Conan Reveals The Guest Lineup For #ConanCon 2018 - CONAN on TBS


  1. Pablo Cordova

    Pablo Cordova8 months ago

    How to get tickets? For comic con tickets?


    TECHNICAL AHMAD8 months ago


  3. deistmutt

    deistmutt8 months ago

    20 thumbs down.. WHY?

  4. BTW

    BTW8 months ago

    Aquaman 😍😍😍

  5. tyle360

    tyle3608 months ago

    Nah let me see those Pops

  6. wyskgaming

    wyskgaming8 months ago

    Is San diego in California?

  7. Sebastian Sebo

    Sebastian Sebo8 months ago

    Shhhh be quiet ginger

  8. Shadow Heart

    Shadow Heart8 months ago

    I live halfway around the world so I can't attend. But I do know someone who lives in San Diego and won't go. AAAHHHH! Are you reading this you ungrateful salamander?! Why can't I Freaky Friday you?!

  9. n s

    n s8 months ago

    July 18 is my birthday

  10. ViciousBane 56

    ViciousBane 568 months ago

    Can’t wait 😬😫😩😱🤗

  11. Kylo Ren Fan #1

    Kylo Ren Fan #18 months ago

    I saw a sign at GameStop saying they will have Conan Funko PoPs and merchandise for sale this year !! :) I've posted a video on my channel that shows Photos of these GameStop Exclusive Conan PoPs and T-shirts.

  12. Brave Boy

    Brave Boy8 months ago

    Breaking Bad! HELL YEAH!!!!!!

  13. Neil Boon

    Neil Boon8 months ago

    yay i am allowed to watch

  14. Paul Allen

    Paul Allen8 months ago


  15. Squishy Here

    Squishy Here8 months ago


  16. databbs

    databbs8 months ago


  17. XSimoniX

    XSimoniX8 months ago

    I’m so excited for Aquaman

  18. FilimboUK

    FilimboUK8 months ago

    If the 1st was 2015 thats only 3 years ago. Ah numbers. Thats why it doesnt feel like 4 years ago.

  19. Oheey

    Oheey8 months ago

    conan is old now

  20. Ched Cheese

    Ched Cheese8 months ago

    Breaking Bad!


    NARKISDUDE8 months ago

    Other than Breaking Bad, it all sounds lame imo. Aquaman will probably underwhelm at the box office

  22. DCLXVI_89 gaming

    DCLXVI_89 gaming8 months ago

    Been rewatching Breaking Bad because of Better Call Saul. Awesome

  23. Ro G

    Ro G8 months ago

    Breaking Bad? Never heard of it.

  24. Alberto DelRio

    Alberto DelRio8 months ago

    Do you think he’s going to have more pops ?

  25. The E.M.D Show

    The E.M.D Show8 months ago

    What happened to 360 Vr cardboards, bring them back for free again

  26. LePage Channel

    LePage Channel8 months ago

    What happened to his hair? Not as silky as usual,to say the least...

  27. jesus valdez

    jesus valdez8 months ago

    I couldnt buy ticket :( . . . .sold out..

  28. Ahsan Zaman

    Ahsan Zaman8 months ago

    He forgot to mention the tickets are free.

  29. Yolanda Báez

    Yolanda Báez8 months ago

    I´m experiencing problems with the 1iota page, is not letting me log in to request anybody having the same problem?

  30. Khaleesi S.

    Khaleesi S.8 months ago

    I want to go 😔

  31. quag311

    quag3118 months ago

    Remember when Coco did E3 instead of Comic Con? I do. 😕

  32. Kokopelli

    Kokopelli8 months ago


  33. Sanskar Wagley

    Sanskar Wagley8 months ago

    No Game of Thrones this year :(

  34. Amanda Friend

    Amanda Friend8 months ago

    Yasss Conan yasss

  35. soulassassin0g

    soulassassin0g8 months ago

    Conancon (10x)> Tanacon

  36. soulassassin0g

    soulassassin0g8 months ago

    Vishal Iyer I meant it as "10 times greater than" but I see what you're saying.

  37. Erama Beauty

    Erama Beauty8 months ago

    I am dying!!!!!!! lmfao!!!

  38. Vishal Iyer

    Vishal Iyer8 months ago

    `10 times 0 is still zero, but i get the point

  39. LeandrothekidRS

    LeandrothekidRS8 months ago

    At the comic con conan is going to reveal that the flaming c will be in avengers 4

  40. Christîán Kh Al. Hijab Ramos

    Christîán Kh Al. Hijab Ramos8 months ago

    Another Worthless video

  41. MRR D

    MRR D8 months ago

    So excited. This is gonna be awesome.

  42. Dr. WhoLeo

    Dr. WhoLeo8 months ago

    Hope I get tickets!

  43. Mihir Patel

    Mihir Patel8 months ago

    Is the Flaming C coming too?

  44. FlatCarcass

    FlatCarcass8 months ago

    I can't wait to see the film, Glass. It's gonna be epic.

  45. Myron Kapetanakis

    Myron Kapetanakis8 months ago

    Great! My boy Conan together with Aquaman!!

  46. TheDoodLbot

    TheDoodLbot8 months ago


  47. Platinum Poop

    Platinum Poop8 months ago

    _The Predator_ \m/

  48. Brent Wiggins

    Brent Wiggins8 months ago

    Can't wait for the Aquaman slams.

  49. Gareki yatogami

    Gareki yatogami8 months ago

    Aw dang I wish I could go but I'm on the wrong coast haha.

  50. Harshvinder Singh

    Harshvinder Singh8 months ago

    @conan please come to India. Would love to see you in India.....

  51. Enrique Zamora

    Enrique Zamora8 months ago

    This is why i love conan. Not only that he's the funniest talk show host but he is involved in a lot of comic/geek fandom.

  52. Hrag Farra

    Hrag Farra8 months ago

    He's definitely my favourite night-show host because of this reason. He's involved in all fandoms.

  53. Narrenspiel

    Narrenspiel8 months ago

    Well conan played a huge role for the simpsons, back when they were not that big. I believe he is interested in some of this well personally

  54. Hallison Michel

    Hallison Michel8 months ago

    Even this idiot Fallon tried the Nintendo Switch out. Just to broaden your audience.

  55. Hallison Michel

    Hallison Michel8 months ago

    Because it is easy money...

  56. Kev Walthall

    Kev Walthall8 months ago


  57. jorssu13

    jorssu138 months ago

    Who hasn't talked trash about aquaman 😅

  58. Gabriel Momene

    Gabriel Momene8 months ago

    And now a quote from Aquaman from both the comics and Justice league movie "I dont talk to fish."

  59. Stallone Santiago

    Stallone Santiago8 months ago

    Kev Walthall that's how showbiz works

  60. No Name

    No Name8 months ago


  61. Karen Esquivel

    Karen Esquivel8 months ago

    Breaking Bad reunion!!!! #YoMrWhite! #YeahMrWhite! #YeahScience!

  62. Kimmone Wright

    Kimmone Wright8 months ago

    I hope triumph the insult comic dog is there...

  63. Vlaka

    Vlaka8 months ago

    Lmao it's a good thing

  64. Blak

    Blak8 months ago

    KEEGAN IS GONNA BE ON COCO AGAIN, YESSSSSS. Get read for some good ole screamlaughing!

  65. Brandon Truhett

    Brandon Truhett8 months ago

    Bring a random guest with you already.......Can it be me ? Team Coco / Tickets my A** . Take a fan with you. Take me. Take someone.

  66. Rampaging Elephant

    Rampaging Elephant8 months ago

    Can't wait for this year's Comic Con shows! Hope they still got the cool Conan Pops!

  67. Trevor Williams

    Trevor Williams8 months ago

    Make my day Conan, send pic if bob

  68. TF2Charmeleon

    TF2Charmeleon8 months ago

    It's fine, he's not a MReporterr so he's smart

  69. Ella Day

    Ella Day8 months ago

    Wow right when I get tickets I get this

  70. chemicalhorror

    chemicalhorror8 months ago

    Ella Day Conan stalks you

  71. Njmoon21

    Njmoon218 months ago


  72. Ashley Calumaya

    Ashley Calumaya8 months ago

    conan would want lolicon

  73. TF2Charmeleon

    TF2Charmeleon8 months ago

    Ashley Calumaya FBI open up

  74. Martín Naranjo

    Martín Naranjo8 months ago

    HELL YEAH!!! This year will be awesome!

  75. Hating me is conforming

    Hating me is conforming8 months ago

    Oh boy...Aquaman?

  76. deistmutt

    deistmutt8 months ago

    Well said

  77. Xohetzal

    Xohetzal8 months ago

    Why do you think Amber Heard is a bitch? And Momoa doesn't have to look like the comic book version of Arthur Curry. His Aquaman works just fine. He's like a 90's version of Aquaman, the rough and gritty outsider who cares more about Atlantis. Also, Momoa is Hawaiian and I thought his casting was smart because of all the history and culture those people have with the Ocean and Water. Furthermore, James Wan is a great director and I have no doubt this movie is going to be great. Sorry for the long winded post, I just have a lot to say on the matter.

  78. Hating me is conforming

    Hating me is conforming8 months ago

    Cobalt Blue yeah but Amber Heard is a bitch and Jason Mamoa (who is awesome) looks nothing like (or acts like) Aurthur Curry which we saw in Justice League so I have my doubts man.

  79. Hating me is conforming

    Hating me is conforming8 months ago

    Kev Walthall and?

  80. Kev Walthall

    Kev Walthall8 months ago


  81. 1958 AND LOWER THAN 1909

    1958 AND LOWER THAN 19098 months ago

    comic Con ;)

  82. 1958 AND LOWER THAN 1909

    1958 AND LOWER THAN 19098 months ago


  83. Yanam Bage Heche

    Yanam Bage Heche8 months ago


  84. Sprisenberg

    Sprisenberg8 months ago

    Yanam Bage Heche Two of my favorite things in one place!

  85. Harold Lynn Presley

    Harold Lynn Presley8 months ago

    first to be the the 12th comment on a awesome usely i would be last lol

  86. arbknight12

    arbknight128 months ago

    Please tell me he’s going to dress as the Flaming C

  87. Helen G. Pitts

    Helen G. Pitts8 months ago

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  88. raafmaat

    raafmaat8 months ago

    he might put the suit on for a bit, but i doubt he will wear it the entire time LOL

  89. Rampaging Elephant

    Rampaging Elephant8 months ago

    He did get a suit made two years ago along with a car last year, so probably.

  90. bloui1033

    bloui10338 months ago

    Hey Conan! Let's get another special where you go to Haiti. Such a beautiful country!

  91. bloui1033

    bloui10338 months ago

    Why would I want to move to an S-hole?

  92. K C

    K C8 months ago

    bloui1033 - Do us all a favor and move there!

  93. RYCE pt3

    RYCE pt38 months ago


  94. Joshua Young

    Joshua Young8 months ago

    That's exciting Conan o Brian well have a good day at the comic con Conan

  95. the baus

    the baus8 months ago

    ^^ I may not be the first, but I'm the coolest.

  96. dragon trail

    dragon trail8 months ago

    I'm going hell yeah

  97. Brian Erney

    Brian Erney8 months ago

    Hello conan

  98. IboPlayz

    IboPlayz8 months ago

    yo yo yo

  99. Amber Law

    Amber Law8 months ago

    already has 1 dislike what

  100. Muhammed Amir Mohsen Hassan

    Muhammed Amir Mohsen Hassan8 months ago

    Op i jer

  101. travis j.

    travis j.8 months ago

    Early squad

  102. C J

    C J8 months ago

    At least its not tanacon.

  103. Jerky921

    Jerky9218 months ago


  104. H for Harambae

    H for Harambae8 months ago

    Dankalicious402 I wanna run a train on her! :D

  105. Harold Lynn Presley

    Harold Lynn Presley8 months ago

    okay i look at the channel some time

  106. Harold Lynn Presley

    Harold Lynn Presley8 months ago

    oh well is it a hot girl or something if its like a hot girl its okay by but if not well i would get mad

  107. Dankalicious402

    Dankalicious4028 months ago

    Andres Torres some lame ass girl youtuber told a bunch of people to show up at hanacon. Only had room for 1k people about 4k showed up so everyones pissed. The girls trashy as hell and looks like she gets trains ran on her regularly

  108. laaleesk

    laaleesk8 months ago


  109. Hào Lý

    Hào Lý8 months ago

    Hi conan

  110. ᴅᴇᴘʟᴏ's

    ᴅᴇᴘʟᴏ's8 months ago


  111. jimbeezeetheman

    jimbeezeetheman8 months ago