Conan Reports On The 6 World Leaders Trapped At A Summit With Trump - CONAN on TBS


  1. MrMystery99

    MrMystery992 months ago

    I seriously doubt that any of the Americans in the audience celebrating Croatia’s win actually know where the country is. Also, how exactly is being ignorant about a country a joke?? What I find funny is that despite Croatia being such a small/unpopular country, they still qualified for the World Cup while the US didn’t.

  2. sled necks

    sled necks2 months ago

    I like Conan but him making fun of his president is low. Grow up and stop being butt hurt about Hillary not winning

  3. AdiKor007

    AdiKor0073 months ago

    can someone please tell the people uploading the videos to this channel to STOP PUTTING THE PUNCHLINE IN THE TITLE? It ruins the joke, "monologue (date)" was actually a better title.

  4. LOL lol

    LOL lol3 months ago

    middle? top

  5. nate8930

    nate89303 months ago

    Papa Johns pizza was always bland and shitty.

  6. karl jonson

    karl jonson3 months ago

    He mentioned Croatia so I can't stop watching this.

  7. Dn D

    Dn D3 months ago

    why are they clapping its so weird

  8. Robert Ri

    Robert Ri3 months ago

    That croatia joke was the worst one I've ever heard in late night,and it really hurts since I'm from croatia and everybody seens think were worthless so they can make fun of us I dont think Conan would make the same joke about england or france.

  9. Yuiko

    Yuiko3 months ago

    Just grow a thicker skin, it's a joke. I'm from Croatia and every time Conan makes some joke about anything related to us, everyone gets so insulted for no reason...

  10. Jason

    Jason3 months ago

    They say he who laughs at himself gives nothing for others to laugh at. Well, no one says it, I just made that up, but what I mean is, don't get butthurt if you're mocked. Laugh with them. If their intent was to hurt you, they're gonna realize that you're not hurt. If their intent was to just make a joke, they'll realize you're a cool guy. Besides, there's no point getting butthurt, you're not gonna establish anything.

  11. karl jonson

    karl jonson3 months ago

    Robert Ri He pokes fun of USA all the time. Is this your first time here?

  12. Robert Ri

    Robert Ri3 months ago

    karl jonson they would go into attack mode of we sad the some joke about them. Have same dignity.

  13. karl jonson

    karl jonson3 months ago

    I'm from Croatia too but it's just a joke. Ever heard of those? If you can't poke fun at yourself then what can you?

  14. Robert Ri

    Robert Ri3 months ago

    0:03 I love that "yeeeah" guy

  15. HB

    HB3 months ago

    Conan sucks.. He's losing it

  16. No Name

    No Name3 months ago

    Hahahaha anti Trump jokes still can't get over Trump is president.

  17. No Name

    No Name3 months ago

    Jason there is no comedian who has the balls to say things about Obama what they say about Trump.

  18. Fay Petrou

    Fay Petrou3 months ago

    No Name: Its called humour and comedy. Oh and for your information Conan is a comedian.

  19. Jason

    Jason3 months ago

    Hahaha butthurt Trump supporter being hypocritical. Can't deal with it when Trump is made fun of, but will gladly make fun of Obama.

  20. PuraziK

    PuraziK3 months ago

    Back two da future

  21. PuraziK

    PuraziK3 months ago

    Good man u are

  22. PuraziK

    PuraziK3 months ago

    Save sona please7/13

  23. cuellar4500

    cuellar45003 months ago

    Trapped with Trump, ultimate torture

  24. Jason

    Jason3 months ago

    Yeah, ^ unfortunately the ones that support him are louder than everyone else. "Empty vessels make the most noise".

  25. burningknight7

    burningknight73 months ago

    world leaders consider trump a joke , the freaking 80% of the world considers trump a joke.

  26. 1948 19451

    1948 194513 months ago

    KingInTheBarGaming 2 inches?

  27. KingInTheBarGaming

    KingInTheBarGaming3 months ago

    if you're a baby lib

  28. JosMe Proslo Nije

    JosMe Proslo Nije3 months ago

    Za dom! Picko crvena!

  29. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :

    Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :3 months ago

    “Nailin’ Paylin!”

  30. Mohammed Baqer

    Mohammed Baqer3 months ago

    its not coming home

  31. Mihir Patel

    Mihir Patel3 months ago

    Conan you might need one of those applauding robot in your audience. Would love it!

  32. Marley Plumb

    Marley Plumb3 months ago

    Conan O'Brien may get a letter from Krist Novoselic(he is a Croat, also he was in something called a Nirvana.)

  33. Munawar Khan

    Munawar Khan3 months ago

    BTW I hope Croatia wins the world cup. They deserve it.

  34. Munawar Khan

    Munawar Khan3 months ago

    People only care about Cobain, and he's dead. Conan is way bigger than even Kurt Cobain himself. It's a joke, get over it.

  35. Astro Mini

    Astro Mini3 months ago


  36. Rhys

    Rhys3 months ago

    What Conan and the idiot yank audience doesn't realise is that Croatia's team is just as good, if not better than England's in the first place. Better keeper, better midfield, more experience, etc...

  37. karl jonson

    karl jonson3 months ago

    Rehman Khan Well if they were bad and they got to semi finals then there are no good teams. Lol

  38. Rehman Khan

    Rehman Khan3 months ago

    Rhys both teams were equally bad

  39. Guthrie Blacketer

    Guthrie Blacketer3 months ago

    Opening sentence and I am already triggered. Didn't need to hear it again.

  40. karl jonson

    karl jonson3 months ago


  41. The Rockingbird .

    The Rockingbird .3 months ago

    Guess it's not coming home this year

  42. TheCreaturre

    TheCreaturre3 months ago

    The level of humour is reaching Jay Leno's... sad...

  43. Andrew Truman

    Andrew Truman2 months ago

    TheCreaturre need a tampon lol?

  44. TheCreaturre

    TheCreaturre3 months ago

    Why? Because I think the show ain't funny as it used to be and is leaning towards Jay Leno's level (which was not funny at all) You've just proven you're the triggered snowflake yourself! Lol! Ignorance is a bliss...

  45. Brain

    Brain3 months ago

    TheCreaturre 👈 triggered snowflake

  46. jetnut89

    jetnut893 months ago

    TheCreaturre “This was in the news today, Donald Trump, yeah Donald Trump...” If Leno was on the air today.

  47. dem0ninthemist

    dem0ninthemist3 months ago

    here b4 triggered trump supporters

  48. Jorge Gonzales

    Jorge Gonzales3 months ago

    Didn't laugh once

  49. Brain

    Brain3 months ago

    Jorge Gonzales Then you just wasted a few minutes of your dumb life!

  50. marcomenendez

    marcomenendez3 months ago

    You poor bitter thing...

  51. dem0ninthemist

    dem0ninthemist3 months ago

    i laughed at all the triggered trump supporters

  52. karl jonson

    karl jonson3 months ago

    Croatia's actually fairly good in sports for a small country. Ofcourse not american sports. Lol

  53. karl jonson

    karl jonson3 months ago

    Billboard Braggins oh yeah welp.

  54. Billboard Braggins

    Billboard Braggins3 months ago

    karl jonson I was just overly exaggerating.

  55. karl jonson

    karl jonson3 months ago

    Billboard Braggins Idk if Canada plays american football but a lot of countries play baseball for example.

  56. Billboard Braggins

    Billboard Braggins3 months ago

    karl jonson Obviously considering no one even plays american sports except america.

  57. Billy Bob Jimmy Joe

    Billy Bob Jimmy Joe3 months ago

    The writers are horrible.

  58. Brain

    Brain3 months ago

    Billy Bob Jimmy kinda like your existence?

  59. galetaf

    galetaf3 months ago

    He’s way funnier on his own like his remotes & scraps

  60. Dixie Normous

    Dixie Normous3 months ago

    Totally right. It started going downhill quite a while ago. Unfortunately.

  61. Himuka

    Himuka3 months ago

    _haha funny because Trump_

  62. Jonas of Persia

    Jonas of Persia3 months ago

    Thanks Croatia, now I'm dead last in the poule..

  63. Jonas of Persia

    Jonas of Persia3 months ago

    jetnut89 neh, my aunt and some others went straight to the top, they got a lot of points for betting on Croatia. It was a surprise though, for me at least.

  64. jetnut89

    jetnut893 months ago

    Jonas of Persia I suppose I’m the only person on the planet that had Croatia in the finals?

  65. gir489

    gir4893 months ago

    Google 'President of Croatia' and you'll also go "way to go Croatia."

  66. Venkatesh G

    Venkatesh G3 months ago

    You bastard

  67. karl jonson

    karl jonson3 months ago

    Lol she's like 50 man. Yeah if you're into very old milfs.

  68. Lex

    Lex3 months ago

    The woman in the multi-colored bikini is Coco Austin, I can't believe how dumb the internet is to put all these pictures thinking it's the president. The real photo of the president is with that blue bathing suit


    DEVANSH3 months ago

    I’m going to cronatia

  70. Blue Speck

    Blue Speck3 months ago

    Plane tickets presumably? They tend to depend on where you're flying from :)

  71. galetaf

    galetaf3 months ago

    Are the tickets cheap though?

  72. Blue Speck

    Blue Speck3 months ago

    If you settle for Croatia I'll treat you with a cronut.

  73. Samin Khan

    Samin Khan3 months ago

    Am so big fan of yours from India but the problem is I just couldn’t find your fully episodes anywhere? Help

  74. Mike Nunyabizness

    Mike Nunyabizness3 months ago

    Samin Khan couchtuner Google it.

  75. Jørgen Braastad

    Jørgen Braastad3 months ago

    It's in the description;

  76. pedterson

    pedterson3 months ago

    Man, they need to act that joke out! 6 world leaders sitting in a conference room, increasingly annoyed with Trump's antics. Then Thai Navy Seals come venturing in to rescue them one by one in Elon Musk's mini-sub.

  77. Brain

    Brain3 months ago

    pedterson SNL

  78. jetnut89

    jetnut893 months ago

    Careful. a writer from SNL might rip you off.

  79. redskinfan

    redskinfan3 months ago

    pedterson By antics do you mean calling countries out for letting the U.S. foot the bill for them for too long for no reason. It's of zero benefit to the U.S. to keep paying for these terrible deals that do not have taxpayers interests in mind.

  80. Darryl Carnell

    Darryl Carnell3 months ago

    If they have lighting to make Trump look younger, then it's to just change the Trumpbot to an upgraded model, one that can speak in coherent sentences, the lighting is an excuse the obvious differences. They'll do it when he meets with his maker, Putin.

  81. Darryl Carnell

    Darryl Carnell3 months ago

    What kind of person makes a reply, and blocks it from the person they replied to? I don't know what was responded, but I do stand by my words: Trump is a foreign agent, a manufactured robot sent to destroy us all. I knew their would be a robot takeover, I just didn't foresee the robots being human. Trump is an evil programmed robot. Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

  82. selcouth86

    selcouth863 months ago

    Difference is, instead of a cave with rising water, it's a hotel room filling with urine.

  83. Rehman Khan

    Rehman Khan3 months ago

    And with Trump farts

  84. Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :

    Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :3 months ago

    selcouth86 : Bravo! 👍 👌 👏

  85. dr.bruce banner

    dr.bruce banner3 months ago


  86. ilov69

    ilov693 months ago

    yessss so glad England got knocked out!

  87. Adam GSWM

    Adam GSWM3 months ago

    ilov69 👎

  88. W Chandra

    W Chandra3 months ago

    All Cronotians hit like!

  89. Emma O'Brien

    Emma O'Brien3 months ago

    Blue Speck true, all good, hopefully you beat the French

  90. Blue Speck

    Blue Speck3 months ago

    The city with most Croatians :)

  91. Emma O'Brien

    Emma O'Brien3 months ago

    I'll give it a like from Dublin lol

  92. karl jonson

    karl jonson3 months ago

    Damn you guys like baiting. I clicked lol

  93. Herbivore 710

    Herbivore 7103 months ago

    W Chandra : Everyone cheering for Croatia hit like

  94. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar3 months ago

    Who's the one dislike?

  95. N T

    N T3 months ago

    Clax Nope. I am no American. And if that’s the reason you Americans are even more childish and pathetic than I thought.

  96. N T

    N T3 months ago

    Zarock Oh please we all know how sad you people are

  97. Dixie Normous

    Dixie Normous3 months ago

    Shocking! People dislike unfunny jokes - must be stupid Trumptards. Pathetic.

  98. A Kid With a Vive

    A Kid With a Vive3 months ago

    N T Anddd that’s why trump was elected, because of people like you.

  99. Bessie Slattery

    Bessie Slattery3 months ago


  100. Kimmy Page

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  101. Kenosha Computer

    Kenosha Computer3 months ago

    Hi Carrottop!

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  105. James McDermott

    James McDermott3 months ago

    I hope you’re happy

  106. Kenosha Computer

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