Comparing JoeysWorldTour to TheReportOfTheWeek


  1. madgunner11

    madgunner11Month ago

    Joey deleted his pinned comment :'(

  2. TheThinkingCharizard XD

    TheThinkingCharizard XD19 hours ago

    Tbh reviewbrah is much much better

  3. Honey with suga and tae

    Honey with suga and tae2 days ago

    Robert Isaksson then there should be no reason for him to deleting his comment, unless he got upset over people just simply defending John or something like that

  4. Robert Isaksson

    Robert Isaksson2 days ago

    Honey with suga and tae im very sure he meant it in a joking way

  5. Honey with suga and tae

    Honey with suga and tae2 days ago

    I tried to be positive and thought “His videos are uncomfortable to watch but maybe he’s a good person irl” but didn’t expect him to be so full of himself like that wow.

  6. Cassie Cage

    Cassie Cage4 days ago

    He deleted it because he got over his denial that ROTW is god

  7. Zero

    Zero7 hours ago

    He has 401k subs from eating like a pig with a camera

  8. Isaac Fang

    Isaac Fang9 hours ago

    *weiu weiu weiu weiu*

  9. GoatTrix

    GoatTrix9 hours ago

    RevieeBrah: Calm not really enthusiastic...pretty normal guy Joey's World Tour: Weird noises and sometimes rage Which one do you prefer?

  10. Austin Mj

    Austin Mj10 hours ago

    I honestly feel like I lost more brain cells watching them eat in this video then I ever.....ever have

  11. Carson Morris

    Carson Morris10 hours ago

    “I’m not really a cheese fries person” *cuts to Joey having an esophagual orgasm

  12. Carson Morris

    Carson Morris10 hours ago

    I prefer the nice man in the suit

  13. High Alert CODE RED

    High Alert CODE RED18 hours ago

    one is classy and professional the other is a joke that is not funny more annoying than anything

  14. Geekbot9999

    Geekbot999919 hours ago

    i wonder if joey makes these sort of noises while in intercourse i don’t want to know, i just wonder.

  15. lee everett

    lee everettDay ago

    Joey must be Phil Swift's brother, the similarities are terrifying...

  16. Manga Manga

    Manga MangaDay ago

    *Joey exe has stopped*

  17. Kyle Lincoln

    Kyle LincolnDay ago

    Joey is not fucking human and it scares me

  18. Zombie 187

    Zombie 187Day ago


  19. The Outcasts

    The OutcastsDay ago


  20. Iodine Pi

    Iodine PiDay ago

    ReviewBrah: reviews make my mouth water Joey: reviews make my mouth stricken with drought.

  21. Sebastian Ruizsoriano

    Sebastian Ruizsoriano2 days ago

    Joey reminds me of ngo ngo from el chavo from what he does with his checks and his eyes

  22. Daniel Youngblood

    Daniel Youngblood2 days ago

    What's with the suit, does he have Court, later... He looks the type to sit outside schools, & offer kids a free sedative lollipop..

  23. NukeZoned

    NukeZoned2 days ago

    4:56 This has to be the funniest part, I was dead when it switched to report of the week

  24. chocolate paco

    chocolate paco2 days ago

    Joey has an inner demon in him

  25. Ed Mo

    Ed Mo2 days ago

    ReviewBrah: ill hook it up bro Joey: I HYPE YOU UP BROOO

  26. Charles Franta

    Charles Franta2 days ago

    Guys...... like ok but.... daym drops is by far the best.

  27. Aesthetic Dreams

    Aesthetic Dreams2 days ago

    N o


    DEATH METAL3 days ago

    joey = alpha, reviewcuck = beta

  29. Kanin

    Kanin3 days ago

    Weew weew weew

  30. Julian Arroyo

    Julian Arroyo3 days ago

    I feel like Joey despises reviewbrah

  31. Joergen

    Joergen3 days ago


  32. Wali Khan

    Wali Khan3 days ago

    2 types of alien

  33. Din Bach

    Din Bach3 days ago

    It's really simple. Joey = Limbic Brah = Cortex

  34. Daniel Biano

    Daniel Biano3 days ago

    Joey sounds annoying thats the only thing i hate about it


    POKE LEADER3 days ago


  36. FaZe Jerzzz

    FaZe Jerzzz3 days ago

    WTH people who have a religion don’t like bacon fattyjoey

  37. CrackerWhyte Da Hip-hop Junkie

    CrackerWhyte Da Hip-hop Junkie3 days ago

    im beeeyyaaaccckkkkkk

  38. gJazz

    gJazz3 days ago

    couldnt spot a difference..

  39. TheMaskedCrisis

    TheMaskedCrisis3 days ago

    If I knew who Joey was and I worked in a Wendy’s and he came up to me to order food, I would undoubtedly “Accidentally” slip a few things into his food that would put Joey to “rest”.... Honestly, Joey’s reputation outside of MReporter must be something. He is noisy, obnoxious and downright squalid. He is the epitome of poor health. I can understand what kind of audience Joey attracts, although I personally believe that children should not be exposed to such....gluttony....

  40. Steven Reeves

    Steven Reeves3 days ago

    Joey is just a monster the report of the week a gentleman

  41. EatFrostedFlaks

    EatFrostedFlaks3 days ago

    Broooo enjoy the food don’t swallow it

  42. Tim Tenney

    Tim Tenney4 days ago

    Joey just seems like that one uncle who isn't allowed around they're nephew and nieces ....he doesn't need more food he needs Jesus...... And slim fast!

  43. Daniyal Shah

    Daniyal Shah3 days ago

    He's probably a convicted sex offender Maybe he's got ties with Jeffrey Epstein

  44. Prince Akimn

    Prince Akimn4 days ago

    It’s disrespectful to even compare reviewbrah to this Joey guy 🙄

  45. Vibri

    Vibri4 days ago

    Anyone else always thought JoeysWorldTour was some kind of satire channel?

  46. Jamaine Carruthers

    Jamaine Carruthers4 days ago

    Was that a Mr. Slave reference @5:01

  47. Conjure The Music

    Conjure The Music4 days ago

    The only thing in common with these two is that they’re eating food, but there’s a huge difference on how they’re eating the food, Reviewbrah eats like a normal human being, like a gentleman then you have Joey who eats so sloppily he sometimes leaves leftovers and sauce on his nose sometimes and half of his face is dirty with food, it’s disgusting and the guy eats with his mouth open, that’s the most dissatisfying thing you can do on a food review, makes you lose your appetite, these two are on two different ends of the food review spectrum and they aren’t even comparable in the slightest, one is doing an actual review while the other is shoving food down his gullet

  48. Stephano Herrera

    Stephano Herrera4 days ago

    Reviewbrah: eat a little and taste a lot Joey:EATS A LOT AND........... EATS A LOT

  49. ziggy morris

    ziggy morris4 days ago

    No contest for Joey. The other guy is boring as fuck

  50. Richard Coulombe

    Richard Coulombe4 days ago


  51. Sissy 709 Jane

    Sissy 709 Jane4 days ago

    You are a baby

  52. Korrupt

    Korrupt4 days ago

    Please end my suffering' don't watch it headass

  53. Matt Moves

    Matt Moves4 days ago

    Which one is better? Easy, which one you would be glad to invite for a nice dinner?

  54. Chris Nevarez

    Chris Nevarez4 days ago

    How can anyone watch the fat one without getting annoyed

  55. Remy N

    Remy N4 days ago

    Joey has second chin hes a true fupa lord 😂 ethan from h3h3 is nothing compared to joeycringetour.

  56. Remy N

    Remy N4 days ago

    Reviewbrah is almoast like profesional food reviewer, joey is acting like a retard when i watch him i allways cring af.

  57. Jesus B777

    Jesus B7774 days ago

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  58. Jesus B777

    Jesus B77714 hours ago

    @Jeremiah Valeska ?

  59. Jeremiah Valeska

    Jeremiah Valeska14 hours ago

    tha nu