Cobra Kai Season 2


  1. Matthew

    MatthewDay ago

    Oh man! I just watched season 1 and it was awesome! I grew up on the original Karate Kid movies and I am absolutely pleased to see that you were able to bring back most of the original actors... minus the beloved Mr. Miyagi. Can't wait for season 2.

  2. Halil Bolayir

    Halil Bolayir2 days ago


  3. Burhan Oyunda

    Burhan Oyunda2 days ago

    I love youu cobra kai

  4. Mahmut Dibek

    Mahmut Dibek3 days ago

    we waiting the day.... From Turkey. kobra kai hey !!!!

  5. Tonman57 Tonman57

    Tonman57 Tonman5710 days ago


  6. Miguel Mendoza

    Miguel Mendoza15 days ago

    Para cuándo la segunda temporada?

  7. jamess912

    jamess91216 days ago

    I got youtube red just for this series! Needless to say i was so happy i did! I hope season 2 is as good.

  8. Arkadata 2.0

    Arkadata 2.017 days ago

    Yes sesson 2

  9. cool dude bruh

    cool dude bruh19 days ago

    Why couldn't it come early

  10. The Iron Dojo

    The Iron Dojo20 days ago

    when will season 2 start

  11. BeGoogly BeGrudged

    BeGoogly BeGrudged20 days ago

    WAIT! Please bring Chozen Toguchi & Kumiko into Season 2

  12. BeGoogly BeGrudged

    BeGoogly BeGrudged20 days ago

    The episodes should be sewn together & shown in a movie theater. They're that well done.

  13. NG WorldTravel

    NG WorldTravel21 day ago

    Can’t wait to watch season 2 Cobra Kai!!!!!

  14. Einherjer of the North

    Einherjer of the North21 day ago

    I'm so afraid that they drop the ball on the second season by throwing away all the nuance. And I hope there is more to Miguel and Robby character development than simply the flip over of each others personality that we've seen so far.

  15. michael poblador

    michael poblador21 day ago

    When i first watch the show i am really impressed with it and i want it so bad pls. Nrong the season 2

  16. Felipe de Faria

    Felipe de Faria23 days ago

    Maaaan, I watched it all in just two days!

  17. Felix Fathead

    Felix Fathead24 days ago

    epic sauce

  18. Link De Hyrule

    Link De Hyrule25 days ago


  19. jason beal

    jason beal26 days ago

    i think they should have Keese seek revenge on Miagi and Danielle but he never can

  20. oEquak

    oEquak27 days ago

    I love it!!!

  21. Канал Push'a

    Канал Push'a28 days ago

    Nice , for best chinema

  22. Jasson Stalone

    Jasson StaloneMonth ago

    Can't wait

  23. Sultan Turk

    Sultan TurkMonth ago

    Bring Chozen back!


    ERKAN KARAHANMonth ago

    Same as the past. bad is always bad is given as a constant array. Curiously the 1st season was absolutely disappointing when I finished. I was followed with the hope that lawrence will improve your life. Nobody deserves a second chance. Lawrence was a student at the worst. Do not do if you are going to do this season with the head.

  25. Stikman Стильный

    Stikman СтильныйMonth ago


  26. Anthony Iglesias

    Anthony IglesiasMonth ago

    You guys better make a season 3 4 and 5 after this! Way too addicting and way too good of a show. Haven't seen a show this good in YEARS! ALSO, it would be nice to incorporate the girl from "The Next Karate Kid" who Mr. Miyagi teaches. Not in Season two because obviously it would be way to early and fast for that, but maybe in later seasons to spice things up a bit. Maybe she helps out Larusso in some way with the Miyagi Dojo or who knows. So many twist and turns. I love this!

  27. Andre Zamora

    Andre ZamoraMonth ago

    I feel like Johnny and Daniel are two sides to the same coin they need to reconcile and then will balance each other out. I think they might start a dojo together. Unfortunately I think Miguel is going to be creese's new student

  28. Shijan Budhathoki

    Shijan BudhathokiMonth ago

    Plzz do fast can't wait for this

  29. carlos mejia

    carlos mejiaMonth ago

    This is the reboot I didn't know I needed. When will you give us the Season 2?

  30. davi alves

    davi alvesMonth ago

    Cobra kai

  31. Russell Anderson

    Russell AndersonMonth ago

    COBRA KAI IS A HIT! It transcends its source material like nothing I have ever seen before, EVER. Emmy-Award time. Best series of 2018 hands down.

  32. Russell Anderson

    Russell AndersonMonth ago

    Best series of 2018! Yes!

  33. Ibeth Torres

    Ibeth TorresMonth ago


  34. 4c1dr3fl3x

    4c1dr3fl3xMonth ago

    I doubt they're going to occupy the same grey areas as before. Johnny, the lovable bad guy down on his luck who keeps stepping on his own toes is in full blown guilt mode with a dojo loaded with kids he has to finally acknowledged having warped in his own image, and he doesn't like what he sees. He will be wearing his (flawed) quest for redemption on his sleeve for all to see, and for Kreese to manipulate. Daniel is heading down Revenge Row, his angst amped up to 11 with a sense of valor wronged for Robby. He will skirt the Sith Lord path because he believes he is fighting fire with fire. Either Robby or Sam will end up becoming his little Sith Apprentice, and the other his conscience, which he will fail to listen to. Probably Robby, because it's more thematic to watch Good Girl Sam go bad, and Bad Boy Robby lose faith in both of his father figures. Just good drama right there. Add Kreese to this, and you've got a catalyst villain that is going to play both side's flaws like a virtuoso, and dash any hope of reconciliation that they or their students/kids may have for the rest of the season. In fact, Kreese may take weasely Dmitri under his wing for his own #1 Padawan, and then start stealing Johnny's students like Hawk because they think he's "going soft", finally ending with Robby joining Kreese as he takes the Cobra Kai brand back for himself, ending with both Johnny and Daniel wondering WTF just happened, having a bro moment again, and.....cliffhanger for season 3

  35. rila17co

    rila17coMonth ago

    the season 1 was great! but im regret for watched,because now i cant sleep !! xd i loved miguel and wanted so much him to be with sam but the things changed so hard its a total mess ...

  36. Jeff Castañeda

    Jeff CastañedaMonth ago

    This was a brilliant series! Telling the story from Johnny's point of view was a stroke of genius. I am looking forward to watching the next season!

  37. Cyntia Evil

    Cyntia EvilMonth ago

    Excelente continuacion tras 34 años!! Me encantooo la temporada 1 fue un viaje a travez del tiempo, la musica increible!!! Por muchas mas temporadas!!!

  38. Kaíque Rodrigues Barros

    Kaíque Rodrigues BarrosMonth ago


  39. help me reach 100 subs with no vids

    help me reach 100 subs with no vidsMonth ago

    2019 feels so far away

  40. VinGin

    VinGinMonth ago

    *Who wants to see it?* Anyone has any information about season 2? let me know, I have a channel where I share news and thoughts on cobra kai (Ive made like 70videos about cobra kai).

  41. What's up Rudy

    What's up RudyMonth ago

    Waiting like SpongeBob 6 1/2 years later

  42. EYAD PlayZ

    EYAD PlayZMonth ago

    Cmon WHY 2019.. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 2 I hope its more interesting

  43. jr7king 73

    jr7king 73Month ago

    Fuking love cobra kai

  44. Dark World

    Dark WorldMonth ago

    No Mercy

  45. Swanay Mohanty

    Swanay MohantyMonth ago

    The 1st season was amazing!!!

  46. Nuno Maduro

    Nuno MaduroMonth ago

    Thank you so much for this!

  47. VictorIsNotBad IHOPE

    VictorIsNotBad IHOPEMonth ago

    Please let Miguel be with Sam

  48. Pablo Az

    Pablo AzMonth ago

    This has the be the greatest show ever tbh I can’t wait for season 2 it needs to hurry up I watched this when it first came out and watched it again 3 times til now I think the best part where he goes to the dance as the skeleton and Daniel gets freaked out and gets a flash back

  49. Анатолий Бутурлин

    Анатолий БутурлинMonth ago

    Thank you so much😭😭

  50. Recon Boi

    Recon Boi2 months ago

    Can’t wait for season 2! :)

  51. Keep God Going

    Keep God Going2 months ago

    I was obsessed with the Karate Kid movies as a kid (at 11 years old, I had pics of Ralph from Teen Beat, all over my locker.) It’s awesome to see the story from the flip side. Johnny’s perspective is so different - seeing it now through the back story of his childhood. I hope in Season 2, we’ll get to see a fight between Ralph and William. With Martin Kove (John,) back in the picture, things will likely go downhill for Johnny. Would be a super interesting plot twist to see the two guys team up against Kreese. Looking forward to Season 2!!

  52. Scanter

    Scanter2 months ago

    Holy crab all the comments is old dough

  53. aa bc

    aa bc2 months ago


  54. B4CON S4NDW1CH Bacon

    B4CON S4NDW1CH Bacon2 months ago

    Good thing I haven’t used my month of yt red

  55. Yasin Tumenci

    Yasin Tumenci2 months ago

    watched the show free on an website, all episodes


    TRIX PLAYS2 months ago

    I watched the first season in one day

  57. Shyro Channing

    Shyro Channing2 months ago

    Maaaaan... I can't wait. So please don't mess it up MReporter. Because Series 1 was special!

  58. Mercy Ndegwa

    Mercy Ndegwa2 months ago

    Omg, thank you so much.😢😢😢

  59. Eli Jacobson

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  60. ULTRa_ CLASHER71

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  61. Something New

    Something New2 months ago

    I watched whole season 1 in 1 day only. I want Miguel and Sam to reunite in season 2 like if u want the same too

  62. KidVlogz

    KidVlogz2 months ago

    is their a season 2 coming out


    THE CREATOR2 months ago

    bring it.

  64. tzvi greenberg

    tzvi greenberg2 months ago

    This show was like the best drug ever makes you feel so good

  65. Chris Yarzab

    Chris Yarzab2 months ago

    What is taking so long?

  66. Evolution Plus

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  67. CosmicBrick44

    CosmicBrick442 months ago

    damn I have to wait until 2019

  68. Bobbito Chicon

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  69. Insane Reactions

    Insane Reactions2 months ago

    I watched it in 2 days

  70. 1kayters

    1kayters2 months ago

    You guys want Julie from the next karate kid to come back

  71. Anthony Stevens

    Anthony Stevens2 months ago

    Wack, I gotta wait for a whole year damn

  72. Angelo willis

    Angelo willis2 months ago

    I can’t wait to see season two of cobra Kai this it is awesome the 80s are back 💪👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍🥂🎉🎥🎬🎞👊

  73. Some_Crazy_Dude

    Some_Crazy_Dude2 months ago

    I know this show is about the Cobra Kai (Or i heard), Please bring back Kumiko, I really want her and Daniel be together

  74. Abdulmoiz Ayyaz

    Abdulmoiz Ayyaz2 months ago

    Omg omg omg i really cant wait

  75. Riruka

    Riruka2 months ago

    Yeah the show was really good , very nostalgic in a good way. I got MReporter premium just to watch it.

  76. Tyesha Yates

    Tyesha Yates2 months ago

    I just finished watching the first season what in the hell of a show I can’t wait for the second season it was so many twists and turns that he kept me on the edge of my seat I love how the characters showed different acting roles. This was the perfect continuation from the movie!!! Can’t wait for season 2👏👏👏👏👏

  77. Javier MRBZ

    Javier MRBZ2 months ago

    I need it but PLEASE!!! DO NOT show lawrence as the bad guy of the story! he is the best!!!

  78. Super Saiyan Elite Crusader Knight

    Super Saiyan Elite Crusader Knight2 months ago

    This Show should be on Fox it would be a Killer Rating.

  79. C. L.

    C. L.2 months ago

    Amazing show. It's a breath of fresh air. No PC nonsense which everyone can appreciate.

  80. Cindy Burbick

    Cindy Burbick2 months ago

    Can't wait

  81. Jerome 092

    Jerome 0922 months ago

    Need season 2!!!

  82. StudioZEDOU

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    CYBER HEX2 months ago


  84. Melina Corbett

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  85. The royalist patriot

    The royalist patriot2 months ago

    I cant wait XD

  86. Adriana Avila

    Adriana Avila2 months ago

    Super damn excited! Few more months of waiting.

  87. yhh

    yhh2 months ago

    i can t wait

  88. Casey Bartlett

    Casey Bartlett2 months ago

    So is there actually going to be a second season or what???

  89. Barde,Dichter und Philosoph

    Barde,Dichter und Philosoph2 months ago

    realy nice i would like it in german too do u have plans for that ?

  90. J Keeper

    J Keeper2 months ago


  91. 6 City

    6 City2 months ago


  92. aquanick2001

    aquanick20012 months ago

    Omg get it on soon, I’ve just finished watching season 1.........I need season 2!

  93. Xavier Altori

    Xavier Altori2 months ago

    Amazing, I love This series!!!

  94. Junious Grady

    Junious Grady2 months ago

    If you grew up to this you appreciate the remake.

  95. Vikingman Plays

    Vikingman Plays2 months ago


  96. Pymp Your Bod

    Pymp Your Bod2 months ago

    2019 of January right? I cant wait anymore

  97. Georgie Rivera Ayala

    Georgie Rivera Ayala2 months ago

    I'm expecting something cool like Johny visiting Miyagi's grave only to say out something like "I know it's too late but I thank you for saving my life" and then bows.

  98. a thief

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  99. Andrew Wilson

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  100. who cares c

    who cares c2 months ago

    Yes yes yes