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Croatia v England - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 62


  1. Johan Johnson

    Johan Johnson3 hours ago

    Perisic always hits the post!

  2. Johan Johnson

    Johan Johnson3 hours ago

    Pickford always has a face when he saves the ball.

  3. Johan Johnson

    Johan Johnson3 hours ago

    Bro,Pickford's energy..

  4. Rana Umair Rana Umair

    Rana Umair Rana Umair5 hours ago

    it happens one team has to go but Croatian have played the best

  5. Rana Umair Rana Umair

    Rana Umair Rana Umair5 hours ago

    congrats crotia frim Pakistan

  6. Sm God

    Sm God10 hours ago

    Uvjerljivo najdraza tekma nase repke😍...

  7. LeoZ

    LeoZ14 hours ago

    fuck youuuuuu England

  8. kris kim

    kris kim15 hours ago

    Mandzukic is hero for Croatia

  9. Blank

    Blank22 hours ago

    Out-lucked. Though I'd say England were the better team. They should've lost the finals to France.

  10. Kateřina Dvořáková

    Kateřina DvořákováDay ago


  11. Abbsxo14

    Abbsxo14Day ago

    Why did i just watch this, i was depressed for like a week

  12. muhamad nzar

    muhamad nzarDay ago


  13. Wesley Slippers

    Wesley SlippersDay ago

    Football's coming home. Stupid England.

  14. #GamingForLife PlayZ

    #GamingForLife PlayZDay ago

    I like trains.

  15. Sabri Çelik

    Sabri Çelik2 days ago

    Winners 🇧🇪🇧🇷🇫🇷🇭🇷🇷🇺🇸🇪🇺🇾🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  16. Martin Bagiom

    Martin Bagiom2 days ago

    Unbelievable Croatia. Well done. You shook the giants

  17. Robert Dias

    Robert Dias2 days ago

    Croácia e foda

  18. Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues

    Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues2 days ago


  19. Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues

    Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues2 days ago


  20. Teikster Yt

    Teikster Yt2 days ago

    Russia is the best team in tourment !POLAND!

  21. Kaka Production

    Kaka Production2 days ago

    Croatia win England 2 in 2008

  22. Leo123 Gritty456

    Leo123 Gritty4562 days ago

    If Kane squared it to sterling we would of won😫

  23. Ivan Bukovic

    Ivan Bukovic2 days ago

    Pray for eduardo da sliva🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷 gamad engleska


    NYGIANTS3 days ago

    England got lucky against Colombia and Sweden.

  25. Hitler Putin

    Hitler Putin3 days ago

    No se porque cuando alguien mete gol, los del Equipo Contrario Levantan la mano Como Pendejos, Como si El arbitro cobrara Falta

  26. SugaryEagle 6948

    SugaryEagle 69483 days ago

    Kane bruv, ur bad ON A GAGNÉ

  27. ROBLOX Arda277

    ROBLOX Arda2773 days ago

    Croatia sucks i wish england won

  28. Marina Marić

    Marina Marić3 days ago

    Pikfort je govno konj jebem mu mater😬😬😬💩💩💩💩engleska ide kuci😜😜😜😜🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷🇭🇷

  29. marie asm

    marie asm3 days ago


  30. James Allen

    James Allen4 days ago

    Ingles i espanol es la lenguas que yo hablo

  31. Katie x x Xox

    Katie x x Xox4 days ago

    Croatia were cheaters who tackled the England players to the floor when the ref wasn’t looking and they used a player that shouldn’t of played, England should have got through to the final. From America x

  32. Aj 247

    Aj 2473 days ago


  33. Mental Mickey

    Mental Mickey3 days ago

    Boy, leave that experimental drugs, they are not good...

  34. pa d

    pa d4 days ago

    you're an idiot hahaha

  35. Bruno Lucas

    Bruno Lucas5 days ago


  36. Júlio César

    Júlio César5 days ago

    Eu adoro futebool

  37. Seva ibrahimli

    Seva ibrahimli5 days ago


  38. The Revealer

    The Revealer5 days ago

    Excellent Game By England Congratulations To Croatia From Pakistan

  39. Armin Gameplay HD

    Armin Gameplay HD5 days ago

    0:39 how is that not offside?

  40. Blow on my Poop pot 69

    Blow on my Poop pot 695 days ago

    It’s Pickfords fault

  41. Ben vlogz

    Ben vlogz5 days ago

    Harry Kane cried

  42. Anto Kesedzic

    Anto Kesedzic4 days ago


  43. Ben vlogz

    Ben vlogz4 days ago

    They're not

  44. Anto Kesedzic

    Anto Kesedzic5 days ago

    hahaahha neka place England fuck

  45. dilipoganiya4790

    dilipoganiya47905 days ago

    Croatia wins heart

  46. Lady K

    Lady K2 days ago

    dilipoganiya4790 daj prestanite više s tim dijaboličnim floskulama...

  47. Maysem Djebbi

    Maysem Djebbi6 days ago

    France VS Croatia

  48. MrKaravaj

    MrKaravaj6 days ago

    the loss is coming home

  49. Magic Yo-yo

    Magic Yo-yo6 days ago

    Periwig first goal was offside and did you notice that mario manzukic who went of for being “injured” was knee sliding all over the place after the match. Filthy time waster

  50. Amine Mojito

    Amine Mojito6 days ago

    The commentator is 100% england

  51. Ishmam Hasan Chowdhury

    Ishmam Hasan Chowdhury6 days ago

    2008: England 5-1 Croatia 2018: Croatia 2-1 England

  52. Anto Kesedzic

    Anto Kesedzic2 days ago

    +Lady K znam da dolaze mladji,ali opet....:(

  53. Lady K

    Lady K2 days ago

    Anto Kesedzic umjesto subasica ce doci bolji, a naci ce se i za mandzukica rijesenje...

  54. Anto Kesedzic

    Anto Kesedzic5 days ago

    +dean e ali nema ni Subašica ni Mandzukica😭😭

  55. dean

    dean5 days ago

    uskoro opet igramo protiv engleske, ali na praznoj rujevici. teška sramota za svjetske viceprvake

  56. Anto Kesedzic

    Anto Kesedzic5 days ago


  57. Sunderer ;3

    Sunderer ;36 days ago

    1:30 o mamu ti jebem

  58. Elvis Presley

    Elvis Presley6 days ago


  59. Ruby Gaming

    Ruby Gaming6 days ago

    I hate Croatia now

  60. Lady K

    Lady K2 days ago

    You must be like 10 y/o... Thats how I hated Turkey passionately in 2008 😂😂 I get you 💔 but england has future... And I think you would be really humiliated by France in finals and it would be hard to recover from that. Instead you let Croatia take the fall xD

  61. pa d

    pa d4 days ago

    who cares... hrvatskaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P

  62. Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues

    Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues6 days ago


  63. Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues

    Antonio Joaquim Rodrigues6 days ago


  64. Goldxo Gamer

    Goldxo Gamer6 days ago


  65. Mr. noob

    Mr. noob7 days ago

    love pericic

  66. Gedas Baskis

    Gedas Baskis7 days ago


  67. Waail Yousaf

    Waail Yousaf7 days ago

    Croatia have tried very hard to reach the Finals. I wish Croatia won the 2018 fifa world cup

  68. Wall E Lovers

    Wall E Lovers7 days ago

    Trippier shots as good as Ronaldo last goal at Portugal 3 - 3 Spain

  69. rdg rdg

    rdg rdg7 days ago

    ali struggles at international level

  70. Styleo77

    Styleo777 days ago

    How lovely it is to see England get knocked out. For all the 'it's coming home' shit 😂😂

  71. RedDice

    RedDice7 days ago

    I hated England losing in the semifinals but I appreciate a small country with a big team. I will support Croatia next time when England get knocked out.

  72. ntsz

    ntsz8 days ago

    I don’t care who wins because I like all football players

  73. Monika Harvey

    Monika Harvey8 days ago

    Rip England At Least They play Belgium again in 3rd place I wish England won

  74. Idk What

    Idk What8 days ago

    Harry Kane looks like he's deciding whether he should kill himself or cry at the end.

  75. benhurzz

    benhurzz8 days ago

    pickford u CHOKER

  76. Aziz Shah

    Aziz Shah8 days ago

    i not love Croatia i love ENGLAND

  77. Xheme Mavraj

    Xheme Mavraj8 days ago

    I love Croatia from Kosovo


    THE LEGEND OF HIS OWN8 days ago

    How did England Looze😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  79. Jadranka Marušić

    Jadranka Marušić9 days ago

    That video still makes me cry 😄

  80. Tito Anotnio Pulido

    Tito Anotnio Pulido9 days ago

    Mejor James

  81. Tito Anotnio Pulido

    Tito Anotnio Pulido9 days ago

    Harri kane ese mas es muy malo

  82. lexi hall pony lover

    lexi hall pony lover9 days ago

    Awwww that's so cute!

  83. lexi hall pony lover

    lexi hall pony lover9 days ago

    Well done Croatia well done England this is Lauren and Morgan by the way

  84. lexi hall pony lover

    lexi hall pony lover9 days ago

    What is your comment?!?

  85. lexi hall pony lover

    lexi hall pony lover9 days ago


  86. lexi hall pony lover

    lexi hall pony lover9 days ago

    England needs to do better with Harry Kane and the rest of the team. The manager of England is very great. 😢😢😢

  87. lexi hall pony lover

    lexi hall pony lover9 days ago

    Good luck,Croatia 😟😟😟

  88. lexi hall pony lover

    lexi hall pony lover9 days ago

    Well,unleash we lost,Croatia has cracked it down to the finals,good luck for Croatia,England,we need to do better...

  89. prachi anand

    prachi anand9 days ago

    Mandzukic had taken revenge to pilford

  90. Jona Persic

    Jona Persic9 days ago

    Veni Vidi Vici

  91. McLovin Jr

    McLovin Jr9 days ago

    Why does everyone hate on England lol? Yeah we said it’s coming home but that’s just called supporting your country and being proud of it, tf does everyone always hate us for no reason at all?

  92. McLovin Jr

    McLovin Jr23 hours ago

    Lady K I’m sure the German, Argentine, Spanish media etc were all hyping their teams up too though.

  93. Lady K

    Lady KDay ago

    McLovin Jr i think it was because of arrogance from english media (and even players) prior to the match...

  94. McLovin Jr

    McLovin Jr2 days ago

    Lady K I know but I feel English players in general get a lot of hate. Anyway you’re right, football fans will be football fans. I was actually rooting for Croatia to win because this will probably be Modric, Mandzukic and Rakitic’s last World Cup and they’re all great players, especially Modric. France are just too OP lol

  95. Lady K

    Lady K2 days ago

    McLovin Jr I am Croatian and I love England. I always have. Really❤ There. Now... I also feel like everyone hates Croatia, especially after we lost to France everyones trashin' our country, calling our team penalty champions and so on... And even meaner things... That's just soccer fans, you shouldn't take it too serious...

  96. Nando Games

    Nando Games10 days ago

    1:58 eis que vc perde na semi-final ;-;

  97. Dora Galaxy

    Dora Galaxy10 days ago


  98. super gaming XD

    super gaming XD10 days ago

    Ubili smo ih

  99. super gaming XD

    super gaming XD10 days ago


  100. Bruno Lucas

    Bruno Lucas10 days ago

    pickford is at fault for the 2 goal

  101. Ivan Petrovic

    Ivan Petrovic10 days ago

    arrogant england

  102. Harishankar Shikkulal

    Harishankar Shikkulal10 days ago

    England are coming home

  103. JT Blaze

    JT Blaze10 days ago

    Awful defending for the last goal.

  104. Devica Rudal

    Devica Rudal10 days ago

    Croatia is the best 👍👍

  105. Petter Nøttestad

    Petter Nøttestad11 days ago

    Very exiting I love croatia

  106. Adam R.

    Adam R.11 days ago

    Neka neka nek se zna, sjebali smo Englanda

  107. Mecklenburg Govan

    Mecklenburg Govan11 days ago

    Not delicious Not Glorious Not Kane...England Has Been Shite for decades..

  108. ANG-Z

    ANG-Z11 days ago

    0:39 I like when the commentator was just saying Lingard and then he yelled HARRY KANE!! hahaha

  109. Conner Schmidt

    Conner Schmidt11 days ago

    Croatia won deservedly england missed so many good chances

  110. ja

    ja11 days ago

    best game forever honestly

  111. Murat Atas

    Murat Atas11 days ago

    We are croats.Don't fuck with us

  112. taha rahul

    taha rahul11 days ago

    croatia good player is luka modric rebic perisic and manzukic

  113. Zlatan Is Life

    Zlatan Is Life11 days ago

    im pretty sure pickford said something at mandzuvic, probably something bad

  114. fluffynoses

    fluffynoses12 days ago

    i still can't believe England made it to the semifinals and Germany didn't even make it out of the group stage lmfao

  115. Lady K

    Lady K2 days ago

    fluffynoses same goes for Spain... After great success there comes downfall, always. For next years France, Belgium and Brazil are topdogs... I think Brazil will win in Quatar. Exactly 20 years after last time they won. (Same like France)

  116. Minecraft1234000 Player22

    Minecraft1234000 Player2211 days ago

    germany will need at least 10 years to be good like 2014

  117. Serge Beatle Loquendero

    Serge Beatle Loquendero12 days ago

    Well done England

  118. Ivan Raos

    Ivan Raos12 days ago

    croatian champion

  119. Lady K

    Lady K2 days ago

    Ivan Raos pa iz Hrvatske 😁

  120. Ivan Raos

    Ivan Raos2 days ago

    Lady K odakle si

  121. Lady K

    Lady K2 days ago

    Ivan Raos Samo u snovima, nažalost (za sada).

  122. Oliver Mears

    Oliver Mears12 days ago

    I am so disappointed about england but come on england

  123. Oliver Mears

    Oliver Mears12 days ago

    Harry Kane should of scored at least we won in 1966

  124. Seba Mar

    Seba Mar12 days ago

    It s homing come now?