Conan O'Brien Didn't Ask David Letterman For A Horse


  1. Tarots By Tasha

    Tarots By Tasha4 hours ago

    Two favorites!!


    JOE NASRDay ago

    The internal white war between hosts

  3. Thomas McHugh

    Thomas McHughDay ago

    Conan... You are perfect. Don't ever change ! ... I mean... Except for the better.

  4. Thomas McHugh

    Thomas McHughDay ago

    Yes. I've consulted with someone experts at the DOJ (hey man, anyone in the Trump administration counts as hilarious!) And well... Change is good. ... Which is also actually a motto of the administration!

  5. Thomas McHugh

    Thomas McHughDay ago

    ... I've thought about it some more. Just change. CHANGE! It's almost definitely for the better! I mean... You know about TBS, right??

  6. Thomas McHugh

    Thomas McHughDay ago

    ... I've been think about it. Maybe you should change. You know... For the better!

  7. Thomas McHugh

    Thomas McHughDay ago

    And I mean... Upon reflection... There's probably a LOT of better, right???

  8. 20GRIZZ20

    20GRIZZ20Day ago

    Conan is the only late night host I actually find funny.

  9. John Redberg

    John RedbergDay ago

    Geee it looked for a moment like they were gonna kiss

  10. Revelution 365

    Revelution 3652 days ago

    Conan = tha GOAT

  11. Best Kiko

    Best Kiko2 days ago

    Conan did great there, fantastic story telling skills....

  12. pik nick

    pik nick3 days ago

    Conan is wayyyyyy better than this guy. . . colbert is forced political humor.

  13. Scott Anderson

    Scott Anderson3 days ago

    Wendy’s DOES have the best burger 🍔!

  14. days ago

    Dear Colbert: I like your comedy and you're a very talented guy. But, BUT...can you please cut back on your Trump politics being thrown into your monologues? I don't know if you're aware on how much of a divide you have created with the people of this nation( or perhaps you are indeed aware, but couldn't give a damn) but you really need to take into consideration that a lot of people, and I mean ALOT, just want to kick back, unwind with a tall cold one, after a long day of work, and not to be lectured about politics from their late-night hosts. It's one helluva turn-off. I've read from numerous comments on your videos and other late-night show comments that entertainment and politics just do not mix! Carson was a class-act in that he rarely forced his bias opinions of administrations of his era, and even then it was with grace and quick-wit. Once upon a time I did watch your show, but you knowwwwwwwww....that whole "let me give my spiel on today's politics and Trump-Bash because that's the hip thing these days" gimmick is very looked down upon by the majority of the people in this country (excluding Liberals, of course).

  15. Brian Orr

    Brian Orr4 days ago

    Hahahaha~ Conan is awesome.

  16. Aurauris Aurauris

    Aurauris Aurauris4 days ago

    "I don't get guests like me": GOLDEN. YOU'VE GOTTA LOVE CONAN.

  17. can usta

    can usta5 days ago

    Why is conan so excited

  18. Adrian Esteban Rincon Eraso

    Adrian Esteban Rincon Eraso8 days ago

    Conan O' Brien aaaand Stephen Colbert in the same roooom? What is this? a crossover episode?

  19. matt69savage

    matt69savage8 days ago

    A gift horse.

  20. Sam Comic fan

    Sam Comic fan10 days ago

    In the pic he looks like Colin mokre

  21. Aaron Nope

    Aaron Nope11 days ago

    This interview was 51 minutes too short

  22. bme 098

    bme 09813 days ago

    am i the only who thinks he's a bit tipsy?

  23. simply Sketching

    simply Sketching15 days ago

    He is so funny

  24. Scathing Lemon

    Scathing Lemon16 days ago

    He’s starting to look like John Wayne

  25. LordMarkie 88

    LordMarkie 8816 days ago

    Coco is so underrated, its sad.

  26. Brown eyes Guy

    Brown eyes Guy16 days ago

    I love Conan he's the best talk show host ever

  27. William H. Baird

    William H. Baird16 days ago

    Great Story! LOL

  28. Buster Biloxi

    Buster Biloxi17 days ago

    Conan has a sickening pallor. The guy is a White freak.

  29. Usernamee101

    Usernamee10119 days ago

    This was an ego/power fight and Conan won. Love both of them and this was so hard to watch.

  30. Emmanuel Bazimya

    Emmanuel Bazimya19 days ago

    MIND=BLOWN!! Love Stephen, he just took two of my favorite things and merged them into something beautiful (TOLKEN + HIP HOP)

  31. Pete Brian

    Pete Brian20 days ago

    I've been through the desert on a horse named "Dave" it felt good to be out of the...

  32. Vincent Gonzalez

    Vincent Gonzalez20 days ago

    Classic White Elephant

  33. CertifyThis

    CertifyThis21 day ago

    I was just at a Wendy’s in Reno right down the street from the peppermill and the patties wee round. I was so bummed

  34. Anne Bastians

    Anne Bastians21 day ago

    Looking at them, listening to what they "say" ("brabble" infact) from a German standpoint, I can only say with a long-looong siiiiigh: " Are-------------youuuu---------------Americans---------------------frikken-----------------craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy?" What the fuck, seen objectively, is funny about this completely idiotic, stupid, childish and UNFUNNY "Dave-and-the-horse" story. Just imagine an avarage person would tell it the very same way...!? Would they not put him in the madhouse? I am sorry, American (dummy) folks: but this kind of completely ridiculous bullshit-talk is not even funny for idiots. It is just....MADNESS, to say the least. And this bums make millions with this childish rap? My god....what a poor-poor world this America is!

  35. YUB NUB

    YUB NUB22 days ago

    God, Conan's exhausting

  36. Joshua Nesbitt

    Joshua Nesbitt22 days ago

    Late night heavy weight

  37. S P

    S P23 days ago

    The horse seems a bit disconcerted.

  38. Nataku

    Nataku24 days ago

    Conan O'Brien


    RYAN PEVOTO24 days ago


  40. Endless Void Studios

    Endless Void Studios25 days ago

    4:25 -on at 0.25 speed omg XD

  41. Ciara  Jefferson

    Ciara Jefferson25 days ago

    Conan is so dumb! 😁🤣🤣 I laughed so hard this guy is hilarious and silly

  42. Eddie Galon

    Eddie Galon25 days ago

    thry both seem so uncomfortable. I love Conan, but I get the feeling he may be an arrogant dick.

  43. Adam Irfan

    Adam Irfan13 days ago

    your comment suck

  44. Marco Viola

    Marco Viola24 days ago

    he's not arrogant al all. He's just weird. He actually cares about his staff members.

  45. psamocybin cubensis

    psamocybin cubensis25 days ago

    conan does cocaine.

  46. mr mrmr

    mr mrmr26 days ago

    Conan hitting Dave with the Charlie Rose subliminal... Fucking Ace!

  47. Lisa Lisa

    Lisa Lisa26 days ago

    Conan, the hair!!! And yes, they are doing an amazing job!!!

  48. Jr Beans

    Jr Beans26 days ago

    If only Conan did standup about his life

  49. Israel Alpizar

    Israel Alpizar28 days ago

    His a fucking tower' jesus' lol

  50. ME-FA-SO-LA

    ME-FA-SO-LA28 days ago

    They did his theme song love it..😄

  51. Vali Tronaru

    Vali Tronaru28 days ago


  52. Spoorthy Daniel Boppuri

    Spoorthy Daniel Boppuri29 days ago

    I love watching this whenever it comes up in my suggestions

  53. Alxs End

    Alxs End29 days ago

    "It’s Tuesday, it’s early in the week and I have trouble … it’s Wednesday." "It’s Friday." "We fix that, it’s friday." I love Conan so much.

  54. Alxs End

    Alxs End29 days ago

    Conan just ran over Colbert and completely destroyed him.

  55. Hector Ramirez

    Hector Ramirez29 days ago

    0:17 Lol, Conan walking on stage telling Colbert:'' Mandarin without melanin...srsly??'' haha

  56. James Freeman

    James Freeman29 days ago

    Conan is p4p#1 talk show

  57. The Critic

    The CriticMonth ago

    An expensive horse lawyer hahhaha!

  58. haiyaniwewe

    haiyaniweweMonth ago

    That face off at 0:18 is everything!

  59. ExosTV

    ExosTVMonth ago

    This crossover sucks, this is not cannon

  60. George Salamanca

    George SalamancaMonth ago

    Something about colberts interview style that seems so unsatisfying. Miss Dave

  61. Jose Vizcarra

    Jose VizcarraMonth ago

    Colbert might be doing a great job,though he is not the best...

  62. charles berry

    charles berryMonth ago

    Conan is honestly a true national treasure

  63. Robert Hanbury

    Robert HanburyMonth ago

    The GOAT.

  64. Abyss Watcher

    Abyss WatcherMonth ago

    In the picture with conan on the horse reminds me of the girl from game of thrones that people make fun of because she’s built like s guy.

  65. Alix Coupet

    Alix CoupetMonth ago

    literally tells a killer story about seeing a man about a horse legend

  66. Christopher Smith

    Christopher SmithMonth ago


  67. Schrödingers Mops

    Schrödingers MopsMonth ago

    Can some one tell me the song, when Conan entered?

  68. MegaRayland

    MegaRaylandMonth ago

    That was the intro song played by his band back in the day on his late night NBC show.

  69. Burnin Colours

    Burnin ColoursMonth ago

    Conan is so much better than midget cock stain.

  70. Suzy Siviter

    Suzy SiviterMonth ago

    That time a legend met a terrible late night host, Conan a legend.

  71. R dM

    R dMMonth ago

    This just shows how Conan's humor and charisma are infinitely superior to Steven's.

  72. SPARTACUS Bringer Of Rain

    SPARTACUS Bringer Of RainMonth ago

    If I had a dollar for every dick rider here, I'd be able to buy the Plane tickets to see Conan Live!

  73. Will Tripp

    Will TrippMonth ago

    The joke ended at Charlie Rose. Comments are like toilet paper. They get more ass than me.

  74. Pequod

    PequodMonth ago

    Who's the host here?

  75. MrTruth111

    MrTruth111Month ago

    I want Brent Spiner as host.

  76. Hemorrhoid Ninja

    Hemorrhoid NinjaMonth ago

    Makes sense that Conan's fans would flood this page with reverence for him, as they must be insecure as he. But though he is at times a genius, he can also be a tiresome, hyperkinetic blowhard. Stephen doesn't need schooling, he's figured out his own late night voice and he's pretty spectacular.


    BIGxXxANGRYxXxNERDMonth ago

    That was the first time I re watched an interview on purpose. Amazing!!!!!

  78. Nesly Leonvil

    Nesly LeonvilMonth ago

    I love his humor,I was laughing hysterically when he said "I wouldnt get on that horse"...."why?".."That horse is crazy"... Lmfooo

  79. Angelica Kitali

    Angelica KitaliMonth ago


  80. keymoneyxl

    keymoneyxlMonth ago

    I love Conan....he is the best. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿😂

  81. runkillorun

    runkillorunMonth ago

    Conan sucks

  82. Jacob Hermes

    Jacob HermesMonth ago

    “The mandarin without melanin”. Conan even repeats this quote as he walks onstage and shakes hands with Colbert. That’s how you know it’s a great line, in all its cheesyness. Original as hell and Conan just loved it. I love it when 2 comedic geniuses(or just geniuses in general) meet

  83. Rick Shawn

    Rick ShawnMonth ago

    Hated Conan screaming so much, it was annoying, hate it when comedians try to get a laugh by yelling and overacting. Just speak softly and be funny, like Dave Chappelle.

  84. jesus christ himself

    jesus christ himselfMonth ago

    colbert and conan are my favorite

  85. Groot Baby

    Groot BabyMonth ago

    Team Coco

  86. fat white guy

    fat white guyMonth ago

    Conan “this should be mine” Brian

  87. Edwin Szeto

    Edwin SzetoMonth ago

    Wonder why conan didn't respond to colbert saying he's never been invited to conan's

  88. Brandon Thrower

    Brandon ThrowerMonth ago

    Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth

  89. Lwebz19

    Lwebz19Month ago

    lol why is he so hyper on here?

  90. Moozy Mathers

    Moozy MathersMonth ago

    It's just a 'friendly company' thing. No, Letterman's not the greatest, guys, you are, maybe, not Dave, though. I'd say, Graham Norton, Craig Ferguson, Ellen DeGeneres, Conan, and you, Stephen, but again, not Dave.

  91. Travis Lee

    Travis LeeMonth ago

    Always loved Conan more than Leno.

  92. Anon nomous

    Anon nomousMonth ago

    This guy is pure genius.

  93. Thomas The Queen

    Thomas The QueenMonth ago

    “NO! I don’t have a farm! Stephen, you know me! I barely have a house!”

  94. Felipe Harger

    Felipe HargerMonth ago

    Coco is amazing!

  95. Usman Ramay

    Usman RamayMonth ago

    Conan seemed frazzled and weird

  96. zoperxplex

    zoperxplexMonth ago

    Dave was hoping for a Christopher Reeves moment because he is that kind of cocksucker.

  97. Siedler Joe

    Siedler JoeMonth ago

    Gonna be honest, the chemistry is a little off

  98. Anthea Holmes

    Anthea HolmesMonth ago

    Lmao he’s the mandarin without melanin

  99. Annalise V

    Annalise VMonth ago

    This interview is legendary

  100. Blake Purcell

    Blake PurcellMonth ago

    Wow Conan mouthed fuck to the sky

  101. Samuel Castro

    Samuel CastroMonth ago

    Mandarín sin melanin 😂

  102. LKVideos

    LKVideosMonth ago

    Who is dis'eee Khonnen Au'Brieaunt .... ?

  103. The Sprawl

    The SprawlMonth ago

    "You can't ride that horse." "why not?" "it's crazy."

  104. Arpit Guglani

    Arpit GuglaniMonth ago

    Who the fuck are these 857 people that disliked this gem of comedy gold !!!!!

  105. b24harman

    b24harmanMonth ago

    Colbert has the personality of a fake dead tree.

  106. MattyG58

    MattyG58Month ago

    Did anyone else sense tension in this interview? I can't help but feel even if Conan doesn't think this, but Conan deserves the success that Colbert has had. He did his time etc etc

  107. Jason Sutton

    Jason SuttonMonth ago

    The story Letterman tells is that it was a gag gift that was supposed to poop on Conans stage and be sent back...but Conans wife loved the horse so they kept it. I could think of alot better ways to spend Lettermans kinda money but he thought it was funny so he did it.