Comedian Jim Gaffigan had to negotiate with his kids on Father's Day


  1. Zero Accountability

    Zero Accountability16 hours ago

    This guy is one of the hardest working comedians out there, he's consistently on tour or working on some TV show or movie. He's a father of five kids, all of whom look to be under the age of 15; and he's in his early fifties... Gee, I wonder why he gained some weight. He's Jim Gaffigan not Chris Evans.

  2. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    Jeff Porcaro Groove26 days ago

    Jim was excellent in Chappaquiddick. He can act well in specific roles...excellent character actor

  3. Omg T

    Omg TMonth ago

    I am so excited for this movie! And even more excited now that he's going to be in it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Cash Johnson

    Cash JohnsonMonth ago

    He went all Amish.

  5. Pat LeCompte

    Pat LeCompteMonth ago

    Love Jim Gaffigan!

  6. sbnsbaker1

    sbnsbaker1Month ago

    Used to love your videos. Watched them & had a good laugh. But lately every interview you do, you BASH our President!!! NOT COOL!!!!! Don’t watch anymore! I’m done!!!!!

  7. Android_Z

    Android_ZMonth ago

    sbnsbaker1 it's possible to disagree with someone and still enjoy their comedy.

  8. JazznUup

    JazznUupMonth ago

    Jim Gaffigan looks to be terribly unhealthy

  9. Welks

    WelksMonth ago

    Jim looks unhealthy......Sad.

  10. ZeBatata

    ZeBatataMonth ago

    The fake energy on this show is something else.

  11. Alex Zais

    Alex ZaisMonth ago

    There's a lot of sexy ass women in that audience ;) Gotta start going to shows!

  12. Casey Dudek

    Casey DudekMonth ago

    Someone is going to back up a Brinks truck to Jim's door for an endorsement to use their weight loss product or method. He will use it, not be funny for a while, and later put the weight back on. This is what history teaches us.

  13. StephenRahrig

    StephenRahrigMonth ago

    Lol who is that awkward boy on the right? 😂 super cringe. His jokes fall flat and then he prematurely said bye to Jim and shook his hand 😂 poor little guy

  14. cboguse

    cboguseMonth ago

    His hair is dark

  15. Jimmy is Promo

    Jimmy is PromoMonth ago

    I love Jim but wow he gained alot ot weight

  16. caremell

    caremell12 days ago

    guitarman0365 he is father of 5 and his wife had a brain surgery recently

  17. GoobersGaming

    GoobersGaming28 days ago

    Rachna in 't Veld His kids and fans who don’t want him to die at 50 or 60. (Or any other premature age)

  18. Derpster

    Derpster28 days ago

    It's mostly water weight and blubber.

  19. Comment Maker

    Comment Maker28 days ago

    I love MReporter but wow you sound like a twat.

  20. Rachna in 't Veld

    Rachna in 't Veld29 days ago

    who cares?

  21. G Man

    G ManMonth ago

    Dude got big

  22. Dexter Thomas

    Dexter ThomasMonth ago

    He always looks different everytime I see him

  23. Toasted Joe

    Toasted JoeMonth ago

    Jim's looking like Philip Seymour Hoffman

  24. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    Jeff Porcaro Groove26 days ago

    YES...i was just thinking this! Have you seen him in Chappaquiddick?

  25. Martin Rojas

    Martin RojasMonth ago

    Toasted Joe thought the same

  26. Dan Butcher

    Dan ButcherMonth ago

    Lol Big Gay Ice Cream Shop ??!?!!? What ??????

  27. Dexter Thomas

    Dexter ThomasMonth ago

    Dan Butcher its a shop and a truck

  28. Liberty

    Liberty2 months ago

    I love clean comedy.

  29. Tyler Mittan

    Tyler MittanMonth ago

    Someone's still a virgin.

  30. Marian Foreman

    Marian ForemanMonth ago

    I love GOOD comedy. Gaffigan is funny.

  31. drub cannabizkitz

    drub cannabizkitz2 months ago

    fuck me don't die next jim

  32. al videos

    al videos2 months ago

    Too bad hotel transylvania sucked ass, 2nd one too. Sorry Jim, won't be watching this.

  33. Yames is Lames

    Yames is LamesMonth ago

    I’ve heard multiple reviews and rotten tomatoes both have this being the best of the 3. I totally get why you wouldn’t want to see this though. I didn’t like the first 2 a ton either

  34. Mrbink01

    Mrbink012 months ago

    Cut your hair Jim!

  35. matrixphijr

    matrixphijrMonth ago

    Really? You looked at him and _that_ was your first thought?

  36. nikeeweston

    nikeewestonMonth ago

    Mrbink01 he has acting roles

  37. al videos

    al videos2 months ago

    Is...... that a joke? he barely has hair.

  38. Ryben Flynn

    Ryben Flynn2 months ago

    WAIT! the cutout is carrying a Cartoon Gun! Not allowed in Newyorkistan!

  39. Liberty GiveMe

    Liberty GiveMe2 months ago

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Jim's LOSING HIS HAIR!!!! Gotta be the kids!!!! HaHa :-)

  40. Lynn Turman

    Lynn Turman2 months ago

    Check out some old videos. He has more hair now than he did 25 years ago.

  41. Steve ross

    Steve ross2 months ago

    Love the Wile E Coyote and Road Runner inspired sequences between Drac and Van Helsing.

  42. scrat mavis shake

    scrat mavis shakeMonth ago

    Steve ross "Thank you,I'm not only one who sees that!