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Colombia v England - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 56


  1. Football Soccer

    Football SoccerDay ago

    I think, to play dirty for Columbia is normal in their country or culture. But it doesn’t work in real game against real competitors such as England. So “ may better team win” so did England.

  2. Hà Nguyễn

    Hà NguyễnDay ago


  3. allison basker

    allison baskerDay ago

    I love you Kane!

  4. Santosh Kookal

    Santosh Kookal2 days ago

    did any one notice that it was sanchez again giving away a penalty (against Japan was before)

  5. Ali- Cam

    Ali- Cam3 days ago

    ⚪️⚪️🔴⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️🔴⚪️⚪️ 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴 ⚪️⚪️🔴⚪️⚪️ ⚪️⚪️🔴⚪️⚪️

  6. Ali- Cam

    Ali- Cam3 days ago

    The Columbians got more yellow cards in 120 mins then I have in my life and that is a fact

  7. Oliver

    Oliver3 days ago

    god I hate that commentator's voice

  8. Alex Lion

    Alex Lion3 days ago

    You can be as happy as you like England is not winning the wc again

  9. Mo Salah Liverpool

    Mo Salah Liverpool4 days ago

    0:27 That should’ve been a red card

  10. johnny mikoyan

    johnny mikoyan5 days ago

    Sounds like I'm playing PES 2018

  11. Patrick Tagle

    Patrick Tagle5 days ago

    0:40 Damn Colombia's keeper almost did some Akinfeev save right there 😁

  12. Fayez Ahamed Alif

    Fayez Ahamed Alif5 days ago

    Pickford is the best

  13. Henry’s Goalkeeping

    Henry’s Goalkeeping7 days ago

    Unlucky engaland

  14. Gaurav Shrestha

    Gaurav Shrestha7 days ago

    had they had rodriguez columbia would have won

  15. CAZANOVA 08

    CAZANOVA 088 days ago

    the referee was bought 😡

  16. Chloe Park

    Chloe Park9 days ago

    🇨🇴 Colombia should have won, because England fluked the penalties. Even when facing San Marino, England still lose on penalties No offense English people

  17. Ninjashark 31

    Ninjashark 319 days ago

    Colombia were robbed, all these penalties being awarded to Kane, handball in penalty area, “two balls in the field”, the corner they didn’t give Colombia, and then the pushing and shoving. If you don’t think I’m right your either an English sack of shit or you didn’t watch the game and know little about football now if you did, your a blind idiotic dumb slut.

  18. Izzy Bodman

    Izzy Bodman9 days ago

    Was I the only one that held my middle finger up to the screen when the camera was on Columbia’s players pahahaha

  19. David Alejandro Nuñez Nuñez

    David Alejandro Nuñez Nuñez9 days ago

    Remember that day, English fans were bitching so much.

  20. Mr GaminG

    Mr GaminG10 days ago

    Le match est truquer

  21. Jose Ignacio Jofre Fonseca

    Jose Ignacio Jofre Fonseca11 days ago


  22. Banana Split

    Banana Split11 days ago

    I love how our reaction to winning was as if we won the whole word cup😂 typical England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  23. The.Real.Myuran

    The.Real.Myuran13 days ago

    Jordan Pickford is telling joe hart to suck it. Same thing Harry Kane’s doing to Wayne Rooney.

  24. Fardan Ahmed

    Fardan Ahmed13 days ago

    Trippier KANE!!!! off the roof of the net.....

  25. Mack & Cheese

    Mack & Cheese16 days ago

    Drags, pushes and jumps on Kane REF THAT WASNT A PEN OH MY GOD THAT GAME WAS ROBBED

  26. Erjon Thomo

    Erjon Thomo17 days ago

    Kolubia esht kot

  27. gemelos 162006

    gemelos 16200617 days ago

    Uno de los robos más grandes de la historia del fútbol COLOMBIANO🇨🇴🇨🇴

  28. Mystic 10

    Mystic 1018 days ago

    its just because james rodriguez didnt play... he makes 2 assist in vs poland wow what will happen if he play this game? colombia will revenge england an james will play i bet

  29. the bincen TM

    the bincen TM19 days ago

    Para que gritas dios

  30. Robert Charles III

    Robert Charles III20 days ago

    People complain about Colombia playing dirty, like, yeah, they did. You know who else played dirty? England. Double standards. Besides, if Colombia hadn't fouled England, it never would've been tied, Colombia would've won, so all you England fans ought to be glad Colombia played so dirty anyway.

  31. Juanfer Yepes

    Juanfer Yepes20 days ago

    Well, a match decided by luck. One team scored a goal, the other scored penalties, and obviously could not get to the final.

  32. SlingShot Charizard

    SlingShot Charizard20 days ago

    The commentary is idiotic. I think the guy said that " His boots S GOLDEN!! where it should have been his boots are golden. they didn't even show the whole shootout

  33. aslie yirlen zuñiga angulo

    aslie yirlen zuñiga angulo21 day ago

    malparidos de englad de caca

  34. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw Sobocinski22 days ago

    Colombia vs England 1- 2 World Cup 2018

  35. Ricardo Jean

    Ricardo Jean23 days ago

    England un quarts Colombia on car

  36. Finley Office

    Finley Office24 days ago

    He best striker ever

  37. AAUtap Youtuber 350RB Haters

    AAUtap Youtuber 350RB Haters25 days ago

    its like pes comentator

  38. Edwin Abrigo

    Edwin Abrigo26 days ago

    Thank you harry kane goal

  39. Fluff Queen

    Fluff Queen26 days ago

    England vs colombia I m with uk who else

  40. عبدالسلام العبيد

    عبدالسلام العبيد26 days ago

    إنكلترا هاري كين أفضل لاعب كرة قدم ورجيم سترلينغ ويلي الي😙😚 أنا محمد عبد السلام العبيد من وادي خالد

  41. Krishay Chadha

    Krishay Chadha27 days ago

    who will win the FIFA world cup 2022 ? LIKE IF YOU KNOW!!!!

  42. Je suis un Crayon a papier lol

    Je suis un Crayon a papier lol28 days ago

    Pourquoi la colombie perd toutes leurs coupes du monde en quart de finale

  43. 5150freakk

    5150freakk29 days ago

    jaja colombianos criados se sienten los mejores del mundo cuando no han logrado nada 😂😂😂

  44. marco yoda

    marco yoda29 days ago


  45. Abdul Wasey

    Abdul WaseyMonth ago

    nice video

  46. Mauricio Perez

    Mauricio PerezMonth ago

    Los colombianos estan ciegos o que? Claramente se le lanzá encima a Kane y dicen que no es penal vayan a que les revisen la vista por Dios.

  47. Carlos Cano

    Carlos CanoMonth ago

    El partido estaba arreglado

  48. Its Ryan

    Its RyanMonth ago

    I could watch this all day long... It's happy to watch England playing well again!

  49. TROBLOXNoob

    TROBLOXNoobMonth ago

    That epic save from Pickford deserves the best save of the tournament. Also, credit to Uribe for that half volley strike.

  50. Jeffrey Calderon

    Jeffrey CalderonMonth ago

    Everyone saying Colombia played dirty clearly did not see Jordan Henderson stomp the shit out of Wilmar Barrios' ankle, if you wanna virtue signal it applies both ways

  51. David Alvis Moreno

    David Alvis Moreno11 days ago

    Late, but at least England got humiliated by Croatia and lost to Belgium twice

  52. mendsan308 FCB

    mendsan308 FCBMonth ago

    England and colombia are pretty good

  53. mendsan308 FCB

    mendsan308 FCBDay ago

    Ali- Cam fuck england. Colombia is way better than your butt teeth players

  54. Ali- Cam

    Ali- Cam3 days ago

    mendsan308 FCB Yes england 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 r but Columbia r cheating sh*ts

  55. El Indio

    El IndioMonth ago

    When Colombia played football, they had England in all sorts of trouble. A shame they took the physical approach for so long.

  56. GC Ymous

    GC YmousMonth ago

    Columbia coach to his staff after : "who the hell forgot to bring the coca leaves ?!!!" equipment manager : " sorry my fault . I sent Pablo out to score some "blow" from the Russian mafia but he didn't come back "

  57. luis Malo

    luis MaloMonth ago

    Super edited😀

  58. afsana parvez

    afsana parvezMonth ago

    They broke the curse of the England penalties from 1990 and 1998

  59. OpTic Wannabe

    OpTic WannabeMonth ago

    Think we should all take a moment to laugh at all the Colombian pillocks trying to defend the indefensible. I'm Scottish, and I will admit that England were miles better in the discipline department. Colombia and all of South America are a disgrace to football.

  60. Bassmint

    Bassmint23 days ago

    Yep, they tried to get under the skin of the English and wind them up, and it failed (for the most part). If they focused on beating England fairly they might have won, but it's in their DNA to cheat and VAR was the best thing about this tournament as it gave the teams that do play fair a chance, as referees always seem to fall for their tricks without it.

  61. Playero 24

    Playero 24Month ago

    England only won against weak teams and kane scored 3 goals from penalties and the reffere CLEARLY Favored the english and England were diving and a goal disallowed

  62. Bassmint

    Bassmint23 days ago

    bullshit, nobody thought Colombia or Sweden were weak teams

  63. David Alejandro Nuñez Nuñez

    David Alejandro Nuñez NuñezMonth ago


  64. Football Fan

    Football FanMonth ago

    Peter drury= loves the word gem

  65. Roky Boky

    Roky BokyMonth ago

    Finally! The penalty curse is over! I was afraid that history would have repeated itself. Congrats from Croatia. PS:Dont be so arrogant next time.

  66. ROCO

    ROCOMonth ago

    England pay big money to the referee😎 dirty bastards#%%$%#$

  67. Ali- Cam

    Ali- Cam3 days ago

    ROCO Wtf r u blind

  68. Johnny Wadsworth

    Johnny WadsworthMonth ago

    I'll never forget that night, such a satisfying win against the biggest cheats I've ever seen.

  69. dcicak

    dcicakMonth ago


  70. SillySydney

    SillySydneyMonth ago

    Goid job ⚪🔴⚪ ⚪🔴⚪ 🔴🔴🔴 ⚪🔴⚪ ⚪🔴⚪

  71. ブラックホーク

    ブラックホークMonth ago


  72. Charlie

    CharlieMonth ago

    hv ugyv 2 months ago 1) Maradona is a fat coke head. Ronaldo is better than he ever was. 2) Colombia are dirty, cheating bastards who deserved to lose against england. 3) It's Coming Home

  73. Astro K

    Astro KMonth ago

    Yes Columbia played dirty and England won but like barely in penalties, stop acting like they are the best team ever that don’t deserve criticism, I get that it has been so long since there last big team but come on Columbia wants the same prize too, England will deserve it when they play good and beat the final team in the finals, not because you say so.

  74. xAfroHokagex

    xAfroHokagexMonth ago

    1:36 Pickford’s celebration😂

  75. The 89 Master

    The 89 MasterMonth ago

    No wonder england won, kane scored a pen

  76. Melannie Just Like That

    Melannie Just Like ThatMonth ago

    One of my favorite games this past world cup. I'm neither English nor Colombian but I kept wanting them both to win. Well deserved after a great match.

  77. crazypenguinbob

    crazypenguinbobMonth ago

    i love pickfords little celebration after he saves that penalty

  78. Ulični Borci

    Ulični BorciMonth ago

    I think England didn't deserve anything. They are so fuc*ing rude, they told Croatian team is bad,and they loses from us💪❤ Ne mozete zaustaviti Hrvatsku :)

  79. Bassmint

    Bassmint23 days ago

    nobody but south American scum thought Colombia should have won, they tried to play dirty and cheat like they always do, but England were disciplined and were the deserved winners.

  80. Mr Golden YT

    Mr Golden YTMonth ago

    columbia played so dirty no wonder england got a pen

  81. 陽香鞍馬

    陽香鞍馬Month ago


  82. muhayman usama

    muhayman usamaMonth ago

    I like England so mach

  83. Faze Theifs

    Faze TheifsMonth ago

    Best game

  84. steven abreu

    steven abreuMonth ago

    Fuck the England team if Colombia didn’t score at the end they would of got away with their bullshit. Penalties is lottery anybody could win.

  85. Gaming Maple

    Gaming MapleMonth ago

    Carlos Sanchez, who has a lot of "fair play" point

  86. Hossein Kariminia

    Hossein KariminiaMonth ago

    0:57 would have been the goal of the tournomant

  87. benvolio mozart

    benvolio mozartMonth ago

    Only an english team cant save a result. This nation is useless in modern football. They went in the semi finals only because they faced weak teams. BTW the world cup is french so when the english say "its coming home" they are liars. The Jules Rimet cup aka the World Cup went really home in 2018 .... : France

  88. The Minecrafter

    The MinecrafterMonth ago


  89. Fernando Garcia

    Fernando GarciaMonth ago

    Se le escapo la clasificación a Colombia en los penaltis.

  90. Đệ của StarGame VN Đẹp Trai Bê Đê

    Đệ của StarGame VN Đẹp Trai Bê ĐêMonth ago

    Con c*c

  91. Moschem Br

    Moschem BrMonth ago


  92. iNe0nx Gaming

    iNe0nx GamingMonth ago

    I hate this players there is very bad i colombian in this way i sad.


    NZEZA FAMILYMonth ago


  94. Ceasar Raya

    Ceasar RayaMonth ago

    pickford the Spider-Man from france

  95. Mexico loves south America

    Mexico loves south AmericaMonth ago

    Colombia is stronger

  96. Axl Rose

    Axl RoseMonth ago

    Colombia had no need to play dirty they have a good team even without Rodriguez. They were a disgrace and it's good they lost. Well done England from the USA

  97. lenny !

    lenny !Month ago

    Axl Rose i like how ur from the us and us helped us in ww ii xd

  98. Fazil Orujov

    Fazil OrujovMonth ago

    Historic moment in English football

  99. Jaguar Master

    Jaguar MasterMonth ago

    Harry Kane can only score in penalties...

  100. MGang TV

    MGang TVMonth ago

    Have you heard that song Letter to jermaine by that up and coming dude Nocturnal ? what yall think trash or dope ?

  101. Katie x x Xox

    Katie x x XoxMonth ago

    Take the L Columbia

  102. EtronV

    EtronVMonth ago

    0:26 He was raping him :D

  103. Cris Cobian

    Cris CobianMonth ago

    Colombia is the best.Thank you guys for inspiring me all of you are my heros Los Amo a todos



    I did not like this referee

  105. Ruby Gaming

    Ruby GamingMonth ago

    England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  106. banana bender

    banana benderMonth ago

    KAYYYYYNEEEEEEE on to the roof of the net

  107. El Capitan Yamato

    El Capitan YamatoMonth ago

    Mucho racismo en los comentarios.

  108. Frank Yan

    Frank YanMonth ago

    why are the goalies always so useless. LOL


    JESUS ARIZAMonth ago

    el arbitro eSTABA COMPRANDO