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    FBE8 days ago

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  2. Faathir 212

    Faathir 2122 hours ago

    FBE Please fix The CC :(

  3. Cooper Barnes

    Cooper BarnesHour ago

    3:03 did no one see the dude jump off the balcony

  4. Χριστόφορος Γεωργούλας

    Χριστόφορος ΓεωργούλαςHour ago

    0:18 Kostas? is he greek

  5. Ádám Csiba

    Ádám CsibaHour ago

    Elders react to Happytime Murder

  6. Parrish Harris

    Parrish Harris2 hours ago

    GREAT video content- 👍👌✌.

  7. Armin D

    Armin D3 hours ago

    Teens react to Balkan music !

  8. Atom Nous

    Atom Nous3 hours ago

    No points in young people react, they all must have watched everything before. More interested in elder or child react (well not for this one)

  9. Morenokenshinhim More

    Morenokenshinhim More3 hours ago

    ching chong ching ching ching chong

  10. Morenokenshinhim More

    Morenokenshinhim More3 hours ago

    ching ching ching ching

  11. yoel krisstiawan

    yoel krisstiawan3 hours ago

    Wait, who's Will ?

  12. lachie Bosman

    lachie Bosman2 hours ago

    We know what point his in the music video but who is he

  13. AdventMark

    AdventMark2 hours ago

    yoel krisstiawan left sife of gambino

  14. yoel krisstiawan

    yoel krisstiawan2 hours ago

    AdventMark Is he the one who's dancing behind Gambino ?

  15. AdventMark

    AdventMark2 hours ago

    0:26 thats will hes in the music video aswell

  16. yoel krisstiawan

    yoel krisstiawan3 hours ago

    Can someone tell me who's Will ?

  17. Sanket Kamble

    Sanket Kamble3 hours ago

    This is Will 1:41

  18. Poly Fr

    Poly Fr3 hours ago

    Is Kostas greek?

  19. Χριστόφορος Γεωργούλας

    Χριστόφορος ΓεωργούλαςHour ago

    Poly Fr thats what i asked

  20. Mohomed Arad

    Mohomed Arad3 hours ago

    Wow so sad 😢

  21. Gear Brills

    Gear Brills3 hours ago

    Mohomed Arad what is

  22. Kristopher Celis

    Kristopher Celis4 hours ago

    Can soneone tell me who tf will is?

  23. Hugh Hickey

    Hugh Hickey3 hours ago

    Kristopher Celis one of the reactors on the show

  24. beast gamer 69

    beast gamer 693 hours ago

    Will Smith!

  25. ANNA İnci

    ANNA İnci4 hours ago

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  26. Ebru Serin

    Ebru Serin4 hours ago

    Yaasss finally a hijabi girl on FBE

  27. Lurest

    Lurest4 hours ago


  28. Sir Meows Alot

    Sir Meows Alot4 hours ago

    Ebru Serin ya

  29. eli merkel

    eli merkel5 hours ago

    react to Juice WRLD!!!

  30. The gaming gamer

    The gaming gamer5 hours ago

    4 mins and 15 seconds but still they manage to stretch the video out to 15 mins

  31. Rep Nobody

    Rep Nobody6 hours ago

    When I first saw it, I instantly recognized Will lol

  32. 010 01010

    010 010106 hours ago

    Did that kid just spoil everyone on this being Donald Grover's last few songs?!


    FXCK YOUR THOUGHTS6 hours ago

    010 01010 nope Donald said it before

  34. peppre

    peppre6 hours ago

    college kids react to young gravy

  35. jpurp716

    jpurp7166 hours ago

    This is hilarious. these kids actually think that they are actually saying something important and meaningful but they're just regurgitating stuff they read on Twitter or watched on MReporter.

  36. Shreya 사랑해 BTS

    Shreya 사랑해 BTS5 hours ago

    But at least they are aware about the things happening around them and they understand the pain....They didn't just read the tweets and leave it...They are understanding every meaning behind it...tbh v should just appreciate that

  37. Do you Know Annyeonghaseyo?

    Do you Know Annyeonghaseyo?5 hours ago

    so what?

  38. Big Daddy is Triggered

    Big Daddy is Triggered6 hours ago

    how can you genuinely say that tho?

  39. Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur

    Tupax Amaru Makaveli Shakur6 hours ago


  40. Hayvok 64

    Hayvok 647 hours ago

    No one is pointing out that it’s black on black violence. To me that was the most important part.

  41. Redplayer 64

    Redplayer 646 hours ago

    Nice number btw😀 64

  42. Redplayer 64

    Redplayer 646 hours ago

    Your right ya know

  43. Brian Michael

    Brian Michael7 hours ago

    I think the video was very creative, and powerful.. the talent in Donald Glover is astounding.. the message.. Profound as for the note about guns.. I am not looking to protect guns... Im looking to protect our rights.. and my life.. and my rights to defend my family..

  44. Hayvok 64

    Hayvok 647 hours ago

    Brian Michael I agree, also it’s Donald not Danny although Danny Glover is awesome.

  45. marcus gatewood

    marcus gatewood7 hours ago

    No one talked about the lyrics of the "happy" parts of the song.

  46. Hunter Hoose

    Hunter Hoose8 hours ago

    Too. Much. Anti Gun.

  47. Sesshomaru

    Sesshomaru4 hours ago

    No. It's not a anti gun video, however fbe are making it into one.

  48. Victoria Flores

    Victoria Flores8 hours ago

    So articulate & highly intelligent reactions. So happy!

  49. Krystin Montgomery

    Krystin Montgomery8 hours ago

    It is tided to Charleston shooting at the church

  50. Krystin Montgomery

    Krystin Montgomery8 hours ago

    Good job will i loved u

  51. Ruhil Ariana Wilson

    Ruhil Ariana Wilson8 hours ago

    College kids react to SUPERNATURAL

  52. Alexx Pena

    Alexx Pena8 hours ago


  53. Yisus

    Yisus8 hours ago

    FINALLY i can actually see this video

  54. VinniePlayz

    VinniePlayz9 hours ago

    I feel like the gospel singers in the video had a double meaning. The obvious one, about the shooting in the church in the south. But also, how everyone rushes to different social media outlets after a tragedy saying "prayers" and not actually praying, or just saying to fit in with society.

  55. Sesshomaru

    Sesshomaru4 hours ago

    And the death of the church.

  56. Ruhil Ariana Wilson

    Ruhil Ariana Wilson7 hours ago

    VinniePlayz that's a great point

  57. Z. delvei

    Z. delvei9 hours ago

    is it really one of his last songs?

  58. MannYSJ

    MannYSJ6 hours ago

    Z. delvei guess he’s going full blown actor now

  59. Ethan Hudson

    Ethan Hudson10 hours ago

    2:15 we get it you watched a 10 minute youtube dissecting the music video

  60. Annaea pompeia

    Annaea pompeia9 hours ago

    TRUTH girl everyone knows you just saw the insider video

  61. caleb geden

    caleb geden9 hours ago

    Ethan Hudson bruh i wus thinking the same thing lmao bish thot she was a genius

  62. Erik The Redneck

    Erik The Redneck10 hours ago

    Y’all are a bunch of libtards

  63. Austin509

    Austin5095 hours ago

    very true!

  64. eli merkel

    eli merkel5 hours ago


  65. Mark Boss

    Mark Boss10 hours ago

    I love the music video, but it also shows how painfully mistaken people can be when it comes to gun control. Guns are most certainly not more valuable than human lives, nor have they ever been portrayed in such a way. "This reminds me of the shooting from that church in...uh...The South." Yes the shooting in Texas that was ended by a hero with an AR-15 that no one talks about. The messages in this video are great, but please try to understand the facts. Okay I'm done.

  66. Austin509

    Austin5095 hours ago

    Thank you for getting it.

  67. tea

    tea10 hours ago

    He did 17 seconds of silence in the video.

  68. MarlonLangford1

    MarlonLangford110 hours ago

    React to Lucid dreams- Juice Wrld

  69. 死にそう Sadboi 死にそう

    死にそう Sadboi 死にそう5 hours ago

    Get this upvote boy

  70. Yep that’s Deiondra

    Yep that’s Deiondra11 hours ago

    React to mishka short film

  71. Trinity Maine

    Trinity Maine11 hours ago

    These people...all snowflakes. You can’t make a decision based on a one side you see

  72. Amelia Solis

    Amelia Solis9 hours ago

    Oh, so you're one of the "pretty good people on both sides" guys? 😒

  73. The bond James Names James

    The bond James Names James10 hours ago

    Trinity Maine is this ironic?

  74. AzDirtNaper

    AzDirtNaper11 hours ago

    I really like the song but when these people started to talk about how it's about the black lives matter movement and how everyone should support it I got a little tilted xd.

  75. Tatezaray - The Mightiest Swordsman

    Tatezaray - The Mightiest Swordsman11 hours ago

    every reactors I watched is like "oh its SZA", "is that SZA", "I knew it was her" and here I am still wondering who dafuq she is? and also who did the subtitle?? ("Im pretty sure that's SZA"="Im pretty sure that's ISN'T", "its SZA I love her too"="its SAYS I I love her too")

  76. Jay

    Jay11 hours ago

    Aww Jeannie always gets so emotional. I feel for her. ❤️

  77. Good Username

    Good Username11 hours ago

    Whyyyyy the college kids? The elders would be so much better.

  78. Shay45

    Shay4510 hours ago

    True they NEED to do the elders

  79. Dj Loin64

    Dj Loin6412 hours ago

    why dose he looks like a bum


    BREADSTICK GAMING12 hours ago

    Do this for old people

  81. Black Reaper

    Black Reaper12 hours ago

    who's hijab girl there, so beautifull 😍😍

  82. uriah_the_ghoul 666

    uriah_the_ghoul 6669 hours ago

    Ikr she is so hot

  83. Charlie

    Charlie11 hours ago

    They literally show her name in the beginning of the video

  84. robirth siano

    robirth siano12 hours ago

    To solve the slavery problem thing, the only solution on this issue was to move forward. Learn on the history and use this to improve ourselves.

  85. jpurp716

    jpurp7166 hours ago

    I think we solved the slavery problem with the civil war and the emancipation proclamation.

  86. that boi

    that boi12 hours ago

    Who is will?

  87. Michael John Alvaran

    Michael John Alvaran4 hours ago

    that boi Why is Will?

  88. that boi

    that boi11 hours ago

    RHCCHR 1 hahaha haha drax

  89. RHCCHR 1

    RHCCHR 111 hours ago

    that boi why is will?

  90. Annabel Bischoff

    Annabel Bischoff12 hours ago

    oih vei

  91. amaya bitch

    amaya bitch12 hours ago

    one of my favorite things about this video that fails to be pointed out is how gambino is allowed to be around the school children (i assume by the outfit) despite just killing a man. i think it’s similar to how in the parkland shooting, nicolas cruz ran free and was treated gently once caught.

  92. jpurp716

    jpurp7166 hours ago

    He ran free because he tried to escape in the chaos. They didn't let him. Also ya he wasn't assaulted by the police when he was in custody because he was unarmed and cooperative. Would you like for the police to use unnecessary force on him?

  93. Kamora

    Kamora12 hours ago


  94. Jaxx the Retarded Dog

    Jaxx the Retarded Dog12 hours ago

    3:25 the guy in black on a white horse was death. Hi death!

  95. Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez13 hours ago

    Try watching at 1.25x speed then try 1.5x speed xD

  96. Rogue Mike

    Rogue Mike13 hours ago

    Ermmm idk why she was cryin tho😂

  97. alisha

    alisha13 hours ago

    Because it’s a important topic that needs light and it’s sad how no one cares about it

  98. malik

    malik13 hours ago

    bock hampton shirt :)

  99. Sikke van der Veer

    Sikke van der Veer13 hours ago

    9:53 wow, that's how we do it in Europe (most parts)

  100. Zuri Leverett

    Zuri Leverett14 hours ago

    I love Adam he's so funny

  101. Peter Valladares

    Peter Valladares14 hours ago

    The Asian girl true to act like she knows everything

  102. Pizzanator

    Pizzanator13 hours ago

    Peter Valladares that’s women for you

  103. RevengeOfTheDinosaurs

    RevengeOfTheDinosaurs14 hours ago

    Why does this video somewhat frighten me ( the music video )

  104. Jamir Robinson

    Jamir Robinson12 hours ago

    It only scared me after realizing everything

  105. Anna M.

    Anna M.13 hours ago

    I think it is meant to scare you. To show you the sort of reality that some live in.

  106. Abi B

    Abi B13 hours ago

    I get slightly frightened by it too, so you're not the only one

  107. Julia Paul

    Julia Paul14 hours ago

    React to lil peep💔

  108. maciej1622

    maciej162214 hours ago

    Jeannie is so smart and talks smart things. She surprised me in a nice way. :)) She is also so beautiful, but what's inside matters the most, am i right? 😶 ;)

  109. The Amazing

    The Amazing14 hours ago

    Elders react to this?

  110. Jonathan Aguilar

    Jonathan Aguilar12 hours ago

    The Amazing YES!! They need to react to this

  111. UnorthodoxRomance

    UnorthodoxRomance14 hours ago

    I‘m a pretty conservative independent, but I really liked it as a song. Donald Glover/ Childish Gambino is super talented. He’s voiced Marshall Lee on Adventure Time, played Troy in Community, a literal rocket scientist in The Martian, and Lando Calrissian in Solo. Talent transcends political differences, and if you can’t see otherwise, you’ve got your priorities mixed up.

  112. Kerwin C

    Kerwin C11 hours ago

    UnorthodoxRomance Oh ok

  113. UnorthodoxRomance

    UnorthodoxRomance12 hours ago

    Kerwin C For the record, I don't watch much anime, and I'm very picky with what I do watch. I just like Noragami for its plot, characters, romance, and aesthetics - no different from any other medium.

  114. Kerwin C

    Kerwin C12 hours ago

    A conservative weeb? Give me a break ffs.

  115. Ulfhedinn Norsk

    Ulfhedinn Norsk14 hours ago

    How many California schools did they go they to find all these snow flakes?

  116. Over Lord47

    Over Lord4714 hours ago

    "college kids" -_-

  117. Natalie :]

    Natalie :]12 hours ago

    Over Lord47 watch 4:42 -_-

  118. Pizzanator

    Pizzanator13 hours ago

    Over Lord47 true for everybody except for will

  119. Frank x7

    Frank x715 hours ago

    Cuando el sub español?

  120. RPMike

    RPMike15 hours ago

    I like to consider myself a conservative. But there is so much truth being symbolized and embedded in the message behind this music video about the state of our country. I don’t understand how anyone can possibly disagree..

  121. radiantly destiny

    radiantly destiny15 hours ago

    I love how these teens are so woke to what is going on today. I wish I could have such empowered and intelligent friends like this! The music video is So iconic.