"Comedians" on Hoverboards Getting Chicken McNuggets - Michael (Vsauce)


  1. iDubbbzTV

    iDubbbzTV2 years ago

    Who do you think would be a good guest that lives near the Los Angeles area?

  2. Joseph Willcocks

    Joseph WillcocksYear ago

    iDubbbzTV jontron

  3. Percy Stanford

    Percy StanfordYear ago

    iDubbbzTV me

  4. mihaster

    mihasterYear ago

    Slick Savage good guest? lol

  5. Efie Macias

    Efie Macias15 hours ago

    Hey! I live in Inglewood too!

  6. Mato

    MatoDay ago

    3:14 I like them short and *THICC*

  7. Dat one boi

    Dat one boiDay ago

    How did those kids not know any of them

  8. Squirrel Flow

    Squirrel FlowDay ago

    9:45 - That guy lost his job

  9. Grim Sleeper

    Grim SleeperDay ago


  10. Grim Sleeper

    Grim SleeperDay ago

    Are you a tits man or an ass man?


    DOWE DOWEDay ago

    I like it

  12. JustTodd

    JustTodd2 days ago

    Still waiting for Wazaaap to be cool

  13. Logan Kemp

    Logan Kemp2 days ago

    Now you live in Canada

  14. el kebabo

    el kebabo2 days ago

    This was a good fucking video

  15. gray ;

    gray ;2 days ago

    this is art. ART.

  16. TJ The Person

    TJ The Person2 days ago

    *cough* i ship the father son relationship

  17. Chad Phillips

    Chad Phillips2 days ago

    1:53 😂 he’s like “who tf is knocking on ma door😂😂😂

  18. FlamesBoi 57

    FlamesBoi 572 days ago


  19. 1 subscribers with no videos

    1 subscribers with no videos2 days ago

    Just so damn random

  20. Cam Doughty

    Cam Doughty3 days ago

    Ethan Klein

  21. Steven.

    Steven.3 days ago

    3:27 idubbz=ben sharpio

  22. destroyer1111122 yt

    destroyer1111122 yt3 days ago

    this is the best pair. they should get married


    I HATE BOBO3 days ago

    I love your respect for elders.

  24. Grace Arch

    Grace Arch3 days ago

    he will not make wasuuup cool again :(

  25. RiveNight

    RiveNight3 days ago

    Vsauce is pretty humble

  26. Nathan Alexanian

    Nathan Alexanian3 days ago

    3:16 “I like em short and thicc”

  27. Shquid.

    Shquid.3 days ago

    That's *Gangsta*

  28. fortnite everything fun positive energy

    fortnite everything fun positive energy4 days ago

    When is the fan fiction coming out for them

  29. Brad William

    Brad William4 days ago

    I can fucking *smell* the fanart

  30. Jack Miles Music

    Jack Miles Music4 days ago


  31. aditya

    aditya5 days ago

    he got a nice house

  32. 0 subscribers With no videos challenge?

    0 subscribers With no videos challenge?5 days ago

    Anyone: “Infinity war is the best crossover in history” Idubbbz: “hold my beer”

  33. Saknia

    Saknia5 days ago

    9:58 ian completely make micheal feel akward

  34. A A

    A A5 days ago

    OMG. The perfect combo. Just discovered you while high and writing an essay due in 2 hours.

  35. Evan M

    Evan M5 days ago

    I like um short and thick!😂

  36. Gamer Gamer

    Gamer Gamer5 days ago

    It was 2 years since Vsauce ate some nuggets

  37. Sniffelur

    Sniffelur6 days ago

    3:14 I agree with vsauce

  38. Camellia N.

    Camellia N.6 days ago

    9:58 I assk myself tit everyday

  39. Scarlet Briggs

    Scarlet Briggs5 days ago

    ...That was a stretch.

  40. Lilac Pilot

    Lilac Pilot6 days ago

    VSauce > Bill Nye

  41. Nagisa ungh

    Nagisa ungh6 days ago

    i have one of those in my bottom lip its an ulcer

  42. antsolja

    antsolja6 days ago

    im surprised those kids didnt recognize either of them

  43. antsolja

    antsolja6 days ago

    literally the two most opposite people on youtube in one awkward video, i always remember this video whenever i watch vsauce

  44. Highdelta 123

    Highdelta 1236 days ago

    I know who gave him the address, The toque king himself, his magnificent thiccnes, Ethan.

  45. Isabella Abarca

    Isabella Abarca7 days ago

    U r mr gay -Vsauce Michael here

  46. Danny Rayner

    Danny Rayner7 days ago

    Whats the song when idubbz enters vsauce?

  47. PBB __PB4BED

    PBB __PB4BED7 days ago


  48. 24 Guage

    24 Guage8 days ago

    This video is two years old and I just now got the Jerry Seinfeld reference.

  49. The Cassie Show

    The Cassie Show8 days ago

    This had to be the best thing I’ve seen all day 😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️

  50. jishwa enthusiast

    jishwa enthusiast8 days ago

    No matter how many times I watch this, I can never get enough of “Vsauce, Michael lives here”


    CONTEXTURE8 days ago

    We need a sequel

  52. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah8 days ago

    Why is fucking Michael so weird

  53. Minato Namikaze

    Minato Namikaze9 days ago

    That’s really what I am. I’m not so much the bill nye of MReporter, I’m the dad of idubbz💀💀

  54. forgetme

    forgetme9 days ago

    Wait, I just noticed, is Michael wearing a black dice watch?

  55. Henry Allen

    Henry Allen9 days ago

    I didn’t even put it together that they’re making fun of the Jerry Seinfield show until like 5 minutes in 😒

  56. IMPc

    IMPc9 days ago

    Hey Vsause, IM GAYYYYYYY

  57. AAron Da Oper8r

    AAron Da Oper8r9 days ago

    Ice cream machine broke

  58. Benski

    Benski9 days ago

    Bill Nye hates Christians

  59. Giannis Aravanis

    Giannis Aravanis10 days ago

    Im not sure what am I. Vsauce: Press 3.

  60. Wyatt Shelley

    Wyatt Shelley10 days ago

    he's so pure

  61. Jeongki Kim

    Jeongki Kim10 days ago

    0:40 damn that transition is as smooth as sandpaper

  62. God of Beans

    God of Beans10 days ago

    I cant decide if this is dad/son energy or sexual energy or some strange mix of both

  63. McShady

    McShady10 days ago

    Are we really going to let bill nye think he's a scientist?????? He's fucking lunatic, geneticist, and wants your kids to think there an infinite amount of genders. like seriously he only has a mechanical engineering degree.

  64. Cosmic Space Goo

    Cosmic Space Goo10 days ago

    I love how Ian doesn't want the coffee so he pulls one of those "oh I'm gonna pretend to be so interested in this mirror ball thing that the only way I can properly satiate my hunger for knowledge is by putting down this disgusting cup of coffee so I have both hands free" moves.

  65. stupid cupid

    stupid cupid10 days ago

    they look and sound like cartoon characters.

  66. Cosmic Space Goo

    Cosmic Space Goo10 days ago

    This is one of my favorite videos ever. I still watch it at least once or twice a month. I can't explain it...

  67. TopHat Turtle

    TopHat Turtle11 days ago

    that was beautiful

  68. Colin Boyardee

    Colin Boyardee11 days ago

    "I'm not so much the Bill Nye of MReporter, I'm the dad of iDubbz."

  69. Hi, my name’s Anxious Lecture

    Hi, my name’s Anxious Lecture11 days ago

    My favorite duo on MReporter

  70. Joseph Schultz

    Joseph Schultz11 days ago

    The entire tie bit needs to be saved for future generations to see. Also, if they don't nosh by the end of this shit, well, Imma be an incredibly sad gayboi.

  71. Aggie Seth

    Aggie Seth11 days ago

    The ice cream machine was actually broke? lmao

  72. Fraser Paterson

    Fraser Paterson12 days ago

    Loool he can’t tie a tie tho

  73. Andrei Tandara

    Andrei Tandara12 days ago

    They say "hey" so many times but they never continue with "Vsauce, Michael here"

  74. Boba Fettuccine

    Boba Fettuccine12 days ago

    @6:50 KNIFE HANDS

  75. Yume

    Yume12 days ago

    i genuinely cant tell if any of this was scripted

  76. Rohan

    Rohan12 days ago

    Lmao I saw FOOD INC in AP Human Geography back in 9th grade

  77. TanMann23

    TanMann2312 days ago

    “i just want a hot coffee” “okay can i get a strawberry smoothie?”

  78. SugarDew

    SugarDew12 days ago

    I liked the part where Michael Shoved his tongue into the camera lense.

  79. Brandon Brady

    Brandon Brady12 days ago

    This brings joy to my soul

  80. KamikaziFailure_

    KamikaziFailure_13 days ago

    The little black kid coming out of the store followed by a band of Mexicans fucks me up. That is a level of autism that is uncanny. Never has something quite like that been seen on this platform or the universe.

  81. Ethan PNW

    Ethan PNW13 days ago

    Top 10 anime crossovers of all time

  82. Bryce Shipman

    Bryce Shipman13 days ago

    He used a vsauce type of intro

  83. The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man13 days ago

    I had no idea Vsauce was such a boss

  84. Lord Tony

    Lord Tony13 days ago

    Lol of course the ice cream machine is down

  85. Sid The Sloth

    Sid The Sloth13 days ago

    Ian wore that tie to jacks wedding

  86. not funny dude not funny

    not funny dude not funny14 days ago

    I swear to god i didn't know that it's a idub vid an til dub dub shiwed on a hoverboard

  87. Amy Hunter

    Amy Hunter14 days ago

    Does visas even know he's a meme yet

  88. Creepixo

    Creepixo11 days ago


  89. bur bor

    bur bor14 days ago

    lmao visas?

  90. my long neck

    my long neck14 days ago

    Ahh this hurt to watch

  91. Tyler

    Tyler14 days ago

    not your best work idubbbz

  92. howlin fish

    howlin fish15 days ago

    Man I've been here since 8k simple and terrible times😭

  93. Tom Slade

    Tom Slade15 days ago

    What year is it guys and galls

  94. cmoney92

    cmoney9215 days ago

    he really had coffee twice

  95. cmoney92

    cmoney9215 days ago

    main channel material

  96. Kuba Ci

    Kuba Ci16 days ago

    3:15 SHORT AND *THICK*

  97. Jump Start

    Jump Start16 days ago

    I never thought that this would happen

  98. SmokeFurball

    SmokeFurball16 days ago

    Americans can buy 50 nuggets at once?! We can only buy 24 max!!

  99. ZacxRicher

    ZacxRicher16 days ago

    This is epic

  100. Rack it up Hut

    Rack it up Hut16 days ago


  101. Big Goof

    Big Goof16 days ago

    You are really soft and warm

  102. Dagur Hertel

    Dagur Hertel18 days ago

    "VSauce. Micheal (lives) here." genius

  103. Justice for Pete

    Justice for Pete18 days ago

    I c e C r e a m M a c h i n e B r o k e

  104. 231231 131231

    231231 13123118 days ago

    6:50 wtf why is he so stiff that killed me

  105. MickeyMike, The Protector

    MickeyMike, The Protector18 days ago


  106. HollowScreams

    HollowScreams18 days ago

    this is making me uncomfortable

  107. josephgdmc1

    josephgdmc118 days ago