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Croatia v England - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 62


  1. Rexster 5

    Rexster 527 minutes ago

    It was actually 2-2 beacause Croatia scored and did there celebration too long then I think Jesse Lingard scored

  2. House Nation

    House Nation20 hours ago

    srce vatreno 🔥❤️

  3. GNZ GNZ

    GNZ GNZDay ago

    Jordan Pickford mouthing off to Mario Mandzukic after colliding in the box: ' I'm the Man, I'm the Man ' Mario Mandzukic in extra time without saying a word: ' When you've finished being the Man pick that out go back to your hotel, pack your gear and have a nice flight home.'

  4. sinpasae

    sinpasae2 days ago

    that's what Pickford gets for clowning Manzukic when he took him out lol

  5. Ludwig Jakobsson

    Ludwig Jakobsson2 days ago

    0:38 that miss from Kane probably would have sealed the match

  6. Hello Hello

    Hello Hello2 days ago

    They lost cause of Kane

  7. Ninja Shark

    Ninja Shark3 days ago

    Thank you Croatia for kicking England’s asses and sending them back home.

  8. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana20 hours ago

    We kicked there ass in nations by relegating them and now england in semi of nations leauge

  9. Grand shell thai

    Grand shell thai3 days ago

    I hate I hat I ha I h I I h I ha I hat I hate I hate chicken.

  10. stupidrichards

    stupidrichards3 days ago

    Croatia only was very lucky very lucky to be at the finals

  11. d. marko

    d. marko3 days ago

    dont cry

  12. Muhammad Faiz

    Muhammad Faiz4 days ago

    Mardzukic lose in world cup and leugue campions final

  13. d. marko

    d. marko3 days ago

    you mean Lovren? mandzukic won champions league 2013 with bayern

  14. Thi thung Hua

    Thi thung Hua4 days ago

    0:20 it is so cool

  15. A Watermelon

    A Watermelon4 days ago

    Honestly who dislikes these highlight videos

  16. Hatachi 4games

    Hatachi 4games4 days ago

    So glad Serbs lost against France

  17. Vlad. Deev

    Vlad. Deev4 days ago

    I hoped that the British would beat the Nazis!

  18. Asif Nadukkandy

    Asif Nadukkandy5 days ago

    congrats Croatia from Belgium

  19. Ferhan Morcali

    Ferhan Morcali5 days ago


  20. Dan Earley

    Dan Earley5 days ago

    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 did horrible in the semi finals

  21. Stefanos Tsiagkos

    Stefanos Tsiagkos5 days ago

    England is better

  22. elvis manhattan

    elvis manhattan5 days ago

    1:57 I wish nothing else but BEST for this guy. I wish him so much best that it gives all best to whom ever He wishes best. What a WINNER is this guy. He's a little that remains from Great Britain Culture. Dear Sir you are Lord.

  23. MARIA NOEL Larrosa

    MARIA NOEL Larrosa6 days ago

    I´m from Uruguay, and if anytime my team plays against Croatia (hope´ll be at Confederation´s Cup), I´ll be honoured, and I know all the players of my National Team woul be too. I really love Croatia´s game, I love the players, I love you have GARRA and football. Rebic reminds me of Suárez when he was at Liverpool, the time Luis wanted every ball, and played with body, heart and life. I love Lovren and Vida; they remind me Heroes as Lugano, Paolo Montero and other defenders which were our Captains. I love the middlefield. Of course I love Modric, but most of all I love the sense of "team" and "Nation". Croatia= football + force + heart. The best to you all.

  24. Proboi YT

    Proboi YT7 days ago

    Who hates Croatia I do who hates Croatia I do like if agree

  25. Rudmila Sharker

    Rudmila Sharker9 days ago

    Why did Croatia won

  26. Elvis Buturic

    Elvis Buturic4 days ago

    Because it scored more goals 😀

  27. Jean-Paul Junki Z

    Jean-Paul Junki Z9 days ago

    Respect to Pickford

  28. Tony Wagner

    Tony Wagner10 days ago

    The question is: Would England have defeated France?

  29. Korijen iz 2

    Korijen iz 216 hours ago


  30. d. marko

    d. marko3 days ago


  31. tran nhan minh quan

    tran nhan minh quan6 days ago


  32. Clara Donnelly

    Clara Donnelly11 days ago

    I’m Croatian but I live in New Zealand so go Croatia

  33. Kunal Nagarkoti

    Kunal Nagarkoti12 days ago

    Fuck England

  34. A Watermelon

    A Watermelon13 days ago

    1:28 what a save Gordon banks

  35. Jurassic park133

    Jurassic park13313 days ago

    Croatia remember uefa nations league against england fuck you if you are reading this no super Mario and persic because youbare shit at Wembley FUCK YOU CROTAIA FANS YOU ARE SHIT

  36. Rex Croatorum

    Rex Croatorum11 days ago

    lol who the fuck cares about nations league. WORLD CUP is the WORLD CUP.

  37. Jooo J

    Jooo J12 days ago

    You compare that women football match with semis? Lol.

  38. Ricci Wigg

    Ricci Wigg13 days ago

    Why am I crying in the club



    Fuck you Croatia

  40. Nouara Oukaki

    Nouara Oukaki13 days ago

    😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 KINE

  41. Jesseryo 2009

    Jesseryo 200914 days ago

    croatia cool

  42. Leslie Sequeira

    Leslie Sequeira14 days ago

    Overrated Croatia Lose 6-0 to Spain

  43. maverick7376

    maverick73769 days ago

    and they beat them 3-2 at home, what's your point?

  44. Lohns Nyen Siong

    Lohns Nyen Siong15 days ago

    Croatia is lame

  45. Alix Jones

    Alix Jones15 days ago

    They're going home They're going home They're going home England going home

  46. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana15 days ago

    Alix Jones unoriginal your so late

  47. Noura Djebbi

    Noura Djebbi16 days ago

    Englend..... for what go? Aut you’re so happy 😁 (Croatia) vs France 🇫🇷 maket (benzma) ...... let’....... ya!

  48. Noura Djebbi

    Noura Djebbi10 days ago

    Peanutbutter Banana No I am yahia and👌🏻😒

  49. Noura Djebbi

    Noura Djebbi13 days ago

    No l am (Kane) l am from englend 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 ok 👌🏻.....

  50. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana16 days ago

    Noura Djebbi ??????

  51. Akim446 Akimjr009

    Akim446 Akimjr00917 days ago

    Best comeback in world cup 💗👏🔥

  52. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana15 days ago

    Akim446 Akimjr009 I think it was Belgium vs Japan

  53. Daz 88

    Daz 8817 days ago

    England need to be more aggressive.

  54. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith18 days ago

    I'm an alien from outer space!!!!

  55. Samsung Galaxy GT-19152

    Samsung Galaxy GT-1915218 days ago

    What a goal from Kieran.

  56. Nipun Sharma

    Nipun Sharma19 days ago

    Come on we may have lost the semi finals but there is no need for the fans to hate each other Croatia were the better team we played well too but we should not laugh at an opponents defeat that's not good sportsmanship

  57. Nick Koyukin

    Nick Koyukin19 days ago

    At 1:39 what was that goalie doing?

  58. mary lou campbell

    mary lou campbell19 days ago


  59. mary lou campbell

    mary lou campbell19 days ago

    his name sound like pig foot

  60. Zook 3961

    Zook 396119 days ago

    My heart broke when Croatia got their 2nd

  61. Crazy Person

    Crazy Person20 days ago

    8500 bitter owners of the "It's coming home" CD disliked this video.

  62. horasman nahampun

    horasman nahampun21 day ago


  63. Theshan Dilanka

    Theshan Dilanka21 day ago

    if u watch closely manzukitch was walking away with disappointment but suddenly ball comes to him and he strikes.Never give up

  64. assiel gailan

    assiel gailan21 day ago

    1:53 did mandzudic and mordic just kiss😂😂😂

  65. Nipun Mahajan

    Nipun Mahajan21 day ago

    Kane missed the WC

  66. sergio redos

    sergio redos22 days ago

    It's all jone stones fault

  67. Red Star Belgrade

    Red Star Belgrade22 days ago

    Putin: We Lost The World Cup well at least we’re not going home

  68. maro man

    maro man22 days ago

    Well...beat that Nations League...

  69. gerrard canal tv tu

    gerrard canal tv tu22 days ago

    Está. Muy. Monitos. Tus. Videos

  70. lorraine mcdonald

    lorraine mcdonald22 days ago

    England should've won Pickford done his best! Kane,Alli,Lingard,Trippier,stones,Maguire,Pickford and the rest.. You done your best Congratulations Croatia. From Scotland I know Scottish don't like English to win and English don't like Scottish to win but because my country wasn't in the world cup i wanted England to win but when England went out i wanted them to beat Belgium (Sadly not😣😣) in France vs Coratia I wanted france to win and they did

  71. Ashish B

    Ashish B22 days ago

    Where can I get complete match video?

  72. D L

    D L6 days ago

    full match sports.. turn adblock off so it can work

  73. Saphal Pandit

    Saphal Pandit23 days ago

    France congo


    LIFE OF SCRIBBLES23 days ago

    kane was trying so hard to hold back the tears LOL

  75. zada

    zada23 days ago


  76. zada

    zada23 days ago

    Just here to check if it still hurt. It does.

  77. AIV

    AIV23 days ago


  78. Canal JH

    Canal JH23 days ago

    Futebol é muito imprevisível eu jamais iria imaginar que a Inglaterra ia chegar nas semi-final que a Espanha ia ser eliminada pela Russia e muito menos que a Croácia ia chegar na final da Copa do Mundo.

  79. The Critic

    The Critic23 days ago

    November 2018. Still laughing at “it’s coming home” 🤣

  80. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana23 days ago

    The Critic jeez lol also I think. Nations leauge will come home

  81. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith24 days ago

    It is Kieran Trippier, it is delicious. The only thing delicious for England is that the Wold Cup Trophy isn't coming home!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  82. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana18 days ago

    Chris Smith iK I was just saying nations leauge coming home

  83. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith18 days ago

    I wasn't talking about nations league match!!!! LOL

  84. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana23 days ago

    Southie oh ok

  85. Southie

    Southie23 days ago

    +Peanutbutter Banana Yeah, but Nations League is not a World Cup, it's a less important tournament. It will still be an achievement for England to win it but winning a world cup is a much bigger one. Croatia almost did that this year and one day will even win it.

  86. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana24 days ago

    Chris Smith nations leauge is I believe beacause we got top of group by getting revenge on croatia on Sunday I BELIEVE it will come home

  87. Phong Nobi

    Phong Nobi25 days ago

    1:17 Việt Nam

  88. Michael Frising

    Michael Frising25 days ago

    Haha fuck you Pickford chat shit get banged

  89. br451l

    br451l25 days ago



    *KALASHNIKOV KID*24 days ago

    br451l we just beat Croatia in UEFA so fuck off you Cocaine sniffing bastard.

  91. Drazen Kn

    Drazen Kn25 days ago


  92. Fortnite Momenst/games

    Fortnite Momenst/games25 days ago

    Foodball going home

  93. Alex Rodrigues

    Alex Rodrigues25 days ago

    Croatia didn’t deserve to win let’s be honest .Still well done tho


    MARIO BARTULOVIĆ24 days ago

    Jes englandsthan end francesthan deserve ,ur not europe any more

  95. Arth Patel

    Arth Patel26 days ago

    Anyone after ENGLAND vs CROATIA in nations league ? I support CROATIA What a team They missed Rakitic and Mandzukic But World Cup semi finals > Nations League

  96. TryHard Biscuit

    TryHard Biscuit26 days ago

    Who is watching after England beat croatia in nations league?

  97. Nemesis Inferno

    Nemesis InfernoDay ago

    tulip storeThe same players were playing in both matches. The players your talking about are Subasic, Mandzukic and Corluka. Btw Corluka wasn’t part of your great defence at the WC. The players I mentioned retired after the WC so in reality that 6-0 loss was particularly poor and your 3-2 win to Spain is fair enough but more key players retired for Spain than you guys. Iniesta, Silva and more could come such as Ramos

  98. tulip store

    tulip storeDay ago

    +Nemesis Inferno but in the 2nd match they played and Croatia won 3-2 . In that match a great defender of Croatia did not play . So from 6-0 to 3-2 it went u see the difference when great players are not there?

  99. Nemesis Inferno

    Nemesis InfernoDay ago

    tulip store Don’t really know how that’s like a mega diss, who do you support then? I guarantee it’s Croatia. Also players retiring isn’t an excuse for getting trounced 6-0 by Spain and getting relegated to group b of the nations league

  100. tulip store

    tulip storeDay ago

    +Nemesis Inferno I am not a croatian supporter ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 But I just reminded the people it was not the same team that played in the WC2018!!

  101. Nemesis Inferno

    Nemesis InfernoDay ago

    tulip store Get over yourself and stop making excuses. You guys are on the decline, probably should have won the cup when you had the chance 😂

  102. hi Random person

    hi Random person26 days ago

    revenge is sweet :D

  103. hi Random person

    hi Random person24 days ago

    Toni112007 at least we got em :D

  104. Toni112007

    Toni11200724 days ago

    lmao nothing can revenge being knocked out of semi finals.

  105. One World

    One World26 days ago

    We're Coming Home. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.

  106. One World

    One World26 days ago

    We Coming Home ...GOD SAVE THE QUEEN =)

  107. Dr. Complex

    Dr. Complex26 days ago

    I feel bad for Spain, they have to play a match later, knowing they have been eliminated early in their fourth consecutive tournament.

  108. Ivan Nanotech

    Ivan Nanotech27 days ago

    Fuck you england, fuck you forever

  109. Solologan UK

    Solologan UK26 days ago

    salty much?

  110. Monkey Slogan

    Monkey Slogan27 days ago

    It's Still Coming Home?.

  111. bunter john

    bunter john27 days ago

    england hammered again,, Forza Croatia.. men against boys...

  112. TheHikersGuide

    TheHikersGuide26 days ago

    bunter john ehh did you see the score?

  113. Solologan UK

    Solologan UK26 days ago

    november 19th: hold my beer

  114. mohammed kameron

    mohammed kameron27 days ago

    Its coming home they were singing.... more like.. we're coming home..

  115. Solologan UK

    Solologan UK26 days ago


  116. Cokoladna banana

    Cokoladna banana27 days ago

    Drkam na ovaj video...

  117. N D

    N D28 days ago

    *Croatia & India world champions,France griezmen cheat dive*

  118. Judy Chen

    Judy Chen28 days ago


  119. Roland Gamer

    Roland Gamer28 days ago


  120. Its Robi

    Its Robi29 days ago

    1 31 pickford taunts mandzukic a few moments later mandzukic scores lol dickford

  121. Zeljko Vidovic

    Zeljko Vidovic29 days ago

    Croatia is a big big team... England maybe in 4 jears!!

  122. Abc sin

    Abc sinMonth ago

    This English team with more experience and more training have a great chance for 2022 wc

  123. Manu Games

    Manu Games21 day ago

    hype is coming, seems like you gonna stuck at group phase :D

  124. Abc sin

    Abc sin28 days ago

    +Its Robi yeah it's true!!

  125. Its Robi

    Its Robi29 days ago

    lol not in a million years

  126. Mark Zac

    Mark ZacMonth ago

    England should of wrapped the game up 3-0 in the first half with Kane and Lingards chances but we bottled it once again

  127. Mark Zac

    Mark Zac27 days ago

    Duke J England have some of the best youngsters in the world at the moment. This tournament for Croatia was a performance that won’t be seen again for decades

  128. Duke J

    Duke J27 days ago

    +Mark Zac Then you know absolutely nothing about how great our young players are. Stop whining, we play a much better football. Fullstop.

  129. Mark Zac

    Mark Zac27 days ago

    Duke J Modric, Manzukic, Rakitic, Subasic, Perisic, all of your good players will be over 30 and will probably never play at a world cup again

  130. Duke J

    Duke J27 days ago

    Luck follows winners. But most of your nation including media is really acting lame for not acknowledging how powerful Croatian football is. It's ridiculous and it will cost you again soon.

  131. Dalmatinac3

    Dalmatinac3Month ago

    I recorded "And Croatia, for the first time EVER, will play in the World Cup FINAL". I recorded that and played it over and over and over again. It's just surreal even 4 months after the tournament, to hear that sentence is still amazing!

  132. Dalmatinac3

    Dalmatinac3Month ago

    PIckford swore at Mandzukic after making that save at 1:30, but got his Karma when Mandzukic won the game for Croatia!

  133. Bishesh Kayastha

    Bishesh KayasthaMonth ago

    Croatia keeper is so darcharuwa

  134. carlos vaći

    carlos vaćiMonth ago

    Uhhhhh.... 😎😎😎😎 kad se sjetim!

  135. Atharva Nimbalkar

    Atharva NimbalkarMonth ago

    Harry kane did his best

  136. Kenny Shrimpton

    Kenny ShrimptonMonth ago

    If kane would have passed the ball to Sterling instead of being selfish 0:36

  137. Kenny Shrimpton

    Kenny Shrimpton26 days ago

    +NineTales TM no sterling was actually level with the ball if not just behind it Harry is ahead tho the angle makes it look like he would have been off but he was on

  138. NineTales TM

    NineTales TM26 days ago

    It would've been offside

  139. Fraser

    FraserMonth ago

    Let me say something, I am English so naturally I am upset that we lost as Croatia's equaliser was technically a foul as perisic had a high foot which hit Kyle walker in the head so it was a foul and the goal should have not been given, poor officiating

  140. Duke J

    Duke J28 days ago

    +-Genes- A citizen of a fallen empire that enslaved half of the world talking about genocide.....

  141. -Genes-

    -Genes-Month ago

    Mateo Horvat Sorry ustase I don’t speak your primitive language. Go genocide more innocent people you primitive ape. But tell me how does it feel losing to a black team by the way? What a shame for croatia the most racist country in the world HEHEHEHEHEHEHEH

  142. Mateo Horvat

    Mateo HorvatMonth ago

    -Genes- sorry krivo sam vidio napiso si 4-2,hehe Argentina 6-0 hehe

  143. Mateo Horvat

    Mateo HorvatMonth ago

    -Genes- yes better win kaj jeee rade kompleksiii na srebrooo aa?Gdje ste vii jel?Vi ste na 36 mjestu fifine ljestvice hahahahhahahaha nije vam niko kriv kaj Jovic hoda po terenu ko maneken,a ne gine za reprezentaciju nije vam niko kriv kaj su vam ona 2 Albanca šuknula golove aa??Hahahah majmune retardirani bolesni ljubomorni nije 4-1 vec je 4-2 idi pajki i dudu u usta javi se kad prestignete Hrvateee hehe😊🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷💘🥈🥈⚽⚽⚽💪💪💪💪💪

  144. -Genes-

    -Genes-Month ago

    Mateo Horvat Yes better win 4-2HEHEHEHEHEH USTASE

  145. Frale

    FraleMonth ago

    I absolutely love how Mandzukic put his head down just before he saw the ball coming at him and scoring that beautiful goal 😂



    Congratulations for Croatia! 🇭🇷

  147. Jordan Penman

    Jordan PenmanMonth ago

    Croatia first goal should not have been allowed. doesn't the ref know you can't do high boot? where do fifa get these idiots?

  148. -Genes-

    -Genes-Month ago

    Jordan Penman You can even see him looking at the referee to see if the goal counts.

  149. TORCIDA1950 HOS

    TORCIDA1950 HOSMonth ago

    Jordan Penman Stop crying only.

  150. WolfschanzeArchiv

    WolfschanzeArchivMonth ago

    Still crying I see.

  151. Camisa 06

    Camisa 06Month ago


  152. Rebeka 231

    Rebeka 231Month ago

    Croatia is 1st in World vuk final