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Colombia v England - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ - Match 56


  1. Serial

    Serial10 hours ago

    goosebumps every time

  2. Tashicourtois keeper channel

    Tashicourtois keeper channel10 hours ago

    No James Rodriguez

  3. Salazaro arias

    Salazaro arias2 days ago

    Harry penal kane

  4. Kent Donaldson

    Kent Donaldson2 days ago

    Liability Pickford won't make the next world cup.

  5. Ee Mobile

    Ee Mobile2 days ago

    Shit end to the highlights

  6. Electric Mudkip

    Electric Mudkip3 days ago

    We won on pens YAY We lost to croatia :(

  7. ante čavka

    ante čavka3 days ago

    Stupid comentator from fifa 19

  8. diamond king 1

    diamond king 13 days ago

    Who else thinks Harry Kane is getting fouled the most

  9. hamza salman

    hamza salman7 days ago

    Colombia have would win if James Rodriguez was here lucky England its not coming home because they lost

  10. Samuel Casey

    Samuel Casey8 days ago

    i think rashford is such a beautiful masterpiece 🤤

  11. Sharon Yi Fan

    Sharon Yi Fan2 days ago

    +Samuel Casey lol, that's awkward -.-

  12. Samuel Casey

    Samuel Casey2 days ago

    Bruh I was just joking haha, he is still good though 👍

  13. Sharon Yi Fan

    Sharon Yi Fan7 days ago

    He is indeed! 😖😍

  14. ELO TUBE

    ELO TUBE9 days ago


  15. Je Ko

    Je Ko9 days ago


  16. Fabian velasco montoya

    Fabian velasco montoya9 days ago

    England Fuck!

  17. Arjun ambadi

    Arjun ambadi11 days ago

    kerala blasters

  18. Arjun ambadi

    Arjun ambadi11 days ago

    kerala blasters

  19. Arjun ambadi

    Arjun ambadi11 days ago

    kerala blasters

  20. Abdiasis Ahmed

    Abdiasis Ahmed12 days ago

    Let's go kane

  21. Ivann Zavala

    Ivann Zavala13 days ago

    El Narrador de Ingles esta loco

  22. Ali10 Greener

    Ali10 Greener15 days ago

    Hilarious that anyone of sane mind could feel Colombia were hard done by. What with the foul on Henderson which should've resulted in a red card, the surrounding of the referee leading up to the penalty and the damage to penalty spot, they could've and should've been down to 9 men before Kane even stepped up. Maradona said it was theft! He would know to be fair.

  23. Frank Diaz

    Frank Diaz17 days ago

    The same thing always fifa putting their dirty hands to favor some like Brasil and Argentina in SA and Germany and Spain in Europe in this case England because Colombia it's not a good draw for a quarter Final The Brits cry fault when they ref disallowed a goal against Germany in South Africa.they only want certain teams to win

  24. OMG XD

    OMG XD20 days ago

    the best world cup match ever seen ENGLAND WIN ON PENALTIES

  25. Nick Kruger

    Nick Kruger20 days ago

    Colombia should've won. These referees are racist.

  26. vinh và oanh phạm kiều trần ngọc

    vinh và oanh phạm kiều trần ngọc21 day ago

    England power clorius

  27. UltraZinX

    UltraZinX21 day ago

    0:52 wat did he say??!

  28. UltraZinX

    UltraZinX21 day ago

    0:47 the way he said hoisted is funny.

  29. UltraZinX

    UltraZinX21 day ago

    Wait, guys stop at 0:12. Harry Kane looks so fake

  30. Thomas Schmidt

    Thomas Schmidt22 days ago

    All Latin and Mediterranean countries play dirty.

  31. Scott Martin

    Scott Martin22 days ago

    Colombia's behaviour was disgraceful in this match but thankfully justice prevailed.

  32. qwerty

    qwerty23 days ago

    Most intense game at the World Cup.

  33. Daniel Fonseca

    Daniel Fonseca24 days ago

    who disgusted these Englishmen, bought the best referee who blows him up for making eye contact, and they could only advance through the nonsense mistakes that the purchased referee whistled !!


    Max is good OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH OH27 days ago

    I like England because their pretty much mates with America

  35. Seba32 ,

    Seba32 ,28 days ago

    Este partido demostró que: 1: Los Ingleses son lo más hipócrita que hay. Se tiraron clavados Lingard, Sterling y Magüire todo el partido, pero los Colombianos fuimos los sucios. 2. Pekerman no sabe jugar sin James. 3.Inglaterra dejó de ser la gran cosa desde el 2006.

  36. alpha Wan'kore

    alpha Wan'kore29 days ago

    Trikopijí ydsobhh

  37. Phurichh Nanthakhetwong

    Phurichh Nanthakhetwong29 days ago

    I think peter duty is a commentary

  38. Rosida Andriyana

    Rosida Andriyana29 days ago

    I am England fan from South Asia. Congratulations to England's neighbour, France deserve it. Happy to see croatia fans crying and complaining until today just like colombia fans jajaja. those losers still cannot move on 😂😂

  39. Rosida Andriyana

    Rosida Andriyana4 days ago

    The spirit of football did coming back home to England, the land where it was born and first played before spreading to all around the world. I sincerely thanks the English people for created this popular sport, greetings from me in Asia. Anybody who knows the football song know that song, singing by ENGLISH men, not British.

  40. Γιώργος damas

    Γιώργος damasMonth ago

    Vamos Colombia 😢

  41. Steven Mo

    Steven MoMonth ago

    Grippier..... Kaaaaaannnnneeee!!!!! Alright mate. Calm down, calm down.

  42. BreezGT

    BreezGTMonth ago

    Pickford broke the curse

  43. Julian

    JulianMonth ago

    England winning on penalties? The last time that happened was when I was getting good grades in school

  44. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    Heinz DoofenshmirtzMonth ago

    You were getting good grades in -96? (España)

  45. Ivann Zavala

    Ivann ZavalaMonth ago

    Go England

  46. Lucas Channel

    Lucas ChannelMonth ago

    what strategies of the winning team did they apply?

  47. Elisabeth Fuchs

    Elisabeth FuchsMonth ago


  48. Bestplayer Ever208

    Bestplayer Ever208Month ago

    If England did not have that penalty ...

  49. Bestplayer Ever208

    Bestplayer Ever20817 days ago

    Demo Cast Joe whats ur brain ? And anyway if kane wasnt pulled to the ground we still wouldnt have so much of a chance would we because scoring is hard so use ur brain if u even have one .

  50. Demo Cast Joe

    Demo Cast Joe29 days ago

    +Bestplayer Ever208 what's your logic? If England didnt have that penalty they'd lose? You do realise if England didnt have that penalty everything about the game would change right?. If Kane wasnt pulled to the ground he may of scored from the corner?

  51. Bestplayer Ever208

    Bestplayer Ever20829 days ago

    +Demo Cast Joe but they didnt

  52. Demo Cast Joe

    Demo Cast JoeMonth ago

    Then maybe they would've scored from the corner if Kane wasnt pulled to the ground?

  53. Abdelrahman Shehata

    Abdelrahman ShehataMonth ago

    Wait why was kane on sanchez's shoulder at the first place?

  54. Bunny Café

    Bunny CaféMonth ago

    Colombia are SO ruff and they think they always gonna win. Sorry england won.

  55. Jonathan Thomason

    Jonathan ThomasonMonth ago

    Colombia should put grim reaper symbol in their uniforms since they get threats for honest mistakes or losing by their fans...

  56. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

    Heinz DoofenshmirtzMonth ago

    Yeah, and that's without getting into the -94 World Cup.

  57. Sven Rademackers

    Sven RademackersMonth ago

    Well he scored a penalty but you dont have to go all scary there are a lot of people that do that

  58. east africana

    east africanaMonth ago

    Latin country with black footballers wow

  59. Ragnar Lothbrock

    Ragnar LothbrockMonth ago

    Well bought england. 👏 Real Madrid must be proud. 😉

  60. Mega Cat

    Mega CatMonth ago

    Did anyone see Ospina at 1:00 he was wearing blue and went to the net LOL 😂😂

  61. Stipe Jakus

    Stipe JakusMonth ago


  62. Peralta Guardado

    Peralta GuardadoMonth ago

    This ref was crap colombia where robbed

  63. Tyler B

    Tyler BMonth ago

    That Pickford save just before they scored from the corner is genuinely one of the greatest stops in the history of football. Real talk.

  64. ブラックホーク

    ブラックホークMonth ago

    I remember David Robert Joseph Beckham

  65. Gamer. Jesse

    Gamer. JesseMonth ago

    Colombie Angleterre but de Kane 57' 0-1 Penalty but de Mina 90±3 1-1 Penalty but de Falcao 1-0 but de Kane 1-1 but de Cuadrado 2-1 but de Rashford 2-2 but de Muriel 3-2 Manqué de Henderson 3-2 Manqué de Uribe 3-2 but de Trippier 3-3 Manqué de Bacca 3-3 but de Dier 3-4 Quart de final Angleterre

  66. ネイトリバー

    ネイトリバーMonth ago


  67. Gabriella Rodriguez

    Gabriella RodriguezMonth ago

    England bought that penalty😡

  68. itzmikeplays YT

    itzmikeplays YTMonth ago

    Colombian rats

  69. Alessandro Kremers

    Alessandro KremersMonth ago

    Most annoying comentator...

  70. Edilberto Motta Pineda

    Edilberto Motta PinedaMonth ago

    Robado el partido

  71. Leo X

    Leo XMonth ago

    tottenham boys scoring on arsenal keeper

  72. Fran H

    Fran HMonth ago

    Las cosas como han sido, son y serán por siempre hasta el final y la extinción de este universo: Inglaterra arriba y la narco-selección Colombia abajo... bien abajo. Duélale a quien le duela.

  73. Николай Разумовский

    Николай РазумовскийMonth ago

    Турция Сиде Дикая роза

  74. Adriano Lira

    Adriano LiraMonth ago

    I love England!

  75. Erick Lopez

    Erick LopezMonth ago

    Harry Kane should win the ballon dor no lucka modric

  76. Edwin Chavez

    Edwin ChavezMonth ago

    Como llore ese dia por la eliminacion de colombia , y soy peruano .

  77. Turko - Emre Özuslu

    Turko - Emre ÖzusluMonth ago

    England finaly winning in penaltys

  78. Joshua Bil

    Joshua BilMonth ago

    Who cares

  79. Ahlan Wasahlan

    Ahlan WasahlanMonth ago

    It's coming.....oh no

  80. Akshay Pandey

    Akshay PandeyMonth ago

    Peter you rock 😍😍✌️

  81. Arab Millennial

    Arab MillennialMonth ago

    it's bacca, he's a no long talkerr

  82. PhelnoxGaming

    PhelnoxGamingMonth ago

    England always deserved this game, Colombia were weak so had to play dirty, conceded a clear penalty, got beat in the shootout.

  83. chaesarian virka hidayat

    chaesarian virka hidayatMonth ago

    FIFA stupid

  84. White Finch

    White FinchMonth ago

    0:50 What

  85. Ricky Gonzalez

    Ricky GonzalezMonth ago

    Supply and demand

  86. Eoin Nelson

    Eoin NelsonMonth ago

    I hate England

  87. Bassmint

    BassmintMonth ago

    Good for you

  88. Esther Littlewood

    Esther LittlewoodMonth ago

    I never thought England would win on pens I cheared for England

  89. Santy Gonzalez

    Santy Gonzalez2 months ago

    Where are you now Eggland?

  90. Bassmint

    BassmintMonth ago

    Where's Eggland?

  91. Jacob Bird

    Jacob Bird2 months ago


  92. gabriel river

    gabriel river2 months ago

    Esa roca es una gonorrea

  93. Dank Doge

    Dank Doge2 months ago

    Colombia is dirtier than my dishes

  94. David Schülz Gonzalez

    David Schülz Gonzalez2 months ago

    Bien eliminado colombia por reirse de Chile y arreglarse con pedú y aparte a colombia no les debemos ni les hicimos nada.

  95. Vrushabh Sekhar

    Vrushabh Sekhar2 months ago

    Peter Drury what a voice

  96. Elliot Doesgaming

    Elliot Doesgaming2 months ago

    Cheating bastards Columbia were

  97. julianna arango

    julianna arango27 days ago

    damn dude why you are u trrigered

  98. Daniel Arevalo

    Daniel ArevaloMonth ago

    TheBuzz Boy It is COLOMBIA you stupid fuck

  99. Eduart Osmani

    Eduart Osmani2 months ago


  100. OFV

    OFV2 months ago

    Colombia were so dirty!!

  101. Sofía

    Sofía2 months ago

    Stupid colonizers the only good thing they know how to do is rob fuck off anyway Colombia was ROBBED AGAIN.

  102. Bassmint

    BassmintMonth ago

    Ever wondered why Colombians speak Spanish? Seriously, how can you be so ignorant.

  103. TheRockingRobby

    TheRockingRobby2 months ago

    Explain to me how you were robbed?

  104. Juan Mejia

    Juan Mejia2 months ago

    If Matheus made that goal it would’ve been goal of the tournament

  105. Ismael Melgar Orbegoso

    Ismael Melgar Orbegoso2 months ago

    un golpe de humildad para colombia y en especial a ospina por andar celebrando antes de que termine jajajaja fue el mejor dia aquella vez

  106. Padd Futbol

    Padd Futbol2 months ago


  107. Ashraf El Matary

    Ashraf El Matary2 months ago

    why i just cry

  108. Kayla Dee

    Kayla Dee2 months ago


  109. MrEd

    MrEd2 months ago

    THE WORLD WITNESSED - 11 BEATERS VS 11 PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS - Take your pick but images won't deceive you - greetings - BTW, just let it go - what we saw is what remains as part of another world cup with awkward matches - just like this one :)

  110. Ximena OCAMPO RAMIREZ

    Ximena OCAMPO RAMIREZ2 months ago

    ese arbitro si es mucho pendejo le regalo todo a Inglaterra

  111. Martha holmes

    Martha holmes2 months ago

    “And England win on penalties” Never thought I would hear these words . Cmon England , we can win the next World Cup ❤️

  112. Jaguar Expert

    Jaguar Expert2 days ago

    +lincoln motta 1) Netherlands will win 2) Belgium will win 3) Spain will win

  113. lincoln motta

    lincoln mottaMonth ago

    1) Nations league 2019 2) Euro 2020 3) World Cup 2022 Qatar Lol one game at a time, one tournament at a time.

  114. tomcookies90

    tomcookies902 months ago

    Dreadful, over-the-top commentary.

  115. Tuyet Huynh

    Tuyet Huynh2 months ago

    Yes kane

  116. ivan ferri

    ivan ferri2 months ago


  117. FREDERIC .charres

    FREDERIC .charres2 months ago

    FIFA IN RUSSIA 2018. STAFF AT THE COLOMBIAN SELECTION ... FIFA is the most corrupt mafia that exists in the world, we urgently need an investigation until the last consequences, which roll heads of those white-collar rats. The inconsistencies are several: 1- the yellow cards were more for Colombia and for England only reprimands, that is, there was no impartiality. 2 - penalty kicked against Colombia the referee at no time wanted to use the Var and only limited to sanction the alleged fault that did not exist. 3- Bacca's goal was legitimate because there were not two balls on the court and the referee whistled to invalidate the action because he saw that the English players lowered their guard and saw their fence expired. 4- The English made a fourth change that is not regulated and the referee did nothing to invalidate that change in due course. FIFA to create a smokescreen and create anger between English and Colombian tells English players to make public statements against Colombian players, seeing that the claim is against the directors of the FiFA and the referee and not against the England selection. It is very important to make the demand, seeking support from people with power that can uncover and prosecute these criminals and thus leave a great precedent, so that it does not repeat again; this happened to us already in Brazil 2014 in the match against Brazil and as nothing was done, they came back and they repeated the dose against England in Russia 2018, it is important to act and not remain silent because the caller gives.

  118. Yehia Chufi

    Yehia Chufi2 months ago

    Like si eres español