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Colombia v England - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 56


  1. MGang TV

    MGang TV19 hours ago

    Have you heard that song Letter to jermaine by that up and coming dude Nocturnal ? what yall think trash or dope ?

  2. Katie x x Xox

    Katie x x XoxDay ago

    Take the L Columbia

  3. EtronV

    EtronVDay ago

    0:26 He was raping him :D

  4. Cris Cobian

    Cris CobianDay ago

    Colombia is the best.Thank you guys for inspiring me all of you are my heros Los Amo a todos



    I did not like this referee

  6. Ruby Gaming

    Ruby GamingDay ago

    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  7. banana bender

    banana benderDay ago

    KAYYYYYNEEEEEEE on to the roof of the net

  8. El Capitan Yamato

    El Capitan YamatoDay ago

    Mucho racismo en los comentarios.

  9. Frank Yan

    Frank Yan2 days ago

    why are the goalies always so useless. LOL


    JJ SPEEDCUBE3 days ago

    el arbitro eSTABA COMPRANDO

  11. James Allen

    James Allen4 days ago

    Chelsea supporter here

  12. Sebastian Galvis Holguin

    Sebastian Galvis Holguin4 days ago

    Hubiera marcado diferencia

  13. Sebastian Galvis Holguin

    Sebastian Galvis Holguin4 days ago

    Ese gol robado

  14. honeybeebadger

    honeybeebadger4 days ago

    Pickford Fantastic save

  15. Nina Tian

    Nina Tian4 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Sanchez should've gotten a red card


    IDAN KHAYAT4 days ago

    If uribe’s shot went in it would be goal of the tournament

  17. Zayda Mohamed

    Zayda Mohamed4 days ago

    No won Beta clombeia

  18. Mas Paisa que la Arepa!!

    Mas Paisa que la Arepa!!3 days ago

    usted nisiquiera es ingles. Muslim piece of shit!

  19. Kasper Storeide

    Kasper Storeide5 days ago

    0:25 who noticed pickford up,there

  20. Tuyet Huynh

    Tuyet Huynh5 days ago


  21. Krypto

    Krypto5 days ago

    Robbery at its finest. If you look at the clip at 0:24, you can clearly see Kane instigated the foul first, but the referee still gave the penalty. Sad to see it happen, but glad to see England go home after this unjustifiable victory.

  22. Aditya Basak

    Aditya Basak5 days ago

    Harry Kane better than Messi in penalties

  23. Alfie Lynch 95 New

    Alfie Lynch 95 New6 days ago

    PES these are your commentaters

  24. Nguyen Phung

    Nguyen Phung6 days ago

    chuc mung anh thang colombia buoc vao pennalty thang

  25. Ulimate

    Ulimate6 days ago

    0:00 lol

  26. NUR K'ballo

    NUR K'ballo7 days ago

    saca lo. gol Colombia. nojoda..

  27. Nina Tian

    Nina Tian7 days ago

    0:38 tried to pull an Akinfeev?

  28. Klutch Reaper

    Klutch Reaper7 days ago

    England sucks balls

  29. Klutch Reaper

    Klutch Reaper7 days ago

    Ur gay England

  30. Muhammad Arslan

    Muhammad Arslan7 days ago


  31. Kyle Walker

    Kyle Walker7 days ago

    Kane is a boss

  32. Andy Jacobs

    Andy Jacobs8 days ago


  33. Andy Jacobs

    Andy Jacobs8 days ago

    AM A KID

  34. Andy Jacobs

    Andy Jacobs8 days ago

    Harry Kane really is England’s priceLESS GEM

  35. Toxic Waste

    Toxic Waste8 days ago

    At 1.46

  36. Toxic Waste

    Toxic Waste8 days ago

    Poor Pickford that must over hurt Harry Kane was on his head and hugging him

  37. Max Rueda

    Max Rueda8 days ago

    Stevie Wonder would agree that wasn’t a pen

  38. zahid mahmood pak

    zahid mahmood pak9 days ago

    England is discusting

  39. Official Weevil

    Official Weevil9 days ago

    No more penalty hurt

  40. kayleigh jones

    kayleigh jones10 days ago

    How the kin hell was we taken to extra time by this aggressive rabble,Answer another diabolical ref,

  41. Ps4mas Rblx

    Ps4mas Rblx10 days ago

    Pickford Stops It I never heard that in any world cup

  42. Sylvia Fajardo

    Sylvia Fajardo10 days ago

    colombia save them at last

  43. Kurt Cobain

    Kurt Cobain10 days ago

    Can't believe Colombians actually think they were robbed. I can't believe they thought playing dirty would save them. Smh. Disgrace to sport. Greetings from Portugal

  44. Andrea14

    Andrea14Day ago

    Shut the fuck up. Gosh stop relating Colombia to cocaine. There are beautiful things here, you're just to ignorant to see them, or even do a little bit of research.

  45. Sofia Is Gaming

    Sofia Is GamingDay ago

    Also I hope you guys agree that Croatia were the winners of our respect

  46. Sofia Is Gaming

    Sofia Is GamingDay ago

    Damn you Mark Geiger

  47. Sofia Is Gaming

    Sofia Is GamingDay ago

    Also ref was bull crap

  48. Sofia Is Gaming

    Sofia Is GamingDay ago

    Look I agree with the fact my country played dirty and that sucks but come on for real you are gonna bring up the drug wars when there are so many more beautiful things about Colombia


    EVILDAMION11 days ago

    Colombia did not lose to England, it lost to Africa and one white guy

  50. Mas Paisa que la Arepa!!

    Mas Paisa que la Arepa!!3 days ago


  51. L #46

    L #4612 days ago

    Best buzz out of football I've ever had England winning a shoot out 😎

  52. KrossoverGod

    KrossoverGod12 days ago


  53. Harry Turner

    Harry Turner12 days ago

    Hahah losers England destroyed u

  54. Marcos A.

    Marcos A.13 days ago

    name of commentator>

  55. Cuauhtemoc

    Cuauhtemoc13 days ago

    what a great game

  56. Jake Blue

    Jake Blue13 days ago

    Even though England didn't win this WC I'm still proud of them

  57. H & H

    H & H13 days ago

    ---------> FIFA = MONEY = Mark Geiger

  58. Vladimir Dlubac

    Vladimir Dlubac14 days ago


  59. ドラゴンi h a x i n g

    ドラゴンi h a x i n g14 days ago

    And England win on penalties

  60. Sebastián mejiax

    Sebastián mejiax14 days ago

    H.kane , ( gol de Inglaterra) , mina , (gol de Colombia) , ( en penales) , dier ( gol de Inglaterra) , ( ningún gol de Colombia)

  61. Andres Torres

    Andres Torres15 days ago

    Un fraude

  62. Maxford Agrippa

    Maxford Agrippa16 days ago

    1:43 never thought I’d ever hear that

  63. Seth Atta Akrasi

    Seth Atta Akrasi16 days ago

    harry kane you are good in penalty you are the best in penaltys

  64. Saji Nair Of Nycania

    Saji Nair Of Nycania16 days ago

    If James was their for Colombia , England would get destroyed lol

  65. Tri Luda Jutubera

    Tri Luda Jutubera16 days ago

    lol unlucky sanchez always makes penalties

  66. Usman Faal

    Usman Faal16 days ago

    KANNNE on to the roof of the net

  67. Mike Hock

    Mike Hock17 days ago


  68. Mathew Gudgion

    Mathew Gudgion17 days ago

    Crossing 61 Finishing 71 Heading Acc 91 Short pass 80 Volleys 71 Weak foot 3/5 Marking 71 Stand tackle 76 Slide tackle 76 Dribbling 73 Curve 90 FK Acc 70 Lon pass 66 Ball control 82 Shot power 75 Jumping 63 Stamina 83 Strength 92 Long shots 68 Acceleration 75 Agility 75 Sprint speed 75 Reactions 80 Balance 70 Aggression 94 Interceptions 74 Att Position 79 Vision 72 Penalties 75

  69. Arin Gokdemir

    Arin Gokdemir17 days ago

    Terrible piece of shit match

  70. di mention

    di mention17 days ago

    looking back this was the moment we were all waiting for and it felt like we had won it football didnt come home but england did us proud ETID

  71. gwangi64

    gwangi6417 days ago

    As an England fan I enjoyed watching this, but the commentator almost ruined it just yelling banalities.

  72. Emma Waughman

    Emma Waughman18 days ago

    I think everyone can remember where they was when this happened

  73. Camilo Bernal Samudio

    Camilo Bernal Samudio18 days ago

    The world some day will see us been the champion of football. Keep forward my pretty little Colombia.

  74. Ahmed Ahmed

    Ahmed Ahmed19 days ago

    whose the commentor

  75. Maysem Djebbi

    Maysem Djebbi19 days ago

    England to find

  76. Daniel Hayton

    Daniel Hayton19 days ago

    I could almost see putin before the match with a gun to the ref's head saying "Make England lose or else you get it" RIP Mark Geiger

  77. camilo cuervo

    camilo cuervo21 day ago

    Bloody american referee,it was against colombia from. the very begining, but well business as usual england so confident on more gift penalties and croatia beat them in extraordinary fashion.

  78. randomizador50

    randomizador5021 day ago

    I guess that referee is the best England player

  79. Tito Anotnio Pulido

    Tito Anotnio Pulido21 day ago

    A ese árbitro no lo sansionen más échenle porque se compró por parte de inglaterra

  80. Barzi 7777

    Barzi 777721 day ago

    Look at the start xD

  81. Kevin Howard

    Kevin Howard21 day ago

    Enjoy winning 4th place England. Not even good enough for Bronze. Absolutely embarrassing

  82. Kevin Howard

    Kevin Howard11 days ago

    Yes. Its not even bronze. Its absolutely shit

  83. Tom Walker

    Tom Walker11 days ago

    4th place out of 32 is embarassing?

  84. reubz1123

    reubz112317 days ago

    Kevin Howard How is that embarrassing? You clearly know fuck all about football.

  85. SharpeeyG0D

    SharpeeyG0D22 days ago


  86. airakaz nounakneb

    airakaz nounakneb22 days ago


  87. ChildScrooge

    ChildScrooge22 days ago

    Who is in charge of commentating these highlights?

  88. Juan Camilo Castro Sarmiento

    Juan Camilo Castro Sarmiento22 days ago

    mete a James

  89. Juan Diego GJC

    Juan Diego GJC24 days ago

    Eso no era penal

  90. Ada Le

    Ada Le24 days ago

    This is some of the worst highlights I've ever seen. You literally own all the rights

  91. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel24 days ago

    Yerri Mono

  92. Kaiss 93_

    Kaiss 93_24 days ago

    YERRY MINA 🇨🇴🇨🇴⭐️

  93. Owl kingdom

    Owl kingdom24 days ago

    England are legendary Colombia played well but fouled stupidly

  94. stephenm6100

    stephenm610024 days ago

    jordan pickford..... 👏👏 saves

  95. Richard Roman

    Richard Roman24 days ago

    Lets face it. Colombia were a bunch of cheats. Second only to uruguay

  96. Stationary Plane

    Stationary Plane25 days ago

    Great World Cup. Great tournament for England.

  97. el que dice la verdad

    el que dice la verdad25 days ago

    Kanaldo jajajaja

  98. adamnormand1

    adamnormand125 days ago

    Go england🇬🇧

  99. RipperS Alcides

    RipperS Alcides25 days ago

    Mira como le quedo el ojo al arbitro caramonda ese

  100. Danilo Lehner

    Danilo Lehner25 days ago

    1 Saben cuanto valen los ZAPATOZ de NEIMAR?... Te mueres... son una VIDA

  101. Danilo Lehner

    Danilo Lehner25 days ago

    no me gusta NEIMAR... es una POBRE IMITACIÓN DE PELÉ! Con la única diferencia que NEIMAR gana miles de Dolares por sus TORPEZAS!

  102. Alfredo Ladino

    Alfredo Ladino26 days ago


  103. Mas Paisa que la Arepa!!

    Mas Paisa que la Arepa!!3 days ago

    CHOLOMBIANOS ?? y lo dice un chileno loooooooooooool primero mirate a un espejo.

  104. daniel gonzales

    daniel gonzales25 days ago

    Alfredo Ladino no hace falta que digas el país donde provienes, con esa cara de matera precolombina se sabe que eres de chile o peru.

  105. Kawaii chick

    Kawaii chick26 days ago

    Fuck English world

  106. Nu Guruz

    Nu Guruz26 days ago

    Are You Curious???

  107. typicalspoiler 1234

    typicalspoiler 123427 days ago

    His boots is golden What grammar

  108. Jek

    Jek27 days ago

    Columbia could of won if they had James Rodriguez in the game and in the penalties.

  109. Bimo Prakoso

    Bimo Prakoso28 days ago

    Who his commentator in this match very very ekspresif?

  110. Pauline Monica

    Pauline Monica28 days ago


  111. Ignacio Machuca Rodríguez

    Ignacio Machuca Rodríguez28 days ago

    Yo odio a colombia

  112. JustDerrick 47

    JustDerrick 4729 days ago

    Harry Kane is the king of England

  113. Juan Camilo Florez Correa

    Juan Camilo Florez Correa29 days ago

    congratulation England from brazil 🇬🇧

  114. Juan Valencia

    Juan ValenciaMonth ago

    Its funny how they dnt show minute 97 that was the biggest robbery in football history