Conan: British People Want Trump Immediately Deported - CONAN on TBS


  1. Shuffle Them Truffles Babey

    Shuffle Them Truffles Babey12 days ago

    Hundreds of thousands of protestors


    BLACK HAT2 months ago

    This one British word sums up exactly what we think about president Gump! "WANKER!"

  3. Charlotte ES

    Charlotte ES2 months ago

    Yes, we were oh so overly thrilled for him to grace us with his presence. That we came out in not hundreds but thousands to cheer and shout and celebrate him in the form of a giant baby floating over London.

  4. AbilityCS

    AbilityCS3 months ago

    crazy how they hate there own presidant that much and air it on tv lol

  5. M. Wolfe

    M. Wolfe4 months ago

    News reporter: "Trump has now left the country to travel overseas." Us: "Quick, put up the waaaaaaaall." 😂😂😂

  6. SamuelGVlogs

    SamuelGVlogs4 months ago

    I like trump and Conan, I feel conflicted

  7. Bit Crazy

    Bit Crazy4 months ago

    About Half the country likes him and about half the country hates him just like America, stop speaking for an entire nation saying we love him we hate him

  8. eric lovelace

    eric lovelace4 months ago

    Correction: The British LEFT wanted to deport Trump - There, I fixed it for you Conan.

  9. Firavun

    Firavun4 months ago

    can someone plz add subtitles to this chanel videos ?

  10. Hobo Baggins

    Hobo Baggins5 months ago

    What about trump and putin? that is fucked up

  11. JustKorvac

    JustKorvac5 months ago

    Title should be “Upper class brits want Trump deported”

  12. Joseph Flores

    Joseph Flores5 months ago

    I know Conan was told to make fun of Trump from the higher power who control the media. That is why I respect Kanye regardless if hes right or not he speaks his mind and not do what he was told to do.

  13. Randy Kyzar Asian Blues Man

    Randy Kyzar Asian Blues Man5 months ago

    Trump gets golden bed for air force 1 lol

  14. Brendan O'Gara

    Brendan O'Gara5 months ago

    I like Conan but his audience is getting dumber

  15. Sophie Erskine

    Sophie Erskine5 months ago

    hundreds of protesters?? hundreds of thousands more like

  16. Kevin Young

    Kevin Young5 months ago

    60+ million didnt march. That speaks more. We march for anything in england. Just so we can say we went and it was cool, something to put on instagram i guess

  17. extremesowhat

    extremesowhat5 months ago

    Isnt is weird that when we had a black president, nobody in the media ever mad jokes about him

  18. FinnJävel

    FinnJävel5 months ago

    Not weird it just shows peoples double standards. Like its ok to call trump a pig but if i call obama a monkey im racist white supremacist

  19. M Bof

    M Bof5 months ago

    Must love pug? 🐶 check out our new tees 👉🏻

  20. James Blip

    James Blip5 months ago

    Conan wearing a Joker suit 😍😍😍

  21. Nazgul100

    Nazgul1005 months ago

    Feels like the UK is being really hypocritical, They vote to leave the E.U. because they don't want refugees seeking asylum in thier country, but when a man who got elected on the same premise visits thier country they try to act like they are better than that? If you wan't to prove youre not dumb enough to support Trump, maybe try to prove your not dumb enough to support your own Trump-like politicians first.

  22. Nick Yad

    Nick Yad5 months ago

    It was 1000s

  23. Brain

    Brain5 months ago

    Papa John's pizza always did taste like dumpster pizza!

  24. Mikell Moenkhaus

    Mikell Moenkhaus5 months ago

    Ok first off why do people from Europe care about trump. Hes technically not bothering them. And if, IF he trys to starylt a war hell be probably taken out of office

  25. 1995 GetJiggyWitIt

    1995 GetJiggyWitIt5 months ago

    Trump 2020

  26. Steven William Bayless Parks

    Steven William Bayless Parks5 months ago

    Pretty lame humor and the comb-over is worse than the Donald's.

  27. Kermit T. Frog

    Kermit T. Frog5 months ago

    Britain should have taken him into custody and separated him from his children.

  28. khawla

    khawla16 days ago

    Kermit T. Frog true what a b’stard

  29. Catnium

    Catnium5 months ago

    **President trump is a brawd right now...** Owwke ..

  30. Lance Hurley

    Lance Hurley5 months ago

    Britain is getting ready to get another D.W.I....Driving While Islamic..

  31. khawla

    khawla16 days ago

    Lance Hurley how many days did it take to get that one pathetic line no one laughed at🙄

  32. Kapooka98

    Kapooka985 months ago

    I'm British and I'm fine with him and his visit. Don't let the views of some butthurt lefties make you think they voice for all of us here.

  33. 2cer3al

    2cer3al5 months ago

    Pole after pole States that the British people do think Trump should be here. These people are all middle to higher class and do not speak for the whole nation. For example the guy that set up the Trump balloon lives in a £1.8m house

  34. Nariman Ney

    Nariman Ney5 months ago

    This country is so fucked up, 90 % of their jokes are about deportation, in 2018 , and people also laugh

  35. ace firefist

    ace firefist5 months ago

    So Papa John's pizza doesn't taste that good I guess

  36. Ganiscol

    Ganiscol5 months ago

    Take him back and never send him over again!

  37. Yolo Swaggins

    Yolo Swaggins5 months ago

    Just what I tune into late night shows for, geopolitics.

  38. Speedy Gonzalez

    Speedy Gonzalez5 months ago

    The brits deported themselves in 1776.

  39. Joe Duke

    Joe Duke5 months ago

    Conan will have to hire the same writers as the other Marxist Socialist hosts, to compete.

  40. Facina

    Facina5 months ago

    Conan is so funny without sinking to these weak political jokes, like Colbert and that fat man baby Kimmel. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  41. Ciaran Byrne

    Ciaran Byrne5 months ago

    Try 250,000 protesters Conan

  42. Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little

    Bill Murray from The Man Who Knew Too Little5 months ago

    Never mind reporting on the far larger group of Brits that welcomed Trump. This group of anti-Trump protestors are a bunch of clowns with no arguments and nothing to say.

  43. Jake

    Jake5 months ago

    Greetings from England. It's only Londoners that hate Trump. They're our version of LA left wingers.

  44. Cass -

    Cass -5 months ago

    Poor UK, they have to stand Trump’s presence. But in Finland we also have stand Trump’s buddy Putin

  45. khawla

    khawla16 days ago

    Cass - my children want to meet Putin only because he’s a Judo dan 😂

  46. marty Mcdick

    marty Mcdick5 months ago

    They should be worrying about all the knife attacks from the rapefugees?

  47. dinobuick

    dinobuick5 months ago

    Yes, leftist jerks like you. Never watch you at all unless you have someone funny like Bill Burr is on. Other than that your boring and not funny at all.

  48. Cromwell's Chambers

    Cromwell's Chambers5 months ago

    Not true at all! The biased lefty media here have only covered the anti-Trump demos. They have ignored his supporters entirely.

  49. Kay Kay

    Kay Kay5 months ago

    Trump was INVITED. The UK has immigration laws just like the USA. Break the LAW you face the consequences there too. However free speech is much more restricted in the UK. If you say anything that could causealarm or distress - you are breaking the law.

  50. Johnny Quest

    Johnny Quest5 months ago

    That’s okay, we want all the left deported-because most of you are illegal anyway.

  51. please somebody find ja rule

    please somebody find ja rule5 months ago

    the amount of russian bots under this video is as high as trump's ego. damn

  52. 1 Wolfenstein

    1 Wolfenstein5 months ago

    Wow lots of Russian commie bots. WOMP, WOMP

  53. DebbyAbqNM

    DebbyAbqNM5 months ago

    The president is "a broad"? Well, why not?

  54. who's man?

    who's man?5 months ago

    Trump in comedy is a bad joke. Can these talk show hosts do a bit about anything else? Bad comedy

  55. Brian H

    Brian H5 months ago

    Most Americans want him deported as well from america.

  56. Joaquin Praveen Vishnu

    Joaquin Praveen Vishnu5 months ago

    Conan O'Brien we love you! You are the best white man out of America after Micheal Phelps. Haha! Greetings from Kuala Lumpur

  57. ordinarylover

    ordinarylover5 months ago

    Hundreds of thousands

  58. huntyyy

    huntyyy5 months ago

    Get out of my country trump 😂

  59. Doorhenge

    Doorhenge5 months ago

    it tastes _better_ then pizza!

  60. No Name

    No Name5 months ago

    Meanwhile whole if Europe is getting fuck*d in the ass by Muslim migration and terrorists attacks.

  61. No Name

    No Name5 months ago

    Hahahahahahahahahahah Hahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahah Hahahahahahahahahahah funny joke dude.

  62. Nakama93

    Nakama935 months ago

    More than 250,000 people protested against that douchebag.

  63. Who Knew 22

    Who Knew 225 months ago

    He no respect for our Queen not washing his hands , barging i front of the Queen and worst of all keep her waiting what a disgrace lol

  64. khawla

    khawla16 days ago

    Who Knew 22 plus he uses more tan than her

  65. Pai Mei

    Pai Mei5 months ago

    Sjw conan strikes again...

  66. Ro G

    Ro G5 months ago

    t'rump was born in Kenya. We need to check his birth certificate!

  67. khawla

    khawla16 days ago

    Ro G that would explain his tan. I’m south asian he’s more tanned than I am 😂

  68. Hou'eiki Akoteu

    Hou'eiki Akoteu5 months ago

    Im Australian and my English mates want him to never step foot in England. Or he'd do what he tried to do to the irish.

  69. Kyle Victor

    Kyle Victor5 months ago

    Inserts low effort trump joke: liberals *dies*

  70. Jamie W

    Jamie W5 months ago

    No, the individual morons waving banners and flying a giant balloon do. They don’t speak for all British people.

  71. Student Loans Are Cool

    Student Loans Are Cool5 months ago

    We don’t want him back either.

  72. Animal Mother

    Animal Mother5 months ago

    Talk show hosts need to move on, they are all doing bits on Trump. There isn't anything left to say that one of you hasn't said already.

  73. mark anthony

    mark anthony5 months ago

    Trump 2020

  74. weirdshibainu

    weirdshibainu5 months ago

    They hate trump, but lift their skirts for the Muslim mayor of London. Kinda thinking we should have backed the Nazis in WW 2

  75. weirdshibainu

    weirdshibainu5 months ago

    Tim Dev lol...go home child

  76. Tim Dev

    Tim Dev5 months ago

    You don't think.

  77. We The People

    We The People5 months ago

    Maybe he's there because they asked him to take care of their "refugees" which is surprising because of the safe spaces and no guns hmm I thought liberals we're tolerant turns out they are the bullies they so desperately try to make President Trump look like

  78. Sinsults

    Sinsults5 months ago

    I’m not concerned about John’s future, I’m sure trump will hire him as his personal chef

  79. Hobo Baggins

    Hobo Baggins5 months ago

    I hope so cause the way he treated the queen is really bad, the queen has a higher position than the president of the united states and disrespected her the whole time. You guys can argue all u want but its the facts and i even voted for trump

  80. Patrick plumber

    Patrick plumber5 months ago

    Lol they love ❤️ Trump in England after they voted for Brexit ! Conan you are so disappointing these days !

  81. Hobo Baggins

    Hobo Baggins5 months ago


  82. Wil Saint

    Wil Saint5 months ago

    Londoners are to British people as New Yorkers are to Americans.

  83. Corbin Jones

    Corbin Jones5 months ago

    Why don't they focus on their own countries problems

  84. Silence Gaming

    Silence Gaming5 months ago

    Lol no they dont, only a fraction of Brits do, just like only a fraction at this point despise him in America, just because all you see on the news is negativity towards him doesnt mean its the majority opinion, look at the polls and how biased they were and all the news leading up saying everyone hates him, this is yet again another biased and propaganda fueled hate machine to brainwash the small minded, it's like when I turned in to Jimmy Fallon and for the first 20 min of the show he did nothing but bash the president, then his wife, then his kids, then got a guest on and repeated it with them

  85. Wager

    Wager5 months ago

    Conan I love your videos but jesus christ it's a shame to come to your videos and see one about Trump and not a good one. I don't expect you to love trump or even support him but these damn show hosts are constantly bashing him and with no proof of what they claim. How is trump a racist? How is trump a sexist? How has trump done a bad job running this country? If you can answer any of those questions and with proof then maybe I will take democrats opinions on trump a bit more seriously.

  86. Wager

    Wager5 months ago

    Tim Dev Oh wow would you look at that? A snowflake with no proof of what he is claiming and then he insults me. Typical. Insult and run away not showing any evidence of their claims.

  87. Tim Dev

    Tim Dev5 months ago

    Wager If you really have to ask us how is Trump a sexist you havent even been paying attention, moron.

  88. JonnyC321

    JonnyC3215 months ago

    There’s allot of lefties over here demonstrating against trump.... I think the majority of us really don’t care either way. The whole trump issue is a storm in a tea cup. Fact is most these liberals are slaves to the biased media anyway. That never fact check anything, they get upset at the drop of a hat. Most of us were listening to the news wondering why all these people didn’t have a job to go too on a week day. Trumps trade war will be bad for America, but good for Europe. If he ruins your economy then he probably won’t make a second term. Just be patient, he is his own worst enemy.

  89. Tim Dev

    Tim Dev5 months ago

    JonnyC321 Idiots that still think in boxes are in no position to give political advice to others. Delete your comment.

  90. Brandon Stone Stone

    Brandon Stone Stone5 months ago

    JonnyC321 can you even define liberal? Bahahaha no. You can't. These trumpers are also quite the media slaves.

  91. Hobo Baggins

    Hobo Baggins5 months ago


  92. Terrible Gamers

    Terrible Gamers5 months ago

    I think England should worry about these so called “refugees” who have made the crime rate sky rocket, who are raping British women, and praying in your public parks with an ISIS flag in the middle of London I believe it was. Lol they have bigger issues to deal with then worrying about our president.

  93. Hobo Baggins

    Hobo Baggins5 months ago


  94. Flatulence The Unending

    Flatulence The Unending5 months ago

    Trump is the goat. Tbh he will win again

  95. Emily Lawton

    Emily Lawton5 months ago

    Okay we've had enough now... you can have him back! Take him NOW!!!

  96. Jorge Gonzales

    Jorge Gonzales5 months ago

    Conan, seriously, please stop with the political segments of your show. I used to like watching you.

  97. Andr3w066

    Andr3w0665 months ago

    teddy lol libtards are so sensitive with people like kap that got let go like a piece of trash. Toughen up. Oh wait that is not how it works 😂. Accept the fact that conan’s political humor is weak. The only people that pulled off political humor was steward and colbert.

  98. teddy

    teddy5 months ago

    hahahah cuckservatives will always be the butthurt snowflakes. yall so sensitive. toughen up u little betas hahahaha

  99. Andr3w066

    Andr3w0665 months ago

    Tim Dev yeah and then you would bitch about why they should keep him on air despite his bravery to speak out against the president. Just like it happened with kap. Liberals said stop watching and the conservatives did. The nfl took action and you guys cry 😂.

  100. Tim Dev

    Tim Dev5 months ago

    Jorge Gonzales Yeah... OR you could just not click on the video.

  101. Richard Head

    Richard Head5 months ago

    I used to like Conan before he drank the Kool-Aid.

  102. Andr3w066

    Andr3w0664 months ago

    Boss Baby there is nothing neutral when conan speaks on trump. Which is fine but the quality of the joke is a bit poor. Political humor has never been his strong suit and is merely done to keep the twitter fans happy that he is bashing trump.

  103. Boss Baby

    Boss Baby4 months ago

    If look at his jokes here on paper they are pretty politically neutral, which makes me think he did that on purpose since he hardly talks about politics anyway. He's obviously going to be more left leaning since he's a big Hollywood entertainer but it seems the audience reactions are what's showing the strong political bias feelings.

  104. Andr3w066

    Andr3w0665 months ago

    Brian H its the truth though. Conan political humor is pretty average and that is me being generous. They are just keeping the idiots happy

  105. Brian H

    Brian H5 months ago

    You're not very bright.

  106. Neil Archer

    Neil Archer5 months ago

    Oh look a ginger freak who makes trips to Haiti. In a totally unrelated note Haiti is known for child prostitution.

  107. Brandon Stone Stone

    Brandon Stone Stone5 months ago

    Neil Archer white Europeans have been known to traffic children sex slaves.

  108. Hobo Baggins

    Hobo Baggins5 months ago


  109. Steven Torrey

    Steven Torrey5 months ago

    Trumpster is abroad right now--and right ugly broad at that!

  110. Ian Miller

    Ian Miller5 months ago

    Many of those protestors were people of the higher class, many of the lower class and middle class love Trump and would love for him to be their leader

  111. Steeleperfect

    Steeleperfect5 months ago


  112. Q the omnipotent

    Q the omnipotent5 months ago

    Ian Miller Hahaahahaaaa. B U L L S H I T

  113. Brain

    Brain5 months ago

    Ian Miller Deplorables

  114. Anonymous Browny

    Anonymous Browny5 months ago

    Nah... Not really

  115. Jon Hipolito

    Jon Hipolito5 months ago

    I think Conan is neutral to Trump

  116. Miko Philo

    Miko Philo5 months ago

    england is too busy bending over to muslims to know the importance of border patrol these days

  117. khawla

    khawla16 days ago

    Miko Philo and you’re too be being a nazi

  118. Adam P

    Adam P5 months ago

    Bending over to Muslims? What, all 5% of them? England is too busy enjoying our high standards of living and great education. How’s that going for you?

  119. please somebody find ja rule

    please somebody find ja rule5 months ago

    Miko Philo atleast people are not dying of despair. what is this, the middle ages? you would realize it when you stop taking this opiods.

  120. Tim Dev

    Tim Dev5 months ago

    Miko Philo Who would come save you if a hurricane shows up in murica? Cant throw hamburgers at the water hoping it goes away, m8.

  121. The Plastic Paddy

    The Plastic Paddy5 months ago

    No we don’t......

  122. unknown

    unknown5 months ago

    Yes we do

  123. Adam P

    Adam P5 months ago

    The Plastic Paddy - 10% approval rating for trump in the uk. That means 90% dislike him. 90 is a bigger number than 10. I hope this makes sense.

  124. The Plastic Paddy

    The Plastic Paddy5 months ago

    Damian Reloaded. Call me a Russian again you little slag and I’ll write a strongly worded letter to the board of MReporter complaints society.

  125. ikorabis

    ikorabis5 months ago

    Damian Reloaded eat a tide pod

  126. Ben Wood

    Ben Wood5 months ago


  127. Kev C

    Kev C5 months ago

    Who are these protesters?

  128. Keeaun Jones

    Keeaun Jones5 months ago

    I'm from England , I don't want trump deported along with a lot of people I know . He also is right about us agreeing with him on immagration, you guys couldn't be more out of touch!

  129. Rhysio Eren

    Rhysio Eren5 months ago

    Fun Guy and btw it is very hard to compare the 1500s or 1600s with 2018, it is comparing quantum mechanics with cheeseburger, it is like a totally different world. I mention this in reference to your speech about how the US inmigrants actually built the US and how the actual inmigrants nare trying to destroy your backyard.

  130. Rhysio Eren

    Rhysio Eren5 months ago

    Fun Guy I agree with you in migration brings a lot of problems wherever these people go, it consumes the resources that people that leave in their own countries are working hard every day to get, it also causes insecurity as we don't know who these people are or what are really their intentions. They just go for place to place trying to fit where they don't belong. So I just hope neither me and especially YOU never become an inmigrant, because the world is becoming even worst for them every day. Or maybe instead of building a wall against them it would be better to try to work the problem an fix it. This is not difficult to understand.

  131. please somebody find ja rule

    please somebody find ja rule5 months ago

    Fun Guy don't forget the genocide and slavery.

  132. Tim Dev

    Tim Dev5 months ago

    Brandon Stone Stone source?

  133. Fun Guy

    Fun Guy5 months ago

    Brandon Stone Stone ... the Europeans who migrated to North America, built that mighty nation from the ground up from the dust, into the most powerful civilization in the world. The non-Europeans migrating to Europe are intent on reducing our mighty powerful nations into the dust, just like their own sh***ole home nations are. The first example was a force of creation. The latter, a force of destruction. This is not difficult to understand.

  134. 1990ANAVRIN

    1990ANAVRIN5 months ago

    You need to fire your writers, every monologue is about Trump. These jokes got boring after the first year.... Do a remote with Jeff Goldblum!!!!!

  135. 1990ANAVRIN

    1990ANAVRIN5 months ago


  136. Brandon Stone Stone

    Brandon Stone Stone5 months ago

    1990ANAVRIN you need to get trumps balls out of your mouth

  137. John Doe

    John Doe5 months ago


  138. 7down bo

    7down bo5 months ago

    0:33 lol how could he change his voice like that

  139. Sammy Escagne

    Sammy Escagne5 months ago

    Am I the only one who loves papa johns pizza

  140. khawla

    khawla16 days ago

    Yes home made food all the way. Knowing ppl who work in the food business it’s wise to cook food at home you know it’s clean fresh best ingredients I won’t explain any further 🤢

  141. Boss Baby

    Boss Baby4 months ago

    Papa Johns is better than Domino's, Little Caesar's, or Pizza Hut

  142. BadgerUKvideo

    BadgerUKvideo5 months ago

    I'm with you on that one. Goats cheese and balsamic is a winning combo.

  143. Hobo Baggins

    Hobo Baggins5 months ago

    Im not sure can spiders love papa johns pizza? if not lets nuke the earth

  144. Pookz

    Pookz5 months ago

    You just have bad taste, it's okay.

  145. Jeremy Main

    Jeremy Main5 months ago

    Remember when you were a comedian?

  146. Jeremy Main

    Jeremy Main5 months ago

    Brain H. Stop internet harassing me, meanie.

  147. Jeremy Main

    Jeremy Main5 months ago

    Brandon Stone Stone, it's just that the joke is him now? Very Avant garde.

  148. Brian H

    Brian H5 months ago

    Remember when you used to have a brain that worked? Me neither.

  149. Brandon Stone Stone

    Brandon Stone Stone5 months ago

    Jeremy Main still is


    KAIJU MECHA5 months ago

    Just stay in England and steal the crown from the Queen, so all the Trump cockroaches can move to England forever, making America great again! Sorry GB!

  151. Armand Babakhanian

    Armand Babakhanian5 months ago

    Many Brits like trump. Not all of Britain showed up to the protest

  152. Indy

    Indy4 months ago

    Actually the majority according to the polls likes him. Only the vocal minority dont want him to visit the country

  153. LordAaronus

    LordAaronus5 months ago

    they have their own brand of rightards

  154. hogan heller

    hogan heller5 months ago

    Brian H look at how fed up they are with Longanistan I.E. Tommy Robinson being horribly sensors to free speech and thrown to suffer with the Muslim rape gangs he fought to sentence

  155. Ramesses The Great

    Ramesses The Great5 months ago

    Trump isn’t wrong, the UK also doesn’t want immigrants.

  156. Brandon Stone Stone

    Brandon Stone Stone5 months ago

    King Tut im a native American and we don't want theae caucasoid immigrants here. Take them back. They belong in Europe

  157. lucious banks,jr.

    lucious banks,jr.5 months ago

    I remember back in the day, the Conan O'Brien show used to be funny.

  158. Tim Dev

    Tim Dev5 months ago

    lucious banks,jr. I remember back in the day you werent such a crying little bitch.

  159. Brandon Stone Stone

    Brandon Stone Stone5 months ago

    lucious banks,jr. Still is