Cobra Kai Season 2


  1. A Aron

    A Aron2 days ago

    WHEN is this out already! I can't wait that long!

  2. Rakesh S

    Rakesh S2 days ago

    Fast please

  3. Samir Lakha

    Samir Lakha5 days ago

    It is 2019

  4. TheReal JJV

    TheReal JJV6 days ago

    10 months ago.. Season 2 is coming!! Kinda early for that... April 24th will take forever...

  5. Keane Jones

    Keane Jones12 days ago

    It is still not out 😭

  6. Isabella Perez

    Isabella Perez13 days ago

    April 24 put it in your calender people

  7. ExXecutiveOps

    ExXecutiveOps14 days ago

    Premires on april 24th. You guys are very welcome 🙏🏻 now we wait for a great show to continue...

  8. クラウドのゲーム配信.

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  9. Siggesatan

    Siggesatan19 days ago

    i believe why every one side with Johnny is cause it is more attached to reality! it doesn't romanticize on the illusion karate is a philosophy of righteousness! some school focus more on the philosophy rather teaching people the core of karate as a martial art! the amount focus on kata can tell you whether that is a school for you or not! if you want the more combat related where you'r focus is more on technique i would go for a school with less focus on kata as a second priority! tough you can not exclude kata entirely! as karate also is about having a strong mind and resolute to what you want to achieve with it. remember a fight you can walk away from you don't need to engage in! and a week enemy deserve mercy... some times ;)

  10. Lilx Riku

    Lilx Riku19 days ago

    Please don't make Miguel bad, he was a good kid. Please make Johnny and his dojo the star this time you tube, looking forward to it. Love you too Daniel but like they say everything is just a tip of the iceberg.

  11. Lilx Riku

    Lilx Riku19 days ago

    C'mon man, I can't wait!!!!! I loved the season 1, got premium just for it.

  12. Sen McQuire

    Sen McQuire20 days ago

    When is Season 2 coming?

  13. Thereal_ Warrior

    Thereal_ Warrior20 days ago

    Hyped its 2019 now ....... so where is it?

  14. Empire2k Gaming

    Empire2k Gaming20 days ago

    When in 2019

  15. Benjamin Rounds

    Benjamin Rounds20 days ago

    when in 2019???????

  16. ClearFlank 01

    ClearFlank 0121 day ago


  17. Terylyn Smith

    Terylyn Smith25 days ago

    Ok 2019 already! Still waiting! Y'all better start working on season 3 now.

  18. The Busta

    The Busta26 days ago

    WHEN??? WHEN is it coming?? I absolutely LOVED karate kid growing up! So when I seen season 1 with all the original actors I was so geeked! I bought the MReporter premium just so I could watch this. Can't wait HURR UP!

  19. Origingames 6096

    Origingames 609627 days ago

    Can’t argue it is the best show

  20. Santoroz

    Santoroz27 days ago

    I get MReporter Red only to watch this show

  21. Purxu

    Purxu29 days ago

    When is it coming

  22. MODY

    MODYMonth ago

    9 months later

  23. Kash_YT

    Kash_YTMonth ago

    Bro it’s 2019 I think it’s time to release it

  24. Niriw

    NiriwMonth ago

    Uhh where is Season 2?

  25. The Evil Genius

    The Evil GeniusMonth ago

    So, umm.... When?

  26. Mr Hill

    Mr HillMonth ago

    10/10 show Ready for season 2!

  27. Omar Zachary Reyes

    Omar Zachary ReyesMonth ago

    I hope they bring in another new character. A new girl for Miguel. I honestly don't ship him with Sam. He was technically betrayed in some form and she had the balls to put the blame solely to Miguel intended or not.

  28. Juan Yaotl Torres

    Juan Yaotl TorresMonth ago

    They better hurry up or cancelling my subscription!

  29. Ivona BRATE

    Ivona BRATEMonth ago

    its 2019 ,where are you ,season 2?

  30. Nirmal Meganathan

    Nirmal MeganathanMonth ago

    Pls reunite Miguel and Samantha plsss I beg u pls they were so awesome together pls make them love again and pls make Miguel good person again don't ruin him he and Samantha are so perfect together and their chemistry was so perfect pls reunite them again pls pls pls.......

  31. TMG Bradley

    TMG BradleyMonth ago

    Brilliant series

  32. Frédéric Gagné

    Frédéric GagnéMonth ago

    Kudo for bringing back this classic with such respect for the original movies. I haven't binge watch a series so fast in a while.

  33. Satwik Raut

    Satwik RautMonth ago

    Just waiting for cobra kai season 2

  34. William Lee

    William LeeMonth ago

    it's 2019, a year later, when will Cobra Kai season 2 begin?

  35. DABASAUR101

    DABASAUR101Month ago

    It's 2019 where it at doe

  36. Lost in the Clouds

    Lost in the CloudsMonth ago

    Does anyone know when in 2019 season 2 is coming? I can’t wait!!

  37. Arturo Texada

    Arturo TexadaMonth ago

    May 2019 seems to be the date, a bird told me

  38. ntinoskon99

    ntinoskon99Month ago


  39. Mo Soos

    Mo SoosMonth ago

    Waynes better !

  40. Jess Connelly

    Jess ConnellyMonth ago

    When in 2019 they never say

  41. alan bang

    alan bangMonth ago

    Ffffffffnnnnnnnnnn Love it!!!!!!😘😘🤪😜👏👍🥊🥊👀👀👀👀

  42. Christian Krogh

    Christian KroghMonth ago

    Dear God, please give us a trailer soon! :)

  43. Adventures with Frodo

    Adventures with FrodoMonth ago

    Ugh really.....

  44. Hitro Art

    Hitro ArtMonth ago

    We want second season

  45. Angel Armas

    Angel ArmasMonth ago

    Yes finally but I new to know by when will it be ready to show to the public ☆☆☆☆☆

  46. Paulo Almeida

    Paulo AlmeidaMonth ago

    where is season 2?

  47. bilal kökten

    bilal köktenMonth ago

    ne zaman çıkcak 2. sezonula

  48. Trickshot Trooper

    Trickshot Trooper2 months ago

    Where are the episodes

  49. elcrack 18

    elcrack 182 months ago

    Thais Is Larussos and Robby's turn to win

  50. Steve Braich

    Steve Braich2 months ago

    Love the show, but this was the worst trailer ever.

  51. sabadoadrianovich

    sabadoadrianovich2 months ago

    The best TV project in decades. Ninguna serie me ha gustado tanto en los últimos años, como esta.

  52. legend stream con

    legend stream con2 months ago

    I want this one

  53. Iftikar Alam

    Iftikar Alam2 months ago


  54. Steve H

    Steve H2 months ago

    They all seem like the "bad guys" in this series. It's always been good versus evil since the beginning of TV series & movies.

  55. Steve H

    Steve H2 months ago

    It would be nice if season 1 & 2 weren't over a year apart.

  56. MuaazC

    MuaazC2 months ago

    its 2019

  57. Dylan Hagen

    Dylan Hagen2 months ago


  58. Isa Raquél Emelio

    Isa Raquél Emelio2 months ago

    SoOo when.. .. when is season 2 coming! ?!? It's been about 8 months. What are you doing to us? Herro! ?!?

  59. Caspar

    Caspar2 months ago

    yo its 2019 where you at??

  60. kitty Face time Kitty

    kitty Face time Kitty2 months ago


  61. Hiram Ayala

    Hiram Ayala2 months ago

    How much longer!!!!

  62. OsmanToprak HDTO

    OsmanToprak HDTO2 months ago


  63. Tanmay Thakkar

    Tanmay Thakkar2 months ago

    How long would this take to come out its been 7 months

  64. Soulezum.Asteria

    Soulezum.Asteria2 months ago

    It said coming in 2019 if you can't read, so this year :)

  65. Larry Legend is the GOAT

    Larry Legend is the GOAT2 months ago

    When's the trailer coming out? I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed more

  66. DWINC

    DWINC2 months ago

    How stupid is this... They made this region restricted so we’re still downloading illegally even tough I’d love to pay for the subscription..... how stupid is that...

  67. Domio11

    Domio112 months ago

    i'm so hyped for season 2!

  68. Israel Alejandro

    Israel Alejandro2 months ago



    DARKNESS_ STIG2 months ago

    О да сука блять

  70. Vickie Millikan

    Vickie Millikan2 months ago

    Where TF is season 2?!?!?

  71. Monkey Jesus

    Monkey Jesus2 months ago

    It's 2019 where's season 2??

  72. Cryxonia

    Cryxonia2 months ago

    It's now 2019 Where's my season 2 lol

  73. Huston Pierce

    Huston Pierce2 months ago

    who is excited opening the page of channel cobra kai all day waiting for season 2?

  74. Krysher ly

    Krysher ly2 months ago

    2019 ?

  75. ISEE YOU

    ISEE YOU2 months ago

    Can't wait....

  76. kārlis Avots

    kārlis Avots2 months ago

    It's 2019! Where you at?😂

  77. Lugubre

    Lugubre2 months ago

    Cobra kai is coming !!


    RSS AL-FARSI2 months ago

    It's 2019 .. I don't find season 2 .. I want season 2 .....

  79. Tristan Tristan

    Tristan Tristan2 months ago

    what I saw in episode 10 during Miguel vs Robby was really sad. Robby wanted to come to terms with Miquel even gave him his hand, but Miquel refused because of his feelings for Samantha . it's Samantha's fault that Miguel and Robby are fighting each other.

  80. Frankie 2lit

    Frankie 2lit2 months ago

    when is it coming out

  81. Hydra NZ I B03 Glitches _

    Hydra NZ I B03 Glitches _2 months ago

    Why wasn't this in the bloody rewind this shits hot

  82. Arda TR

    Arda TR2 months ago

    yeahhhhh omggg KOBRA KAİ

  83. InauspiciousGamer

    InauspiciousGamer2 months ago

    Dude i'm late to the party but I'm so glad there's a season 2 coming

  84. Hector Avila

    Hector Avila2 months ago

    Genial!!! Vi la primera temporada en una noches. Espero la segunda :)

  85. Larry Ma

    Larry Ma2 months ago

    Which month will this come out?

  86. Adriano A

    Adriano A3 months ago

    Lança logo, pelo amor de DEUS. to aflito aqui, quero assistir a 2 temporada logo.

  87. KUM4

    KUM43 months ago

    but this time make public

  88. joeytosi

    joeytosi3 months ago

    This was so much better than I thought it would be. Everything about it was great! Well-done everybody!

  89. Ragermike 777

    Ragermike 7773 months ago

    Get season 2 out like now please lol just finished season 1 today n I'm hooked fr

  90. سالم الفارسي

    سالم الفارسي3 months ago

    please Harry up ..l can't wait for 2019

  91. Cryptonian

    Cryptonian3 months ago

    there are flash back scenes and references to the original trilogy that made me cry. i miss mr miyagi so much

  92. Matthew

    Matthew3 months ago

    Oh man! I just watched season 1 and it was awesome! I grew up on the original Karate Kid movies and I am absolutely pleased to see that you were able to bring back most of the original actors... minus the beloved Mr. Miyagi. Can't wait for season 2.

  93. Halil Bolayir

    Halil Bolayir3 months ago


  94. Burhan

    Burhan3 months ago

    I love youu cobra kai

  95. Mahmut Dibek

    Mahmut Dibek3 months ago

    we waiting the day.... From Turkey. kobra kai hey !!!!

  96. Tonman57 Tonman57

    Tonman57 Tonman573 months ago


  97. Miguel Mendoza

    Miguel Mendoza3 months ago

    Para cuándo la segunda temporada?

  98. jamess912

    jamess9123 months ago

    I got youtube red just for this series! Needless to say i was so happy i did! I hope season 2 is as good.

  99. Arkadata 2.0

    Arkadata 2.03 months ago

    Yes sesson 2

  100. cool dude bruh

    cool dude bruh3 months ago

    Why couldn't it come early

  101. Iron Ninja

    Iron Ninja4 months ago

    when will season 2 start

  102. BeGoogly BeGrudged

    BeGoogly BeGrudged4 months ago

    WAIT! Please bring Chozen Toguchi & Kumiko into Season 2