Comparing JoeysWorldTour to TheReportOfTheWeek


  1. JoeysWorldTour

    JoeysWorldTourYear ago

    Joey is the best!

  2. Jan Válek

    Jan Válek14 days ago

    Do you like dying from hearth attack

  3. Edmond Hatem

    Edmond Hatem14 days ago

    JoeysWorldTour The only reason you're popular is because of leafyishere

  4. Vicci Osayi.x

    Vicci Osayi.x14 days ago

    JoeysWorldTour you wish fatty

  5. Mountain Dew

    Mountain Dew14 days ago

    JoeysWorldTour ur pretty full of it. I can’t stand ur vids Super annoying, and ur not 9, act ur age

  6. Los pezones de badabun

    Los pezones de badabun28 days ago

    You are a bit of a disgusting man, sorry, your humor and modals are both extremely low, at the point if not exsisting

  7. Stealthmailman

    StealthmailmanHour ago

    Reportoftheweek is so weird bro. I just wanna hit him

  8. Green Fat Guy 902

    Green Fat Guy 9023 hours ago


  9. Reeo Trezel

    Reeo Trezel3 hours ago

    Joey makes me laugh I can’t lie

  10. juliana tunai

    juliana tunai4 hours ago


  11. DarkurSrike

    DarkurSrike6 hours ago

    ... it's like Comparing Aldrich and Male Firekeeer.

  12. Tyler Thunder Vlogs

    Tyler Thunder Vlogs6 hours ago

    Review Brah likes to take his time analyize the food and flavor to really make his rating a true good score Joey well he stuffs his prolly diabetic piehole with fucking Nacho Cheese and Chips in the most disturbing way dude

  13. Tyler Thunder Vlogs

    Tyler Thunder Vlogs6 hours ago



    TOO PLAYA CASHY6 hours ago

    im really late

  15. Dogeplayz 115

    Dogeplayz 1156 hours ago

    Report of the week: eats in small and reasonable bites Joey: EATS IN GIANT AND TOILET PUNISHING AMOUNTS THAT CAN GIVE DIABETES

  16. Ivan Rosales

    Ivan Rosales7 hours ago

    Joeys going to have a heart attack 😱😱😱😱😱 stop eating joey!!

  17. Adam Ammar

    Adam Ammar7 hours ago

    Stop torturning my eyes and ears

  18. Ivan Rosales

    Ivan Rosales7 hours ago

    Joey is a fatass!!!

  19. Don't look At my name

    Don't look At my name7 hours ago

    2:23 the best part of the video no cap

  20. paymore. .spikes

    paymore. .spikes8 hours ago


  21. Jalma ;c

    Jalma ;c9 hours ago

    Joey... joey joey joey. And for the other guy... 2:47 explains it all

  22. The Twins Gamer

    The Twins Gamer10 hours ago

    The reporter of the week looks like this weird white kid that snitches and thinks he's cool and you really want to beat his ass but you can't because you're in school.

  23. Sydney Griffin

    Sydney Griffin11 hours ago

    0:10 he reminds me of stingy from lazy town 😂

  24. 颖澈

    颖澈12 hours ago

    Omg lol

  25. absolute disease

    absolute disease12 hours ago

    Civilization vs. human degeneration. And FFS shut you bloody mouth when you chew.

  26. victor hugo villalba

    victor hugo villalba14 hours ago

    7:57 i think reviewbrah watched joeys videos

  27. Esmee Hulskamp

    Esmee Hulskamp14 hours ago

    Does joey really eat almost the whole thing before he even comments on the flavour? When ROTW just takes 1 or 2 small bites (as it should be)

  28. Godly Solar

    Godly Solar16 hours ago

    Is it just more or did u guys actuall smelly the bacon fries

  29. Cody Smith

    Cody Smith19 hours ago

    Joey is a slob of a fucking human. That's all there is to it. Fucking pig...

  30. Ale

    Ale20 hours ago

    You can't compare god with a mortal

  31. DocotorPsychoBG 11

    DocotorPsychoBG 1123 hours ago

    I dont think Joey knows that alot of people will see him on internet

  32. bingbashbosh1

    bingbashbosh1Day ago

    Stop trying to be funny with your captions, just ain't funny.

  33. David Thomspson

    David ThomspsonDay ago

    One is incredibly disturbing,the other is quite the opposite.

  34. The Drew Ziggler

    The Drew ZigglerDay ago

    Joey has the enthusiasm. Report has no soul.

  35. Christopher Gomez

    Christopher GomezDay ago

    Listen to The-report of the week because Joey likes everything I mean just look at him and the moaning sounds he make.The report of the week is respectful while Joey is very immature and eats without manners

  36. Undeniable Luck

    Undeniable LuckDay ago

    These comments actually make me feel bad for Joey. I don't really like his content myself all that much and he's obviously not eating very healthy but still, the man is just doing what he likes and y'all shouldn't give him so much shit for that.

  37. Sleeperdoodle

    SleeperdoodleDay ago

    1:05 when you eat beans

  38. mic gusto

    mic gustoDay ago

    Joey wouldn't care if it tasted like dogshit, he'll shove it in his piehole either way and enjoy it once the camera is off..also..he is annoying as fuck

  39. The Reaper

    The ReaperDay ago

    Uuhhh the fuck is this

  40. Wot you Lookin at?

    Wot you Lookin at?Day ago

    Look at em in there natural habit :D

  41. Random Guy

    Random GuyDay ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek sounds like hes suicidal and depressed. I like that

  42. *satire*

    *satire*2 days ago

    why does he look like lorde. lmfaooaoa

  43. basti raniola

    basti raniola2 days ago

    At 3:00 when joeys eating and gets shoot by a ak-47

  44. Anx1ety

    Anx1ety2 days ago

    One is a whale, the other is a vampire

  45. roboman 22332

    roboman 223322 days ago

    Joey acts like a kid the report kid acts like a business man

  46. JiveViking

    JiveViking2 days ago

    Dude joey literally sounds like a baby that a wizard cast a spell on that caused him to age 50 years physically but only allowed him to learn the basics of english

  47. JiveViking

    JiveViking2 days ago

    Joeysworldtour should kill himself. Maybe his family will get a good inheritance from his life insurance

  48. ItzYaBoyStirz RTS

    ItzYaBoyStirz RTS2 days ago

    He looks like steuart little but he gets all the b*tches

  49. Ose Aburime

    Ose Aburime2 days ago

    one thing they will have in common , they will end up single for their whole lives

  50. Roblox

    Roblox2 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek : Talks about food JoeyWorldTour : Eats fast

  51. WolfPack BleAcH

    WolfPack BleAcH2 days ago

    When god is replacing himself instead of ending the world he finds review bruh

  52. WolfPack BleAcH

    WolfPack BleAcH2 days ago

    Is like compering forrest Gump's shoes to god himself

  53. Sean Mcgarry

    Sean Mcgarry2 days ago

    Joey is very friendly report is very serious comparing them VER DIFFERNT XD

  54. That One Friend

    That One Friend2 days ago

    Do you live in Tennessee because your said jack daniels

  55. WolfPack BleAcH

    WolfPack BleAcH2 days ago

    Joey:wooo woo woo woooooo uhh yeah moans just like the kids he rapes makes a mess everywhere and always needs a napkin and the reason why this is the reason there's world hunger Review: well mannered not screaming and try not to make a mess

  56. Alaya

    Alaya2 days ago

    I want to dislike this because every time Joey comes on it makes me want to kms, but I know that's not your fault.

  57. WolfPack BleAcH

    WolfPack BleAcH2 days ago

    The report of the week is better

  58. Rankit Hard

    Rankit Hard2 days ago

    4:00 relax Joey, the food isn't going anywhere

  59. Raikoh Advent

    Raikoh Advent2 days ago

    Now put Joey's personality into ReportOfTheWeek's body and vice versa.

  60. Harry Jenkins

    Harry Jenkins2 days ago

    I’m not a massive fan of food reviewers, but I can say, without a doubt, Report Of The Week is more calm, more sophisticated and more mature that Joey. At least, Reviewbrah doesn’t eat like toddler at the dinner!

  61. Magicwand

    Magicwand2 days ago


  62. TPKids :D

    TPKids :D2 days ago


  63. It's Not Airmac

    It's Not Airmac2 days ago

    "that's a french fry, that's what they call them" I swear, this guy isn't human

  64. B4P3beats5upr3m3

    B4P3beats5upr3m32 days ago

    When you have weekend homework 0:01

  65. Cason Smith

    Cason Smith2 days ago

    Fat ass with autism

  66. Lu Bu

    Lu Bu2 days ago

    Joey is by far more entertaining

  67. MagnanimousPie

    MagnanimousPie2 days ago

    It's like watching one guy who has never eaten before eat and watch another guy who only ever eats eat.

  68. K1nshiro

    K1nshiro2 days ago


  69. Ronan Ferris

    Ronan Ferris2 days ago

    I am seriously starting to wonder if JoeysWorldTour has torets

  70. Fernandes Fusion

    Fernandes Fusion2 days ago

    If they personality swaped what you like and what don't .guest ITS hard .well good luck for you all

  71. divetheduck

    divetheduck2 days ago

    4:12 I mean he already is because of all of the fast food shit he eats

  72. Hamilton 68

    Hamilton 682 days ago

    Joey has to stop making annoying noises

  73. The Tourist

    The Tourist3 days ago

    How does reviewbrah get so slim even though he still reviews fast food? I think he works out...

  74. chilli bunghole

    chilli bunghole3 days ago

    Joey is a prime example of how to get fat real quick eating that much shit and not burning it of gonna cause cholesterol an all kinds of other problems with your body

  75. Franky Alvarez

    Franky Alvarez3 days ago

    Joey is way to damn much. He is very extra with everything he does and it tends to get annoying.

  76. Dev Dracula

    Dev Dracula3 days ago

    Looks like Joey won, he even more then half the likes of this video. 🤷‍♂️

  77. Just Jake

    Just Jake3 days ago

    This is like Maywether vs. McGregor

  78. Undead masterchief

    Undead masterchief3 days ago

    That intro can’t stop making me laugh and I’m trying to find the original video

  79. Phillip Maughmer

    Phillip Maughmer3 days ago

    are you kidding they are fries from Wendy's that don't deserve more than a pffft brrrr glerp woo weeee wooo... wtf is this crap lmao

  80. Jhonny M

    Jhonny M3 days ago

    All hail king Joey

  81. jamie gooch

    jamie gooch3 days ago

    the the reportoftheweek is sooooo boring

  82. Ricky Cheng

    Ricky Cheng3 days ago

    One is hella hyper and one is depressed af

  83. Loli Hitler

    Loli Hitler3 days ago

    Reviewbrah is the food reviewer for the discerning gentleman

  84. Tidwell

    Tidwell3 days ago

    Joey guy over reacts to make his 10 year old fan base laugh.

  85. flysohigh

    flysohigh3 days ago

    Joey is nasty ugly and annoying

  86. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider3 days ago

    It a shames me to hear him say Scotland, I used to be proud of my country. But's nothing. Even the thought that someone fae my country likes his's just too much. I'm leaving this earth never to return. The human race is doomed. Humanity truly has vanished.

  87. Roblox

    Roblox3 days ago

    TheReportOfTheWeek, he looks very cute.

  88. tank the dog

    tank the dog3 days ago


  89. NKL

    NKL3 days ago

    pig vs office worker

  90. Ender MC

    Ender MC3 days ago

    I like the the other one. More civilized.

  91. AntonBG da kid

    AntonBG da kid4 days ago


  92. Caleb Riley

    Caleb Riley4 days ago

    Joeysworldtour is worse

  93. ֆӄʏʟɛʀ.

    ֆӄʏʟɛʀ.4 days ago

    HE is sooo fattt...

  94. Fancy

    Fancy4 days ago

    How fat people acting How skinny people acting

  95. Ryan

    Ryan4 days ago

    God that fat guy is one of the most annoying, cancerous, characters I have come across on youtube.

  96. Gabriel Lumbag

    Gabriel Lumbag4 days ago

    Genuine question. Does Joey have Tourettes? The woowowowowo and some other shit he does seems like ticks.

  97. Right is Right

    Right is Right4 days ago

    Joey a disgusting sick pig Review is god

  98. James Smith

    James Smith4 days ago

    You all are a bunch of emo virgins. Joey is entertaining and reviewbrah is giving his honest opinion. No reason to hate on either one.

  99. super fucking baby

    super fucking baby4 days ago

    joey is just immesuarable and my day is ruined

  100. J Qarrillo

    J Qarrillo5 days ago

    compare the memes, not their videos. there is a clear winner.

  101. Skipper Marno

    Skipper Marno5 days ago

    Seracha Veniswaila

  102. Hi You I’m nice

    Hi You I’m nice5 days ago

    Joey orgasms when he takes a bite of the fries

  103. oh mighty mangoes

    oh mighty mangoes5 days ago

    either I'm a boring person or im a boring person

  104. General Leopold Horchigli

    General Leopold Horchigli5 days ago

    how dare you compare a mere peasant to a god among men

  105. ShadowSlayerX87

    ShadowSlayerX875 days ago

    Can someone please hit joey in the damn head to knock his fucking brain right