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Colombia v England - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 56


  1. kaiwolf

    kaiwolf2 hours ago

    southgate:ITS COMING HOME Croatia:2:1 sure about thaat??

  2. Dominic Wing

    Dominic Wing13 hours ago

    Pickford..what a wave and then died finished it off 👍 a boss

  3. Rosida Andriyana

    Rosida Andriyana17 hours ago

    Russia hooligans and England fans are fine. Media make them look like enemy. But we saw the truth in the world cup.

  4. zeynep ime

    zeynep ime18 hours ago


  5. rabid beast

    rabid beast21 hour ago

    That commentary is just priceless

  6. Brad Bolan

    Brad BolanDay ago

    The commentator is clearly a Colombian fan

  7. Diego Caballero

    Diego Caballero2 days ago

    Colombia National Team has improved over the years . I am just comparing Colombia squad back in the WC 98 . This team totally overphased that team in the 90s

  8. Davin Gonzalez

    Davin Gonzalez3 days ago

    Let’s stop the fight. Let’s just all say that MLS referees are shite, same as Mark Geiger.

  9. John Mark Galman

    John Mark Galman4 days ago

    Clombia vs england

  10. Ellis Goodson

    Ellis Goodson4 days ago

    The announcer is so biased

  11. Samisoni Tupou

    Samisoni Tupou2 days ago

    Yeah he never celebrated the Colombia goals didnt he?

  12. Anamaria Tips TV

    Anamaria Tips TV4 days ago

    Härrÿ Kàñé ïß thē bêśt Harry kane is the best

  13. VJ Vijesh

    VJ Vijesh6 days ago


  14. レトさん

    レトさん6 days ago


  15. Rosida Andriyana

    Rosida Andriyana6 days ago

    colombia cannot fight. They cry after they lost and then complain on the internet after that. Just look at those losers jajaja 😂😂 LOOSEEER

  16. Samisoni Tupou

    Samisoni Tupou2 days ago

    Yup exactly man. These guys are losers jajajaja

  17. Sebastian Holland

    Sebastian Holland7 days ago

    The new Luis Suarez = Carlo Sanchez Lol

  18. Pratichya Mukherjee

    Pratichya Mukherjee7 days ago

    Lol, all those people saying that England would be knocked out in the group stages 😂😂 I dare say England can win the EURO 2020

  19. Yahaya Mohammed

    Yahaya Mohammed8 days ago


  20. Juan Andrés Bautista Fontalvo

    Juan Andrés Bautista Fontalvo8 days ago


  21. Ezri Alvarado

    Ezri Alvarado9 days ago

    The amount of times England players dived this game was horrible 🤮 good thing it didn’t cOmE hOmE

  22. Monica Loureiro

    Monica Loureiro9 days ago

    Go england

  23. Todo Javi

    Todo Javi9 days ago

    Tonto Bacca te odio

  24. gemelos 162006

    gemelos 16200611 days ago

    Asquerosos de Inglaterra


    PITÁGORAS SABIO12 days ago

    1:29 se parece a escardi

  26. Radio Paramo

    Radio Paramo12 days ago

    The Colombian DT was amazing, but that day he was really wrong. He proposed a defending match, and it’s not the Colombian style. If he would put an offensive team and formation, Colombia would win easily. Colombian team was superior.

  27. Nick Robinson

    Nick Robinson13 days ago

    what a match

  28. Mike Tan

    Mike Tan14 days ago

    Best save I seen 0:57

  29. GoodMorningTF2

    GoodMorningTF214 days ago

    England deserved to win that match as Columbia we’re playing so dirty and we’re being cocky as usual, they also tried to rough the grass up before England took their penalty

  30. LordShayan

    LordShayan14 days ago

    Colombians are Dirty and rude

  31. CrownVics&V8s

    CrownVics&V8s14 days ago

    Jess Engeland wins on peneltos 👍👍👌

  32. Kieran Roberts

    Kieran Roberts15 days ago

    Eric diers fail at 1.49 😂😂

  33. Fortnite Squad

    Fortnite Squad16 days ago

    Pickford insane GK Columbia, Panama and Tunisia football = WWE

  34. Samisoni Tupou

    Samisoni Tupou16 days ago

    Tunisia was especially disgusting. Can't believe people were impressed with how they played against England. Can't believe people felt Columbia were robbed too.

  35. Anastasya Pramesty

    Anastasya Pramesty18 days ago


  36. Samsung Galaxy GT-19152

    Samsung Galaxy GT-1915218 days ago

    Maguire vs Uribe

  37. Nikola Dimitrijevic

    Nikola Dimitrijevic19 days ago

    England champions

  38. Sebastian Holland

    Sebastian Holland19 days ago

    Screw you Double Decker. The refree is racist

  39. Hamza999_ Clash Royale

    Hamza999_ Clash Royale20 days ago

    Even though the commentator was from the UK he was pumped to see colombias late header! Thats what i call being a good commentator not showing less emotion for the opposing team.

  40. Naomi Bitson

    Naomi Bitson20 days ago

    England are the best

  41. El Capitan Yamato

    El Capitan Yamato20 days ago

    Hermanos latinos hay que apoyar a Colombia, ya ven que ahora todos los europeos se unieron y la agarraron contra Colombia. También le estan faltando el respeto a nuestro fútbol . Tenemos que defender. 🇦🇷🇲🇽🇵🇪🇨🇱🇧🇷🇧🇴🇨🇴🇪🇨🇺🇾🇻🇪🇨🇷🇵🇦🇵🇾🇵🇷🇸🇻🇬🇹🇭🇳🇳🇮🇩🇴

  42. Juan Miguel Hurtado Vásquez

    Juan Miguel Hurtado Vásquez21 day ago

    que hijueputa arbitro tan malo, y gas ingleses todos cochinos, ganaron haciendo faltas gonorreas

  43. Xavier Date

    Xavier Date21 day ago

    Harry Kane England's priceless gem!!!!!

  44. East Midlands Trainspotting Hub

    East Midlands Trainspotting Hub21 day ago


  45. Kevin Ermano

    Kevin Ermano21 day ago

    Harry Kanenalty

  46. Ragnar Lothbrock

    Ragnar Lothbrock22 days ago

    England : Hahahahaha I stole games. Real Madrid : Hold my beer

  47. Ragnar Lothbrock

    Ragnar Lothbrock22 days ago

    Buying referees is not enough to win a World Cup. English bastards!!!!

  48. Peanutbutter Banana

    Peanutbutter Banana15 days ago

    Ragnar Lothbrock no colombia was playing dirty

  49. James Leeds

    James Leeds23 days ago

    Colombia are dirty bastards but we still beat them 😂

  50. Brian reilly

    Brian reilly23 days ago

    Unsubscribing to due to the terrible editing of the highlights

  51. Frankie Sum

    Frankie Sum24 days ago

    Colombians hate Asians

  52. Assem Almoghrabi

    Assem Almoghrabi24 days ago

    0:00 when u and your friend say the same thing at the same time

  53. Josh Jordan

    Josh Jordan25 days ago

    shittest commentator

  54. Abdallah walid Molla

    Abdallah walid Molla25 days ago

    I miss the World Cup I don’t wont to wait 4 years

  55. Star Series Sports

    Star Series Sports26 days ago

    You all Ignored-. the 2nd Goal Was An Own Goal

  56. আমাদের ফেণী

    আমাদের ফেণী26 days ago

    harry kane best playeng

  57. Antonio Ceccon

    Antonio Ceccon26 days ago

    My goodness. Is this Jordan Pickford's save real? Or am I dreaming? Definitely the best save of WC.

  58. Victor Nascimento

    Victor Nascimento26 days ago

    Isso é copa do mundo.

  59. paola carrizo

    paola carrizo27 days ago

    PES 2018 Colombia 2 Inglaterra 4 finalizado

  60. Rafael Manjarres

    Rafael Manjarres27 days ago

    Colombia is better than England today.


    ADYLBEK ANARBAEV27 days ago

    Congrats England from Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬❤️

  62. Fahad Tahir

    Fahad Tahir29 days ago

    Well play england


    GOTTA SWEEPMonth ago

    nice video but i think you got the world cup and wwe mixed up

  64. Random Thingz

    Random ThingzMonth ago

    1:12 that man behind thought they won

  65. The JTZ

    The JTZMonth ago

    That shot at 0.50 dang

  66. Ariel Prado

    Ariel PradoMonth ago

    0:27 No penalty 😟😒

  67. Samisoni Tupou

    Samisoni Tupou25 days ago

    Did Kane dive?

  68. Fortnite Squad

    Fortnite SquadMonth ago

    I think I watched WWE

  69. Nicholas veale

    Nicholas vealeMonth ago

    What the penalty

  70. Frank Miranda

    Frank MirandaMonth ago

    The 6th goal that won Harry Kane the Golden Boot Award

  71. Frank Miranda

    Frank MirandaMonth ago

    England finally broke their World Cup penalty shootout curse

  72. James

    JamesMonth ago

    Great memories

  73. Siti Hayati Abdul Rashid

    Siti Hayati Abdul RashidMonth ago

    England scores harry Kane. Colombia scores mina.

  74. Sameer Sameer Khan

    Sameer Sameer KhanMonth ago

    Mina had a strong header

  75. Mahmoud -

    Mahmoud -Month ago

    I think that England deserved to win!!

  76. Đức Lê Official

    Đức Lê OfficialMonth ago

    Me too

  77. Fabian Tellez

    Fabian TellezMonth ago

    Menos mal se hizo justicia con Inglaterra al llegar 4ta con Bélgica y Croacia... No merecían llegar a la final... Colombia si cometió errores pero Inglaterra cometió muchos más; aparte del árbitro que es un hijo de perra que le anuló el gol a Bacca cuando el balón estaba en juego. La verdad un fraude total este partído..

  78. J.J.C.S

    J.J.C.SMonth ago

    Cretinous yelling post-match commentary again. God, this sport needs an enema.

  79. The Crazy Friends

    The Crazy FriendsMonth ago

    Stop talking shit about Colombia. Look at Uruguay. They foul. They bite. They use their hands. Disgraceful!!!!!!!!😬

  80. Umeezal

    UmeezalMonth ago

    November 2018?

  81. Đức Lê Official

    Đức Lê OfficialMonth ago


  82. Bopstery

    BopsteryMonth ago

    Some people slate Kane getting the Golden Boot because three of his goals were penalties. The two best players in the world, Messi and Ronaldo, also had a penalty each at the World Cup and bottled it. Kane had four to take, including the one during the shootout.

  83. Tom Walker

    Tom WalkerMonth ago

    As an English fan the sense of dread that I felt during this penalty shootout, and the joy of winning afterwards, is something I will never forget. I was literally shaking afterwards.

  84. gaming pomer

    gaming pomerMonth ago

    Kolombia is bester than England.

  85. Football Wrestling fan

    Football Wrestling fanMonth ago

    Was Pickford not off his line when he saved it?

  86. Katie Xox

    Katie XoxMonth ago

    The last 4 in the world cup🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  87. Mujeeb Nava

    Mujeeb NavaMonth ago

    Colombia lost because James rodriguez is not there in the match

  88. NXO

    NXOMonth ago

    pcikford thooo

  89. Harvester

    HarvesterMonth ago

    Sanchez is signing for the UFC?

  90. Alejo Xec

    Alejo XecMonth ago

    Ese partido fue mas robado por esos ingleses.

  91. nenette serafica

    nenette seraficaMonth ago

    Spain vs China England vs Nigeria Belgium vs Panama France vs Turkey Colombia vs Mexico Argentina vs Morocco



    What a cowardly coach we had: pekermam Pathetic That's why we played like shit Line up was crap. Three defending midfielders, what the fuck He overstayed in charge. He should have left long time ago.

  93. Philo veena

    Philo veenaMonth ago

    colombia scored a goal by fluke. Jordan Pickford with a great save

  94. Fortnite Squad

    Fortnite SquadMonth ago

    No more penalty pain

  95. oliver jackson

    oliver jacksonMonth ago

    The Colombian team should not be football it should be wwe wrestling

  96. Zack Borg

    Zack BorgMonth ago

    😇 h.kane

  97. prernapmehta

    prernapmehtaMonth ago

    England should get loads of penalties because I'd you knew colombia fouled them many times and the ref cheated thats how England won yaa goo England

  98. prernapmehta

    prernapmehtaMonth ago

    I love England because they are superstars and always remember Harry Kane never missed and will never miss a single penalty.He is a superb penalty taker than Ronaldo and Messi

  99. the siayan

    the siayanMonth ago

    England cheaters 😠

  100. Cherrie

    CherrieMonth ago

    0:00 bad breath exchange

  101. super saiyan divin dragon ball super

    super saiyan divin dragon ball superMonth ago

    Le goldkeeper de england est trop super

  102. rajani priya

    rajani priyaMonth ago

    Kane for life

  103. eneas aravena

    eneas aravenaMonth ago

    El gol de Yerry Mina me hizo recordar al gol de Rincon a Alemania, lastima que no alcanzó para clasificar

  104. Wieslaw Sobocinski

    Wieslaw SobocinskiMonth ago

    Colombia vs England 1- 2 World Cup 2018

  105. Berkay Trk

    Berkay TrkMonth ago

    Dirty play colombia. Glad England won

  106. Russbir Dhillon - Carberry PS (1490)

    Russbir Dhillon - Carberry PS (1490)Month ago

    England won penalties

  107. Wert Gamer

    Wert GamerMonth ago

    I thought England would win until Mina scored but then they won on penalties😀