"Comedians" on Hoverboards Getting Chicken McNuggets - Michael (Vsauce)


  1. iDubbbzTV

    iDubbbzTVYear ago

    Who do you think would be a good guest that lives near the Los Angeles area?

  2. Joseph Willcocks

    Joseph WillcocksYear ago

    iDubbbzTV jontron

  3. Percy Stanford

    Percy StanfordYear ago

    iDubbbzTV me

  4. mihaster

    mihasterYear ago

    Slick Savage good guest? lol



    Comedians, in cars, getting coffee

  6. Juli Richmond

    Juli Richmond7 hours ago

    This video is so uncomfortable I love it

  7. Thomas Jacobs

    Thomas Jacobs12 hours ago

    Space Tie, the final frontier

  8. Normal Guy

    Normal Guy14 hours ago

    "Short and t h I c c

  9. SpicedWolf Studios

    SpicedWolf Studios14 hours ago


  10. Insane JD

    Insane JD18 hours ago

    I like how Ian is the Deadpool of MReporter

  11. Caleb MacMoyer

    Caleb MacMoyerDay ago

    Damn man, why did you have to make fun of Comedians in cars getting coffee? Lol I did like this though.

  12. Scaxed

    ScaxedDay ago

    3:33 The part you came for.

  13. Fat Fishy

    Fat FishyDay ago

    Of course the ice cream machine is broken

  14. Lucy  Thomas

    Lucy ThomasDay ago

    7:38 how is he still alive to this day

  15. Kiwi Bird

    Kiwi BirdDay ago


  16. OG Kakarotto

    OG KakarottoDay ago

    well if the youtuber SMI7Y can bring back "YEET" (might not of been him but he said it once back in 2015, and everyone laughed at him.. and was intent on bringing it back) then maybe "WASSUP" will come back and maybe ol' Vsauce Mikoo will be the man to put it back out there, but i doubt it..

  17. Cade

    CadeDay ago

    This video is giving me super rapey vibes

  18. matteuzs

    matteuzs2 days ago

    standing in a wheelchair

  19. Nigletoor Commi

    Nigletoor Commi2 days ago

    a Match made in heaven

  20. The Lonely Traveller

    The Lonely Traveller2 days ago

    It's cool that Michael didin't forget about his meme past

  21. Reviah

    Reviah2 days ago

    okay the ending when Michael said "anarchy" was just too funny

  22. ESIDJI

    ESIDJI3 days ago

    elliot "mags" rogers also lives there.

  23. ifatdonkey boi

    ifatdonkey boi3 days ago


  24. Steve Weiner

    Steve Weiner3 days ago

    4:20 "do it"

  25. Steve Weiner

    Steve Weiner3 days ago

    was that phone convo at the beginning real!?!?

  26. welly thegod

    welly thegod3 days ago

    Top 10 most ambitious crossovers in videogame history

  27. Christian Kjærgaard

    Christian Kjærgaard4 days ago

    So sweet to see dad and son having some good times.

  28. RoseAce

    RoseAce4 days ago

    Greatness is great

  29. F0wlPlay

    F0wlPlay4 days ago

    Gawd, you should have spelled his name wrong to throw the comment section for an embarrassing loop. I looked this shit up with that kind of paranoia in mind.

  30. Blackscape132

    Blackscape1324 days ago

    is ean tall or Michael short

  31. Spyro the Cunt

    Spyro the Cunt5 days ago

    I like how even Ian isn’t nerdy enough for vsauce.

  32. Error

    Error5 days ago

    pluto is a dwarf planet, it didnt lose its planet status.

  33. Pug1Gaming

    Pug1Gaming5 days ago

    gay retard attempts to tie a tie. then teaches Vsauce to ride a hoverboard

  34. Progamer Official•_•

    Progamer Official•_•6 days ago

    Anarchy acres lol XD

  35. Oh Yeah yeah

    Oh Yeah yeah6 days ago

    5:08 please tell me I’m not the only one who sees the Minecraft pig

  36. The BREEZERS

    The BREEZERS6 days ago

    I bet the ice cream machine is broken


    NOODLES YUM6 days ago

    Vsauce is a very hairy man

  38. and ?

    and ?7 days ago

    3:14 I know for a fact that Ian's is long and skinny.

  39. Max Thomas

    Max Thomas7 days ago

    Anyone else think Vsauce was going to say "That, was epic."

  40. fizzlethesheep

    fizzlethesheep7 days ago

    11:45 understandable have a great day.

  41. Toe Knee

    Toe Knee7 days ago

    ice cream machine broke

  42. Callum nairn

    Callum nairn8 days ago

    look at that recoil from Michael when idubbbz shows him his hip haha!

  43. Luke perrine Luke

    Luke perrine Luke8 days ago

    Whenever idubbz asks him something dirty, he always gets out of answering

  44. Phillip Ferguson

    Phillip Ferguson8 days ago

    The ice cream machine 😂😂 classic

  45. Christopher Ohlerich

    Christopher Ohlerich8 days ago

    Ah. Two intellectuals

  46. Just Random

    Just Random8 days ago

    3:32 I’m gay

  47. SeaEmperror Leviathan

    SeaEmperror Leviathan8 days ago

    V sauce: I like it short and thicc I dubbz: yea

  48. Maribor Forest

    Maribor Forest8 days ago


  49. jonathan sauceda

    jonathan sauceda8 days ago


  50. DimyDek

    DimyDek8 days ago

    ice cream machine broke

  51. William

    William9 days ago

    Look, it is Mike from Vsauce

  52. Charles Olivo

    Charles Olivo9 days ago


  53. Spencer Neucks (student)

    Spencer Neucks (student)9 days ago

    I like it short and thick :)

  54. Tal Bby

    Tal Bby9 days ago

    That’s epic

  55. Dooby Scoo

    Dooby Scoo9 days ago

    Should've t-posed on the hoverboard

  56. Dooby Scoo

    Dooby Scoo9 days ago

    2:10 Weird flex but ok.

  57. The jetset life Killed me already

    The jetset life Killed me already9 days ago

    I like them short and thick

  58. Merlin Dont Know

    Merlin Dont Know9 days ago

    This was so gay

  59. King Doge

    King Doge10 days ago

    5:46 i thought he gave Michael a blender...

  60. Mr SpidgetCube

    Mr SpidgetCube10 days ago


  61. The Patched Vest

    The Patched Vest11 days ago

    "Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history" me: uhhHH

  62. maika

    maika11 days ago

    i would pay good money to see idubbbz and vsauce on hoverboards just strolling through california

  63. Vaporeonus

    Vaporeonus10 days ago

    You mean hovering

  64. JoffeBisk

    JoffeBisk11 days ago

    7:40 i actually noticed that it was his meme

  65. Henry Dodds

    Henry Dodds12 days ago

    Bromance Meter |XXXXXXXXOOO|


    MLG ANNONOMOUS DUCK 11212 days ago

    This is the greatest crossover event ever

  67. Freeboy xo

    Freeboy xo12 days ago

    This turned gay quick

  68. anme Terra

    anme Terra12 days ago

    “I like them short and thick”- Michael Stevens

  69. Gentelmanly Porpoise

    Gentelmanly Porpoise12 days ago

    I’ve been having sleepless nights wondering what the tossing salad clip means at 10:16

  70. MeTheDwarf

    MeTheDwarf12 days ago

    4:21 Michael just peer-pressured Ian into doing drugs

  71. NIGER_is_a_state Into the wall socket

    NIGER_is_a_state Into the wall socket12 days ago

    How to Idubbz

  72. joseph jackson

    joseph jackson12 days ago

    "michael's toys"

  73. S1N

    S1N12 days ago


  74. Daniel Mencl

    Daniel Mencl13 days ago

    Imagine walking on the street and you see iDubbbz and Vsauce on hoverboards

  75. Mee eeK

    Mee eeK13 days ago

    10:07 Michael subtly says hes an ass man

  76. AutoArctic

    AutoArctic13 days ago

    "i like em short and thicc"

  77. Corn Doggo

    Corn Doggo13 days ago

    13:11 Peter Kropotkin releasing The Conquest of Bread (circa 1892)

  78. tyler Dragon tamer

    tyler Dragon tamer14 days ago

    2:08 KITTY!!!!!!!!!! 3:50 NEVER mind this is getting weird.

  79. NetherTaker

    NetherTaker14 days ago

    The end tho XD

  80. Grace Zhara

    Grace Zhara14 days ago


  81. Ming The Puppy

    Ming The Puppy14 days ago

    *oOh OoH IAn 🌝* 6:34

  82. Dinzy PlaysHD

    Dinzy PlaysHD14 days ago

    I'd be ur slave for new uploads

  83. Sumona Florence

    Sumona Florence15 days ago

    Wow.. eDoopz was actually quite bashful around Michael.


    BENDERTHEGREAT15 days ago

    Most retarded MReporterr with the most smartest MReporterr

  85. gryph0n1

    gryph0n115 days ago

    I still can’t tell if this entire thing is sarcastic or not

  86. Wasabi144

    Wasabi14415 days ago

    9:59 wtf Ian

  87. Wasabi144

    Wasabi14415 days ago


  88. Logical Xenomorph2

    Logical Xenomorph215 days ago

    Steven Spielberg

  89. John Cena

    John Cena15 days ago

    Vsauce is an ass man and we all know it.

  90. John Cena

    John Cena15 days ago

    Vsauce is gonna be a great dad.

  91. BlazingNone

    BlazingNone15 days ago

    What happened to VSauce?

  92. The Boss

    The Boss15 days ago

    You are really soft and warm by the way *law and order special victems unit*

  93. Naryk

    Naryk15 days ago


  94. ya boi bidoof

    ya boi bidoof16 days ago

    Makes me miss vsauce

  95. James Smith

    James Smith16 days ago

    Nobody talking about how real that fucking cashier was

  96. A Person

    A Person16 days ago

    Fam, you now live in Edmonton

  97. Adin Duran

    Adin Duran16 days ago

    rip content cop ran outta content

  98. BlueDiamondDan

    BlueDiamondDan16 days ago

    two memeifiedhumans, one video

  99. pickles mcclaw

    pickles mcclaw16 days ago

    Hey vsauce that's pretty good

  100. Sara Josipović

    Sara Josipović16 days ago

    This is my favourite video on all the internets

  101. WOW Memes, Gameplay, and Stuff

    WOW Memes, Gameplay, and Stuff16 days ago

    Hey vsauce

  102. Theo Newnham

    Theo Newnham17 days ago

    4:00 ha gay

  103. claude nobs

    claude nobs17 days ago

    poor chickens, you mean plastic, nails, feet and beak

  104. claude nobs

    claude nobs17 days ago

    Mcdongles be so polite in America, here in CH they are straight out of GTA San Andreas

  105. Y ellowNinja10

    Y ellowNinja1017 days ago

    For some reason this is actually interesting