1. MrBklein31

    MrBklein319 months ago

    I miss you two together. There was so much magic between you two!

  2. Melissa London

    Melissa London10 months ago

    Did someone from the live audience film it? That would be amazing :-D

  3. Some what smarter than a potato

    Some what smarter than a potato11 months ago

    Oh god this is like buzz feeds little brother The world is worse enough with 1 buzzfeed we don't need more

  4. Yoyo String

    Yoyo String11 months ago

    yallll i love this topic and i want to hear about it because coming out is a cool conversation topic and interesting and i'm sure this was a great liveshow but i also want my ears to survive. please.

  5. gayhowl

    gayhowl11 months ago

    lollll i loved this!! the audio got a lot better in the middle

  6. Joslen Beslity

    Joslen Beslity11 months ago

    how do I send in questions/email them??

  7. J M

    J M11 months ago

    At some point, I'd like to see you guys mature to being less dependent on alcohol.

  8. Emma Stevenson

    Emma Stevenson11 months ago

    the 'coming out to your parents' bit is at 45:00 ish if you've clicked for that

  9. Emma Stevenson

    Emma Stevenson11 months ago

    the audio gets better about 5:00 mins in ... or maybe I'm just getting used to it..?

  10. Grace Millar

    Grace Millar11 months ago

    Hate how Kate says thank you

  11. Anna Marcinkiewicz

    Anna Marcinkiewicz11 months ago

    Of all podcasts.... no video?๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  12. Jynx Yvette

    Jynx Yvette11 months ago

    Lol why is everyone complaining? The audio isn't even that bad and it's hilarious either way. Yes it sucks we cant see them but if you're actually a fan you should watch it anyways?? Lol

  13. Katelynne Cabello

    Katelynne Cabello11 months ago

    Seriously loved this haha regardless of the audio quality

  14. Malene

    Malene11 months ago

    I really liked that it is audio

  15. Brody Dean

    Brody Dean11 months ago

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  16. ella claes

    ella claes11 months ago

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  17. Wilma Pettersson Holmqvist

    Wilma Pettersson Holmqvist11 months ago

    rip my hearing

  18. Adele M

    Adele M11 months ago

    yall scream too much in this one lol

  19. Justine Hardy

    Justine Hardy11 months ago

    True pizza edge season honor equation stiff performer clerk slightly.

  20. Anissa Blankenship

    Anissa Blankenship11 months ago

    Would love to have seen the video but this was still a great show. Don't listen to the haters.

  21. Emilia Busch

    Emilia Busch11 months ago

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  22. Sazana Hashi

    Sazana Hashi11 months ago

    Okay so I totally love these podcasts, but it was a bit hard to follow. I stuck around though! Oh and for anyone who is looking for the advice about coming out to your parents, it starts at 46:01 ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿ’•

  23. Courtney J Rasmussen

    Courtney J Rasmussen11 months ago

    this is literally the worst audio ive ever heard

  24. Hannah Harman

    Hannah Harman11 months ago

    My boo asks to give me head and asks me to give him head๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  25. joplin missouri. fuck club

    joplin missouri. fuck club11 months ago

    Getting a blow job is great

  26. PugParty

    PugParty11 months ago

    I'd be so pissed if I payed for this

  27. dayna warder

    dayna warder11 months ago

    what I find strange and even slightly disrespectful is that even in past episodes when theyโ€™ve been drinking theyโ€™ve delivered amazing content but now theyโ€™re live, with an actual paying audience the quality has just fallen. this just seems like for the majority of the podcast they were almost hating on each other. the more I watch these podcasts, the more kate comes across as quite a mean person towards kelsey and itโ€™s actually a really shame because they started out seeming like quite good friends

  28. Dana Wilson

    Dana Wilson11 months ago

    I would be legit pissed if I went to see them live and this is what I got....... I'm really disappointed :/ with the audio and content, when I usually absolutely adore them....

  29. Frisky Froo

    Frisky Froo11 months ago

    How exactly is coming out to your parents only Adult stuff?

  30. Halleee

    Halleee11 months ago

    Commenters who are sooo offended by the โ€œhorrible audio,โ€ the audio isnโ€™t even bad after about 10 minutes ... tf.

  31. Jyabriel W

    Jyabriel W11 months ago

    Gah damn Kate is mean drunk. Those are the type of friends I'd just chill with sober

  32. gwen

    gwen11 months ago

    In hate this audio

  33. paloma

    paloma11 months ago

    The audio was really harsh in the beginning but it gets better toward the middle of the podcast Man, Kate is a mean drunk! Felt kinda bad for Kelsey lmao

  34. Aurelia

    Aurelia11 months ago

    This audio is a little rough for me... Oh well hopefully next time is better.

  35. Pedy Bear

    Pedy Bear11 months ago

    Audio isn't that bad just DON'T LISTEN WITH HEAD/EARPHONES

  36. Courtney Cunningham

    Courtney Cunningham11 months ago


  37. Aminay

    Aminay11 months ago

    Oh god headphone users beware

  38. Leah Montesinos

    Leah Montesinos11 months ago

    Since we couldn't hear the audience responses, we lost half of the jokes! Which was unfortunate. But it sounds like it was a lot of fun.

  39. PK Fire

    PK Fire11 months ago

    actually the audio quality isnt that bad once you get into it this is fine

  40. PK Fire

    PK Fire11 months ago

    lmao the audio quality sucks i mean ill still listen to it but really it sucks

  41. Nicole Larkin

    Nicole Larkin11 months ago

    I was there love you guys, first time live youโ€™ll get the hang of it

  42. Eliana Loves SuperMarvelLock

    Eliana Loves SuperMarvelLock11 months ago

    Usually not THAT much swearing, GOD KATE WHY

  43. J B

    J B11 months ago

    More of the buzzfeed gay trend. Millennials are full retards.

  44. Jen Light

    Jen Light11 months ago

    More drunk kate beefing at kelsey, not cool

  45. Jen Light

    Jen Light11 months ago

    So Kate and Kelsey have both admitted they dont particularly like themselves drunk and then went and did this drunk a low key didnt get along and ripped each other a hole through out. Lilllll weee bit dissapointinnnn

  46. Jen Light

    Jen Light11 months ago

    Very fair response, just an observation of their mistake then. Just interesting to finally get to see them interact drunk - very different.

  47. TheGillebean

    TheGillebean11 months ago

    This is LITTERALLY a podcast of making mistakes. They're people, remember?

  48. g p

    g p11 months ago

    omg the audio, i'm out

  49. Jared Wilson

    Jared Wilson11 months ago

    True fan here, listened to the whole thing. Zero complaints. No video, okay still heard you so all good in my book

  50. Jazz

    Jazz11 months ago

    Itโ€™s obvious the sound is really off, no need to point it out or be pissed about it. This was their first time doing a live show, cut them some slack damn.

  51. Jolanda Ellen de Vries

    Jolanda Ellen de Vries11 months ago

    I don't mind no video, but I do very much mind the crappy audio.

  52. Destinee Berry

    Destinee Berry11 months ago

    Thank you for the podcast. Don't care if I see your faces or not. Been waiting for this all week. :)

  53. Paul Adetunji

    Paul Adetunji11 months ago

    I f'ing love drunk Kate. She has to have drinks every episode from now on.

  54. Ninja Kim

    Ninja Kim11 months ago

    Omg!! You guys we need live photo next time.. MReporter live... So dam funny!! I wish I had tickets to see you both in person. You rock.

  55. emmuhh bb

    emmuhh bb11 months ago

    I looooove kate and her pov

  56. Mary C.

    Mary C.11 months ago

    Literally i just came out to my friends. This couldnt have come sooner!

  57. crenitic is cool

    crenitic is cool11 months ago

    "i hate when a man tells me what to do, except when he tells me to drink, then ill do it" LOL

  58. Luigi Love

    Luigi Love11 months ago

    Would love to see one of these if you guys ever come to Toronto!

  59. ButSheLooked18

    ButSheLooked1811 months ago

    this was terrible audio.. pls go back to the normal podcasts

  60. Joyee Luk

    Joyee Luk11 months ago

    Wait, Kelsey has a boyfriend?

  61. Ash Ley

    Ash Ley11 months ago

    What is the podcast called

  62. Alondra Baltazar

    Alondra Baltazar11 months ago

    Ash Ley ADULTSH1T

  63. Emelie Stenberg

    Emelie Stenberg11 months ago

    The audio is so bad, can't listen to this it hurts

  64. Asif Khan

    Asif Khan11 months ago

    I listened to the entire thing.

  65. esther cabeza

    esther cabeza11 months ago

    This is boring Iโ€™m not going to sit here and listen to this audio

  66. S Orazietti

    S Orazietti11 months ago

    i love kate because she is ME

  67. Elien Shadeslayer

    Elien Shadeslayer11 months ago

    Oh my god people shut up and stop complaining! They could have easily not uploaded it and then you'd have nothing!

  68. lil Ghost

    lil Ghost11 months ago

    I like chicken nuggets

  69. mars goes viral

    mars goes viral11 months ago


  70. Emma Marie

    Emma Marie11 months ago

    Yikes, did people actually pay to watch you drunkenly screech at each other... Surprised it was even posted, the second hand embarrassment be real ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  71. Caitlyn Rousu

    Caitlyn Rousu11 months ago

    I just thought of something you guys might have some interesting answers to. I have recently been having really bad anxiety and panic attacks and was wondering what I can do to treat myself or reward myself for not giving up or going through it without spiraling into a huge depression episode. Anyway, what do you guys do to treat yourself or make yourself feel better after really bad anxiety or an attack?

  72. Karen Robles

    Karen Robles11 months ago

    Yes the audio is rough, and yes they are hammered, and yes it is loud, and yes it is annoying that we cannot see this, BUT still, congrats on your first live show!! They also said right away that this would be a drinking-game style talk so I don't think it's fair to expect the same sort of experience as with the other recorded episodes...just saying! I hope someone uploads a video of this at some point cus it would be awesome. Sounds like you girls had a blast, good for you!

  73. Jared Wilson

    Jared Wilson11 months ago

    kate is so drunk, i wish i was there

  74. Mihaela Jermilova

    Mihaela Jermilova11 months ago

    half way through this I had to stop and get myself a drink, because I just...couldn't watch it if I weren't playing the drinking game

  75. My name JeHHff

    My name JeHHff11 months ago

    Itโ€™s one thing that itโ€™s audio only,but itโ€™s BAD audio...possibly because they are doing a live audience kinda talk show thing

  76. Helena Castro

    Helena Castro11 months ago

    Are freaking bleeding ๐Ÿ˜ฉ why ? WHY do you do this to us?!!!!

  77. Helena Castro

    Helena Castro11 months ago

    My ears

  78. Dunja Kaludjerovic

    Dunja Kaludjerovic11 months ago

    Damn people are mad in comments that audio is bad and that there's no video and I'm just happy that is thursday and that there is audio๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’“ Kisses from Belgrade, Serbia ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  79. Dunja Kaludjerovic

    Dunja Kaludjerovic11 months ago

    Hahahahhaa Kate is so drunk I'm dying ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  80. meow or never

    meow or never11 months ago

    Damn Kate is a mean drunk lol

  81. Ane Emelia sings

    Ane Emelia sings11 months ago

    love you guys, but no way im sitting through an hour listening to this audio. see you next week ;)

  82. Nadine Versluis

    Nadine Versluis11 months ago

    For all the headphone listeners: start at 10:00 or- 15:00 the audio gets better

  83. panicatdx

    panicatdx11 months ago

    lmao kate is so drunk

  84. Eva R.

    Eva R.11 months ago

    I love your podcast but honestly it was hard to follow or really get the same meaningful content from what you were saying in this show. Even with a main topic like BJs I feel like you guys usually get more nuanced then "like/love it!", maybe it was the alcohol or maybe the people in the room but I felt like I was listening to a drunk convo with no real point to it (nevertheless I support ya and hope you continue doing these live shows!)

  85. Ursula Konarska-Mikolajewicz

    Ursula Konarska-Mikolajewicz11 months ago

    Once you get over the audio quality it's sooo much fun to listen to. Wishing you end up coming to the UK at some point

  86. My Depression Diary

    My Depression Diary11 months ago

    Good info ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  87. Toby Rutter

    Toby Rutter11 months ago

    How could you even upload this. It's aweful

  88. stephoppotamus

    stephoppotamus11 months ago

    Just audio is so painful. SHOW ME YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES!!

  89. Kassy Coker

    Kassy Coker11 months ago

    You! Two! Omg! This is my favorite episode of. All. Time! Love you guys and love to watch/listen every week!

  90. Trickius

    Trickius11 months ago

    Made it to 3:50 and then had to bow out. You need to get someone to do something about the audio before I can listen to this.

  91. Lynn Arocho

    Lynn Arocho11 months ago

    Trickius Didn't make it that long, and I was really interested in the topic.

  92. Leo Hamada

    Leo Hamada11 months ago

    I'm not a fan of slinging mud under the guise of being drunk. You guys should take a break from each other.


    SANDRINE MURRAY11 months ago

    Stop listening after 2 min :( Audio is so bad and my ears :S sorry ....

  94. Candice Garcia

    Candice Garcia11 months ago

    Hard pass without video ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  95. Amy Kod

    Amy Kod11 months ago

    Omg i'm pissed at you why the funk would you drop this audio only ๐Ÿ˜ค

  96. hysterika

    hysterika11 months ago

    I am the 666th like. I feel like I've done something good but it's not even scratching the surface of remarkable. I need to go to sleep.

  97. hysterika

    hysterika11 months ago

    Flip "remarkable" and "good" and that might make more sense. I'm tired.

  98. Kathleen McNutt

    Kathleen McNutt11 months ago

    Kelsey: Don't let anyone neg you Also Kelsey: My boyfriend tells me I'm the third best at blowjobs

  99. Ali Barona

    Ali Barona11 months ago

    Rip headphone users.

  100. panicatdx

    panicatdx11 months ago

    my ears are bleeding oh nooo

  101. Christina Park

    Christina Park11 months ago

    Did they upload this audio to itunes?

  102. adrian h

    adrian h11 months ago

    panicatdx ๐Ÿ˜‚

  103. Holly Quinn

    Holly Quinn11 months ago

    Gods i love kate dont ever let that gem go

  104. Alex Maupin

    Alex Maupin11 months ago

    oh my god, high pass filter...jeez

  105. Lexi poo

    Lexi poo11 months ago

    No thanks bye

  106. Ace Noir

    Ace Noir11 months ago

    holy crap, this audio.. xD

  107. Hannah Gibson

    Hannah Gibson11 months ago

    I hate when itโ€™s audio only ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”