Conan O'Brien Didn't Ask David Letterman For A Horse


  1. Iamdisguised 0322

    Iamdisguised 032221 hour ago

    One of the reasons why Conan’s the best he talks to the audience

  2. CODEX

    CODEX3 days ago

    Conan must be in his 70's but looks 15.

  3. Daniel King

    Daniel King3 days ago

    Does anyone feel the tension in this interview

  4. Daniel King

    Daniel King2 days ago

    @Butt Minion just seen it there now, its a great video

  5. Butt Minion

    Butt Minion2 days ago

    Look up the conan and colbert psychological battle video by "body language drama"

  6. hanzel nuñez cavazos

    hanzel nuñez cavazos5 days ago

    Letterman gives him a lesson between lines he thinks about Conan's letter "horse shit"..... and a late night show it's like taking care of a horse.... ;)

  7. Ryan Hatton

    Ryan Hatton5 days ago

    What's with the picture of Conan sitting on Jerry Seinfeld's back? I'm lost

  8. Brian Gosik

    Brian Gosik5 days ago

    To hell with a Porsche I'll take the horse

  9. Rocket Le

    Rocket Le7 days ago

    "At this point 1 of my children wasn't going to school it was costing so much...its the boy, it wasn't gonna work out anyway" LOL!!!!

  10. Dallas Boring News

    Dallas Boring News8 days ago

    Team COCO > Late Show Colbert Report > Team Coco

  11. farhood mohammadi

    farhood mohammadi8 days ago

    Even brain dead Conan is funnier than 99% of people!

  12. Evan Berhe

    Evan Berhe9 days ago

    Anyone else see the psychological warfare between these guys?

  13. mdmd4 productions

    mdmd4 productions5 days ago

    Hahahahhahaha yea

  14. jefar amoose

    jefar amoose10 days ago

    I love Conan he’s my first pic jay leno is my second

  15. Duke of Norfolk

    Duke of Norfolk10 days ago

    Here we have both of David Letterman‘s back ups. But in Conan’s case, he’s a future Hall of Famer too! Just saying.

  16. Angry Badger

    Angry Badger11 days ago

    The joke was supposed to be that the horse comes on the show and takes a shit then he was supposed to send it back

  17. Melania MoneyPenny

    Melania MoneyPenny12 days ago

    Tell conan to send the horse to ireland ....we'll sort him out.

  18. Zetsuke4

    Zetsuke413 days ago

    LMAO Conan is so smart he said he's an evil genius, he knew exactly what he was doing when he filled up the whole interview when colbert asked only 1 question. A TRUE GENIUS. even colbert broke down and sigh and said wow he was so fucked. I'm so glad they made up after their little fight and he did get invited to go to conan's house and do podcast together

  19. Zetsuke4

    Zetsuke413 days ago

    this was back when they had beef as seen clearly in the beginning Im so glad they made up later as of now

  20. Zetsuke4

    Zetsuke413 days ago

    so this was what david said when he said he watched this and saw conan crazie ahahaha

  21. Yosathorn Pamon-Montri

    Yosathorn Pamon-Montri15 days ago

    Is it just me or has Colbert not been engaging with some awesome guests? Burr, Conan. Or is it just he can't adapt pass his normal niche of guests. Dunno he's been quite a turn off I stopped following him. Came here for Conan

  22. Athena griego

    Athena griego16 days ago


  23. chadau24

    chadau2417 days ago

    THE HORSE STOry, Nathan fielder?

  24. Chad Vianey

    Chad Vianey17 days ago

    did Nathan fielder have a hand in this ?

  25. Jacqueline Leubin

    Jacqueline Leubin20 days ago

    But for not being a rider, Conan has a pretty good seat on that horse, like a pro!!

  26. Joseph Nordenbrock

    Joseph NordenbrockMonth ago

    See. Everyone famous can be funny for at least a few moments except President #45. There's nothing funny about the deal breaker and chief dumb ass squatting in the oval office. If mocking stupid did any good, religion would finally dry up and stay in the pews.

  27. iudex

    iudexMonth ago

    Notice at 0:15 he stays on the first step

  28. Mark Brady

    Mark BradyMonth ago

    Conan is the best host ever!!

  29. jo baco

    jo bacoMonth ago

    Conan the chad vs colbert the virgine

  30. mamacato

    mamacatoMonth ago

    The other guest that can go on for 9 minutes answering a question... You guessed it... Frank Stallone.

  31. Brennan Bowyer

    Brennan BowyerMonth ago

    Ya know imo Conan is the greatest talk show HOST there is; however Norton is the greatest TALK SHOW.

  32. Swim Santa

    Swim SantaMonth ago

    lol they both wanted to sit down last

  33. R0kushi

    R0kushiMonth ago

    Colbert was an ass to Conan on this

  34. Abu Bardewa

    Abu BardewaMonth ago

    Guy is good. He should have his own show someday

  35. CW Brooks

    CW BrooksMonth ago

    Man, I'm a Colbert fan, as well as a Conan fan, but have to say Colbert is being a MASSIVE DICK to Conan. First, he pulls that bullshit "power move" of standing on the step so he's a little bit taller, which is embarrassingly obvious and cringy. And then he's passive aggressive in a really bullshit cowardly way through the whole interview. Conan handles it, of course, but he actually looks sad at some points in the conversation. WTF, Colbert?

  36. Shin Igami

    Shin IgamiMonth ago

    Back in the day (says the old fella) Johnny and Dave supported one another. They went on each others' shows, yes it was the same network but Dave also supported Conan when Conan was on an opposing network. Then there is Jay Leno. So much of the bad blood and cut throat business was blamed on his manager, Helen. After she was gone, did you ever see Jay support another talk show host? Then he and NBC did their best to screw Conan. The hosts of today support one another and have no interest in late night wars and screwing each other over. This sentiment helps everyone, especially the viewers!

  37. COW

    COWMonth ago

    the tension is real

  38. DeVBestt

    DeVBesttMonth ago

    3:30 was the joke there by Conan “wardrobe guy “stop eating”.” Meant that Conan couldn’t fit into a suit because he is fat and wardrobe guys are like stop being eating ur becoming fat. Because if that so, man for Conan to thought that up right there

  39. Marks Hwang

    Marks HwangMonth ago

    Conan O'Brien, a low life ego IMO, just can't stand his pitch

  40. Silly Nilly

    Silly NillyMonth ago

    Sometimes I wonder why Conan is so profound and kinda weird, but then I always remember "Oh yeah, this guy has a profound and weird entire life." And everything makes sense in the world again.

  41. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. AdabaMonth ago

    I like his weirdness, anyway, we're all weird in some way.

  42. Pikeman Adventure

    Pikeman AdventureMonth ago

    Put Conan on the Late Show!

  43. Niv Raja

    Niv RajaMonth ago

    They clearly don’t like each other lol 😜

  44. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. AdabaMonth ago

    Watch them doing Personal Space with Conan O'Brien, they are good friends.

  45. Shinee

    ShineeMonth ago

    9:00 Conan: "Is this mine?" After taking all of the show time talking about a horse, haha

  46. Don G.

    Don G.Month ago

    Conan gets it.

  47. Volkan Akcay

    Volkan AkcayMonth ago

    How can you not love Conan

  48. Aaron Meier

    Aaron MeierMonth ago

    Ive got a feeling they dont like each other.

  49. iWillRateYou

    iWillRateYouMonth ago

    they didnt

  50. Lost Remnant

    Lost RemnantMonth ago

    Anybody watching this because of BLD?

  51. Youtube Comment Crusader

    Youtube Comment CrusaderMonth ago

    There was a killer Body Language Breakdown that really broke down a lot of the tension in this interview.

  52. Youtube Comment Crusader

    Youtube Comment CrusaderMonth ago

    @iWillRateYou I don't think the horse story is a metaphor or a coded message.

  53. iWillRateYou

    iWillRateYouMonth ago

    yea but didn't explain the horse story is it some kind of code like Dave telling Conan to retire or something

  54. jmisc

    jmiscMonth ago

    Power move, classic Stephen

  55. Cheryl Sibson

    Cheryl SibsonMonth ago

    well, Conan, he gave you Horse therapy and it worked for you, you gave the horse therapy for horses when you ended up with the therapy which gave you 25 yrs in talk show hosting therapy.

  56. Chris o

    Chris oMonth ago

    I'm I wrong or are these people WAY TOO desperate for attention

  57. Pabs Alanya

    Pabs AlanyaMonth ago

    Conan > Stephen

  58. LTDII77

    LTDII77Month ago

    Colbert is a complete shit bag.