Conan Visits The Dublin Guinness Brewery - CONAN on TBS


  1. Michael

    Michael14 hours ago

    O goodness my guiness!

  2. Chadrach William

    Chadrach WilliamDay ago

    1.40, sorry Conan none of those 2 were pull ups, your chin never made it over or even touched the bar.

  3. Mikey- Strike-200

    Mikey- Strike-2002 days ago

    Hiw many times did the guy say dddddd

  4. TheBigHase

    TheBigHase2 days ago

    I never tried it. Don't even like the look of it.

  5. Jay C

    Jay C3 days ago

    Conan was a passenger on my last flight as an airline captain. JFK-SFO. What a gracious gentleman. Thank you, Conan. (Jay)

  6. BleedingGums

    BleedingGums3 days ago

    This is relevant because I'm drinking guiness. Just wish it was out of a tap in Ireland. :(

  7. Taco Stacks

    Taco Stacks3 days ago

    lol this is great haha

  8. Mein Name

    Mein Name3 days ago

    Id rather have a Paulaner...

  9. Kaptain Kid

    Kaptain Kid3 days ago

    This has to be the funniest of Connan's series . . . .

  10. Awkward Italian Girl

    Awkward Italian Girl3 days ago

    I love how Conan isn't even phased by these serious ass employees, he's just goofy LMAO

  11. Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever3 days ago

    4:30-4:40 lmao

  12. Reggaeman YO

    Reggaeman YO3 days ago

    I don't think they really liked him, I was at the Guinness Brewery just a week ago, out of all the portraits on the wall, his was the only, the single one that was hung behind a counter Hahahah Check imgur /sH3fCOk.jpg

  13. Attorney Michael Capleone

    Attorney Michael Capleone4 days ago

    She is a great hostess/ guide and putting up with Conan..... Five Stars for them both!

  14. Attorney Michael Capleone

    Attorney Michael Capleone3 days ago

    I think they both were great, it was a funny video! Five stars for both of them!

  15. Longhorn340

    Longhorn3403 days ago

    I hope that was a joke

  16. private information

    private information4 days ago

    I feel that Schlansky (probably spelled wrong) should have been here

  17. Raleighburner15 Hynes

    Raleighburner15 Hynes4 days ago

    I think conan is actually Ulster Mexican not real Irish

  18. Arvid Schling

    Arvid Schling4 days ago

    Why is the Ballerburg theme in this video?

  19. AnDeeY

    AnDeeY5 days ago

    When I was seventeen we made a study trip to Dublin and felt completely the same Conan did throughout the tour but didn't even get a guiness at the observation platform. Being used to the german drinking laws that sucked massively.

  20. D

    D6 days ago

    Conan is the only funny man left.

  21. c4yourself

    c4yourself7 days ago

    I've been to Ireland before and I can confirm they are the most boring people I've ever seen was so disappointed, talk about a waste of time.

  22. bushchat28d

    bushchat28d7 days ago

    Well if his objective was to come across as a complete moron then he did a great job

  23. Parl Kilkington

    Parl Kilkington6 days ago

    Lmao be quiet boomer

  24. Rhys Broderick

    Rhys Broderick8 days ago

    I went to the same factory My family is Irish and I am part to

  25. S C

    S C9 days ago

    Can you imagine a whole nation of glowing white ginger haired Conans? I will wake up in a cold sweat dreaming of it.

  26. paranormalfrank

    paranormalfrank10 days ago

    She would be perfect for Jordan.

  27. Joe Mazzari

    Joe Mazzari11 days ago

    On a Conan binge. Great.

  28. Alex Rymer

    Alex Rymer11 days ago

    He's a bit of a prick

  29. Molly Moko

    Molly Moko14 days ago

    no one has a sense of humor here.

  30. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith16 days ago

    Conan is an obnoxious punk They were not amused ,like any other country he’s visited they are completely taken aback by his stupidity And just plain idiocy

  31. Schnake Eyes

    Schnake Eyes17 days ago

    Welcome home Conan

  32. daniel silva

    daniel silva17 days ago

    2:52 who heard Michael from gta5??

  33. Trevor Topcik

    Trevor Topcik17 days ago

    The Sam Adams guys let him drink the whole tour

  34. Pori

    Pori19 days ago

    What did Conan chew?

  35. TheSuomipoika83

    TheSuomipoika8319 days ago

    Barley, a grain used to make beer

  36. BigDaddyChan

    BigDaddyChan21 day ago

    Is that not the same hostess as the one at the refuge in Australia???

  37. Nikola Grigorov

    Nikola Grigorov21 day ago

    5:55 Guy says to never look at the glass and literally 5 seconds later he is looking at the glass as he drinks

  38. Brasspineapple Productions

    Brasspineapple Productions25 days ago

    After the world has ended.... Guinness Will still be under its 9000 year lease.

  39. FroFTW85

    FroFTW8526 days ago

    Guinness is good but damn do they over charge for it in the states. My town bar its $11 for a 12oz glass.

  40. Blurp Bibablobop

    Blurp Bibablobop26 days ago

    7:20 Is there anything worse than being grim on a comedy show? Says Schlansky.

  41. Vanessa G

    Vanessa G26 days ago

    The Irish aren't amused

  42. jonny777bike

    jonny777bike28 days ago

    U.K. should have done a 9000 year lease about Hong Kong.

  43. myname jeff

    myname jeff28 days ago

    I suppose it’s the American sense of humour dry and not funny

  44. Jen Marie

    Jen Marie28 days ago

    Conan makes being super white, freckled and Irish cool! My hero! 😍🍀

  45. Thomas Johnston

    Thomas Johnston29 days ago

    I feel like everyone was super pissed

  46. Mymomsaidiwascool

    Mymomsaidiwascool29 days ago

    I can't stand that beer its like drinking coffee. Gross!

  47. Cathal O'Neill

    Cathal O'Neill29 days ago

    You haven’t drank enough of it

  48. Red Winter

    Red WinterMonth ago

    The woman guiding Conan is super cute

  49. JJ Plays

    JJ PlaysMonth ago

    Omg... I am irish but I never knew there was a snake on the harp

  50. JJ Plays

    JJ Plays29 days ago

    Michael Mack I didn’t even realise there was an animal on it... I literally just saw a harp

  51. Michael Mack

    Michael MackMonth ago

    Looked like a dragon to me

  52. jr 2607

    jr 2607Month ago

    He did an ancesrty test and he is 100 % Irish all though he couldn't drink a pint of ginty to save his life down in 1 or it goes over ye as we say in Ireland

  53. ed effer

    ed efferMonth ago

    Fr. Fearghal McGuiness guided me through the Ignatian Exercises.

  54. N H

    N HMonth ago


  55. brofenix

    brofenixMonth ago

    Look at the horizon and keep you elbow out while drinking....? Wow, you guys went too far, I think it's okay to look down at your glass and do whatever with your elbow.

  56. Badr eddin

    Badr eddin8 days ago


  57. rep toob

    rep toobMonth ago

    juh juh juh!

  58. Metro Man Metrocity

    Metro Man MetrocityMonth ago

    You can tell how annoyed the store house assistant is

  59. Standardtoaster11

    Standardtoaster1124 days ago

    @Unknown Unknown Well keep in mind; 1) Unless her contract says otherwise she was given the choice to participate or not because she was going to be filmed on her workplace for something nor related to her work (comedy show) . 2) She was probably informed about what sort of person Mr O'Brian and he is humour was. 3) And most important she is PAYED to do her job she accepted to do !

  60. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown24 days ago

    @Standardtoaster11 Well clearly she did feel that way, your sarcasm doesn't really make sense dude, because she was annoyed. An out of the ordinary event should be really fun for a normal person but she didn't seem to care who so ever. She was more wanting to do the exact tour by the book, which shes done 1,000 times before I am sure.

  61. Standardtoaster11

    Standardtoaster11Month ago

    yeah, having some out of the ordinary event/fun on your job must be so freaking annoying.What a living hell she must have felt at that moment, you see the dread in her eyes. She probably prefers to do the same tour by the rules again and again and again with some random lame tourists... /s