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    FBE10 months ago

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  2. Sebastian Feuerstein

    Sebastian Feuerstein10 months ago

    FBE Hi FBE, s'been a long time ever since I saw your videos, please keep up with the Great content.

  3. pro

    pro10 months ago

    Did anyone notice the pants he was wearing is a rebel pants and is used on the civil war for the south

  4. CatFarts 2006

    CatFarts 200610 months ago

    FBE hi

  5. franchesca1712

    franchesca171210 months ago

    FBE college kids reacts to guerra by residente pleaseeee!!!

  6. Yellow Pig

    Yellow Pig10 months ago

    FBE i

  7. Teandra Sweet Tea

    Teandra Sweet Tea10 months ago

    Seeing the non-POC students react this way gives me hope for our future💜

  8. Sebastian Feuerstein

    Sebastian Feuerstein10 months ago

    Man that music video was so heavy, the problem is that nothing ever seems to change no matter how much we may talk about it. People talk a lot but lack action, I bet everybody is gonna forget that this even happened at all 😒

  9. p0k0y0

    p0k0y010 months ago

    No, this is *Patrick*

  10. Plagueis The Wise Gaming

    Plagueis The Wise Gaming10 months ago

    Bruh this is deep **stays on phone for 3 more hours**

  11. Lucifer's son

    Lucifer's son10 months ago


  12. ACDC guns'n'roses ramones motörhead

    ACDC guns'n'roses ramones motörhead10 months ago

    People act like this concept is something new

  13. Sebastian Feuerstein

    Sebastian Feuerstein10 months ago

    ACDC guns'n'roses ramones motörhead I know right.

  14. Yoongi’s Pajaro

    Yoongi’s Pajaro10 months ago

    THEY REACT to this is Korea LMAOO

  15. Yoongi’s Pajaro

    Yoongi’s Pajaro10 months ago

    saitama official HELLOOOO i purple you

  16. saitama official

    saitama official10 months ago

    Yoongi’s Pajaro omg hi army

  17. Anarrion Wilcox

    Anarrion Wilcox10 months ago

    Looks like I'm moving to canada

  18. Katrina Vasquez

    Katrina Vasquez10 months ago

    2:41 Charleston church murder 2015

  19. Batman 007

    Batman 00710 months ago

    Elders plz

  20. tennis dingo

    tennis dingo10 months ago

    the whole purpose of this song was to attack right wingers but is hypocritical in itself

  21. melliesa robles

    melliesa robles10 months ago

    Wills so adorable aw

  22. diabuns Fadera

    diabuns Fadera10 months ago

    I mean the meaning of the song or whats happening to the video is in the title

  23. Aiden bonney

    Aiden bonney10 months ago

    R e s p e c t t o t h e e l d e r s

  24. Jacob Berglin

    Jacob Berglin10 months ago

    Unpopular opinion: This is not a good song

  25. Jacob Berglin

    Jacob Berglin10 months ago

    SwedenSpeedway to clarify. I think that the music video is brilliant with the song. But the song itself isn't good without the video

  26. SwedenSpeedway

    SwedenSpeedway10 months ago

    You're entitled to your opinion.

  27. Glaaki13

    Glaaki1310 months ago

    Hugs to all the kids

  28. Jaciel Alvarez

    Jaciel Alvarez10 months ago

    Elders react to machine gun kelly

  29. Jezreel Vazquez

    Jezreel Vazquez10 months ago


  30. Thedarkphoenix

    Thedarkphoenix10 months ago

    I have no idea what’s going on in this video tbh

  31. Lex Papu

    Lex Papu10 months ago

    Why no Elders reacting? I’d watch that episode.


    ALAN ADAMES TV10 months ago

    Wait for it: This is México , Its better

  33. Just A P39N

    Just A P39N10 months ago

    I like guns damn dude, some people love them too much to not let them go. Even after someone loses a loved one.

  34. Michael Weston

    Michael Weston10 months ago

    This is the hood.

  35. Kiara Moncada

    Kiara Moncada10 months ago

    Spanish sub plz


    MCD0И4LD TЯUMP3T10 months ago

    We watched this in English class. Lmao.

  37. Joddel Realingo

    Joddel Realingo10 months ago

    MCD0И4LD TЯUMP3T why watch this in english class? Wtf

  38. SkyKey Mushyy

    SkyKey Mushyy10 months ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  39. Mikki M

    Mikki M10 months ago

    How would police brutality be influenced by gun laws? Like would cops be affected by the laws at all?

  40. Matthew Garcia

    Matthew Garcia10 months ago

    In Norway cops don't even carry guns on them.

  41. Orange Panda

    Orange Panda10 months ago

    Well of course they would....just because they are cops doesn't mean they have a pass to get away with breaking laws. So of course they are affected by the laws

  42. Isabel Bicknell

    Isabel Bicknell10 months ago

    They included 17 seconds for the 17 students in Florida

  43. Jacob Navara

    Jacob Navara10 months ago

    Do it for the elders damnit

  44. Dhairya Gupta

    Dhairya Gupta10 months ago

    Jacob Navara lol yea

  45. Linx Low

    Linx Low10 months ago

    Doing a project on this song

  46. Linx Low

    Linx Low10 months ago

    Shu Bubble how come

  47. celine

    celine10 months ago

    Linx Low same omg

  48. shooby inu

    shooby inu10 months ago

    Linx Low wish you the best of luck

  49. Taga Bataan

    Taga Bataan10 months ago

    This makes me sick dude like wtf

  50. Jabari deRoux: More

    Jabari deRoux: More10 months ago

    I didn't even notice Will was in this, proud of him!

  51. Dark Bomber

    Dark Bomber10 months ago

    College kids react to Kanye West Lift Yourself

  52. Austin Garrett

    Austin Garrett10 months ago

    All these people saying this video was shocking must’ve never seen a Slipknot video before smh

  53. jamesteak

    jamesteak10 months ago

    what about canibal corpse eviceration plague tho?

  54. Abby Kern

    Abby Kern10 months ago

    They didn’t talk about how there were 17 seconds of silence for the MSD shooting victims.

  55. Jazzy’s Life

    Jazzy’s Life10 months ago

    Abby Kern that literally what I was thinking

  56. Donald McKinley Glover

    Donald McKinley Glover10 months ago

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  57. Oldman EstimanJr.

    Oldman EstimanJr.10 months ago

    phew I really thought it was kids that are going to react to this

  58. yurygomezlove

    yurygomezlove10 months ago

    Oldman EstimanJr. They should of too

  59. Joshua Lowe

    Joshua Lowe10 months ago

    What is even the MESSAGE of this song???

  60. some guy on the internet

    some guy on the internet10 months ago

    we dont really know but from the way that its formulated... its about distraction as humans we try to look more about whats good alot of times but i have to say alot of messages in this music video distraction just seems the most prominent

  61. Elsa

    Elsa10 months ago

    Childish Gambino doesn't want to explain it

  62. Tim Clark

    Tim Clark10 months ago

    Will killin that shoot though XD. 3:22

  63. Sharon Tilaar

    Sharon Tilaar10 months ago

    Teens react to The Dolan Twins

  64. Mallboyiscloutlife _

    Mallboyiscloutlife _10 months ago

    Sharon Tilaar yess

  65. Masson Jeco

    Masson Jeco10 months ago

    Simple. It’s the Mona Lisa of music videos.

  66. Vincent Jablonski

    Vincent Jablonski10 months ago

    how bout no?

  67. Spicy Syrup

    Spicy Syrup10 months ago

    It's not the guns, it is the people that use the gun

  68. SemTric

    SemTric10 months ago

    carolyn williams what were swords and spears made for? Oh yeah right. War. Killing people... no one is tying to ban those...

  69. Brennan Hartmann

    Brennan Hartmann10 months ago

    Exactly Spicy

  70. Seth Majors

    Seth Majors10 months ago

    This whole march for our lives is another flip out by the left 80% of gun crimes happens with handguns

  71. Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith10 months ago

    John Dounts who said you have to get them legally? And coming from a guy who owns 2 guns, it’s not nearly hard enough.

  72. Spicy Syrup

    Spicy Syrup10 months ago

    carolyn williams dang you must be offended, but guns aren't just for killing, they can be used for display, they are also for shooting races

  73. Lukas Akantu

    Lukas Akantu10 months ago

    whAT IS THIS????

  74. Dusk DarkRift

    Dusk DarkRift10 months ago

    Well, you can tell which one of the reactors are an English major in gender studies class

  75. Jamal Boatswain

    Jamal Boatswain10 months ago

    Your picture I like cause it’s the efrideet spear

  76. John Dounts

    John Dounts10 months ago

    Dusk DarkRift lol every singal video that has to do with anything like this is she cries, she lives in fantasy land where she thinks everything can be perfect lol

  77. Amelie Wolf

    Amelie Wolf10 months ago

    Risk comment intention challenge purple exercise farm usual colleague.

  78. Magnus Molvik

    Magnus Molvik10 months ago

    who is sissa?

  79. Rigaud Saint-Felix

    Rigaud Saint-Felix10 months ago


  80. AleLovesTacos

    AleLovesTacos10 months ago


  81. Kira Broach

    Kira Broach10 months ago

    Magnus Molvik sizza is a singer I believe

  82. Kadd69

    Kadd6910 months ago

    i dont get the music.

  83. Dastan

    Dastan10 months ago

    That's okay. Not everyone will get it. Especially those from outside the U.S.

  84. Mohammad Wajahat

    Mohammad Wajahat10 months ago

    Its not a song, more like a narration. Its deep.

  85. XXJahseh AJ

    XXJahseh AJ10 months ago

    Kadd69 it has a deep meaning just search it

  86. maura aprilia

    maura aprilia10 months ago


  87. mendes all the way

    mendes all the way10 months ago


  88. Jitu Brahma

    Jitu Brahma10 months ago

    1:29 can someone tell me who is this Will they are taking about?

  89. Sam D

    Sam D10 months ago

    1:41 that is Will, and he is the most right kid dancing

  90. Diana Kirundi

    Diana Kirundi10 months ago


  91. CatFarts 2006

    CatFarts 200610 months ago

    Will is meh favourite

  92. Meremix

    Meremix10 months ago

    make old people react to this

  93. Jolly Joe

    Jolly Joe10 months ago

    College kids react to white boy by tom Macdonald

  94. the blue psycho

    the blue psycho10 months ago

    What that

  95. jaden _ Haney 323

    jaden _ Haney 32310 months ago

    React to post Malone rockstar

  96. All my friends are bread

    All my friends are bread10 months ago

    Psycho is a lot better

  97. RosarioMetsFan

    RosarioMetsFan10 months ago

    I don’t need college kids explaining the video to me.

  98. Kaelah Armstrong

    Kaelah Armstrong10 months ago

    then don’t watch😘

  99. Adrey

    Adrey10 months ago

    the fk u click on this video for then lmao im so confused

  100. Gabrielė Nausėdaitė

    Gabrielė Nausėdaitė10 months ago

    React to Michael Jacksons They Don't Care About Us !

  101. Vegan Jeffrey

    Vegan Jeffrey10 months ago

    If people make a change to vegan diet thier thought would be more peaceful

  102. Rosie Taylor

    Rosie Taylor10 months ago

    Im so choked up.

  103. Rosie Taylor

    Rosie Taylor10 months ago

    This brought a tear to my eye.

  104. raxx

    raxx10 months ago

    The music video ends at 4:30 but the video is 15 minutes long...

  105. ZedRiz

    ZedRiz10 months ago

    It's not like your typical react channel that watch the video and talk a bit then end it.

  106. Boopers

    Boopers10 months ago

    BackwardsGuy yeah cause they discuss it

  107. PlayMateLunchCOOLER animations

    PlayMateLunchCOOLER animations10 months ago

    Like will smith

  108. RAZRX

    RAZRX10 months ago

    Lmao will be doing orange justice 3:03

  109. Nathalie Silva

    Nathalie Silva10 months ago

    Are teacher showed this to us in art because we doing a symbolisum projectbut she skiped over those parts with guns and she might get fired and its on the news go on Kxan

  110. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler10 months ago

    There’s so many things wrong with this video I will just list one You have a symbol of women oppression and the spawn of the devil on your channel

  111. Legionary Assassin

    Legionary Assassin10 months ago


  112. Gunnar Holstead

    Gunnar Holstead10 months ago

    Ok I can’t be the only one who noticed the hooded horseman which represents the apocalypse

  113. grThorn

    grThorn10 months ago


  114. Monkey

    Monkey10 months ago

    Canada eh?


    EPICMANNXX10 months ago


  116. ajoconnor64

    ajoconnor6410 months ago

    I never thought too much of this song till now 🤔

  117. ajoconnor64

    ajoconnor6410 months ago


  118. Luis Calderon

    Luis Calderon10 months ago

    ajoconnor64 same here I was like he looks so familiar like I've seen him before

  119. Rexleak

    Rexleak10 months ago


  120. amr kseibi

    amr kseibi10 months ago

    3:16 girl uses some advanced English damn

  121. Grqm

    Grqm10 months ago


  122. Queenofhearts 22

    Queenofhearts 2210 months ago

    I'm so glad that not everyone in Canada can own a gun. I'd be scared to go to school of I lived in the US.

  123. the blue psycho

    the blue psycho10 months ago

    You guys have no freedom over there they are taking it bill C16 etc you are a fool that knows nothing about USA gun laws

  124. Saltypeenutz1

    Saltypeenutz110 months ago

    haha thats like hidding under a blanket

  125. Fire

    Fire10 months ago

    At my school they built a fence around it since the shootings started

  126. Mermaid

    Mermaid10 months ago


  127. Amazing Trash

    Amazing Trash10 months ago

    Queenofhearts 22 same

  128. Lol

    Lol10 months ago


  129. TheBraunMachine2011

    TheBraunMachine201110 months ago

    Zhanna H yeah, it was the grammys, i believe.

  130. Ebony71

    Ebony7110 months ago

    Yeah, during an awards show or something Donald mentioned he might be hanging up Childish. But then he said that there was also many people he wanted to collab with and things to say so it's up in the air.


    TONGUE TECHNOLOGY10 months ago

    Ugenta™ that's my reaction to like wtf u mean

  132. Revin Hoang

    Revin Hoang10 months ago

    Did Will just say that it would be one of Donald's last songs? oh no

  133. Ebony71

    Ebony7110 months ago

    No not a leak. Donald said he was retiring Childish at the Grammys in the beginning of the year.

  134. Call me Imbuzi

    Call me Imbuzi10 months ago

    Who's will

  135. Shaun P

    Shaun P10 months ago

    Zion The goat Reactor in the camo jacket. Dancer in the video.

  136. Tae bae

    Tae bae10 months ago

    0:27 @bigwillsimmons

  137. First name Last name

    First name Last name10 months ago

    Valid comments except that only interviewing people with so little life experience.

  138. G A

    G A10 months ago

    Start the peace from dinner table: go vegan😊

  139. Saxon Thompson

    Saxon Thompson10 months ago

    李誠濬 girl not the right time nor place to have that conversation

  140. Donnie EA

    Donnie EA10 months ago


  141. Mermaid

    Mermaid10 months ago

    李誠濬 ...what? What?

  142. Person

    Person10 months ago

    I watched the music video 15 times, catching something new.

  143. wilson benjamin medina

    wilson benjamin medina10 months ago

    quien mierdas va a traducir esto al español

  144. Fxckitzpanda

    Fxckitzpanda10 months ago

    React to smile hd and cupcakes hd

  145. Angel Cuba

    Angel Cuba10 months ago

    9:55 One of the best statements about guns. Thank you

  146. austin spencer

    austin spencer10 months ago

    Angel Cuba and that is what most people feel. No guns don't need to be completely taken away. But I am not against more regulation and somewhat more thourogh screening to purchase them and more education

  147. Matt Taskowitz

    Matt Taskowitz10 months ago


  148. ajoconnor64

    ajoconnor6410 months ago

    IKR 😂

  149. Kaptain Kevvy

    Kaptain Kevvy10 months ago

    But we don’t want gun rights taken away,the gov might want this b/c of fema camps

  150. MrSamuelAdam4

    MrSamuelAdam410 months ago

    Red pilled AF

  151. Lil Skies' Red Roses

    Lil Skies' Red Roses10 months ago

    Yeesss! Was this because I suggested it, if it is I would feel so accomplished

  152. Lil Skies' Red Roses

    Lil Skies' Red Roses10 months ago

    The Mango Mang thanks! That made my day ☺

  153. Lil Skies' Red Roses

    Lil Skies' Red Roses10 months ago

    Person thank you! You too☺

  154. MangoMang

    MangoMang10 months ago

    Feel accomplished! It's a group effort to make sure something is seen, so you feel that way any time you suggest something to them which gets uploaded :) Easy good feelz.

  155. Person

    Person10 months ago

    Kayla the Slytherin Could be, we'll never know, stay feeling accomplished though.

  156. juan Gallegos

    juan Gallegos10 months ago

    Sorry to burst your bubble but I'm pretty sure thousands of people suggested this

  157. Destiny Perception

    Destiny Perception10 months ago

    no one caught how the guy that was shot in the head at the beginning of the video resembles Treyvon Martin’s father.

  158. Alex Perez

    Alex Perez10 months ago

    Destiny Perception why u say that?

  159. Matthew Trotman

    Matthew Trotman10 months ago

    Need to do an elders react too this ?

  160. Kfkskdkfkfkxk

    Kfkskdkfkfkxk10 months ago


  161. DieInnenseiter

    DieInnenseiter10 months ago

    Hey how about college kids reacting to some Psytrance??? ;)

  162. Cari_plays

    Cari_plays10 months ago

    Who else learned something new ✌

  163. Minky Reyes

    Minky Reyes10 months ago

    I really feel like the elders should react to this as well.

  164. Anαтнeмα •

    Anαтнeмα •10 months ago


  165. MustardBuck

    MustardBuck10 months ago

    Have teens react to sr pelo

  166. [ P O T A T o ]

    [ P O T A T o ]10 months ago

    College kids react to: Will

  167. stay away

    stay away10 months ago


  168. Skeleticous

    Skeleticous10 months ago

    Wait will is in college I remeber when he was the new kid that was 13

  169. Shaun P

    Shaun P10 months ago

    Skeleticous He just turned 18 a few days ago. 😂

  170. Skeleticous

    Skeleticous10 months ago

    Noriko Nagase ooooh that makes sense okay thanks

  171. Pancake of the Lord

    Pancake of the Lord10 months ago

    Skeleticous no he's not in college ^^ they say in the video that they wanted him to have his point of view even tho he's not a college kid because he was in the music video :)

  172. Parker Smyth

    Parker Smyth10 months ago

    The silent part is 17 seconds of silence for the parkland shooting

  173. This girl Shar

    This girl Shar10 months ago

    Parker Smyth your profile pic tho 😭😂

  174. Kyrie Irving Jr.

    Kyrie Irving Jr.10 months ago


  175. vi

    vi10 months ago

    Wait, did Will say this was one of his last songs?

  176. Pablito

    Pablito10 months ago

    Yeah Gambinos only makin one mo album then he done

  177. Vira Noel

    Vira Noel10 months ago

    This will forever by legendary

  178. Ary’s Edits!

    Ary’s Edits!10 months ago

    So true😪😭💛