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Croatia v England - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 62


  1. Joe 1

    Joe 1Hour ago

    0:40 is the most annoying part of the video


    CRUNCH TIME15 hours ago


  3. dmk75

    dmk75Day ago

    1998 - 3 2018 - 2 2028 - 1

  4. Mecikar Abderraouf

    Mecikar AbderraoufDay ago

    So it was sure no ticket for Germany on the next level after the first tour 😥

  5. tam lê thi

    tam lê thi2 days ago

    Cờ việt nam 1:16

  6. Tomislav Kolic

    Tomislav Kolic2 days ago

    ZA DOM

  7. Jack Wilson

    Jack Wilson2 days ago

    I'm English and I jumped in celebration when Mandzukic scored Haha. I don't like the England squad. Pickford is a mouthy twat. Stones and Maguire are also twats. I don't really like Ali.


    MIRAC LEGEND3 days ago

    0:40 Kane (number 9) waiting for the goalkeeper

  9. Jacky Boi

    Jacky Boi5 days ago

    First Croatian goal high foot ??

  10. OohSorry

    OohSorry5 days ago

    My female classmates got salty after hearing Croatia won because they liked England. (Maybe because Harry)

  11. mustafa kızılırmak

    mustafa kızılırmak5 days ago

    Kane o oglu atmaliydi

  12. marshmallows channel

    marshmallows channel5 days ago

    1:22 Vietnamese flag???

  13. Lucy Locket

    Lucy Locket7 days ago

    Fun Fact: England lost as many games as Germany during this World Cup.

  14. Indrani Gomes

    Indrani Gomes5 days ago

    Lucy Locket it was all just fun here.

  15. Lucy Locket

    Lucy Locket5 days ago

    I still thought they were to arrogant!

  16. Indrani Gomes

    Indrani Gomes5 days ago

    Lucy Locket trust me i live in England it wasn’t arrogant. The It’s coming home was very ironic up until the quarters due to our horrible recent form in tournaments

  17. Lucy Locket

    Lucy Locket5 days ago

    England were a bit to arrogant to be fair!

  18. Indrani Gomes

    Indrani Gomes5 days ago

    Actually they lost more games. But no one cares

  19. Krish Curry last name is really Kuri

    Krish Curry last name is really Kuri8 days ago

    All I can say is it is not coming home England

  20. Germany Mapping

    Germany Mapping8 days ago

    England:ok boys we’re going to go colonize Croatia cheerio!

  21. Matej SB

    Matej SBHour ago

    Well nobody succed in Croatian long history that, so I doubt England can. And the biggest superpower in the world attacked Croatia and they all lost, enough said. 😁

  22. GostMat 05

    GostMat 059 days ago

    congrats from Russia!

  23. The NBN

    The NBN9 days ago

    only thing that be coming home is the team lol

  24. Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor10 days ago

    Croatia were dirty cheats didn’t deserve to win the game idk why everyone is saying “congrats” and respect when they can’t play a fair game

  25. kalelargaa

    kalelargaa8 days ago

    Interesting, 99, 9% of the world does not agree with you, wankers, you played like shit......

  26. Kris Boyadzhiev

    Kris Boyadzhiev10 days ago

    I was for croatia because I'm bulgarian and u'm from Balkan countries and Croatia is from Balkan countries

  27. Sanish Maharjan

    Sanish Maharjan11 days ago

    Croatia were the real heroes of this World Cup

  28. Sanish Maharjan

    Sanish Maharjan11 days ago


  29. cloudy kid

    cloudy kid12 days ago

    Me watching Croatia v England: *flips on TV* *sees England leading* "Is this a dream?" *watches Croatia equalise, then win* "There we go!"

  30. Guillermo Arroyo

    Guillermo Arroyo12 days ago

    Quien es el mas chillón neymar o roben banpersi

  31. Dino Games&more

    Dino Games&more13 days ago

    Good job Croatia from 🇵🇸

  32. KitCharizard

    KitCharizard14 days ago

    0:05 highlight of the match

  33. Tristen Ferrier

    Tristen Ferrier14 days ago

    I wanted England to win

  34. JanCroHero _

    JanCroHero _14 days ago

    Well i didn't

  35. Jakov Škoro

    Jakov Škoro16 days ago

    1:40 povijesni trenutak braćo

  36. Dino Games&more

    Dino Games&more16 days ago

    Kane is a good sport 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 good job my dream match 🇧🇷 vs 🇷🇺

  37. Freddy Romario Vásquez Cairo

    Freddy Romario Vásquez Cairo16 days ago

    Well at least England team this time is not a joke, i give them that.


    THE BAD BOYZZ17 days ago

    Congratulations croatia... bad luck England

  39. Bobby Lee

    Bobby Lee18 days ago

    1:11 hes constipated asf

  40. Somto Agbugba

    Somto Agbugba18 days ago


  41. EFC 1878

    EFC 187815 days ago

    One of the world's best strikers apparently. 😂

  42. cr7 gaming

    cr7 gaming19 days ago

    Harry kane is bad

  43. RandomYoutubeViewer

    RandomYoutubeViewer15 days ago

    Like your vocabulary.

  44. Please subcribe my channel

    Please subcribe my channel19 days ago

    Miss you England🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  45. Gabi X

    Gabi X19 days ago

    Sorry...but all that work to get humilliated in the final....

  46. Matej SB

    Matej SBHour ago

    I would not say humiliated. How France score few goals were pathetic, clearly someone from "above" didn't want Croatia to win world cup.

  47. Kunal Nalawade

    Kunal Nalawade20 days ago

    If Kane had just passed to Sterling...

  48. Ash Roberts

    Ash Roberts20 days ago

    My life peaked when trippier scored

  49. Dragana Urosevic Djokic

    Dragana Urosevic Djokic21 day ago

    croatia and england its so my favourite teams

  50. iva kelava

    iva kelava22 days ago

    croatia,what a team

  51. princio deka

    princio deka22 days ago

    i love perisic

  52. KenG Brissy

    KenG Brissy23 days ago

    Great lesson for those dumb fans...😀😂

  53. Gaming For A Day

    Gaming For A Day23 days ago

    Mandzukic on FIRE !!!!🔥🔥🔥

  54. JanCroHero _

    JanCroHero _23 days ago

    Yea i see all these england fans getting salty

  55. Monica C Singh

    Monica C Singh26 days ago

    I thought it was coming home

  56. JanCroHero _

    JanCroHero _23 days ago

    Well its not

  57. Ultimate Warrior

    Ultimate Warrior27 days ago

    I’m watching this again and wasn’t perisics goal a high foot?

  58. robi07081973

    robi0708197319 days ago

    NO, English player was too low with his head and this is the reason why you think that Perisic was performing "HIGH KICK":)

  59. luissm4l

    luissm4l27 days ago

    the only reason modric won the balon d or was for kicking england out and making all those “it’s coming home” people shut tf up lmao🐐🐐

  60. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen27 days ago

    england would not have scored an own goal against france had they faced them and no i am not a fan of england's national team

  61. Bobek Bobek

    Bobek Bobek27 days ago

    Great team of Croatia ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  62. Raj The Beast

    Raj The Beast27 days ago

    England:We never said when it's coming home Croatia:F**K YOU ENGLAND WE ARE BETTER AND ALWAYS WILL BE England (Nations league):I thought you guys were better than us

  63. Matej SB

    Matej SBHour ago

    I don't see how you can compare NL and WC.

  64. Ante Space Gamer

    Ante Space Gamer26 days ago

    Raj The Beast , Haha... Nations League? Ahahahahaha...

  65. Stephen Orli Christopher

    Stephen Orli Christopher28 days ago

    0:39 if Kane passes to Sterling it would have been 2-0 :(

  66. cory c

    cory c26 days ago

    Yea and if he did 2-2 pen 4-5 England win and England whuld win france

  67. Sharna Umar

    Sharna Umar28 days ago

    The closest England will ever get to the cup mark my words. All the teams they played to get to where they were played crap. I doubt the other teams will play like that again. I also was hoping they lose think to much of themselves same in cricket can’t win jack 💩

  68. Holy Electrum

    Holy Electrum28 days ago

    Kane had the 2-0 man smh

  69. Holy Electrum

    Holy Electrum28 days ago

    England should've won the WC

  70. robi07081973

    robi0708197319 days ago

    Perhaps next time, maybe not even then:).

  71. JanCroHero _

    JanCroHero _23 days ago

    But they didn't

  72. benvolio mozart

    benvolio mozart28 days ago

    Kane couldn't score even if the goal was empty. !

  73. trollface kotidis

    trollface kotidis28 days ago


  74. Futbolera 7

    Futbolera 729 days ago

    Respect to Croatia from Kurdistan We are your ancestors 😊💖.

  75. instead

    instead29 days ago

    Shitty pickford

  76. Teron Kliger

    Teron Kliger29 days ago

    68 - offcide

  77. Alice Mackenzie

    Alice MackenzieMonth ago


  78. jdz

    jdzMonth ago

    France won the final but Croatia won our hearts

  79. Nicholas Granados

    Nicholas GranadosMonth ago

    They're going home, they're going home, England's going home.

  80. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana28 days ago

    Nicholas Granados oh ok

  81. Nicholas Granados

    Nicholas Granados28 days ago

    +Peanutbutter Banana yeah I know but as an argentine this gets me every time

  82. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter BananaMonth ago

    Nicholas Granados your so late is 2019 get up to date

  83. Eazy E

    Eazy EMonth ago


  84. Patrick Mcdonough

    Patrick McdonoughMonth ago

    Brilliant,Hahaha ENGLISH

  85. Hologram

    HologramMonth ago

    I have joke Knock Knock Who’s home The England national team

  86. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana29 days ago

    Hologram true

  87. Hologram

    Hologram29 days ago

    Peanutbutter Banana better late than never

  88. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter BananaMonth ago

    Hologram your so late

  89. Fin boi

    Fin boiMonth ago

    This really hurt

  90. Ella Haha

    Ella HahaMonth ago

    England is really shit. Disgrace

  91. Alex Devonport

    Alex DevonportMonth ago

    The only England fans who deserved that were Spurs fans.

  92. Paraic Folan

    Paraic FolanMonth ago

    What a day 🇮🇪

  93. Dan Bac

    Dan BacMonth ago

    All these English supporters need to look at the match statistics. England had 46% of ball Croatia 54%. Croatia had 22 shots at goal England 11

  94. Ella Haha

    Ella HahaMonth ago

    England 1 on target, croatia 7

  95. Katrina Rabbit

    Katrina RabbitMonth ago

    Croatia first goal high foot

  96. robi07081973

    robi0708197319 days ago

    NO, English player was too low with his head and this is the reason why you think that Perisic was performing "HIGH KICK":)

  97. AlexxHunter1321 brrr

    AlexxHunter1321 brrrMonth ago

    Deserved the Cup in every way. BEST TEAM IN THE WC

  98. Ignacio Cartes

    Ignacio CartesMonth ago

    Lovren @ 1:53 that's gotta be an unforgettable feeling.

  99. Jose Christian

    Jose ChristianMonth ago

    Bitter sweet when Pickford was talking shit to mandzukic and then moments later mandzukic scores 😂

  100. Mariaa

    MariaaMonth ago

    It feels like this happened yesterday, what a beatiful month..what a beatiful year

  101. UsmanTech

    UsmanTechMonth ago

    man......fuck you harry kane....fuck you

  102. xxbartex

    xxbartexMonth ago

    Ha it was so funny because everyone stopped saying it's coming home and I was like take a fat l

  103. maria fernanda Delgado

    maria fernanda DelgadoMonth ago

    1:54 pausenlo 1:55

  104. Creigo 10

    Creigo 10Month ago


  105. Lifeskeyishappiness

    LifeskeyishappinessMonth ago

    Every time I wish that Kane shot would go in :(

  106. Ella Haha

    Ella HahaMonth ago

    Bottler. Typical spurs. Always chokes in big games and moments.

  107. Val

    ValMonth ago


  108. Ivann Zavala

    Ivann ZavalaMonth ago

    Go Croatia 🇭🇷

  109. Alex Kim

    Alex KimMonth ago

    Perisic looks like dr lupo

  110. Alex Kim

    Alex Kim22 days ago

    JanCroHero _ lmao

  111. JanCroHero _

    JanCroHero _23 days ago

    Not really but a little bit

  112. GamerKing0504

    GamerKing0504Month ago

    My first World Cup Thank god england didn’t win it

  113. Darko Panic

    Darko PanicMonth ago

    what did the keeper of england say to Mario Mandžukić ?? at 1:30 ? hehe ....9 seconds later hrhr 1:39

  114. Shivam Mishra

    Shivam MishraMonth ago

    India is coming next session

  115. Futbolballerina

    FutbolballerinaMonth ago

    Hi everyone! Does anyone think that the tackle by the english goalkeeper at the 105th min of ET was a foul missed by the ref?

  116. Fraser Bathgate

    Fraser BathgateMonth ago

    I was relieved that Croatia won, because I said to my friends that I would eat my hat if England won the world cup. I was starting to panic when I saw how well England were playing.

  117. Ella Haha

    Ella HahaMonth ago

    England never played well. Croatia was just really really shit in 1st half. Players were drunk, they were sobering for 60 minutes.

  118. Willie Mulumba

    Willie MulumbaMonth ago

    AjĞi śàve piçfořď

  119. CarbonDioxide

    CarbonDioxideMonth ago

    Pickford is so cute, he actually thinks hes good

  120. Val

    ValMonth ago

    yikes comment

  121. ぽれポレ

    ぽれポレMonth ago


  122. Prashant Gayki

    Prashant GaykiMonth ago

    Croatians very well played but the Englishmen couldn't surprisingly fight back

  123. Melina Lopez

    Melina LopezMonth ago

    I did not know what they were doing porn 😱

  124. unknown50118

    unknown50118Month ago

    Harry Kane lost them the world cup

  125. Bestplayer Ever208

    Bestplayer Ever208Month ago

    England did very good to get to the semi finals tho . Like if u agree

  126. Ella Haha

    Ella Haha17 days ago

    +Bestplayer Ever208 1990

  127. Bestplayer Ever208

    Bestplayer Ever20817 days ago

    I was at a pub and once england scored many people were so happy but in the end unfortunately we couldnt get it . But still i mean like how many years has it been since they came through to the semi final . Was it 1988 ? I actually forgot

  128. Ella Haha

    Ella HahaMonth ago

    Yeah, they beat Sweden

  129. Mukundi D

    Mukundi DMonth ago

    Croatia handball perisic first goal

  130. 콜라tv

    콜라tvMonth ago

    I love croatia from south korea

  131. Trent DeVlaminck

    Trent DeVlaminckMonth ago

    This was an incredible match. Croatia was on my list but hey they had a good run

  132. Hassam Javed

    Hassam JavedMonth ago

    That miss by Harry Kane was so sad for England supporters

  133. Frederick Zoller

    Frederick ZollerMonth ago

    Dude, Croatia almost scored two goals in 5 minutes by the same player, what a shock for England... Keep moving forward Croatia!

  134. Super Collector

    Super CollectorMonth ago

    0:20 THE FLOOR IS BREXIT!!!!

  135. iva matic

    iva maticMonth ago

    Hrvatska je druga al na svjetskom❤❤❤❤❤ prvenstvu u katru 2022 cemo biti prvi

  136. Ella Haha

    Ella HahaMonth ago

    Necemo, nesto ce se do tada pitati i brazil, njemacku, italiju, nizozemsku, spanjolsku...bila jednom prilika i nikad vise...eventualno za nekih 30-40 godina.

  137. wrzzz tth

    wrzzz tthMonth ago

    Petretori on fire