Conan On The 2016 Election Results - CONAN on TBS


  1. Gandalf StormJoe

    Gandalf StormJoe22 hours ago

    This is why I watch him instead of everyone else.

  2. Deathpacito

    Deathpacito5 days ago

    You are a good man Conan. There are not many of them around these days, especially when referring to talkshow hosts.

  3. Chum Bucket

    Chum Bucket7 days ago

    Christ, he's an ugly bastard

  4. Pandas are cool

    Pandas are cool7 days ago

    If only every single Libtard Hilary fan crying over Trump watched this there would be peace.

  5. Amy Lee

    Amy Lee8 days ago

    1:30 America didn't pick Trump. America picked Hillary fair and square, including the primaries, during which I and my bandmates proudly voted for HER, and we blame Bernie for all of this with his false "free everything" promises he WOULD NOT have fulfilled! This time, we want #KamalaHarris2020, because a woman won last time, but, like I said, Bernie Sanders and Vladimir Putin screwed her and America over! Any Evanescence fans in these comments, cast your votes for Senator Harris! Don't vote for Bernie or Trump!

  6. Amy Lee

    Amy LeeHour ago

    @K Vishvesh No, just smarter than Trump and Bernie's supporters. We're successful enough without wanting idiots to buy our music, and we WILL NOT become sellouts!

  7. K Vishvesh

    K VishveshDay ago

    Hahaha are you high

  8. Neil

    Neil20 days ago

    What's so good about getting the opportunity to vote if the system is rigged?

  9. Matthew Kain

    Matthew Kain2 months ago

    That’s actually some nice comments and I’m a trump supporter.

  10. Zetsuke4

    Zetsuke42 months ago


  11. Ellie MM

    Ellie MM2 months ago

    This is the most RESPECTED and real comedian left.

  12. Henri C

    Henri C3 months ago

    2:40 😂😂😂

  13. Jackson Holt

    Jackson Holt3 months ago

    Conan is liberal. As a conservative I do disagree with his thinking, but that doesn't mean he isn't a good man. He doesn't attack one side, if he pokes fun at politics he lightly bashes BOTH sides ("We have the freedom to choose who is going to ruin our country"), and always keeps his cool. Just because someone disagrees with you politically doesn't mean they're stupid or evil--people simply think different things. This man has my upmost respect.

  14. Bill Hamm

    Bill Hamm3 months ago

    Conan is such a pathetic looser

  15. Azael Contreras

    Azael Contreras4 months ago

    This guy is actually funny, at least on the video he doesn’t force his political beliefs down anyone. I mean I’m baffled just cause he’s actually funny! HES ACTUALLY FUNNY! LIKE I LAUGHED AT THE VS JOKE!!!

  16. Harrison Siegel

    Harrison Siegel5 months ago

    I think his hands have their own microphones

  17. vase

    vase5 months ago

    Conan! I found him this day, and, forever he shall be my hero

  18. Customer Service

    Customer Service5 months ago

    Conan - not funny anymore

  19. Bill Belichick

    Bill Belichick5 months ago

    Why did everyone laugh at Winston Churchill quote?

  20. RyanInLA

    RyanInLA7 months ago

    Really Tall Dachshund really put this whole election into perspective for me

  21. Athird Aquino

    Athird Aquino7 months ago

    Thats why conan is the only talk show host i like 👍

  22. Perfectly imperfect

    Perfectly imperfect7 months ago

    If u like Churchill i like Hitler Obviously Churchill was a way bigger mass murderer than Hitler U can't say i like Hitler in US but u can say i like Churchill

  23. Gig Zaw

    Gig Zaw8 months ago

    This is why I love Conan. He basically says we should just feel great knowing we have the option to determine who runs our country no matter what. Meanwhile other hosts *cough Cough* Jimmy Kimmel *cough cough* like to basically make fun of or make you feel guilty about voting for someone they didn't want.

  24. Tom Pow

    Tom Pow8 months ago

    America is more than it's politics.


    FELONS TO FREEDOM 3:169 months ago

    go cry on your $500 sushi you limpwrist liberals. Grow up candycanes an debate me I will own you with real facts

  26. J Mac

    J Mac10 months ago

    No Conan. 87% of the country is happy Trump won

  27. Watogo

    Watogo10 months ago

    I saw I voted I conquered I am Trump! 🇺🇸

  28. KlausKinski

    KlausKinski10 months ago

    i guess you could say Hillary Clinton is the Alien and Trump is the Predator...

  29. Neha Jadhav

    Neha Jadhav10 months ago

    LOVE YOU COCO😘😘😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍💓💓

  30. Jeff Dean

    Jeff Dean10 months ago

    People overact about nothing. Watch the video regarding trump winning; if anything will change. Total truth

  31. Evangel

    Evangel11 months ago

    During the election, I promised myself that I'd leave America for good if Trump won. Easier said than done. Flying's expensive. Plus, if I'd actually acted on that promise, my parents would've sold my Xbox by now. Ultimately, I'm glad I stayed in America. I hate Trump because of my love for this country. I want to be one of many people who'll vote him out in 2020.

  32. Phagia

    Phagia11 months ago

    And that's why i like Conan. Great man.

  33. kemolowlow

    kemolowlow11 months ago

    *TRUMP 2020!*

  34. holycowrap

    holycowrapYear ago

    looks like a silt strider lol

  35. i i

    i iYear ago

    that poor dog is trapped!

  36. Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too LittleYear ago

    Winston Churchill hated Islam too btw.

  37. AWretchLikeThee

    AWretchLikeTheeYear ago

    Oh man, the real tall haha so funny, where do they come up with this stuff?a dog that has long legs...what will they think of next?

  38. Alex

    AlexYear ago

    The only one who acknowledged that half the country supports trump and half don’t. And the only one who passed no judgement

  39. Rios

    RiosYear ago

    "fair and free election" "electoral college" pick one

  40. Monkeylove718

    Monkeylove718Year ago

    " we get to choose our leaders" Lmao funniest joke Conan ever said!

  41. tony flamingo

    tony flamingoYear ago

    This is america

  42. jedi26 jedi26

    jedi26 jedi26Year ago

    I will vote for Trump in 2020 !!!

  43. boldsign

    boldsignYear ago

    Conan is so classy and calm with his bold wit. That's why I love him over about every late night talk show host.

  44. Frankish Empire

    Frankish EmpireYear ago

    "Winston Churchill, one of my favorite people..." Here, have my downvote.

  45. Michael Lewis

    Michael LewisYear ago

    Things like this are why Conan is my favourite talk show host.

  46. Derick

    DerickYear ago

    possibly the only late night talk show host that gets it, really. the rest i would trade in for one embalmed johnny carson.

  47. Dilbert Hogwash

    Dilbert HogwashYear ago

    Coonan is by far the best late night commedian. No doubt about that at all.

  48. The Truth

    The TruthYear ago

    By far the funniest and realist late night host on tv right now.

  49. Satyendra Baghel

    Satyendra BaghelYear ago

    We indian also have the same right

  50. Liam Burd

    Liam BurdYear ago

    Trump 2020 !

  51. MrFang333333

    MrFang333333Year ago

    In these crappy times it I'm really greatful doesn't try to spew political rhetoric like Kimmel and Colbert. I used to be a HUGE Colbert fan until it became constant anti-Trump and anti this and that. And I don't even like Trump!!!!

  52. Kenny Gerberich

    Kenny GerberichYear ago

    Yes, this is the rational middle ground, and you can find both conservatives and liberals thinking this way (or perhaps more often, people wisely not firmly aligning with one side). But these opinions don't make sensational news, so you might not always remember we exist.