Cobra Kai Season 2


  1. Muneeb K

    Muneeb K16 minutes ago

    Why 2019????? 😩😩😩

  2. Yzaiah Guillen

    Yzaiah Guillen19 hours ago

    Lets gooooooooo

  3. Titan Gaming400

    Titan Gaming400Day ago

    FINAAAAAAAAAAAAAALI I can’t wait for season2

  4. taylor reed

    taylor reedDay ago

    Guess i should cancel my subscription till 2019.

  5. Anonymous Cook

    Anonymous CookDay ago

    WHY 2019 WHY NOT 2018!?!?!? But i guess ill wait.... all im saying is... if it is taking so long to make then it better be The BEST season 2 of ANY TV Series in The Whole WORLD!

  6. Jens Boffin

    Jens BoffinDay ago

    Just hope Miguel and Sam get a second go. I even can imagine Johny going against Creese this time around. Epic series.

  7. Mr Crafty Trucker

    Mr Crafty TruckerDay ago

    Can’t wait

  8. MrAcuarioz

    MrAcuarioz2 days ago

    2019? is that kidding?

  9. Lyon Barrera

    Lyon Barrera2 days ago

    I wish in the development of the series that there should be a flashbacks in the burial of Mr. Miyagi the people visiting there and so were other karate intructors and referees including Pat E. Johnson to pay their respect to the kind man.

  10. xSnowyBluex

    xSnowyBluex2 days ago

    Man, only 7 more months till 2019... Wow...

  11. Women Respector

    Women Respector2 days ago

    Come on 2019 I can't wait that long

  12. David Petrovic

    David Petrovic2 days ago

    i cant wait 2019

  13. VinGin

    VinGin2 days ago

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  14. Fauxwhistle 1909

    Fauxwhistle 19093 days ago

    This is the only series that's actually good on MReporter Red

  15. Lisette Vargas

    Lisette Vargas3 days ago

    2019 really!!! That's so 6 months from now😣

  16. MadeTheCuttt

    MadeTheCuttt3 days ago

    MReporter 100% garbage for that you wanna compete but your one good show taken more than a year for new eps? 🥋🥋 hold this L!! All of ya all of yah now (boskoe voice) , MReporter hold this L!!!

  17. vicky david

    vicky david3 days ago

    can't wait!

  18. Matias Encinas

    Matias Encinas3 days ago

    Enserio?? 2019? Uff lo que hay que esperar viejo

  19. Artmatician

    Artmatician3 days ago

    Need to have Sam and Miguel together💏

  20. Ginger Castenholz

    Ginger Castenholz3 days ago

    If I was to wait for season 2 to start my free trial, could I still watch season 1?

  21. mycali louis

    mycali louis3 days ago

    I wanna see season 2

  22. Nobody's Account

    Nobody's Account3 days ago

    2019??? R u kidding me?????

  23. LA CII

    LA CII3 days ago

    This show is amazing! binged it in like 3 days and then went into withdrawal because there was no season 2 yet

  24. CelticFun Channel

    CelticFun Channel4 days ago

    Hmmm, so basically it's like Game of Thrones, give us something good, mate, and then we gotta wait 1 and a Half for the next piece of Cake?!?!

  25. Saf C

    Saf C4 days ago

    This series is lit

  26. cola

    cola4 days ago

    And then for Season 3 or 4, they should get Chozen to train Kyler against Miguel. Assuming Johnny and Daniel can work out their differences in Season 2.

  27. Jerome Sears

    Jerome Sears4 days ago

    I got a show idea I wish I can present to MReporter. How does it all work?

  28. Christian RG

    Christian RG5 days ago


  29. AlexRejba

    AlexRejba5 days ago

    In today's world of endless sequels and remakes, this one was done perfectly.

  30. Show Time

    Show Time5 days ago

    This is the only reason why I signed on to you tube red next year 2019 I will be back for Cobra Kai season 2

  31. A K

    A K5 days ago

    To long

  32. John Bzn

    John Bzn6 days ago

    Jaden Smith needs to come back as the bad guy in season two

  33. kenneth frank

    kenneth frank6 days ago

    2019 huh? I guess there is plenty of time to become a blackbelt in 3 different forms, according to their timeline XD.

  34. المغرب الأن/Maroc New

    المغرب الأن/Maroc New6 days ago

    2019 :(

  35. iames85

    iames857 days ago

    I had a mixed bag of feelings when the first season was advertised, needless to say my feelings was more strongly positive as for the nostalgia point of it, I really wanted to see it. Finally watching season one and realising how good it was and how it went above and beyond anything I could have imagined from it, really making me want more. This is a very rare thing, seeing a series a sequel or a prequel being as good as this show was. So I have massive respect for the creators for what they have created and stayed true to the originals. Now that season two will be with us next year, I am nervous as I really want the show to be as successful as this series was, so all I can say to the writers and the whole cast is.. “ please, please take your time with the next series, I don’t and I am sure many others would rather wait longer for a more quality series”

  36. caegruponos1

    caegruponos17 days ago

    It'll be a loooooong wait.....

  37. Aaron Modlin

    Aaron Modlin7 days ago

    Just finished Season 1 and it was so much different and so much better than I was expecting. Really looking forward to Season 2!

  38. Hi im Inzedtion

    Hi im Inzedtion7 days ago

    I hope Sam comes back together with Miguel and not with this jerk Robby

  39. Andre John

    Andre John7 days ago


  40. Pie face 64

    Pie face 647 days ago

    I love this show

  41. Toogoodforyou 2

    Toogoodforyou 28 days ago

    Wait season 2 is coming in the... 2019?


    ILL AUDIO8 days ago


  43. Cakey Boy

    Cakey Boy8 days ago it actually coming to 2019?

  44. Andrey Bell

    Andrey Bell8 days ago

    Omg man why they made Miguel a villain why !?!? 😭😭

  45. Melvin. Tube

    Melvin. Tube8 days ago

    2019 what that’s too long

  46. Hidro Gen

    Hidro Gen8 days ago

    The ending wasn't very satisfiong so i can't wait for sez 2

  47. J Void Huey

    J Void Huey9 days ago

    By now you realize YOU TURNED IT UP PAST 11!

  48. K1ng

    K1ng9 days ago


  49. daddy julles

    daddy julles9 days ago


  50. Giovany Borges

    Giovany Borges9 days ago


  51. Anirudh Kumar

    Anirudh Kumar9 days ago

    Need Sam and Miguel to be together in season 2 or I'm not a happy fan

  52. Seth the country gaming Squad

    Seth the country gaming Squad10 days ago


  53. SoFast

    SoFast10 days ago

    2019?! Are you kidding me? Its way too far Still I can't wait for it!😎❤

  54. Michael Muirhead

    Michael Muirhead10 days ago

    When though cause if May 2019 it is to long please January then a season three best show around now and storyline is gold mind Larusso is still a ding

  55. Alp Eralp

    Alp Eralp10 days ago

    I am really want see sam and miguel as lovers

  56. Donald Mahan

    Donald Mahan10 days ago

    I hope season 2 is just over the horizon!

  57. Mohammad Abu Sneneh2

    Mohammad Abu Sneneh211 days ago

    This is a best season in the MReporter , thanks 😘👍

  58. Doyle Holiness Church in Ghana

    Doyle Holiness Church in Ghana11 days ago

    I was getting hyped up and then it basically says ha u have to wait a year lol

  59. dantedantas

    dantedantas11 days ago

    The serie is so great but could be a little bit longer. About the Season 2: My opinion is that they should create a common enemy to Johnny and Daniel. They doesn't need to be the best friends, but fight against the same enemy. And... of course I wish to see/have the Johnny's Revenge (in a friendly way) with a great end. Maybe a Johnny's Victory??? Oss! 🥋👊

  60. Killer2fox 911

    Killer2fox 91111 days ago

    No i need 2018 please come on 😊

  61. Mark Stiburski

    Mark Stiburski11 days ago

    Take youre time you tube on season 2 don't rush it out then the quality will deteriate

  62. Jorge Arturo Peraza

    Jorge Arturo Peraza11 days ago

    2019? por que tanto tiempo? :(


    TRAP BOSS11 days ago

    Yea season 2 comes looooool !! But the bad news are why 2019 thats after 6-7 months

  64. trance G

    trance G11 days ago

    Only thing decent to watch !!The show is a classic I hope the ending was just a drinking dream to make Jonny think !

  65. Killerbee3rd

    Killerbee3rd11 days ago

    Quick hopes for season 2. 1. Redemption for Miguel(I get why they changed him near the end but he didn’t get a chance to redeem himself. They made him out to be a villain) 2. More Robby (I don’t get the hate he gets, I love his character) 3. Rivalry between Miguel and Robby explored 4. New rival dojo and returning movie characters 5. More than 10 episodes

  66. Blue Ghost

    Blue Ghost11 days ago

    Hurry HURRY!!! >

  67. amel colic

    amel colic11 days ago

    whyyyy it is coming out in 2019 man

  68. D o s s o CS.

    D o s s o CS.12 days ago

    Best show ever

  69. Hamit Fusha

    Hamit Fusha12 days ago

    No Cruel summer song in the saga , it’s can’t be a karate kid saga without that song in it a couple of times at least, it’s very nostalgic

  70. Eric

    Eric12 days ago

    2019 wtf????

  71. Ger Her

    Ger Her12 days ago

    To me Cobra Kai is the perfect counter-half to the original Karate Kid, the final part to the Ying and Yang ideogram, theres no definitive good and evil, each good has a bit of evil inside and viceversa, we are after all only human, and flawed

  72. Tristan Tardieu

    Tristan Tardieu12 days ago

    2019! But that is so long

  73. acasia lee

    acasia lee13 days ago

    Coming 2019...WHAT THE !@#$%^&*()

  74. Lando 64000

    Lando 6400013 days ago

    Awe in 2019

  75. Herman Villa

    Herman Villa13 days ago

    Why 2019 it better be amazing

  76. Jewel Minor

    Jewel Minor13 days ago

    Can’t wait for season two

  77. K3n7oR OFFICIAL

    K3n7oR OFFICIAL14 days ago



    NANDOTABAJARA14 days ago

    melhor webserie

  79. Nikki

    Nikki14 days ago

    It sucks when shows like Fuller House get 2 seasons in 1 year and awesome shows like this make you wait. 😫

  80. Black panther

    Black panther14 days ago

    Aww I have to wait a year

  81. beast sniper

    beast sniper14 days ago

    I have watched evry movie and all of cobra kai

  82. Donny Mckinnon

    Donny Mckinnon14 days ago

    2019? Damn this sucks, why not at least September or something.

  83. Juan Chaclana

    Juan Chaclana15 days ago

    To be honest MReporter need more content then just this to keep me interested I injoyed this but like everything I think the shitty karate kid remakes made this so refreshing and Jonny character

  84. John Cabaluna

    John Cabaluna15 days ago

    Ow shhhhh

  85. Sebastian Tremano

    Sebastian Tremano15 days ago

    2019???? :(

  86. Osama Shaikh

    Osama Shaikh15 days ago

    This put a smile on my face.....❤😉

  87. WILL el stickman意

    WILL el stickman意15 days ago

    Uh culiado, mansas ganas de ver la temporada 2

  88. Murder

    Murder15 days ago

    2019 c'mon guys

  89. Soyful Ali

    Soyful Ali15 days ago

    Be different. Realease a few seasons one go

  90. Danialsha Nizwan

    Danialsha Nizwan15 days ago


  91. Ricky Wildey

    Ricky Wildey15 days ago

    Damnit. I really don't want to wait until 2019

  92. sunny plays

    sunny plays16 days ago

    bout time

  93. Dr.Radroach MD

    Dr.Radroach MD16 days ago

    Can't f*cking wait if you keep on making good shows you'll sweep Netflix's leg in no time

  94. milcent guerra orodio

    milcent guerra orodio16 days ago

    johnny cade's mah boy

  95. Xaanji ROBLOX and More!

    Xaanji ROBLOX and More!16 days ago


  96. YourHeartIsTheKey

    YourHeartIsTheKey16 days ago

    The greatest TV show in years. And probably one of the greatest spin-offs of all time. Can't wait.

  97. MoonPie2000 Moonir

    MoonPie2000 Moonir16 days ago

    Yay!!! Loved season 1.

  98. ch4nfu

    ch4nfu17 days ago

    BEST SERIES EVER, brought back so many childhood memorys and delivered on all levels. Seriously cant wait for season 2

  99. Bazzo Gazzo

    Bazzo Gazzo17 days ago

    2019? fucksake

  100. TheWolfMyth

    TheWolfMyth17 days ago

    2019 wdym 😭😭