Conan O'Brien Didn't Ask David Letterman For A Horse


  1. Bensoswag

    Bensoswag2 minutes ago

    What is this guy doing on this other guys show

  2. globe tard

    globe tard2 days ago

    its like a doctor going to another doctor or an artist drawing another artist or...

  3. Jorge Garcia

    Jorge Garcia3 days ago

    always awkward when ur guests hosts ur show better than you😂😂😂

  4. M Dparra

    M Dparra4 days ago

    Leno sux!

  5. Aaron

    Aaron5 days ago

    The ultimate fantasy: two hosts at the same time.

  6. Oscar Cheng

    Oscar Cheng10 days ago

    It wasn’t a Porsche. It’s a Ferrari

  7. American Enigma _

    American Enigma _10 days ago

    Mic drop at the end 🎤

  8. American Enigma _

    American Enigma _10 days ago

    Conan is the greatest talk show host who is naturally funny ! His remotes , literally put him in any situation and he’ll make it funny ! No other show host can do that Other than Conan , Graham Norton is my favorite coz the vibe is so good there and no other show has genuine vibe like that , great stories and talks

  9. El Gordo

    El Gordo11 days ago

    And they say infinity war was the most ambitious crossover

  10. Averageskill

    Averageskill11 days ago

    There was: Steve Allen...Johnny Carson....David Letterman...I love Conan but he talks too much...... and then the liberal media took a very wrong turn.....Jimmy Fallon is a very talented host....but just can't seem to relax and let the conversation flow....and the rest of current late night is just liberal puppets doing what their bosses say....too bad.

  11. chris kaiser

    chris kaiser13 days ago

    Conan GOAT

  12. Fernando Rodriguez

    Fernando Rodriguez14 days ago

    i hate when they pretend to be broke Conan O'Brien: $85 Million Stephen Colbert $45 million

  13. enkibumbu

    enkibumbu14 days ago

    Man, he's clever.

  14. john smith

    john smith15 days ago

    Conan looks as though he has ADHD

  15. TJ Cofer

    TJ Cofer15 days ago

    Wait is he still doing the mistake session I would love to hear him explain why this one was right

  16. Luke Vaughan

    Luke Vaughan15 days ago

    100 % IRISH !

  17. The SuperHeart . Org Foundation

    The SuperHeart . Org Foundation15 days ago


  18. Spanish Moustache

    Spanish Moustache16 days ago

    How has no one noticed this. The band played the first theme that was played during the first episode of Late Night with Conan in the 90s, thats the exact same theme that was playing when they introduced Conan as the new host after Letterman.

  19. Swarm Hound

    Swarm Hound16 days ago

    Hassan i Sabbah approves of the Old Man of the Mountain referrence.

  20. Nss Teja

    Nss Teja16 days ago

    Mandarin without melanin😂😂😂

  21. Random

    Random16 days ago

    They should have given Conan the desk at CBS instead of Colbert just based on seniority. I'm not so sure if Conan loves TBS so much he wouldn't leave but I'm sure money would talk. Conan has always been screwed by network tv. Just type in Conan V Leno.

  22. Random

    Random16 days ago

    Love how they played his theme song!!!!

  23. mathmagician

    mathmagician17 days ago

    So, Conan rides Dave ? Haha

  24. danron

    danron17 days ago

    Isn't Tig an idiot? I heard it through the grapewine.

  25. Sclass Entertainment

    Sclass Entertainment18 days ago

    call me crazy but i always thought johnny carson was overrated cunty and Conans the best look how he just took over

  26. Theralen Kaliber

    Theralen Kaliber18 days ago

    fuck colbert, Conan is so good, colbert is sad he cant talk while Conan is delivering a masterpiece of a joke

  27. Jim Butler

    Jim Butler18 days ago

    We finally found a human whose mind may be quicker than Colbert’s. Instead of running circles around the guest, Colbert was just keeping up.

  28. Billy Albers

    Billy Albers18 days ago

    Is the stage designed so Colbert is exactly the same height as Conan before he steps on?

  29. casey

    casey19 days ago


  30. Charly Darwin

    Charly Darwin19 days ago

    Conan is the best

  31. A normal Christian

    A normal Christian19 days ago

    What is really stupid about American chat show is that they all seem to have another person who is not the start cherping in all the time, its really annoying. Do the stars need a sidekick because they cant carry the show on their own?

  32. Cameron Fosselman

    Cameron Fosselman20 days ago

    Only watched this bc I love Conan.

  33. Blago Mistra

    Blago Mistra20 days ago

    Conan=Legend Colbert= Absolute flog!

  34. Jeremy

    Jeremy21 day ago


  35. Sadegh Ayoubi

    Sadegh Ayoubi21 day ago

    Im going to be real sad if conan leaves the talk show business

  36. LetLetG

    LetLetG21 day ago

    I don’t get guests like me. Kill’em

  37. Cat Girl

    Cat Girl22 days ago


  38. Dennis Estorco

    Dennis Estorco22 days ago

    Jesus Christ...I freaking love Conan Obrien.

  39. Mrs. Sales

    Mrs. Sales22 days ago

    Will always choose Conan over Fallon ❤

  40. Kaama Koduran

    Kaama Koduran23 days ago

    0:19 They can’t be the same height. Either Conan’s a giant or Stephen’s a dwarf.

  41. Cam Man

    Cam Man15 days ago

    Kaama Koduran Stephen was standing on the raised stage or otherwise somehow raised up. Conan's much taller

  42. Anasyub

    Anasyub23 days ago


  43. karla alvarez

    karla alvarez23 days ago


  44. Dr B

    Dr B24 days ago

    It is impressive how Conan OWNS the show. Colbert sounds and behaves as a noob... is he still relevant?

  45. Alfareon

    Alfareon24 days ago


  46. shivam kumar

    shivam kumar24 days ago

    I had to check the Time when stephen said, "9 minutes into the answer" .It felt like 2-3 minutes to me

  47. Mr Chrysler

    Mr Chrysler24 days ago

    A late night talk show host, interviewing a late night talk show host, telling a story about a late night talk show host, and a horse named Dave.

  48. john

    john25 days ago

    I’ll never stop enjoying and appreciating conan. I’ve seen steven screw up too many interviews to feel the same

  49. coldwynn

    coldwynn25 days ago

    Crazy leather gloves ... O.J.?

  50. Ena Vuckovic

    Ena Vuckovic26 days ago

    these two are the best

  51. IBrainedMyDamage

    IBrainedMyDamage26 days ago

    Conan's a funny guy but kinda arrogant

  52. Marcos Martinez

    Marcos Martinez26 days ago

    "I don't get a guest like me!" Bahahahahaha. Yaaassss!

  53. Jenny Kim

    Jenny Kim28 days ago

    2:39 Conan literally laughing at Colbert’s clumsy transition 💀

  54. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams28 days ago

    Colbert can't hold Conan's socks

  55. Daniel Crowe

    Daniel CroweMonth ago

    Conan's the best of the American talk show hosts. But the best of the best is Graham Norton. Hands down.

  56. Erik Cnating

    Erik CnatingMonth ago

    The real truth: 1. Johnny Carson 2. Craig Ferguson 3. Jon Stewart 4. David Letterman 5. Conan O'brien 6. Jimmy Kimmel 7. Jay Leno 8. Jimmy Fallon

  57. Aaron Michael

    Aaron MichaelMonth ago


  58. Martin Macariola

    Martin MacariolaMonth ago

    Conan is an amazing storyteller. I could only wish to mirror his talent!

  59. Brice j Arnold

    Brice j ArnoldMonth ago

    Even the horse is a camera hog. Look at his eyes. 😹

  60. Tor-Ivar Hassfjord

    Tor-Ivar HassfjordMonth ago

    Omg, someone plz cancel stephen. Letterman was great, this guy aint even half

  61. Mark Khaztrögôff

    Mark KhaztrögôffMonth ago

    5:13 Whores whores WHORES !!! That’s what I heard.

  62. Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak

    Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/MalakMonth ago


  63. Shibtanu Biswas

    Shibtanu BiswasMonth ago

    It's sad that currently Conan has the LOWEST ratings among ALL late night hosts on TV. Breaks my heart really !!

  64. Jason

    JasonMonth ago

    Conan exasperating, "Mandarin without Melanin?" Really?

  65. D Ferrise

    D FerriseMonth ago


  66. Nico Reveco

    Nico RevecoMonth ago

    Fallon got Leno, Colbert got Letterman, who Conans gig?

  67. Tattered Banner Productions

    Tattered Banner ProductionsMonth ago

    At 0:18 when Conan repeats "Mandarin without melanin." that isn't a nice nod to the joke being clever; it is a "really?" statement. You can tell by Conan's fake friendly smile that he does in that second that he thought that was a poor way to introduce him. It's just show business ego; you can make fun of yourself, but so help the other guy if he is anything less than flattering about you.

  68. M Jave

    M JaveMonth ago

    Conan the barbarian😇

  69. cmlegend

    cmlegendMonth ago

    Conan screaming his entire monologue loll

  70. gwimmer98

    gwimmer98Month ago

    Conan looks down on Colbert even though Colbert is standing one step higher

  71. James Harmon

    James HarmonMonth ago

    Stephen Colbert doing what he does best.. sucking the funny right out the air

  72. itsme Emma

    itsme EmmaMonth ago

    that's not the most beautiful horse... look at gypsy vanners...

  73. MrPaceTv

    MrPaceTvMonth ago

    I read the horse as house ,can't be the only one..right?

  74. shayna gonzales

    shayna gonzalesMonth ago

    I love conan!

  75. Enceladus Eve

    Enceladus EveMonth ago

    Colbert's audition is the worst..

  76. mikail elmi

    mikail elmiMonth ago

    2019 Jan 8

  77. poorshakes

    poorshakesMonth ago

    he's good with his hands.

  78. Des Tan

    Des TanMonth ago

    David letterman was a disgraceful person.

  79. Richard Janda

    Richard JandaMonth ago

    The levels of Illuminati are too damn High!!

  80. Ricca Shaps

    Ricca ShapsMonth ago

    Conan will always be number 1.

  81. Habrid O'Young

    Habrid O'YoungMonth ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Stephen Colbert looks like Robert Downey Jr in some places?

  82. KirkSolo

    KirkSoloMonth ago

    Don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

  83. Aiden Hayes

    Aiden HayesMonth ago

    Conan, the man with the tallest hair in Late Night

  84. Juan Pablo Monferran

    Juan Pablo MonferranMonth ago

    6.27 you never have invited my to your house - Conan completely disregards him...

  85. arashaad daavidson

    arashaad daavidsonMonth ago

    When u a legend

  86. carl.oh

    carl.ohMonth ago

    What an odd, odd title for a Video.

  87. carl.oh

    carl.ohMonth ago

    What an odd, odd title for a Video.

  88. Guilshad Joseph

    Guilshad JosephMonth ago

    Conan has a talk show and goes on talk shows. How clever?🤣

  89. Saif Chowdhury

    Saif ChowdhuryMonth ago


  90. AK 47

    AK 47Month ago

    Icons. I 👏🏾 cons 👏🏾 Fricking ICONS.

  91. rudy

    rudyMonth ago

    If David Letterman lol did that to me I would be pissed. I don't want a horse as a gift

  92. go figure

    go figureMonth ago

    Conan is better than Letterman , I mean Letterman is a legend and everybody is subjective but come on , just analyze this shit for a minute , Conan is better than Carson too , there is definitely some pure raw talent of talking in this genius !!!!

  93. Jason Seelbach

    Jason SeelbachMonth ago


  94. Joe D'Ambrosio

    Joe D'AmbrosioMonth ago

    such a bad ass talent....

  95. Eric Douglas

    Eric DouglasMonth ago

    The Late Show with Conan O' Brien would of been way better

  96. ThunderAppeal

    ThunderAppealMonth ago

    The only reason I can imagine Conan lowering himself so low to Colberts level is to help Colbert out with ratings. But at what cost Conan? At what cost? Where Lettermans image was hardly tarnished when he had visited Conan to help boost him, here Conan is really hurting his image to lower himself so low to Colberts level. Dont do this anymore Conan. Ever again. You dont need Colbert, let Colbert fend for himself.

  97. 123 Daniel

    123 DanielMonth ago

    Conan was in Colbert’s show talking about Letterman...

  98. Fiona Wilde

    Fiona WildeMonth ago

    I love his manic energy here

  99. Billkwando

    BillkwandoMonth ago

    I love Conan, but why is he screaming?

  100. Mohd Balushi

    Mohd BalushiMonth ago

    How tall is Stephen ........

  101. Ali Yasir

    Ali YasirMonth ago

    I've seen this three times so far.