of play. They hesitate, hesitate, hesitate. And hesitation is their worst enemy. If they carry on like this they will no longer win anything in the years to come.

  77. Harvester

    Harvester9 days ago

    +benvolio mozart and you support what team?

  78. PrayForMojo

    PrayForMojo16 days ago

    Lol so much for Pickford acting hard to a hurt player.....boom scores right after. The commentator, "he is a brick wall" 🤣. Is it a wonder everyone wants them to loose.

  79. Gerardo Portillo

    Gerardo Portillo17 days ago

    Aaaaaand Croatia lost.. Modrics bum ass doesn't deserve the ballon d oro. What a joke. Just so Madrid won't be left without a ballon d oro winner in their squad for the first time since who knows how long

  80. Alessandro Columbu

    Alessandro Columbu17 days ago

    god this still gives me goosebumps, well done Hrvatska!

  81. Gabriel sensva

    Gabriel sensva17 days ago

    CRO 0 - 1 ING CRO 1 - 1 ING CRO 2 - 1 ING


    GABER MOHMED GABER17 days ago


  83. daisy james

    daisy james17 days ago

    Croatia forever

  84. Dhanvi Vajapeyas

    Dhanvi Vajapeyas17 days ago

    'England are hurt' that was soo if y'all agree

  85. David Alvis Moreno

    David Alvis Moreno3 days ago


  86. Magic Football

    Magic Football17 days ago

    I love croatia

  87. thaer frag

    thaer frag17 days ago


  88. six quort

    six quort17 days ago

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  89. Karlyktey lykteygaming

    Karlyktey lykteygaming18 days ago

    If the world was the World Cup then why was there green grass and not gold grass.

  90. Hồng Lĩnh Đỗ

    Hồng Lĩnh Đỗ18 days ago

    1:19 vietnamese flag(cờ Việt Nam) I'm from Việt Nam

  91. milo lombard

    milo lombard19 days ago

    Croatia’s first goal should of been disallowed because it was a high foot

  92. milo lombard

    milo lombard18 days ago

    Oh kk thanks

  93. BLΛƆKis_the_newPIИK

    BLΛƆKis_the_newPIИK18 days ago

    no, it was not. the foot was lower than the shoulder height, and the England's defender was diving, with his head first

  94. santosh Gowda

    santosh Gowda19 days ago

    Fuck the Brits

  95. Nicole Gomez

    Nicole Gomez19 days ago

    yeah fuck those disgusting britshits, shitgland is dead

  96. Susanne Gerner

    Susanne Gerner19 days ago

    England gegen Russland 2010 mit 4 zu 4 von 4 zu 0 4 zu 4

  97. Flux Pavillion

    Flux Pavillion19 days ago

    next time be more arrogant... go home england,you are drunk :)

  98. Shenaz Usman-Hamid

    Shenaz Usman-Hamid20 days ago

    Congratulations Croatia 🇭🇷 from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😢😢😭😭

  99. Dominic Vargas

    Dominic Vargas20 days ago

    Pickford talked shit to mandzukic after blocking his shot and then got scored on by mandzukic. Karma at its finest folks

  100. Manchester United fan

    Manchester United fan21 day ago

    Its not coming home!

  101. benvolio mozart

    benvolio mozart9 days ago

    I would like to remind you that the world cup is french. It was created by Jules Rimet and finally it went home. You confuse the world cup with football !

  102. Mateo Horvat

    Mateo Horvat21 day ago

    hahahahhahahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahhahah CROATIA IS THE BEEEST🔴⚪🔵👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  103. Andrew McC

    Andrew McC21 day ago

    So good. Always puts a smile on my face this one 😂. Cheers Croatia from Belfast 👍

  104. bob sponge

    bob sponge21 day ago


  105. Megaminecraftgames

    Megaminecraftgames21 day ago

    HARRY KANE!! AND KANE AGAIN... He do i cry after this;-;

  106. Ian McIntosh

    Ian McIntosh21 day ago

    in are hearts england won

  107. Mateo Horvat

    Mateo Horvat21 day ago


  108. Poke đại chiến nick cùi

    Poke đại chiến nick cùi21 day ago

    Có cờ vietnam trên sân kìa

  109. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw Sobocinski22 days ago

    Croatia vs England 2- 1 World Cup 2018

  110. Dann McBobby

    Dann McBobby22 days ago

    england's a whale of shit too loud mouthed nothing in end fuck off poor bastards

  111. Lasergun362

    Lasergun36222 days ago

    Pickford is too good for England

  112. benvolio mozart

    benvolio mozart9 days ago

    He was so good that he had two goals against him. He looks ridiculous !

  113. John Terry

    John Terry22 days ago


  114. A Filipino who wants England to win the world cup

    A Filipino who wants England to win the world cup23 days ago

    Had to dislike this this is a shit show

  115. A Filipino who wants England to win the world cup

    A Filipino who wants England to win the world cup22 days ago

    Fine shut up now

  116. Mateo Horvat

    Mateo Horvat22 days ago

    shut up stupid boy!!!👋

  117. Mateo Horvat

    Mateo Horvat22 days ago


  118. Mateo Horvat

    Mateo Horvat22 days ago

    +A Filipino who wants England to win the world cup bahahahahahahah Croatia is betttttttterrrrrr

  119. Neil Pandey

    Neil Pandey23 days ago

    I always like to watch England lose.

  120. cribbling cribbling

    cribbling cribbling24 days ago


  121. Jessie Lalicon

    Jessie Lalicon24 days ago

    this game was a bit disappointing for England. Poor defending in the​ final minutes, loss of concentration.

  122. StarAntaresMC

    StarAntaresMC24 days ago

    Croatia wiiiinnnnnnnnn then lose in the finale

  123. Gabriel Freitas

    Gabriel Freitas25 days ago

    1:05 "VAN PERSIE" ???????????

  124. Randu Afd

    Randu Afd26 days ago

    And croatia for the first time ever will play in world cup final :v

  125. Sam the Straight guy

    Sam the Straight guy26 days ago

    Would have been 3-1 if perisic scored the post goal.

  126. Meri Jelić Eisenkohl

    Meri Jelić Eisenkohl26 days ago

    🙈🙉🙊 💓💓💓💓💓 🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷 My Croatia...proud!! Thanks God 😇🤗

  127. Hshd Hsnsnd

    Hshd Hsnsnd26 days ago

    Everyone is lebanon was with Croatia basically

  128. Hshd Hsnsnd

    Hshd Hsnsnd25 days ago

    +BlacMky thx man

  129. BlacMky

    BlacMky25 days ago

    if you were playing instead of us, whole Croatia would be for you :)

  130. David Pena

    David Pena26 days ago

    Not a brick wall now!!! "England's goaly"

  131. Ps4mas Rblx

    Ps4mas Rblx27 days ago

    ''Commentary Harry Kane and kane agian''

  132. Ps4mas Rblx

    Ps4mas Rblx27 days ago

    Commentary ''It Is Kirean Tripper it is delecuois glorouis glorious england goal picture perfect there is not a better strike than that''

  133. 귀멍뭉이

    귀멍뭉이27 days ago