Comparing JoeysWorldTour to TheReportOfTheWeek


  1. JoeysWorldTour

    JoeysWorldTourYear ago

    Joey is the best!

  2. Justin W.

    Justin W.3 days ago

    JoeysWorldTour 500th comment Joey go masterchef

  3. ItzScarecrow PSN

    ItzScarecrow PSN13 days ago

    Fat ass go get a personal trainer and u probably smell like cheese u nasty bruh

  4. games inc

    games inc21 day ago

    Your grose joey

  5. VideoChannel

    VideoChannel25 days ago


  6. Dunk0nyou RBLX

    Dunk0nyou RBLX27 days ago

    He said for you to kill yourself.

  7. Ren LaCour

    Ren LaCourHour ago

    If you like Joey there’s a 85% chance you touch little kids or you have the mental capacity of a handicapped hamster

  8. unconnected

    unconnected4 hours ago

    5:57 me when i eat in and out burger alone 6:07 me when i eat in fancy restaurants

  9. Lady GlitterFarkles

    Lady GlitterFarkles5 hours ago

    Joey: who doesn't like bacon like everyone likes bacon. Me:um who doesn't like bacon.............VEGAN PEOPLE. Vegan person: I HATE BACON

  10. Lady GlitterFarkles

    Lady GlitterFarkles5 hours ago

    That's a french fry if u didn't know. Me: yaaaa u know I kinda already knew that was a french fry I wasn't born yesterday

  11. Billy Zukini Is Sexy568

    Billy Zukini Is Sexy5687 hours ago

    i cant tell if joeys getting a massage or eating

  12. phantomwill052

    phantomwill0529 hours ago

    You versus the guy she tells you not to worry about

  13. Stephen Parsons

    Stephen Parsons9 hours ago

    They’re completely different- Love them both.



    Joey is the boss

  15. ronjon83

    ronjon83Day ago

    Joey is good people, he just acts like a goof on camera to make us laugh, no harm. 😁

  16. Dangerous Bomber

    Dangerous BomberDay ago

    Report of the week is more proper and not messy and disgusting, Joeys world tour is just where he stuffs food in his fat ass mouth and calls it a fucking food review

  17. Colonel Sanders

    Colonel SandersDay ago

    Joey is fucking disgusting.

  18. dingle 07

    dingle 07Day ago

    bigbeastham is my big brother!! :D

  19. Derpychoco bar

    Derpychoco barDay ago

    When Joey acts lesbian

  20. i hate higman i hate highman

    i hate higman i hate highmanDay ago

    Joey tries to be funny but he's just a fat ass

  21. Shark Boys

    Shark Boys2 days ago


  22. Joy Sicl3

    Joy Sicl32 days ago

    Report of the week is more delicate

  23. Glenn Andrews

    Glenn Andrews2 days ago

    Junk food does give you brain damage overtime.

  24. שון ברקלו

    שון ברקלו2 days ago

    joey is an actual dumbass with 2 digit iq

  25. manuel monterroso

    manuel monterroso2 days ago

    I only watch Joey when I’m high as fuck. He makes me laugh while I eat. Review brah is a all time watch tho hahah

  26. the fishing channel

    the fishing channel2 days ago

    2:31 LMFAO I LOVE THAT GUY Joey said wowowowo srrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrirrrrratcha 50 times before even trying get it

  27. Tokyo Ghoul Twin2

    Tokyo Ghoul Twin22 days ago

    Joey way better

  28. Mr. Cloroxguy

    Mr. Cloroxguy3 days ago

    When Reviewbrah said moist the sun came out

  29. Mr. Cloroxguy

    Mr. Cloroxguy3 days ago

    Joey is just fucking autistic

  30. aa aa

    aa aa3 days ago

    What happened at 0:01??

  31. Harry Ellis

    Harry Ellis3 days ago

    The skinny guy eats like a fucking mong people that eat one chip at a time piss me off fuck off

  32. Justin W.

    Justin W.3 days ago

    Omg i love these guys

  33. Devin J.

    Devin J.3 days ago

    And to this day JoeysWorldTour is still virgin

  34. Just George

    Just George3 days ago

    I like how review bruh actually judges the food and if doesn’t like it he says it instead of force feeding it

  35. Frosted Winter

    Frosted Winter4 days ago

    I find it funny that as soon as Joey comments you crap your pants and say "guys, stop saying mean things to him!" I get that you were grateful because he watched you but you made an entire video which shows how bad of an eater he is, followed with a "kill yourself". I don't like him but jeez

  36. IBooogeymanI

    IBooogeymanI4 days ago

    One reviews fast food. and the other just likes to eat fast food.

  37. Sabrina The Arctic Wolf

    Sabrina The Arctic Wolf4 days ago

    I like reviewbrah more.

  38. Ragz Rocco

    Ragz Rocco4 days ago

    Who can watch joey? Hes way to fuckin annoying

  39. Jesse Robert

    Jesse Robert4 days ago

    Joey is endorsed by fast food companies.

  40. Ashton Sadler

    Ashton Sadler4 days ago


  41. Fearious Mcclary

    Fearious Mcclary5 days ago

    joey drives me to suicide

  42. KatCat000 AJPW

    KatCat000 AJPW5 days ago

    8:36 I don't think I've ever heard someone say moist in a none sexual way.

  43. Ineed Jesus

    Ineed Jesus5 days ago

    *you cant defeat a god himself.*

  44. loopstugo productions

    loopstugo productions5 days ago


  45. Danny Taylor

    Danny Taylor5 days ago

    Bet Joey fucking stinks

  46. Suman Roy

    Suman Roy5 days ago

    Smart vs ugly

  47. Aliatron

    Aliatron6 days ago

    2:44 NO SHIT!

  48. OOS

    OOS6 days ago

    Joey is autistic

  49. Robert Villarreal

    Robert Villarreal6 days ago

    Reviewbrah should have his own tv show

  50. DecentChance

    DecentChance6 days ago

    Joey, the best thicc Disney princess, and report of the week, the prince with table manners.

  51. XxOMGxX Probz

    XxOMGxX Probz6 days ago

    Joey just likes everything

  52. Daniel The Bread 🍞

    Daniel The Bread 🍞6 days ago

    Joey got that shitty no copyright music in the video. Thumbs down for him.

  53. Ian Williams

    Ian Williams7 days ago

    You’re a psychopath if you don’t say reviewbrah

  54. Dan Leon

    Dan Leon7 days ago

    Joey looks like he is on some good shit

  55. Dan Leon

    Dan Leon7 days ago

    Report of the week looks like he was brutally forced to do this

  56. troll girl

    troll girl7 days ago

    S E R C E

  57. 100 subs with no vids

    100 subs with no vids7 days ago

    Help me get to 100 subs!!!

  58. Garrett Hadley

    Garrett Hadley7 days ago

    Joey = Idiocracy

  59. lauren

    lauren7 days ago

    Joey looks exactly like my uncle and I fucking hate him

  60. Beth Bean

    Beth Bean7 days ago

    what a gentle man

  61. Lele Shreve

    Lele Shreve7 days ago

    Look at the bite size difference.

  62. grand admiral thrawn

    grand admiral thrawn7 days ago


  63. Nuxtrix Nixal Nixal Lengends

    Nuxtrix Nixal Nixal Lengends7 days ago

    Your just disgusting asshole who live in this world

  64. Locke Jawe

    Locke Jawe7 days ago

    Half of this video is unbearable...

  65. Gibson Thompson

    Gibson Thompson8 days ago

    why does thereportoftheweek sound and look like a depressed vampire

  66. eddie ecano

    eddie ecano8 days ago

    joey eats like what ever (no manners) but report or the week eats calmly (respectfully)

  67. gsb408

    gsb4088 days ago

    @bigbeastham get outta here made this video shitting on Joey now you over here lickin his chilli cheese fry ass just because he watched your video. What a shill

  68. The alt-flight

    The alt-flight8 days ago

    Wow, exactly how much loneliness is Joey covering up for?!?

  69. ERROR 404

    ERROR 4048 days ago

    Reviewbrah is just so perfect 👌🏼

  70. Where My Tea, Sis?

    Where My Tea, Sis?8 days ago

    The way reviewbrah had to explain and show us the French fry made me laugh 💀 "It is made of potato"

  71. Sonia Enriquez

    Sonia Enriquez8 days ago


  72. Luis Fernandez

    Luis Fernandez9 days ago

    Which one is a bigger vergin

  73. Luis Fernandez

    Luis Fernandez9 days ago

    I feel like joeys woowoowoowoo Is code for i have diabetes

  74. Jaime Lopez

    Jaime Lopez9 days ago

    Joey is the best man ever he gives me so much memes to make fun of him thr other guy is boring

  75. Sad Kazoo

    Sad Kazoo9 days ago

    Can I have lunch with reviewbrah that’s all I ask

  76. Matt Mayes

    Matt Mayes9 days ago

    Joey is a future fucking sex offender. The fuck is wrong with this cunt?

  77. Les Kines

    Les Kines9 days ago

    Reviewbruh is young and act like he has sense. Got no comment on the big guy if it works for him it's all good.

  78. Jae Lee

    Jae Lee9 days ago

    Nah man thereportoftheweek dude wins this he don't make me cringe and isn't too extra but to each his own

  79. Max bird

    Max bird10 days ago

    Joey deadass triggers ptsd I've never been diagnosed with

  80. Max bird

    Max bird10 days ago

    Me: oh look, a cringe compilation of food reviews! Let's watch this one, maybe I'll lose my appetite! Joey: (^-^) slURp sLUrP hUehUeHue HYEHH SLURP owo (^_^) OWOWOOOO hYeh hUeh My sexual abuse memories from when I was 8: hello?

  81. Diamond dash 08

    Diamond dash 0810 days ago

    l like report of the weeks

  82. PTF SNO

    PTF SNO11 days ago

    A disgrace

  83. Yaogaming

    Yaogaming11 days ago

    How does report of the week sitll look healthy

  84. I.D.T Isaac

    I.D.T Isaac11 days ago

    joey has issues

  85. Zack Ryan

    Zack Ryan11 days ago

    The report of the we samich

  86. Memo Reynoso

    Memo Reynoso12 days ago

    Joey is legitimately so fucking annoying and proves how a younger dude can be A LOT more mature than a grown ass man

  87. TheCrowdedOne

    TheCrowdedOne12 days ago


  88. Smol Suga

    Smol Suga12 days ago

    Yo why his eyebrows missing the in the middle ??

  89. Sara Robnett

    Sara Robnett12 days ago

    I hate Joey!!!


    KING KREME12 days ago

    I wanna punch him in the face...... You know who 👊👊😒😒

  91. Bullion Boy

    Bullion Boy12 days ago

    I'm sure the 1.5 m sub VS the 250k subs prove who's better. We got a fake Vs real food review

  92. belgiun wafel

    belgiun wafel12 days ago

    Bro the fancy guy looks like a vegan who has never eaten meat in their life

  93. silent savage

    silent savage13 days ago

    Joey cares more it seems like

  94. Isabella Vazquez

    Isabella Vazquez13 days ago


  95. pastel cringe

    pastel cringe13 days ago

    You should compare the human(?) At 2:31 to reportoftheweek

  96. Cece Lia

    Cece Lia13 days ago

    Joey goes full retard every time.

  97. HV

    HV13 days ago

    Two different ends of a spectrum

  98. knight Peerless

    knight Peerless14 days ago

    I wanna die this makes me want to die I love reviewbruh tho

  99. So I sat there Muchacho Sauce on my titys

    So I sat there Muchacho Sauce on my titys14 days ago

    Joey: Jared from subways processor Reviewbrah: PERFECTION IN ITS FINEST

  100. I’m Not worth the subs Unless You’re a memer

    I’m Not worth the subs Unless You’re a memer14 days ago

    Try Greg’s Kitchen

  101. Gracie Lampkin

    Gracie Lampkin14 days ago

    Have you ever just wanted to like actually if you got the chance and legally kills someone and torture them for being so fucking annoying?

  102. Stephanie Marie

    Stephanie Marie14 days ago

    Joey is annoying as hell

  103. buck thornton

    buck thornton14 days ago

    Key word Moist!

  104. That One Friend

    That One Friend14 days ago

    1:06 he is speeding up

  105. Dante Caldera

    Dante Caldera14 days ago


  106. Myles Brandt

    Myles Brandt14 days ago