Conan On The 2016 Election Results - CONAN on TBS


  1. Harrison Siegel

    Harrison Siegel17 days ago

    I think his hands have their own microphones

  2. vase

    vase27 days ago

    Conan! I found him this day, and, forever he shall be my hero

  3. Customer Service

    Customer ServiceMonth ago

    Conan - not funny anymore

  4. h-town tx

    h-town txMonth ago

    Why did everyone laugh at Winston Churchill quote?

  5. RyanInLA

    RyanInLA2 months ago

    Really Tall Dachshund really put this whole election into perspective for me

  6. Athird Aquino

    Athird Aquino2 months ago

    Thats why conan is the only talk show host i like 👍

  7. Perfectly imperfect

    Perfectly imperfect2 months ago

    If u like Churchill i like Hitler Obviously Churchill was a way bigger mass murderer than Hitler U can't say i like Hitler in US but u can say i like Churchill

  8. Gig Zaw

    Gig Zaw3 months ago

    This is why I love Conan. He basically says we should just feel great knowing we have the option to determine who runs our country no matter what. Meanwhile other hosts *cough Cough* Jimmy Kimmel *cough cough* like to basically make fun of or make you feel guilty about voting for someone they didn't want.

  9. Tom Pow

    Tom Pow4 months ago

    America is more than it's politics.


    FELONS TO FREEDOM 3:164 months ago

    go cry on your $500 sushi you limpwrist liberals. Grow up candycanes an debate me I will own you with real facts

  11. J Mac

    J Mac5 months ago

    No Conan. 87% of the country is happy Trump won

  12. Watogo

    Watogo5 months ago

    I saw I voted I conquered I am Trump! 🇺🇸

  13. KlausKinski

    KlausKinski5 months ago

    i guess you could say Hillary Clinton is the Alien and Trump is the Predator...

  14. Neha Jadhav

    Neha Jadhav5 months ago

    LOVE YOU COCO😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍💓💓

  15. J D

    J D5 months ago

    People overact about nothing. Watch the video regarding trump winning; if anything will change. Total truth

  16. Evans O

    Evans O6 months ago

    During the election, I promised myself that I'd leave America for good if Trump won. Easier said than done. Flying's expensive. Plus, if I'd actually acted on that promise, my parents would've sold my Xbox by now. Ultimately, I'm glad I stayed in America. I hate Trump because of my love for this country. I want to be one of many people who'll vote him out in 2020.

  17. Phagia

    Phagia6 months ago

    And that's why i like Conan. Great man.

  18. kemolowlow

    kemolowlow6 months ago

    *TRUMP 2020!*

  19. holycowrap

    holycowrap7 months ago

    looks like a silt strider lol

  20. Neo Fennec

    Neo Fennec7 months ago

    that poor dog is trapped!

  21. Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little7 months ago

    Winston Churchill hated Islam too btw.

  22. AWretchLikeThee

    AWretchLikeThee7 months ago

    Oh man, the real tall haha so funny, where do they come up with this stuff?a dog that has long legs...what will they think of next?

  23. Alex

    Alex7 months ago

    The only one who acknowledged that half the country supports trump and half don’t. And the only one who passed no judgement

  24. Rios

    Rios8 months ago

    "fair and free election" "electoral college" pick one

  25. Monkeylove718

    Monkeylove7188 months ago

    " we get to choose our leaders" Lmao funniest joke Conan ever said!

  26. tony flamingo

    tony flamingo8 months ago

    This is america

  27. jedi26 jedi26

    jedi26 jedi268 months ago

    I will vote for Trump in 2020 !!!

  28. boldsign

    boldsign8 months ago

    Conan is so classy and calm with his bold wit. That's why I love him over about every late night talk show host.

  29. Frankish Empire

    Frankish Empire9 months ago

    "Winston Churchill, one of my favorite people..." Here, have my downvote.

  30. Michael Lewis

    Michael Lewis9 months ago

    Things like this are why Conan is my favourite talk show host.

  31. Derick

    Derick9 months ago

    possibly the only late night talk show host that gets it, really. the rest i would trade in for one embalmed johnny carson.

  32. liberation pocket

    liberation pocket9 months ago

    You know Conan wanted Clinton, but as a Trump supporter, I have the utmost respect for Conan because he was optimistic amd more importantly, he used his talent to bring laughter for everybody despite the election. Very proud of Conan.

  33. Dilbert Hogwash

    Dilbert Hogwash9 months ago

    Coonan is by far the best late night commedian. No doubt about that at all.

  34. The Truth

    The Truth10 months ago

    By far the funniest and realist late night host on tv right now.

  35. Satyendra Baghel

    Satyendra Baghel10 months ago

    We indian also have the same right

  36. Will Burd

    Will Burd10 months ago

    Trump 2020 !

  37. MrFang333333

    MrFang33333310 months ago

    In these crappy times it I'm really greatful doesn't try to spew political rhetoric like Kimmel and Colbert. I used to be a HUGE Colbert fan until it became constant anti-Trump and anti this and that. And I don't even like Trump!!!!

  38. Kenny Gerberich

    Kenny Gerberich10 months ago

    Yes, this is the rational middle ground, and you can find both conservatives and liberals thinking this way (or perhaps more often, people wisely not firmly aligning with one side). But these opinions don't make sensational news, so you might not always remember we exist.

  39. Dean Konstantian

    Dean KonstantianYear ago

    The last true talk show host, the rest are just political commentators pushing the leftist agenda

  40. John Balnis

    John BalnisYear ago

    We don't have fair and free elections. The Clintons rigged the primaries

  41. Michael Gordon

    Michael GordonYear ago

    I don't get why every single late night host is always bashing him. Do they not realize there are people who believe he's doing a good job and that a lot of people voted for him. I'm aware Hillary won by 3 million votes but we have over 300 million people in this country so a lot did vote for trump and are very content with the political decisions he has made

  42. Elizabeth O'Leary

    Elizabeth O'LearyYear ago

    Very nice dialogue

  43. Very Nice

    Very NiceYear ago

    1:19 no

  44. Pratap Mishra

    Pratap MishraYear ago

    Conan should run for presidency. One sided victory assured.

  45. Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman Clinton

    Bill I Did Not Bang That Woman ClintonYear ago

    Someone get that poor dog out of that costume

  46. Soundwave Gabe

    Soundwave GabeYear ago

    The boss is in charge, "You're Fired."

  47. Max Mollenhauer

    Max MollenhauerYear ago

    Trump train

  48. Ed Espitia

    Ed EspitiaYear ago

    Brown pride not racist black power yooo but white power oh that's racist that makes no since

  49. Александар Станковић

    Александар СтанковићYear ago

    Conan handles it like a boss... Not like whiny liberal bitches.

  50. General Grievous

    General GrievousYear ago

    I love Conon cause he's not political

  51. Beeby8 Reviews

    Beeby8 ReviewsYear ago

    He should have said Batman vs Superman. That was more divisive that AvP.

  52. Crab Cakes

    Crab CakesYear ago

    America is not a Democracy it is a Republic.. Why do people still call America a Democracy?

  53. Tim

    TimYear ago

    Jay Arnett Yup. It's a constitutional republic

  54. Mason Chance

    Mason ChanceYear ago

    Thanks for keeping in neutral Conan, only late night talk show host actually worth watching.

  55. Renegade therapist

    Renegade therapistYear ago

    are you guys serious about the dog? LOL It's fake legs....I hope to God you are being sarcastic or else it's scary that you are actually wondering if it's real LOL

  56. J S

    J SYear ago

    All those who were about to dislike the video ended up liking it after seeing the dog in the end. But still there are 1k cat lovers watching the video too

  57. Lucía F.

    Lucía F.Year ago

    Fair and free elections hahahaha. Tell Mr. Putin about it.

  58. The Wabbajack

    The WabbajackYear ago

    Mine is, "if you're not a liberal when you're young, do don't have a heart. If you're not a conservative when you're older, you don't have a brain."

  59. r72683

    r72683Year ago

    You get the leaders you deserve. You really think liberals did not contribute to this, think again!

  60. MagicianFlip69

    MagicianFlip69Year ago

    We the political parties. Not we the people.

  61. Pratap Mishra

    Pratap MishraYear ago

    Conan >>>>> stephen+corden+bothjimmy+mayers+trevor+others

  62. Octavian Caesar Hibernicus

    Octavian Caesar HibernicusYear ago

    Predator would definitely be a Democrat, Alien obviously a Republican.

  63. gdfhb

    gdfhbYear ago

    You people of the worst examples of humanity if you think other late night hosts are any less justified to voice hate to elected an buffoon in the first term. Conan is kinda lame anyway.

  64. Mitt Obama

    Mitt ObamaYear ago

    I agree with most sentiments. Conan kept it funny here without resorting to whining like the other late night hosts. Now that's class.

  65. pinoypride_ww

    pinoypride_wwYear ago

    Its not a Democracy if your opponent LOSES by almost 3 MILLION VOTES and doesn't get elected.

  66. Dizzy Blu

    Dizzy Blu2 years ago

    "winston Churchill one of my fav ppl" My respect for Conan just went wayyy down.

  67. rdean1

    rdean12 years ago

    Conan doesnt know much about political and terrorist issues. All Conan cares about is entertainment for libs. Above all, he's obsessed with himself.

  68. TheBrickCrew2013

    TheBrickCrew20132 years ago


  69. Elektrita9

    Elektrita92 years ago

    the dog thing is not cool. stupid

  70. Walking Journey

    Walking Journey2 years ago

    We are not a democracy we are a constitutional republic get your facts straight

  71. Tish Smiddy

    Tish Smiddy2 years ago

    DemocracyYabbySo many have died for this privilege, and I'm grateful.If any thing I'm disheartened for the choices but OK with out come.!!!!!!

  72. Tish Smiddy

    Tish Smiddy2 years ago

    Yah was the not yabby,sorry

  73. kar muts

    kar muts2 years ago

    Trump won the popular vote in, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin. State popular vote decides who gets all the electoral votes in that state. The rising population in a state like California is probably why she won the national popular vote. California, why California. Just why?

  74. baba yaga

    baba yaga2 years ago

    conan is smooth

  75. new born

    new born2 years ago

    Trump is an idiot who do not care about who helps him win. He even asked the russian to hack hillary. And it worked.

  76. Nate Gold

    Nate Gold2 years ago

    Churchill was your favourite, Conan? The only man worse than him at the time was Hitler.

  77. leonelarael torres

    leonelarael torres2 years ago

    I dont know them larry

  78. youbidoubidou

    youbidoubidou2 years ago

    Democracy? Hillary +2.8 million popular votes. The loser won thanks to the crooked electoral college.

  79. workingqwc

    workingqwc2 years ago

    Trump incites violence by insulting races, cultures, religiones and even entire nations.

  80. Carolyn

    Carolyn2 years ago

    Churchill was a disgusting conservative sexist men

  81. Debra Anne Brenner

    Debra Anne Brenner2 years ago

    I feel really bad for that dog.

  82. bluesque

    bluesque2 years ago

    of all talk show hosts, the most dignified response to the election results.

  83. Samovar maker

    Samovar maker2 years ago

    the Middle East isn't a country.

  84. Mels Knicks

    Mels Knicks2 years ago

    Democracy is a cracked bell and tribes are a violation of god

  85. Mark Arpiu

    Mark Arpiu2 years ago

    if you are truly a history buff and you like my idol Winston Churchill, you ginger fool would realize that Obama send the bust of that great leader back to England..Yes he did ginger fool ! Now, Trump the man you despise because he ran as a republican will bring Winston Churchill bust back to the White House. What do you say about that dear ginger fool ?

  86. Reuben Handel

    Reuben Handel2 years ago

    Except that hillary got caught cheating at every stage of the election

  87. Thomas H

    Thomas H2 years ago

    intelligent way to see it :-) your god conan

  88. captmack007

    captmack0072 years ago

    back off the 3-5 million illegal voters and dead voters, Trump lanslided the popular vote as well. trump won despite the cheating on the left. bussing voters around, Obama on TV telling illegals it "OK to vote because when you do you are a citizen" no one wanted hilary. the DNC was faked with paid attendees, no one at her rallies, its was fairly obvious.

  89. schlacko

    schlacko2 years ago

    there is 0 data for how many illegals/dead people voted. the '3m illegals' claim originated in a tweet by Gregg Phillips, who flat out refused to back it up when asked. Obama did not tell illegals they can or should vote. He told Gina Rodriguez (legal citizen born in Chicago) that her voting wouldn't result in any undocumented relatives being deported.

  90. Antonia Mar

    Antonia Mar2 years ago

    that awkward moment when Russia interferes with our "fair and free elections"

  91. Jeffrey Thomas

    Jeffrey Thomas2 years ago

    that awkward moment when Antonia Mar realizes she is the tin foil hat conspiracy theorist she used to ridicule. x^D ... (re: that awkward moment when Russia interferes with our "fair and free elections")

  92. Johan Labuschagne

    Johan Labuschagne2 years ago

    What does he use to make his fringe have an erection? Man, that can make a lot of $. If he can swallow the stuff, it might make his brain work.

  93. Anthony Sanchez

    Anthony Sanchez2 years ago

    This is why I prefer Conan over Colbert. Where the latter and his audience don't even try to hide the fact that they're ALL the way to the left (for God's sake, they actually CHEERED when Colbert showed footage of the riots, no joke!), Conan and his at least know how to poke fun of each side, and while they too may be leftist, they still keep it down to a subtle and tasteful level.

  94. hans maier

    hans maierYear ago

    Its cause the right is in the wrong? Must be sad seeing it fail again and again.

  95. Anthony Sanchez

    Anthony Sanchez2 years ago

    MrGelroos1337 The Colbert Report. By God that was such a great show. It was when no political party was safe from humor. Now he's just picking sides ,and that immediately turned me off.

  96. MrGelroos1337

    MrGelroos13372 years ago

    Anthony Sanchez well said. I've watched Colbert way back and he never seemed this left. He sold his soul to cbs and I've since stopped watching Colbert and unfollowed him everywhere. I wouldn't mind if he made jokes at both sides but it does in fact seem like he's spurring on violent protests and an extremely deep leftist agenda. Pisses me off because Stephen used to be the man. Such a disgrace now

  97. Wallace Callow

    Wallace Callow2 years ago

    I voted for morality when I voted for Bernie, and then Hillary. And it scares me to think that ALMOST half of the voters voted for one who thinks groping women without consent is o.k. , and many of those voters, women! But (to protesters), I believe that demonstrating will only divide more, and accomplishes nothing. They have the military. There are many other options, like organizing candidates, court actions, letter writing and networking officials in Gov't., etc. But mainly the (two sides) need to come together, (yin-yang), negotiate, and compromise. Or better yet, Democrats filibuster in the Senate, (they only need 40 votes to filibuster)at-least the bills that they won't want to compromise on, like just about everything, except Trade. United we stand...

  98. BibiJokes

    BibiJokes2 years ago

    Terrible wardrobe, funny dog. Reminds me of the late late night humor Conan started with. 🎬

  99. Pete Fummy

    Pete Fummy2 years ago

    This tool is as funny as a prolapsed uterus.

  100. Lisa D.

    Lisa D.2 years ago

    Aww...that doggy looked like he was crying.

  101. SG W

    SG W2 years ago

    i don't think that dog looked very happy... I more unhappy about animal cruelty than trump tbh....

  102. Grey '47

    Grey '472 years ago

    Go eat some medium rare prime rib and rethink your life while taking in the flavor?

  103. Apfelkind4000

    Apfelkind40002 years ago

    Yeah you've been there before. And what followed up to Lincolns election? Civil War. Not that far away now, are you?

  104. Jennifer Bowen

    Jennifer Bowen2 years ago

    +Anirudh A tip of the hat to you for your inquisitive nature and continuing the discourse of such important matters!

  105. nobitha x

    nobitha x2 years ago

    hehe half of country.? so who vote

  106. Mila Michiels

    Mila Michiels2 years ago

    newspaper long-term favorite.

  107. casper yuri

    casper yuri2 years ago

    On the next Canadian election, whoever running against Justin Trudeau should propose building a wall to keep Americans out, and the US is gonna pay for it.

  108. yakir11114

    yakir111142 years ago

    why is conan sad ? trump won! was he against trump?