Come to my 50th Birthday Party!


  1. Raph padaze

    Raph padaze3 days ago

    i saw this in a very racist playlist on the youtube spotlight channel. imagine the outrage that would take place if they did a playlist for specfically white creators!

  2. Rodger Garrison

    Rodger Garrison4 days ago

    My birthday is the 25 of September too hook me up

  3. Carolina Davila

    Carolina Davila19 days ago

    Do not worry about the age. I love you anyway!!!!!!!!!💖

  4. sunita hembrom

    sunita hembrom27 days ago

    I donn care wat no ur at ....ur a blessing thts it . Ur an amazing person 💜💛💜💜💛

  5. War Machine

    War MachineMonth ago


  6. Yondoth

    YondothMonth ago

    Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait. Will Smith is FIFTY? You're lying, man. You ain't fifty!

  7. Jesus 23

    Jesus 232 months ago

    HE FIFTY he dont look a day over 30

  8. Yahkema J

    Yahkema J2 months ago

    No the question is how can anyone be so stupid to donate to this filthy rich mega star he is on here asking for donation for his birthday you people are a bunch of fools idol worshippers and you are following these celebrities right off to Hell and he is using your asses.

  9. Yahya Basil

    Yahya Basil2 months ago

    what's up Will Smith

  10. Timmy Syahputro

    Timmy Syahputro2 months ago

    Send me ticket! I'll come!..

  11. Angel G.

    Angel G.2 months ago

    Tiene 50 años y parece de 30. Cómo le hace?

  12. Lance Morre

    Lance Morre2 months ago

    Ahhh, that's hot.

  13. Evan

    Evan2 months ago

    Old up... YOUR 50????

  14. Bendymachine 654

    Bendymachine 6542 months ago

    He still looks younger than a lot of 36 year olds

  15. Muat gurubesar go

    Muat gurubesar go2 months ago

    gurubesar go

  16. Matthew Lilley

    Matthew Lilley3 months ago

    loved you in i robot

  17. Grey Ghost 615

    Grey Ghost 6153 months ago

    Midlife crisis much?

  18. Amber Irish

    Amber Irish7 days ago

    I'm sorry, how is using your birthday and celebrity status as an opportunity to raise awareness/ funds for a great charitable cause as well as promoting other businesses striving to make a positive impact on the world a midlife crisis? Yes it is a big, dramatic stunt but that's kind of the point; he's doing something totally crazy in the hopes that it will get a lot of attention that he is then directing towards these very worthy organizations. That is not the behavior of a man in crisis; that is the behavior of a man with clarity of mind and an understanding of his purpose in life to seize opportunities to put his fame to good use. He is a true class act and his actions are beyond commendable. Keep up the great work, Will. I pray your example continues to pave the way for a whole generation of like-minded people who strive to be role models like you have.

  19. Justa Fungui

    Justa Fungui3 months ago

    Am I too late to the party?

  20. K J

    K J3 months ago

    Who won?

  21. E H

    E H3 months ago

    Cool! My bday is 2 days after yours, Sep 27th, and I'm 2 years older, 52. Well, I missed this, but happy belated birthday!

  22. peppa pigz

    peppa pigz4 months ago


  23. thundrull

    thundrull4 months ago

    Dang Mr Smith, sorry I missed out on an opportunity to meet you. Know that I've been a big fan since the small days and I wish you the best. Keep on keeping on!


    ME!ME!ME OFFICIAL RANDOM!4 months ago

    Yo no podia pero si que ria ir jajaj

  25. gti5700

    gti57004 months ago

    Who else clicked 'cause they thought that was a cannabis tree behind him in the thumbnail😂

  26. Emilie Munson

    Emilie Munson4 months ago

    Love you Will Smith (coolbean)you are the man ☺


    LUISA GONZALEZ4 months ago

    Mmm mi no entender nara de nara

  28. Aviix

    Aviix4 months ago

    Happy Birthday Legend!

  29. Alessandro Pezzella

    Alessandro Pezzella4 months ago


  30. Mili Soler

    Mili Soler4 months ago

    SOS HERMOSO WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. John Elway

    John Elway4 months ago

    Dafuq he’s like 30 tho

  32. Just Livz

    Just Livz4 months ago

    All we love will smith. Jaden smith and all the family

  33. Lawrence Walker

    Lawrence Walker4 months ago

    Happy Birthday Fresh Prince

  34. Erwen Loppe

    Erwen Loppe4 months ago

    Happy birthday will smith I love you my birthday is in two days so we are basically twins

  35. Bekim Living free

    Bekim Living free4 months ago

    Will Smith, I wish you were a president of a country, you will do great towards people. You are much more intelligent and you have more guts than being just an actor and media person.

  36. ItzMinor

    ItzMinor4 months ago

    Happy birthday.

  37. mso Jordan

    mso Jordan4 months ago

    Love from Kenya and belated birthday wishes. Nakupenda sana.- Swahili for I love u lots

  38. Zueira Sem Limites

    Zueira Sem Limites4 months ago

    Happy Birthday Will Smith❤❤👏

  39. Caesár

    Caesár4 months ago

    happy birthday will!

  40. Olaf Dehn

    Olaf Dehn4 months ago

    Today is my 50th birthday 😎😘

  41. Simon Beltre

    Simon Beltre4 months ago


  42. Chilly Pepper Makley

    Chilly Pepper Makley4 months ago

    Are the rest if your devil worshipping friends going to be at your party??? I'll come with my priest if you don't mind, so I guess it's me plus one!!😚😚

  43. gitar nyanyi

    gitar nyanyi4 months ago


  44. Sold Anonymous

    Sold Anonymous4 months ago

    Happy birthday smith

  45. Kerry Fountas

    Kerry Fountas4 months ago

    It is now your 50th birthday.

  46. Neon Link

    Neon Link4 months ago


  47. Ashley07 Storygirl

    Ashley07 Storygirl4 months ago

    My mom works in this company in Arizona and that’s where I live. The company is like a good company like a server and My mom will serve Will Smith! She’s going to the Grand Canyon for that reason if u don’t believe I don’t care I know the truth! It’s a whole group!

  48. ThisIsRachel Okay

    ThisIsRachel Okay4 months ago

    Will I will come to your party you loveable piece of smith

  49. Joe Panther

    Joe Panther4 months ago

    My birthday is September 25th tomorrow

  50. Elias (R6 :D )

    Elias (R6 :D )4 months ago

    Happy Birthday from Germany 😀👍

  51. Veronique Masse

    Veronique Masse4 months ago

    Can I budgy too?

  52. Crazy Cat Lady From Shithole Country

    Crazy Cat Lady From Shithole Country5 months ago

    Illuminati is planning to cause cord malfunction during the bungee jump. Don't do it Will !

  53. Jacard Obshe

    Jacard Obshe5 months ago

    Are you still doing this with Yes Theory?

  54. Mark Markem

    Mark Markem5 months ago

    Will smith always been that dude can do no wrong

  55. Suzy Babesss

    Suzy Babesss5 months ago

    He’s turning fiddy? No way

  56. Ozark Cottontop

    Ozark Cottontop5 months ago

    =( I lost my dad on April 21 ( my youngest 7 bday - he has NF1 Deletion ) and 2 days before my 50th birthday my lil brother passed away fro a massive heart attack ( he lived next door to me - we tried everything to save him ) I spent my 50 th bday sitting beside him in the funeral home *GULP* .... I have always been a strong Lady but this yr I met my match =(

  57. Lenin Avila

    Lenin Avila5 months ago

    So it’s not open to the public???

  58. Amone KD

    Amone KD5 months ago

    Will our day is the same day....50! Many blessings.

  59. Regina Herrera

    Regina Herrera5 months ago

    I would be great if my brother could spend your birthday with him. He has the same birthday as Will. He looks up to Will Smith. He loves Fresh Prince Of Belair. It would be the ultimate birthday present to my brother

  60. Mr Grif

    Mr Grif5 months ago

    Вил топ

  61. WeTravelToo

    WeTravelToo5 months ago

    If you got chosen what would you bring him for a gift? I wonder what he wants???? I’m terrible at getting gifts

  62. Mr Flow 744153

    Mr Flow 7441535 months ago

    Will Smith love ya man

  63. nasty weird sandwich

    nasty weird sandwich5 months ago

    You don't even look that old tho

  64. pbscraze

    pbscraze5 months ago

    This guy don’t even LOOK 50!

  65. derionblaster

    derionblaster5 months ago

    We have the same bday

  66. T4uReviews

    T4uReviews5 months ago

    50 ? bruh ... you look like 30 ! Are you immortal or what ?

  67. daniel hogan

    daniel hogan5 months ago

    damn will, you just keep finding ways to be the coolest human beings ever to hang out on this lil blu ball called earth! what an inspiration!! Long may the conquror of fear reign!💪👊🙂👍


    MONFET MEDIA5 months ago

    I'll be in Arizona at that time, I'll definitely bungee with you haha!

  69. Breanna _

    Breanna _5 months ago

    I remember it like yesterday when you were The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air but that should be Jayden cause now youre the Fresh KING Of Bel-Air

  70. Fenny Tall

    Fenny Tall5 months ago

    Awesome Will! So good to see you happy and back helpin' out while hangin' out, followed you all my life I'm 42, wish you the best birthday my man!👊💯💪🔥🔱💰

  71. Three Kenzoe

    Three Kenzoe5 months ago

    Tall guy car reviews

  72. I Eat the bootie

    I Eat the bootie5 months ago

    He’s half of his life span and looks amazing

  73. Markey11

    Markey115 months ago


  74. Mia Roca The Gymnast

    Mia Roca The Gymnast5 months ago

    50!?!?! Whaaat he looks 30!!!!

  75. Viktor Schubernel

    Viktor Schubernel5 months ago

    50 Jahre wie 35 immer noch !👍✊

  76. LunchBox Lady

    LunchBox Lady5 months ago

    BTW can I bring my Army dtg who shoots Forty out of Forty...only woman in her group to get promoted at Fort Jackson that week. She also helped the USA growing up by being a goalie. Having the Twins shoot on her. She is a Beautiful Woman who grew up being bullied

  77. DJWOLF Live!

    DJWOLF Live!5 months ago

    The Grand Canyon thing reminds me of an old episode on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, one of my all time favorite shows.

  78. Cosy pie

    Cosy pie5 months ago

    My birthdays September 25th too😂😂😭 I’m so proud of it now

  79. skilled sinner sinner

    skilled sinner sinner5 months ago


  80. Laura A

    Laura A5 months ago

    still sexy,

  81. Rubbafingaz1

    Rubbafingaz15 months ago

    Wow, the same age that Michael Jackson died.... it doesn't seem possible!

  82. Ahmed Abu Obeid

    Ahmed Abu Obeid5 months ago

    Where is all the Yes Theory Fam??

  83. Rajdeep Karmakar

    Rajdeep Karmakar5 months ago

    But just mention Yes Theory atleast ince, come oon man!!

  84. Chris Seaton

    Chris Seaton5 months ago

    Hell I’d jump

  85. mayank dwivedi

    mayank dwivedi5 months ago

    i m from india and big fan of yours.can i come to your birthday party?

  86. Meaningless Egg Comics

    Meaningless Egg Comics5 months ago


  87. Justtaylorthings

    Justtaylorthings5 months ago

    That’s why you are so blessed because you bless so many people Happy Birthday 🙏🏽💕

  88. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow5 months ago

    He is 9 year (+ 41 Bonus year old)

  89. Abdul Samsad

    Abdul Samsad5 months ago

    Can people from India donate for the cause?? Pls answer...

  90. devon kingston

    devon kingston5 months ago

    Mine is the 23rd

  91. NoersElite

    NoersElite5 months ago


  92. sad yeehaw

    sad yeehaw5 months ago

    You look so good for 50 danng

  93. Markel Stevenson

    Markel Stevenson5 months ago

    Yo, Will, you gotta relax!!! Bungee jumping!!!??? You remember what happened to careful...LMAO

  94. Maria Geralda Cordeiro do Nacimeno

    Maria Geralda Cordeiro do Nacimeno5 months ago

    Não sei falar inglês mais sou fã demais de você,u é do seu filho também. BRASIL Cidade Contagem Minas gerais . município Belo Horizonte.🇧🇷

  95. Rachel Trotter

    Rachel Trotter5 months ago

    He is still 49 his birthday September 25

  96. Lynzeep

    Lynzeep5 months ago

    Gonna be 50 and still fine as hell 😍

  97. Maria Vega

    Maria Vega5 months ago

    Good job

  98. Danny Scardigno

    Danny Scardigno5 months ago

    You are awesome 👏

  99. Jess claire

    Jess claire5 months ago

    What i'd give to go! 😍

  100. JS The Operator

    JS The Operator5 months ago

    This is my chance to meet Jaden

  101. Lilly Ramzan

    Lilly Ramzan5 months ago

    No, I swear your 20. You still like young