Comparing JoeysWorldTour to TheReportOfTheWeek


  1. JoeysWorldTour

    JoeysWorldTourYear ago

    Joey is the best!

  2. Bolnareff

    Bolnareff7 days ago

    No lol

  3. Andrew LeRoux

    Andrew LeRoux9 days ago


  4. GOHOME . exe

    GOHOME . exe9 days ago

    I liked your no hand Nutella challenge

  5. Colombian Boy

    Colombian Boy12 days ago

    As Donal J Trump says "WRONG"

  6. D Sizzle

    D SizzleMonth ago

    +bruceownsu why are you so salty?

  7. Juxe _

    Juxe _2 hours ago

    Joey's isn't a food review he's the human version of jabba the hut, and he loves everything, he's gonna have a heart attack and he's gonna die

  8. Juxe _

    Juxe _2 hours ago

    Review brah is the best

  9. Mr smooth

    Mr smooth3 hours ago

    Joey has autism LVL tyler

  10. allan norstrand

    allan norstrand7 hours ago

    The kid in the suit makes you wan't to go try the food. The fat guy makes me wan't to skip dinner tonight.

  11. Moldyrandomguy

    Moldyrandomguy9 hours ago

    i feel like i've grown an extra chromosome every time joey makes another weird noise

  12. Cavin Bob

    Cavin Bob10 hours ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined~god

  13. Jack Jacket

    Jack Jacket10 hours ago

    The Report Of The Week Is BORING


    THATBOICUDDY10 hours ago

    Report of the week all day!!!.....joeys corny ass comedy kill his whole review

  15. Nyla Vox

    Nyla Vox11 hours ago

    Joey triggers my anxiety~

  16. o o

    o o14 hours ago

    Sadly Joey passed away this morning, condolences to his family, friends, and fans. You will be missed.

  17. uglysam -

    uglysam -14 hours ago

    they both scare me

  18. Pablo 77777

    Pablo 7777715 hours ago

    At least the guy in the suit stays heathy still

  19. doctor gibble gobble III

    doctor gibble gobble III17 hours ago

    *vomits nutella*

  20. American Dragon

    American Dragon19 hours ago

    So some one who says 100 words a second or someone you can understand

  21. Lingbite

    Lingbite20 hours ago

    He has the same eyes as spiderman

  22. Edilson Mares

    Edilson Mares21 hour ago

    Yooo the intro fucked me up 😂😂😂

  23. THE FBI

    THE FBI21 hour ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek is the one who eats normal 😕

  24. M̷a̷r̷i̷o̷ s̷o̷n̷B̷r̷o̷s̷

    M̷a̷r̷i̷o̷ s̷o̷n̷B̷r̷o̷s̷Day ago

    Joey wins

  25. Makenna Boni

    Makenna BoniDay ago


  26. SpunkGargle wee wee

    SpunkGargle wee weeDay ago

    The fatass doesn't chew. I hope he chokes to death.

  27. Rhinopocalypes

    RhinopocalypesDay ago

    Shut the fuck up Joey. You sound like a 30 year old car that won't start when you roll your R's.

  28. fbi k

    fbi kDay ago


  29. dire gaming 13

    dire gaming 13Day ago

    Joey is so trash and messy his dumb sounds are annoying

  30. Avery Blue Manibusan

    Avery Blue ManibusanDay ago

    Joey is revolting. This disgusted me....

  31. NPC 158761

    NPC 158761Day ago

    Joe is an idiot

  32. EmmettXIV

    EmmettXIVDay ago

    These two are the odd couple of food reviewers. They both have their unique styles but they are both good at how they do it. The mean captions for Joey are a bit much. Although I am more of a fan of ReviewBrah, I wouldn't bash Joey.

  33. EmmettXIV

    EmmettXIVDay ago

    They both look like rats!!!!!

  34. X GhostX

    X GhostX2 days ago

    Joey lookin mad THICK

  35. kevv lmao

    kevv lmao2 days ago

    TBH, Joey makes the food look disgusting.

  36. Deathstrker

    Deathstrker2 days ago

    Reviewbrah is immaculate whilst Joey is..well he's the complete opposite.

  37. edwin pruett

    edwin pruett2 days ago

    Not sure how these videos compare 😂. A young man who's overly dressed viewing fries vs a fat guy rolling his eyes making strange noises reviewing these fries. Young kid in suit wins because he actually has an honest review vs a fat guy making noises lol

  38. Krytona

    Krytona2 days ago

    Joey is the Rancor in the Rancor pit and Reviewbrah is the Stormtrooper who falls in.

  39. Marcus

    Marcus2 days ago

    Fuck that fat piece of shit. The most annoying individual I have ever witnessed, holy shit.

  40. Dorian bullet boats

    Dorian bullet boats2 days ago

    My mom heard me whaching this and she thought it was porn cuz that fat guy moaning .

  41. Dorian bullet boats

    Dorian bullet boats2 days ago

    Why are we eating that thoe what nutrition is there

  42. Sprite Cranberry

    Sprite Cranberry2 days ago

    They are both nice, Joey is just hyper and that makes him unique

  43. king 10k

    king 10k2 days ago

    1:15 diabetes kicking in

  44. -Deciduous Livingston-

    -Deciduous Livingston-3 days ago

    Who would win

  45. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last Name3 days ago

    Rumor has it, Joey snorts a line if meth before every video.

  46. extinguish •

    extinguish •3 days ago


  47. Vaginal decimator Anal fermentor

    Vaginal decimator Anal fermentorDay ago


  48. extinguish •

    extinguish •2 days ago


  49. Hyland Walker

    Hyland Walker3 days ago

    Ya know that ahhhh a French fry there ahhhh made of photos alot of people didn't know that and ahhhh those brown things are bacon your a dumbass

  50. Hyland Walker

    Hyland Walker3 days ago

    How does a 40 year old man act like they haven't even gone through puperty yet

  51. Dooey Tee

    Dooey Tee3 days ago

    Joey is a disgusting fat slob. Listening to him eat ruins my appetite.

  52. Dooey Tee

    Dooey Tee3 days ago

    Joey is the most annoying person on the face on Earth

  53. Rokas 123

    Rokas 1234 days ago

    Overweight man-child

  54. ᄂᄋᄂ

    ᄂᄋᄂ4 days ago

    i actually fucking despise JoeysWorldTour, the shit that comes out of his mouth annoys the living fuck out of me

  55. traditionalist man

    traditionalist man4 days ago

    I know Joey is annoying but he doesn't hurt anyone or put anyone down. Why do people hate him to the point of saying something like "die slowly", pretty extreme. Also I love reviewbrah.

  56. Lord Zanthar Teh Allen

    Lord Zanthar Teh Allen2 days ago

    traditionalist man He makes people uneasy.

  57. Juustomakkara leipä

    Juustomakkara leipä4 days ago

    Joey tries To be funny but is actually annoying

  58. AgentUnknown

    AgentUnknown4 days ago

    I fucking hate Joey's behaviour. He acts like a 3yr old...

  59. Nelson Beams

    Nelson Beams4 days ago

    I could smell joeys breath

  60. William Monroe

    William Monroe4 days ago

    Holy Fuck , how old is that Joey person ........ lay off the caffeine and sugar

  61. Send Help.

    Send Help.4 days ago

    Have you ever had joeys muchacho sauce inside of you? Yeah thats what I thought

  62. Icyy Editz

    Icyy Editz4 days ago

    Dood like downs those fries in like 2 seconds god damn chill and chew your damn food

  63. Dainnel Deida

    Dainnel Deida4 days ago

    hat boi looks like he has se evrithing no ofence just in case im new to yowr chanel :)

  64. Dooley Williams

    Dooley Williams4 days ago

    Joey corny ASF....pure cringe material

  65. Uglyasshaters 999

    Uglyasshaters 9994 days ago

    Niggas need to collab

  66. ManchesterDons

    ManchesterDons4 days ago

    Jabba The Hut vs Han Solo

  67. Stinky Tits

    Stinky Tits4 days ago

    That fat gross cocksucker needs to have his arms removed. His face is worse than dead children. Please stop being

  68. Michaela Parker

    Michaela Parker4 days ago

    reporter of the week is the only reason i’m alive today

  69. The Squeaker Squad

    The Squeaker Squad4 days ago

    He is not fucking normal joey is a monster under the bed

  70. The Squeaker Squad

    The Squeaker Squad4 days ago

    Joey don’t eat the box aswell

  71. Nicolò M.

    Nicolò M.4 days ago

    Who is that fat fucker?!

  72. WaterMelon Guy

    WaterMelon Guy5 days ago

    If i got u you have to like this comment or u will get ebola Read more

  73. Kaasmeneer !

    Kaasmeneer !5 days ago


  74. AustrianViper

    AustrianViper5 days ago

    The fat guy is the perfect example for how we europeans see americans haha 😂

  75. emonhasanmehedi

    emonhasanmehedi5 days ago

    6:00 You know that feeling you get when you want to vomit but can't 😷

  76. angela kane

    angela kane5 days ago

    How my suits does review bruh have p.s all of them look very nice

  77. HeyI'mSpooky

    HeyI'mSpooky5 days ago

    Category: Gaming

  78. You wot Thot

    You wot Thot5 days ago

    The joey clips gave me cancer then reviewbrah cured it, the video ended on a Joey clip, so I have ass cancer now, great.

  79. Lachlan Murray

    Lachlan Murray5 days ago

    2:32 similarities are uncanny

  80. Noose Me Up

    Noose Me Up5 days ago

    One actually reviews what he eats, and the other is just eating..

  81. Avelino Lopez

    Avelino Lopez5 days ago

    The guy with the Hat, got annoying, he acts like a huge baby, and eats like a huge pig. Made me lose my appetite. What a gross eater, something is really wrong with him. Why does he keep making those sounds. Is he on some kind of drugs? Seriously who acts like that. Totally fallowing the more professional guy

  82. whoooaaa LG

    whoooaaa LG5 days ago

    I'd pay to meet reviewbrah

  83. The Homemade Disease

    The Homemade Disease5 days ago

    Putting these side by side was a good idea 10/10, hilarious 🤘

  84. Mr. Deadly

    Mr. Deadly5 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek is better

  85. crackhead

    crackhead5 days ago

    We obviously know who is superior Joey duh

  86. Lord Zanthar Teh Allen

    Lord Zanthar Teh Allen2 days ago

    crackhead no

  87. Who Knows

    Who Knows5 days ago

    Joey's such a disgusting fat fuck. Convicted child molester, too.

  88. Joey Mullins

    Joey Mullins5 days ago

    Honestly, I hate food reviews no matter what, because there's no point. all they do is sit in front of a damn camera and eat food and then comments about what they just shoved down their neck. I also hate how cringy and annoying people are about there videos. However, TheReportOfTheWeek is at least very formal and clean and calm. so he's not cringy, nor is he messy and fucking disgusting. but I still see no point in watching someone sit in front of a cam... ok you get. In conlusion... fuck food reviews they are stupid. I also feel very ashamed to share the name 'Joey' with this douche

  89. Chris Nelson

    Chris Nelson5 days ago

    its gween muchachos

  90. Bryce Hiatt

    Bryce Hiatt5 days ago

    I would not wanna be married to these dudes

  91. Bryce Hiatt

    Bryce Hiatt5 days ago

    Sometimes I wonder if they even have lives

  92. Bella Floro

    Bella Floro5 days ago

    Joeys videos are just irritating

  93. GamingBeater

    GamingBeater5 days ago

    my dissapoinment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  94. GamingBeater

    GamingBeater5 days ago

    Review bra is bether

  95. New Slayer

    New Slayer6 days ago

    joey is way better

  96. Kin Hamid

    Kin Hamid6 days ago

    Crass vs *_Class_*

  97. Fancy Tomato

    Fancy Tomato6 days ago

    Level one thief vs level 100 god.

  98. MAXCool1 !

    MAXCool1 !6 days ago

    This is how many people watch joeysworldtour 👇

  99. Aaron Ross

    Aaron Ross6 days ago

    Your dads retarded kid.

  100. Kat Korte

    Kat Korte6 days ago

    Thank you for this video. I never have to give one of joeys videos a view now. Review Brah speaks for himself, superior in every way.

  101. TheStrangestGazebo

    TheStrangestGazebo6 days ago

    ReviewBrah is known as the ultimate food reviewer

  102. VeXeR ShObOx

    VeXeR ShObOx7 days ago

    Joey vs ReviewBruh--- Green Wasabi Challenge!!!!!

  103. king zro

    king zro7 days ago

    Joe is so fucking annoying damn Joe, mate u need to go on a diet u fat piece of shit

  104. Tracy Helie

    Tracy Helie7 days ago

    One is serious and one is acting like he's on crack

  105. Irish Red

    Irish Red7 days ago

    Joey makes me feel ill. He's fucking disgusting......

  106. Lord Jago

    Lord Jago7 days ago

    Fat cunt VS respectable human

  107. leader of oh yeah yeah

    leader of oh yeah yeah8 days ago


  108. Sticky

    Sticky8 days ago

    You can't compare the suits god to a peasant

  109. Plagues Inhale the

    Plagues Inhale the8 days ago

    Joey is disgusting