CNN's Van Jones Eyes Are Opened By White Obama Voters Who Voted Trump


  1. Sam Ogla

    Sam Ogla4 days ago

    Lying jones

  2. Sam Ogla

    Sam Ogla4 days ago

    Iam surprised cnn is broadcasting tbis

  3. Sam Ogla

    Sam Ogla4 days ago

    Obama was lousy. Trump speaks from heart and doing what he said is gonna do

  4. Not politically Correct

    Not politically Correct10 days ago

    Stay biased, sexist and racist Vann! They apparently didn’t open your eyes very much. Liberal Pawn, slave to the CNN Massas.

  5. Mervin Smith

    Mervin Smith24 days ago

    Wow CNN is actually doing real news

  6. drummerglenchin

    drummerglenchin27 days ago

    At 4:20... He called Trump “Chump”... Asshole

  7. Joe Beland

    Joe BelandMonth ago


  8. Garry West

    Garry WestMonth ago

    To hell with CNN, to hell with DEMOCRATS.

  9. H Schroeder

    H SchroederMonth ago

    The reason for such labels are from the leftwing media, pounded over and over everyday on all major news networks. Lies about Americans, it is why people dont trust the media. Listen to Jones, a black man who bitches about his race being stereotype, but promotes it in other labels. He than cant understand why a woman didnt vote for another woman??? Woman dont ALL believe the same, just as all Muslims dont believe the same way! Get it Jones????

  10. Brent Travis

    Brent TravisMonth ago

    Now after almost 2 years let's revisit them and see how they're doing my guess is a whole hell of a lot better

  11. Brent Travis

    Brent TravisMonth ago

    I am glad to see him actually look at the other side for a change though so that for I give him props

  12. Richard Orona

    Richard Orona2 months ago

    n u r a fool! Mr. jones

  13. Richard Orona

    Richard Orona2 months ago

    Van Jones. is wrong, I'm a Mexican American that voted for Obama till he forgot his promises to the people, So that was my change on the party.

  14. Dominique Freeman

    Dominique Freeman2 months ago

    IM SORRY BUT I WON'T VOTE FOR SOMEONE JUST BECAUSE SHE IS A WOMAN!!!! I wont vote for someone just BECAUSE he or she is black or any other RACE that's fuckn STUPID. Look at the FIRST BLACK or HALF black President what good did that do for the BLACKS??? It made shit WORSE. He MADE it LOOK worse. There are BETTER BLACKS out there for President then that CRIMINAL America hating man. But to vote for Hilary CLINTON BECAUSE she is a woman and i am a woman is FUCKN PATHETIC AND SHOWS the stupidity of ppl. No i didnt WANT that CRIMINAL EITHER definitely not the FIRST woman President. Look at what she has done im her 30+ yrs career and what she did as sec of STATE!!! She LEFT American's to be FUCKN TORTURED tp death and suffer even though for weeks THEY begged her and Obama for HELP as they had celebs parties and walked AROUND in thousands of dollars in clothes n dresses wore LEAST Mrs. TRUMP buys her own clothes and doesn't always spend a ton of money on a shirt. Who buys a tank top for 500 dollars on the AMERICAN tax payers when we have starving kids?? Who takes good wholesome filling foods from the schools WHEN we have more starving or under Fed kids in our schools then we have overweight about we make it a CRIME to have fat KIDS?? Hold the parent's ACCOUNTABLE rather then make kids who look forward to school lunches suffer. My kids hate the food i sat down once and had lunch and almost puked their food is nasty and no wonder our schools have low scores BECAUSE the kids aren't GETTING the nutrients they need or to keep them full thru school. My kids come HOME every day from school hungry as FUCK...i send snacks to school or money to buy more food

  15. Mavis Pruitt

    Mavis Pruitt2 months ago

    That is not true, all the people he spoke of are not what he said. Hillary hurt the rust belt people with Obama saying we cling to our guns and bibles!! Trump is what he says he is and will bring the rust belt back.

  16. Desert Ratt

    Desert Ratt2 months ago

    need to do a follow up segment to show what trump has done since the election. Bet those factories are coming back to life!!!!

  17. Patricia Crowell

    Patricia Crowell2 months ago

    Mr. Jones is Mr. "It was a whitelash!" That says it all.

  18. john iaci

    john iaci2 months ago

    news flash white trump voters don't hate Mexicans muslims or blacks what we hate are murderers illegals muslim terrorists mexjcan drug dealers white drug dealers politcans aka Hillary who break the law and racist cnn reporters

  19. Handsome Leroy Eubanks

    Handsome Leroy Eubanks2 months ago

    More people need to connect like this. All Trump voters are not inbred racist meth heads on welfare. All Democrats are not race baiting lazy minorities on welfare and running with antifa. You might not change anyone’s mind, but you just might change their opinion.

  20. Rebel Cat Gomer

    Rebel Cat Gomer2 months ago

    Van Jones speaks here deeply from his heart the stereotypes he's truly believe in "All of Trump voters are white supremacists,racists, islamophobes, xenophobes, homophobes,transphobes...etc"!!! Personally I'd lunched him out of my house, through the shutterd window if necessarry! And ain't that seems that he's trying so hard to persuade them to withdraw their vote, like "OK now... you made mistake, but if you turn against Trump...President Obama will forgive you, Secretarfy Hillary will forgive you, democrats will forgive you...I'll forgive you! We'll gladly take you back...OK...maybe you'l lose your job again...but hey...Someone have to pay the price"!!! This is the message that he tried to send to the world...this is the liberal, rigged, fake news under the full spotlight...these are their true colors!!!!! Son of he pissed me off!!!!!

  21. bigtallguy 1

    bigtallguy 12 months ago

    CNN at its finest. You all know that obumer over turned the law making propaganda in the news illegal? I don't remember the number of the bill but google search. Therefore CNN.

  22. Junior Talia

    Junior Talia3 months ago

    FAKE NEWS 😂😂😂😂

  23. Chris getoutflgbrnr

    Chris getoutflgbrnr3 months ago

    Van jones still a moron thinks jus cuz shes a woman she should vote woman still a moron van

  24. stick jr.

    stick jr.3 months ago

    Just cuz she's a woman doesn't mean she is capable of doing a good job. Talk about sexist.

  25. Gonzo Great

    Gonzo Great3 months ago

    What about when that woman is proven to be a coniving, lying, greedy, selfish, mad shrew?

  26. Henry Story

    Henry Story3 months ago

    The thought processes that brought these people to believe that trump could ever be a solution to America's ill's, which were getting better under President Obama, are now much worse under this snake oil salesman. They have truly cut off their noses and are complaining that they can't breath. oh well!

  27. V Star 1300 Adventures

    V Star 1300 Adventures3 months ago

    Common sense gun regulation means assholes that are either irresponsible, or criminal can never own a gun. Nothing more.

  28. Addam K

    Addam K3 months ago

    That’s cause democrats were more concerned with illegals getting their rights while Americans were starving due to policies passed by bill Clinton


    RON GOMEZ3 months ago

    TRUMP 2020

  30. DarkSaint411

    DarkSaint4113 months ago

    5:39 is just cringe worthy

  31. TEABAG OLYMPICS with Dave Urquhart

    TEABAG OLYMPICS with Dave Urquhart3 months ago

    Might be a spot for him on fox..replace

  32. Victor Velazquez

    Victor Velazquez3 months ago

    the " Bald Creature from the Black Ghetto Lagoon" is out and about people. If I was that woman who brought that man into this world, I'd hang ... my head ... and cry.

  33. Jojo Crazy Cat

    Jojo Crazy Cat3 months ago

    4:20, he called Trump a name like a school bully does. Like that will make him look like a good person. Hes just a child in a bullies body. He can't be civil like most democrats.

  34. Parker Griffin

    Parker Griffin3 months ago

    If you seriously think all Trump supporters are racists, you really need to meet one and not one of those trolls who scream snowflake.

  35. Realistic Optimist

    Realistic Optimist3 months ago

    You mean to tell me you are a woman and a Democrat and you still didn’t vote for her?! Woah what an idiot. Identity politics at its finest right there. Instead of voting for someone because they share the same morals we should just all vote for the Nominee that resembles us physically the most. Typical liberal bullshit by a misinformed black man. Sad.

  36. Stay-C

    Stay-C3 months ago

    "You are a woman, Hillary is a woman. I don't get it" Until my genitalia has the ability to vote, I'll stick to using my brain.

  37. Chuck Richard

    Chuck Richard3 months ago

    look at what the Democrats have done to America never vote Democrat trump 2020

  38. Lan Astaslem

    Lan Astaslem3 months ago

    van jones makes me sick.. what a disgusting human

  39. kevinfet

    kevinfet3 months ago

    Obama destroyed this country both racially and economically. I’m ashamed that I voted for him in his first term. I’ll never vote for another democrat ever again.

  40. Realniggaswag

    Realniggaswag3 months ago

    Van jones is a moron

  41. Wm. Conqueror

    Wm. Conqueror3 months ago

    Van Jones is a bold face liar! If the Democrat Party ever gets the opportunity to ban all firearms, you bet your ass that's exactly what they'll try to do. Hunting guns, hand guns, automatic weapons or bb/pellet guns makes no difference to Democrat Liberal activists. Thanks the Good Lord, Mitch McConnell stalled Obama from his Liberal SCOTUS nominee from being apportioned. I'm not sure how anyone living in the MidWest could ever vote Democrat Party to be honest. It baffles me.

  42. themou2008

    themou20083 months ago

    Wow! He's pretty shallow. "You are a woman and a democrat. Hillary is a woman and a democrat. Why didn't you vote for her? I don't get it." Substance, Jones, substance.

  43. Phillip Long

    Phillip Long4 months ago

    Democrats no longer eben represent American citizens. Only illegal immigrants and felons. Never even mention American citizens.

  44. DJ MX

    DJ MX4 months ago

    Lool at the headline "white" the left loves seperating people by race

  45. tankthomas44

    tankthomas444 months ago

    Racism is for fools! Go move to Germany with you fuhrer. Cant wait to wipe the floors with you in November. Blue wave is coming. Impeachment of your "savior" not long after that. The only reason Obama didn't get more done, is because he was stonewalled by Republicans constantly. He tried to give EVERY AMERICAN health care. What has DT done for EVERY AMERICAN? Nothing, because he doesn't care about anyone besides himself. You people are all fools

  46. ste glover7

    ste glover74 months ago

    Van jones is a racist. This is the man who screamed this is a white lash. I wonder why he does not interview poor black people who voted for Trump as well. Sick to death of people pushing their views instead reporting the news and what is happening in the real world. Clinton lost because her and her husband are corrupt. Everybody knows she is as bad as her husband. Christ they cheated bernie out of the race and all the news networks were pushing for her to win , Not because she could do the job but beause she was a white woman coming in after a black man.

  47. Dennis Pfeifer

    Dennis Pfeifer4 months ago

    Wow! The wife is a yellow dog democrat and voted all democrat in 2016, except, for President, she left the ballot blank... Now, that's a powerful statement. That's unheard of!

  48. Howard Fox

    Howard Fox4 months ago

    Trump 2020 !!!!

  49. Warren Stephens

    Warren Stephens4 months ago

    The liberal identity politics is whats wrong with this country. News flash, American women are NOT REQUIRED to vote for a women candidate. This family gets it. Finally.

  50. Mali Neli

    Mali Neli4 months ago

    His mind can not open to understanding. He works for CNN that is his bread and butter.He has to keep spewing their sick narratives.

  51. Gregory Miller

    Gregory Miller4 months ago

    Steel is back. Taxes are down. Regulations are being cut. We have enough gun legislation, we just need those laws ENFORCED. Constitutional Constructionist judges are being placed on the federal bench. Hillary is still evil. Trump is a promise keeper. #MAGA 2020.

  52. Eduardo77

    Eduardo774 months ago

    You are a woman! That comment shows everything you need to know about the left.

  53. Eduardo77

    Eduardo774 months ago

    The only people who made the vote about race was CNN and people like Van Jones.

  54. Eduardo77

    Eduardo774 months ago

    We voted Obama to prove we weren’t racist. We voted Trump to prove we weren’t stupid.

  55. rich strong

    rich strong4 months ago

    van jones is a bigot

  56. Rick Petersen

    Rick Petersen4 months ago

    Clinton didn’t forget about you sir she lied to you for a vote!

  57. Forte3645

    Forte36454 months ago

    More will follow. Trump will win in a landslide like Reagan who won 49 states in 1984.

  58. Thomas Whitmore

    Thomas Whitmore4 months ago

    Van Jones?? What's with the Bill Cosby imitation?

  59. CoolMan Caravan

    CoolMan Caravan4 months ago

    By van jones's logic, HE should have voted for trump because well... HES A MAN ! YOURE A MAN!

  60. Pat Johnson

    Pat Johnson4 months ago

    Clinton was going to murder 25million american people that is why we voted DJT .

  61. Murph Mike

    Murph Mike4 months ago

    He's upset they didn't vote for Hillary. So much for being an objective reporter.

  62. Whitfield Sealy

    Whitfield Sealy4 months ago

    It must of been a severe Whitelash !!

  63. From Briggs to you

    From Briggs to you4 months ago

    And now these people probably realize that President Trump actually fulfills the promises he made, on what he ran and he said he would do, President Obama promised a lot and none of it came true.

  64. Louis Suppa

    Louis Suppa4 months ago

    Heard the family later sad Van refused to eat with them, hopefully thats not true wouldnt suprise me however

  65. Brett

    Brett4 months ago

    Just because she's a woman, she has to vote Democrat? That's awfully sexist. You really don't get it do you.

  66. Taylor Armour

    Taylor Armour4 months ago

    I know you felt sorry you had the white guilt that they need to be a black man in office only for the color of his skin

  67. Taylor Armour

    Taylor Armour4 months ago

    He is one of the ones that never gets it that parlor brain don't work

  68. Jesse Baldwin

    Jesse Baldwin4 months ago

    "...all the Trump voters?" Van Jones is showing his own brand of racism.

  69. Eric Warren

    Eric Warren4 months ago

    Obama and the Democratic Nazi Socialist Party left half of America to die. and Hillary would have kept up the same route that Obama was taken. we would be a third world country at this point if Clinton president.TRUMP 2020!!

  70. Onestop Funstop

    Onestop Funstop4 months ago

    CNN is such a joke. Did you hear them beating the Trump's a Racist lie?

  71. James Brown

    James Brown4 months ago

    BLACKS Demand Slavery REPARATIONS Money From AMERICA...Stop This B.S.

  72. martin deano

    martin deano4 months ago

    I believe that any black person who can prove they were a slave 400 years ago should get reparations.

  73. James Brown

    James Brown4 months ago

    BLacks Boycott America...Fight For Slavery REPARATIONS...Stop This B.S.

  74. Atomic Flores

    Atomic Flores4 months ago

    Isn't Vans the same guy grandstanding after Trump won the election saying "this was a white lash against a sitting president!" (Obama)

  75. martin deano

    martin deano4 months ago

    Van is a straight up racist POS.

  76. David Olivier

    David Olivier4 months ago

    When is the follow up interview?

  77. N F

    N F4 months ago

    Democrats devasted Ohio and Silicon Valley, we don't have tech manufacture anymore, they are all in China. Those were middle class jobs too. But we do have media companies doing lots of advertising and propaganda. I saw better days.

  78. Jeff Young

    Jeff Young4 months ago

    Lol fools believed bozama. Lol And he still likes the guy. Boob. Van Jones is filthy communist and racist

  79. Armin Ebner

    Armin Ebner4 months ago

    Van Jones is taking the red pill a bit at the time.

  80. Armin Ebner

    Armin Ebner4 months ago

    and Clinton seems to want to go for 2020

  81. michi k

    michi k4 months ago

    thats such horseshit people love trump .. the motivation is not pure hate for hillary of course cnn gonna have some moronic angle like that

  82. michi k

    michi k4 months ago

    too little too late, fuck the left

  83. Kevin Murray

    Kevin Murray4 months ago

    CNN found the biggest stereotype they could and put them on TV

  84. mcambl61

    mcambl614 months ago

    van is just another race baiting useless idiot, no real achievement ever

  85. Leonita Yncierto

    Leonita Yncierto4 months ago

    who is saying racial discrimination??? I dont think President Trump hates Mexicans...He just doesn't like illegal immigrants.

  86. Craig Patterson

    Craig Patterson4 months ago

    I like this Family , their not voting for people out of hate or racism , they are voting for a person because they want and need facts ! I am 100% Democrat ! But I like ( HOW ! ) he and his wife explained why they voted for Trump ..... Ok ! Trump let them down ! But he still explained why he voted for him . His boy's are educated and intelligent ! , They care to help other's grow and learn . While Trumps ( other voters ) can barely read and write ! But they can spit venom and call people out of their names . That's the difference ! 90% of Trumps voters are Knuckle Dragging , Sling blade Trash ! While the other percentage @5 ! Really wants a great leader . Only cowards that don't register and sign up for their own countries military ! , ARE ! The ones that want to be THE FIRST ONE'S TO BUY A GUN OR RIFLE ! .... BUT THEY WON'T DEFEND THEIR OWN COUNTRY ? ( OFF SHORE ! ) BUT STATE SIDE THEY WANNA PLAY ( BACKYARD BULLY ! ) ..... THAT'S A REAL WEAK AND WATERED DOWN BITCH MOVE .

  87. Mona Fawver

    Mona Fawver4 months ago

    I voted Trump and I've had many people from all types of ethnicity, cultures and nationalities in my life my entire life beginning with moving to and living in San Francisco for many of my growing up years.. People are people regardless of ethnicity, culture, nationality or color.. l have mix ethnicity in my own family and love them as much as anyone else.. Trump people are not against others who are different.. We are against terrorists and terrorism..

  88. Edward Saucedo

    Edward Saucedo4 months ago

    van Jones showed up to the white house for prison reform when few did. he has his moments.

  89. BullDog Collect Agency

    BullDog Collect Agency4 months ago

    Van Jones, is a Racist Hypocrite, I'd slam the door on that Hoodrat..!!

  90. Greg Barbera

    Greg Barbera4 months ago

    WTF. Van Jones?????

  91. A.I. Marvin

    A.I. Marvin4 months ago

    slow learners

  92. Jane Doe

    Jane Doe4 months ago

    Will never vote democrate again.

  93. little yellowtruck

    little yellowtruck4 months ago

    this reporter is a fucking liar


    BLANCHE JONES4 months ago

    VAN Pride goes before a fall. You can be delivered from the Democrats . You are Free know. We need good black man with common sense.

  95. justrosie1

    justrosie14 months ago

    Trump people don't like black people? Who does he think freed the slaves,? It was the republicans, NOT the democrats. the dmeocrats are the KKK, Jim Crow. NOT republicians.

  96. Patti Morris

    Patti Morris4 months ago

    Sorry for the first four years Obama was ok. The last four,he showed so much hatred and wasted our money. Did any of the global warming money even go for that? Where is the accounting of how it was spent. Bengazi the dems partied while Americans died! Major league disappointment.

  97. Thomas Glynn

    Thomas Glynn4 months ago


  98. Smedly Dumpsterjuice

    Smedly Dumpsterjuice4 months ago

    Just proves elitist are out of touch with white middle American Democrats. They base their livelyhood on their well being. When the Mills have to shut down because of misguided ideological Democrat policies, these voters will change their votes, or not turnout to vote. Elitist Democrats are more focused on non-whites, that they will begin losing white voters when their welfare is decimated by Democrat policies. Ideology last so long once your wallet is wiped out.

  99. eric ezaki

    eric ezaki4 months ago

    Hillary clinton is a criminal. Look up the Clinton chronicles on You tube. Clinton supporters are either totally ignorant or wilfully blind

  100. Kenny Kinnee

    Kenny Kinnee4 months ago

    The dude cried because trump won what a bitch

  101. Fred Ivory

    Fred Ivory4 months ago

    The word you're searching for is "deplorable".

  102. Jeff Ambrosia

    Jeff Ambrosia4 months ago

    Remember,this is the same guy that scared his own kids with there's no hope now crap on election nite

  103. Vicente Estrada

    Vicente Estrada4 months ago