"Comedians" on Hoverboards Getting Chicken McNuggets - Michael (Vsauce)


  1. iDubbbzTV

    iDubbbzTVYear ago

    Who do you think would be a good guest that lives near the Los Angeles area?

  2. Joseph Willcocks

    Joseph WillcocksYear ago

    iDubbbzTV jontron

  3. Percy Stanford

    Percy StanfordYear ago

    iDubbbzTV me

  4. mihaster

    mihasterYear ago

    Slick Savage good guest? lol

  5. Marco Galli

    Marco Galli21 hour ago

    Favorite video on the internet

  6. Rafael Lourenço

    Rafael LourençoDay ago

    10:14 Wtf?

  7. Gergő Laky

    Gergő LakyDay ago

    Fucking kill me

  8. Etec 0987

    Etec 0987Day ago

    make that employee a manager

  9. Johnny Al-Knoxville

    Johnny Al-KnoxvilleDay ago

    Bro lol your really S O F T and W A R M by the way

  10. Dot

    DotDay ago

    Short and Thicc.

  11. Ahuttee

    Ahuttee2 days ago

    *soft and warm*

  12. Rad gamer

    Rad gamer2 days ago

    HEYY vsauce Michael here

  13. Logan McDonald

    Logan McDonald2 days ago

    I would like to buy Michael and make him my new father

  14. EnemyWYGF

    EnemyWYGF2 days ago

    god there's a LOT of sexual tension here

  15. Planetkyro10 mc

    Planetkyro10 mc2 days ago

    Imagine walking down the street and vsause and idubbbz on hoverboards

  16. Yuri Hameko

    Yuri Hameko2 days ago

    Find a more perfect father-son duo. I'll wait.

  17. A10taptic3 2321

    A10taptic3 23212 days ago


  18. SilverTooth666

    SilverTooth6663 days ago

    These hoverboards look extremely uncomfortable.

  19. SilverTooth666

    SilverTooth6663 days ago

    Gay as fuck


    K1TTY BLADE3 days ago


  21. Jeff Rayz

    Jeff Rayz3 days ago

    When Michael ties the tie on iDubbbz, you already know that its gonna be on the thumbnail...

  22. 八事浜名

    八事浜名3 days ago

    I just feel something is not right between the meeting of you two. But i have no idea what is it.

  23. Krishanu Bordoloi

    Krishanu Bordoloi3 days ago

    Short and thiccc😂😂😂😂

  24. Ben Hayes

    Ben Hayes3 days ago

    "how'd you get my address?"

  25. Vivares 76

    Vivares 764 days ago

    Eyy... days pretty gooood

  26. Skyler Huddleston

    Skyler Huddleston4 days ago

    "I like em short and thick"

  27. alexandra fox

    alexandra fox4 days ago

    Is red eye a reference to cowboy bebop

  28. Connor Falcon

    Connor Falcon5 days ago

    Michael on a hoverboard looks like my dog when he’s about to fall off the couch

  29. CarlJo :3

    CarlJo :35 days ago

    6.9M Subscribers ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  30. Derpyderp12344235

    Derpyderp123442355 days ago

    3:45 what turned idubbz gay

  31. Tony Pepperoni

    Tony Pepperoni5 days ago

    At 5:40 you can see Michael’s pussy

  32. Fred

    Fred6 days ago

    Does v-sauce have autism?

  33. Video joker Emmie

    Video joker Emmie6 days ago

    Short and THICC

  34. amir dk

    amir dk6 days ago

    idubbz youre right drive thru rule is at least 4 wheels

  35. Mark Lajko

    Mark Lajko6 days ago

    Thanks for exposing where you live, Ian Shrimpson. Prepare to be hacked.

  36. it's ya boi

    it's ya boi6 days ago

    "are you a tits man or an ass man" "i...i ask myself that every day"

  37. Mr.Nuclear BG

    Mr.Nuclear BG6 days ago


  38. devontahoe

    devontahoe6 days ago

    can you bring leafy back

  39. Augusto Cejas

    Augusto Cejas6 days ago

    1:53 hey! Vsauce Michael here

  40. Duck Lord

    Duck Lord6 days ago

    He on x-games mode

  41. LSP XXX

    LSP XXX7 days ago

    ice cream machine *🅱roke*

  42. Zibbsten Mcqueer

    Zibbsten Mcqueer7 days ago

    I love the transition from "did you know the shapes of the nuggets have names" to "are you a tits man or an ass man?"

  43. Mark Lajko

    Mark Lajko7 days ago


  44. adolf hitler

    adolf hitler7 days ago

    i was pretty sure that i was watching gay porn at the beginning

  45. Bohdan von Dábelsky

    Bohdan von Dábelsky7 days ago

    Ice cream machine broke

  46. nig baby

    nig baby8 days ago

    V sauce: Niggerfaggot here

  47. Them apples

    Them apples8 days ago

    The ice cream machine was broken lmao ofc

  48. Jack

    Jack8 days ago

    edubz vsaws here

  49. Rogo

    Rogo8 days ago

    Speaking of slavery...

  50. Johann Schmidt

    Johann Schmidt8 days ago

    Why isn't Pluto on the tie

  51. SuperPancake185

    SuperPancake1859 days ago

    You should do this with jake paul loll

  52. Rathbuc

    Rathbuc9 days ago

    Too much sexual tension in this video

  53. Thot Patrol

    Thot Patrol9 days ago

    The tie part was legit me and my friend XD

  54. FiveGreenBottles

    FiveGreenBottles9 days ago

    'all those poor chickens, their lives are only worth 23 bucks'. Does nobody else get that joke? 23 BUCKS? I found it funny.

  55. Thot Patrol

    Thot Patrol9 days ago


  56. ʀᴏsᴀʟɪɴᴀ Avakin

    ʀᴏsᴀʟɪɴᴀ Avakin10 days ago

    "Oh...aw Ian..."

  57. Tallzom

    Tallzom10 days ago

    its like im your dad... or is it?

  58. Gogo Mouskuri

    Gogo Mouskuri10 days ago

    "let's ask the Spirits" .... HUH

  59. Charlie & Dylan

    Charlie & Dylan10 days ago

    I’ll be at the wedding

  60. Dark Western

    Dark Western10 days ago

    *Spoiler Alert* The bald guy is the skinny guy from the future.

  61. The Nalski Show

    The Nalski Show10 days ago

    _Two People that we’re Never Meant to Meet_

  62. This Translation Guy

    This Translation Guy10 days ago


  63. Terius Zúñiga

    Terius Zúñiga10 days ago

    Lol, would have been fun to randomly find Vsauce on a hoverboard passing near you in the street.

  64. PennyElemental

    PennyElemental10 days ago

    After this video Ian and Michael gave each other a blowjob

  65. Amexican Fym

    Amexican Fym11 days ago

    “Anarchy HAHAH” Michael 😂

  66. jonsey the cat

    jonsey the cat11 days ago

    wait they have plastic bags at mcd in amarica

  67. ccinnabun

    ccinnabun11 days ago

    if i had to pick 2 people to be stuck in an elevator with it'd be these two

  68. SUCCesful memes Uhagd

    SUCCesful memes Uhagd11 days ago

    Short and THICC

  69. Matthew Rigsby

    Matthew Rigsby11 days ago

    5:34 song?

  70. Velvet

    Velvet11 days ago

    Wow. That customer service was great. You'd never get that in Australia.

  71. Le-Grande

    Le-Grande11 days ago

    Brush your teeth more, it's a virus, usually doesn't show up.

  72. Willimations / VideoGames

    Willimations / VideoGames11 days ago

    Hey Vsauce, Idubbbz here

  73. Eric Quinney

    Eric Quinney11 days ago

    Don't forget.. Bill Nye isn't a fucking scientist.

  74. Kai

    Kai11 days ago

    How come the McDonalds Icecream machine is always broken?

  75. Kobe Langston

    Kobe Langston11 days ago

    Or will they?

  76. dj G.H.M.A

    dj G.H.M.A11 days ago

    The hoverboard machines my phone case

  77. mybikiniarea

    mybikiniarea11 days ago

    i hate that the coffee and canker sore plot elements were never resolved

  78. Nathan Hitt

    Nathan Hitt12 days ago

    Bring the coffee, let's ask the spirits.

  79. shivansh baurai

    shivansh baurai12 days ago

    Legend says that the ice-cream machine is still down

  80. Atik Aziz

    Atik Aziz12 days ago

    I like em short and thick~Vsauce 2017

  81. jongames tv

    jongames tv12 days ago

    Where filthyfrank

  82. Russ the Buss

    Russ the Buss12 days ago

    Omgosh I love this

  83. Adam Jay

    Adam Jay13 days ago

    V saucy is extremely in the scientific closet meme

  84. Kyra Davis

    Kyra Davis13 days ago

    I ship it!

  85. Layne Bannana

    Layne Bannana13 days ago

    Idubbbz slowly opens bbq

  86. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover13 days ago

    but idubbz called himself a coffehead in the goathornmug video

  87. grippped

    grippped13 days ago

    The face of high functioning autism

  88. X- Periodic

    X- Periodic13 days ago

    Vsause asses him self everyday

  89. Etho Baryonyx

    Etho Baryonyx14 days ago

    Nice parody

  90. Darwin Watterson

    Darwin Watterson14 days ago

    You have 6.9 million subs 👌

  91. Shitposting Cat

    Shitposting Cat14 days ago

    idk i always thought vsauce guy was kind of a cuck o_o but he seems pretty chill actually :3

  92. Mr. Puffy

    Mr. Puffy14 days ago

    You can tell how uncomfortable Michael gets at 9:59

  93. Poti 225

    Poti 22514 days ago

    6:34 thats umm...

  94. L D

    L D15 days ago

    2:14 what is it called

  95. Flint _

    Flint _15 days ago

    *You are really soft and warm by the way*

  96. Travis Stewart

    Travis Stewart15 days ago

    Name a more iconic duo... I’ll wait

  97. wavefire YT

    wavefire YT15 days ago

    MMmmm, gotta have my pops!

  98. Hannah Roach

    Hannah Roach15 days ago

    “Hey vscause here”

  99. L.A.C. STUDIOS

    L.A.C. STUDIOS15 days ago

    why so many dislikes?

  100. Only Us Hedgehogz

    Only Us Hedgehogz15 days ago

    this is a little to gay for me...

  101. Danielle Taylor

    Danielle Taylor15 days ago

    He to damn smart

  102. Original Goose1

    Original Goose115 days ago

    ... what the fuck did I just watch?

  103. MC Dimension

    MC Dimension15 days ago

    Imagine being the person in the window serving two people on hoverboards holding hands

  104. SolidGreenDay

    SolidGreenDay16 days ago

    I've never seen Michael have uncontrolled feelings before. Usually his feelings are scripted.