"Comedians" on Hoverboards Getting Chicken McNuggets - Michael (Vsauce)


  1. iDubbbzTV

    iDubbbzTV2 years ago

    Who do you think would be a good guest that lives near the Los Angeles area?

  2. Joseph Willcocks

    Joseph WillcocksYear ago

    iDubbbzTV jontron

  3. Percy Stanford

    Percy StanfordYear ago

    iDubbbzTV me

  4. mihaster

    mihasterYear ago

    Slick Savage good guest? lol

  5. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz10 hours ago

    I feel like not enough people realize this is a parody

  6. Blek Snek

    Blek Snek14 hours ago

    "Do you drink coffee?" "No, never." *"Doit."* "YEAH" *"YEAH"*

  7. Reaper

    Reaper18 hours ago

    "The way farms treat chickens, they're probably happy to be thrown in the fryer" God bless

  8. Phantom Smokey

    Phantom Smokey20 hours ago

    those kids had no idea they met a couple of the best youtubers....

  9. T Himes

    T HimesDay ago

    I like short and thick Just like my women

  10. Blessed Lucifer

    Blessed LuciferDay ago

    Wow that was gay dude

  11. MrFortniteMaster

    MrFortniteMasterDay ago


  12. Zygrey GD

    Zygrey GDDay ago

    Where are your fingers?

  13. Yoji

    Yoji2 days ago

    4:33 *HIS GOT HERPES*

  14. Booga .Boo

    Booga .Boo2 days ago

    I wonder if McDonald's bro still has a job after calling out his fast food overlords like that

  15. L3G1T Edits

    L3G1T Edits2 days ago

    Speaking of slavery, Vsauce!

  16. Imagine Wagons 1

    Imagine Wagons 12 days ago

    This made me realize what an amazing person Michael is

  17. Erj14

    Erj142 days ago

    You know what v sauce stands for virgin sauce

  18. Shulkern

    Shulkern2 days ago

    the mcdonalds ice cream machine doesnt work... im not surprised

  19. Reflex Master

    Reflex Master3 days ago

    I ask myself that everyday😂 perfect reply ever but if ricegum is in town then have him as a guest

  20. weeweebagget

    weeweebagget3 days ago

    Ian used that tie in jacksfilms’ wedding. Pretty cool to think about.

  21. Hayden J

    Hayden J3 days ago

    And at that moment, I left my house and bought some Chicken Mcnuggets.

  22. captain kumquat

    captain kumquat3 days ago

    The guy working the fryer wanted to kill him self

  23. vanessa luevano

    vanessa luevano3 days ago

    Every time I watch I video of Ian I remember how much I wanna suck him off and love him

  24. Hofciu c

    Hofciu c3 days ago


  25. vanessa luevano

    vanessa luevano3 days ago

    But I’m all seriousness he’s so funny and lovable

  26. Lil Avocado

    Lil Avocado4 days ago

    can we all just thank Micheal for this experience

  27. Junny Knoxville

    Junny Knoxville5 days ago

    Every time I come back to this video it always feels brand new again

  28. AngryBirdNate06

    AngryBirdNate065 days ago

    Idubbbz: I'm coming to your place Vsauce: Or are you?

  29. Chronic

    Chronic5 days ago

    Micheal and Ian have this really positive aura that you wouldn't expect based off of the "Ian is so edgy" front. Really cool.

  30. Magenta Freak

    Magenta Freak6 days ago

    11:45 of course

  31. Magenta Freak

    Magenta Freak6 days ago

    10:00 I got scared when idubbz asked this

  32. Doody

    Doody6 days ago

    Wazzup still ain't cool yet 😂 10/07/2019

  33. Schmockiii

    Schmockiii7 days ago

    I´m the Dad of iDubbbz, this line always cracks me up.

  34. -HARD BASS-

    -HARD BASS-7 days ago

    The biggest crossover in history

  35. Dlovan Jamal

    Dlovan Jamal7 days ago

    6:50 Minecraft hoverboard mod

  36. Brandon Kreber

    Brandon Kreber7 days ago


  37. Drewe Salahor

    Drewe Salahor7 days ago

    Michael is so genki about everything, and I love it ❤❤

  38. Wretched Lazarus

    Wretched Lazarus7 days ago

    There are no ads anywhere NEAR this video in 2019

  39. Rufus The Hunal Prophet

    Rufus The Hunal Prophet8 days ago

    Peak of humor

  40. Zachery Spinner

    Zachery Spinner8 days ago

    this video is so relaxing and i dont know why

  41. Nils Arne

    Nils Arne8 days ago

    2:15 I have a gift for you

  42. Jordan Walton

    Jordan Walton8 days ago

    9:58 was Michael's chance to 'respek wahmen'

  43. Alex hcat

    Alex hcat8 days ago

    McDonnalds also is in the 301 Club 9:38

  44. King Of The Weebs

    King Of The Weebs9 days ago

    Michael hey here sauce v

  45. xX_TOASTER_Xx

    xX_TOASTER_Xx9 days ago

    There was lots of sex after.

  46. X games man

    X games man10 days ago


  47. Samuel Jones

    Samuel Jones10 days ago

    Ian wore the planet tie to Jacksfilm's wedding.

  48. Beryl

    Beryl10 days ago

    I heard penis

  49. ThunderBolt

    ThunderBolt10 days ago

    just wtf

  50. angry Wehraboos noises

    angry Wehraboos noises10 days ago

    I'm gay

  51. Javier Angeles

    Javier Angeles10 days ago

    This is what inspired Michael to exploit all of his meme potential

  52. Shebienu

    Shebienu10 days ago

    Vsauce is how to basic u realize :D

  53. clock man

    clock man10 days ago

    ian do you know how to hold a coffee mug

  54. mlugin

    mlugin10 days ago

    Interview Snoop Doggs Houskeeper. She shas very short midget legs, her names Cuntswaylow

  55. RDV

    RDV8 days ago

    @mlugin neither good or bad. Just... *sigh*

  56. mlugin

    mlugin8 days ago

    RDV ...good?

  57. RDV

    RDV9 days ago

    Wow. Just....

  58. mlugin

    mlugin10 days ago

    Damn that was to die for